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GM for this game: Merideth
Players for this game: Steelight, Ion Kired, Tus Lased, Shield Wolf, Dakarta, speeddemon, Mahargave
This game is on hiatus.
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Game Update

(OOC: Sorry I'm a day late.)

Some of Sintan's wounds begin to close as the healing spell is cast on her (heals 5 hp damage) and her limp is somewhat lessened. She still looks a bit the worse for wear, but is no longer on the edge of unconsciousness. She licks Zeph's face in thanks and stays near to her friend.

A cursory look at the merchant reveals at least three stab wounds, though only one is his stomach seems to be bleeding badly. Seeing that no one else has moved to help the merchant Darkon kneels and pulls out bandages from a pouch and begins binding the wounds as best he can. (Healing check 17... lucky.) After a while the bleeding seems to stop and the merchant (with the assumed help of Darkon) manages to sit up, leaning back against one of the wheels of his cart.

"Thank you friends. Those little rascals would have been the end of me. I lost some goods, but they weren't at it long enough to destroy everything, I hope."

A loud voice that you don't recognize calls out from the trees behind you.

"Well done students. It seems you have improved immensely from what your previous weapons master told me." The suddenness of the words brings everyone's eyes to the trees, searching for its source. A momentary glance behind you shows both the merchant and his cart to be gone, as if they never existed. Yet your wounds, and those of Sintan, are as real and painful as ever. From off to the side a relatively tall humanoid figure seems to materialize out of the shadows and strides forward, staying just beyond the edge of the clearing.

"The time has come for introductions I believe. I am Szordrin Trith'Tarl. I am an exchange instructor from the Illurian Academy. For now that is all you need know." He walks into the clearing, squinting a bit in the light of the sun, even shielded as he is by the canopy of the trees. He is a dark-skinned elf with eyes of crimson and hair both white and silver. You see no obvious armor, only a fine leather jerkin and equally fine breeches. He also seems to carry no weapons beyond a few daggers that he has sheathed in a harness on his torso.

"I do have a few suggestions however. Zeph, I realize your kind are not known for your compassion, but then from what I have heard you are not a stereotypical member of your race. Is this true? For now you are the only source of healing your companions have. While it is honorable to protect and heal your wolf friend, you must realize that when you are in the wilds, you depend on the others just as much if not more so. You must leave your personal feelings back in the school where they are less likely to get you killed. I must admit though I did like the idea of summoning a second wolf as a distraction and a source of misdirection for the kobolds. Bravo on that account."

"Darkon, you're ability to wield two weapons is exceptional for one of your experience, though bear in mind that there are times when two weapons will be more of a hindrance than a help. And be careful not to rely solely on that skill, for at some point it will be minimized if not taken away all together."

"Kiirnon, your arrows flew true this time. But take care that you don't injure your own allies as you fire. You played your part in this well, but as with Darkon, you must realize that you will not be able to rely on your archery skills forever. And you also did not make very good use of your precision strikes. You must also work on your ability to remain hidden. While the kobolds took long enough to discover your position that they were otherwise engaged, if there had been another squad or a single person with even average perception they would have likely discovered your position in short order."

"The advice for the others I will leave until a later time. This test was not only to determine your combat abilities however. They were a test of your choices to do the right thing. I was curious if the goblin would attack given his defense of the imps previously, and he did so without hesitation, though he preserved the life of a combatant over that of an innocent. I was also wondering if the merchant would even be considered after the fight. I was glad to see at least one of you decided to check on his condition and do what he could, regardless of the fact that he was not the most qualified for the work. You have passed your first test here, so I am done with you for the day. I would recommend you return to your other studies. Professor O'Leary will send you to me once again when she believes you ready for your next lesson. Remember that we do have a tournament against a rival school coming up soon. The more you practice both individually and as a group the more likely we are to win the day. Class dismissed."

He stands for a moment as if waiting for his students to depart. (If no one approaches him he fades into the shadows without a sound, as if he had never existed in the first place.)

Posted on 2010-05-17 at 17:34:20.
Edited on 2010-05-18 at 14:55:59 by Steelight

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Well that was...Interesting to say the least

Darkon listens to their new combat instructor, thinking to himself as Szordrin Trith'Tarl talks. So it was a test, just like I thought it might be. And apparently there's going to be a competition between schools that should prove to be good sport. I only wonder what events we'll be going through. We're probably going to have mock battles, obstacle courses and maybe even mini-dungeons to explore, but I'm new here and don't really know that much about what will be going on. Perhaps Zeph will know, I’ll ask him about it.

In any case we're probably going to want to practice a lot to reach the level the other teams are on especially since our teamwork was a little fragmented since that incident with the imps. On the bright side though we have a strong team here, if a little on the small side and beating this test is making us just a bit stronger and placing us a bit closer towards our goal of being a more cohesive team. I'll suggest that we set up practice matches in the field of death to work on our teamwork and plans against different enemies.

After seeing the teacher just fades away Darkon sheathes his blades and begins walking up the hill. As he walks up the hill he thinks about what Szordrin Trith'Tarl said about him and his skill with blades. Darkons blades had always gotten him out of jams before why shouldn't they now? In any case I have plenty of Ranger training and other skills to help me if my blades do fail me he thinks to himself. After reaching the place where Zeph and Sintan are resting he calls out to Kiirnon "Hey Kiirnon could you come over here I thought about what the combat instructor said and there’s a couple of ideas I want to talk about". Once Kiirnon comes over darkon begins to talk to the group "The first thing I want to talk about is this competition between schools. Kiirnon and I are new here so I was hoping that you could tell us about the competition and what challenges are going to be involved. I think I have a general idea, but I want to get more specific knowledge from you so we can get a better idea of what to train for" I say talking to Zeph.

"But before we start talking about that there is two other things I'd like to address first" Darkon says now speaking to Zeph, Kiirnon, and Sintan. "Congratulations are in order. We did a good job and really pulled together to defeat the large group of kobolds there. And we showed them how we cleanup Academy style. Great job striking from the shadows Kiirnon, you really struck fear into the hearts of those kobolds with your unerringly accurate arrows". Darkon says to Kiirnon directly, before turning to Sintan "You did great holding off the kobolds, even when they ganged up to try to finish you off, and held them off to the very end". (I'll then hold out my hand for Sintan and if she accepts I'll scratch her head. I assume she will because of my Rangerness, but if not I'll retract my hand). After talking to Sintan I turn my attention toward Zeph "Well I know you said that you aren’t a great caster, but after seeing how you preformed today then only (insert name of well known Archmage here) is an alright caster ( insert laughter here )". After stopping from laughing "But in all seriousness that was some inspired casting you did there. Just remember that using magic is like any weapon, the weapon isn’t what matters in a fight, but how you use it is. And you showed here that you know how to use your magic pretty well". After finishing talking to Zeph, Dakon turn to face the whole group again. "Normally here is where I might say went wrong, or what could be improved, but I think that Szordrin Trith'Tarl ,man that name is a mouthful, basically told us everything we need to know and I don't need to rehash it."

"This brings us on to our last piece of business. I think we should try to arrange time to practice in the Field of Death to prepare for what we might face in the exam. Also we should try finding out what it can and can't create, because we might need to do some tricky thinking to prepare for some of the things we'll face in the competition. Two other practices I was thinking on were co-ordinated maneuvers and practice simulation tests. The co-ordinated maneuvers practices might take place in and out of the field, in which we create ideas and tactics to help us against tricky opponents and obstacles. It would help us create good practice for the tournament, our lessons, and most of all improve our teamwork even more. The practice simulation tests would be us giving each other made up scenarios where we have to mentally come up with ways out and around on the fly. This would help our quick thinking and help us with a lot of what we might face in the tournament". Pausing to take in a breath after all that, Darkon stops for a moment.

"Those are just some ideas I came up with, please give your input on them guys, they're not fixed plans or anything. That’s all I have to say on this topic for now, so let's head back to the school and talk about it on the way. Zeph you can tell us more on anything you know of the competition, and if you have anything to add, Kiirnon, we'd be glad to hear it." Looking towards the school now, Darkon starts walking towards it. "If we're in time hopefully we'll get some yummy gruel" Darkon says sarcastically making a sour face. Then begins heading toward the school at a normal walking pace (assuming the others are following, If not I hang back and hear what they have to say).

Posted on 2010-05-20 at 06:38:06.
Edited on 2010-05-20 at 06:46:42 by speeddemon

Ion Kired
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Another catch up novel from the master.

Ion left his dorm looking as rested as any of his fellows which admittedly wasn’t all that rested. He showered , brushed his teeth and combed his hair. He didn’t eat breakfast. For some reason after the age of twelve Ion’s stomach hadn’t handled breakfast well. Especially when it was gruel. He’d come to a conclusion about his role in any party that might take form at the school over the course of the night. He would work best in the same position he used in adventuring parties. Backline support. Unless the battle really needed him to be more front line. However if the challenges continued anything like yesterday’s Ion knew he would have to study his magic better. It was one thing passing himself off as a first level mage, but an entirely different prospect facing those odds as another mage. It was a role Ion knew well and had some in field practice with. It also fit in with most parties whether they have progressive teamwork or not. With the right thought put into it a party mage was also flexible enough to change the flow of the battle. One person may not have been able to stand against four bugbears but maybe two or three working together could form a better line of defense. Besides we seem to have two melee fighters already assuming we remain in the same party so back line crowd control is needed more. Ion sat in his seat ready to listen to Alacrity’s lecture on magical items rerunning the previous evening’s combat in his head. Professor Tann was right it had been a disaster. Ion barely knew the name of his compatriots let alone if the could handle themselves on a battlefield. His and Steel’s actions might have been the right ones in a third year party but both were elected as first year mentors. A failed exercise indeed. It was toward the end of the class when the sound of imp voices crying for Harmonized socks made its way into the classroom.

“Looks like we have another Imp revolt.” Alacrity said with amusement. “Go see if you can help resolve the situation.” The class rose and headed out in an orderly single file line. Ah the order of third year students.
"Ion, you know about the systems here right? Good" Ion hears his name called from O’Leary’s first year classroom.

“I well…” Ion trailed. How’d he know I was nearby? Ion didn’t have time to ponder the situation as Steelight came flying down the hall toward the revolt. “A little anxious yes?” Ion murmurs to himself as he hurries to catch up remembering the choas Steelight happily caused at the last revolt. Those imps cost quite a bit but he doesn’t seem to notice that. Especially when they're hurt and whining about it. Ion was perfectly prepared to fight after all Steelight was his compatriot and if one couldn't stand by their compatriot in fight, right or wrong, then how could they be counted on in an actual emergency. Doesn’t change the fact that damaging them doesn’t fix the machines any faster. Steelight reached the Armoury with a speed and ease Ion was usually jealous of. In fact Ion may have been jealous at this moment except he was preoccupied with dodging the giant dodecahedron coming his way. Must have rolled a 2 on my reflex save, that or the die rolled a 15. Ion thought as the die mushed his arm. Ooh make that a 20 and a call to the nurse He started to get back up when Steelight attacked the goblin See barely know their names I can’t remember this one’s. He watched with a little bemusement as the first years rose to the challenge against Steelight. Well they’ve got companionship and loyalty I’ll give them that. Ion started as the fight began to exhilarate. Not good back to that permanent residency on one of the outer planes coming up. He was fully on his feet by the time Professor O’Leary stepped in. Oooh Kitchen duty and ran over by a giant D20. Not my day
Ion commenced Kitchen Duty painfully since his arm was still sore. He wasn’t happy about the news, which like this kind of news traveled as if it came through the walls, about Steelight leaving. Throughout his first two years Steelight had been a strong companion that had helped him out of many challenges, even if sometimes he had exasperated the challenge with his fierce temper. It was a dangerous temper to be sure and it had caused Steelight a lot of grief over those two years. Caused me a little grief too, but it’s been fun. While remaining silent and sulking over how crappy this day was shaping up to, I need an ice cream Ion also listened to the first years arguing over leadership. The Elf has a point, and the goblin isn’t listening. However the Elf is wrong about what qualifies him as leader or in this case doesn’t. Truth is none of them are really leadership material so far, and I can’t even nominate myself. I did my stint as party leader last year. Someone else’s turn. Ion turned back to the floor he was scrubbing. We’ll see what tomorrow brings.
After a few hours of scrubbing pots and listening to the first years argue about who should lead and who shouldn’t and why Ion needed a drink. He slipped off campus rather easily. Almost too easily as if he wasn’t supposed to be on campus. He made his way to the Red Dragon Inn where he drank a glass or three for Steelight and himself and because Pit F( r)iend was drinking one. It wasn’t until he made it back to his room that he noticed the slip of paper tucked away in his jacket.

Dearest Ion, (the note read)
I’m concerned with the new students this year, and in truth your own performance. But we shall discuss your performance another time. Indeed I worry that they are too head strong and will not listen to themselves or reflect on they’re own performance. This as you know leads to death. I do not want you participating in tomorrow’s mission. Instead you will trail the party and take notes to be delivered after the mission.

Thank you,
The signature wasn’t something that Ion recognized. A new professor? I wonder
Ion sat back on his FUF. He closed his eyes as his memory sought out the last time Professor O’Leary had worried about his performance. It had been his first year and the mission had been led by an elf because the elf could track in the forest. The mission had resulted in the death of a classmate and the expulsion of the leader. Ion had learned that leading was not a trivial position that one was elected to or took. It was a position bestowed by peers. Earned by strong decisions and understanding. It wasn’t about if they could do something but instead about whether could see everything. The Elf would be in the party and so could use his skills in the parties favor. The same went for any of them. If only one of them would stand and show some intelligence and wisdom as well as making the correct calls. It was less a matter of telling people what to do but instead telling people what to be careful of. So Hotshot why don’t you tell the party that in your notes tomorrow? With that thought Ion lost the battle to drunken sleep.

The next morning Ion awoke just before the sun. (An amazing feat considering he only had two hours of sleep.) He snuck into the woods climbing into a hiding spot where he could observe the meeting and actions of his peers.

"Hey, that's mine!" (a series of yips and barks) "What are you doing with...!" (more yips) "Hey! Don't do....!" "HELP!!!"
It seems the games afoot Ion thinks as he watches the group begin to move. And it seems the elf refuses to give up that coveted leadership position.
Ion crept silently with practiced dancer’s steps behind he party taking care to remain five feet back so as not to be noticed taking notes. Waste of a mage hand spell. Glad to see over all the party accepted the leadership. Ion snuck around the party carefully climbing into a tree so he could better observe the inevitable conflict. Kobolds. Interesting, it’s unlikely the majority of these newbies know his race, but then again I only know them because of an entry in the monster manual.
As the battle erupted Ion was pleased to note that the party had retained the element of surprise, though he wasn’t so pleased to note that the same element seemed to influence a third of the party. Still not meshed. No surprise there. Nice use of the Summon Nature’s ally and nice use of the kill shot on the distracted kobold. Seems the party may well win this challenge. They’re moving more as a team. I guess that infighting did them some good. This fight went off well with each fighting to their strengths. No real leader and the teamwork seemed more a good use of opportunities but a good start none the less. Ion climbed down from his tree preparing to expose himself when the new combat instructor appears and introduces himself. Ion hangs back and listens to the instructor’s words nodding at points he also considered. As the instructor fades Ion enters the clearing.

“Well done guys.” Ion begins. “That was refreshing to watch. It seems this party isn’t out yet, however we do have some problems still. For one the question of leader and coordination. I listened to your petty arguments yesterday in the Kitchen and none of you really considered what makes a leader and what makes a party. Darkon if you’re not leader does the group lose your skill in tracking or your knowledge of the woods? Kiirnin if an archer is calling orders is he not giving away his position? If a mage is calling orders is he not wasting breathe hat would be better utilized in spells? Zeph as you and your wolf are a team why are you unharmed and she near death? Has she ever concocted a plan that you’ve followed over your own? A leader my friends is not about skills or strategies. A leader is about caring and responsibility. Which of you will order me on a suicide mission and carry the guilt of my death with you forever. Trust me when I tell you the ‘it was necessary’ is a sad excuse when told to ‘he was my friend.’ That is a part of being a leader. I’ll be honest Zeph came up with the better plan and led this battle. But do you know where Zeph failed to be the leader? He didn’t communicate his plan. He caught a third of the party off- guard. Darkon was leading when you set off but he dropped the ball when he were observing the situation. Whoever becomes leader of this group, and believe me someone will or the group will only win by luck, needs to understand that leading is not a job, it’s not a mantle, it’s not something you can be for one adventure to the next and then give it up and it’s not authority. It’s responsibility. The best leader outlines problems and gives potential solutions. The best party listens and nit picks the solutions until one that is satisfactory to all comes forth. Without the solutions and without listening we’re as much a hazard to ourselves as we are to our foes. There are no All-Stars in this team. We must move unified.” Ion stared at each person as he says this. Goddess knows that if they can’t get around they’re own superiority complex then one of them will end up like Ophilia. “Little nick picks though. Levanna using mage hand to move brush out of the lead guys way is at best a waste of mage hand but at worst revealing your position and his too soon. Nice use of the summons though I must admit Zeph’s usage was better. If he had communicated the plan then a simultaneous summon would have been far more effective. Nice covering of your teammates Kiirin. Despite what the instructor said without at least another minute or two and possibly better knowledge of the terrain chances of remaining hidden are few to none in a combat situation where you’re outnumbered. That means you should remain close to the party so you can’t be caught alone of course. Be mindful of your spell casting time Levanna in that fight the summon saved the merchant but perhaps a ray or orb would have yielded faster results.. Darkon you were late to the jamboree, enter the fight a little faster next time. That’s all my notes. Congrats on you’re first success. And coordinated practices are a great idea Darkon.”

Posted on 2010-05-21 at 08:27:14.
Edited on 2010-05-22 at 16:39:13 by Ion Kired

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Thanks for raining on our victory parade Ion

Darkon listens as Ion comes out of the forest and talks to them about the challenge and what happened.

Some of what he's saying is an accurate assessment of what happened. Other things he's saying don't make sense, and some are just rude and mean. Looks like the leader ship issue is still coming up and boy is it ever starting to grind on my nerves Darkon thinks to himself. Could we just pick one idea about the issue, decide, and be over with it. Seems like it's never going to happen though.

As Ion finishes Darkon yells to him "stop right there. I think you may have gotten quite a few things mixed up while watching us, and a lot of what you said just doesn't make any sense. You say that the group loses my tracking and woodland knowledge if I’m not the leader and that isn’t true. If I’m not the leader I will still offer my tracking and woodland knowledge. The only time Kiirnon needs to worry about giving away his position is in an environment like this one with thick foliage to hide in. In any other situation Kiirnon can lead because anyone will know Kiirnon's position just by which way the arrows are flying from, so giving orders doesn't affect anything really. And what you accused Zeph of is ridiculous. He protected Sintan as best he could with spells, and by charging into the fight when things got hairy, and then healed her immediately after the battle. The kobolds ganged up on Sintan which is why she got injured so much. It was not Zeph's fault, so you should take back what you said right now."

Darkon pauses for a moment to catch a breath and begins again. "You say leadership is a mantle, not a job, that it's a responsibility not a privilege, but you don't stop to ever consider that any of us would know this. I DO know what being a leader entails, and I would hazard a guess that Zeph and Kiirnon, and Sintan as well, know what being a leader is about. I know that their is no all-stars on this team, that we need to work together, but seriously, dude, give us a little time. We've already made great leaps and bounds with our teamwork after just one session. But it seems like you expect us to be the number 1 super team that practically knows each other's thoughts. We might not be their yet, however in time we will get their so you should probably put your expectations down to a more reasonable level for our first mission. And we didn't need to remain hidden for a minute or two more, our surprise attack combined with our attacks after that would have had them dead in a few more seconds.
By the time they would have been able to find all of us and try to attack us we would either equal or outnumber them."

Darkon ends his counter points and says to Ion "look I know you think your helping us, but you really aren’t could you please leave us for now so we can go to the school in peace?"

Posted on 2010-05-23 at 18:16:33.

Ion Kired
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Listen next time yeah?

Ion listened to Darkon’s rebuttal with a smirk. Obviously redundant questions are lost on him. As are notes.
“Exactly.” Ion says as Darkon proves his point on whether the team loses his skills. “The team doesn’t lose your skills, so why are they important in placing you as leader or not? They aren’t. As to Zeph’s partnership. He didn’t work to prevent the ganging up on Sintan nor did he work to prevent the damage. She was hurt before Zeph was even out of the bushes. I’m not saying that’s Zeph’s fault entirely but a team or partnership moves as one.” Ion leaned against the tree.
“They’re just notes." Ion sighed. "If taken serious they can help, if pushed to the side they can’t. How do you plan on becoming the ‘super number one team” Ion’s fingers made little quote signs in the air. “If you make excuses as to why you aren’t. I’m not saying you can’t or don’t know how to be a leader or that you can’t or don’t know how to work as an excellent team. I’m saying that while yes you’ve made leaps and bounds of progress you’re not doing it yet. None of you in the argument brought up my points on leadership, yet all of you brought up points as to why one or all of you are unqualified." Ion looked at each first year. "Most made with prejudiced prejudgments."
"Truth is there’s always reasons why we’re unqualified or aren’t the best but they don’t matter. What matters is the reason we are qualified. And no I can’t leave you alone. I’m now assigned to your ‘team’ as the third year advisor, especially since I’m the only one now that Steelight is gone. I will be a part of the drills now, and no not as leader just as adviser and fellow combatant. My strengths currently are a little, mostly, non combat magic and my double blade here. I hope to learn a little more combat magic so I can be of more use."
Ion looked at Darkon and shrugged off the tree. "Again their notes take them or leave them, and if you leave them don’t tell me where to shove them, and if you take them just show me them in use.” Ion turned in the direction of town. “And I didn’t say remain hidden longer I said if Kiirin is shooting arrows at some point if they’re still alive someone will notice him and its his problem alone if he is alone; but if he is near you guys you can help him sooner. In fact the attack may have gone smoother, not saying it didn’t go well you did win didn’t you? But it may have gone smoother if Zeph had told you guys the plan and you had moved when Zeph did. A summoned wolf with celestial badger back up would have killed twice as many and spooked twice as fast. Now if you’re willing to come to the Red Dragon Inn instead of going back to the school I’ll buy dinner.”

Posted on 2010-05-23 at 19:24:07.
Edited on 2010-05-23 at 19:44:25 by Ion Kired

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here we go again

Kiirnon was about to exit the woods and see if he could assist with the merchant when the new instructor "arrived".

So he stopped and listened to the critique. He was used to some pretty harsh criticisms from his mentor. So this went over quite well with him. He listened to everything and tried to interpret it in his own way. Before he could ask questions the instructor was gone.

Then the guy with the tap shoes showed up. He had some notes and criticism as well. Most of it well founded with a few points that were kind of out there. Then the argument started. Kiirnon didn't like arguing. Most of the time it was pointless and it was much easier to end an argument with a sharp blade to someone's lung. Of course that wasn't permitted here at the school. Wanting to end the argument quickly Kiirnon spoke up.

"Hey, I'm not saying this was perfect, but I think we did fairly well. I can't say anything about an improvement over the first training session since I wasn't here."

Kiirnon turned toward Darkon "I don't think that our senior here meant to cause discontent. He was just trying to say we would still have your skills if you were the leader or not."

Kiirnon stopped a moment to lower his hood and remove his scarf. He then turned toward Ion. "Forgive me if I mis-step my bounds, but what you said to Zeph was a bit rude. None of us know his relationship with Sintan, and how they fight together. Perhaps their tactics could be better, but let us get to know them better before we provide criticism."

Kiirnon realized at some point he had taken out one of his knives and was twirling it around his fingers. He quickly sheathed it and continued on. "As for me, I am surprised at my bow skills today. I am much better with knives and swords. I usually only use my bow for hunting food or for assistance in accessing inaccessible areas. I was prepared to bring my blades to bear against the two creatures coming in my direction. However, it looked like they were still trying to pinpoint me and I had moved further along the tree line away from them."

Kiirnon looked around wondering where the instructor had disappeared to or if he was ever really there to begin with.

"As for leadership. I can't say which of us would be better suited for the role. Perhaps we should alternate for now until we feel comfortable. However I personally have no experience. I usually work alone, and when I did have a partner it was my mentor teaching me skills I would need." He turned around looking toward the goblin and wolf pair. "As for Zeph, it seems he and Sintan are loners as well. As for their leadership experience, I would care to guess not much. I may be wrong though." He turned toward the elf. "Darkon, as for you I have no clue to your experience or intentions."

"The bottom line is we need experience and training. None of us are used to this. It would help us to have someone in charge for a bit that we could observe and learn from. Good leadership requires mentorship. It would be better for our morale and comraderie. It would also help us to learn each others strengths and weaknesses, and show us how we can mesh together to form a better tam and who would be best suited as our leader."

(OOC: I'm going to post this next bit as I see fit to continue, but if anyone disagrees let me know. my reasoning is in the Q&A)
Kiirnon thought about Ion's invitation to dinner and it struck him as a bit odd. "Not to be rude but dinner is still a long way off and I know I have some classes to attend between now and then. I'd rather not get on Professor O'leary's bad side. If the invitation still stands though, I will meet you at the Red Dragon this evening."

With that Kiirnon pulled his hood back up and started slowly heading back toward the school.

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A REAL Challenge

Red Dragon Inn
Day 3 - Week 1

The Red Dragon Inn was a boisterous place any night of the week, and tonight was no exception. Beyond your small group were several other groups of people enjoying the evening out. Huddled around the large fireplace were several older looking adventurers laughing over ale and old stories. The table next to you was occupied by some younger patrons, strangely dressed in brightly colored costumes some looking almost like animals that were intent on a drinking contest. Another group played a complex dice game on a space on the floor they had pushed all the tables and chairs off of. Two barmaids bustled around the place keeping the drink flowing and the food coming, and the bartender got his socks drenched as he poured one drink after another. The only patron that was familiar to you sat alone in the corner.

The director had an entire table to herself and leaned back in her chair so her head rested against the wall, creating a halo around her head with her bright red hair. One foot rested on the ground while the other, in a rather unladylike fashion was propped up on the seat of the chair next to her. Dangling between her legs her hand held a dark bottle, nearly half empty. Her eyes opened only to take a drag of the bottle. No one had yet approached her yet; she did not seem to be in the mood for company tonight.

Things at your table began a little tense and quiet, but there is something to be said for decent food (excellent food if one has been surviving on gruel for a few days), and a proper amount of ale to ease the mood. Comfortable conversation, and perhaps even a laugh or two now drifted over the remains of the meal as you relaxed with another round of drinks.

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Delayed Rebuttals Over a Hot Meal.

Zeph Blighthunter
Red Dragon Inn Dining Area
Day 3 - Week 1

Zeph had held his tongue that afternoon, both when the new instructor and the dancer had commented on the test they had just finished. Not that he would've gotten a word in as it were with the fevered banterings of the Elf-kin. Instead he chose to make mental notes of what was said, and walked back toward the school with Sintan, taking it slowly to be certain she was going to be okay. As he lagged behind the main group he thought he overheard an invite to dinner, and decided that sounded like a great idea, Sintan would surely appreciate some fresher meat than the dried rations she had had to endure since their stay at the School.

He took the remainder of the day to clean the blood from Sintan's fur and got himself prepared for the night ahead of them. He would swallow his foolish pride and even eat with his fellow students for once rather than off to the side alone. He arrived at the Inn that evening, hood drawn up to cover his face more out of habit than necessity now, and found a spot at the same table as Ion, motioning for Sintan to lie on the floor out of the way so she wouldn't get her tail stepped on.

For a moment he just looked across the table at Ion, running over all the comments made after the test, both by the instructor and by Ion himself. He then swallowed back the lump in his throat, pulled back his hood and addressed Ion finally, "I have thought long and hard about the comments that were made regarding my performance today, and I have a couple points I would like to make. First and foremost, while Sin may be a loyal companion to me she is very much a wild animal and as such does as any wild animal would do. She assessed a threat in that clearing and acted, not on my command, and not as I would've ideally planned it. On that note I have been working with her, trying to teach her that we are better when we move as one."

(Assuming the others have begun to arrive as I am speaking)
Looking to the other students he adds, with the slightest hint of respect in his voice, "I would like to commend my fellow students for jumping to my defense when it was pointed out that I was unharmed while Sin was so badly hurt. You have my thanks."

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A new face

Szordrin Trith'Tarl
Red Dragon Inn Dining Area
Day 3 - Week 1

People of all sorts frequented the Inn. But when the door opened and the new combat instructor walked in, everything stopped for a moment. It wasn't because of his skin, or race that drew the attention of everyone, but his clothing. He was clad in fine silks, more befitting of a noble than a teacher. He smiled knowingly as he gained everyone's attention.

"What? Do I have a smudge on my nose?" he reached up comically and pretended to rub his nose. "I knew it. The black is wearing off..." Scattered laughter broke out and everyone seemed to go back to their drinks and food. After taking a moment to take in the current patrons he noticed his new students at a table off to the side. He nods to them in greeting before moving through the dining area, somehow managing to keep from getting any smudges or spills on his fine clothing. He gracefully weaves his way up to the table of his students.

""This may be a bit unorthodox, my being your instructor and all, but I am even newer to the area than yourselves, and I know so few people here as of yet. Would you mind if I joined you for a few moments’ young ones?"

(assuming they invite him to join...) Sits silently and waves one of the barmaids over, ordering the most expensive wine the Inn has to offer (which is impressive as it goes for aover a score of gold pieces a glass).

"So how are we all this evening?"

(This is assuming everyone has pretty much arrived already. I just didn't want to forget to post, so consider this after everyone else has arrived please).

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To the Inn

Red Dragon Inn Dining Area
Day 3-Week 1

Darkon heads back to the school to clean up and ponder on what was said in the clearing. After trancing for a bit he remembers about Ion’s invitation to the Inn. He heads out there quickly.

As soon as he opens the doors to the Inn, he sees a myriad of sights form what appears to be a crazy drinking game, to adventurers talking about past tales, to a weird dice game played on the floor. The sight that catches his eye the most though is that of Miss O’Leary all alone at a table. Yikes Darkon thinks to himself I didn’t know that Miss O’Leary would be at the Inn. Guess even she can’t enjoy gruel every day. Better try to avoid her while she’s like that.

After he turns away from the sight of Miss O’Leary, he sees Ion and Zeph already at a table. He walks toward them and when he gets there he hears Zeph say to him "I would like to commend my fellow students for jumping to my defence when it was pointed out that I was unharmed while Sin was so badly hurt. You have my thanks." Darkon says to him “It’s not that big a deal, we just did what anyone would do to help a teammate.”

Darkon clears his throat as he turns to face Ion and takes his seat at the table. Darkon says to him “I’d like to apologize for snapping a bit when you criticized us. I don’t exactly take criticism the best, and I felt you were being too harsh with us after our first victory. I understand what you told us and I did hear what you said and will try hard to learn from it.”

After saying that to Ion he turns around to see the combat instructor Szordrin Trith’Tarl enter the Inn wearing fine clothes. Everyone at the Inn seems to be staring at him, until he makes a joke and they return to their food and drinks after a few guffaws. He then gracefully strides over to our table and says "This may be a bit unorthodox, my being your instructor and all, but I am even newer to the area than yourselves, and I know so few people here as of yet. Would you mind if I joined you for a few moments’ young ones?"

Darkon lifts his glass and says “I don’t mind” (Darkon then waits a second or two for the others to respond and assuming they all say yes as well) Darkon says “grab a seat.” After seeing the combat instructor order the most expensive wine, Darkon’s curiosity overcomes him and he asks Szordrin “If you don’t mind me asking, how and why did you become the combat instructor. It’s a little unorthodox, but tonight does seem to be the night for it, and I must admit I’m a little curious about the fine clothes and money your showing and how it relates to you being a teacher so I want to get a better picture of who you are, if you don’t mind that is.” Darkon says waiting for Szordrin’s reply.

(For when Darkata posts what Kiirnon does I’ll edit this post accordingly)

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Szordrin Trith'Tarl
Red Dragon Inn Dining Area
Day 3 - Week 1

As the barmaid delivers his wine the weapons master gives her a sly wink. You notice that he tends to be alert to everything, even as he relaxed just a bit in his seat. Gradually he reaches forward and takes a slow sip of his wine, savoring the flavor as only a connisuer of such fine things could.

After he finally swallows, a smile grows on his face.

"This is fine indeed." He says quietly. After a moment he realizes he is being spoken to by one of his students.

"If you don’t mind me asking, how and why did you become the combat instructor. It’s a little unorthodox, but tonight does seem to be the night for it, and I must admit I’m a little curious about the fine clothes and money your showing and how it relates to you being a teacher so I want to get a better picture of who you are, if you don’t mind that is.”

He pauses a moment, considering his reply. "You'll have to forgive me... Darkon is it? I'm used to being addressed as Master, Lord or one of my other titles. I do tend to keep my business and my past to myself, but just this once I will humor you a bit." His tone is more playful than condescending, though it is obvious from his manner that he comes from a status much higher than any of you.

"I am a part of an exchange program with the Illurian Academy. There I taught general combat and tactics to the students that ranged from peasants to nobles. The previous combat instructor has headed off to my homeland to study our training techniques. We are, after all, one of the most elite schools in the world. Until his return I am filling in. As to my tastes and my manner of dress, I am a noble of the Illurian Empire. Though I have a tendency to enjoy the company of commoners more than most nobility, I still enjoy playing the part." He pauses to enjoy another sip of his wine. "This wine really is quite exquisite. Perhaps if you all continue to improve I might even treat you each to a glass."

"As to why I became A Master of the Academy, well, the other Masters at the time asked me. It's really that simple. I was the honor graduate of both schools I attended and I had other... experience that they desired, so I was a prime candidate for the position. And that is all of my past you will hear for the moment." He says with a smile. "After all, there must remain some mystery about me or I lose my allure."

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always late for something

Kiirnon Talren
Red Dragon Inn Dining Area
Week 1 - Day 3 Evening

Kiirnon had left the small group and headed back toward the school. He sat throught the rest of his class that day lost in his thoughts. He was distracted and at the end of the day he was tired. He returned to his room and flopped down on his bed. As he closed his eyes all he wanted was to sleep. He knew he would have to go to the dinner at the Inn though. If he was to accomplish his goal, he couldn't be a hermit.

Kiirnon got cleaned up and went to his closet. He found his nicer clothes he had hung up and decided to wear them. They weren't fancy but they weren't quite shabby either. His boots were mid calf black leather and well polished. A nice pair of soft, grey breetches. A soft, grey shirt that flared slightly at the wrists. A fairly nice vest just a slightly darker ebon than his boots, and embroidered with silver thread. The thread work was his mothers and was quite good. He wished he still had his hat. It would have went well with this outfit, but his family insisted he leave it at home. He strapped a wrist sheath on each arm. Each held two small throwing daggers. He tucked a dirk into his left boot, and then tied his hair back in a half ponytail. A few of the white hairs hung down over his eye, but it seemed to be a nice effect. He left his room and headed toward the Red Dragon.

When he arrived it was just as lively as the last time he had been here. However this time he was fully exposed. No hood, no scarf, and no gloves. He felt a bit self concious and nervous. No one seemed to notice him much. He scanned the large open room looking for his classmates. At first it was hard to tell much of anything. Then his senses kicked in and started picking out hte details. The dice game, the card games, someone playing darts, the smells from the kitchen. The more inviting smell of the bar. He finally caught sight of his classmates and started making his way toward their table.

As he was approaching, he noticed that their combat instructor was seated at the table with them. They seemed to be in a conversation and he didn't want to interrupt, besides the bar was calling him. He ambled his way to the bar. He was hoping for a good Dwarven Ale, but knew he didn't have enough so he settled for a whiskey sour. While he was there he ordered some food and asked for it to be delivered to the table.

He had to take a circuitous route back in the direction of his classmates and as he was doing so, he spotted a lone figure at a table in the corner. It was Professor O'leary and she looked as though she may have been there a while. Her posture reminded him of James Beaming, a local drunk back home. Ole James didn't hold a candle to the Professor though. Even in her current state Kiirnon thought she looked radiant. Despite the fact that she didn't look like she wanted to be bothered, as he passed by the table he raised his glass in a mock toast. "Evening Professor"

Kiirnon wasn't quite sure if she had even heard him and he kept walking. He finally made it to the table with his classmates. It seems a chair was left open. "Sorry I'm a bit late, may I still join you?"

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Looks like the gang's all here

Red Wyrm Inn Dining Area
Day 3-Week 1

Darkon listens to the Szordrin talk about the Illurian academy and his past. After he finishes Darkon says "Thank you for humoring me and saiting my curiosity" in a jovial and apreciative tone to the new combat instructor. "I look forward to the day that we're goood enought share a glass with you" Darkon says, then turns as he sees Kiirnon walking towards them and stop by Miss O'Leary's table to raise his glass in toast towards her.

(OOC: My italics does not seem to be working whenever I try to post anything so for now just know that all the words in between the asteriks are my characters thoughts)
*Wow* Darkon thinks as he watches Kiirnon get closer *he's braver than I thought to even go NEAR the proffesser when she's like that* Darkon takes a moment topush his thoughts to the side as Kiirnon nears the table.

Kiirnon says to the group "Sorry I'm a bit late, may I still join you?" Darkon immedeatly says to him "it's no problem, I nearly lost track of time myself. Join us and be merry for a while." Darkon then points to the seat thinking to himself *coming to the Inn was a great idea, it's got a great atmosphere. I should make a note to come here in the future*.

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Who is this?

The slightest raising of her glass was the only response the Director gave to being hailed by one of her students, before we went back to nursing her bottle and whatever woes were directing her to it.

At the table everyone seemed to be getting along much better than they had been on the battlefield, which at least was not adding to the Director's problems.

However, what was approaching the table might prove to change all of that.

No one saw where the little girl came from, it was not until she tugged at Kiiron's sleeve that anyone noticed her at all. She is a small human child, perhaps three or four years old. She is dressed well, in a light blue dress and little shiny black shoes. Her dark curly hair has been pulled into pigtails with blue bows.

As she looks up at Kiiron he feels a slight wash of vertigo wash over him. Something about those bright blue eyes, the slightly pink flushed cheeks and rosebud of a mouth is simply not right. It is difficult to put his finger on, but it does not sit well on his stomach.

This does not stop her from making a pitiful utterance up towards him, "Mommy?"

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Wait do i look that feminine?

Kiirnon was enjoying the company of his classmates and their instructor. It was nice to not have to sit in the corner and hide from the rest of the crowd. He was laughing and enjoying the stories being told. Something caught his attention. Something strange. His sleeve shouldn't have been caught on anything, but he felt some resistance. He turned his head to look what the matter was. There tugging on his sleeve was a little girl. now this is very odd
The girl was well dressed and had pigtails. She was cute but something about her seemed a bit off. Foremost, what was a small child doing in a tavern this late at night. When the little girl looked at Kiirnon he felt like his stomach drop. It reminded him of that time a runaway cart had gone over Muldeq ravine, with him still in it. As he recovered from the initial sensation, he heard he utter one single word "Mommy?"

If the strange feeling he felt wasn't enough now Kiirnon was a bit shocked as well. At this point it had seemed the attention of the table had turned to him and this little girl. He had no idea what to do. surely she can't think I am her mother.
His stomach and head still felt a bit off, but he worked through the sensation. He had to figure this situation out. Kiirnon slid back his chair and got out of it kneeling down beside the little girl. She still held onto his sleeve. "I'm sorry dear, but I'm afraid I'm not your mother. I can help you find her if you want. What is your name?"

Turning his head towards the table and his fellow classmates, "We may need a bit of help here."

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