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Parent thread: Voyages of the Rocinante - Firefly RPG QnA
Related thread: Serenity RPG - Looking for a Mechanic
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The Tired
RDI Staff
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6338 Posts

Characters in Voyages of the Rocinante

Name: Wyatt Sung
Position: Captain

Agility: d10
Strength: d6
Vitality: d8
Alertness: d8
Intelligence: d6
Willpower: d8

Skills Athletics d6
Dodge d10
Covert d6
Discipline d6
Guns d6
Pistols d12
Shotguns d8
Influence d6
Barter d8
Leadership d10
Mechanical Engineering d4
Melee Weapon Combat d6
Perception d6
Intuition d8
Pilot d6
Pilot Caravel, Outrigger d8
Unarmed Combat d6

Assets (* Denotes might not be known to all): Fightin, Type - Always ready for a fight, Wyatt is a man who can duke it out
Steady Calm - not much fazes the captain, he's seen it all
Heavy Tolerance - Wyatt can drink a lot of whiskey without noticing the effects
Leadership - Wyatt inspires others
Friends in Low Places - Wyatt has many a friend in the underworlds of the Verse

Complications: Credo - Wyatt has a personal sense of honour that effects his good judgment sometimes
Straight Shooter - he is a basically honest person, not cottoning to lying
Superstitious - There be signs of bad luck everywhere in the verse
Loyal - Wyatt is extremely loyal to his crew and Rocinante
*Hooked - Wyatt is an Alcoholic, but he keeps it to himself.

Action Figure comes with: Ballistic Mesh shirt (1W-converts all damage from bullets to stun/shock)
Combat Knife (d4 W | 1 lbs.)
Pistol (d6 W | 100' | 3 [8] | 2 lbs.)
Shotgun (d10 W | 10' | 2 [10] | 10 lbs
Derringer (d4 W | 30' | 1 [2] | 1 lbs
Shipped-Link Handset
2 cutting torches
10 "Sticky" Scrapper's Gel
Basic Toolkit
Electronics Toolset
Mechanic's Toolset

Blue Jeans; Red T-shirt; Gunslinger's Holster (low on the right); Shotgun shoulder-rig with back holster; Knee-high, brown cowboy boots, Long brown "Browncoat" Duster; brown, wrist-length leather gloves; red bandana (worn about the neck); Brown cowboy hat, low crown, with crocodile teeth in the band.

Back-History Ni how. Name's Wyatt Sung an' I'm whatcha might call a Rimmer. Now, ya wants t' glean a bit of know-how 'bout me an'mine, so's I'll make it speedy-like. I was born to a mercantile-man who owned an' worked his own shop on Jiangyin. My ma was a sweet li'l ol' woman o' Korean-blood who helped 'round-about the shop. I grew up with them wanting me t' excel in my educatin' an' pick up the family business, but that weren't fer me. I got the itch t' travel, ya know? Went on to work at a ranch out yonder hills from town as a hand movin' cattle an' the like back an' forth t' the shipyards an' spendin' hard-earned livin' at dance halls and gamblin'. 'Course, as fate would 'ave it that's where I made acquaintance with my wife, Eden. Now, I could ramble on 'bout the way she looked an wax all poetic an' such, but a man'd be plumb stupid t' latch himself t' someone he thought was just joo bah jeh, so I'll's jus' leave it at I married the woman an' move on.
Couldn't do 'er justice anyways.

Like I said, we married an' I stopped spendin'. That gave me rights t' purchase a small piece o' land near the stretch I rode. I began keepin' cattle an' Eden glorified our spread. Then my baby girl was birthed. We named her Summer 'cause that's what she brought t' our home - an' she was birthed in the summer. 'Course, all my time carousin' and womanizin' must've tempted the fates 'cause that's also the year the Unification War started. Jiangyin weren't no interest t' the Alliance an' I don't much care fer politickin', but Eden was all in a fit 'bout it. She kept on an' on, every meal, an' I didn't stop her none. I thought it quaint at first; ya know? But the sun set on that dern quick. I laid down the law - practically bound her by it. Was the last convo I had with her, an' the last time I saw my daughter livin'.

Some big damn bad men came by while I was rangin'. They was Alliance supporters an' my beautiful wife wouldn't lie down as far as her politickin' was doin' an' they killed 'er fer it. They torched the homestead with Summer still inside - I killed 'em dead that night in town. All of them. Took my scattergun in the saloon after I did some researchin' an' opened them all up. After, I was bound by law. I coulda run, but I don't run, an' the Law bound me. I was due t' be hung when a roughrider by the name o' Sam Hayword was dropped in my cell fer performin' the fisticuffs in the saloon 'cross town. He told me all sorts 'bout the Browncoats an' the fightin' 'gainst the Alliance; so much that my ear was done near talked off. When he was plumb tuckered out I lay wakeful an' thought 'bout Eden, Summer, and the Fight. I thought 'bout Eden's politickin' an' knew then an' there the only ways I could do her an' my baby girl honors would be t' carry on her dreams. The sheriff was a sympathizer with the Browncoats so it took little convincicatin' t' get 'im t' let me go so long as he never
saw me no more. Me an' Sam hitched us a ride t' the nearest recruitin' post an' volunteered. Sam went off t' foot soldierin' somewhere's an' I gots the flyin' gig tha' got me familiar with the Firefly. Tha' boat was called Celestial Diva an' she was a handful; all skirts an' no sense, but she could run them blockades. The rush o' flyin' helped keep my mind off Eden an' Summer-girl, an' I gotsta kill me some Alliance. I continued t' run blockades an' kill me some purple bellies 'til them tian di wu yohn in high command sign that treaty. That's when I was left with something of a pickle in the brainpan. I didn't know what t' do with myself an' memories were lookin' t' kill me. Saloons became my puhn yoh, liquor, my ma tze. I won Rocinante in a card game with a fella who claimed I was cheatin'. He drew on me an' I killed 'im. That was on Beylix. I didn' run then neither, an' I was bound by law fer the second time. The trial didn't hold no water though. Witnesses came forward an' I was released. I was aboard Rocinante not really knowin' what to do when the crew started tricklin' in. They was the godsend, the tian-ling-ling, di-ling-ling. They gave me a purpose again. They gave me a family. There ain't no god that can give me back my girls, but these riders who brave the black with me, trustin' my decisions; they're mine an' no one humps what's mine.

Posted on 2007-04-06 at 17:56:04.
Edited on 2017-06-15 at 09:36:45 by Alacrity

The Tired
RDI Staff
Karma: 291/33
6338 Posts

The Fixer


Fenris (Wolf) Apollo
Agility: d8
Strength: d12
Vitality: d8
Alertness: d6
Intelligence: d8
Willpower: d8
Life Points: 16
Initiative: d6+d8

Branded (Minor complication)- Fenris was a jailbird for a good long while, having spent most of the Unification War in an Alliance prison. Unfortunately, after he was released, Wolf wasn't able to shake that "convict stigma" especially in the Core Worlds, and as such, doesn't get much in the way of respect or consideration there - The rim is a different story, though (depending on who you ask)

Chip on Shoulder (Minor Complication)- Tied somewhat to his branded comp. It flat out pisses Fenris off that he can't get no respect and after years of dealin' with that kind of mi tian gohn he feels more than justified in givin a little back.

Don't Come Back Now (Minor Complication)- The paperwork that Fenris uses is really only good for outer planets. In the core worlds, Wolf would have his travel restricted or have to use his real papers.

Loyal (minor)- After the events on Regina and the way Asher and Wyatt treated him and rushed to get him help, having never had those type of friends other then Sam. He is now 100% loyal to them, the rest of the crew, and the ship herself which he now considers home.

Straight Shooter (minor)- Due to the Chip on his Shoulder and never having learned how to hide his emotions very well, he is easy to read because of said emotions. As such he is a bad liar and can be very blunt at times. Holds to the belief that he would rather hurt a person with the truth, then with a lie.

Talented (Minor)/Mechanical Engineering: Maintenance (or Repair) - Wolf's great with engines. if it's broke he can fix it, if it ain't he can probably make it stay that way even when other wrench turners can't.

Tough as Nails (Minor)- Fenris's spent a lot of time scrapping to get and keep what's his, enough years of that kind of thing's like to make a fella pretty hard to put down and keep there.

Mechanical Empathy (Minor)- Having finally accepted the Rocinante as home he is more in-tune with her, feels her in a better way, and loves her as more then just a ship.

Mean Left Hook (Minor)- Your fists are hard as rocks. You're capable of killing a man with your bare hands.

Friends in Low Places (Minor)- Sometimes there's honor among thieves, but its best not to assume anything.

Athletics d6
*Dodge d8
*Weight-Lifting d8
Cooking d6
Mechanical Engineering d6
*Create Replacement Parts d10
*Maintenance d10
*Repair d12
*Rewire and Reroute Electrical d12
Planetary Vehicles d6
*Ground Vehicle Repair d8
Guns d6
*Repair d8
*Assault Rifle d8
*Pistol d12
Melee Weapon Combat d6
*Knives d10
Unarmed Combat d6
*Brawling d12

Action Figure comes with:
2 Beretta 97R's in Shoulder Holsters Dmg d6w; rng: 120 ft; rate:3 (Burst fire); mag: 20; wt:3; 54c Ammo: 4 full mags (80 rds), box of 100 rds Shoulder Holsters
1 Desert Eagle .50 cal Semi-automatic pistol holstered on rt hip. Dmg d10w; rng: 120 ft; rate:1; mag: 7(8 chambered); wt: 4; 54c Ammo: 8 full mags (56 rounds) 1 in weapon, 3 on hip, 8 stored.
Derringer 2-shot Pistol spring loaded up sleeve d4w Ammo: 30 rds
Knife, combat x2 d4w (W/ Brass Knuckles +d2B)
Knife, utility d2w (Swedish Multi Tool)
2x Speed-draw holsters for Beretta's (Each hold 2 clips)
Special thick belt (holds Desert Eagle holster +2 clips)
Speed-draw holster for Desert Eagle
Tool set, mechanics
Tool kit, basic
First Aid Kit
Cutting torch
Scrappers gel (x5) 15c
CADboard 30c
Gun cleaning kit 2c
Gun repair kit 8c
patch tape (2 rolls) 4c
ballistic mesh shirt 46c
handheld transmitter 30c
jumpsuit/coveralls 3c
basic outfit 4c
Semi-fine shirt / Pants 12c
230 credits

Background Fenris was a drifter as a young boy. He loved machines and found that fix them came easy to him. Unfortunately, he fell in with a crowd that stole machines and strip them down for parts. The gang did a military job that went way south and Fenris found himself bound by law at the age of 18. Any other time and a first offence wouldn't have lead to a long prison stay. Unfortunately the war had just begun, and although the authorities knew he was a kid, there was a filing error and he was sent off to a full security prison. Normally that would have been spotted immediately, but papers were shuffled and files damaged in attacks - so he spent 7 years in max sec jail ruled with a iron fist by prison guards that care little for him. The war meant no watchful eyes on the guards who enjoyed torturing and ruling over the inmates.
After the war, he was processed and set free, but no matter where Fenris went, the criminal record haunted him. Forced to take whatever work he could get; it was during a smuggling job that Fenris met Sam Dash. Dash introduced him to people who had some means. Although Fenris didn't have the funds to wipe his record clean, he did manage to get a new ID and papers - good enough for living on the fringe. Sam later introduced Fenris to Captain Wyatt, even asked if you wanted to join them but you said no at the time, not sure if the transport ship life was for you.

So you drifted around a lot but in the course of the next few years became restless. So it was when the opportunity to join Captain Wyatt's crew was again given you accepted and are now a trusted member of the crew as mechanic.

Posted on 2007-04-06 at 18:17:26.
Edited on 2017-06-15 at 09:33:14 by Alacrity

The Tired
RDI Staff
Karma: 291/33
6338 Posts

The Kid

Name: Asher Talhone
Position: Gunfighter (Public Relations)

Agility: d10
Strength: d8
Vitality: d10
Alertness: d6
Intelligence: d6
Willpower: d8

Skills Animal Handling d4
Athletics d6
Dodge d8
Covert d6
Guns d6
Assault Rifles d8
Pistols d12
Shotguns d8
Mechanical Engineering d6
MeleeWeaponCombat d4
Perception d6
PlanetaryVehicles d6
Hovercraft d8
Survival d6
Unarmed Combat d6
Brawling d8
Ranged Weapons d4

Assets (* Denotes might not be known to all):
Fightin Type - The Kid is always ready for a tussle
Two Fisted - Good with either hand really
Talented - A steady hand and a gift with the hand guns.

Complications: Amorous - He has an eye for the ladies
Loyal - The Kid has a fond spot for Trish and would do anything for her
Light Weight - He just doesn't hold his liquor well
Overconfident - I can do that! Can I? Please?
Deadly Enemy - Wrong Side of Adelei Niska

Action Figure comes with: (Hopefully not carrying at the same time)
1 x Boxes of Concussion Grenades (6 grenades/ 12c)
1 x Box of Frag Grenades (3 grenades/ 6c)
2 x Boxes of Flashbang Grenades (12 grenades/ 12c)
1 x Box of Gas Grenades (6 grenades/ 12c)
2 x Boxes of Smoke Grenades (12 grenades/ 12c)
1 x Box of ChemPlast Charges (3 charges/ 21c)
1 x Mining Charge (1 charge/ 18c)
1 x Box of Mag Charges (2 charges/ 56c)
1 x Box of Optical Bombs (3 bombs/ 60c)
1 x Box of Laserlight Mist (6 cans/ 12c)

1 x Set of Brass Knuckles (1c)
1 x Combat Knife (2c)
1 x Utility Pocket Knife (1c)

1 x Colt .22 ST Pistol (20c)
3 x Magazines of Ammo (24 bullets/ 1c)
1 x Box of Ammo (48 bullets/ 2c)

2 x Python 6 LG Combat Revolvers (68c)
8 x Speedloaders of Ammo (48 bullets/ 2c)
5 x Boxes of Ammo (240 bullets/ 10c)

2 x PK12 Peacekeeper Pistols (60c)
8 x Magazines of Ammo (96 bullets/ 4c)
5 x Boxes of Ammo (240 bullets/ 10c)

1 x Grizzly GRZ 1 Assault Rifle (45c)
4 x Magazines of Ammo (140 bullets/ 6c)
3 x Cases of Ammo (300 bullets/ 12c)

1 x Classic 22 Long Single Shot Rifle (25c)
4 x Magazines of Ammo (24 bullets/ 1c)
1 x Box of Ammo (48 bullets/ 2c)

1 x Justice Arms JC39 Assault Rifle & Shotgun (75c)
3 x Magazines of Rifle Ammo (150 bullets/ 6c)
3 x Cases of Rifle Ammo (300 bullets/ 12c)
4 x Magazines of Shotgun Ammo (24 shells/ 1c)
5 x Boxes of Shotgun Ammo (120 shells/ 5c)

1 x SPAS30 Combat Shotgun (45c)
4 x Magazines of Ammo (24 shells/ 1c)
5 x Cases of Ammo (240 shells/ 10c)

2 x Heckler Uzis (70c)
10 x Magazines of Ammo (200 bullets/ 8c)
4 x Cases of Ammo (400 bullets/ 16c)

5 x Gun Vac Cases (15c)
3 x Gun Cleaning Kits (6c)

4 x Basic Outfits (16c)
1 x Multiband Watch (5c)
1 x Fancy Outfit (12c)
2 x Bandoleers (6c)
1 x Athletic Bag (3c)

2 x Handheld Transmitters (60c)

3 x Gun Lockers for storing the weapons (72c)

Back History
Asher Talhone is the fifth child (of six) of Job and Mary Talhone. The Talhones worked the family farm, an impressive operation owned by Asher's grandfather, Simon Talhone. Asher grew up milking cows, haying fields, and moving herds through the ranch lands.

The War, and its aftermath, changed all that. Asher's eldest brothers, Matthew and Benjamin, lost their lives fighting with the Browncoats. His mother and grandfather were killed when Alliance forces shelled their farm house.

The sudden loss of his sons and wife drove Job to the bottle. With their father sinking deeper into despair, Jacob, Andrew (Asher's elder brothers), Miriam (his younger sister) and Asher were left to manage the affairs of the farm.

The power vacuum created by the death of the governor, combined with the war-ravaged state of the planet, allowed all sorts of undesirables to make planet-fall on Ezra. Criminal lords began staking the claims, taking over good folks' land, and pressing them into slavery or shooting them dead.

Asher's family's farm did not go unnoticed. Waylend Gayner, a puffed up bully, staked his claim on the Talhone land, and "invited" the Job to leave peacefully and without a fuss.

The prospect of losing the family farm sobered Job up right quick. The Talhones decided to protect their lands and beat back this upstart off-worlder. They found themselves joined by many of their neighbours. Waylend did not back down so easy, though, and he was supported by Adelei Niska.

The private war went on for six months, each side inflicting heavy casualties. By the time Waylend was dead, Asher had lost his other two brothers by the gun.

Even with Waylend gone, the Talhone's troubles were not over. Adelei Niska, angered by the loss of control of the area, sent more men to track down the usurpers. Hearing the news, and not unwilling to lose his youngest boy, Job convinced Asher to leave Ezra, only to return when things had cooled down.

That was two years ago.

Asher joined the crew of the Rocinante though a mutual connection shared with Wyatt. The captain was looking for man who could handle himself in a fight; Asher had gained a bit of a reputation for liking guns.

And while there are many great things about the Rocinante, it is Trish who really keeps the young lad on the ship. Asher has taken a liking to the mature woman - Trish reminds him of his mother, and Asher nearly treats her as such.

Posted on 2007-04-06 at 18:27:34.
Edited on 2017-06-15 at 09:42:11 by Alacrity

The Tired
RDI Staff
Karma: 291/33
6338 Posts

Techie/2nd Pilot

Pilot/Tech Lady

 photo JadeStorm.jpg
Player: MMV
Name: Jade Storm

Agility D10
Strength D8
Vitality D6
Intelligence D8
Willpower D10
Alertness D10


Born behind the Wheel (minor) Jade got a gift with flying
Talented (Martial Arts) (minor)
Sweet and Cheerful (minor)
Friends in Low Places (minor)

Illness (minor) Jade has a lung condition and must use a puffer, once daily or else
Curious as a Cat (minor)


Athletics D4
Covert D6
Discipline D6
Guns D6
Influence D4
Knowledge D4
Mechanical EngineeringD6
Perception D4
Performance D6
**Dance D8
**Transport D10
Planetary Vehicles D4
Technical Experience D6
**Security Systems D10
Unarmed Combat D6
**Martial Arts D10

Action Figure Comes with:
Walther PPK (7rds mag, ROF 3, d6w, range 50)
Holster (Concealed tactical shoulder)
**holds two spare clips
**+3 step to conceal weapon
**-3 step to steal or take from holster
PADD with Blackbot and various Security softwares
Ballistic Vest
Clothing in Ruck bag
Small Combat knife (in belt)
Gun cleaning kit
Lock picks
Electronic Lock Picks
Electronic toolkit
Fruity Oaty Bars


Hello, I'm Jade, pleasure to meet cha! Oh? You want to know about me? Well, I rather hear about you but, if you want to know, I ain't afraid to share. I grew up on the planet Boros with two proud parents and three brothers. You would think as the youngest and the only girl, I would have been spoiled rotten but my folks were military folk, they believed in discipline and focus so I was enrolled into martial arts as soon as I was old enough. Didn't stop me and my brothers for getting into trouble from time to time but their hearts were in the right place. *Laughs* we were a mischievous bunch and, more often than not, it was me pulling my brother into trouble. Even when I was little, I wanted to explore and see what was in my world.

However childhood doesn't last forever, my folks came from a long line of soldiers and were pretty proud of that fact so they were determined to make sure we would continue that tradition. So when the War broke out, my folks made sure that all of us were signed up to fulfill our civic duty. I was a little too young to join in the fray so I was put into military school. To be honest, I really didn't want to be the one shooting so I threw all my focus on being a pilot. Turns out this was a good idea as flying gave me a new way to explore this world and to touch the stars (I still learned how to use a gun though, there was no avoiding that).

Then, just as I graduated, the war ended. My parents were disappointed I didn't get to fight but I decided to go into field of security and protective services. I figured it was a great use of my skills and it was still doing my civic duty and all... *Sighs* than things went downhill from there. I met my late husband, Arthur while working as a security guard at a high tech medical lab. We fell in love, got married, and were really happy together then one day I came home to find my husband dead in the bathroom. It was ruled a suicide and shortly after words, I got into an accident which left me in this condition.

I quit my job shortly after that and spent some time traveling, trying to explore the verse and dealing with the lose of my husband. I figured Arthur wouldn't want me pining away over him but it took me awhile to get there. I have been bouncing from job to job, trying to see the verse and trying to stay outta trouble as best I can.

Posted on 2007-04-06 at 18:42:45.
Edited on 2017-06-15 at 10:00:43 by Alacrity

The Tired
RDI Staff
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6338 Posts

The Doctor

Name: Willow Sunipta Takahara
Position: Doctor/Spokesperson
 photo willow.png
Agility: d8
Strength: d4
Vitality: d6
Alertness: d10
Intelligence: d10
Willpower: d10

Skills Artistry d6
Athletics d6
Knowledge d6
Performance d6
*Dancing d8
Planetary Vehicles d4
Medical Expertise d6
*General Practice d10
*Physiology d8
Discipline d6
Influence d6
*Persuasion d10
*Seduction d8
Perception d6
*Empathy d8
Unarmed Combat d6
*Aikido d8
Linguist d6

Assets (* Denotes might not be known to all): Allure - Willow is damn fine looking, and knows it
Friends in Hugh Places - She knows a friend of a friend in all the high circles
Highly Educated - University educated
Moneyed Individual - The Takahara is loaded and Willow can call upon them for money
Talented - A gift for medicine and taking care of wounds

Complications: Amorous - Willow can find something sexy in anyone
Non Fightin; Type - Willow hates violence of any sort
Triplex Shopper - Malls draw Willow like a magnet,
Memorable - People always remember Willow even if she just passes by
Loyal - Willow is dedicated to her family.

Action Figure comes with: Doctor's Bag (MedAcad)
Medical supplies, Standard x3
Jeweled Hair Pin
Immunization Packets - 10
1 case of fine wine - plum wine, sake, champagne
Clothes - 10 fancy outfits, 3 basic
Massage oils, medical and non
Jewelry (fine costume)
Japanese tea ceremony set and green tea powder

Back History Since we are making introductions, I guess I may as well go next. My name is Willow Sunipta Takahara, and maybe I'm having a little trouble figuring out what I want to do when I grow up. My folks are comfortable, what with Mother a Bollywood televid star and Father a salaryman, but I'm the baby of the family, and maybe I've been indulged too much.

I've always had a loving, touchy-feely sort of way about me, and the boys seemed to like that about me. Actually, more than a few girls did, too. Somehow, I never really got 'involved' with anyone, though, and managed to stay friends with most of them, so I thought I'd become a Companion. Mother and Father were startled, but they pony'd up the tuition and sent me on my way. I think the sex part made them uncomfortable, but the prestige and face that I'd bring the family would have helped with the discomfort.

I liked the training, and I seemed to have an aptitude for it, and already knowing the sitar, the flute, yoga and traditional Hindu and Japanese dances helped me move up the beginner ranks quickly. It helped that I adore just about everybody and nothing made me happier than helping someone feel good. Novitiate Companions can acquire clients and I was starting to build a respectable list, when it happened.

A fancypants bossman thought that he'd paid for my soul along with my company, and while he didn't hurt me (he wasn't that much the fool) it hurt my feelings to be treated like a thing. When I tried to speak to my teacher, she told me I was a silly girl, and that Companions used inner discipline to endure the boors. Well, I didn't like that and didn't think I could look past the nice outsides of folks when they had darkness on the inside.

So - I left. I cashed out what was left of my tuition and headed for home. On the way, I met a real pretty doctor with good hands and a polite way between the sheets. He made me realize that healing was an even better way to make people feel good, and my companion skills helped with that, too. I switched ships after kissing my pretty man goodbye and headed to medical school.

I needed more money from my folks, and for some reason, they weren't really happy with my decision. I guess they had been looking forward to having their beautiful daughter introduced as the Companion of important people. Maybe the need for more money was the problem, but like I said, I'm their jade-eyed baby and the money was sent by wave.

Medical school was kind of dull after Companion training, but the learning part was fun. I couldn't decide what part of medicine I liked best, so I learned a little bit of everything, like nibbling at a buffet of education. I worked my way through my fellow students, as well as a few teachers, and then it happened.

One of the teachers I respected most was in the habit of indiscreet pillow talk. I couldn't stop my ears from hearing how much of the money for the medical school came from the government, and how the school did research in return for the funding. When I heard what they were doing to those poor, smart kids with the special brain pans, I couldn't stand the pain in my heart and soul. So -I left, with one year left to graduation.

I had a little money left, and my folks have told me that it'll have to do for now. I think I really annoyed them with leaving again, and they are not going to throw good money after bad. So maybe I need to set some roots, and learn to stick through the bad instead of just enjoying the good.

Buying a share in a ship seems like a good plan, where I have a stake in something, and can't run away. The ship itself runs away for me, though, in case things really do get bad. There is something about the Cap'n and crew that draws me, too, that made me want to be with them. They need me and my healing, and not just for the rips and holes that life in the black tends to give a body. Some of them are broken, and I think I can mend that. At least, I'm willing to try.

Posted on 2007-04-06 at 18:58:33.
Edited on 2017-06-15 at 09:48:51 by Alacrity

The Tired
RDI Staff
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Name: Patricia (Trish) Wilmont
Position: Cook (NPC)

Ag: d8
St: d6
Vi: d8
Al: d10
In: d6
Wi: d10

Talented - Cooking (Major)
Talented - Hiding (Major)
Trustworthy Gut (Minor)
Favoured Weapon - Bessy, a Remington pump action shotgun with a pink stock (Minor)

Mute (Major)
Ugly as Sin (Major)
Memorable (Minor)
Phobia - Mirrors (Minor)

Skills (Note I have allowed Patricia more skill points due to her age):
Artistry d6
Covert d6
*Stealth d10
Guns d6
*Shotgun d8
Pilot d6
*Midsize transport - d8
Performance d6
*Acting d10
*Singing d10*
Craft d6
*Knitting d12+d4
Knowledge d6
*Basic First Aid d8

Dress: A practical dresser, she tends to demin pants and flannel shirts. Her weapon is holstered over her shoulder. On the ship, when there ain't no passengers, she is comfortable as she is, but outside or when there are people about she wears a long cloak with a deep hood.

Go back around 30ish years ago and there wasn't a person on the central planets who hadn't heard of Patricia Wilmont. She was a famous singer, actress and the belle of the media eye. She was on every billboard, vid screen and poster around the core. She had everything - beauty, fame, fortune, glamour and the envy of the world.

But time eventually began to catch up with Patricia. Laughlines became wrinkles, her dark hair showing more and more white. She stopped getting calls for leading roles, but more of the support characters - playing mothers or even Grandmothers of another younger star. Her voice started to fade after years of overuse and over abuse. She tried everything she could, but every hair dyes, and cosmetic treatment didn't do enough or lasted for a few weeks at best.

She met a doctor who claimed to have pioneer a technique that would give her back her youthful appearance. It was expensive but it would give her another ten maybe twenty years of precious youth for the screen. Best of all, she would have her voice back. But the doctor lied.

She woke up to a face horribly scarred. Her left side was partial paralyzed and the skin sagged like loose cloth. She tried to scream but could not - the operation had taken her voice away permanently. She was told it was a minor setback, and that they'd could fix it, but it was only more lies, as the doctor disappeared, leaving Patricia alone and horrifically scarred for life. No other doctor could reverse the damage. Her friends of the past all slowly stopped calling, stopped being there for her- as if it was contagious.

Trish is a bit shy about what happen over the next decade or so. She drifted a lot and took care of some unfinished business - meaning the doctor was dead and gone from this world. She made her way, doing some stuff she ain't proud of, and she laeves it at that.

Wyatt was on the business end of a rifle, cursing his stupidity for wandering away from the ship alone. This varmit had the drop on him good and Wyatt was looking to die fighting. Then, then man with a rifle lost his head - literally. Patricia had shot him with "Bessy", her pink shotgun. Wyatt had the usual reaction to Patricia's face, and she stormed off into the night. But Wyatt chased after her and apologized, speaking honest with her that he had no right to judge her that way. The two of them ended up in a dark corner of a bar, Wyatt talking and Patricia passing papers. The next day, she came abroad the ship, primarily as deck hand. Then they discovered how well she could cook, and she was a welcomed member.

Trish never leaves the ship unless absolutely necessary. She spends her time aboard making meals, taking shifts flying Rocinante and in her free time - knits. All the crew has wool blankets, sweaters and hats from Trish. Even Rocinante has a wool cover for the secondary Power Buffers. She has a sense of danger and has saved the crew with a timely pick up in the past. She is deadly with her shotgun, which she calls Bessy. It has a pink fibreglass stock with gold lettering "Bessy" and there must be a story behind it - only she ain't telling.

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Eol Fefalas
Keeper of the Kazari
RDI Staff
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The Pilot

Name: Samuel (Sam) Dash
Position: Pilot

Agility: d10
Strength: d6
Vitality: d8
Alertness: d8
Intelligence: d6
Willpower: d6

  • Covert d6
    • Stealth d8
  • Discipline d4
  • Guns d6
    • Pistols d10
    • Rifles d6
  • Pilot d6
    • mid-bulk transports d10
    • gunships d8
  • Perception d6
    • Sight d8
  • Knowledge d6
  • Unarmed Combat d6
    • Brawling d10
  • Planetary Vehicles d6
    • Hovercraft d8
  • Technical Engineering d6

Assets (* Denotes might not be known to all):
Fightin' Type - Sam is always ready for a tussle

Born behind a Wheel - there ain't a ship that Sam can't fly

*Cortex Spectre - Sam ain't Sam and there ain't many as know it.

Lightening Reflexes - Fast Draw, quick to react.

Twitchy - When Everyone is out to get you, it pays to be paranoid

Crude - Sam speaks his mind without filters

Credo - Sam won't let innocent people get killed or hurt if he can help it

*Deadly Enemy - Sterling Phoenix, a former Browncoat wants Sam dead

Action Figure comes with:
Avenger (sound-suppressed rvlr w/ sight): D: d6w Mag: 8 R: 100ft Wt: 3 Rate:3 Cost: 37c

Neotech Derringer(x2): D:d6w Mag:2 R: 20ft Wt:.5 Rate:2 Cost 10c (20)

Combat Knife: D:d4w Wt: 2 Cost: 4c

Commando CM30 (LD Sniper Rifle): D:d8w Mag:5 R: 1000 Wt: 10 Rate: 1 Cost: 45c

Ballistic Mesh Vest: AR: 1W*Wt: 4 Cost: 46c

Gun Cleaning Kit: Cost:2c

Mags for Avenger (4) - 32 rds

Mags for derringers (2 ea) - 8 rds

Mags for Sniper Rifle (4) - 20 rds

Back History Beylix.

The whole damn planet ain't much more than a garbage dump for the 'Verse; gorram pathetic scrapheap of a rock. True enough, United Reclamation's got their papers signed with the Alliance and owns big damn chunks of the place but, so long's they can keep all the independent salvagers under thumb and get their cut of the scrappin' to keep in the good with the purple bellies, they don't pay too much attention to those as come here lookin' fer work. Other'n sendin' their trash here, though, the Alliance ain't got much interest in the place an', I reckon, it'd take nothin' less'n a uprisin' of drunken browncoats to even get a patrol sent out this way. So, all considered, Beylix was a little slice of Heaven fer a go neong yung duh jwei gai won se like me and, once I went on the dodge from the Alliance, it seemed like as good a place as any to kick off this new life of mine. Once upon a time, I flew (among other things) for the jing chai Alliance' not no more, though' not for quite a spell.

I ain't who I used to be, get me? That's right, pay no never mind that my speechifyin' is more in keepin with folk out here on the Rim, the fella I used ta be was born an' bred in the Core. I grew up on Londinum, see; come from a right respectable family (as them in the central planets tend to conjure, anyhow). I got my early schoolin' in some of the best schools in the Core and, bein' as I was brung up by my folks, them as tended to believe that life didn't get no better'n what the Alliance was providin', I turned out to be a plumb upright, uptight citizen, my own self. Hell, back in them days, I was such a buhn dahn as to politickin' an' sech that I joined up with the military right outta high school and, bein' as I showed some skill at gettin' ships and skiffs to do things they like wasn't made to, I ended up bein' one of the better pilots what ever took to the skies for 'em. Anyhoo, the early bits of it ain't really the all together of this little yarn, so I'll spare ya the details. Let's just say that life was as good as I thought it'd get back then; I was educated in flyin' an' fightin' an' sech, I made good pay, I saw the 'Verse, an' I had a shiny gorram rep. Far as I was concerned, when the Unification War dusted up, ya'll out here on the fringe were shiang jing ping for not wantin' to fall in under the Alliance - the high uppity-ups in Parliament an' Mil Brass made it all sound so shiny, y'know? Who wouldn't wanna live the kinda life we'd growed to love in the Core, right? So, at first, I didn't have no tussle with doin' what I were told to - I believed the bull mi tian gohn propaganda what got shoveled out by the muckity-mucks an' did my job without nary a peep in protest - had my part in bombin' the livin' hell outta more'n a few cities (hell, entire planets) an' did more'n my fair share of up-close an' personals, to boot. Like I said, for a long stretch, I was a damn fine citizen an' soldier and, as far as the politickin' of the war went, it was all how as far as I reckoned.

Thing is, though, even 'fore we got round to headin' out to Athens, I'd started to conjure that things wasn't exactly factual where them politics was concerned. Fact of it is, after I seen the "collateral damage" we was causin' - whole settlements, towns, an' cities leveled 'cause they were thought to be shelterin' a browncoat or two, thousands of innocents killed (some as even supported unification) for nothin' more'n bein' able to say the Alliance made an example of a coupla Independents playin' hide-an'-go-hump-yerself - I started to figure that all the pretty words an' ways what the gummint tossed about to convince us we was right weren't much more'n Parliament tryin' to g'en ho tze bi dio se. First time I seen a kid blown into itty bitties on account of a bomb what dropped from my boat, I got me this right sour knot in my gut an', I reckon, it was just bout then I decided I was like on the wrong side of the fence, never mind what my superiors was talkin' at.

Now, I reckon the "easy out" woulda been to eat the barrel of my own damn gun, but, raised as I was in a home where religiosity got it's fair share of attention, I knowed that blowin' off the back of my own head wouldn't sit well with the fuzzy Lord (just like I knowed that tryin' to resign weren't gonna sit well with them as were in charge of me... an' I didn't cotton to the idea of them bein' the ones what killed me, neither), so, by the time we comed into deep orbit about Athens, I had a jing chai plan in place to get me killed without bein' killed for really real (even if ya spent yer whole gorram life in the Core, it don't take ya long on the Border to ferret out who as can do what to lend a hand in things like that). Again, more with the details that I ain't like to bore ya with as they's not too all-fired relevant, no how, but for the generalities of it... Let's just say that when they sent me out on that bombin' run over Athens, I already knowed I weren't comin' back an' neither was I gonna dump no more damn bombs. Soon's my boat hit atmo an' the squad started burnin' full on for the target city, I started to go ghost. As far as any of the rest of my squad could figure, I got popped by a Browncoat auto-cannon on the burndown, crashed and burned well outside the hotzone and, I reckon, them as seen the explosion, figured I was like to be scrap an' dust along with my boat... Truth of it is, there ain't nobody ever got a good bead on a ship I flew an' sure enough, not enough of one to blow me outta the sky... I killed myself that day so as I could start livin' again' the "auto-cannon hit" to my stabilizer weren't nothin' more than a smoke grenade I done rigged, the hinky flyin' wasn't no damn chore, neither, an' the explosion what convinced my unit I were killed? Nothin' more'n one of them gorram thudders as was in my boat that I dropped just 'fore I quit the fakin' an' burned ass out into the black. Weren't too all-fired tricky to slip past the cruisers an' sech either, seein' as how they was all intent on poundin' Athens to dust, an' limpin' my boat to that shady skyplex where she got stripped was a might less trouble'n I woulda conjured, too.

I weren't long for that plex, neither. Stayed on just long enough for some resident, big damn guay tuh guay known to have me ghosted from the Cortex an' tailored into Sam Dash (course the cost for all that biz was paid with my damn boat an' whatever ordnance were left on 'er, plus a nice foldin' stack of credits) then, I copped a one-way, fill-in slot pilotin' a scow bound for Beylix off the plex an' never looked back.

I were on Beylix for a good spell an' I took to findin' work where I could in the salvage yards (most times I didn't do more'n run mules an', now an' agin, took a run outta atmo fer them as got short o'drivers)... for a piece, I even forgot about my old life an' it didn't even filter into my brainpan that the purple bellies - er some grudge carryin' ex- joo bah jeh Browncoat - might be lookin' for me... until they started showin' up, o'course.

Din't take long after that fer me ta hitch my wagon ta... ya ain't gonna believe this... another ex-Browncoat. Fella by the name o' Wyatt Sung. Lucked inta the captainin' of a Firefly called Rocinante jus' when I was needin' ta shin out most. He din't like me none too good at first - most folk don't... I'm whatcha might call an acquired taste - matter o' fact, we pert near kilt each other when first we met. That's a story fer another time, though, puhn yoh. Let's jus' leave it wit', these days, me an ol' Wyungsung're shiny wit' each other... Truth of it is, I reckon ol' Wyatt's the one wong bah duhn inna 'Verse I c'n say I trust. If he don' shoot me first (I tend ta get 'im inta a tiff ever' now an' agin), I'll be flyin' fer th' man till the Black ain't black no more, get me?

Sam vanished one day after seeing a face in a crowd that clearly spooked him. He spent the next two years "hiding out" on Jiangyin, working as a ranch hand and minding his own business as best he could... up until a chance encounter in the saloon in Pinedale drew the sheriff's attention and set Sam up to go after The Deadman Gang. In the wake of that adventure, Dash found himself "waitin' an' celebratin'" with a beautiful young lady calling herself Jenny.

As it turned out, Jenny was a representative of the Companions Guild, sent with a security team to locate and apprehend Dash... and, much to his surprise, have him (Morgan Trent, that is) pardoned of all his crimes against the Alliance before delivering him back to the family he'd sadly left behind two years past.

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The Tired
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Retired Crew

The Professor
Player: YeOlde
Character Name: Andrew Bowman aka “The Professor”
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Born: Bellerophon
Age: 45
Hair: Auburn, with a touch of gray at his temples. Large Mustache.
Eyes: Hazel
Build: Tall (6’4”) and Brawny

Description: A handsome middle aged well dressed man whose face is marred by a thin scar running from his left eyebrow down his cheek to the corner of his mouth. His manner of clothes appear a touch above most; tailored dress pants, a long sleeve dress shirt, a matching vest and a bolo style tie with silver clasp complete the ensemble. He looks much the proper gentlemen on a lot of core worlds except for the low riding quick draw holster on his right side and the cross draw holster on his left hip. He gives an overall appearance of being a sophisticated and well educated gentlemen.

Physical –
Agility – d10
Strength – d6
Vitality – d6

Mental –
Alertness – d8
Intelligence – d12
Willpower – d6

Lightning Reflexes (Major)

Friends in High Places (minor) - Former friends and associates from when he was growing up on Bellerophon; many still stay in contact with him occasionally and though they cant understand why he has abandoned his lavish heritage, they still consider him a friend and respect him.

Highly Educated (minor) - Having attended Osiris University he received the finest education in the Alliance. His manner of speaking; his bearing; his proper manners; all reveal a man whose is educated and came from a privileged life.

Memorable (minor) – a thin prominent scar running from the outer edge of his left eyebrow and down his cheek almost to the corner of his mouth.

Deadly Enemy (minor) – The family of a man he once killed in a fight, would like revenge. Fortunately the family is not rich or well connected so they can’t hire someone to do it for them.

Ego Signature (minor) - During a cortex breach he always leaves a ‘calling card’ file which when opened displays a sigil from ancient history. The sigil is the symbol of the Greek God Loki derived from ancient earth mythology. His nickname on the cortex is therefore “Loki”,

Overconfident (Minor) - In gunfights and in hacking the cortex he believes he is the best around. He often pushes the envelope when dealing with hacking a Alliance system as he ‘knows’ none of those Alliance scum have any real skill that can deal with him.

Guns – d6
Specialization: Pistols – d12+d2
Knowledge – d6
Perception - d6
Planetary Vehicles – d6
Pilot – d6
Scientific Expertise – d6
Technical expertise – d6
Specialization: Communications – d10, Hacking – d12, Security devices – d12, Technical repair – d12
Mechanical Engineering – d6

Action Figure comes with

PK12 Pistol, d6w dam, mag 12, rate 3, cost 20c, (3 extra mags) - Carried in low ride quick draw holster (Right side)

Avenger - Sound suppressed Revolver w/sight, d6w dam, mag 8, rate 3, cost 37c, (2 extra mags) - Carried in cross draw holster (left side hip)

Neotech derringer, d6w dam, mag 2, rate 2, cost 10c - Carried in spring loaded holster on left forearm.


Gun cleaning kit , cost 2c
Multiband (Left forearm), cost 5c
Cutting torch, cost 6c
Tool kit, basic, cost 16c
Tool set, electronic, 130c
Lock picks, Elect, 36c
Lock picks, 14c
Mag charges (6) 160c
Debugger, 20c
Optical bomb, 18c

Ballistic Mesh shirt (-1w), cost 46c
Basic clothing, cost 8c (slightly higher than standard)

1000 rds ammo for carried guns, cost 40c

Comm & Security-
Fedband scanner, cost 25c
Earbud Transmitter, cost 80c
Gun scanner, 133c
Jabberwocky Signal Blocker, 14c
Commpack, Long range, 40c

Computers & Software-
Cortex term, personal, cost 100c
Databook, 30c
Data library, prof. cost 32c
Data discs (10), cost 2c
Dedicated sourcebox, cost 40c
Holo-image Development Suite, 84c
Subkelvin 3.0, cost 40c
Xer0 security, cost 10c
CAD Board, 28c

Total cost of weapons and gear: 1226c
Remaining starting credits: 274c


Thanks to his rich parentage, Andrew attended Osiris University where he obtained a Doctorate in Technical Engineering. After graduation, he taught at Osiris University and even earned tenure. He made many friends with connections in the Alliance where he learned that the Alliance was protecting the core planets and abandoning the border and rim worlds and hiding the truth from general populace.

He tried to get others behind a cause to stop the Alliance abuse of what he saw as needy people in the border planets. Instead of help he found threats from the Alliance against his job and even his life.

Abandoning school he left for the outer worlds much to dismay of rich family back on Bellerophon. Having always had a natural gift for technical things and being rich he had access to some very sophisticated electronic gears. He took up the gun to survive, and due to fast reflexes became a very deadly gunfighter. Due to his technical expertise, education and eloquent way of speaking, he picked up the nickname ‘The Professor’.

He shunned his former life and his family, and when his parent passed away his younger brother, Thomas, took over the family estate and warned his brother never to return.

He earned his facial scar in a fight with a man who attacked him with a knife; killing the man in self defense he earned a vendetta by the man’s family. Fortunately the man’s family doesn’t have the money to hire someone to kill him, but relatives of the man are out to get him, if they can find him.

Through the years he has given up trying to help everyone in the border worlds, now he just tries to survive and help those he comes across. He sided with the Independence and fought for a time and served as a tech specialist until he was wounded, captured and spent a year in an Alliance prison. He was released after the war ended and took whatever odd jobs he could to make a living since he was cut off from his family inheritance and didn’t really want it anyway.

His last ship, a Dragonfly class named Prospect, was his home for over a year until unfortunately the Captain was jailed and the ship confiscated by the Alliance on smuggling charges and the crew had to break off to find other gainful employ.

Andrew has become the sheriff of Frisco on the planet Regina where he keeps law and order in the town and is well appreciated.

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The Tired
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Retired Crew

Name: Kora Mei Ling
Position: Mechanic

Agility: d10
Strength: d8
Vitality: d8
Alertness: d8
Intelligence: d6
Willpower: d8

Skills Athletics
Mental Resistance
Planetary Vehicles
Assault Rifles
Medical Expertise
Mechanical Engineering
Mechanical Repairs
Unarmed Combat
Kung Fu
Technical Engineering

Assets (* Denotes might not be known to all): Military Rank � Kora was a member of the Elite Forces
Steady Calm � not much fazes Kora, she�s seen it all
Trustworthy Gut � She learned to trust her gut on matters
Talented � Excellent mechanic skills
Mean Left Hook � Kora is Deadly with her bare hands

Complications: Branded � Tattoo on shoulder marks her as a former assassin
Straight Shooter � She is a basically honest person, not cottoning to lying
Loyal � Kora would do anything for the former members of her unit
Traumatic Flashes � Memories can over Kora and leave her helpless

Action Figure comes with: Markov Handgun (DM:d6w, Range: 100ft, Rate: 5, Magazine 8, weight 2)
Markov Spare Clips, full - 5
Falcon FAL-6 Assault Rifle (DM:d8w, Range 200ft, Rate: 5, Magazine: 20 (Modified), W:11)
Falcon Modified Clips, Full - 5
Combat Knife, on belt
Thin Knife in boot
Ballistic mesh shirt (-1 w)
Plate vest (-1 agi, -4w)
Tool kit (Mechanic's)
Cutting Torch
Multiband Watch
Gun Cleaning Kit
Gun Vac case

Back History
Kora is an only child who is not close to her father because he has always blamed her for her mothers death (she died giving birth to Kora). When Kora was old enough to be on her own, she moved as far away from her father as possible to the outer planet of Shadow. There she joined the military, at first help police the system but then to fight with the Independent Military. Somehow working under the yoke of the alliance didn�t sit well with Kora, the whole situation reminding hr too much of her and her father.

It was her skills in martial arts that landed her in the Black Ops Corps. She stayed with them until the end the war. She was glad when it was over as she had seen and been part of many things in the name of the rebellion that she was not proud of, things that haunted her dreams at night.

After leaving the military, she drifted from planet to planet taking whatever work she could find. It was tough though, the people who supported unification hated her for what she did in the war. The defeated independents, wouldn�t accept that she was part of their side � like somehow she tarnished the honour of the Browncoats. Something she'd not had her whole life...a family. One of her former team members actually gave Kora the nudge towards Rocinante (Heard some guy won a ship in a card game, got himself a pilot, but needs a mechanic. You always had a talent for fixing things)

She met Dash and Wyatt a few days after they had had their �introduction� fight. Both were keen on a mechanic and Kora felt a kinship to the old Firefly. She�s been a member of the crew ever since. Done right by Rocinante, tweaked her a bit to make her more maneuverable (military gear, no one would miss), and then improved a few systems.

Kora has recently left the crew of Rocinante to pursue a relationship with a certain Sam Hawkes; co-owner of the Lullabelle Mine on the Angelhair come

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The Tired
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The Ship

Name: Rocinante
Type: Firefly Class Mid-Size Transport (03-K64)

 photo firefly_deckplans.jpg
Agility: d10
Strength: d6
Vitality: d8
Alertness: d4
Intelligence: d4
Willpower: d4

Dimensions: 191x128x53 ft.
Tonnage: 2472 tns.
Speed Class: 5 cruise/7 hard burn
Fuel Cap.: 60 tns (800hrs)
Cargo/Deck: 328/388 tn.
Infirmary Bay Added into Hold #2
Maintenance: 6180 yearly or 515 per month
Complexity: Average
Original Price: 96,000 credits

Quirk: Whenever the Rocinante starts hard burn the ship makes a noise throughout the decks that sounds as though a horse were galloping through the halls. It lasts less than a minute and no amount of tinkering will make the sound go away.

Assets: Healthy as a Horse - She manages to fly under adverse conditions.
Loved - She'll keep flying as long as the crew doesn't give up on her.
Fuel Efficient - The new engines burn fule better and cleaner so you get 25% farther and longer flight time on a regular fuel tank
Complications Everyone has One - Everyone knows all the hidden flaws and weaknesses
Brand New and Improved - With new engines comes new parts and they are hard to find in the junkyards of the Verse. +25% to cost of maintenance and repairs

Skills: Aerial Transport Op/Transport d2
Space Transport Op/Transport d2

Action Figure Comes With: Large Hover Mule - P d6, M --, Seats: 4. Speed: 60mph. Weight: 1,000lbs. Capacity: 1,000lbs.
Garden Bunk - 45 lbs. (shipboard mini-garden).
Foodstuffs, Protein Packs (1 week for 5 people)
10 NBC Masks (placed in strategic places about Rocinante)
6 Vacuum Suits (in Hold #1).
2 Basic First Aid Kits (Infirmary and Hold #1)
Medcomp - Vital-status diagnostic computer (Infirmary).
3 tons (3 pts) Stun Armor (72 tons worth; 72 tons of volume, 3,000c spent).
2 Short Range 100lbs decoy missiles (in Cargo Bay #1; 1,000c total spent).

Upgrades Newtech Sensor array and control dashboard increases intelligence to d4.
4 Blue Sun EVT29-4000-A90 pulse-feedback generators (Mark 4)
48 RCS thrusters (Mark 4)
Enhanced graviton accelerator core Drive (Mark 4)

Back History
Why Rocinante? Let me tell you about this man back on Earth that was. Went by the name of Don Quixote and he wasn't a lord or mayor or a man of standing; he was just folk like you and me. Lived in a place called Las Mancha, which I think was in Texas back on Earth. Anyways, the man had a love of reading though, and took to books like a fish to water. So much so that them folks in his town started to think he had a leaky brainpan due to all that reading. You know how them backwater folks can get them strange notions in their heads.

Anyways, this Quixote fella, he took disagreement with the local uppity-ups. Real giants of industry that held the area in a tight grip on the account that they owned all the wind-mill power generators. Since they had the power and the money, they basically took control of the area and made their ways known to the folks. Not completely different from some places in the Verse now, come to think of it. But Don wouldn't stand for it. He took up arms against that sea of troubles, even though he was just one man.

Now Don had a horse - wasn't a pretty horse or a fast horse or even a young spirited one. It was an old nag workhorse, much like any of us have rode or used on the farms. But Don didn't see the horse as old and useless; he saw the horse as a faithful steed upon which to ride out and undo the wrongs of the world. So he called her Rocinante, which was Spaniard for "not a work horse".

Now I'd like to tell you that Mr. Quixote went out and did great things and became a big damn hero. But, sure as shooting, one man against giants doesn't have much of a chance. However, no matter how often he went out and got beaten, bruised and generally messed up, Rocinante always got him home again. The folks tried to get Don to stop, being scared of them lords and their power, but he kept right on trying, and Rocinante keep bringing him back for mending.

Soon enough though, an old man can't take the beatings anymore and he died a broken man. But once he was gone, the folks suddenly realized they had lost something. They felt it in their hearts and it made them mourn something awful. Then they rose up against those giants of industry and cast off their shackles. Wasn't for Quixote though, they wouldn't have say boo. Isn't that the way though? Folks don't know what they got until its plum gone.

So I named her Rocinante, cause she was once a work horse, but she ain't to me. She's much more than that, and if I love her and take care of her; she'll always bring me home. No matter if I succeed in my ventures or I am running bruised and bleeding. She'll get me home again. She'll do the same for you too.

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