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Parent thread: Of Dragons and Men Questions and Answers
GM for this game: gboy
Players for this game: Dragon Mistress, Brianna, Nimu, Mithral·Dragon
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A test of will. An inquiry.

Selunine gazes forward into the masked face of the other woman, her violet eyes tracing its porcelain contours as she awaited Arianna's response.

"Selunine, darling, you are misguided. The outside world is changing, for sure, but not ours, therefore we do not intervene. Melios was a figure of great power, so it is only natural that power is respected an honored. It has been logged, and it will be logged when the citizens of the otherworld destroy them. Now though, I ask you to return to your studies." With Arianna's words she could feel the cool touch of magic grasp at her and run along her mind like water droplets, fading harmlessly into ether, like all of the fey elves Selunine had great resistance to the powers of enchantment. Tell tale traces of magic lingered revealing the pattern of a suggestion. Arianna had attempted to keep her here with magic. Why was she so desperate keep her in the tower? Over the ages there had been others who had walked beyond the mist, they had been a precious few but there had been others. The grandmaster's violet eyes narrowed, peering through the mask and boring into her.

"You seek to disobey me, my child? Everything you know you have learned here. Would you show it disrespect by throwing it away, going to a world of corruption and hate?" Arianna's words cut into her as sure as any blade of cold iron. She was not abandoning her home. It might take her decades, perhaps even a century, but she would return to the mists and the towers."Well my child? What is it? Your home, or the world of corruption?" Breathing deeply Selunine raised her head, her own violet eyes meeting those of Arianna.

"Why must it be one or the other?" she spoke with a calm softness. "I do not turn my back on my home and I never will, but I cannot turn my back on the world. I have watched wars tear Shrie asunder and done nothing. I have watched men rise and fall and done nothing. But I cannot watch the return of Melios and do nothing. That cannot be allowed to pass. Tell me, my lady, why is it so important that I remain within the tower? What have you seen of the mortal world that I have not?" Her last words escape her lips not with tones of arrogance, but rather humility. Arianna possessed great knowledge, this she knew, perhaps she might even share it.

Posted on 2009-01-16 at 01:15:07.

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What can i say?

Tell me though, who am i to rule these dragons. Might as well be the two of us indeed. Though i do wish there was a way to get Taori's help in this. What is your opinion on this? And where do we start? And what the hell am i supposed to do with dragons, farm crops?

Posted on 2009-01-16 at 02:24:05.
Edited on 2009-01-16 at 02:25:30 by Falas

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Bartering info?

Gnurk wondered yet again at the propensity of the human need for conversation. But asking was a way to knowledge. He himself knew that. He intended to ask the man questions to learn something, so was it so unfair thta tis man would have the same desire? It would have to be a trede-off of information, not a one-sided garnering, as Gnurk had hoped. This showed tht the man was not an innocent, but intelligent in his own right, with an agenda of his own, whatever that might be.

Ah, well. Bartering was not beyond his experrience. Fine.

"Sorry, John, for not giving my name first-out. I am a traveler and learner, originally from the far east. As such, I often meet otherss, but seldom burden them with my presence for any length of time. My name is strange to some, and most just end up calling me Gogh."

In about a half-hour of following the man in relative silence, it began to drizzle. Gnurk's only concern about the rain was his appearance and whether the rain would somehow compromise his ruse of appearing human. The two rounded a curve in the path and the man strode toward a shack on a hill. Not large, but comfortable for a single person. Odd. The man had alluded to the presence of others when he had said "its rare we see coimpany ...". Maybe he was a member of a society of some sort.

He holds the door open for Gnurk to enter first, and then enters himself and closes the door to shut out the precipitation. As the man moved to putter about the shack, readying something unknown to Gnurk, his ebullient personality continued with a few more questions about why "Gogh" was out wherre he was, and did he want aught to eat or drink. In actuality, Gnurk was famished, but kept to his "human act" as much as possible. He could eat later.

"Something to drink would be fine, John. Whatever is convenient for you. I have just recently eaten some travel fare, so I'm not all that hungry. As to the why of my presence, i can only say that I am here to learn what life is like in a city as large as Badon is said to be. Never having been there, or to a city that large, I am ever the curious traveler, learning of other cultures and ways. It is also the reason for my question about wha, or who, t to look out for in the city. I have learned that there are undesirable elements in nearly every place that can swallow an unknowing person before he knows it, removing him from existence in some cases, if you know what I mean."

"And you? Why would you choose to live this far outside the city, all alone? Is city life that distasteful to you? I choose to be alone because traveling that way removes responsibility for anyone but myself. Why do you yourself choose this solitary life?"

Posted on 2009-01-16 at 23:54:29.
Edited on 2009-01-17 at 03:13:09 by jjmikerr

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Game Post.

The Misty Isle | Year 593 NDE
"Selunine, nobody who has left this tower has returned. That is for a reason. We have more than an ocean guarding us. Our archsages of past have woven powerful enchantments, making this island impossible to get too. You choose to stay, or you take pity on those doomed to die anyway?"

Arianna sighed. "What I have seen should not be known by those who live here. However, since you seem focused on leaving, I shall tell you. They are returning, daughter. The dragons. They will scorch the world. But we, we will survive. Do you forsake that protection to leave?"

Outside, you can see the docks in the distance, the streets between the tower and the ocean empty. A long row of boats, ranging from canoe's to massive ships. They float empty, anchored to them dock.

Badon | Year 593 NDE
"Thank ya miss! Oi can tell ya, you won't be disappointed!" The man keeps his cloak up, but you can tell that there is joy in his voice.

Morasennarion takes out her harp, and begins playing. The enchanting sound of her harps instantly makes all of the patron's drawn to her. With hoots, cheers, and drunken seduction, the patrons of the bar are very impressed by your songs. However, when Mora opens her mouth and begins to sings, she reveals the after affects of the soup, and the fatigue of the night affect her voice, and she sings many wrong notes, and slightly off key of her harp playing. However, many of the patrons are too drunk to care, so they don't notice.

By the time her performance is done, Mora had strained her voice to keep up with the patrons, but had managed to earn a fair amount of coin. Upon further inspection however, she discovered many of the coins were simple coppers, and a few silver. It was better than nothing however.

In the morning, the cloaked man was at the eastern entrance of the city. When he saw Mora, he said "Hey! Thank for the night eh? Oi quite like that nice inn. Hector - that's 'is name? - he's a nice guy. Oi think Oi might do the same thing as you do, perform for a bar. Nice way to make coin. Anyways, follow me. Oi'm leading you to that cave now."

A short walk lead to the mouth of an immense cave. Inside, you can see a faint glow. Now sound emanates from the cave, no matter how hard you strain your ears.

(OOC: Important rolls - Perform(strings): 21 / Perform(sing): 10 / Listen: 34

Outside Badon | Year 36 DE
"Gogh eh? Alright Gogh, good to have your company."

John pulled back a small door in the floor of his house. Reaching in, he pulled out a bucket. Dipping a glass in, he offers Gnurk-Ogh a glass of water. "Sorry I don't have anything else. Money's slim. I don't drink much anyway. I usually spend my money on other things, not too much food or drink. But for guests it's a special occasion.

"Me? Well, I'm not too interesting. I'm just an old soldier who gave up his weapons and took a life devoted to being poor. Others can benefit from my money more than I can. I till my own fields, and plant my own seeds. It's a good life."

"Also, city folk recently have their head in the clouds. Something about a nearby cave. I never found the interest. Maybe and adventurer could gain something from going there? Of course, I don't mean to force you. If you're in need of speed, then don't worry about it. Probably some goose chase anyway."

The Nagata Desert - Outskirts| Year 593 NDE
"Who are you Achilles? At the moment, nothing. However, with the power of the dragons, you could be anyone. It would be entirely up to you to choose who lives and who dies. You could rule the world with an iron grip!"

Grumbling loudly, Linus says, "Don't think about Taori. I went to him first. But he didn't approve. So he misses out. Don't you wish you could overtake him? Be his master instead?"

"Dragons are tools. Smart tools, and powerful tools, but tools. Under my direction, you could also learn how to harness their energy, and make it your own. When your dragon dies, steal it's remaining soul, and absorb its power." A wicked grin comes over his face. "The ancient ones, those who were thought to be gone... they will give you their power, making you invincible! Well, me too. Of course."

The Grand Prairie | Year 593 NDE
The little boy looked up smiling, his eyes shining bright with admiration. He clearly wasn't expecting a reply. "Me sir? Oh, uh, my name's Roy! Wow sir! Your armor is really shiny! Are you an angel? Why is an angel coming here? Was that other guy an angel too?"

From the side of the road, a woman's voice says, "Roy! Come here! Get out of the man's way!" A woman runs up, her indigo hair falling around her shoulder's. At her hip, a long slender blade hangs from her hip to her ankles. A simple dress covers her from head to toe, with simple bracers on her forearms. "I'm sorry for the trouble my boy has caused." She says apologetically. "One second, we'll be on our way..." She tries to pull the boy away, but Roy refuses to move, staring into your eyes with childhood innocence."

Posted on 2009-01-20 at 03:14:20.

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You just lost the game

You sir are insane. I will take you to your destination and that will be the end of it. And the end of these thoughts, care ot disagree?

Posted on 2009-01-20 at 03:43:59.

Wee Grugglet
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Okay, just because that was incredibly short... I'll give you something else to do.

The Nagata Desert - Outskirts/Badon East entrance | Year 593 NDE
Linus lets out a long sigh. "Sadly, Taori has already spoken to you of the matter. Well, don't say I didn't give you the chance." And with that, Linus holds his tongue for the remainder of the trip.

Arriving in Badon, you enter through the east gate. As you enter, you see a woman with dark skin leaving with a man covered head to toe in a cloak. As you pass by them, you hear a faint "...Oi'm ... ... cave now."

Behind you, Linus perks up. "What? A cave? Dragons! You will rue the day that you didn't join me Achilles! I'll show you and that pompous air bag Taori! Fear me!" With that, he turns on his heel and follows the other two people. He mutters something in a harsh, guttural language, which you recognize as Draconic, he says:

"Climb from the shadows, reach to the sky.
Come dragons come, and fly, fly... and die.
Give me power, Give me life.
Cast this world, into strife.

Posted on 2009-01-20 at 04:05:17.
Edited on 2009-01-20 at 04:05:56 by gboy

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Trillion followed th old priest to the magnificent brass building. The ten sided edifice sparkled like facets in the sun that shone above it. It was a beautiful day to walk around outside but her curiosity about his place drew her on.

As Father Lekain walks into the building through it's large oaken double door, he smiles warmly at the guards. "Good afternoon. Don't worry about the new one - she's with me. Put it on my tab." Beckoning to you, he smiles "Come, let's go. There are many things to see."
Trillion was pleasantly surprised when the man paid her fee for her. “You will have to allow me to buy you lunch when we are done here,” Trillion extends the invitation for his graciousness. She noted the different hallways and the signs posted at each. She contemplate the seven signs thinking about which one most interested her . There were always heroes and villains in most stories like this one, but two stood out--History and Melios?.

"I am quite interested in the History. Then I can perhaps better understand the whole of this place.” She states. "After that if I have time I would like to explore what they have on Melios." However do not let me keep you too late However you just remind me about lunch. Sometimes I get so taking up with what I am studying that I am not aware of the passage of time. Trillion offers with as smile."

"Do you have a favorite part of the place. Anywhere I can learn more about what this is all about.?" asks Trillion

Posted on 2009-01-20 at 08:34:33.
Edited on 2009-01-22 at 07:36:09 by Brianna

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Hahahahahahahaha, in the town.

Suddenly Achilles thinks to himself, what would be the best option. Force? trickery? Intimidate him? Then it hits him, look where we are at. As Achilles follows the man and speaks in Draconic to him, "I THINK NOT!" He yells "Guards! You should see this man here about him and his plans."
(OOC: I follow him and call the guards)

Posted on 2009-01-20 at 13:22:49.
Edited on 2009-01-21 at 21:49:34 by Falas

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Her heart was pounding at first as she approached the opening to the cave, but a series of breathing exercises enabled her to gain control.

Mora finds a convenient boulder outside of the cave with access to a safe way out of the area. She then sits down and take out her panpipes and begins to play. Descetion being the better part of valor she chose to stay in the open. she already knew how it reacted to the man entering the cave. The man had mentioned acid and that could be one of 2 types of dragons, one being evil and one good. If the dragon were still inside, by luring it out, she had a chance to see its color and then, hopefully, time to run if it was evil.

(OOC not sure how Linnus could extrapulate "dragon" from....cave now. If Mora becomes aware that they are being followed she will lose the man by leadng him off and shadow jumping and by using other skills of evasion.

Posted on 2009-01-24 at 06:22:23.
Edited on 2009-01-24 at 06:44:18 by Dragon Mistress

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"Selunine, nobody who has left this tower has returned. That is for a reason. We have more than an ocean guarding us. Our archsages of past have woven powerful enchantments, making this island impossible to get too. You choose to stay, or you take pity on those doomed to die anyway?"
Selunine looked into the other woman's eyes. None had ever returned, she had not considered that. There had to be a way back. This tower, this island had been her home for centuries. Could she forsake it all? She had been prepared to face decades, even a century, away from her home. How could she face all the ages alone? She would walk the mortal world as it withered and died around her, and still she would remain. The very matrix of power that protected her people also held them in a prison. Yet others had left the island, perhaps some still remained on Shrie. Perhaps together they could find a way back.

Arianna sighed. "What I have seen should not be known by those who live here. However, since you seem focused on leaving, I shall tell you. They are returning, daughter. The dragons. They will scorch the world. But we, we will survive. Do you forsake that protection to leave?"
Selunine walked past Arianna and stepped into the open doorway, mist swirled around her, its cooling touch soothing her skin. If the dragons were to return the world would be ripped asunder once again. She would not sit back and watch. The power of Melios and the dragons would be held at bay, she would find others. And then she would find her way back. Turning she faced the masked woman, a gust of wind tossing silver strands of hair about.

Breathing deeply she addressed Arianna, "I cannot watch the world burn. Though forgotten, we are still part of the world. We have not abandoned it, and I will not turn my back now in this time of great need. But I promise you this Mother, I will return. I will find my way home." Turning away she faced the mist shrouded docks and stepped out from the doorway. A single tear ran down her cheek, she inhaled deeply and took another step to the docks. Turning once more Selunine gazed up at the tower and then into Arianna's eyes before returning her attentions to the ships ahead. She would return. She would.

Posted on 2009-01-25 at 00:38:26.

Wee Grugglet
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Game Post.

The Misty Isle | Year 593 NDE
Selunine strides past Arianna through the open doors of the tower. As she exits, the mists swirl around her, the cool dampness greeting her soft skin. The wind whipped at her face, tossing her hair about. All of these new sensations, which seemed so distant inside the tower, were all now very, very real.

From the doorway, Arianna gazed at you through her mask. As Selunine said her farewell, and promised to return, Arianna simply turned away, and closed the large, wooden doors. The loud *thud* of the doors closing had never sounded so final, but Selunine was determined to save the outside world, and return to tell of it.

Walking along to the docks, empty and lonely, Selunine prepared a simple one person ship. No simple rowboat, this ship was complete with sails, rudder, cabin, and bow, though all of the necessary components were accessible from the steering wheel at the stern of the ship. The figurehead - a fearsome creature, dragonlike in appearance, though not resembling the illustrations which she had seen in the tower - seemed poised to pounce at anything which appeared in front of it.

Boarding the ship, Selunine stowed her possessions in the cabin, and she weighed anchor, and began sailing. The ship was very simple to use, being geared towards the magical folk of the island rather than the rough men of the sea. Sailing by, Selunine saw many others out in boats, fishing to provide fish for the other inhabitants of the island. However, she was not going out to fish. Selunine passed those ships, heading out into the unknown world outside the island.

The mists began to get thicker the further she traveled away from the isle. Even with he keen eyes, Selunine soon found herself unable to see. The ship, however, had it's own idea of where to go, almost guiding her through the mists. After what seemed like 30 minutes, Selunine saw the mists begin to thin out. Emerging completely from the mists Selunine found herself in a world of blue. The crystal clear ocean surrounded her. Continuing on, Selunine marveled at the outside world. The sound of sea gulls greeted her, along with the gentle crashing of the water on some rocks. It seemed so peaceful.

Suddenly, she fell into a shadow. The sun had just been beaming down on her, what had happened? Turning her head, Selunine saw a massive wave that had simply appeared from nowhere, coming from the exact same route she had just traveled - could this be the reason why nobody had returned? There was no way to avoid it, though she tried. The wave picked her ship up and carried it. Suddenly, as land came into view, Selunine and her ship began descending with the wave. As the impact hit, Selunine blacked out.

With light coming back into her world, Selunine found herself amid a pile of wooden shrapnel, in the middle of a forest. A small dog was licking her face.

(OOC: Important Rolls: Profession (sailor - Int instead of Wis due to boat): 16 / Damage from crash: 24 / Current health: 36/60

Outside the Cave Near Badon | Year 593 NDE
Morassenarion followed the cloaked man, though due to her keen sense of hearing, she realized that she was being followed. It was that man who she had seen entering the city as they had been leaving. Hmm... how to lose him... Walking behind the cloaked man, she suddenly grabs him, and jumps through the shadows, coming up a little ways away from their original location, but enough to stump the pursuer. Peering out from behind a nearby tree, she sees the pursuer looking around for where the two people he had been following so recently had gone. Giving up the search for you two, he continues on.

"Now what was that for? Oi tell ya miss, that wasn't the most pleasant experience of me life. Now thanks to that little set back, we'll just have to keep goin' now. Wait a sec, who's that?" Pointing, your friend indicates the person who had been following the man following you. It seemed as though they knew each other. "Eh, it's not important. Let's get goin' then." With that he leads off in another direction. "No sense letting them in on our secret eh miss? Oi'm pretty sure I know a shortcut there. We'll beat them there, Oi tell ya."

True to his word, when you arrived at the cave, neither of the two people that had been behind you are anywhere in sight. It would seem as though they got lost. At the mouth of the cave, Mora decided to take out her panpipes and play a song, in an attempt to lure the creature out from it's hiding location. It would be safer that way, she assumed.

"What? You're not even going in? Oi bring ya all the way out here, and you aren't going in? You're a waste of my time you is. Oi'm gonna leave, before that dragon comes out and spits at me again." With that the cloaked stranger turns around and walks away.

Your tune echoes throughout the cave, traveling all the way down so it would seem. Through the darkness, you can see a moving figure, first immensely large, though that must just be a shadow, trick of the light, for as it gets nearer the mouth of the cave, it's size reduces, until finally the light hits, and a frail looking female human emerges from the cave. Looking around, as though taking in the beauty of the world, like a newborn child would, she turns her head to you. In a weak voice, she says:

"Is that... you, playing the music? It's... lovely..." Her voice sounds forced, and pained, and as she finishes speaking, she falls to the ground, grunting. "Oh... I guess I'm more tired... than I thought..."

The Holy City of Alimar | Year 593 NDE
Lekain smiles. "Very well Trillion, we shall travel through the History section, then pay a visit to the Melios' display. I'm sure you will find both quite interesting. I, of course will also offer my own insight to the stories. Shall we?"

Taking the northeast corridor, Lekain takes you through an extravagantly painted hallway, with pictures depicting what many guess Melios looked like, the gods taking his essence, the creation of intelligent life, the war, the banishing, and ending with the present day. While walking through, Lekain narrates the passing of time.

"In the beginning, there were the gods, and Melios. These beings eventually disputed, then Melios' essence was taken and split in order to create the creatures of that time, our ancestors. Through work and dedication, our ancestors forged an alliance with the dragons of that time. However, over the course of centuries, this alliance became forgotten. The war was triggered by dragons, of course, and we lost many people in their first raid. They were wrong in their actions and accusations however. They said we had... oh what did the ancient texts say... something along the lines of "tainted the balance of the world by colonizing their lands." The self obsessed beasts thought they had dominance over the land, and attacked us. We would not stand for it."

"Of course, thanks to the Ten Heroes put an end to that soon enough. With one mighty push, they halted the dragons advances, and created a portal to banish them. This portal was then sunk, just off the coast of what is now Badon. Time has mostly forgotten them. Dragons are no longer a possibility on this Plane. And so, we are saved from another perilous war in the future."

At then end of the hallway, you realize it was all a loop, and you are back in the central room. "Alright, you said you were also interested in Melios? Very well, let us go." Heading towards the western hallway, Lekain once again begins talking.

"Now, my knowledge of Melios is by no means complete, but nobody has complete knowledge of him. However, there is enough to make this display. So, let us begin. First, this is what Melios was assumed to look like." As Lekain gestures to a titanic sculpture "Of course, this is all simply speculation, since only the gods know what he really looked like. But, it puts a picture into people's minds. Not much was heard about him throughout time except for one brief mention during the war - this is an actual quote from the Hero Taori's journal he kept during the war:

These are strange times, my good friend. This world was once sane - man and dragon living hand in hand. Now nothing makes sense. Why, just this day, I witnessed a strange sight indeed. An entire legion of men, elves, and dwarves, clad in a golden armour, bearing a massive standard with an M on it. They called themselves the Fang of Melios, believing the ancient one would grant them strength in the upcoming battle.
"As you can see, Trillion. Quite strange indeed." Lekain looked at the clock which stood across from the sculpture. "Oh my! Forget lunch Trillion... I am like you, I sometimes get very caught up in my work. But now, it is time for dinner! I'm terribly sorry to keep you waiting, but we should head out if you want to beat the rush. Come, I know a good place to eat."

Walking through the streets, Lekain leads you to an elaborate restaurant, "The Wings of Angels.'' It seems like a very proper institution, and it seems very expensive. However, the server, upon seeing Lekain, smiles warmly, and he brings the two of you to a table on the balcony, overlooking the woods. "Don't worry about the cost too much. I get a discount here, since I am of the robe. I will calculate the cost that I would pay, and you can give me that amount. He would charge you full price, even in my company, if he knew you were paying. But don't worry, it will be cheap."

Suddenly, while you are enjoying dinner, a large wave comes into your view, with what would seem to be a boat situated in the middle of it. This wave came crashing down in the middle of the forest, with a horrible sound of splintering wood. You think you can hear a faint scream coming from the location, but it soon disappears.

Outside Badon | Year 593 NDE
As Achilles follows Linus through the landscape near Badon, he begins to gain on him, as the Linus seems to have lost his path. However, desperation knows no bounds, and as Achilles gains, Linus yet again takes off, not willing to be caught. Dashing through the undergrowth at an alarming rate, he seems to be in very good shape for an older man. However, Achilles has no trouble keeping up, with his youth and speed.

Coming to a dead end, Linus stops, with Achilles right behind him. Looking at Achilles, Linus says: "So this is it. That cloaked man... he was thinking dragon. I know he was. Achilles! Do you realize what this means? It means that they are back! And they are going to find it first! I will not allow that Achilles! I will not!" As he says this, he begins moving his hands in elaborate rune shaped fashions, and suddenly, seven copies of Linus appear around him. Merging together, then splitting up again, all seven run at you, in an attempt to get past you. At the same time, a soft music begins playing, though in a distant location, barely audible. Immediately, all of their eyes light up. Starting from your left and working their way down to your right, each individual speaks one word at a time, forming a sentence. "Finally! That must be where the others went! I will not be denied now!" Each image says two words.

(OOC: Okay, I'm going to need you to include how you react, and which person you are going to try and stop, with 1 being the image on the extreme left, seven being on your extreme right.)

Posted on 2009-01-25 at 22:36:37.
Edited on 2009-01-26 at 20:11:30 by gboy

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Chasing down linus though the city and being the cocky young male Achilles is, he yells to Linus "Your time is out old man, just give it up. You've already lost it, they are gone."

If you can't outrun me what makes you think you can find dragons? Surely you couldn't handle them, that's why you wanted my help is'nt it?

"he begins moving his hands in elaborate rune shaped fashions, and suddenly, seven copies of Linus appear around him. Merging together, then splitting up again, all seven run at you, in an attempt to get past you."

Achilles mutters some profanity to himself as Linus multiples. But hey says this as well "Look at you, you're just a germ, a virus. Infect and multiple, that is what you do. But if you want a fight, so be it." Achilles remembers a little gift he got from Taori, this "Tan Bag of Tricks" which he has never used. Hell, he hardly knows how to work it. But he does know what comes out. As most 'good ideas' come from lack of experience. So Achilles takes the opportunity to to pull out one of these fuzzy balls and throws it right above the heads of the seven to his right as he plans for a Orca Whale to come from the ball right there. And as a gift he brings out a giant constrictor for them to as he heads for the one on the left.

Posted on 2009-01-26 at 14:04:50.

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Mora moves up with to the frail child.

She goes over and kneels by the limp form. "Are you injured or sick" she asks with true sympathy, "Are you hungry or thirsty?" then she reaches out and lifts the frail girl (about the size of??) and carries her to the rock where she had been sitting. Mora slips off her cloak and wraps it about the girl.

"You just rest here, I will help you all I can."

So much for a dragon, she now wonders if the dragon was just a figment of the man's imagination.

"Is there anyone else in there," it did not seem right that such a young child was so alone.

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The tour though the brass building was very interesting to Trillion. However, she was undecided about the relationship of dragons and men and whose fault it was for the war between them. She personally did not have enough information to decide who was right and who was wrong or anything in between. She felt that it was in the in between where the truth truly lay not at either extreme.

Trillion regard the Father as he explains about paying. “To do that would not be fair to the proprietor of this establishment. I will pay full price for myself and for you, the discounted price. It is only proper that I do so. “ Trillion is a very proper person in many ways when it come to what is just and fair. It is her nature to be that way. And she had learned It was not good to go against one’s own nature. “I will hope it is not too expensive,“ she says with a smile.”

Dinner was good better than good it was excellent and the the conversation though light added to the enjoyment of her evening meal as did the company.

Trillion gazed about the room every so often enjoying her favorite pastime of analyzing people. She would try to guess who and what they were and why they were here, using the clothes, manner of speech, if she could hear them, facial expression, and hand gestures, when she couldn’t and their demeanor. It was at one of these times she became aware of a movement beyond the room outside a window.

For a moment almost frozen in time she saw and huge wave hovering above the horizon, a ship want swept along almost in the center of that wave. The wave then crested over the ship and crashed down over it as it swept off the ocean onto land finally crashing in the forest. Distant screams could be heard and then they were overwhelmed by the screams and cries of consternation of the other patrons who had witnessed the horrific event.

Trillion stood quickly ignoring her food. She threw down coins hoping it was enough. “I must go and see if I can help. I hope this is enough, if not I will return. If there is any left hold it for me I will try to locate you at the temple of Helm. ”

Racing out of the restaurant Trillion casts invisible on herself and takes to the air on wings, hurrying to where she thought the ship had been cast down.

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A brave new world...

Selunine returned to awareness, a bright light coaxing her back. The soothing caress of a licking dog tickled her face. Every inch of her ached. Slowly she opened her eyes and lifted a white hand to pet the small dog that licked her face. White sparks of pain shot through her body as she sat up, and she bit her lip to fight it off. Feeling the presence of her familiar wrapped around her bicep she lifted her other hand to caress the snake's silvery head. More waves of pain met her as she stood, but she ignored them. With a slow calm she took in her surroundings. She stood amidst wooden wreckage in some forest, somewhere. She would discover just where she was just soon enough. Reaching to her side she opened one of the magic pouches hidden in her belt and removed a small phial of a cool blue liquid. Removing the crystal stopper Selunine lifted the phial to her lips and drank its contents. A soothing coolness met white pain and faded into a gentle warmth as bruises faded and small cuts knit themselves back together. She was still sore and in pain, but a bit better off for ware.

Her sodden clothes clung to her body and her long silver hair twisted into saturated ringlets sticking to her. A trickle of magic flowed through her as she flicked her fingers. Tiny tendrils of magic ran along her body drying her skin and clothes, smoothing wrinkles and running the water and knots out of her hair.

"That's much better, don't you think?" she said as knelt next to the small, furry dog. Movement was still painful, though not so much as before she would still need to seek healing when she found some sign of civilization. "Well my friends, let us see what we can find here."
Selunine began to pick her way through the wreckage, she kept nearly all her possessions tucked away on her person save her blankets, bedroll, and the like and even they were woven with a touch of magic. Sadly her horse was most likely dead, and she whispered a prayer for the creature's spirit. Before making her way into the new world perhaps she could salvage something from the rubble. And so the so the fey elf picked about the wooden shrapnel, whispering a soothing word now and again to Lilu or the strange small dog that found her here.

(OOC: Drank 1 potion of cure light wounds, cast prestidigitation)

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