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Derynilord ( Posted on 2006-10-01 at 06:59:26.)

Town and Shopping ------------------------------
With his lady holding his arm, both Alasdair and Althena departed the stables. Af'til had given them information to follow up on as well as a request for something befitting his calling. As they walked away he said to Althena, "Hmm, what nature of beast to you think might be prowling the area north of here?" Then with a short pause he uses his psionics to tell her more, "Perhaps when we are around others we should use this way for private communications? Even if it is not private, this does lend itself to keeping conversations from prying eyes and ears and affords us a certain edge when needed." he mentally sent to her mind.

Happy to be about town alone, they walked and discussed things quietly, all the while enjoying the quiet time together. Never one to totally let his gaurd down, Alasdair kept his left hand on the hilt of his sword as they walked together. With a weary eye towards the unknown, he kept part of himself on watch, always alert to their surroundings.

Knowing that others of their group were also taking their time today to see what the town had to offer he decided to address part of their reason for getting out today. "M'lady I know that this small town does not offer the likes of what I would have given thee under different circumstances... but I do want to exchange between us symbols of our love and pledge to each other," said Alasdair as he quietly and intentionaly guided them to the front of Fort Panzer's only magic shop in hopes that they might find two matching rings inside. "I felt that rings would be more symbolic then matched blades, those come later..." says Alasdair with a whimsical charm and smile.

(OOC: Should anything be suspicious, Alasdair will use his psionics to Heighten Senses and look around and/or listen to what has him on edge. After leaving the magic shop, they will head toward the local fletcher's shop, and lastly to the bladesmith/armory, to see what may be found and in an attempt to learn something about Af'til's beast and local/regional events.)

Posted on 2006-10-04 at 07:07:38.

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Moving On ( Posted on 2006-10-02 at 02:50:15.)

The party in town for a 24 hour rest, shopping, sleep and a turn at the watch given to all but Af’til. 9 weary travelers with so many more miles of travel ahead for this moment at a semi peace.....

Ulthok with the Lady Haila beside him did head into the small town on a quick shopping run before the Female Fighter/Mages watch as such did find themselves in the Fletcher’s shop to find before them a large human working on a long bow of the most beautiful white material either had before seen. Looking up the man did greet them

"Hello good Lady and Sir how may I be helping you this fine morn.??"
"Yes fine morning it is good sir. I am Ulthok and the lovely lady at my side is Halia. I must say the wood of that fine bow you are working on is quite extraordinary, may I inquire about the woods origin?"
"Surely you jest my good Halfling for this be not wood, but crafted from the rib bone of a Dragon, a Gold Dragon in fact, given to me freely in friendship. It is my most prized possession and before you ask, not for sale."
Though said with a smile, but yet in a gruff way, clear it was to both it was not meant as mean, with a close look upon the shelves and the finding of nothing magical in nature, the arrows and handmade bows all normal, the two did bid the Fletcher good day and did depart. The next stop was that of the Magical supply shop and after a short time yet again the two were to be disappointed as nothing on its shelves were needed by any in the group. In fact the shelves seemed empty as if anything of use had already been taken as was proved when the shopkeeper, when asked the why of this, spoke of hunters of a rumored beast to the North having bought most of his items only that morn.

So it was they finally arrived at their last destination that of the Alchemist and here too very little was left on the shelves. With a little discussion with the owner of the shop the Halfling and his human companion did manage to walk away with 2 more Potions of Extra Healing and 1 of Fire resistance. Then it was quickly back to the Inn for the start of Haila’s watch and the Halfling did to his own room go....

Af’til the rumor of a creature told to him by the young serving boy did at once send out his call to any barn sparrows or other inhabitant of the stables to collect any information about a “beast” perhaps lurking to the North. In only a matter of a few hours he had all of info but most of it the same. Though no animal as such had witnessed such a creature there was yet a small undercurrent of fear as if something bad did lurk somewhere out of sight. For all of that it could mayhap be a normal predator that caused such fear, for truly the Ranger/Cleric had no way of knowing the cause of the animals low level fear.

He would as was his duty pass on this information to Alasdair or another but for now with nothing concrete a rumor it yet stayed, so back to the rubbing of the parties mounts he returned to....

With their earlier much needed conversation over, a time set to meet and some sleep and bath’s for each of them had, Alasdair and Althena did decide to check on Af’til and take in the town. With a stop first to converse with the Lady Haila to inform through her Conall of their intent to walk the small town to the Stables they did go. From the Ranger/Cleric they did learn of a rumor spoken of a creature to the North and with a promise to gather anything of interest to him the two did go about the town. Their path eventually leading them to the front of the magical supply shop they as such did enter. As with the Halfling and female Human before them most of the items inside were gone, the shelves empty, and after a few exchanged pleasantries with the shop keeper the two were on the verge of leaving, when Alasdair’s eye was drawn to a fancy glass jar sitting alone on a far shelf. As he approached he saw that which he had hoped to find, two rings of gold matching in beauty and color, each with a emerald gem, and sized for a man and a women.

They came into my custody as unclaimed after the troopers of the garrison here killed the robbers that had taken them. They have sat on that shelf for almost 5 years now never having been bought. Some claim that they are magical in some way but no wizard has yet to detect anything at all about them, they just sit and gather dust as if awaiting the right person or couple to buy them."
Alasdair and Althena then, as the Cavalier did take the jar from the shop keeper, feel something within themselves, a sense that normal rings these were not but in what way not normal for the moment unknown did ask their price.

"Price well to be honest ye two be the first to ask that in 5 years everyone before you, though interested at first, seem to lose that interest when they hold said jar, and that’s why some believe them to be magical or cursed and as crazy as it may sound mayhap awaiting the right wearers if that makes any sense.
Ye still want them after holding the jar??"

Upon Alasdair’s nod of yes the shop keeper did surprise them with his next words.

"Then I give them to you free as a gift, for mayhap if the thoughts be true and magical the rings are, then maybe its you two they have been waiting for."
With a thank you to the shop keeper from both and while the rings were removed and a pair of silk pouches were located, Alasdair did quickly leave a small pouch of 50 Platinum pieces in place, not hidden yet for the moment out of sight, and with the two new rings the two of them did leave the shop and to the Inn return, Alasdair’s watch not so far away....

Conall his breakfast finished found himself, though tired, in need of a sleep aid. With a stop at the small bar inside of the Inn’s common room and a few tankards of ale inside him the Paladin did finally find his way to his room to gain some much needed sleep before his watch.
But neither a restful sleep or a long one was it to be as he found himself plagued by a most vivid dream, a dream of a women so lovely and fair, only to be found in another’s arms in front of him.
The voice of an old hag tormenting him throughout, telling him of his worst fears and in the end the Paladin’s own sword thrust through his own heart to prevent his killing of the lovely maiden. Ohh a love perhaps once had, but clearly now gone.

With the dream/nightmare over and Conall awake once more, yet clearly still in the grip of to the previous dream, to the common room he did return to once again seek solace in a bottle of sprites. With his mind perhaps in the past Conall sat and sipped from that bottle for sometime. Into midday and beyond, people came and went. Stories told and conversations had but Conall heard little to nothing of them until the time of his watch. With his relief of the Lady Haila, the smell of sprites clearly strong upon his breath, and told by her of Althena and Alasdair’s walking of the town. The Paladin did stand his time with no incident until the hour of Lady Cynil’s time. With a determined look upon his face and liquor yet on his breath the switch at guard with very little talk done and over, the lady Cynil on the clock. The Paladin returned to his room to fall into a alcohol induced sleep....

The Druid’s watch if that was what it was to be called was as uneventful as watching ants in a line move across the floor. Though she had smelled the sprites she for the moment said nothing as he looked so determined. But the look and the smell made her feel... uncertain. A feeling did cross her then, not so much envy or pity, but more closer to Sorrow, maybe. To her Elvin eyes it is clear for this moment he is very human, and mayhap troubled by something he is clearly not ready to reveal to her or the rest. As she did follow him out into the hall, saying nothing, and took over the watch. With Conall in his room and now on her own in the lightly lit hall she moved discreetly to the shadows setting a quiet guard. With the coming of Alasdair for his shift she did try to give him more time with his lady love, but alas that was not to be for the Cavalier, his time on watch part of his fair share of the work, sent her with a thank you on her way back to wherever she might decide to go....

The frustrating pace of the party was beginning to settle with Magma. His had always it seemed been a life of forced marches, many a battle against enemies that threatened his home and King and always it seemed never still, perhaps he could get use to this lifestyle – but unlikely.

With Ulthok come to wake him for his watch and the telling of a boring one for the halfling Magma did find a quiet yet excellent spot and begin his own.
With his relief by Cor and a last reading of his gear, sharpen blades, oiling and buffing out the rust spots he was once again hoping to depart, down to a breakfast of oatmeal and ale, always a favorite, he waited for the word to move on. The dwarf in some ways hoping for a battle as this trip since Chard Rush was downright boring.
Ahhh to swing his axe in a good fight and to stand victorious over his enemy, now that was something to look forward to.

Now if he could only get the rest of them off their butts and moving everything including a fight could be found, Magma thought to himself with an ironic smile knowing the whole purpose was to avoid any such fight and get the Lady Althena to their destination unharmed. But a dwarf he was and that would never change and as such he still hungered for the call of battle but for now he would keep that not so secret, secret to himself and ride on until called once again to battle was he....

Cor having the last watch had been up for a while, standing guard against any danger on the outskirts of fortified outpost of civilization... Leaning back in the chair in which he was seated the dwarf sighed as he continued to braid another strand of his long, red beard. His morning vespers already preformed he now awaited on his companions to continue to join him in breakfast and to continue their mission. Despite how devoted he was to the cause, the noble priest couldn't bring himself to a level of excitement about the prospect of riding once again. His backside was still rubbed raw and that blasted animal seemed to take great joy in the most uneven gait just to throw its rider about.
With the light of day pouring through the inn's windows Magma appeared in the common room ordering a bowl of oatmeal and a mug of ale he did join the Cleric at the table the first of the party to be awake. Cor thought that the other dwarf looked to be in a sour mood, itching, it would seem, to be underway. How different, yet how alike, these two Children of the Earth were. Cor considered the near militaristic methodology in which Magma approached his tasks: blunt, straightforward, and determined. It wasn't unlike the way the priest approached his theology. Yes, they were much alike and yet very very different.

But with the arrival of all but Af’til, he yet in the barn a morning meal sent, with food in front of them all now Cor did bring up the question surely on the minds of all

"So Alasdair do we this morning leave or do we again await the night."
With everyone looking to the Cavalier they awaited his plan of the day.....

(OOC: Ok great posting everyone this post, thanks to DA and Alasdair, took me awhile to write and it is now 4:00am Texas time and I started at Midnight. ok as you can see I took a little liberty with a few of the characters to help move the game along.
Well like normal next post next Sunday. I hope to see maybe with the arrival of DA and her and Alasdair's great interactive posts,possibly spark more interaction between all of you guys ok, for I really don’t mind having to write these long posts.)

Posted on 2006-10-04 at 07:10:14.
Edited on 2006-10-04 at 08:33:05 by TannTalas

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Evening Watch

With many a question and thought on their minds Alasdair and Lady Althena mused at their new rings. With a smile, he said, "M'lady I would suggest that we look these over together and talk tonight whilst I stand my watch. As these may be cursed, I would endeavor to find that out before either of us wears them. Besides, I am sure that your feet could use some rest. For now lets return to the Inn for an evening meal together before my watch begins," finished Alasdair holding out his arm for the lady to hold onto.

When they return to the Inn Alasdair's first task is to check on Af'til and give him a short break if needed. Afterwards he as he had indicated orders a large meals for Lady Althena and the others to enjoy. He asks those of his party present in the common room, "Hmm, what have any of ye heard whilst spending our day in Panzer?" With the meal and conversation dying down, he readied himself for his turn at watch and was surprised when Lady Cynil whispered into his ear, " "Stay with her; the night is good to me. I can watch the hours pass and wake Ulthok when his turn has come." Though he yearned to accept her offer, he gently patted her should and relied, "Aye m'lady, I would indeed love to accept thy generous offer. However... I do think it would be inappropriate for my not to take my turn at watch. If the Althena would honor me with her company still, then in this room shall we spend it till my turn at watch is over," said Alasdair in a soft warm voice. With a smile he continued, "Perhaps it is you who should be getting some sleep or checking on someone close, I've heard Conall's restless sleep these past few weeks, please check on him before turning in for the night," asked Alasdair with a gentleness not often heard by the others, except Lady Althena.

As the others eventually leave the common room, he turns to his love and says, "M'lady this has truly been a wonderous day. Would ye please sit with me awhile?" asks Alasdair as he takes out the small pouch that the two rings are in. Placing them on the table he asks, "Pretty are they not? An interesting tale the shop keeper gave us regarding their history. Perhaps we should seek to learn something of them before deciding to claim them as our token of love?" asks Alasdair.

(OOC: - Alasdair will use the Psionic abilities of Psionic Sense, Contact and Probe to try and learn what he may of the rings)

Posted on 2006-10-04 at 07:14:22.

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The Rumor mill operates.

As Ulthok and His companion Halia made their way from shop to shop it came to their realization that this little fort town held nothing of any real interest it seemed that most of the shops shelves where empty.Finally at one shop he found out why.
When asking about the state of the empty shelves the owner spoke of a run on all of his items due infact to a rumor.
The shopkeeper told them of some hunters who spoke rumors of some beast to the north,causing many to come and buy up all he had.After their last stop they came away with two more potions of extra healing and one of fire resitance but no more.Upon returning Halia had to start her watch and Ulthok at first returned to his room.
Intriged by what he had heard of a beast lurking in the north woods he makes two deceisions one to talk to the one other person who may be able to investigate such talk that being the Ranger Af'Till, and the other is to once again call in Omensaman his owl and send her off on another recon mission into the north woods before their departure on the morrow.So calling in his owl he departs to her what he would like for her to do for him he sends her off to gather any thing she can about what is happening in the north woods.Then he walks over to the stables and finds Af'Till.

So how goes the watching of our fine mounts my good sir, I can see you have been keeping them well rubbed and taken care of.Anyways mounts aside I have come to speak with you about a rumor I picked up while shopping in the town.Seems the locals have bought up everything that may be used as a weapon because of some rumor brought back by some hunters about some beast prowling the woods north of here.
At this point Af'Till stops the Halfling and imparts to him his own investigation into said rumor tell of sending out the swallows and other creatures.

Though no animal as such had witnessed such a creature there was yet a small undercurrent of fear as if something bad did lurk somewhere out of sight. For all of that it could mayhap be a normal predator that caused such fear, for truly I have no way of knowing the cause of the animals low level fear.

Ulthok thens tells Af'Till,Well I have also sent a scout into the north woods in search of any info or clues about what is causing this rumor and fear amoung the people and animals here.Omensaman has be sent out to prowl and patrol the north woods and return with all info she may gather for us before we head out on the marrow.
Well my friend keep up the good work with our mounts and I will see you tomorrow for now I must rest untill watch time.
Leaving he returns to his room for rest before his watch.

Posted on 2006-10-05 at 06:43:14.

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Two Rings (Alasdair/Althena Interaction)

With their new rings in their possession, the lord Alasdair and his lady Althena returned to the Inn. It was after their dinner, and while he was on watch, that Alasdair began to probe the two rings, while Althena looked on.

First placing the two rings together on a nearby table he began by using the ability of psionic sense. He gleaned nothing from this. Next he tried the power of contact. Again, nothing. He was growing increasingly sure that the rings were not cursed. Still, he tried one last thing. The ability of probe. Upon this attempt he did sense something, for but a fleeting moment before it was gone, as if whatever he had sensed was just out of reach.

Having come to the conclusion that the rings were in fact, not cursed, the couple who were so much in love, placed the rings on each other's fingers. It was here that something happened. Almost at once the two felt closer to each other, and they knew that they would never again be apart. Yet at the same time, something was also blocking them. It was as if another magic, or item perhaps, was interfering somehow, yet nothing Alasdair or Althena tried would reveal to them what, if anything, could be doing this. However, with the rings on both of their fingers, and no aparent curse thus far, Alasdair kept his watch with his lady Althena cuddled in his arms. They sat like this for a couple hours before Alasdair realized Althena was falling asleep. Once realizing this, he shifted just slightly, cuddling her more closely to his chest, and placed a tender kiss on her brow as she drifted off to sleep, safely in his arms.

Posted on 2006-10-05 at 09:56:11.

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Return of an Owl (Ulthok Interaction)

As Ulthok on his watch did stand the premature return of his owl Omensaman did take him by surprise.

The owl though having found no indication of any sort of creature did feel a fear not normal to the animals of the area for this time of year. Mayhap a pack of wolves come down to hunt or some other natural predator the owl did think perhaps. But as for a monster no signs did the owl find yet a growing fear was there.

Posted on 2006-10-05 at 10:05:33.

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What is this?

Conall awoke some time during his slumber and found need for a chamber pot and some fresh air. He grabbed his pipe pouch and made his way to the common room after making use of the chamber pot in his room. When he walked into the common room he saw the lady Althena in the arms of Alasdair. With out hesitation he walked up to the table the two were at and bumped it with his hand, “The Lady Althena looks like nothing more than a common bar room harlot and if you have any mind of taking this any further know we will cross swords. I have given you your space and this is how I find you repay that space.”

Posted on 2006-10-06 at 09:48:23.

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Weary and on guard

As Alasdair and Lady Althena pondered their new rings and could not determine their true intent or powers, he looked her in the eye and said, "M'lady, though our current situation and location would never have crossed me as being appropriate... (picks up her ring and takes her left hand) I offer you this ring as a token of my love, as a symbol of our love and a public token of the pledges we've made between us in this life and beyond. My sword and shield shall be your protection and you shall forever be first in my heart and in my thoughts..." says Alasdair as he slowly slids the ring onto the ring finger of her left hand. His heart races as she likewise affirmed her feelings of love and devotion to him. Once the rings were upon both fingers, they did feel some kind of power stirring, but each was unable to grasp the power or fully comprehend what had just occured.

With a gentle smile Alasdair motioned for Althena to sit closer to him, as he knew that his watch was far from over and that she was indeed tired. As she drifted off to sleep he shifted to allow her a more confortable position in which to rest. After awhile, Alasdair heard a door open and footsteps draw closer. Hoping is was Ulthok, come to take his watch, he was surprised when Conall placed his hand upon the table and said "The Lady Althena looks like nothing more than a common bar room harlot and if you have any mind of taking this any further know we will cross swords. I have given you your space and this is how I find you repay that space."

With a soft sigh he looked up at Conall and said, "Keep your voice quiet, for the Lady does still sleep and I've no desire to wake her." Holding up his left hand and turning the ring upon his own finger he continued, "We too know of propriety and of the appropriateness of duty and honor. Nothing has past between us which should offer your high ideals... nor am I so niave as to really think that she of all people needs your permission to fall in love, accept a proposal of marriage or to exchange vows as we have done. She is not some little girl to be protected, but a full grown woman who was born long before you or I were a glimmer in our grandparents eyes. I know that I am not her first love, though I am honored that she feels I am her last love and her only true love. Please dear Conall do not marr tonights pleasantness with unfounded feelings or challenges," said Alasdair.

Shifting to keep Althena comfortable, he then continued and looks Conall square in the eyes and said "If finding a priest in the morning calms your senses then so be it, but be it known here and now, that when this is all over, we still intend on a public ceremony with the King's blessings and you as my best man... If all that I have said now still meets with your disfavor and you need to 'cross swords' with me, then I shall not disappoint you... but for now let it rest until the sun rises. For as soon as Ulthok releaves me from my watch, I intend to carry Althena to her bedroom to sleep." With an intentional and forced grin he said, "but how such as you could confuse a woman, let alone a 'lady' in love with a bar room harlot is beyond me, perhaps you've more experience in bar rooms than me. Rest assured that there is nothing 'common' about her or our situation," jested Alasdair in hopes that Conall would accept what had been said and refrain from pushing a topic that would only lead to one end. An end that would be tragic for one of them and to the mission itself.

Posted on 2006-10-06 at 11:28:11.
Edited on 2006-10-06 at 11:39:35 by DeryniLord

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Father's blessing after the fact

“Those rings mean nothing; a cleric will do no good in the morning. For with out her father’s blessings I can not and will not allow this to happen.”

Posted on 2006-10-06 at 11:46:28.

Queen Hugglepounce
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Not going to "allow" ??

Althena looked up at Alasdair as he suggested they analyze the rings more thuroughly before placing them on each other's fingers. She smiled softly and nodded her agreement. "Yes, my love. It certainly would not do to have our love be corrupted in such a way." He went on to say that perhaps they should head back to the Inn so that she herself could rest her feet. She chuckled softly, "Oh, do not be using me to cover for your weaknesses, my love. My feet are quite fine, however if your feet are in need of a rest, I would most joyfully acompany you." Althena followed the lighthearted jesting with a tender kiss to Alasdair's cheeck. Though she was certain he was quite aware that her feet were in fact most happy at the thought of a few moments to rest.

Once settled at a table back at the Inn, Alasdair immediately set to work on examining the rings for any signs of evil. Unable to sense anything they decided the rings were safe to wear. WIth that Alasdair took the ring, clearly meant for the female, and held his hand out to her. She looked into his eyes and softly placed her hand in his. His words of love and devotion melted her heart and enslaved her soul to his forever. Tears of joy, unable to be helped, slowly made a wet path down her cheeks as her love slid the ring onto her finger. She tore her eyes from his only long enough to look down at the ring, now resting on her finger, then looked back up into his eyes. With a beautiful smile on her lips she retrieved the matching ring from the table and tenderly took his hand in hers.

She looked into his eyes and swore her love and devotion to him, 'till the end of time. Once her words were spoken, she slid the ring onto his finger, her eyes never leaving his. Once done, she felt the strangest stirring within her breast and knew he felt the same. Unable to dicern what it could be or what it meant, she knew only one thing. She was forever bound to this man, and would never again be apart from him. For even if in body they were torn apart, her heart and mind would always be with him.

At his beckoning, Althena moved closer to the man of her heart and rested against him. His arms moving about her sent a most delicious shiver through her body. She laid her head against his chest and listened to his heart beating just beneath her ear. They sat like this for some time talking about anything and everything. Eventually, and without even realizing it, Althena drifted off to sleep in the arms of the man she would forever love.

Not knowing what the ruckous was all about, Althena opened her eyes to see Conall standing before them. Just then she heard him say, "Those rings mean nothing ; a cleric will do no good in the morning. For with out her father's blessings I can not and will not allow this to happen.". She blinked and rubbed her eyes. Looking around she quickly realized she had fallen asleep and in Alasdair's arms, no less. She understood now what the angry expresion on Conall's face, and the heated words he'd uttered were for. She gently slid from Alasdair's arms, and sat up straight in her chair. She looked Conall in the eye with a most defiant look in her own eyes. Smoothing her skirt down over her legs she straightened her back a bit more and held her head high. "Conall." She said, nodding her head in a bit of a greeting. "I neither desire, nor require, your permission to love or marry whom I choose. My, father, while I love him dearly, has no more say over whom I will marry than you do. I lived many hundreds of years before the king was even a small spec on the horizen of time." Althena paused momentarily and shook her head slightly as if in thought. Then with a look of sheer determination, and absolute authority over her own life in her eyes, she looked directly at Conall again, a slight edge to her voice. "No, Conall, do not presume to tell me whom I may marry, or when. Nor should you think you have the authority over me as to "allow", or disallow, anything in regards to me."

Posted on 2006-10-06 at 13:05:34.
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No longer a paladin

Conall realizing he had no more to say on the matter that would do any good he calmly smiled at the two of them and said, “Well I see I have failed at another task. So be it.” He pulled from his belt his money pouch and placed it gently on the table. “A wedding gift, I am sorry it could not be more.” With that said he turned and went back to his room to get what ever sleep might find him.

Posted on 2006-10-06 at 20:52:21.

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With a sigh Alasdair replied, "No my friend you've not failed and your honor and sense of duty is well placed. Neither of us wish disrespect for anyone, but we can not ignore our hearts either. We will do what is right for each other, I promise." He watched as Conall placed the bag of coins on the table and then looked to Althena for a response if any. With stunned silence they sat together for a few moments longer. Turning to Althena he said "M'lady perhaps I should walk you to your room now, as I need to wake Ulthok for his watch. I would not have you sitting here alone." Having said this his extends his hand to offer her some assistance in getting up.

As they turn towards the stairs, Alasdair reaches behind him and takes the bag of money offered by Conall and says, "I would not insult Conall or his gesture by leaving his gift behind." As the walk up the stairs towards their rooms, Alasdair pauses outside her door, with a gentle kiss he bids her goodnight, "M'love, I shall remain awake for alittle while longer, I need to wake Ulthok and let him know that all has been well through my turn at watch. If you are awake later perhaps we shall talk. If not, I look forward to the morning."

After waking Ulthok for his turn at watch he quietly tells him, "Though my watch was quiet enough, Conall happened upon the Lady Althena sleeping in my arms.. you can imagine his reaction. I just felt that you should know, should anything else be said. Stay alert and have a safe watch, I shall see you in the morning," finished Alasdair. Leaving Ulthok's room, he ventured to check on his lady, finding her alseep, he did walk into her room and made sure that she was covered. Leaving the door ajar, he sat down on the floor and was content to watch his true love peacefully sleeping on the bed.

Morning rose too quickly and as he heard movement about the Inn, he decided to return to his own room and get ready for their departure. With a gentle kiss on Althena's forehead he turned to leave her room, checking the hallway first, he did then leave, closing the door tightly behind him. After having gotten a cold bath, Alasdair put on fresh clothes and donned his armor, sword and then collected the rest of his gear. With a final check to make sure that he had everything, he left his room and headed downstairs for a morning meal. As his joins those awake he does hear Cor's question "So Alasdair do we this morning leave or do we again await the night?" To which he replies, "Aye Brother Cor we do indeed leave this morning, I am eager to get away from here and to be on the road again as well. We've heard stories of a monster harassing the lands north of here, so we should remain of guard when we leave. I shall go and releave Af'til, he should get out of the stables and get freshened up and eat a hot meal before we leave."

Thus Alasdair did forget about himself and carried his gear to the stables to releave Af'til of his long watch. "Go my friend, get a bath and a meal, I have enough to do here and can watch our horses till the others are ready to leave. Till then enjoy thyself... rest assured we shall be on the road shortly," jests Alasdair as he busies himself checking on the mounts, watering and feeding them. To himself he thinks, 'gentle animals, so faithful... battle may be at hand soon enough, I shall not burden your back with saddles and gear untill we are all ready to leave. When we do leave our order of march shall be as before.'

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bored out of his ...rock

Magma thinks to be up and getting ready to go almost as soon as the word that they are leaving reaches him. But wisdom prevails upon him and he bids his time, not willing to be fooled by promises of journeys continued. No doubt they would have to discuss matters again, make sure all were fed and perhaps go shopping one more time before they continued their quest.

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Getting ready

When Conall got back to his room he had no intentions of finding sleep instead he made his bed and on it place the fallowing things,
The 2 +1 Daggers of Throwing
He placed his backpack with all items left in it except one of the Extra healing potions
He left the helm of Comprehending Languages and Magic
All other items he put on and made ready to ride.

Conall then knelt and began to pray...

Posted on 2006-10-08 at 12:08:42.

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Ah, Perhaps There's More To Last Night...

Cor received the answer with a nod and a sigh. It was the answer he’d been expecting, but it certainly wasn’t one he desired with all of his heart. He’d been enjoying the ale he and Magma had ordered earlier and knew that once they hit the road this would be an impossible luxury. The make up of the wineskin was a strange combination for the ale, and Cor was fond of adding a little honey which was, of course, scarce and difficult to transport. The noble priest pressed his lips tightly together and looked towards Magma—not for support, but rather in the hopes that his Earthbrother might take some joy in their departure. Though the others might not see it, Cor could tell that the peaceful delays wore on the other dwarf and while he hoped that the desire for action wasn’t soon met, it would be satiated when it did happen.

Either way, he had already prepared for their departure and was preparing to resign himself to the road once more when Alasdair left and Conall joined them. The knight looked to the dwarven priest as though he’d slept in his armor. There was something that weighed heavily on him, something more than the duty he’d likely feel towards their end goal.

“Come,” Cor shifted so that he could push a chair out from the table with his booted foot. “There’s still time before we put our backsides to the saddle Conall-lad, you should have an ale and prepare yourself properly for the journey. Besides, ya look like ya could use the time to gather yer thoughts.”

Should the knight wish it his old friend would be more than willing to listen to his concerns, and just like of Old, the priest would be there to offer advice.

Posted on 2006-10-08 at 12:10:37.

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