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"Valene lass, if a dwarf can ride then so can you. Took me a bit to get used to being so high off the ground. T'isn't right relying on a beast for travel." As he helped her into the saddle he added, "Expect yur bumm to be a might bit sore tomorrow."

Posted on 2012-07-23 at 00:30:38.

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Spell Binding Fun....

The night had proved to be a glorious distraction from trials the party had suffered under the mountain. The drink, the dance and the time spent with a charming and beautiful woman had refreshed the Halflings spirit. Valene was knew the ways of pleasure. Few took such joy in giving pleasure to others but it was truly her calling and the core of her being. The drink, the dance and pleasure of sharing bath and bed lead to sweet dreams; although the awakening was also a sweet pleasure.

The morning brought simpler joy s as the two dressed and joined the others for breakfast. The small talk of the party covered the goals of the day, Ulthok, Sirene and Weaver would share the content of their spells book along those of Kandue and the book of Haila.

Tomiki Kenji After the meal the group gathered outside the Inn to say the goodbyes to the noble warrior that had shared their pain and glory. Tomiki Kenji had become more than a value companion, he was a friend. Ulthok hugged the taller Samurai, “You will remain in my thoughts and my heart, as the YeOlde heros you have left your mark. Go in peace my friend.” Focusing on a place far away the mage cast his spell and Kenji was gone.

The mage retired to the Inn. Copying and learning the spells proved to greater task then the group first believed and more time would be required to complete the task. In time Sirene sought out Cor to explain that another day would be required to complete their.
Ulthok realized the treasure his friends were now sharing. It would have taken years and a great of luck to collect this many spells. The group discussed some of the finer points so all understood what they copied. Not since his days as an apprentice had he worked so hard. There were ever many spells he could perform. They would require more study and understanding, but he knew the day would come when his experience reach a level that even these would be at his command.

The groups gathered for dinner and Cor reviewed the progress of the day. The second day of scribing was granted. Plans to travel to other cities were presented. The evening end quietly, Ulthok told Valene his hands hurt from all the writing. The cleric laughed as she rubbed his fingers, “Don’t worry, you won’t need those tonight.” The excused themselves from the table.

The next day was filled with more of the same as the magic users completed their task. That evening Sirene and Ulthok determine the true nature of the items found in the cave and these were made available to the party, although Ulthok retained the pouch of holding and the blanket of healing. The Broach would do well to be in Sirene’s possession, her skills as the master mage of the group would surely profit the party. Even though Lother was leery of magic the rabbit’s foot would suit him.
The third night was peaceful as the party retired and prepared for journey that would begin the next day. The halfings had enjoyed each other’s company during this rest period. They the time between them was special and that this was the start of a special relationship. They also knew that neither laid a claim on the other.

In the morning the party gathered again for breakfast then gathered to start their new trek. They Farwell to Kandur as he returned to his people with the help of Sirene’s magic. Then the horses were brought out and riding partners were coupled up. Ulthok once again was to ride with Weaver, this pleased the mage for he felt that perhaps they could discuss the spells they had just scribed.

As they prepared to leave the small mage turned to party, “ We may need all the help we can get so I will summons an aid to assist me and the party. I will gather a familiar.”Raising his arms he casts the spell to call in an aid and hopefully a friend.

(OOC, ok so now what ever Tann gives Ulthok we’ll see how this plays out. Once that is settled Ulthok will join Weaver for the ride. Also a goodbye to our friend YeOlde.)

Posted on 2012-07-25 at 01:56:19.
Edited on 2012-07-25 at 01:56:50 by Odyson

Not Dragon Mistress
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Rayne enjoyed the good food, simple but plentiful, She enjoued the presence of her friends and watching them unwinde. Ulthok gathered up valene to dance. Cor had he everpresent ever full mug at hand and bent his elbow frequently to imbibe in his current brew. Magoot entertained this audience of friends and townsfolk with his trick and simple magics. Rayne knowing just how powerful his dkillwere enjoyed that maggot was able to turn tthis crowd from teh days tragedies and loss. OPther of her party pursued their own desires and interest for a time. rayne ate and frank sparingly of wime and ciderm before finally leaving the common room for her long awaited and anticipated bath,

The bath was a large copper well filled twith warm water. the temperature different cause thing tenfrils of stam to escape upwards. Rayne disrobed and slipped into the harge tub emersing herslf head to toes. then sitting up she used the large bar of soap to cleanherlself not just once but twice. Sinally she stood and rinsed herlf off with a bucket of fresh water until her skin and hair were squeaky clean. Stpping out of the bath she towled herself off and dressed in her cleanest outfit.

Movoing back to the common room Rayne address Cor, I donpt think we can let down our guard around Althena evenhere and now. I will be going out to the clearing that Maggot has told us about but I too will take my watch. If I can get the morning watch that would behaps be best for me but I will abide by you decision.

Tayne then sat down to enjoy the rest of the eveing and more importantly wait for Maggot to finish. These people could well need his entainiment as a away to take their minds of todays event and losses. When Maggot finally finished she moved over to him. "I am ready if you are."

maggot meadow was all that she could have wished for. A gently guggling stream, trees, and grass, the scents inmasked by himanity. Seeking a comfortable sot near the stream She started her devotions to Kith-Jora thanking for all of this as well as his patronage. Her prayers were spoke from her heart and ddeply felt as well.

When rayne rose from her devotions her mind turned to her companions she had released on Frowm Mountain lalmost two months ago. Aeron, her eagle-owl. Smoke and Feather-Foot her two great woldes, and even the mischievous ferrets.

Kith Jora, aid me to call them. If they wwill return, I will welome them back if they do not I wish them well and know that you will provie what I need.

rayne sent out her call far and wide for her companions. She knew that she would have to continue to call from whertever new place they traveled to. so they could track her. Not know exavtly haw far they were form the Drow Mountain she could not calculate how long it would take them to find her.

Rayne stood her watch whenever it was assigned. In the morning that they gather Kenji said he must go and return to his lands. "Sir Kenji, I as sorry for myself that you are going but understand that duties leads some of us in paths not of our own shoice. may you journey be seift and uneventful and at the end may you so what needs to be done." She watched as he disappeared from her view and their lives. She had so wanted to show him her homelands, but dury called him as it called her. As for the rest of them their new journey would begin soon. Supplies new equipment repairs and then she would be ready.

Posted on 2012-07-25 at 18:21:35.

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Friend or Foe, beware what you wish for

The party moved out of Gygax much quieter then they had arrived and one member short. With the departure of Tomiki the party had lost a valued member and a strong proud warrior. Hopefully they would all see him again soon and in better time.

Ulthok having intended to cast the spell of Find Familiar before the party left Gygax had found himself faced with a pair of problems. The first was the necessity of a bronze brazier to cook the charcoal he had bought during their stay in the town. To his dismay the only one he found was an old iron looking one at the pawn shop, the dealer saying it had been hocked by an old drunk just a few hours before. Having no choice, the dealer clearly knowing this, the Halfling Thief/Mage ended up paying 3 gold pieces for it, far above it’s worth.

The second problem facing Ulthok was the spell’s time of casting anything from two hours to twenty four hours. Not wanting to delay the parties departure from Gygax he decided to possibly attempt the spell next time the party camped. If the spell were to take too long he knew he would have to abort and recast it at a later date.

The first day of travel was uneventful the only thing of any interest was the arrival of two of Rayne's old companions, sadly only the owl and one of the wolves coming to her after her call. As the wolf and owl once again became acquainted with Niamedris, the intelligent Elvin cat clearly taking the alpha role and showing the two animals who was really in charge of the party, the party moved at a good pace and easily made their first campsite early.

With the rest of the party moving to set up camp Ulthok moved off a little ways to begin getting ready to cast his spell, first telling the party of his intent.

“We may need all the help we can get so I will summon an aid to assist me and the party. I will gather a familiar.”
Taking the old iron brazier out from his backpack, hoping it would work despite not being of bronze, he first filled it with charcoal. Next he brought out the incense and herbs he needed for the spell, 1,000 gold pieces worth of them!. Ulthok had, had to sell one of his three 1,000 gold piece diamonds in Gygax to cover the cost of them. With the coal finally burning hot he threw the ingredients in and begin the incantation. Within but a few seconds Ulthok watched as the iron brazier begin to glow an eerie soft yellow light.

Unsure whither to stop or continue his choice was taken from him as the yellow glow expanded to cover him and the iron brazier. Ulthok well versed in magic and it’s feel knew with a sinking feeling that the iron brazier was no where near a normal one. Trying to escape, the spell of Find Familiar the last thing on his mind, he found himself unable to move!

Now with the sky still full of light, the party gathering wood, placing bedrolls, and doing the things to set up a night camp, Did not at first notice what Ulthok was experiencing, but Niamedris and the two animals did. As the wolf and owl both fled further from the camp Niamedris sent a mental warning to Sirene.

Something is wrong with the small ones spell!
Looking towards where the Halfling had set up his spell area she called out a warning to the other party members. As all moved towards the blue green glow trapping the male Halfling the first to reach it was Valene. However just as the female Halfling Thief/Cleric entered the glow, it was gone. Ulthok standing alone unharmed, the brazier, the fire, and the magical glow all gone.............

(DM OOC: Ok here is tonight’s post I hope you like.
So I guess the question you all need to ask is just what did the Halfling Mage summon.

Ok my next posts may be delayed depending on the Olympics as I’m not sure how late they will run. Otherwise look for them on Wednesday nights as normal.

Posted on 2012-07-26 at 05:19:43.
Edited on 2012-08-21 at 07:10:43 by TannTalas

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Big Backposting

Lothor awoke bleary eyed, and with a pounding headache. The night before Lothor had been so happy to be back in civilised society once again, and away from the Giants, that he had drunk far more than he should of. Nevertheless he groggily rolled out of bed, just to find that the contents of his backpack had been spilled over the bedroom floor. Originally he feared a robbery but then it dawned on his half awoken mind that it had been him, in his drunken stupor last night he had chucked his sack off of his bed onto the floor. Fortunately, his backpack had little in, but still it took a gargantuan effort for his tired body to clear the mess up.

Soon enough however, he stumbled down the stairs to get breakfast. He sat at a bench, his head in his hands, trying to nurse away his hangover. A comely maid bought out a plateful of steaming food and Lothor thanked her nervously. Lothor picked up his cutlery before fumbling his fork and dropping it on the floor, the waitress looked back and giggled and Lothor blushed furiously. The barwoman came back with a new fork and Lothor tucked into a sausage eagerly. On the plate there were two hard-baked sausages, two fried eggs and four pieces of toast. Lothor finished the breakfast so quickly the maid returned to clean his plate with a shocked expression she commented on the speed at which he ate but Lothor could only manage an awkward smile in reply.

With his breakfast finished Lothor decided to get some new gear, after all if he was to keep up with these valiant heroes he was going to need some of his old items back.

After a few hours and Lothor befitted with new clothes, he headed over to the general store to buy some salted meat for trail rations, he bought a weeks worth hoping it would be enough. Next he went to the blacksmith and asked to borrow the smiths' whetstone to sharpen weapon and an oiled cloth to polish his armour. The smith recognised him as one of the 'heroes' and gave him the use for free. He talked with the smith for quite some time, only pausing when a new customer came into the forge. Lothor was fond of the man by the end, he was a simple and practical man, just as Lothor he tried to probe information out of him about local troubles and whether any help was needed around town. Hoping for a long-term project that Lothor could join after the grand adventure he was embarking on. There seemed to be no sort of feasible project, but Lothor still felt quite at home in the small town of Gygax and decided he would most definitely return here.

His chores were done and Lothor headed back to the Tavern, it was late evening and dusk was settling. Lothor was enjoying the stroll, peering down alleyways, and staring up into the sky looking at the millions of appearing stars miles in the air above him.

He soon reached the Tavern and walked through the doors. He walked straight up to his room to lay down his armour and weapons, before coming back down and ordering his evening meal. The same waitress served him and left him with a cheeky smile to contemplate. He made sure to keep hold of his fork this time and ate his dinner a bit slower. Once he had finished he ordered a tankard of ale, watered down.

The evening went slowly, and after his drink Lothor retired to his bed falling quickly to sleep.

Dawn light began to seep through the shutters and Lothor awoke this time to a much clearer head. They were leaving today and Lothor was going to make sure that this ride he would find out more about the other party members and in turn they would learn more of him.

Lothor gathered his belongings, donned his armour and strapped his sword around his waist. He left the room tidy and looked again for the maid who had served him, but she was nowhere to be seen and Lothor cursed himself for his shyness. Another reason to return here he told himself.

The group were readying there horses outside and Lothor began to saddle his up tightening the girth strap and adjusting the stirrups. Lothor began to notice that a big farewell had started and Lothor was still adjusting his horses saddle and was unaware of the gathering. Hurriedly Lothor walked over to the others, and he noticed the quiet samurai was departing, apparently to his homeland. Lothor had never really talked to the Samurai and was disappointed in his leaving it would have been great to have another warrior to talk to about fighting techniques and different codes of honour. The mage began to cast a powerful spell once more, and with a flash the large Samurai was gone. After a few conversations about the respected warrior the group was ready to leave.

It was nice weather and the group chatted amiably to one another. Lothor decided that he would try and ride with Ayreon, they were now both part of a team and he wanted to ask forgiveness of his previous suspicions. With this thought he rode up to the young Paladin.

“Ho, Ayreon I am asking for your forgiveness for my suspicions back in that Giants lair, it had been too long since I had met another noble man.”

(OOC: Hopefully Ayreon and Lothor carried on their conversation and became at least friendly to one another rather than suspicious . Unless you have any objections Raven?)

The day passed quickly and Lothor asked of Ayreons as well as the others' pasts as they travelled and in turn told them of his, though his tales of saving villages from fire seemed much less grand than his new comrades' history of escaping from giant beetles and being returned to life by the Gods.

They soon had to make camp, as dark began to settle. They sat around a hastily made fire and Lothor helped himself to one of his trail rations and chewed noisily upon the salted beef. Ulthok then declared that he would try and find his familiar by somehow lighting a brazier, Lothor did not understand how but he assumed it was another spell. Soon after he he fell asleep on his bedroll after marvelling at the stars once more.

Lothor was awoken by nervous voices. He shook his head and wiped at his eyes, and then he saw it Ulthok was frozen in place his hands cast over the iron brazier. Lothor stayed away from the halfling and held his new pendant whispering a song about luck and superstition. He was more than content to stay far away from the burning brazier although he did draw his weapon, one hand clasped around its hilt.

Posted on 2012-07-26 at 13:56:43.

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The first day passed without incident and soon the party stopped to make camp for the evening. It was then that Ulthok announced that he intended to summon a familiar. He made his preparations and it took but a moment for things to go from good to bad. A strange yellow glow eminated from the brazier and Ulthok stood paralysed. As the others checked on Ulthok, Cor's gaze also fell on the mage but with a differant look, "Now what have ya done lad? Never seen that result before. Are ye sure ye copied the spell correctly?." Cor looked less than pleased. Then after hearing the word 'dragon' he was even less pleased. "Well, I guess we set watches again and see what the morning brings. Keep a sharp eye to the sky or we may be a midnight snack for a beastie. I am going back to bed."

Posted on 2012-07-27 at 02:08:08.
Edited on 2012-07-28 at 21:49:09 by Keeper of Dragons

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Gone Wrong...........

The wizards had worked hard to share and copy spells, they were all tired from the study, but Ulthok had noticed the change in Sirene. She was more solemn and withdrawn; when he heard of loss of her father it made sense. The darkening of her mood brought thoughts of his own losses. Long time companions Haila, Conall so recently gone. Longtime friend Kenji leaving but hopefully to a better place. Others that had started so long ago were also gone and even his own brother was taken. Party members had become close to him only to be taken away. Now only Cor remained from those that started so long ago and even he had suffered dearly. Could it be that it was fate that those he let get close suffered ill.

As Ulthok lay peacefully with Valene, her smooth skin so gentle against his own. The lovely Halfling moved rhythmically as she glided over his body. Her hair fell over her shoulders when she arched her back; raising her torso up allowing Ulthok to view her ample beauty. The mage let his hands caress the curves and lines of her body as they moved to a common pulse. Quiet moans rumbled up her throat as she moved to give pleasure and maximize her own joy. Ulthok allowed himself to be swept away.

The evening drew late, the two tenderly released each other; Ulthok to slumber and Valene left the bed to watch out the window into the night sky. As he dozed Ulthok couldn't help but wonder if Valene may suffer the same fate as those he dare let get close to him.

The morning brought thoughts of how he might be able to aid his friends, the thought of losing more friends was weighing on his mind. While inscribing the spells he found that he might bring aid by adding another familiar. Haila's cat had proved its worth to the party and now Sirene had saved the creature and it would still be with them. The more he thought, the more he felt it was what he was going to do.

When the scribing was finished the small mage went into the town to find the material he would use to bring an aid to the group. Thoughts of possibly an Owl or other flying creature that could scout ahead spurred him on. As he searched he found the herbs and other items he needed. The cost may have seemed high to others, but money was never an issue to Ulthok. But he had to used one of his fine diamonds and giving up a gem added seriousness to this endeavor. It was now set to be done, the only thing left was the bronze brazier needed to blend the materials in fire. Searching store by store he could only find an odd looking brazier in dark pawn shop that appeared to be iron instead of bronze and the owner wanted three times its value. Ulthok was determined and surely it is the heat and the proper wording that made to spell work so he purchased the dark item. Ulthok didn't see knowing smile on the pawn shop proprietors face as he left the shop.

The spell would take time to be cast and not wanting hold up their departure Ulthok postponed the spell to when they would settle for the night. So when they stopped he gathered his supplies and went off to fulfill this plan.

Excited to try the spell he fired the brazier. The iron looking vessel radiating the heat needed as he spread the herbs and material over coals and mouthed the words to energize the spell. Within seconds the magic combined with the material and the brazier started to glow an eerie yellow.
The magic that had been called forth did not feel right to Ulthok, the spell was not working as it should, the iron brazier had change the spells force and not to what the mage could control. Before Ulthok could cancel the spell it run of its own will. The glow leapt over the mage and captured him in its strength, he could not move. The spell of Find Familiar seemed to posses him now as it changed color to a bluish green, it pulled at his soul as if he were now....

The party had gone about their business of setting up camp and had paid no attention to the Halfling as he set to his task. It was only when Niamedris, the other familiar, had sensed something wrong and sent a warning to Sirene did the party see Ulthok trapped in the blue green glow. The party rushed to his aid, Valene being the first to reach him. Her heart beating furiously at the sight of her new companion's entrapment the cleric enter the glow. Whether it was the energy she brought, the faith of her deity or feelings for the mage, but as she entered the glow the spell abruptly stopped. The brazier, herbs and the glow vanished leaving Ulthok standing in silence. The mage had a dazed and distant look to his eyes, as if he were seeing something or being pulled to somewhere. The others gathered and as they drew near they heard Ulthok gasp out, "Dragon", and then he collapsed into unconsciousness.

Posted on 2012-07-28 at 04:25:14.
Edited on 2016-07-04 at 21:10:10 by Odyson

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This is what happens when kids play with matches...

Sirène felt odd. It was as if she was floating through a drug-addled dream, unable to fully focus on the world around her, and unwilling to confront the reality lurking beneath. Normally she knew she would have been intrigued by the semi-wild places they rode past; the huddled copses and whispering brooks. She may have been unnerved by the alien feeling of a breeze upon the back of her neck now she had cut her long hair. Or full of trepidation about what dangers awaited them on the road. But Sirène felt none of those things. She felt empty and hollow; beyond caring. Emotionally drained by a weeping, bitter wound that would not heal.

“A! Not so tight!” she hissed, at the halfling perched on the back of her horse, and at the child-like arms locked around her waist.

“Sorry!” came a muffled apology from somewhere behind her, followed by a nervous loosening of the arms a fraction.

Sirène instantly regretted her tone. She knew she should have been kinder, more understanding. It was Valene’s first time upon a horse, and she should have sympathized with the terror she felt, the horror at losing control and having to entrust your fate to another. But her apology died on her lips. She could not bear to utter insincere platitudes.

‘Perhaps I should rejoin Kandur. Return to the forests to grieve in peace. To have time to mend and heal….’ It was tempting thought. Yet even as it spoke itself in her mind, she knew it was as an unattainable fantasy. There was no peace to which she could escape. There would be no forests if the Darkness triumphed. And, leaving would mean betraying her Goddess’ trust – the only thing still keeping her sane.

‘The dark world is soft at peace;

But I am here, alone

Without a hope, without a prayer

Or star to call my own.

Fatal desires churn in veins,

Though rage is boiled away,

To break my fragile mind and heart,

Never again to see day!

And this one last silver string

Grows taut enough to break,

For frail are my soul and spirit

Adorned with scars and pain.

But now thou art here. Thou hast come.

My eyes close; I feel thee

Calming my tarnished sanity

Making the Darkness flee.

Protect me in divine mercy,

Silent mother of peace,

O, Eldest Goddess of them all,

Who comes in harmony.

All that remained to Sirène was prayer.

‘Something is wrong with the small one’s spell!’
Sirène was wandering through a nearby copse when the warning reached her. Her hands tracing the grooves of the single old oak that had once stood guard over younger saplings, before having its branches hacked off by men, or orcs … or something worse.

Moments later, Sirène was flying. She had shifted into the form of a sparrowhawk, hurtling back to camp. Niamedris’ communicated all that he has seen: of Ulthok’s attempt at some sort of ritual, the strange bright flash of light, of the halfling now frozen in place.

By the time the elven sorceress got back, Valene was cradling the head of the now unconscious halfling, Cor was pacing back and forth, and the others were too frightened, or too cautious, to approach.

“Stand still,” Sirène communicated simply after shifting back to her usual elven form, and entering into a swift prayer that caused the blues of her eyes to flash an even brighter, more vibrant blue.

OOC: Sirène is casting ‘True Seeing’ to check if anything is out of the ordinary. She’ll look for anything that may have been summoned and is invisible, ethereal or hiding in neighbouring planes, and then check to see if Ulthok has been possessed by looking at his aura (or by detecting if his body now possesses more than one aura and the alignment of each).

Posted on 2012-07-29 at 17:50:15.

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Foolish Hobbitses (posting as Valene)

Valene had had to screw her eyes shut after leaving Gygax. Halflings, she had quickly decided, were not meant to ride horses. The sight of her feet hovering several feet above the ground had made her queasy, and the endless rhythmical swaying of the horse during the journey had made it worse. She had tried conversing with Sirène to try and distract her from the manifold dangers of ‘horse-travel’, but the Elf had either not heard her or had chosen not to reply.

‘I need to get myself something smaller, maybe a dog. Or a pig! Then we can ride through the day and have bacon the next morning! …’
At least she had her sense of humour.

“Ow!” Valene winced, trying to rub some life back into her poor legs. Ever since she had been lifted off the back of Sirène’s horse she had been walking bow-legged, her muscles unresponsive to all but the simplest of movements.

That all changed when she saw Niamedris, Sirène’s pet cat, drew her attention to Ulthok crumpling onto the earth.

“Ulthok!” she yelled, her boots of speed gliding her effortlessly across the partly burnt earth upon which they had decided to camp. Her mind whirled with the images of the nights they had spent together; the excitement, the warmth. She found herself dreading not being able to relive those moments.

She sank to the earth when she reached him, cradling his head upon her lap. It did not seem to help. His skin was clammy to the touch, his eyes rolling out of sight. “Dragon,” he whispered before finally losing consciousness altogether.

“No!” Valene pleaded, flooding the halfling’s prone body with healing magic, desperate for him to re-awake.

OOC: Not sure if it would help, but Valene will expend her ‘Heal’ spell on Ulthok.

Posted on 2012-07-29 at 19:34:28.

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Maggot is old and...

...Maggot is old and gone Vairar lok’en Narn’s ~Weaver of Tales~ is here and now.

Back post,
First there was the dancing and the lively tunes. Maggot sat quite in a darker corner and enjoyed his pipe and thought of times years ago when he too danced. He did so much watching people enjoy themselves; they seemed to do it so rarely.

A name,
Maggot smiled, ‘I will honor Cor and my fathers of old. Vairar lok’en Narn’s ~Weaver of Tales~ but to my friends I will honor them by answering to Weaver.’ Maggot then looked down at his hands again, ‘I do not think any one will see me as Maggot again for a long time.’

The next day Maggot started early with his studies, he always did seem to enjoy his books when surrounded by stone huts, thatched roofs and muddy streets. So when it came time for the trip to the meadow Maggot was ready for a break. He came to the spot he had been to many times before. He noted trees that he knew as only saplings and smiled as old giants he remembered. As he sat a raven came to the clearing and sat for a while too. Maggot knew this old bird and for a while enjoyed his company and the raven forgave the intrusion for he seemed to be glad to see an old friend again.

Then it was back to the books…

It came time to continue on,
The first day was a fine ride, for Weaver had chosen a horse of good body and spirit although it did not look the part. As the day came to an end and Ulthok cast his spell the day was shot and things went strangely. As things began to unfold Weaver the young half blood sniffed of the air deeply and then whispered to Cor, ‘Not yet.’ As cor spoke the word dragon to himself.

This night Weaver will keep watch and sleep lightly on his bedroll.

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Red Faced...............

The effects of the spell wore off quickly and Ulthok found himself being cradled in Valene�s lap. The aura of the brazier had left ghost images floating across his vision and a mild ringing was still in his ears. He felt the sensations of Valene and Sirene's spells, but he knew that nothing would be detected and healing couldn't change what had happened to him. The party would e questioning him about what happened. How could he tell them? He only knew for now he had to keeping them thinking he could be trusted.

Smiling up at Valene, "Well , if I can wake up in your arms, then maybe I need not worry about spells going wrong. " Looking around at the party, worried looks on their faces, "I'm sorry I disturbed you all. I'm fine, only my pride seems worst of ware." The mage slowly got to his feet and then offered a hand to Valene to help her rise, "Allow me to help you now." Turning to the party, his boyish face looking as innocent as possible, "I believe I saw a small grove of wild apple trees as we rode in, I'll go gather some fruit for dinner." Bowing slightly to the group he quietly walked away toward the wood.
Ulthok returned after about an hour, a distracted look on his face and no apples in his arms. Approaching the dinner fire he finally noticed that the group watching him. "ah, yes apples, I was supposed to get apples." From under his cloak he pulled the small pouch he had found in the giants cave. Opening the small bag he reached in and pull out a ripe red apple, then another, another, another. Soon there must have been several dozen ripe red delicious looking apples piled next to the fire. "If I may use some bowls and the iron pot I will prepare you some of Gramma RYDENHAM's apple tarts."

As he cleaned, cut, chopped, mixed and prepared the baking he was lost in thought. From under his breath as he worked , he murmured ,"just my imagination," "not green,".. "it wasn't,... just thinking of the cave, ".....

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Rayne--A call ansewered buyt not by all.

On that first morning of aince therir arrival mone of her companions had returned. However, it was early hours yet and thshe was a long way fron the Drow Mountain she had released them on. The spent the extra day in town gathering supplies and making ready to move on. rayne went about all the tasks she had set forhersleg visiting clothiers, Gletchers, and weapon shops an othr suppliers of adventurer's gear. She still keep up hope, Injhopes of her bompanion return she also bought a lard wicker backer that could be strapped on behind her saddle and had a perch added as well for Aerion. THe Fettets could us the badket inside where they would geel congortable and Aeron could perch on top to rest.

On the third day the set out again fully dupplied and mounted on the horses that hthey had been gifted by a thankful Stable master. The party sorted itself out as rayne took the forefront whether rideing or running to scout ahead. Adter they started out riding she keep up hope throught out the day. Two returned to her of her companions she had let go on Frow Mountain.

Aeron returned on soft broad winds in the twilight houyrs hours. His swift flight made him first of those she had recalled to return. . The next showed be the wolves Smoke and Fetherfoot, but only Smooke her great wold lobo came sometime in the morning after dawn. She waited hoping but as the hours passed no others aooeared. . Still there was a possibility they would yet come to her call.
As the hours passed with still no sight of them rayne made ready for the new day. She hicked back to town for breakfast. Still enhoying the ggod food at the inn and the fact that she did not need to hunt or prepare it for hwherself. She did bring down a couple of small game for Smoke and Aeron. An offering to them at theri return.

Rayne thoughtt might be that she would eventually have to replace some of her companions but was not ready yet tofive up on them. it was something she would think about..

"Good Morning," Rayne called out as she entered the common room of the innn. and moved over to where some had gathered.

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Back finally.

After the party at the inn, Ayreon had retired fairly early even for him to meditate on the resent events. So much had happened in such a short period of time that it had nearly overwhelmed the elven paladin. He was no stranger to adventure let alone combat, but ever since he'd left the king's hall, not so long ago actually, so many uncommon events had taken place. The emerald-eyed holy warrior had been able to complete the main part of his mission somewhat faster than he had dared to hope. But the way he had come to find Rayne was far from how he had imagined it to happen. Getting caught by giants hadn't exactly been part of the plan.

Lying awake long into the night, Ayreon's thoughts wandered into the area he shouldn't have gone. But he couldn't help it. Having met two of the most powerful servants of the Dark Lord and survived the confrontation, sure made the elf think. And even though he felt the presence of his god nearby at all times, he couldn't help the slight shiver that shook his body as remembered great evil he had sensed from the Wraiths. Uncommon events in uncommon times. For that's what these times were. Anything but common.

He'd come to know a little about Rayne's companions in the short time he'd spent in their company. The paladin was well aware of his own far beyond average skills and abilities, but these people seemed to be even more powerful. He was especially awed by the incredibly beautiful Valar - Althena. Shaking the somewhat childish thoughts away, Ayreon's mind filled with images of the group.

Lord Trollhammer - Cor, was a solid leader. He was strong in heart as well as in mind and no doubt a fierce warrior too. Rayne, a fellow Pegasi-rider, Ayreon knew well from earlier. He could trust the ranger to stand by his (and everyone else's) side in whatever danger they would face. Rayne was almost like a sister or cousin to him even if they didn't share the same blood. Then there was Maggot… or whatever his real name was. He was hard to get a grasp of. The half-elf was apparently old, ancient even compared to Ayreon, who wasn't a young boy himself anymore. But more often than anyone else, Ayreon found himself thinking of Sirène and not only because of her exotic and beautiful looks. Through her, he had a link to the homeland they both shared - E'loth Lo'Rian. Though news of the elven kingdom reached the court of Shana'tara time and again, they were at best vague. Ayreon longed to learn more of what was going on at home. With the appearance of Sirène's cousin Mena'Kandur, much of the thirst had been quenched. But there hadn't been enough time to converse with the elven lord and the paladin still hoped he could share a quiet moment with the beautiful mage later on to chat. Ulthok, Valene and Lothor he never got to think about in detail as the exhaustion he felt both in his body and mind took over Ayreon.

The following day turned into one filled with rest and studying. Apparently the mages had found spell books they could copy yet unknown spells from and it would take them longer than initially suspected. The day's break was fine by Ayreon. He did feel an urge to follow the call of his king to join the forces of good in the great battle ahead. But he knew they would gain nothing by rushing ahead mindlessly. More often than not preparation was well worth the time spent. The paladin had little doubt this time would be any different.

Early in the morning, right after breakfast there was really only one thing for Ayreon Larenthanar to do. He walked the short distance to a temple dedicated to Thor, as there were no others in the town, and requested permission from the local priest to spend some time in the temple in prayer and meditation. Having witnessed nearby the assistance Ayreon and his companions had given to the citizens of Gygax, the priest gladly offered a small chamber for the elven paladin's use. Some time later Cor and Valene followed his example.

Rest of the day passed surprisingly quickly. Like Lothor, Ayreon had declined any offer of receiving a share of the group's money. He personally had very little use for money outside nourishment and basic equipment anyway. And having found his purse amongst the loot in the giants' lair, the elven lord had more than enough gold of his own to spend. (OOC: With your permission ofc Tann. Would only seem realistic for the money to be there.) Having found peace and calm in the temple through prayer, Ayreon spend the next few hours behind the inn in sword practice. The new sword Rayne's group had given him felt perfectly balanced and extremely well made. There were runes of magic engraved along the beautiful blade, but Ayreon had no idea what they meant. He would have to ask the mages in the group about it later.

After the training session, the torn and smelly clothes the elf was wearing had become very much unusable. He had been planning on buying a set or two of new ones, but had totally forgotten about it until he saw Lothor come back from his little shopping trip. It took a heartbeat or three for him to recognize the human, but when he did, a wide smile appeared on Ayreon's face. "Well now, Lothor. They actually managed to turn you into something civilized after all.", the elf said with a wink. "I wonder if the shopkeepers are skilled enough to do the same with me?" With a happy laughter, Ayreon patted the warrior on his shoulder and headed outside.

Sometime later, Lord Ayreon Larenthanar, a captain of the Royal Pegasi Riders stepped out of the hot bath prepared for him by one of the inn's maids making the girl blush with his apparent indifference to being naked in front of a stranger. He accepted the towel with a smile, dried himself and put on his new set of clothes. While dressing he could feel the girl's eyes on his back following the intricate lines tattooed into his pale skin. The pattern would be too difficult to explain so Ayreon simply dismissed her gaze with a smile.

After dinner, late in the evening when the darkness had fallen, the platinum haired paladin stepped outside through the inn's door and took in a lungful of fresh air. He had some idea what they were getting into, but still it felt a little unsettling to be heading towards what was probably a major battle between the forces of good and evil. He feared not for his own life or safety, but for those he had come to know better during the last few days. Knowing his worry was probably unwarranted, Ayreon flashed his warm smile to the starlit sky and set out for a little walk. The little people would be able to take care of themselves. They were not children, but experienced and skillful adventurers who had survived all kinds of terrors and evils. They would all be just fine.

Walking across a field deep in thought, Ayreon nearly stumbled on a rusty and bloody orcish helmet. The corpse had been burned earlier, but for one reason or another the helm had been left on the ground on the spot where its owner had died. The piece of armor didn't make him feel much anything. There was no sorrow or happiness in his heart. The orc was dead. It would no longer hurt anyone else. As he was about turn back towards the town, an eerie sound caught Ayreon's sharp ears. He couldn't place it at first, but then it came to him with clarity. It was a song, an elven song filled with sadness and pain. The singer was somewhere in the distance and he couldn't recognize her voice. But it was female without a doubt. And as he had seen Rayne at the inn, there was only person it could belong to. For a moment Ayreon felt a need to find Sirène and offer her comfort, but he knew that could not be. She was alone because she wished to be alone. And disturbing her would be unforgivable. Shedding a tear of his own for her pain, Ayreon turned around and headed back towards the inn.

Next morning they rode off with Ayreon sharing a horse with Cor. It was the first time he had ever ridden with a dwarf, but the leader of the group handled the situation better than expected. At some point Lother came to ride alongside them and called out to the elf: “Ho, Ayreon I am asking for your forgiveness for my suspicions back in that Giants lair, it had been too long since I had met another noble man.” The words of the human warrior brought a grin to Ayreon's lips and he laughed out loud happily. "No apologies needed, friend Lothor. I didn't handle the situation any better myself. I am glad to have a mighty warrior such as yourself at my side today and any day coming."

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apples don't talk about apples

Cor listened as Ulthok told everyoen he was alright. Then he watched when the small one went apple gathering. His mouthwatered at the thought of apple pie.

Later while Ulthok was cooking, Cor approached him. "Glad ye are all right lad and the apples are a nice touch. But would ye mind explaining why you said dragon just before passing out?"

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Behold the coming of a new day

Half a pound of Disintegrate
Half a pound of flesh to stone
That's the way this party will die
Out comes the evil

With Ulthok’s mishap and his remembrance of seeing the image of a dragon. The party throughout the night was on alert. With the coming of morning no dragons or other threats had manifested so the party once more readied themselves for travel. With the riding arrangements changed to allow the horses ridden the day before rest. Cor riding with Lothor, Valene riding with Rayne and Ulthok riding with Althena, the party took a quick and steady pace towards the pass of Dragon’s Helm. Upon hearing this and thanks to the image in his summoning attempt more then a few jokes were sent the Halflings way to ease the uneasiness of the coincidence.

The party encountered no problems or threats as they moved Southeast, and also no people. Where there should possibly have been people fleeing from a country possibly at war, no caravans had they yet to come across. Then mid-day after a brief stop to rest and a meal they found themselves on the far side of a small hill. As they slowed to traverse the rising road the sound of a baby’s cry came to them from the front side of a hill. Followed quickly by what could only be a mother’s scream. The scream quickly cut off.

Ayreon, he of course being who he was, a Paladin sworn to protect the innocents of this world. Bent to ready his weapon even as he kicked his horse to move. However he found his horse blocked by Weaver at Cor’s command. The Dwarf Knight Cleric having dealt with two Paladins, one from almost boyhood, since this quest had begun. Had anticipated Ayreon’s actions before Ayreon himself had.

Telling him to hold he calmed the Elvin warrior long enough to explain the necessity of a scouting trip to the small hills ridge to see what possibly awaited them on the other side. Looking to Rayne and Weaver he quickly signaled the two Rangers to gain the hill’s ridge. Quickly off their horses the two wasted no time gaining a position under cover to gaze upon the valley below.

What they saw caused their breath to catch within their throats. Below them stood five wagons of mostly women, numbering roughly twenty, and at least twenty-five children. Around the wagons were at a quick count at least thirty-five Orc’s, a growl as if dogs fighting brought their attention a little to the East where an equal number of large saddled wolf like creatures fought over a pile dead horses. The only sign of any males were twelve bodies hacked and slashed to pieces or pierced by arrows. Of the women themselves Weaver and Rayne could see more then a few were bloody and crying. One now lying dead, her throat severed, next to a small crying child of not more then a few months old.

As the Rangers watched, a large round sphere like creature floated into view, a single large eye in it’s center, mouth full of ragged sharp teeth and 10 smaller eyes atop it’s head. The Beholder, for that was clearly what the creature was, floated to be above and slightly to the left of the crying child as a larger then normal Orc, perhaps the leader of the Orc band, moved up in front of it. Bending down the large Orc picked up the small baby and easily fed it, still alive and crying, into the Beholders mouth. A smile played upon the monsters face as it chewed. Staring eye to eye with the large Orc in some kind of communication for a few moments, it released it’s stare and watched as the Orc moved towards another child........

(Ok here’s this weeks post I hope you all enjoy it yet again. I will draw and post a map tomorrow or the next to as always give you a better idea of what you face.
Also a welcome back to Raven from his summer fun I hope it was worth it having to miss out on posting in such a great game.

Also for anyone who wants extra EXP what song (10K) and what band (10k) are the lyrics from though I changed most of the lyrics to fit the game I did leave clues. First one to get it right gets the EXP.

Ok next post, again Olympics permitting, will be next Wednesday.)

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