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Parent thread: Trilogy War Q/A
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GM for this game: TannTalas
Players for this game: SilentOne, Keeper of Dragons, cdnflirt, Nomad D2, Nimu, Odyson, Schnozzle, dragon-soul92
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6254 Posts

Oh Dear.............


They pasted through the great doors and the first thing Peri saw the robed witch that had made her do bad things to her friends. Then the other awful things in the room caught her attention . Before she could do a thing the evil in the room that was forcibly mounting a female elve killed her without moment’s concern.

As it moved to stand next to the witch Peri saw the witch smile at her. A shiver of panic ran though her and pushed off Ulthok shoulder. She fluttered away to near the side doors and heard Ulthok’s warning to her. Willing a spark of spirit into the band around her neck, a globe of invulnerability sprang up around her. She hoped it help shield her from the witch.

As she watched she saw her mage make the first attack and knew this may end badly. Wishing to help she cast a spell to hold the guards, the advisor and the Queen. (Casts Hold Person)

Posted on 2014-10-19 at 02:23:47.

RDI Fixture
Karma: 64/11
1292 Posts

The Icewoman Cometh

Weaver's challenge filled the room and laid upon them all like a blanket of doubt. Could the ancient bard's words be true? The potentiality of such a thing was almost tangible at such a moment. It would change everything.

Their journey through this place had been wrought with blood and rage. It seemed with each step another fell or some new horror rose up before them. It shook her to the very core of her being and in this moment only wrath remained to her. Still she clung to serenity even as it threatened to slip away.

The cold of that serenity swirled around her, twisting with her inner wrath into a freezing storm of fury. Siréne drew upon that power, letting the tempest within become a storm in truth. Her voice rose into the air, echoing into a cacophonic incantation.

With a final scream of fury the enchantress released her curse and let the freezing storm join the halfling's blast of cold.

((OOC: Casts Ice Storm for hail stones. Spell is centered on the throne, so the spell should hit all enemies but not blast back at us. Double Damage.))

Posted on 2014-10-19 at 02:51:01.
Edited on 2014-10-19 at 04:21:42 by Nimu

Karma: 20/12
325 Posts

Into Action

Magic. Lothor did not pretend to understand it for it was not his realm. Battle though, he did understand. As wand was raised, and a voice started calling out in the arcane tongue, he knew battle had begun. With this, Lothor prepared to step in front of his allies. They would need him to defend against those that would wish them felled. Theirs was not the realm of steel.

With greatsword in hand, weaving in figure "8" defensive pattern, Lothor took up his position. Steel against steel so they could be the magic upon magic.

(OOC: Ok, not necessarily fighting defensively here. Just preparing to take action to intercept any of those that would come into melee. Figuring Lothor would probably be better capable to deal with those than the casters.)

Posted on 2014-10-19 at 15:21:58.

Trilogy Master
RDI Staff
Karma: 180/119
6611 Posts

1st Round

The party had entered this �audience� chamber expecting a total different looking enemy and certainly not an ongoing rape in progress. For most of the party it was a cautious moment, for others it was much more drastic.

Cor was first to announce his presence, then Weaver seemingly shouting as if crazy, his antics catching the girl on the thrones attention. Rayne telling her forgotten ferrets to help Roan as he positioned himself to watch the rear most doors. With Barreel, Lothor and Alyia holding fast, the party seemed to be waiting the evil Lich Queen, if that was what she really was, to make the first move.

However that was not to be as Ulthok, Sirene and Peri would have none of that. The three of them starting the fight with a first strike of magic.

Sirene knowing to wait on the queen�s forces to make the first move was just nothing more then giving them initiative quickly fired off the spell of Ice Storm to encompass the whole of the enemy before them. Just as fast was Ulthok on the move, Wand of Frost in hand, Cone of Cold shooting towards the throne. With Peri casting Hold Person it seemed a good triple strike, until the two suits of white armor glowed, sucking the magic of the area effect spells towards them.

Peri watched as her spell flew true and to the little dragon�s delight her Hold Person, unstopped by the White Armor, hit the supposed Lich Queen head on! However the Faerie dragon learned to her dismay that the Queen was protected as the spell was turned back at her. Only by the grace of her Minor Globe did she not fall to the ground held. For the moment once more she was out of another fight, her magic useless against the Queen. In seconds, Ulthok, Sirene�s, and Peri�s magic was absorbed, returned and gone.

Then the women on the throne finally spoke her words in a very melodious voice.

�Really?� Her head turning to look all around her. �Did you really think your MAGIC would harm me in MY new castle.� Her head shaking as if in disbelieve. �Kill them�

With that command, the forces of evil moved to the attack.

For the party as a whole minus, Ulthok, a series of things happened in quick secession as both Howler and Dark Whisper acted on the Queens command.

For Dark Whisper once again it was her ability of Whispered charming, however this time it was not directed at Peri but the two magic defenseless ferrets. Without any hesitation they turned from the doorway, the first jumping to attack Sirene, the second attacking Weaver, as commanded by Dark Whisper. While both ferret attacks missed they still were a distraction. Enough of one to make the casting of spells quite difficult............

For the Howler he too used his special attack as he opened his mouth to scream. An invisible wall of screeching sound hit the party dead on and but for Ulthok all took damage. Their saves vs. breath weapon successful they all only took half damage, the ferrets somehow spared...........

Timing it right the rest of the enemy force attacked and Cor quickly found himself eye to eye with Smiley face as it moved to the attack. A quick threesome of two rays from its eyes and a terrible bite left the Dwarf Knight-Cleric with no wounds but feeling unsteady and seeing as if through a light fog. Under the influence of these feelings Cor�s return attacks were also unsuccessful, round one a stalemate of sorts...........

As Roan started to move to check the West door what he had suspected came to pass. Within a second after the magic attack from Dark Whisper and Howler were gone. The two pieces of White Armor outside the door moved into the room. Moving to engage he found himself facing a creature who easily towered over him, Roan�s head level only with it�s chest. In the flurry of blows the Human Ranger/Cleric was unable to hurt the giant sized armor his blows bouncing off the metal. In return the Human was much less lucky taking a glancing blow across his arm. However even a glancing blow can have an adverse effect and in this case Roan's whole left arm went numb. The khopesh once held tight clattering loudly to the floor...........

For Lothor, his repeated swirling of his great sword seemed an invatation to do battle. As the second of the White Armor�s came through the door the big fighter got his wish. Great-sword vs. great-sword the clash of the two large blades sounding as if a sledge hammer crushing brick. Just barely was the large fighter able to score a hit, but the hit causing a little of the surface to be dented unlike the hits scored by Roan. The Armor�s return attacks however were both a miss, Lothor�s luck holding up once more.........

For Ulthok, having dashed to the left, found himself free of the sonic type blast of the Shadow-Wraith and the first attack of the White Armor. Having already used his action in drawing and casting from his wand, the Halfling Thief/Mage watched as thirteen Githyanki warriors phased into the room. Clear to any in the know they had to have been ready and just waiting to attack. Now it seemed there were two Gith to each party member, as Ulthok found himself in the south-west corner, for the moment left alone............

(DM OOC: Ok my delayed post with map I have to say Ody, Nimu your attacking first caught me off guard. Well done. Ok next post next Sunday as norm. Good luck Hero�s

 photo 4b89849c-4144-42ef-a39c-184785a869ca_zpsfa5c63aa.jpg

Posted on 2014-10-21 at 03:53:02.
Edited on 2015-02-24 at 11:23:51 by TannTalas

Extreme Exclaimator!
Karma: 92/24
4178 Posts

Ring True

Roan did not like the looks of the chaotic situation and he felt much less positive about the sudden melee, as his Kopesh clattered to the floor, his left arm gone numb from his opponent's blows.

Pushing all thoughts of concern for the Lady Rayne from his battle tested mind, the Ranger/Cleric acted on sheer instinct alone, through the dull pain, as he aimed his Ring of the Ram towards the #4 Githyanki, unleashing two charges against his foe, hoping that this action would protect both Alyia and Ulthok simultaneously, trusting that his comrades would have his back, because he had their backs!

He then set himself in a defensive type action against WA1 in hopes that his still useful Kopesh in his right arm would be able to strike a serious blow upon the legs of his White Armored Opponent.

A blood curdling war cry of "Ohhhh Dinnnnn!" flowed from his vocal cords as he engaged his enemies, in what may prove to be the final battle of his short human life!

((OOC: Not sure which finger of which hand his Ring of the Ram is on, but if it is on his left hand, then he uses his right arm + his Kopesh to lift his left arm to aim the Ring of the Ram against the #4 Githyanki, before assuming a defensive action against the White Armor 1 and at some point possibly striking a blow at the legs below the knees!))

Posted on 2014-10-24 at 23:15:54.
Edited on 2014-10-24 at 23:40:20 by Hammer

Keeper of Dragons
Devil's Advocate
Karma: 58/18
2320 Posts


Cor was caught a bit off guard by his companions attack. Now he was ready to take part in the fight. "Time for ye ta shut up" he called as he swung his ax at the talking mouth.

Posted on 2014-10-25 at 04:04:43.

Karma: 156/25
6254 Posts


The mage had warned the party to split up to avoid area effect magic but he was the only one to move away in time. The sound blast had missed him and he was not among them when the Yellowfaced warriors phased in. Ulthok knew that these fighters would be after him soon also. Their tactic had been to try phase in behind their target so he kept the wall to his back. Seeing the two big White Armor guards enter and give three attacks he wanted to help reduce thier threat to his group. So instead of casting a spell at these thing that seemed to just absorb the spell he cast he summoned four shadows. He commanded two to attack each of the large guards. The shadows to drain the life energy from guards.

Posted on 2014-10-26 at 01:29:09.

RDI Fixture
Karma: 31/3
600 Posts

step step slip

Alyia sighed as her stomach lurched at the sight of the githyanki teleporting into the room en mass.

casting strength on herself she drew her sword an a small dagger.
Alyia prayed a quick prayer for the gods/godess's protection, not that she believed much at this point anything to sway her luck would help.

alyia threw herself into the battle (against #1 ) hopping to draw them out into the openness of the room.

Posted on 2014-10-26 at 01:53:43.

Karma: 156/25
6254 Posts

Biding Her Time....


Peri wanted so much to help her friends but her magic didn’t seem to be a match to those they were facing. Her spell had been turned back on her. Peri decided that her best action would be to continue to try and protect herself. While still being protected by the Minor Globe she added a Protection from Evil to herself.

Posted on 2014-10-26 at 03:00:46.

RDI Fixture
Karma: 64/11
1292 Posts


Siréne hissed in irritation at the ferret that bounced before her. As of yet, the little creature was no threat to her being but its squeaking and rapid motions drew enough of her attentions to prevent throwing spells. If she were to be any aid in this battle, she would need to rid herself of the nuisance rodent.

Holding out a ringed hand, the enchantress faced the ferret and the githyanki with her palm. A thread of will flowed through her into the ring, and at once she could feel its magic come to rise. The air around her came to life, rushing forward with the force of a gale into the little ferret and the githyanki warriors.

((OOC: Uses Ring of Elemental Command: Gust of Wind. Targeting ferret and githyanki.))

Posted on 2014-10-26 at 14:42:25.

Karma: 20/12
325 Posts


Clink clink clink. Lothor heard and saw the kopesh drop to the ground as Roan's arm went numb from the attack on him. He knew the man was in danger, he was a nimble fighter, agile and light in his attacks. This was not his method of fighting for his blades did not even touch the heavily armored foe. The large fighter knew he had to press his attack on the armored man before him so he could finish him off and make his way to the other.

Blade rang against blade as the two large figures deflected blows from one another then Lothor struck a blow while managing to evade the man's. If it could be called a man. Could possibly just be a suit of armor that had just got dented. Perhaps the magic that animated it would stop if he done enough damage to it. Lothor let loose a large laugh as he pressed the attack and attempted to just beat the hell out of this thing.

(OOC: going to use a charge off of rabbit's foot to make all combat attacks autosuccessful this round. going to focus everything on the suit of armor. Finish off my suit and get to roan's)

Posted on 2014-10-28 at 17:39:52.

Trilogy Master
RDI Staff
Karma: 180/119
6611 Posts

Round two (Battle vs the Lich Queen)

With the first round of this fight going to the Queen and her array of minions and allies, the party could only continue to fight.

The first to act this round was Ulthok. Having found himself pretty much left alone for the moment. The Halfling Thief/Mage decided it was a good time to summon allies to the parties’ aid. Within moments, four Shadows were in the room and headed to the two suits of White Armor. Gaining height above the white suits, they began to drain the life of the armor wearers unopposed..............

The next of the party to act was Aliya. Knowing she had a long fight ahead the Half-Elf Fighter/Mage quickly cast the spell of strength upon herself gaining a new strength of 18(20) Setting herself in defense she did not have long to wait as two Githyanki came at her (#1, #2). The first Gith was easy to defend against, it’s single attack a clean miss, however as she successfully defended the first the second came at her unopposed…Only to trip on its own feet and go sliding past her. Call it luck or fate but Aliya this round remained untouched..........

Sirene found herself facing two serious threats (Gith’s #11, #12, and #13) and an annoying one. (Ferret) Having really no time or concentration to attempt a spell she quickly called upon her Ring of Elemental Command unleashing a gust of wind towards all three foes. Catching the first of Rayne’s ferrets in mid leap, the small creature was hurled all the way backwards to slam into the East wall. Hitting the floor hard it lay unmoving. For the three Githyanki headed her way, though they were not effected as much as was the ferret, still they found themselves for the moment unable to move forward to the attack, yet still standing. However, the back draft of the gust from hitting the wall and boomeranging back towards Sirene, caught two of the three Gith Warriors (#11, #12) in the middle of tornado of air. Unable to remain standing, the wind slamming them to the ground at the Elf Mage/Druids feet. The two Gith found they themselves slightly stunned and helpless for next round. With those, two down and dazed for at least one round, she only faced a single Githyanki next round (#13)...........

For Roan losing the use of his left arm and the sword once held there was disheartening but in no way a reason to give up. His right hand lifted quickly, the Human Ranger/Cleric turned it and sword sideways, and aimed his Ring of the Ram at the Gith behind him. (#4) Caught completely off guard the Githyanki warrior found himself slamming into the ground, a large indention in his chest, a dozen feet back from his intended target. Quickly turning to defend vs. the White Armor, he was not quick enough as the armored warrior laid into him. With a solid hit turned away thanks to his armor and the second this time a miss. Roan found himself still standing, feeling slowly returning to his hand............

Lothor was in full combat mode as he faced off with the suit White Armor before him. Deciding to make quick work of it, he took a charge of Luck from his Rabbit’s Foot. His attacks dead on easily flying past the armors defending sword to slam into the White suit in from of him. The ringing of his great sword hitting the armor echoed as if striking a hallow shell, the hits however leaving not a single scratch. With his defenses overstretched in attacking full bore, the White Armor was able to gain a solid hit against the big fighter. Hitting the floor pain lancing through his back he was able to quickly roll to his feet and face the White Armor once more. However, he found himself not only facing the suit of armor but also a Githyanki warrior. (#6) It was only thanks to the White Armor’s hit upon him that the Gith had missed an attack against his wide open back, saving Lothor yet more damage. Finding himself back to back with Weaver he swore to hold his ground............

Barreel, Dwarf Berserker, Fighter, creature of destruction was on top of the world. Here before was a bevy of enemies all waiting to feel the kiss of his axe. With his song of battle upon his lips, he charged the two Githyanki before him. (#7, #8 ) Axe vs. swords he lunged and dodged and in short order one Gith was on the ground wounded while the second was backing up to gain ground and away from Barreel’s spiked armor. Though the Dwarf Berserker had taken a solid hit to his head, he gave the wound no mind, as his song slowly gave him strength.

”We sing the song
Of the under halls
Of warriors strong
When duty calls
Our Orc foes straight down we'll MOW
Shout louder lads

We sing the song
Of the dwarven king
Of warriors strong
His praises sing
The Orc foe shall suffer WOE
Shout louder lads

We sing the song
Of battles won
Of warriors strong
When duty's done
Who'll lift their ales and clammor HO!
Shout louder lads

With an ale in one hand
An axe in t'other
We're the best in the land
Ye shan't even bother!
You're blood shall FLOW!
Shout louder lads!
**DEATH FROM BELOW**.................

Weaver besieged by Rayne’s second ferret, unable to cast a spell, yet thanks to Barreel only facing two Githyanki, (#9, #10) decided for the moment to stay on the defensive. His Staff of Shielding held tightly in his left hand, longsword in the right, he parried and defended successfully against both. However, the two Gith continued to move in close and Weaver knew he would not remain un-hit for long...................

Cor found he himself facing an adversary unlike anything the Dwarf Knight Cleric had ever faced before, a smiley faced magic mouth. However, this magic mouth came with a mouthful of teeth and a hunger for blood. As it once again attacked, Cor found his reactions slowed as if his body were weakened. His attack a clean miss the mouth moved in taunting.

“Little itsy Dwarf, oh how you will taste”

A quick strike at Cor with only its teeth, the Dwarf to slow to dodge, it was only Cor‘s high AC that saved him from damage. Whatever ability the Mouth’s eye beam that hit him was having upon him, Cor knew he needed to get rid of the effect before it killed him. Then he was once more under attack as a Githyanki warrior was upon him. (#3) Its two attacks both hits only one caused damage as again Cor’s thick hide and AC turned it aside.................

For Rayne, the only other member besides Ulthok to not be directly in melee with a foe the choice of what to do. Seeing Cor slowed and in trouble, ‘Anduril’s Blood’ was quickly in her hands and two energy arrows released. However, they never reached their intended target as a Githyanki warrior (#5) appeared directly before her. The explosion of the two energy arrows hitting so close, almost as if in melee, threw both Rayne and the Gith warrior to the ground in separate directions. For Rayne it was only to take a few points of damage and have the air knocked out of her. However, for the Gith it meant death, a huge hole in its chest, the added extra damage from such a critical hit, killing it instantly.............

As the party fought in a swirl of melee and magic, Howler and Dark Whisper watched, free to pick and chose their targets. For Howler, seeing Ulthok all alone against the back wall, this meant the Halfling was his this round. Having seen the Halfling Mage/Thief summon Shadows he did not intend to let the small creature summon more. A quick word upon his lips and a Death spell was on its way. The spell hit Ulthok with enough force to slam the Halfling hard into the wall behind him and then to the ground. However, after seconds of a crushing feeling on his heart, an inability to breath, and massive pain in his head, Ulthok found himself still alive. On hands and knees but alive his save vs. Death Magic a success. Howler seeing his spell fail gave a cry of anger and drawing his sword began moving towards Ulthok................

For the Lady Dark Whisper, having given her last whisper of the day to the ferrets did not need to choose a target, her gaze never having left Weaver. Before her was the true cause of Limper‘s, her brother’s, death. Not the Goddess or the Valkyrie that had come to save him, her only real desire was to see him dead. However, she was no fool and did not want the Valkyrie, or the Goddess aimed at her next so better to help him be killed rather then killing him her self. With that in mind, she quickly hit him with the spell of Blindness, watching in happiness as he became as such. With him blind, all she had to do now was watch in delight as the Githyanki and the armor tore him apart.............

Watching totally relaxed as if watching a peaceful show from her Throne. The Queen with two more suits beside, her advisor behind her and not a care in the world did nothing....Yet..........

(Ok my post for this week. Next post Sunday the 9th give you an extra week and a half to post and me to find a new player to replace Sir Nibbly.
I‘ll add a map here by tomorrow night)

 photo 4f83b185-ba34-45cb-be26-09378a6eea61_zpsae21bad1.jpg

Posted on 2014-10-30 at 06:59:55.
Edited on 2014-11-01 at 00:18:46 by TannTalas

Keeper of Dragons
Devil's Advocate
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Cor felt his body slowed and figured it must be some effect of the attack by the face. Trusting in his armor to protect him, he cast a spell that would hopefully turn the tide. Focusing he cast free action.

Posted on 2014-10-31 at 02:17:37.

Epic Level Bard
Karma: 31/3
557 Posts

I did not want this

Weaver with out thought used his staff to fend off the attack of the two Githyanki and his sword was in his hand to lend aid in the defense. As he defened each blow he spoke through clenched teeth, ‘I do not want this.’ Rage was already in Weaver’s eyes.

There was a slight pause in the battle that only those involved can notice when Weaver gave an evil grin… Maggot attacked back.

Posted on 2014-10-31 at 14:49:51.

Karma: 156/25
6254 Posts

Down But Not Out............

A spell hit Ulthok with enough force to slam him hard into the wall behind him and then to the ground. However, after seconds of a crushing feeling on his heart, inability to breath and massive pain in his head, Ulthok found himself still alive. He was on hands and knees but alive. Howler seeing his spell fail gave a cry of anger and drawing his sword began moving towards Ulthok.

Steadying himself then moving forward Ulthok prepared to defend against the Howling enemy. He remembered how spells had done little to these creatures so he drew his Short Sword of Lighting Quickness, but he also prepared another surprise. As the mage came within ten feet of the he threw the vial of Oil of Fiery Burning point blank into the Howler.

(OOC, Ulthok has four rounds left on his potion of fire resistance. So he will stay close to attack Howler with his blade of lightening quickness as Howler burns using the flames as cover and distraction.)

Posted on 2014-11-07 at 02:45:42.
Edited on 2014-11-09 at 03:16:43 by Odyson

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