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For Death!

Throughout the conversation with Lady Quilanday, and the search of the Ivory Tower, Draven had remained silent, near the back of the group. It was clear by the intensity in his gaze, however, that he was very interested in whatever evil was brooding within the white spire that stood before them.

When Thondrek returned and described the massacre that lay within the tower, Draven peered up at the window, as if imagining the battle that certainly lay before them, should the group decide to avenge the wizards…and he knew they would. They had no sense of priority.

Sure enough they did, but in this case, Draven had no quams about fighting. Infact, he hadn’t spoken since their departure from the Syl City so far back, but he did now. With Malius’ idea to lure the beasts out, Draven stepped forward, into the circle.

A genuine smile of excitement graced his pale lips, and his eyes flashed as he looked from Malius to the others.

“The Elf speaks correctly, despite what wisdom he may possess. A battle in open grounds gives us the advantage. Would that there was a way to battle one beast at a time, I would recommend that plan…and infact there may be…..”

As he spoke, he toyed with his gloved right hand, and leaned on the massive black blade he generally bore upon his back. His long, raven hair blew in the breeze, and the calm that was in his voice was unmistakable. It would seem, Draven Ire’Dante was very, very comfortable…in the face of possible death.

“It’s a simple matter really. Despite their inconceivably enhanced physics, and of course the inevitable rage that always seems to accompany bigger and uglier beasts, a bear is still a bear. And what pisses a bear off the most, is the clubbing of its cub…”

Draven smirked with a faint memory.

“However,the second biggest piss off, is the stealing of it’s food. Bears horde food by nature, and clearly this is now their lair. Any intrusion should get their attention, and their fury. Tampering with its food, also known as the rotting corpses of foolish wizards, should piss any bear off enough to send it charging from it’s den.”

Draven paused and squinted up at the window Thondrek had entered the tower through.

“But two of these monsters may mean the end of a few of you, which is why I’m going to stay behind, and keep the second company.”

Draven grinned brilliantly, but it was clear he was not joking. Hefting his blade and swinging it over his shoulder, he stretched and added.

“So what’s happening is, I’m heading on in. You..namely…the dwarves, are going to head on in also. Be yourselves. Loud, clumsy. That sort of thing. Grab a carcass and start pulling it out. I’ll be sure to close the door behind you.”

Posted on 2007-09-18 at 14:27:19.

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Loda looked at Draven who recited his plan. There was only one thing she could see wrong with it.

" Draven, I know you are willing to sacrifice yourself to keep the rest of us alive and fit to fight these bear-beasts, but do you have to do it so early? From what Thondrek said, theres atleast two inclding the queen, but what if theres more? So even if our plan goes as we want, what will happen after we kill the one or two bears, and your locked inside, probably dead? I dont think anyone else wants to sacrifice themselves as quickly as you want to, so my question is just what do we do after the first attack? I think we should just make sure to get one bear, and have everyone outside. And even if we do get two, maybe we can get them to fight eachother or something like that. Who knows, it could happen."

Posted on 2007-09-19 at 14:21:45.
Edited on 2007-09-19 at 14:25:25 by Jozan1

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Draven smirked at the khord as a wolf scoffs at a rabbit.

"I didn't say a thing about sacrificing myself for you. Should two of the beasts come through these doors, there will likely be more dead then them. It's wise to close the door after the first, rather then leave it gaping for whatever else dwells withing to come spilling into the battle at will. I will shut the door after the first beast has gone through."

Posted on 2007-09-19 at 18:04:08.

Dragon Mistress
Not Brianna
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A Sigh of Knowing

Elessare relaxed in the garden with Gharion and Comrade,when a servant arrived with a tray of food. Her stomach rumbled loudly and she gave the page an apologetic smile. She ate and fed her horses treats from her tray of food. Fresh bread dripping with honey, oak cakes, and apples . Looking at the tray she knew someone had provided for the horses as well.

As she ate she planned, she knew that they would want her to go back and deal with the tainted trees, they had said as much yesterday, or was it the day before. With a stick she drew a rough plan of the village and the positions of buildings that she had seen while she was there.

She was musing over possible scenarios for inflitrating the village, firing the barn with the Troll, possibly catching a bunch of the goblins in the inn and that other building she had seen the goblin she had captured come from, when she was interrupted by an elf carrying a sketch board, paper and drawing tools.

"I would like to do a picture of you."

Elessar blinked and nodded in surprise not sure why the man had asked her. Bemused by the idea she nodded and was then further surprised when he mentioned making a portrait of her.

"I only have one favor to ask," replied Elessarae, "I wish that you would also add Gharion and Comrade to the portrait." They deserve it as much as I.

About a hour later the young mage arrived, showed her the vial of elixir that they had concocted from the lotus. Then he asked the question she knew was coming.

"I will lead the group there and provide what protections I can." she nods to the young Mage. "It would help that the Wizard goes prepared with a couple of big fire spells, or scrolls, so that we can use it against the Troll, as they can not regenerate fire damage and some tindertwigs and a half-dozen or more bottles of volatile oil. The guards can carry some too. If we can get the goblins inside a building we can fire it and then pick off those who try to escape.

"As for the Troll they keep him chained in the inn's barn out of the sun."

There were other plans she had been working out, knowing she would be returning once she had brought back the flower.

"Sorry," she suddenly realizes that she really needs to be talking to those that are going with her.

She turned to the artist and asked for a piece of paper and a pen. With these she copies what she had drawn on the ground.

"I will be ready in as long as it takes me to find Gharion's tack, my packs, and saddle up."

Posted on 2007-09-21 at 23:25:09.

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Sacrificial lambs? Perhaps.

She listened as Draven described his plan.

"It would indeed make sense to separate the two, but I shall not let you go alone. You need not fight on your own while I am here," Alyssia spoke, hoping her words sunk into the stubborn man's skull.

Perhaps she could change the way the man thought about those that would be his companions.

Posted on 2007-09-22 at 11:06:05.

Typing Furiously
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boogy boogie

Londelirinen Kingdom
Runya Nost
4th day of the 8th month: Temoth Ore
4:02 pm

As the painter left satisfied with his sketches of the bladesinger and her steeds, Elessar too walked away from the patio. She readied herself and Gharion for another trip, and was soon joined by two male guards on horses, one of them carrying an extra passenger in the form of a female mage. The two guards introduced themselves as Hivalus and Mirnando, and the mage bowed and expressed submissively: “Luronya, at your service. Direct us, and we shall follow your lead.”

They trusted themselves in her care. She now bore a responsibility over them like she had never had over another Sylvari. She was steadily becoming a real bladesinger.

The two guards carried with them the supplies Elessarae had asked for: four tindertwigs, 8 bottles of volatile oil and one scroll of Burning Hands for herself to use.

Soon after introductions, the Flame Keep was already lost beyond a wall of trees. Once more Elessar was on the road, carried by Gharion and flanked by Comrade, the two horses she had endured so much with already. She had ridden the path to the Sylvari town before, but it was difficult to find a second time. It was as if the forest had changed slightly. As if it was shifting uncomfortably by more than a change in season. But when the sun had begun its descent and dressed the heavens in orange and pink, they found the village.
It looked empty from afar. Could the goblins have deserted it already?

But then an arrow flow from beyond a building, followed by a second one. Both missed and flew out of range, and they could hear shouts in the harsh language of the green skinned. Apparently the goblins had expected a return, and were ready to face it.

(OOC: I’ll post a small map of the village as you have seen it last time. That may help you visualize things)

Alloryen Kingdom
The Exaulted Tower
2nd day of the 8th month: Temoth Ore
5:23 pm

And so it was decided that only one of the bears would be taken on, if possible. But the plan was thin and sprouted holes yet. What spells would be up, which places would be taken? Again Thondrek explained the layout of the tower, and more discussion followed.

Would Draven lock the door while standing inside or outside the tower?
Who would be standing where?
What would be done if the plan didn’t work?

(OOC: My appologies for the lame short post, but I could definately use a little more information before I unleash one or two of these creatures on you guys. I'll be posting a map in the Q/A shortly, think and discuss please. I’ll make an update somewhere this week, as soon as I know where everybody will be placed.)

Inhabited Cave
South-west Chakran Mtns.
28th day of the 7th month: Pfier
0:03 pm

Dragging his pride with him, Vidar pushed against the stench and entered the chamber. Breathing through his mouth he warded the worst of the smell, but the air in the chamber felt solid with nauseating gasses. Doing his best not to vomit Vidar clamped a hand over his lips, but he could not withhold the convulsion in his stomach and a stream of chunky liquid sprayed between his fingers. He felt sick, but kept an alert eye for the approaching fishmen. They could’ve heard the sounds of his choked vomiting, and then he would be trapped.

Footsteps drew closer, and then they came into sight. There were three of them, and one bore a torch in his hand that cast stars of reflection on the wet tunnels. They peered into the junk room, but quickly left the place alone, and continued into the hall and headed for the area where Vidar had killed their relatives. He looked around for something to use as a shield. There was nothing nearby, so he got up and searched the room on shaking legs. Again he felt an urge to vomit, but he could keep it in this time. Under a slimy membrane he found a mouldy goblin shield. It wasn’t in very good condition, but it was better than having no shield at all.

The question returned to him; where to go now?

Posted on 2007-09-22 at 11:28:29.

Icelanders! Roll Out
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Oh, the smell!

The smell was revolting enough that a Khord would be forced to throw up. Thankfully the three fishmen didn't notice anything. They walked passed Vidar and continued into the caves towards where he had gotten back his weapons. There was no doubt that they would notice the fishmen he had killed earlier. Why didn't he think of hiding them?

At any rate, Vidar had to move fast before they would think of returning. Thankfully he managed to restrain himself from puking again while he searched the pile for anything resembling a shield. At last he found something he could use. It was a moldy goblin shield. The Khord looked at it and wasn't sure if it could hold itself together against a powerful hit, but it was better than nothing.
He sheathed his sword and took hold on the shield. It would be unwise to return to where he just came, so going in the direction of where the three fishmen were coming from seemed to be the most logical choice of advancing. He exited the cave into the tunnels and held a firm grip on his axe. He could still smell the foul stench from before.

Posted on 2007-09-28 at 15:16:07.

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Into the Fray

The first part of her return to the village Elessarae was deep in thought. Until recently she only had the care of herself and then came Gharion, followed closely by Comrade. Gharion had started out as her mount but soon became more as the young gelding had proven himself, steady and enduring. Then came Comrade and he, beyond even Gharion was her responsibility, having been gien his guardianship by his mother. Now she was resposible of the mage Luronya and the two guards Hivalus and Mirnando. The Mage had said they were at her sevice but what was really meant was that she was ultimately responsible for them.

Elessarae knew that the Troll had to be their first target, as it was fast approaching sunset and the Troll would be able to leave the shelter of the barn. Having prepared the guards and the mage with copies of what she knew of the village, she had spent some of the time of their trip learing what skills they had to offer, as swordmen, archers and questioned the mage aas to what spells she had that would help them in their strategies, and any other suitable skills any of them had for the task at hand. Elessarae discussed the best proceedures for neutralizing as many goblins as possible. She had decided the barn and inn were to be the first targets, along with the building where the goblin she had captured had been going. After using their bottles of oil Hivalus's and Mirnando's main duty was to protect the mage.

As for Elessarae, she plans to sweep around the barn from back to front, throw her first bottle in the hay shed connected to the barn, and having lite her second bottle from the first, before she threw it, she would then throw her second bottle of flaming oil in a stall window in the side of the barn closest to the inn and having lite the third bottle before throwing the second one she hoped to throw the last bottle inside the doors that the troll had busted open 2 days ago.

With the loss of time refinding the place, the sun had fallen dangerously low in the sky. Now there scouting around had alerted the goblins of their presence.

As arrows begin to fly "Ready the oil and tinder twigs. We will ride fast passed the back of the inn and barn." Her words are quick and low to all those following her. One of the two guards was to concentrate on firing the inn, while the other was to hit one side of the barn opposite of where Ellessarae would put her second bottle of flaming oil.

There was no time to fear, indeed a singulaity of mind and body seemed to envelop Elessarae as she quickly moves the group from their position to flank the village and come up from behind the barn. It was as if everything came into a fine focus, every movement of her own body, of Gharion's and even Comrade's became a part of her, then came awareness of the Mage and the two guards that attended the Mage.

Elessare gallops round the left side of the village, speed was their protection from goblin archers. She rides between the mage and the archers, telling her to keep low. She moves quickly as some of the goblins would still be unaware of their prescence. Elessarae used every tree and bush to help hide them as they galloped around the verge of the village and as she neared the rear of the barn she pulled out one of the three oils, took out the cork, and lite the oil soaked rage tied to its top. Then she pulls out a second bottle and and will hold in in her rein hand, to light it from the first bottle before she throws it.

"Stay back here," she calls to the Mage, "Comrade, stay and guard Luronya." she could only hope the colt would do that, rather than endanger himself following her as she galloped out of the verge and straight to the hay shed staying low in the saddle. A second set of hoofbeats told her that Camrade chose to follow her,

The pounding of Gharion's and Comrade's hooves was like a drum beat the eched up from the earth itself. What might have seemed like a headlong dash by an observer was like a slow poetic dance to Elessarae. In her mind was a song without words a melody she had often heard snatches of, but now it was a full rhythmic melody that brought mind, body, and purpose together into refined harmonies.

Gharion seemed to become smoother and steadier so that lighting the second bottle was effortless. Elessarae cocked back her arm and aimed at the back corner of the shed, high enough for the bottle to hit the hard wood, what took only seconds, seemed like a slow graceful movements of a dance to Elessarae. And at the moment of release Gharion seemed suspended in air.

Elessare then turned Gharion to sweep down the side as she grabbed the third bottle and lit it, rather then switch hands Elessarae throws the third bottle in the window as she passed it.

Now for the front of the barn, where she planned to throw the bottle deep into the barn.

Posted on 2007-09-28 at 16:59:10.
Edited on 2007-09-28 at 17:23:44 by Dragon Mistress

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Readied for battle

Malius his bow strung and ready looked to the others around him and told them his thought on the forthcoming battle.

“When Draven here goes into the tower yonder and does lure one of the creatures to us I will gain its attention with my arrows thus hopefully causing it to charge me, at which time the rest of you may gain hopefully unsurprised attacks upon it thus killing it.”

Awaiting any arguments he readied himself to gain a position a good distance from the towers front door yet within range of it.

Posted on 2007-09-29 at 04:34:37.
Edited on 2007-09-29 at 04:35:29 by TannTalas

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Geim Used his Brians

Geing has been thinking about many different plans while other spoke. One may help Draven to stay alive against the one beast trapped inside. HEr offers his ideas to Draven, "Draven, I won't tell you what I think of your plan but I will offer this. if youhave a rope and hoefully a grappling hook set it up. now if not hope for a solid place to loop the end of you rope. When you go in with the one other creasture--if our plans work I suggest you run up the stairs as fast as you can to the window that was open hook your rope or hook on something solid and jumpt out the window. It is the beeast is enraged enough it might just go out the window after you. Of course without the benefit of the rope it will fall. Just an idea that might help you to stay alive."

Geim continues, "As for me I plan to stand just to the side of the doors and slightly behind until the creature appears. I will let it pass me a bit then use my axe to hamstring it. If we can cripple it first and bring it done somehow, it would be to our advantage. I thought about several ropes twisted together and tied off that might tripp the beastie."

Posted on 2007-09-29 at 06:41:51.

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battle all around

Alloryen Kingdom
The Exaulted Tower
2nd day of the 8th month: Temoth Ore
5:24 pm

It was with excitement that they entered the tower, two Khords and a human warrior. Excitement, fear, eager anticipation; there were many names for what coursed through their hearts, and all of them related by a tangible tension that made their weapons rock in their hands, or perhaps calm them by an adrenaline rush of steadiness.

The tower appeared as Thondrek described. The ground floor, once a beautiful entrance hall with a wide stairs, was now a wreckage of former glory. They listened intently and peered around for movement with every step they took. Their companions outside were ready for them to suddenly turn and run for it, but everything seemed relatively peaceful. So the three champions took the stairs, carefully, and disappeared onto the next level.

Again, there was no sight of any monsters, but the room was a mess, like it had been described to them. Draven, invisibly, walked up to a spot closer to the wall, as Thondrek and Loda began to rummage around, as had been discussed. They tried to sound genuine, but all the while, their eyes remained on the stairs that led up to the next level. They knew the nest was there, and most likely one or two of the bears. When Loda loudly knocked over a chair, a snarl could be perceived from beyond the stairway. A breath later, the dark opening was filled with brown fur, and two red glowing eyes that locked instantly upon the two Khordaldrum.

The creature didn’t hesitate but broke into a charge, knocking aside furniture as if it wasn’t even there. Loda and Thondrek had already begun their run for the lower level. The twisted bear was faster than one would’ve expected. Its bulging muscles pumped with a strength that looked unearthed, and though the two Khords had quite a head start, this advantage was soon reduced to nothing.

What the running heroes didn’t see, but Draven did, was that a second bear, even larger than the first, had also come down from the nesting level. It moved slower, more careful and aware of its surroundings. It followed the trail of destruction that its mate had left behind, and wanted to descend the stairs as well, when something caught its eye.

Outside the tower, Geim, Malius, Alyssia and Lady Quilanday stood waiting for action to break loose. Suddenly a wicked snarling rose from the entrance, and as it gained volume, their two Khordish companions came running from the opening. In their trail followed a mass of fur and muscle, the former shape of a bear, but twisted so that it almost resembled a humanoid form. It was inches away from grabbing Thondrek, when both Khords broke from the castle and scattered in opposite directions.
The creature sprang into the sunlight, and Geim saw his chance. From behind the door he swung his axe and planted it straight in the monster’s hide. It would’ve been an almost deadly blow had it been aimed at a normal animal, but it bounced from the stone-hard coating and sent the blade backwards.
Malius too had been waiting for a good shot. From a safer distance he launched his arrow and saw it planted upon the creature’s shoulder. It struck true, but the monster seemed not to notice it, and continued.
It was then that the lady bladesinger came into action. She jumped forward and flashed her rapier over the bear’s face. It cut a bloody gash, but the impact was not as deep as she would’ve liked. And now the creature’s attention was on her. She darted back a few steps and stood ready for what was coming.

Inside the tower, Draven had activated the ring of Mage Hand and the LightSource gem that Guland had given them. The dangling gem had found the attention of the bear and now it was chasing the item around the room.
While the creature was distracted Draven had a most difficult time with what lay ahead. He was going to have to move down the stairs and lock the door, while the light would still be moving around. The ceilings were too low for it to just hang somewhere and keep the bear occupied.
Thus, moving very slowly and carefully, the warrior stepped towards the staircase. He was glad for the stealthy ways of his life, for all the practice came in handy now. Concentrating hard he moved steadily down the stairs and made for the door. He grabbed the door, and after a single look outside he pulled it close. Turning the key he locked himself in with a bear that at that very moment closed its teeth around the glowing gem and swallowed.

Londelirinen Kingdom
Runya Nost
4th day of the 8th month: Temoth Ore
4:02 pm

A dangerous task lay ahead of Elessarae: riding around the village while the goblins fired arrow after arrow at her. She had given her orders, and could only hope the guards and the mage would do as well as she hoped. She had to focus on her own part of the strategy. But amidst the wild battle calls from the village she found an inner peace as she moved into the closest rim of the forest surrounding the village.
Arrows flew overhead, some whisping her hair or Gharion’s manes, but only one of them sheered close enough for its point to scrape her arm. The pain was like a thorny bush scratching at her, a feeling she was used to, and very able to shut out. The concentration for the shot remained.

Futher she moved, and now she could look into the goblin ranks. They had formed several small troops at strategic points around the village square, using the buildings as shelter. As she approached the barn she lit the first flask of oil. More arrows came flying at her, and again one of them cut her open. She remained her hold on the fire bottle and then came into reach of the haystack. The bottle flew and landed right in the hay, where it exploded, but Elessar had already moved ahead. Another swarm of arrows came her way, and again, only one of them knew to hit her. She grit her teeth to bite away the stinging and raised her second bottle of oil.
She aimed well for the window in the barn, but it was a very difficult throw as she was not used to throwing from horseback. The flask went through the opening though, but its neck crashed into the sill and it exploded slightly earlier.

She was sheltered behind the barn, so arrows could not harm her here, but she was struck anyway, by a sudden realization. From her point of view, she could see a flash of the town square and the several groups of goblins that were gathered there. In that flash she had seen the troll standing on the other side of the village. She had been ready to throw her last bottle into the barn, but had to rethink her action.

Then a crashing sound snapped her attention back to herself. From the inn, only several feet away, a goblin came crashing through a window, shattering the glass. He somersaulted onto the forest floor, covered in glass, but it did not seem to bother him. He seemed slightly larger than the goblins she had witnessed thus far. In his hands was a broad sword, and his gaze was upon Elessarae and her steed.

Skari’s update will follow soon.

Posted on 2007-09-29 at 19:05:19.

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Good times

She had worried about Draven when he had entered, but the man had never responded to her comment about him never having to do things alone. Perhaps he had just done it for too long. She registered it as her three companions entered the tower but just stood back with her fingernails digging into her palms. This is where she would do the most good. It would be better to protect all but one of her companions rather than just the one. Maybe he would get his heroic martyrdom, maybe not.

Alyssia heard the roar as first the two khords and then the oversized bear rushed through the doorway. Her two companions went their seperate ways as the bear charged straight into the sunlight. Geim's axe bounced off of the creature's hide while Malius's arrow pierced into the creature's shoulder, for as little good as it seemed to do. The bladesinger, the party's newest member, slashed across the bear's face with her rapier. That only seemed to make it angrier and focus its attention on the Syl Lady.

"Lysora, give me strength," Alyssia muttered beneath her breath as she recalled the form of a spell that would allow her to hang in the air. This would make it to where none of her companions were in her way for what was coming next.

(OOC: Am going to take free action to activate nimbus of light, just looks cool. heehee. Then levitate of twenty feet and cast lightning bolt on round 2.)

Posted on 2007-10-04 at 17:00:03.

Dragon Mistress
Not Brianna
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Strategy Changes, Now Tactics

Elessarae found herself shielded sheltered from the Golbin arrors by the barn, As she more to the side for her second throw, having lit the 3rd battle of oil, She suddenly sees a flash of the town square and the several groups of goblins that were gathered there. In that flash she had seens the troll standing on the other side of the village.

Then a crashing sound snapped her attention back to herself. From the inn, only several feet away, a goblin came crashing through a window, shattering the glass. He somersaulted onto the forest floor, covered in glass, but it did not seem to bother him. He seemed slightly larger than the goblins she had witnessed thus far. In his hands was a broad sword, and his gaze was upon Elessarae and her steed.

He strategies needed alteration, now was the time for tactics. As the big Goblin was closer to Elessarae she throws her last flask of oil at him and then dismounts by swinging her left leg over her saddle, grabbing the horn in her off hand and the swinging down facing forwad, while drawing her sword in one graceful, well practiced, movement.

She plans to move up on the Goblin while he deals with the fiery bottle. Even it it does not hit him directly, it could have an affect on him as he dodges to get away from it. She waits letting the Goblin come to her. As she waits she will slap Gharion on the rump sending him away from her and the Goblin and into the forest. Taking down the big Goblin could be used to demoralize the rest of the Goblins. If she has time she will cut off his head and carry it by the hair.

In her mind's eye she saw the tactics of the upcoming battle. Her focus was now on the Goblin Leader, he was now her first target and the Troll was next, and as she faces her enemy a song wells in her, a song she had heard long ago when a human opera was preformed in the the Elven Capital. It was a sweeping song of Good triumphant over Evil, of distaining death to obtain said triumph.

Come now, come now, taste of my blade.
Feel your life's blood begin to fade.

Good, Over Evil shall prevail.
You and your kind will surely fail.

I call upon Meivan Tarai (Rydor) to jugde my cause,
Knowing that I break no laws.

I call upon Nim'melin (Theassor) for him to see,
That my battle is fought righteously.

I call upon Solinari (Solinis)to grace me with his light,
As I fight the enemy who brought upon this Blight.

I call upon Heren'salky (Shinara) for good fortune,
Against the overwhelming odds of the Goblin nation.

I call upon Aina'Vakha (Merca) to judge me
That I rightly uphold my honor as I do my duty.

I call upon Adaron (Kith-Jora) to aid me today
For your trees now blighted in the Goblin's evil way.

Come now, come now, taste of my blade.
Feel your life's blood begin to fade.

Good, Over Evil shall prevail.
You and your kind will surely fail.

Elessarae added those Dieties she had prayed to before at one time or another. She had an ecletic faith, and no one single deity she followed.

As she sings a stange calm settles upon her, again her focus is sharpened to crystal clarity. She sees her enemy, knows what she must do, and yet does not loose sight of what is happening around her.

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update for 2

Londelirinen Kingdom
Sylvari village
4th day of the 8th month: Temoth Ore
7:02 pm

The Goblin in front of Elessarae grinned at her. The grin soon turned into a snarl as he quenched his fists and started to shake. It looked like his muscles started to bulge, and glass splinters that had stuck from his skin darted from him.

The bladesinger had no time for this display of strength, and released the bottle of oil on her new target. The bottle didn’t project from her hand as she would’ve liked, but it splashed on his leg and send a gust of flame over his body. Instead of a scream, the goblin sent a roar of defiance into the evening sky. Elessar jumped from her steed and sent Gharion into the forest for safety.
The goblin jumped at Elessar with a trail of fire from his legs. He seemingly ignored the pain and heaved at the bladesinger with his broadsword. The swing came so fast and hard that she misjudged her block, and its blade cut over her sword and deep into her left arm.
Pain sent her a step backwards, but she focused on her song, and noted how the goblin was slightly taken aback by how her determination. She made a quick step forward and stuck her blade low. The point slid into the creature’s abdomen and a grunt escaped from its lips. With two hands it brought down its thick blade upon the Syl, but his swing came from anger, and was badly placed.
Elessar could evade it and brought a fast slash onto his back, but the cut was not strong enough to penetrate the leather hide around the goblins skin.

Another blow came from her left, and the bladesinger tried to spring away, but was a fraction too late. The tip of the goblins sword cut over her chest and raked her flesh. She retorted with a heave that landed in her opponent’s shoulder and knocked him backwards. It had taken her breath away, and she felt her strength draining. The goblin was cut and bruised, but it was impossible to judge how long he would remain standing. He seemed extremely tough for the normally weak race.

(OOC: It’s up to you to keep fighting or change tactics. Elessar has lost over half her HP, so some healing could be an option.)

Inhabited Cave
South-west Chakran Mtns.
28th day of the 7th month: Pfier
0:08 pm

Vidar knew there was only one way to go, although he didn’t like it one bit. He was forced to move deeper into the caves, and soon the dead fishmen would be discovered. Then he would be in serious trouble. He had to move fast.

Jogging on his short legs, still feeling groggy from the smell, he moved into the caves beyond. The tunnel led him away from the place where he had been imprisoned and bended southwards. After ten minutes he noted a light up ahead, and as he cautiously walked closer he became aware of a widening cave. From a distance he could see humanoid forms moving around in a room with furniture that looked more solid than anything he had seen so far in these caves. He could not tell if they were fishmen, but moving closer he recognized their scaly hides and tails. His eye fell on a small group of them, gathered around what looked like a stone altar. Behind the altar stood a fishmen with a very peculiar outfit. It looked like an exoskeleton made of old bones and connected by rags of skin and cloth. He was pointing in several directions, and the other fishmen were listening intently.

Then he pointed into the tunnel where Vidar was hiding, and though Vidar could be sure that he was well hidden by distance and darkness, the fishmen motioned for him to come closer. The other fishmen stood watching in the Khord’s direction, and none of them seemed ready to launch an attack.

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Short post

Malius saw his arrow hit and lodge itself in the mutant Bear’s shoulder to seemingly no effect. His bow raised yet again and seeing its attention focused on the Bladesinger he aimed his next two shots for the Bear’s head.

(Ok Almerin don’t I get 2 shots per round??)

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