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Parent thread: SW: Dawn of Defiance Q/A
    Messages in Dawn of Defiance: The Traitor's Gambit
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TRSG 2.0
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It's hardly fair

Kneeling by Ithiria's side, his treasured weapon some meters away and his back to the rest of the world, he looked down at the green and blue twi'lek.

(In Ryl) "We got them."
He wispered back in

(In Ryl) "Ara's going to lock down the hanger and call Maya, then we can go."
He said softly, slowly stroking her tchin (tchun if left lek, lek is the singular of lekku). Waiting for Karra to appear with some medical help. He wished he could do something to help her himself.

EDIT: I am assuming that this conversation between Hako'ib and Ithiria is in Ryl, could you just confirm this G. and I'll edit my posts to reflect this.

Posted on 2009-10-25 at 21:01:10.
Edited on 2009-10-26 at 00:15:21 by Loki

Regular Visitor
Karma: 12/8
100 Posts


She lay there smiling slightly Good, but dont worry about me lets just get out of here I'll heal on the shuttle

EDIT: yes its in ryl

Posted on 2009-10-26 at 00:04:24.

Kool Killer Kitty
Karma: 64/6
1685 Posts

Time for the cavalry to arrive...

The medicinal serum swept quickly through the blues of Ara’s veins, re-knitting flesh and re-generating scorched skin wherever it went. Within seconds it had done its work and more, leaving Ara feeling better than she had in weeks.

“Wow,” Ara mouthed, the syllable coming out in a tinny whisper through the heavy stormtrooper’s helmet she still wore. “That’s some good stuff. You should bottle it and sell it. Seriously,” she added to Karra, with an experimental flex of an arm.

“Get the door!” a voice suddenly bellowed.

Ara rolled her eyes in irritation at the demanding Twi’lek, Hako’ib, as she followed the shout to its source. Her expression softened, however, when she saw him cradling the badly wounded form of Ithiria.

“Guess you got some another customer for your magic mojo,” Ara muttered to Karra with a point towards the pair of Twi’leks. “I’ll crack that door.”

A few seconds later, Ara was staring at the door to the security station, her discarded helmet now propped up against the form of the Imperial officer she had earlier felled.

‘Eww…hat hair,’ she thought, catching sight of her reflection in the smooth hardened durastseel of the door. Her long white hair had been tied in a bun to fit it into the tight confines of the helmet. It was now tightly compressed against her sweaty scalp, and marked by the angular curves that defined the stormtrooper’s regalia.

“Maya, are you there?” she ventured into the comm-link the Alderaanian woman had given them. “If you are, we could do with a way out of the hangar on Blue Deck. Preferably something ship-shaped and with the ability to out-run a TIE Fighter or two. Oh…and we’ve secured your cargo too.”

The only response that came from the device, however, was a static burr. “That’s not good,” Ara concluded, tucking away the comm-link and reaching once more for her security kit.

“Let’s hope she comes through. If not, we’ve got a fight on our hands,” she offered to the her companions over her shoulder, even as her hands busily tried to overcome the lock.

OOC: Same deal as before. Ara will use force points and/or ‘Determination’ on our Mechanics check.

Posted on 2009-10-27 at 13:44:39.
Edited on 2009-10-27 at 13:45:09 by Ginafae

Dreamer of Bladesong
Karma: 142/12
2506 Posts

Oh dear... healing is in order!

Karra smiled. It seemed that whatever she had done worked rather well; Ara looked and sounded as though she wasn't injured at all anymore.

The shout sent a chill down Karra's spine, all the way to the tip of her tail. She knew that tone. She turned and raced as quickly as she could to the source of the call. Even without the weight of her medical kit, she seemed to be moving too slow, and the sight of the fallen Ithiria was almost enough to stop her completely. Almost, but she knew what she had to do.

"Take off the pack! Open it!" Karra quickly ordered, vaguely aware that her tone was out of place, but time could very well be of the essence.

There was no time for surgery, although Ithiria looked quite like she needed it. Still, Karra did what she could, using emergency scissors to cut bits of fabric and take them out of any open wounds, applying mixes of ointment to them, and bandaging them. She prepared a needle for Ithiria, but she paused. She was tempted, oh so tempted, to repeat the steps she had done for Ara, but Ithiria was of a different race.

Morphine won't work for her. I'll have to rely on the ointment to try to dull the pain. Karra quickly thought, 25 mg of bacta, senticine... there is a possibility she's allergic to senticine, so I can't risk it. Anticol... anticol should work. 10mg, paired with 15mg of cobase.
Karra worked as quickly as she could, and injected the serum without delay. She just hoped it worked.

(Okies... only 1 force point this time... but otherwise the same as for Ara; Treat Injury, and hopefully with the medical kit's bonus if it can be opened in time )

Posted on 2009-10-27 at 21:06:54.

TRSG 2.0
Karma: 113/94
1606 Posts

The world

The world outside him and Ithiria had become nothing more than dull sound and meaningless colour, the moans of the dieing storm troopers could be nothing more then sigh in the wind. He had the fait inkling that Ara had ignored his hint about a code cylinder and was going to hack the door with her box of tricks...


"Take off the pack! Open it!"

He'd forgotten about Karras box of tricks, he briefly let go of Ithiria as and tugged the pack of his own back. He thumbed with the traps that held it closed before it opened and he placed it where Karra could use it easily.

His hands returned to Ithiria, quickly as if she would slip away if he'd have taken any longer to take of the pack.

(In Ryl) "You’re going to be fine, we'll get you sorted."
He looked up from Ithiria, still gently holding her hand between his, to face Karra and spoke humbly

(In Basic) "What can I do to help?"
(OOC: Going to use the Aid Another action to help Karra)

Posted on 2009-10-27 at 22:38:23.
Edited on 2009-10-27 at 22:40:45 by Loki

Regular Visitor
Karma: 12/8
100 Posts


Holding his hand she shakes her head No pain killers, do nto dull my senses, just make sure I dont bleed to death she said quickly in basic.

Posted on 2009-10-28 at 08:11:47.

Dreamer of Bladesong
Karma: 142/12
2506 Posts


"Most conventional pain killers don't work on Twi'leks anyway." Karra reassured her patient, before looking at Haiko'ib.

Her voice soft and gentle, she replied to him, "You're already doing what you need to do. Don't let her go."

Karra knew he would probably be somewhat embarrassed to hear that, but he had asked, and she knew. Karra knew that all the medicine and life sciences in the galaxy would not be enough to replace that warm feeling, a comforting hand holding one away from death's domain.

It's also something most medical droids can't provide. Karra thought to herself, somewhat bitterly, before reprimanding herself of that thought.

Posted on 2009-10-28 at 18:17:37.

RDI Fixture
Karma: 122/12
2001 Posts

A time to heal... Karra, Ithiria, and Hako'ib

As the last Imperial soldier fell to the ground, Hako'ib rushed to the side of Ithiria and did a quick check of the Jedi's wounds. It didn't look good to the scoundrel, but Ithiria was still alive if only barely.

"Karra!" Hako'ib cried out.

The Cathar medic, having just finished bestowing minor miracle on Ara'ala, moved with all urgency towards her companion's call. On the floor lay the Jedi warrior, still lucid apparently, but barely. The wound to her gut was an ugly deep burn.

“Take the pack off!” commanded Karra with a voice full of authority. Hako’ib obeyed quickly. “Open it!”

The scoundrel did as he was told while Karra continued to monitor her patient. No time for surgery, she thought as her mind moved full-tilt through the list of medicines she would need for the treatment.

For his part, Hako’ib assisted as best he could, quietly reassuring Ithiria in her native tongue. Worry and concern found their way onto his face… and one wondered if this was the first time the scoundrel had really cared for anyone besides himself…

With expert skill, the Cathar mixed a new serum for her Twi’lek companion and, without delay, jabbed the needle deep into Ithiria’s side, just below her ribs. The needle found its mark, a major vein which flowed past the Twi’lek’s gut before moving to her heart. The serum went to work quickly, the bacta mending broken blood vessels and restoring some of the deep tissue. The response was immediate, as Ithiria’s breathing became less ragged and some of the pain subsided for her.

[OOC: Alright, Karra… not even close to a twenty this time… rolled a 3 . So the total heal score was 13 +3 [roll] +3 [force point] +2 [med pac] +2 [aid another] = 23 which equals a total of 11 hit points restored. Ithiria is now at 12 hit points.]

Posted on 2009-11-02 at 06:29:23.

RDI Fixture
Karma: 122/12
2001 Posts

A time to ... open doors

“Get the door!”

The commanding voice of Hako’ib barked at the Arkanian with urgency. The woman felt irritation at first, followed by a bit of compassion and a good dose of determination when she saw the her Jedi companion gravely wounded.

The Cathar and the Arkanian moved together towards their other companions, Karra a few steps ahead of the other. The medic wasted no time on assessing the Ithiria and, seeing as Hako’ib was already assisting, Ara’ala went to work of other important matters. She scooped up Ithiria’s comm set and called in the cavalry. “Maya, are you there? If you are, we could do with a way out of the hangar on Blue Deck. Preferably something ship-shaped and with the ability to out-run a TIE Fighter or two. Oh…and we’ve secured your cargo too.”

The only response that came from the device, however, was a static burr. “That’s not good,” Ara concluded, tucking away the comm-link and reaching once more for her security kit.

“Let’s hope she comes through. If not, we’ve got a fight on our hands,” she offered to the her companions over her shoulder, even as her hands busily tried to overcome the lock.

Her Mech D2000 Deceiver read nine green bars. Green?! she thought. Aw, son of a… came her second thought as she came to the realization the door was already unlocked. Ara pushed the button and, sure enough, the door slid opened.

As she put her Deceiver back, the comm unit at her hip crackled to life. –“Ara, we’re on our way. ETA: five minutes…”— a female voice in the background interrupts her –“Get off the channel, they’ve got a lock!”—

The comm unit goes silent again.

Ara’ala makes her way into the Hanger Control Room and is greeted by multiple computers and screens controlling everything from the droid repair units to force containment fields to space traffic radars.

The sight is a bit overwhelming, to say the least.

[OOC: Alright, part II…

So, yeah, the doors to the control room were never locked… sorry… evil, I know… just messing with your minds!!

Maya’s ETA is five minutes – 50 6 second rounds. What would you like to do next? Please post roughly 5 rounds worth of actions… give or take.

I’ll post an update on Wednesday night [after 10 PM EST] or Thursday morning.



Posted on 2009-11-03 at 05:06:54.

TRSG 2.0
Karma: 113/94
1606 Posts

We better get ready

Karra having treated Ithiria, and himself having shown no embarrassment at her reply, he helped Ithiria up and steady herself when she was ready. He then hugged her tight but had to wrench himself from her, an imperial hanger is not exactly the best place for anything.

(In Ryl) "Lets hope we can leave quick."
He made his was over to the captain slumped on the floor and gingerly searched the dead mans belt for a code cylinder, a datapad or datacards. Pocketing the datapad and datacards himself (if he finds any) he hands Karra the code cylinder (if he finds one) before picking his way to his pistol and picking that up.

(In Basic) "I'm going to guard the entrance in case any stormies come calling, see if you can get the door shut and locked."
He said to no one in particular before moving off to a tactical looking position.

(In Basic) "Someone stand next to the door, out of sight just in case someone comes through"
(OOC: OK, short post for now, I may get round to adding some more. I figure this should be about 5 rounds of action. Hako'ib is moving to stand just where Ara'ala is on the End of Round 4 map, so behind the right computer/diagnostics tools & droids thing. This should give him a good view of the majority of the corridor but unfortunately not all of it )

Posted on 2009-11-04 at 21:04:54.
Edited on 2009-11-04 at 22:11:29 by Loki

RDI Fixture
Karma: 122/12
2001 Posts

Trouble arrives

The sight of the wall-to-wall computers, factored in with the possible trauma of having been wounded severely followed by the accelerated healing she received, continued to daze and paralyze Ara’ala. Her eyes darted back and forth, from screen to panel and panel to screen, unable to focus for the moment. It was a terrifying experience, and the Arkanian knew she needed some help.

With Ithiria restored to some semblance of health again, Hako’ib looks to help the Jedi up. The Twi’lek woman waves him off for the moment, still wanting to catch her breath and soak in the peace. Sure, the trooper had said reinforcements were coming, but that could wait. The Jedi just needed to center herself for a moment.

Hako’ib gave Ithiria the space she needed and turned his attention elsewhere. Captain… The Twi’lek scoundrel makes a quick search of the dead man, scoops up a code cylinder and a datapad. He pockets the datapad and tosses the code cylinder to Karra. “I’m going to guard the entrance in case any Stormies come calling. See if you can get the door shut and locked.”

Karra gives him a nod, tucking the code cylinder away. She continues to monitor Ithiria, however, ensuring the Jedi is stable and well enough to be left only. While monitoring her patient, the Cathar also repacks her medical pack, ensuring everything is back in its proper place.

Hako’ib takes up a position behind one of the repair droid, looking or some precious cover while still having a clear view of the hanger door. He draws his pistol once again, gives it a minor “look over” to ensure it is still in good working order, and takes aim at the door… waiting for any sign of the door moving.

“Someone stand next to the door, out of sight, just in case…”

But is was too late!
Hako’ib’s instructions were interrupted by the sound of the hanger door opening. Even as the door opened, a stormtrooper rushed in, with (what Hako’ib could see) three more behind him.

Pzizzoo! Hako’ib fired off his blaster at the lead trooper. The bolt hits the man in the chest and sends him to the floor. One down, three to go…
[OOC: Okay… so… you’ve got stormtrooper trouble again!

Just so you know…
1) All the characters are fine, just doing mostly nothing the last 5 rounds.
2) There are three new threats. I’ll send an updated map shortly.
3) I’m looking for your updates by Sunday 8 PM EST.
4) 14 minutes left on the bomb timer.


Posted on 2009-11-05 at 20:35:26.

TRSG 2.0
Karma: 113/94
1606 Posts


Ara was in the control room sorting out the door and Karra and Ithiria were helping each other out, the code cylinder he had taken from the dead captain was in Karra's hands for now, hopefully it'll go some way to helping lock down the door. The datapad he had snatched was now in his utility belt, he'd have to check it for it's secrets later.

He'd just taken up position covering the hanger door and was suggesting someone else come and guard it when the stomies came through, his pistol was already aimed at the door and to be frank it took him a bit by surprise that would arrive so soon. In his shock he pulled the trigger managed to down the first trooper. One down, three to go.
He knew the droid he was sheltering behind wouldn't provide much protection for long so they would have to get rid of the other stormies before then. He shot at the trooper that still hadn’t entered the hanger preying his pistol wouldn't fail him, that it would find it's mark, but it didn't matter to much if he did miss this time, so long as he hit next time. His first though protect the others, and he'd do this by drawing their fire by forgoing his cover and darting forwards where Karra had battled the stormtrooper.

He pushed off hard against the ground making his dash for better cover, he could see the corpse of the dead stormie before he turned to face the droid he'd previously been hiding behind. Pistol held out he readied himself for the first trooper to come around the corner.

(OOC: OK, complicated round for me. Hako'ib is shooting ST#4 from behind the droid, he is then moving right by 1 and forwards by five. He is also reading an attack against the first stormtrooper to come into his line of sight.

I am also well aware that Karra only stunned her stormtrooper so he could come round in an hour or have come round a round ago, I think it's been 11 rounds since he was knocked out . In the case that he is conscious then my attack this round will be against him instead of the new stormtroopers because from my position behind the droid I should have been able to see him and if my attack doesn’t kill him then Hako’ib will stay behind the droid.)

Posted on 2009-11-07 at 11:31:28.

Dreamer of Bladesong
Karma: 142/12
2506 Posts

I'm very sorry...

Karra had lingered, too long, with Ithiria, to check for any possible reactions to the medicine she had given her. Thankfully, there were none, but inside there was something nagging at her. Only too late did she realize what it actually was.

She heard the shot from Haiko'ib's gun, and she clenched her teeth. He wasn't at 100%, and she hadn't even treated him yet. She turned, and saw him, too far away, too far to reach for a swift injection... but perhaps there was something else she could do instead. Her feline eyes swept across her surroundings, coming to a halt at the open door to the operations room.

Maybe there's something I can do in there... She thought, before running inside, heading to a computer terminal.

(OOC: If she's able to access the computer's controls, she'll try to lock any blast doors to the hangar, or just the entrance doors in general)

Posted on 2009-11-08 at 07:52:21.

Regular Visitor
Karma: 12/8
100 Posts


Hearing the new stormtroopers showing up, and Hak's Blaster, Ithiria brings up her lightsaber with a sigh, calming her mind instead of letting fustration control her, and moves off towards the stromtroopers to help out. her stomach still a little sore from the blaster bolt. her eyes watching her twi'lek companion, her mind thankful for his compassion as he happily wades into the troopers, fighting at her full skill

OOC: heading towards ST2, she will use her blade and any powers needed to deal with as many of these ones as she can.

Posted on 2009-11-08 at 17:04:52.
Edited on 2009-11-08 at 17:07:03 by Geraint

RDI Fixture
Karma: 122/12
2001 Posts

Mope than your fair share of shell heads...

As the doors to the hanger continued to slid open, Hako’ib wasted no time in finding his pulse-wave pistol another target.

The blast hit the last stormtrooper in the line, sending the shell head into the wall beside it. Hako’ib, however, was already on the move before the trooper hit the floor, cutting the distance between himself and the enemy. The remaining two Imperial soldiers let loose a hail storm of blaster bolts, but the Twi’lek scoundrel managed to evade them all.

As Hako’ib ducked in around the corner of the storage bay, Ithiria moved to join in on the action. Together, side by side they stood, the scoundrel giving the Jedi an idea of what they faced with the subtle movement of his tails -- Two of ‘em….

Sure enough, having lost their sight lines on Hako’ib, the two troopers came confidently around the corner. It was their last mistake…

With a whirlwind spin, Ithiria brought her lightsaber to bear across the first stormtrooper’s gut. The sword beam cut through the armor plating smoothly before severing many of the man’s vital organs.

The trooper behind the first had barely a moment take in what had just happened to his partner. Only a moment later than the Jedi, Hako’ib fired a bolt into the side of the man’s head, searing through the helmet and melting most of his face. The trooper fell to the ground, screaming and writhing in agony. The Twi’lek scoundrel wasted no time in ending the man’s pain, landing a second bolt into trooper’s chest.

While the battle raged on, Karra raced into control room, hoping to give the Arkanian a hand locking down the hanger doors. She came into to find the pale-skinned woman standing paralyzed in the middle of the room.

“Ara’ala!” the Cathar commanded, trying to grab the woman’s attention. As Ara’ala looked towards Karra, the medic noted that woman seemed overwhelmed and perhaps in shock.

“Ara’ala!” she called out to her companion. This time the woman seemed slightly more responsive. “Ithiria needs you out there! Don’t worry… I’ll figure out the door. Go!”

Ara’ala gave the medic a quick nod, and raced out the door and into the hanger. The mechanic was just in time to see the two Twi’leks take down two troopers almost simultaneously. “Nice work!” she shouted as she jumped on board the repulsor sled and fired it up. Looking back up the corridor, she called to her companions, “Looks like we got some more company! Three for sure.”

Both Twi’leks take a step closer to the wall and peer around corner. Sure enough, more troopers. Another squad by the looks of things, but there was another figure behind them… an officer of some sort.

Karra, alone in the control room, shielded somewhat from the noise of the hanger, surveyed the terminals. She could understand why her companion had been overwhelmed. The sheer number of terminals was enough to give up hope. Where are you, terminal?
Making a quick search of the space, the Cathar was able to locate the terminal controlling the hanger doors. Quickly, Karra’s fingers flew over the keyboard, accessing the main directory. It brought her to the following screen:

>>> ??

[OOC: Okay, so here’s the deal:

1. Hako’ib took out ST#4 and #3. Good shots!

2. Ithiria took out ST#2. Nice slice!

3. Karra found the terminal! Way to go! This actually was probably the most difficult thing to do this round.

4. Ara’ala… well, she’s started up the sled.

5. Six stormtroopers are in the corridor, along with another officer of some kind. They first row of three trooper are lined up in the corridor, along the edge of the map, which the next row of three actually just off the map, and the officer center and two rows off the map. Make sense?!? If left alone, they will be able to enter the hanger before the doors get shut (which takes 2 full rounds to complete)

6. Ara’ala, Karra, and especially Ithiria sense a dark presence near-by. For Ithiria, it seems to be coming from the incoming Imperial officer.

7. Maps will be sent out tomorrow.

Posted on 2009-11-10 at 05:25:25.


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