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Parent thread: Trilogy War Q/A
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GM for this game: TannTalas
Players for this game: SilentOne, Keeper of Dragons, cdnflirt, Nomad D2, Nimu, Odyson, Schnozzle, dragon-soul92
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As he watched his left flank pull back under the cover of archers, General Dre Moning could already tell that the battle to hold off the breakthrough from the Coast Watcher forts was lost. With its capital El’Bareth razed and still burning, the fortress of Gripen Ward taken and the plains in and around the Twin Mountains swarming with Orcs, Goblins, undead and other dark creatures composing this main horde of the Dark Kings army, attempting to hold Annoria was pointless. Calling to his staff messengers he gave them his orders, one of which he had to give, though he knew it would not go over well.

“Tell all Commanders to withdraw in battle order up the North road to the fortress of Bekia in Paletine and concentrate all forces there. They are to regroup their units and commence the next holding engagement from it‘s walls as the city of Fealevian is evacuated.
Next a messenger to the fortress city of Valsa’Spar to watch for any enemy flanking forces and to hold them in place and keep our retreat lane open at all costs.
Next all wounded to be rushed forward at best speed to Craggian Core along with messengers to inform the Kings and main forces gathering there of our retreat and planned actions, all dead to be beheaded as possible and left behind where they lay to delay pursuit.

As he watched the runners scatter to find their horses, he gazed over his small 20,000-mixed race Coast Watcher army. Having lost the forts on the coast all he could do now was continue to fight a series of holding actions to allow a larger force of arms to gather at the main fastness of Craggian Core. It was hoped that the huge wave of evil forces seemingly unleashed from Cirith Ungol could be stopped and then broken in counter strikes using the massive fortress as a base. However, rumors and scattered reports heard since the fall of the coastal regions were not good. The evil army pouring out of every dark hole numbered by all accounts in the millions, as if breeding for years upon years and unlike anything seen since the last Great War some 1200 years ago. Creatures never before seen, creatures thought only myth, and creatures thought long extinct were once again marching under the banners of Karza the Dark King.

Even Dragons now seemed allied with him as all manner of flying Dragon corps divided by the colors Green, Red, Blue and Black were to be seen in the skies above and no Dragons of good had yet to be seen to counter them. However worse then all these rumors combined was the last one a most unnerving one that of the report of a flying fortress castle, though on a scale smaller then that of Craggian Core being used as the command HQ of the dark forces before him was very troubling. All he could was delay and try to keep alive what forces he could and buy the Kings more time...................

With the arrival of General Moning’s messengers the meeting room where now sat the dozen or so Kings of the realms around Trilogy in most danger, with The King of Shan’Tara the nominated leader was quiet with the news of just how large the forces of Karza were. None of them had envisioned such a horde on such a scale as what they now faced and the shock of it had briefly stopped a conversation in progress. King Pepper of Bra’Din was the first to speak and return to it.

“Is there any word of them, do we know if they are alive and still seek it?”
“No we do not,” Replied King Maridynn of Shan’Tara, “They acquired boats in the city of Star Falls and headed north up the river towards the Silver Lake and were reported to perhaps be entering the forests of Rod Ruin, but that is unconfirmed.”
“My god it has been almost two years since you sent them on this foolish quest Maridynn, and almost six months since this last sighting, why have we not heard something! We know they were being tracked, as the destruction of the port city of Chard Rush is proof of that. Did his wraiths of shadow kill them? Does he even now have his sword back” This spoken in high falsetto from the King of Mythgore.

“Foolish you say I did not send one who I considered my daughter on a foolish quest. Her real dad Allanan may be but I love her no less. We must continue as we have, gather, as many forces from all the lands be they Human, Elf, Dwarf or any of the other races of good here and then use them to fight as long as we can. Only the gods know if the group yet lives and will answer our prayers. Now back to more pressing matters have the promised legion of Elvin Archers arrived...........”
(DM OOC: Ok as only three of you posted I decided to put this filler post in to give you all another week for everyone to post and figure out what you still plan to do. Please post your character actions if you’re still in the game, we lost Lady Dark this week I would hate to lose and have to replace more players. Next Post Next Sunday.)

Posted on 2011-11-14 at 05:58:18.
Edited on 2011-11-14 at 06:07:35 by TannTalas

RDI Fixture
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Tad late

Upon seeing the beasts come out of nowhere, Kenji put his hands on his blades hilts and stood ready in case they approached, after hearing what some of them were planning;dispel what ever it is that was happening; the only thing he knew is that these were going to be tough. He stood silent and ready to attack upon the seconds notice. Mayhaps it was apart of his traveling alone, or that he would give his life for friends, regardless, he stood at the front of them and was prepared to defend on a moments notice.

Posted on 2011-11-15 at 03:20:02.
Edited on 2011-11-21 at 05:33:28 by Takley

Wee Grugglet
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Conall was sleeping in.

Conall paced on his shift of guard duty. This could very well be it. This might be the end of this whole thing. Perhaps he and Cynil could return back to his homeland, back to his plot of land and there, finally, begin something. The thought of this goal, this dream that he'd had for so long finally being able to come true gave Conall hope... and it gave him something to fight for. He would keep her alive.

Who knows, I might even survive this too. He thought with a bit of a chuckle.

As he was relieved from his shift, Conall gratefully took the chance to return to his sleeping spot. Before he lay down however, he took the time to grasp his holy symbol, and whisper to himself,

"Odin, grant me strength in the upcoming battle. Let not the evils triumph this day, but let us strike down all who would stand in our way. Of this I ask you. And let not the Valkyries come and steal myself, nor my love to bring to your keep. Of this, I beg you." With this brief prayer, Conall laid himself down to sleep.

As he woke, Conall felt rested, and strong. It would seem as though Odin smiled on Conall that day. The time had come. Let what may come at them. Conall would tear it apart if it stopped them, or threatened them.


The light that was growing stronger had Conall on his toes. If he had learned anything over the past adventures he'd had, it was that anything the glowed was usually sinister.

"Not always." he thought as he drew his sword. "But most."
Conall braced himself for whatever was to come, reaching out to his divine senses to detect evil in the room before him. The time was now to make his stand.

However, the once empty room now began to fill with a vile creature. Some distorted abomination that nobody could understand. What vile devil or demon designed this abomination should forever be tortured, and made to atone for his sins. However, that was an adventure for another time, maybe not even his. But what was important right now was slaying this foul abomination that Conall saw before him.

Before he rushed out to slay it however, Cor spoke first, calling out to the casters to attempt a magical assault, thinking it to perhaps be an illusion. Conall allowed them to have their try, though he knew this would not be something so easily defeated. He used to break however to detect evil again, so that in case this creature had a way to hide from being detected before, there was no chance to do it this time.

"Odin... It's not my time to meet you. Not yet."

Posted on 2011-11-18 at 18:25:25.
Edited on 2011-11-18 at 18:25:42 by gboy

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Posturing will get you nowhere, but it is fun.

Maggot slept well after his being knock unconscious and seeing the one beauty that is his poison chalice. He remained quite through all the talk prier to entering the room above. A sense of purpose filled the empty places of him once more. He had purpose in the past, several times in the past. Perhaps more than he could recall in one evening, but none as strong as this one in a very long time.

In the seconds before battle Maggot spoke, his voice was full of wisdom and concern. All laughter has fallen from his tone. “The light is what we seek and the one who needs this light stands with us. Keep her safe. The beast that stand before us are of natural origins but dwelling long in this place has turned and twisted them. Look not for magic to help destroy them but look for magic that will help us to destroy them. Arrows might find a mark upon these beast but only rarely and those are fired from the best of archers and even they would miss more oft than hit”

Maggot then glanced to the left and right of himself, “If this is to be the last of my days I am honored to spend it in such a grand company of people.”

The old man then felt a burning upon his back; he smiled with the well-known pain of the burden he has carried for so long. His attention then turned to the creatures that were before them, “I long to tell you to go and soon the torment that haunts this place will be gone. I long to say this and you understand. That will not happen so you will do what you do and we will do what we do and soon this moment in time will be read into the winds of history.” The old man then posed himself on the balls of his feet and with long sword in one hand and short sword in the other he gave a low growl that was of neither beast nor man. Silently he hoped their display would show these creatures what they faced and that it would be best to seek food elsewhere.

Posted on 2011-11-20 at 17:53:57.

Not Dragon Mistress
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Rayne had contemplated about those entities Althena had spoken of but in the end knew that she would have to deal with what she found when it was encountered. She had planned and prepare as best as she could and after her watch slept well--well as well as she could under the circumstances. As the others began to stir and ready themselves Rayne made read as well. Her simple prayers spoken in silence to Kith Jora her trail rations consumed. She stood and moves towards the top of the steps steps casts a bless. Saving Prayer for later.

Rayne intones the words clearly "By the Power of Kith Hora I Bless all good and light in the coming battle against the darkness and evil wherever it is found. Then she cast Barkskin on all the members of the party,

As the party ascended the stairs most quiet except from the casting of various spells, she carried her bow, that was the gift she had chosen with an arrow notched and ready. They entered on to the loot and stood taking in what they could see. The sword on a pedestal, the growing nimbus of blue-green light that shed some light in the area.. It seemed almost anticlimactic, until, out of the shadows came the creatures that Althena had spiked of. Abominations, aberrations call them what you will They were nothing natural. They were nothing Rayne had even encountered or heard of before. Something like the smaller cockroaches they had encountered yesterday. These were giants of their and hideously twisted is ways Mouths full of rows of teeth, spiked legs and no two of them were exactly alike. Those creatures had arrayed themselves into a semicircle blocking the party from the pedestal and the sword. What there intelligence of some sort here or were they being commanded. Or Could they be illusion. Rayne took that into consideration. She remembered the early warning about thins being real or not and how they would have to discern that if they were to succeed in their test.

So as the creatures or figments aligned themselves against the party Rayne simply disbelieved what she saw. If illusion they would w=fade, if real they would be dealt with.

"Kith Jora, Guide and protect us all." She lifts her bow and takes aim and waits ready for things to haooen.

Posted on 2011-11-20 at 18:20:09.
Edited on 2011-11-20 at 19:13:40 by Brianna

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Really Detect Evil ahhhh ok :)

With the party facing the ten creatures supposedly guarding the sword, the truth of them actually being there was in doubt. Having encountered quite a bit of illusionary magic within this mountain and its many rooms and tunnels so far, it was not beyond reason.

Rayne having blessed the party before the move up the staircase was the first to attempt to disbelieve the creatures before her, with no success. Whatever these creatures were, they were not an illusion, and she quickly relayed this bit of information to the rest.

With this information at hand Cor decided to try something else, and proceeded to attempt to turn the creatures before the party as if they were undead, yet in this he like Rayne before him was unsuccessful, the creatures before the party very much alive.
Maggot having no real thought on what do took yet another tack different from the rest and attempted with growls and menacing gestures to possibly scare the creatures away. As Alasdair, Althena, Kenji, Sirene and Cynil stood ready for come what may in the form of the creatures attacking, they watched in bewilderment as his attempt also failed, the creatures not even seeming to notice him.

Throughout this first attempt by the party to invoke some form of reaction from the creatures, Haila determined it best to grant Althena more protection from the mutated cockroaches then she had at present. Placing her hand on the Valar females exposed wriest, she cast upon her Protection from Evil. A smile from Althena as thanks in return the two ladies waited and watched as more of the party tried their tricks.

Ulthok having heard Cor’s call for the casting of the spell Dispel Magic did so watching along with the rest of the party as it seemed to have no effect what so ever on the creatures, the glowing glass case of light, or the room itself. Clearly, the magic here was of a much higher level then that of the Halfling Mage/Thief or in reality, there was no magic upon this floor at all.

The last of the party to attempt anything was the Paladin Conall. Perhaps in his heightened state of awareness he had not heard the words of Althena on the level of evil she felt. Perhaps he too had thought it all an illusion, a trick of the mind, not real at all. On the other hand, perhaps he had to be sure of it himself, unwilling to fully trust in the words of another, and so he called upon his power as a Paladin and sent forth his ability to Detect Evil.

Conall could not have really expected the backlash his attempt would create, though he had witnessed the effect of the evil within this temple on Althena ever since entering. Conall was a man of action, a holy warrior afraid of nothing and no one, armed with the greatest of weapons, a Holy Avenger. However, as easy as if a child kneeling to pray, he found himself on his knees racked with pain at the immense level of evil within this room alone. The Holy Avenger sword laying useless, his body wracked with bones shattering in pain, and he himself on the verge of unconscious, Conall found himself with broken bones all over his body causing him the loss of arms, hands, legs, shoulders and the fracturing of his ribs. However somehow he was yet lucky as none of the bones broken pierced a vital organ such as his heart or lungs and though for the moment helpless and severely wounded, he was not dead.

And still the mutated giant cockroaches made no move to attack, silently standing between the party and the glowing glass case possibly containing the sword they sought. For the moment to the party as a whole the true nature of the creatures and possible magic facing them was yet unknown and with a party member in need of serious help at their feet what would they do next?

(DM OOC: Ok there is this week’s post. As you know, my next post will be on Dec 4th to give you this week to spend with your families in thanks and celebration. So please be sure to post starting next week, or even this week if you want, if possible, the choice is yours. OK Happy Thanksgiving to all and I hope you all have a great holiday.)

Posted on 2011-11-21 at 06:16:16.

Kool Killer Kitty
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Mmm, love the smell of toasted bugs in the morning...

“Shh, ron teb’lye!” she whispered, half-giggling, to the moth-eaten teddy-bear cradled in the nook of her young, chubby arm. She loved this game. Her Mama would tell her to hide, and she would hide so well she wouldn’t find her for hours! She would squeeze herself beneath the floor of her tree-home, into a hollow between it and the giant mallorn below. She was as quiet and patient as the tressyms that floated through her village. No one would find her!

The small toy, dressed up to a close approximation of a halfling – all ruddy cheeks and hairy feet - let out a bathetic squeak in response to her gentle chiding. But, its sound was quickly drowned out by another. There was banging from above, shouting, grunting, and then…silence.

It didn’t seem like a game any more. But only the halfling teddy was there to catch the young elven girl’s tears, as she knelt in the dark alone and scared…

“The arrogance! What would make you think She would choose you above me, even if you are my daughter’s daughter? Are you so much better? She looked at her with haughty disregard. A single figure: beautiful, elegant and with a lifetime of learned wisdom in her eyes. “How do you know these voices that you hear aren’t just you?”

“They are me. That’s how the Lady speaks to me. You could hear them too if you listened hard enough!” Her voice quivered with passion as she confronted her accuser. But her voice also trembled with something more; a gnawing doubt that she may be right. After all was she not a mere stripling of an elf? Were they not all devoted servants of the Queen of Heaven?

“You would leave me?”

It was more accusation than question. The voice that uttered it cracked with age and with a love burdened by a lifetime of envy and regret.

She turned to look at its owner, expecting for a moment for him to be as he had been: strong and proud, with fiery red hair and fair, smooth skin. But he was not. Another creature stood in his place: stooped, wizened, old.

“Ona’n Edain” she whispered, although she knew it was no gift. He was cursed to die while she would endure; one tormented by the other’s eternal youth, and the other yearning for a youth long since spent.

“I…I found someone else,” she lied, turning her back on a life and a love she could no longer live or feel.

Sirène awoke from her reverie to find tears pooled at her eyes. The bitter visions of a restless night’s meditation were already fading, but Sirène did not need to remember the exact particulars to know what it was she had dreamt. It was the same as it had been since she had entered the accursed mountain: of doubt and loneliness and guilt. Doubt that she could be all that was expected of her; loneliness at barely knowing those in the company she kept; and guilt, always guilt, the product of a century’s worth of reflection upon past indiscretions.

She raised a delicate hand to finally chase away the tears that threatened to spill down her cheeks. Except the hand and its owner were no longer quite so delicate. Her nails were cracked, her skin smudged with dirt, and everywhere she could smell the thick, noxious odour of the insects that had attacked them some time before.

A quickly mouthed spell made her feel cleaner, but nothing could replace the scent of fresh soap, the tingle of water upon her skin, and the burning glory of the sun upon her form. She knew she was not made to be down here, so deep underground, so far away from all that she had once known.

She shook her head suddenly, rattling the long bangs of her black hair.

‘Enough self pity, Sirène. The Lady has purpose for you, and it’s about time you honoured it.’
The thought was chastening. She had treated the journey so far too lightly, and even when her comrades had fallen, the ease with which their spirits had been summoned back saved the need to mourn. But then she had died. And died, she realized, without having achieved anything.

‘Now’s the time that changed,’ Sirene resolved grimly. She conjured the elegant, blue tome in which she stored her arcane power, began to leaf through the fine, cursive script and trace symbols in the air – the beginning of spells she had once sworn she would only use in an emergency. “Sii’ i'coiasira,” she repeated.

It was the calm before the storm. Two sides arrayed for battle in the dim light of what could only have been the dim light of the Steel Maiden. On one side stood erstwhile heroes, and on the other creatures half-insect and half-scorpion – plucked straight from a fevered nightmare.

Siréne, though, gazed unflinchingly at the chittering host that emerged from the gloom, forcing herself to remain calm for the battle ahead. Until that was, Connall muttered some prayer to his god, and promptly keeled over, skin and bone splintering in a shower of blood.

“Aman Arwen suyollho,” Sirene mouthed, rushing to the human’s side, and imparting to him her Goddess’ blessing with a chaste kiss upon his lips. The tattoo that bisected her forehead blazed a vibrant blue, matching the burst of iridescent colour that shone through this gauzy clothing that covered even more intricate tattoos on her back. And, when the colour died, Connall’s wounds were healed.

“Normally I’d feel guilty of killing unthinking creatures. Today, not so much,” she added after Connall was back on his feet, and as she embarked on a flurry of spell-casting which bathed her form in another halo of blue light.

OOC: Seeing as we have a turn (10 rounds), Sirene will cast Heal on Connall, followed by Improved Invisibility, Fly (on herself), Conjure Fire Elemental, Haste, Bless, and Shield (on herself).

She’ll then fly up and get in position for some fireballage/cloudkillage.

The Elven portions translate as: “Shh, they’ll hear us!”; “The Humans’ Gift”; “Now’s the time.”; “Blessed Lady save him.”

Posted on 2011-11-26 at 21:58:11.

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Plan B

The casting of dispell magic had no effect, an effect mirrored by his own attempt to turn teh creatures. It was teh detect evil spell that had an effect, a grand but unwelcome one. It seemed the overwhelming evil caused the caster's body to overload. Seeing Sirene moving to offer healing, Cor focused on the task at hand.

"Everyone hold. The creatures took no notice of any of our doings and still simple stand guard. I believe they are here to keep the unworthy from taking hold of the sword. We have one amoung us who is destined to caryy the sword. As the rightful 'owner' I believe she is in no danger from the creatures." Cor looked to Althena, "Lass, do ye trust me? If you would, go forth and take up the sword. We all stand ready to come to your aid if I am wrong."

Cor waited for Althena's response.

Posted on 2011-11-27 at 16:38:57.

Epic Level Bard
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Ok, Plan B

Maggot listens to Cor's plan and whispers to himself, "Now that would be very easy and she is the one." He then notices one of his companions take flight and looks to see if any of the beasts take notice also.

Once more with matching long and short sword in hand the bard in Maggot will step aside and let the ranger take the lead on this battle.

Posted on 2011-11-29 at 01:57:51.

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Stupid cleric!

Cor was almost reasy to send Althena to reclaim teh sword based on a hunch. He knew better than that; even a noviciate knew better than that. "Aye, I be as stupid as a brain damaged orc" Cor said to no one in particular. "A moment lads and lasses. Lets see if Odin might give us some insight on this problem."

Cor dropped to a knee and prayed, "Father Odin I who am not worthy seek your divine guidance. Would it be safe to send Althena in alone to reclaim the sword? Would it be good to use high level magic in the offense against these creatures? I ask that you grant me a shred of your wisdom."

Cor waited for Odin to answer and hoped it would be a short wait.

Posted on 2011-11-29 at 02:46:11.

RP Noob
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My first post

Tomiki Kenji, Samurai, Ronin, stood ready while the others discussed how they would approach this situation which seemed to be the final objective of what had seemed to be a long quest to stop an evil sword. His swords, Tetsumeka and Sashoujoshu, rested quietly in their scabbards but thanks to his skill at Iaido (Fast Draw) they could be drawn and brought into play all in the same motion. He stood his feet shoulder width apart, facing the ‘things’ that apparently stood awaiting their first move. He let the others discuss their tactics with magic and such, his was the way of the sword, Bushido, thus he waited patiently for his chance to deal out damage in his own fashion.

Though his attention was on the beasts, he had a brief flash of memory, a time that seemed so long ago when his life had changed and he had been forced to leave his homeland and dwell here in the land of strange people and stranger powers.

The Bushido Isles
4 years earlier

Kenji walked out of the forest, his Daikyu long bow held in his left hand, a small dressed out deer slung over his shoulders; dinner for the night. He thought this would go wonderfully with dishes that Yukio would prepare for them this night. He smiled at the thought of his lovely wife, and how she and their son Takeo had fled with him when he had been forced to leave or be killed. How they had not complained or cried at having to leave all behind and to now live in seclusion. They had helped him to forget about the disgrace that had changed their lives.

His Daimyo, Lord Sato, had ordered his Samurai to destroy a village full of peasants all to spite another rival Daimyo. Kenji alone had been a sole discerning voice against the mass slaughter of innocent peasants. His Lord had ordered Kenji to join the slaughter regardless of his personal feelings; yet Kenji had a family of his own, a son like those below in the village. He had refused to take part in the murder and instead he left his Lord’s service; an act that was disgraceful and proclaimed himself a Ronin.

He had fled, taking his family with him and was now living far way; the simple life of a peasant, hunting and foraging for his family. They were content even though they lived in fear of the Daimyo seeking revenge for the disgrace of having one of his samurai refusing his orders and fleeing his service.

Yet Kenji’s wife and young 10 year old son were as content as he was in living a simple life; he had built a simple place in the forest, he had little contact with others around him in this new prefecture, and he most didn’t even know he had been a Samurai as he didn’t carry his swords, having hidden them away lest he need them.

This small yearling upon his shoulder would provide a fine supper and would provide salted meat for a couple more days if rationed properly. He had gone out hunting today as the meager meals of fish that he had been able to catch in a small nearby stream had not been very adequate. He would be the first to admit he was not a fisherman.

His mouth was watering at the prospect of the venison and could almost taste it and smell it; or wait, it was smoke he smelled. He paused and sniffed the air again, yes smoke, but more than a cooking fire should produce. Then he noticed smoke in the air; a lot of smoke, too much smoke.

Dropping the deer he broke into a run through the woods towards his house. Bursting through the brush he saw his simple hovel was ablaze; he stopped and gripped his bow a little tighter. He took a couple of staggering steps towards the blaze and then stopped. Before the burning structure he saw two small forms, one adult and one child.

A scream broke him out of the wave of grief that was starting to rise; he turned and saw a Samurai rushing at him with Katana drawn. He knew this man, Akikihi, a servant of his former Lord; Kenji notched and arrow and fired it from his bow into the man’s eye before he had crossed half of the clearing. More battle cries rang out as 3 more warriors rushed him with drawn blades; one more fell with a arrow through his throat.

Hefting the bow he dodged the strike of the closest attacker and struck him across the face with the bow before rolling away and towards one of his downed attackers. Coming to his feet he held the dead man’s katana in his hands. He wasted no words as they would have been useless. This men had somehow found him; their orders were clear, kill him and his family.

Kenji deflected the attack of the other man and laid open his gut with a backhanded slash; as the man dropped the razor-sharp blade removed his head in a single stroke. The last attacker, pulled up warily, wiping blood from his face where the bow had struck him. He carefully circled Kenji, wary that the man was armed and very dangerous.

Kenji’s face was a mask of hatred and rage as he rushed at the man; it was over quickly. A strike, a parry, a riposte and the man’s head joined his companion’s upon the ground. Kenji screamed with rage and snapped the katana across his knee and threw the pieces away. Rushing to the bodies of his family he confirmed what he already knew; his wife and child were dead.

He had buried them that evening; he didn’t know any rituals but he wrote a simple prayer upon some parchment and rolled it up securing it with a strip of red cloth and tied it to the marker he placed above their graves. Returning to the burned out building now he searched though the ashes until he found a certain spot; digging there he soon dug up a long wooden box. Opening it he removed his swords and slipped them into his belt. With a last glance at the graves of his wife and son he turned and headed to what he thought would be his death as well.

Days later, he crouched among the brush outside the home of Lord Sato. He knew the patterns and timing of the guards and it had been easy enough to move among them without being spotted. They no doubt thought him dead or that he soon would be; he had wasted no time in coming as he didn’t want them to suspect that the assassins they had sent were dead.

Waiting until early morning when the household would be asleep and the guards lax, he slipped in a side window and avoiding the guards had made it to the Lord’s quarters. The guard outside the door he had needed to kill; there was no getting past him unseen. Stepping over the body he slipped in the door to the Lord’s bedchamber he moved to stand over the man. He had thought to awaken the man; to confront him about the slaying of his family, but he knew nothing the man would say would stay his hand. Silently he drew his katana and with a repressed cry of rage he pierced the man through the chest. Lord Sato’s eyes opened wide and he looked up into the face of his killer; without a sound they slowly closed as a ragged breath escaped his lips.

He had not deemed this man worthy of an honorable death; no this was better than he had deserved. Withdrawing his sword he wiped the blood on the man’s robes before sheathing it and then silently slipping out of the house once more.

He had fled his homeland then, the dead men that had killed his wife and son would tell that he was still alive and the murder of the Lord would be attributed to him without doubt. There was no longer any place he could hide among the Bushido Isles now; he had expected to die when he had gone after the Lord and had thought of committing Seppuku after his revenge was done. But the memory of his wife and son haunted him; he had failed them and he didn’t deserve to join them in the afterlife, not yet anyway. One day perhaps, one day.

The Present
Kenji snapped out of his thoughts, and turned his attention to what Cor was saying as he didn’t believe what he was hearing.

"Everyone hold. The creatures took no notice of any of our doings and still simple stand guard. I believe they are here to keep the unworthy from taking hold of the sword. We have one amoung us who is destined to caryy the sword. As the rightful 'owner' I believe she is in no danger from the creatures." Cor looked to Althena, "Lass, do ye trust me? If you would, go forth and take up the sword. We all stand ready to come to your aid if I am wrong."
Kenji grunted and turned to face them then a look of doubt upon his face. He was ready to speak up and proclaim that someone should go with her to protect her and he was going to volunteer to be the one. He had no magic abilities and therefore might not be considered as great a threat as the others but before he could speak his mind it seemed that Cor had a flash of sense.

"Aye, I be as stupid as a brain damaged orc" Cor said to no one in particular. "A moment lads and lasses. Lets see if Odin might give us some insight on this problem."

Cor dropped to a knee and prayed, "Father Odin I who am not worthy seek your divine guidance. Would it be safe to send Althena in alone to reclaim the sword? Would it be good to use high level magic in the offense against these creatures? I ask that you grant me a shred of your wisdom."

Kenji nodded and grunted his approval, not at Cor checking with his god as he cared not for such things; he believed that a person’s fate was his own to make in this world but he did not besmirch Cor his own beliefs. He turned back to face the ‘Guardians’ of the sword and stood ready to do battle; he just hoped it was before they all died of old age. Unseen a tiny smile came to his lips at the thought that he had just made a joke; it was something he would have thought impossible until lately. His new companions seemed to have a way of making him relax somewhat and not be so stiff, though he doubted they would see him that way. His quiet demeanor and silence often made him seem cold and heartless perhaps, but he was far from that and in the heat of battle his true passion came to the forefront. Since his family had been taken from him it was all that he had left anymore; that and his new friends.

Yes, Friends, that is how he saw them. He cared for them and would die to protect them; it was like he had found a new family of a sort. He just hoped that he didn’t let them down like he had his real family; the tiny smile faded to be replaced by a scowl as his left hand gripped the handle of his Katana.

Posted on 2011-11-29 at 11:56:25.

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Preparing for peace with swords drawn...

‘Fire.’ A single thought burned in her mind: that of the living, naked flame. Is could protect with its warmth and devour until nothing was left but ash. She had to think of that flame, live for a moment as that flame, before she could control it and summon it…

Cor’s deep, rumbling baritone, intruded suddenly upon Sirène’s spellcasting. It was not the volume with which he spoke, but what he claimed was the correct course of action: that Althena should step forth unaided amidst the beasts that confronted them.

‘Doesn’t make sense,’ she could not help but think, before Cor, suffering some change of heart, decided to ask his god for guidance.

“For what it’s worth, I don’t think it’s worth the risk,” Sirène responded, deciding finally to give voice to her doubts. “If this is some test which Althena can pass through without harm, why weren’t the previous tests designed that way? For all we know, these creatures may not have been designed by Allanan at all, but some evil that wants to possess the sword or even the sword itself.”

OOC. Just saying in character what I was saying our of character Sirene is going to continue casting her litany of spells (if allowed by the DM).

Posted on 2011-11-29 at 21:15:43.

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Hiding in plain sight......

Ulthok stood there gazing across room, everything was unchanged. He could only determine that all he saw was real. The strength that created these creates was great and it wasn’t friendly.

As the small mage watch he saw Conall reach out to determine the evil that guiding this transition from creature to monster. Ulthok had seen Paladins reach out though their faith to aid their charges, determining and detecting where and how much evil faced them. The crushing rebound that befell the valiant warrior stopped Ulthok in his tracks. The sheer magnitude of evil that was present in that room was devastating. Conell seemed to crumble before his eyes, his body collapsing as it shattered on the inside. Before he could rush to his aid Sirene glided to his side. The lovely enchantress quickly started aid. Her gentle touch and skilled spells would relieve the pain and help restore their valiant friend.

Seeing this power of evil that so easily brought their companion to his knees Ulthok he needed to do something… something….. could he help protect Althena…..she was their reason for being here and their hope….what?

He thought that perhaps his spells would be better as defense instead of attack. Perhaps he could help conceal her from notice. Turning to Althena, “My Lady this is for your protection, may it aid you.” Reaching into his supply pouch he pull a very valuable item, a pinch of diamond dust. “May their magic not detect you, for you are the one they seek.” Touching her arm he settled a subtle Non-Detection on the Valar.

Backing away he wondered what else could he do.

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And so the Fight Begins!

As the party and the mutated creatures faced each other, each waiting for the other to be the first to blink many things among the party were happening. Having found the creatures guarding the sword, yet not having been attacked by them directly had thrown the party into a calm state of confusion.

With Conall’s attempt to Detect Evil back firing due to the massive amount in this room alone, the party was further thrown into the unknown of what they truly faced. As Sirene moved quickly to help the fallen Paladin, with help in doing so from Alasdair, it was here that the talk turned to ways to avoid a fight. The first of these thoughts came from Cor

"Everyone hold. The creatures took no notice of any of our doings and still simple stand guard. I believe they are here to keep the unworthy from taking hold of the sword. We have one among us who is destined to carry the sword. As the rightful 'owner' I believe she is in no danger from the creatures." Cor looked to Althena, "Lass, do ye trust me? If you would, go forth and take up the sword. We all stand ready to come to your aid if I am wrong."
"Now that would be very easy and she is the one." This from Maggot

“For what it’s worth, I don’t think it’s worth the risk,” Sirène responded. “If this is some test which Althena can pass through without harm, why weren’t the previous tests designed that way? For all we know, these creatures may not have been designed by Allanan at all, but some evil that wants to possess the sword or even the sword itself.”
Althena hearing Cor’s, Maggot’s and Sirene’s words did not turn to face the two of them as she answered, her gaze only looking forward towards the sword.

“I do not know Cor, but if you are wrong and I die, which of you then shall carry it, forever losing your soul in the process. Do we take that chance?”
"Aye, I be as stupid as a brain damaged orc, a moment lads and lasses. Lets see if Odin might give us some insight on this problem." Dropping to a knee the dwarf began to pray, casting two spells of Augury back to back.

"Father Odin I who am not worthy seek your divine guidance. Would it be safe to send Althena in alone to reclaim the sword? Would it be good to use high-level magic in the offense against these creatures? I ask that you grant me a shred of your wisdom."
The Dwarf Knight Cleric himself was surprised by the speed of the all father’s response and the manner of them. As both vision’s and words he received coming almost at the end of his prayer, as if Odin had been waiting for it.

From deep inside an empty room
A cathedral bell begins
Ringing out its toll
This stand-off eating at time

A female figure moving forward all alone
At once a silence falls
As the bell ceases its chime
A creature of flame appearing

Upon this sign, the creatures
With shrieks and cries rush forth
Knives and swords, teeth and claws
Out like bullets fly
Upon their deadly course

Screams of pain and agony
Rent the silent air
Amidst the parties dying bodies
Blood runs everywhere

The creatures crouch expressionless
All ten impassive and alone
Unmoved by their victory
And the seeds of death they’ve sown.

As Cor spoke and received the answers to his Augury’s others of the party were also not idle, taking actions to help himself or herself, or another, to be better prepared for the coming fight.

For Ulthok this was to cast the spell of Non-Detection on Althena.

For Haila this consisted of Protection from Evil in a 10 foot Radius around the party, centered mostly on Althena.

For Sirene this was the continuation of casting spells upon herself after having cast heal upon Conall, the first of them causing her to vanish from the parties sight. Then the spell of fly she cast, rising lightly to hover just above the floor. However, it was her next spell in secession that changed the stand off to full combat in an instant, as with the appearance of the Fire Elemental the mutated Roach/Scorpions attacked!!

The party, most casting one spell or another, were caught fully off guard except for Kenji, Maggot, and Rayne. Not having time to react they thus granted seven of the ten creatures a free round of attacks.

Kenji having kept a close eye on the creatures crouched before the party saw them move and rush towards the party first. With both swords ready, he moved forward and intercepted the first creature to close with him. His swords like a living part of him struck the creature true, all inflicting solid hits!…, however to the Samurai’s shock the scored strikes did nothing!. Both of his swords bouncing off the creatures hide.

The creatures return attacks vs the Samurai were a combination of claw/claw/leg/leg/bite and an attempt to grab him with its mandibles. Of the six attacks Kenji was struck by a both claws and a leg, but was able to avoid the second leg attack, the bite, and the gripping mandibles. Dodging for better position the Samurai warrior set himself ready for round two.

Maggot however was not as lucky as Kenji was even though like the Samurai before him he too scored four solid hits with his long sword and dagger. Only to have them also bounce off the creature’s skin leaving not a mark. The creatures return attacks were deadly in that the Ranger/Bard was hit by four out of six of the creature’s attacks and found himself lifted off the floor gripped between its mandibles. His arms and hands free, along with the weapons held in them, Maggot was in trouble.

Rayne had stood ready with her bow, Andurile’s Blood, an arrow nocked and a second ready and as the creatures moved fired the first, then quickly the second and watched as both turned to bolts of energy and hit the creature headed towards her head on! Only to see that the energy arrows, as had the weapons of Kenji and Maggot, had no effect.

As for the rest of the party things were not much better as only Conall, having yet to rise from the floor though fully healed, Sirene for the moment invisible, and Althena, escaped taking hits and damage from the mutated creatures.

Cor, rammed while still on one knee, was flung almost to the stairs edge, hit four times by a claw, both legs, and a bite.

Haila was trampled as the creature before her attacked, hitting with both it’s legs and a strike from it’s scorpion like tail as it continued past her headed for Althena. Feeling at once the flow of poison in her veins the Fighter/Mage could only guess at its possible effects, having failed her save vs. poison.

Cynil barreled into head on by the creature before her took three hits a claw, a leg and its bite and found herself toe to toe with a creature twice her size. At least in this next round she would be able to fight back.

Alasdair having moved to help Sirene had not a single weapon drawn and with his shield upon his back was the only one of the party hit by all six attacks, the roach/scorpion choosing to strike with its tail instead of attempting to grab the Paladin. His save vs. poison successful, a grunt of pain as he stood, quickly placing the item he held in his hand within his tunic he drew sword and shield to him, ready for the next round.

Ulthok found himself at a huge disadvantage size wise to the creature moving towards then past him headed for Althena. Though he clearly was not the target of the creature he still took two hits as it passed, that of it’s left claw and a leg, and found himself after recovering to now be behind the creature. He could not be in a more perfect location for a back stab attempt.

Althena the last of the party to act, having already been placed behind the rest of the party, was like Conall and Sirene one of its members not to take damage. As the speed of the creatures movements were hampered by having to push past those of the party in front, she had but a few moments to think of what had set the roach/scorpion creatures to the attack. Coming up blank all she could do was draw her Vorpal sword and one of her Daggers of Armor Piercing and await the two creatures headed for her to come within striking range.

With no orders to attack, defend or to take any action Sirene’s Fire Elemental for the moment just watched.

The ease of the creature’s ability to hit making it seem as if the party were unarmored, they could not help but attempt to pull closer together with Althena once more in the center. However, with two of the roach/scorpions beyond and behind their wall of magic & steel this would be no easy task.

(DM OOC: OK you are now officially in combat rounds. For those of you who took damage I will have that damaged posted sometime tomorrow afternoon so please check the character thread for the amounts. Ok Next post next Sunday.)

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fire good:fire bad

Cor heard the words from Odin but they were too late for him to stop Sirene. He knew as soon as he saw the fire elemental blink into existance that it was a mistake. The room was filled with the sounds of combat but the results were not those the party expected. Mandibles and claws passed through armor as if it was fine cloth. Weapons glanced off the creatures without damage. the creatures however were dealing plenty of damage of their own.

Cor felt the wounds he had taken and knew they were not too serious; he had been one of the lucky ones. "So much for no offensive spells; if you have them use them now. And for Odin's sake make them high level ones and area effect ones if possible." Cor readied his axe and took aim at the creature before him. "If your weapons are not highly enchanted they will do ya nay good. The wee beasties seem to be more powerful vesions of their kin of previous aquiantance." he called while hoping his axe was good enough to return damage and that Odin's words had been but one possible future and not set in stone.

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