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Parent thread: SW: Escape from Tyranno 33D Info Board
GM for this game: GreyGrey
Players for this game: YeOlde, Oko, Utan the Orange, Shounin, Duncan74
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Star Wars: Escape from Tyranno 33D

First introductory post: The Bothan's Predicament
“I find him rather curious,” Senior Interrogations Officer Darlen Trorr of the Imperial Securities Division on Tyranno 33D said, rubbing the sparse goatee on his chin. He was, at the moment, studying the newly-incarcerated Bothan. Trorr gave his subordinate, Officer Romm Goloni, a look. “What did High Command say about him?”

Goloni, whose face looked like it had been thrown into a vibro-food processor replied, “He was caught smuggling on Korriban some months ago. From what I understand, he was to do some sensitive work to reduce his sentence, but, I suppose High command decided it was best to keep him here.”

“Korriban? Who goes to Korriban anymore? It’s a lifeless hulk.”

“True, but home to smugglers. It has strategic importunities being close to Rhen Var and Telos.”

Officer Trorr reached over for the central console and pushed several buttons; the force cage went from a light yellow to a shimmering red-orange. “What is this prisoner’s designation?”

Golini checked his datapad. “K-184. His name is Koth Trey’lis.”

Trorr pushed the figures into the console and stood back, crossing his arms, the light from the overhead making him appear diabolical. “I wish to conduct a thorough test on this cage. I trust that it causes … severe discomfort if prompted to do so?”

“Of course, sir. It’s one of Merr-Sonn’s better force cages.” Goloni watched as the sadistic interrogations officer reached over for the controls regulating the cage’s environment.

“Tell me, is there any reason why we must interrogate this one?”

“The Bothan?” Goloni shrugged. “He may have some information about other smuggling operations in the Corporate Sector, but, the only reason why we have him here is because we are out of detention cells to keep him.”

Grinning, Trorr reached over for the inducements, but a beep intoned from his personal comlink. Irritated at being interrupted, Trorr asked the deck officer on the other end what the trouble was. “Fine,” Trorr said, “I’ll make it my priority.”


Trorr gave his subordinate a hard look. “It appears that they want me to look in on that woman we found drifting in the escape tube near Alderaan.” He waved at the captured Bothan casually. “We’ll keep him here for the time being, and have our fun later. I am really curious to see how much pain a Bothan can endure before he dies. Don’t worry, there’s no way for him to get out of here. The force cage can only be shut off remotely and the only way out of the room is through the titanium-grate of the vent shaft. If he has the strength to get passed that, I don’t think I would want to stand in his way.”

The two men chuckled and left the room.

OOC: Koth Trey’lis has been in tight jams before, but even though he’s alone for the moment, he knows he can’t get passed the force cage’s security by himself.

Posted on 2008-06-30 at 19:34:30.

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((OOC: Sorry for the delay, busy weekend))

Koth Trey'lis looked around his small cell. He wasn't usually the nervous type, but something about his current situation filled him with dread.

He ran every possible escape-scenario in his head one more time. Play dead? Assault the guards when he was taken to interrogation? Somehow disable the force field? Bribe a guard?

None of the options seemed viable. For all he knew, the 'Legend of Koth Trey'lis', as he'd called it amongst his friends in his childhood, was at an unfortunate end.

Posted on 2008-07-06 at 22:52:19.

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