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A Time For Fun.................

They made their way into the Rising Moon proper. Only to find the tavern part of the Inn almost overcrowded with thank full villagers and their families. All wanting to give the party a shake of a hand or a hug or a kiss of thanks.

Ulthok understood the despair the townsfolk may have been living with since their clerics and warriors had left for battle. The kindness of the party’s healers had won them all the gratitude of the people. He needed to do his part.

Passing among the children of the families, they would timidly extend their hand to the short stranger. With a smile and a nod Ulthok cast a cantrip of present as he shook their hand and a copper coin appeared in each small hand. Squeals of children’s glee fill the room.

The small mage then turned to the common, “Ah, this is a lovely sight, a truly welcoming place. May I offer a little amusement? “

Reaching out his hand Ulthok mutters “four” and cast the cantrip of Colored Lights . Four delicately colored globes appear around Ulthok and start moving as if he were juggling. Around the room the towns people cheer, for this has been the first fun they have had in a long time.
As the globes faded the group moved toward the tables that had been set for them and the crowd slowly draw away to leave them to their meal.

A pretty barmaid placed a tankard of ale down in front Cor. A smile beamed across his face as reach for the handle.

With a laugh and a wink Ulthok reach out and the tankard slide down the table to his hand. “Ah my friend you are true to your word of buying us a drink.”

Holding up the tankard, “A challenge my friend!.. Give him another tankard. Now let’s see who gets to the bottom first. On three! One….Two…. Three!”

As Cor raised his mug bright red smoke started pour out. The Dwarven leader growled as he slammed the mug on the table top.

“Ok, Ok…. “ Ulthok laughed as he set his tankard down too. “I promise this time no surprises will come out of your drink… Ready…set…go….” Ulthok lifted his mug and waved his hand. Cor deftly seized his tankard and rapidly brought it to his lips. Tilting his head back, anticipating the joyous ambrosia, but nothing came out, the mug has sealed over. This time Cor let out a roar of laughter as he placed the mug back on the table.

Raising his tankard in salute Ulthok smiled, “My friend, it has been too long since I’ve heard your laugh, it does my heart well to have that sound grace my ears. Now raise your drink and enjoy.” Ulthok released the cantrip and drew deeply on his own ale.

With foam still visible on his upper lip he addressed the party, “Let us all enjoy this fair and then later, perhaps our cleaver bard will grace us with more of his sweet music.”

Turning to Valene, “Even if I must hum or sing, you shall have music so we can dance.”

(OCC, maybe Keeper and Valene might add something.)

Posted on 2012-07-09 at 03:37:00.
Edited on 2012-07-14 at 20:46:42 by Odyson

Keeper of Dragons
Devil's Advocate
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a drink

First Cor's mug moved to Ulthok as if it had a life of its own, then it spewed forth red smoke and finally it trapped the ale inside. After a laaugh, Cor looked at Ulthok. "Tis true ye got me lad but remember that messing with a dwarf's ale is a flogging offense to some. Since ye did not know we will let it 'slide' this time." Cor gave a wink and then retrieved his prized mug from Ulthok. "It best work this time lad" Then he began to drink his fill.

Posted on 2012-07-09 at 20:53:51.

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A drink at last!

Shakily Lothor walked towards the tavern named the Inn of the Rising Moon following his new companions. He looked around at the small town he saw familiar sights of small stores and children playing in the streets before him, this soothed Lothors mind and relaxed him and was the first time in a long while that Lothor felt his body relax. His muscles contracted and a shiver ran down his spine at the pleasure of this.

The party reached the tavern soon enough and inside there appeared to be the whole population of the town. They offered their thanks and showered them with praise, and even a few small gifts and promises. Lothor was never good with large groups of small-folk yet it was an old trick for him to put on a smile and murmur some thanks to them. He had been in this situation often, whether he had saved a town from a group of goblins and orcs or even helped rebuild a hamlet after a natural disaster had destroyed their homes and livelihood.

A table was hastily made up for the heroes, though Lothor did feel as though he hadn't done anything for the townsfolk. He had turned up late to a battle that had already been won and possessed no healing power of his own, he was beginning to wonder why he was being thanked so much. He was not complaining however, soon enough a free tankard of ale was on his table and a comfortable seat was underneath him. He slurped at his ale eagerly, not having tasted an alcoholic beverage in a long time. Soon the frothy mead before him was beginning to cloud his thoughts, he was feeling a lot 'looser' with his new found friends.

He joined in conversation far more than he had done previously often laughing harder than anyone else at the table. After a while however Cor got down to business, he began to talk of a bag of holding in their possession, a bag of which Lothor was not aware of or even familiar with. He was tempted to ask what this 'bag of holding' was but it soon became clear it was a 'bag of holding (many things).'

It was clear that these brave adventurers around him were very generous and prepared to give Lothor, Valene and Ayreon an equal share despite knowing them for only a few days.
Lothor, was one of the first to reply to Cor's suggestion. “You are too kind my fellows. I am afraid I cannot accept such a generous offer. I can only ask you of one favour. That is if I may be given enough gold to replenish my supplies for any forthcoming quests with you. After all I wouldn't want to hinder you, I believe I still need to prove myself before you.”

Lothor took a deep drink of his ale and awaited a reply.

(OOC: Lothor plans to rest during most of the day before picking up a few trail rations and possibly a few new weapons and pieces of armour. After that, if there is time he will ask of what problems the town has at the moment, to do this he will consult the message board or ask a figure of authority.)

Posted on 2012-07-10 at 15:10:44.
Edited on 2012-07-10 at 15:11:12 by Brundel

Keeper of Dragons
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Cor heard the many comments about the division of teh bag of holding and shook his head. "Now listen up lads and lassies, this bickering about who gets what, who is not worthy of what, why gods should not get a tithe and so forth need to stop ere I get riled up. Ther is enough worth in there that none of us need worry about getting a 'fair share'. Some have been here a long time and other a short time but the success or failure of our mission depends on teamwork. We are all equal, Odin knows we have gone over and over on that point. As such we all rate an equal share. If ya do not want your share Lothor then give it to the poor or bury it in the ground for all I care but know that doing so may keep you from purchasing an object or item that may be useful later. The same goes for each of ya. As for the gods, they have smiled on us enough to earn a share as well. Those of you who say they such is not fair need remember that all have been the recipient of healing spells granted by the various gods represented in our party and if they wish it to continue they can keep quiet. If not I will divide the loot without a cut for the gods and tithe of my share. They rest of you will simple have to do what is called 'fee for service' and pay for each spell you request me to cast on your behalf. Might get a bit tricky fishing out the proper number of coins for healing in the midst of battle. If we cannot agree that such is folly and the gods deserve a tithe then I will just take the whole bag and give it to the next begger I see."

Posted on 2012-07-10 at 21:21:02.

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To Us.....

"Now, now..not so hasty. I'm sure I can appear as a proper begger if it need be. Great googily moogily, we've bettered some rather nasty things, let's be glad we are here...together...for there are those that weren't so fortunate." Ulthok stood and raised his drink, "Take what those paid so dearly and pay with your respect and memory. do not forget, we are not done yet so this may mean nothing if we do not finish this quest. Now to those and to us, salute" Ulthok drank deeply.

"Tomorrow we shall see to business, supplies and well other endevers. Sirene we still need to identify those thing we found in the giant's cave. Perhaps they may worth a coins or maybe of value to keep."

"Now all seriousness aside, let us enjoy this time together."

"Miss Valene, do you care to dance?" Though a bit tipsy, the mage bowed with a flurish to the Halfling Cleric.

Posted on 2012-07-11 at 00:43:41.
Edited on 2012-07-11 at 01:19:24 by Odyson

Not Dragon Mistress
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"Rayne turn to the half-elf as he sooke her name. Thank you very much for you considerate offer. I will certainly accept you invitation for that idilic spot you know of." Rayn purposefully did not name him that hated name. "Oelease my friend a name other than the one you hav been called. otherwise I shall name you a fine elven name that reflects your better." She grinned down at him, as much to remove any sort of unease he might have at her insistance as anything else.

"However before I accept you kind off of a matura setting of beauty. I will avail mayself of the services of the inn for food and a bath, a long bath with hot water and soap."

What meet her eyes and those of the party as they entered the Rising Moon was a common room filled to overflowing. When people thanks then see felt a bit uncomfortable because they had fotten here only after the fighting had stoppped. She did not feel that the simple executing of her clerical duties deserve such thanks. She did what she did because she was who she was. She would deny none but evil any skill or power she possessed. THe stable Master's kinf ogger to the group of horses for them all was surprising

"Thans you for your kind offer. We will all apprieciate your generosity." We pause only briefly here to resupply ourselves before we speed north. You gifts will hasten our journey."

Once her companions gathered to order their gavorite brew and food rayne joined them. Ulthok, that clever Halfling, Started plying his trade. It took the children's and adult's minds away fron the harsh rality they had just passed throug.

From the innkeeper, she order hot water for a bath. From the serving girl rdering a glass of spring wime or what ever they had that was wine, several rast fowl, and joint ofmeat a wheel of cheesem, loaves of bread, butter and some preserves for thwm all she settled back to relax for this moment. "Oh," she addded' "bring plares and cutlery as well. We will dine of plates like the sivilized do."

Posted on 2012-07-11 at 17:10:49.

Kool Killer Kitty
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1685 Posts

Pyrrhic victories...

“Heroes,” Sirène murmured, repeating what one girl had whispered to another as they all sat in the tavern under a mountain of free food and drink. It was hard not to appreciate the kindness of the humans; the warmth of their smiles, their willingness to share all that they had. But, for Sirène, it was a hollow feeling all the same. The few lives they had saved after arriving at the town of Gygax were as nothing to the hundreds and thousands now dying elsewhere. And, after they had left, how long until this town saw another attack and was finally overwhelmed?

‘Swimming against the tide,’ Sirène thought darkly, unable to share her companions mirth and good-will. She could not lose herself in the cups or in companionship, and even Kandur, whom she had known since her earliest years, appeared reluctant to talk in front of strangers.

“I’m going to my room,” the Elven sorceress suddenly announced, her dark mood making her speech more brusque than she intended. “Divide the money how you see fit, although a tithe is not what my Goddess expects of her Daughters or from those of a different faith. I … will see you tomorrow.”


The hot water lapped up against her naked skin, slowly easing the knot of muscles in her shoulders and hips – a legacy of too many nights sleeping on cold cavern floors, and too many fights as a shapeshifted bear. The girl who had accompanied Sirène to her bathtub with a steaming jug of water in hand stood there still, monosyllabic and statuesque, enraptured at seeing her first ‘Elfy’ up close.

Sirène let her stare. Her thoughts were focused wholly on the book hovering magically above the water’s edge – Haila’s old spellbook. They were swimming against the tide, and, if they were not to drown, Sirène, for one, had to get stronger.

OOC: Sirène’s going to spend the night studying Haila’s spellbook, and copying what spells she doesn’t already know into her own. A list of spells in the book would be nice Tann!

Posted on 2012-07-16 at 14:09:06.

Keeper of Dragons
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On the morrow

Cor retired for the evening and even deceided that a bath was in order. Not that he needed one of course but since the others were doing so he went along. Sleep came easily for the first night in many weeks.

The next morning Cor gathered the bag of holdings and set out to see what items might be sellable in this small town. Any who wished were invited to accompany him.

Posted on 2012-07-16 at 16:57:52.

Epic Level Bard
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Maggot was playing a fun little tune when Rayne posed her question...

Maggot put away his flute and sipped from his tankard and looked at the she elf, ‘I would not speak that name too loudly, for these simple folk do not understand the things you and I have grown accustomed to.’ He then looked at his own hand, ‘then again it is amazing what people like us can get used to.’ He smiled a bit, 'Perhaps you are right, it is time for Maggot to go away and another to be named.'

‘My current name was given to me by a stable master who did not like me sleeping in the stales. There are those folk who distrust rangers, do not understand our ways. They cannot get past our natural look and wild fragrance. Then there are those who know and understand what we do for them, keeping the wild things safe from framers and their crops and live stock.’ He looked at the Lady Rayne and realized he was getting off topic.

He stood and spoke clearly, ‘Ok let me tell you a story of old. Do any of you recall a time in your lives when this evil was not present? Well this is a story of one,’ he brought his hand to his own chest but only slightly; ‘who does.’ he gave a bow and began...

'In the years leading up to the first Great War there was peace in the land. Two young boys were born to a great elf warrior and a young lady of the court of a tribe of horsemen. There were those who did not approve of these two half bloods be born of two houses so well known in the realms of man and elf. In their early years they learned the ways of the court but would always found a way to spend time in the realm of the tree elves with their father. In time their mother was driven out of the courts and they moved to the edge of the forest and there they lived a simple life. The two boys grew up not truly belonging to neither the world of men or elf. The elf realm was a bit more forgiving and in the later years they were taught the ways of elf.’ It was then Maggot began looking into a far off place unseen by the others. ‘It was one of the first raids of the orcs. They came in the morning when my brother and he were out hunting. They took her and then killed her. Then they gnawed upon her. The fallowing years were ripe with blood and battle.’

He paused and realized his mistake, ‘During the war he lost his father, his brother, and all but a few of the elf tribe he called family. In the time of war he and his brother were scouts. In those times he was called Eyesof by those who fought with him and by Eyesof Bane by those who stood against him. For if the enemy saw his eyes in the shadows they knew death was soon to arrive.’

'After the defeat of the evil and during its imprisonment. Eyesof was employed to keep watch over the lands surrounding the great tower where it was being held. There was a guard that caught the eye Eyesof. She was like spring to a meadow and the two fell in love. It was then he needed a sir name so the two could be wed. He was given the name HavSos, horse wind. In honor of his human roots of old. For his human tribe was also now only known in old songs and stories. The two would be one only after the time of imprisonment.’

‘The day came when the evil one had done much time and in their ignorance the world of man decided to release the evil one again saying his power had diminished with time and without his sword he was as an old dog without fang.’ Maggot called for another round.

‘It was only a week when the evil one slipped back to the tower with promises of power and gifts of gold and gems. Nine of the twelve people responsible for his imprisonment took this offer the other three were to be killed. Two were killed, food for the orc guard that came with the evil one. The last was spared by her.’

‘He has been wandering ever since. He is still called Eyesof Bane by the evil tribes of the world and many other names by tribes of Men, Elves, and Dwarves. His proper name was lost long ago in time and madness. As many of tho other names he has been called.’ Maggot then took a bow and found his seat again.

It was at this point someone in the crowd cheered ‘Long Live Eyesof where ever he may be!’ A slap on the back and a town folk leaned in ‘Good bard, a round for you and your friends.’

As the fresh mugs were placed upon the table Maggot grabbed the handle of his tankard and spoke to the Lady Rayne so only the table could hear, ‘Are we friends?’

Posted on 2012-07-16 at 22:33:27.

Keeper of Dragons
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"Lad, that was naught but a well woven yarn. Seems you are in need of a new name and t'would seem to me that one who can spin such tales might be well named as 'Weaver'.

Posted on 2012-07-17 at 00:12:02.

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Oh How They Danced.............

As Ulthok rounded the table the Elven sorceress stood. “I’m going to my room,” she announced, her speech brusque. “Divide the money how you see fit, although a tithe is not what my Goddess expects of her Daughters or from those of a different faith. I … will see you tomorrow.”

Noting her mood Ulthok paused and bowed, “I wish you a good evening , my lady. And if you would, tomorrow we may study together and carry on the magic our friend Haila brought to our quest. Rest well.”

When Sirene had left the room the mage continued toward the center of the common room. Smiling and giving Valene a wink he started to whistle Old Grey Goose. A voice boomed from the back of the room as the Inkeeper slapped his palms down, “We can do better than that shrill squealing.” From behind the long dark oaken bar he produced and a fine fiddle and bow. “Jocko, front”, he called out. One of the scullery boys run out from the kitchen, a worried look across his brow. “Grab your drum boy, we need to show these find folk what Old Grey Goose is supposed to sound like.”

The Inn keeper raised the fiddle to his chin and in moments the room was filled the pulsing rhythms and joyous music. And so started an evening dancing and drinking, drinking and dancing. Reels, jigs, quick steps.

The two Halfling moved and slid. The soft touch of the cleric was sheer bliss to the mage. The songs continued, Drowsy Molly, The Wind that Shakes the Barley, tune after tune.

But when Valene requested a Fling, the mage stepped back and let her shine. The lovely cleric bounded on her toes in perfect time to the music. It was a joy to watch as her enchanting smile just grew bigger. When she finished she winked at Ulthok and outstretched her hand as if to say “Top That”.

The mage walk back behind the table and then returned, a sword in each hand. Nodding to the Innkeeper, “ Gillie Callium if you please.”

As music played the Halfling whirled and spun, the swords flashing as he turned. The dance culminating as he placed crossed swords on the floor and in a flourish he deftly step quadrant by quadrant. When Ulthok finished, Valene cheered and bowed in appreciation.

The evening was getting late and the party members started drifting off to their rooms. As the common room became more intimate so did the Halflings. The music was now soft and smooth, Ulthok took Valene in his arms and they gently moved around the room. Valene rested her head on Ulthok shoulder, the couple realized it was time to leave the common room.

The innkeeper lowered his fiddle and smiled. “Thank you two for bring life back to this old Inn. …. The others have gone to their rooms and it would be shame to disturb them, I have but one other room left. There will be a large hot bath brought to sooth those muscles from such glorious dance.” With a smile and wink he handed the key to Valene, “It is down the hall in back, very secluded, it shall be your room my lady.” Ulthok flashed the lovely cleric his best boyish smile. Valene took his hand and led him down the hall.

In to the night there was a bit of giggling and splashing heard from the back of the Inn.

Posted on 2012-07-18 at 02:43:23.
Edited on 2012-07-18 at 02:45:25 by Odyson

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Goodbye to a Friend

With the ‘party’ in full swing Ulthok and Valene put on quite a show as the whole of the bar room watched. With an uproar of applause as the two Halflings finished, the two bowed to one another, the crowd, then sat back down. Then it was Maggot’s turn to tell the tale of how he came to be called ‘Maggot” in his many years. Though slightly long winded, as Bard’s were appt to be, it was a worthy tale indeed. Cor was the first of the companions to speak up.

"Lad, that was naught but a well woven yarn. Seems you are in need of a new name and t'would seem to me that one who can spin such tales might be well named as 'Weaver'.”
Then Kandur added a name quietly in Elfish, followed by translation in common, for those unfamiliar with the Elfin tongue

“Vairar lok’en Narn’s or in the common tongue ~Weaver of Tales~”
With this the party smiled patted Maggot on the back and went back to merriment.
As party continued Ulthok found himself approached by Tomiki and asked to a corner of the Inn for a private moment. In this moment the Asian warrior did ask of the Halfling Thief/Mage a favor. Knowing of Ulthok’s homeland of Culhaven and it’s closeness to that of the Hildorian Sea if upon the new day would Ulthok teleport him as close to his home of The Bushido Islands as Ulthok had traveled. Ulthok having traveled quite a bit before joining the Shan’tarain King’s unit was glad to tell him that the Samurai was in luck, for the closet was the coastal port city of Gallnden. With the request confirmed Kenji returned to the table to let the others know of his new course.

“My friends with our escape from the Mountain and the news of war upon this continent I feel I must leave you to return to my home that I was once banished from. I must go to the leaders of my people there and tell them of this war so our navy and military be raised to come to the aid of all. This is not just a fight for Trilogy main but for all the lands be they Island or continent. I have asked Ulthok to teleport me to the Eastern coast and he has agreed. So upon the morning I will leave you, but have no fear I hope to return to see you all yet again.”
With that the party found themselves at first saddened at the news but with Tomiki’s help it became yet another reason to celebrate escaping the hell of Drow Mountain. So for a short while longer they drank, they eat and enjoyed one another’s company. They allowed for this evening to be a night to forget the burdens they carried and the dangers yet before them. Then by midnight each had given their goodbyes till morning and made his or her way to the rooms made ready for them. Most bathed, a pair mayhap taking one together, and one began the work of scribing the arcane. Yet finally all did sleep in separate beds for the first time in many a day to awaken upon the morning.

With mornings light all gathered to wish Tomiki Kenji goodbye with a hug, a grasp of a strong hand and even a kiss or two. Then the noble Samurai looked to Ulthok and in moments was gone. As the party at first stood quietly hoping they each would live to see him again it was broken as Cor voiced his intent and went off, together with Valene, to sell the remaining magical items. Ulthok, Sirene and Maggot/Weaver? together as a group moved to the back room of the Inn and began in earnest scribing the spells from Haila’s spellbook that each did not have. It was further decided by the three to each exchange spells from his or her spellbook that the others did not have. In this way the three thought that they would be even stronger in the magical arts then before.

In a moment of mild surprise to the three they were joined by Kandur who offered to also trade any spells from his book that the others may not have had before. However with so many spells the task had become larger and would take at least another day. One of the four would have ask Cor if it was ok to stay one more day. Sirene having scribed the most spells so far volunteered to seek the Dwarf’s permission and was joined by Kandur

It was during the walk to find the Dwarf Knight Cleric that Kandur asked the same of Sirene as Tomiki had asked of Ulthok, to be teleported home to E’Loth Lo’Rian to bring her family the much needed news of Sirene’s survival and the mission she had joined. With her agreement to do so Cor was located and though a little reluctant at first agreed to the extra day. With the extra day the parties spell casters plus one continued to scribe.

Cor along with Valene having made their way to the first of the stores on his list, The Red Magic Emporium straight across from the inn, found themselves in an interesting dilemma with it’s human shopkeeper. Though the shopkeeper was interested in some of the items presented, being an honest man, told both he had not the cash on hand to allow for their value. When asked about the other stores in town, The Pawn Shop and Garth’s supplies, the shopkeeper whose name Cor learned was Isiah told him that the Pawn Shop would surely take them but for vastly under their true value. Garth’s owner selling only basic non-magical supplies neither had the money or the interest in things so high in magic. As for the rest Isiah was sure they too would not be able to purchase the items in the bag. A last word of suggestion from the shopkeeper to try a larger city depending upon the direction of the parties journey, and Cor and Valene left the store, Cor holding the bag.

As Cor learned that he would not be able to sell the remaining items to his dismay, He decided instead to go to the Temple of Thor along with Valene. As both Cleric’s entered they were not surprised to see the Paladin Ayreon there before them kneeling in prayer. Though Thor was not a God any of them worshipped the temple was here so each did pray to their own God knowing Thor would understand.

As the Mages scribed and the Cleric’s prayed the rest of the party, went about different things. Lothor having no real money, and having stated he did not feel he was owed such, was granted a share nonetheless and proceeded to refresh his supplies.

Rayne having been pointed by Maggot/Weaver to the calm spot of serenity he had spoken of had gone there instead of the temple to pray. Being more in tune with the outdoors she had no need of stone walls and was much the happier in this spot of quiet. She found herself for a short time joined briefly by the Ranger/Bard during the Mages longer break for lunch. Both Rangers for the most part sat quietly, though a few words did pass between them, and just enjoyed the tranquility of the moment. Then for Maggot/Weaver it was back to scribe yet more spells.

Althena but for eating and resting did nothing but remain in her room guarding almost jealously that which they had recovered. Though visited by all throughout the day, except for dinner, she refused to leave her room.

At dinner Cor relayed both the news of the extra day and the failure to sell anything and that he would have to try again in the next city they came upon. Looking at a map and the parties fastest route to Craggian Core this was more then likely to be the Citadel, capital city of Callahorn. With nothing to do till the morning after the next day all just rested and healed. Prayed once more and waited for the mages to finish their task. Then around early evening it was done and with nothing to do until morning Ulthok working together with Sirene did cast upon the Giant cave loot a series of Identify spells gaining the nature of the magic items found.

Then sleep once more, and upon waking the morning of the third day of their stay was upon them. a large breakfast served by the Inn staff, a last goodbye shared between Kandur and Sirene, she teleporting both him and horse home, the party then mounted the freely provided steeds. The horses ready, Lother, Rayne, and Althena riding single. Cor riding double with Ayroen, Valene riding double with Sirene and Ulthok riding double with Maggot/Weaver the party made their way towards the fortress of Dragon’s Helm to the South East, a two days ride away....................

(DM OOC: Ok here is this week’s post sorry about the delay last week but just did not have enough info on what you all planned/wanted to do. Well your headed South East to Dragon’s Helm make sure to look at the map to find where your going.
Keeper I have the party going through Dragon’s Helm to Citadel, to Falth then straight South to Craggian Core. However if you want to take a different route let me know by PM, Email or in the Q/A. Just a head’s up my next post will deal with your arrival at the fortress unless Keeper decides to go another way. Ok next post next Wednesday I look forward to your posts about the two days travel.

One last thing, with Tomiki's departure from the game so goes the last vestage of YeOlde in Trilogy. Let us all take a moment and send a happy thought his way wherever he is now.
Rest in Peace my friend, we miss you)

Posted on 2012-07-19 at 04:09:16.
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Kool Killer Kitty
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Troubling news

The work kept her busy. Deciphering Haila’s thin scrawl and Kandur’s elegant Elven longhand was difficult at first, but not after Sirène had become used to the particular nuances of how both had scribed each spell. What proved more difficult was when she had to explain to Ulthok and Vairar lok’en Narn (as Maggot had been renamed) the depth and extent of the magic that she knew. She was not sure she could define her own arcane ability through Haila’s simple practical truths or the academic knowledge that Kandur had imbibed among the Spellweavers of E’Loth Lo’rian. For her, magic was not a philosophy but a sensation, taste and mood. Simple words were always inadequate to explain it all; always unable to explain the unthinking simplicity and ecstatic mystical union Sirène felt when giving form to a spell.

But she was glad of the distraction. It kept her from her thoughts – consistently dark of late and darker still after the news Kandur had imparted to her upon his departure.

For a moment she was a girl again, basking in the glory of casting a new spell for the first time and back among trees and plants she had known from seeds and acorns. Everywhere here seemed more alive, more full of colour; here, in E’Loth Lo’rian.

“There’s something I need to tell you Siri. Something I should have told you when we first met…”

His face was grave. She knew it was bad news. Her joy turned to an empty nothingness in her chest, the colours drained from the world.

“It’s your father, Siri. He’s … he’s dead …”

“Dead.” Sirène noticed that she had traced the word on the thin parchment she was using to demonstrate the nuances of a particular spell. She hurriedly blurred the still wet ink with her thumb.

Teaching, hard as it was, was a distraction. But, sadly, it was only a momentary one.


She sat alone in the dark of the clearing, naked and unmoving. She could see the twinkling fires of Gygax in the distance, the wind whispering of the life that continued there unchanging and uncaring: peals of laughter, a child’s cry, a lovers’ tryst. But Sirène was dead to it all. Empty. Hollow.

Until at last, when the moon revealed itself, she broke her silence with a song. It was not a song as any human would understand it. There were no words, and all Sirène uttered at first was a single mournful note. The note evolved, changed in pitch and tone and became a beautiful a cappella melody. Beautiful but expressing an anguish so great that it transcended any mortal understanding of heartfelt pain. A melodic song ripped through with rage at a father she had barely known all her long life, horror at the end he had suffered, and grief, eternal endless grief, that he would never see Arvanaith.

The song continued until she had no more breath with which to sing, and her tears had pooled upon the cold earth. And yet still it was not enough to fully quench her sorrow or her pain.


Sirène emerged late to join the others on the third day. Her appearance had undergone something of a dramatic change. And, it was not just her reddened eyes. Sirène’s clothing – still consisting of a gossamer silk gown over a thin shift and leggings – were now died subdued greys and blacks. She wore no jewellery and her long hair, once so long as to touch her waist, was now cut short into an almost boyish style. Even Niamedris had caught the mood, somehow darker and more subdued than before.

“Morning,” she mouthed monosyllabically, before lifting herself into the saddle of her newly-provided horse.

Posted on 2012-07-21 at 22:41:06.

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Party funds

After a full day of checking teh various shops, Cor realized that this town did not have the wealth to make selling their items worthwhile. Perhaps in teh capital they would have better luck. All was not lost as he did find out what the items from the giant cave were. That evening he related his findings to the others then took a spot at the bar. For several hours he made it his personal quest to drain the innkeepers stock of ale. Somewhere around midnight the keg gave up and the victourious dwarf made his way up to bed. "Never found a keg that can stand up to a determined dwarf: he said to the innkeeper. Although it came out more like "neba grew a kleg tha could stan to a dwarf, *hic*".

Posted on 2012-07-21 at 23:39:19.

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A new philosophy on life (Posting as Valene)

Valene gazed up at the moon, and down at a world bathed in silvery light. She sat alone on the window ledge, naked except for a robe, her thoughts punctuated by an occasional snore from deeper in the room.

‘A poor night for business,’ Valene thought, chewing on her bottom lip. From her vantage point she could see a group of street kids kicking their heels, watching sheepishly as their marks trundled by unmolested. A pair of women lounged outside a bordello, sharing a hastily-rolled cigarette. And, another paced nervously in front of the local Jewellery store, seemingly undecided whether she should try her luck alone or not. It was well after midnight, but the light from the moon was so bright it could have been early afternoon.

‘Oh well. At least I have other things to occupy my time,’ she concluded, slipping back into the comforting dark of her room.

The snoring got louder. Ulthok was sprawled on the large bed, somehow managing to occupy both halves and all four pillows despite his small stature.

Valene pouted miserably. He was a good lover, and not small in every respect (at least not where it counted), but he was still to learn it was the woman who was meant to hog the bed. She tried tickling him, even giving him a prodding him in the belly, but the snoring grew louder if anything.

Valene grinned suddenly, as an idea came to her. ‘There’s always one sure-fire way to wake up a man...’

Valene sported a playful smile under her dashing wide-brimmed hat on the morning of the third day. Memories of her captivity were slowly fading to a half-remembered nightmare, and it was good to be moving and doing something again.

‘Even if it is the end of the world,’ the halfling thought, before correcting herself, ‘Especially since it’s the end of the world!’
She was determined to go out in a blaze of glory. Either that or with a man under her. She hadn’t decided yet.

“Umm, you don’t expect me to ride one of those, do you?” Valene asked Cor, with a gesture at the over-sized horses everyone else seemed to have been provided with.

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