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Parent thread: Trilogy War Q/A
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GM for this game: TannTalas
Players for this game: SilentOne, Keeper of Dragons, cdnflirt, Nomad D2, Nimu, Odyson, Schnozzle, dragon-soul92
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Divot saw that the door at the end of the room was a fake! He quickly dodged out of the way of everyone behind him and heard Ulthok call for help. Figuring he should let someone else figure out what was wrong with the door, he dashed back to assist with the rope. "Stop messin' around and give me that rope! We'll get this done up right!"

He hoped his tunneling experience that kept him safe from falling debris would keep him safe from the spikes just a little bit longer as he struggled to help with Ulthok with the rope.

Posted on 2009-04-06 at 18:15:55.

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Still cursing herself for her own clumsiness, even while grimacing through clenched teeth at the pain of her wounds, Evie checks the wall behind the door as thoroughly as the situation permits hoping to find a secret door. Should that fail she prepares to cast Dispel Magic, hoping that the wall is merely an illusion.

Posted on 2009-04-06 at 21:52:52.

Not Dragon Mistress
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Hangin On--Rayne

With Cynil, Rayne and Divot all headed to the far side of the room at the same time, chaos’s and confusion were bound to happen. The narrowness of the stone bridge allowing only one person to cross it was just a matter of poor timing that found all 3 attempting it almost as one.

Added to the fact that spikes were flying everywhere the result of their attempt was bad. With 2 spikes hitting Cynil, a spike hitting Rayne and Divot totally missed by dodging at just the right time the three were forced physically into each other.

Dexterity not withstanding the whole incident ended with Divot on the bridge, still headed for the far door. Cynil forced by the impact of both spikes and teammates back towards the entrance door and Rayne, even with her high dexterity unable to keep her balance, found herself hanging for dear life off the side of the bridge, a spike embedded in her shoulder.

Rayne focused on her only task at this moment to lift herself back to the walkway she was hanging from. Mostly she relied on her dexterity, but the was a strength only task hampered by her injury. Rayne strained to lift herself up to the walkway. She blocked the pain of her efforts least they deter her attempt.

Posted on 2009-04-08 at 21:52:40.
Edited on 2009-04-09 at 21:30:07 by Brianna

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Move Aside

"Move aside, girl," was the first words to Kenji's mouth as she reached the door before him. "I shall get us through this door."

Pain was felt in his thigh where the first spike had grazed against the rear of it, leaving a slice along his fleath, and then again where one had slipped in between the lacing of his shoulder armor. The samurai had already pulled the second free with blood flowing from the wound.

Cor surveyed the scene and tried to think of a useful plan. "Connel, see to Rayne! Someone check that door and make darn sure it isn't a "fake" fake magically hidden or an illusion of being fake. Everyone take cover as best you can and shout out any ideas."
"I shall get us through." It was a statement of confidence, one that he was very sure of. It was here that he gathered up his ki into his muscles, his spirit lending his material self strength. It was with get a great kiai that he envisioned his fist not meeting the stone but breaking through it; not aiming for the wall but a point beyond it.

(ooc: using the kiai power, rasing str to 18/00 in an attempt to break through a 'door' as he sees it. if that won't work for rules purpose, treat it as an unarmed combat against a 'wall' with the bracers.)

Posted on 2009-04-08 at 22:36:55.
Edited on 2009-04-09 at 19:29:43 by Vesper

Angel Reincarnated
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an attempted apology

She was in a small area, the crevasse entered through her only way out, hungry rats at her feet attacking, Haila mouthed the words of incantation quickly and cast the spell of Polymorph Self and was at once changed into a Owl. With her wings flapping she gained enough height to be out of the rats reach and with her size now small enough to manage the contours of the creavase she moved into its depths. However lacking the night time sight of a natural Owl her way was marred by a number of bashes as she ran into its walls. In what seemed like no time at all she had found her way back to the main tunnel of the redoubt and before a strange yet somehow familiar door.

As she hovered to listen to the sounds coming from within she could hear the noise of banging as if a number of mailed fists were striking the walls and the door. Then even with her human hearing she heard the muffled sound of a voice so very familiar.

“Cor, Althena is down, help me protect her.!”.......

In that moment Haila approached the door and searched the extent of her memory and the voice was instantly familiar. Fluttering her wings a couple times more she muttered the incantation to change back into her normal shape. Without thinking she opened the door expecting the worst.

Lady Thorran recalled how she attacked her friends, and she didn't expect a warm welcome, but she didn't like the idea of the possibility of losing them. Her familiar was also with her friends, she prayed they wouldn't try to kill her. She had passed through this task before and she hoped they would spare her. The memories while possessed seemed like a dream, but it was a very real feeling upon her body after the curse had been lifted. Her eyes flashed towards each individual and the look in her eyes revealed her sincerest apologies.

Sorrow, pain, and fear washed over her features as she darted into the room, with the skill of an expert in the room. Having passed the test before, she headed towards the leader and her voice was firm as she spoke "Let me help you through this task, and then I will accept whatever is dealt to me for the wrongs I have done to you, my friends" her voice echoed through the room as she manoevered the task more easily than the rest of the group.

Posted on 2009-04-09 at 18:18:58.

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olly olly oxen free ROUND 2

In the aftermath of the first round of action only 2 were untouched, the “exit” door was revealed to be a fake and the most important member of the party was unconscious, maybe dead.

The first to act this round was the Halfling Ulthok. Surmising that the spikes were only coming from the top and sides of the crystal wall as it revolved he came up with a quick plan. Quickly dropping to the floor of the bridge, removing his coiled rope at the same time. Lying flat to the floor he dropped one end down the left side of the walk and with his slippers of spider climbing still on he began to slip down the right side clinging to the bottom of the walkway. It was here that the Halfling thief/mage found out that he had been wrong as to where the spikes were coming from as 2 more penetrated his flesh having been fired from the area of the wall still under the bridge. The impact of the spikes slamming him back against the wall caused him to lose his hold on the rope. One spike having entered the meaty part of his arm had pinned him to the wall and only his slippers kept him from falling. As he tried to free himself Ulthok caught sight of a well formed hole just below the far doors exit ledge that had no spike firing from it, with the arrival of his brother his attention was drawn elsewhere.

Divot having heard his brothers call for help with the rope was the next to act this second round moving once again across the bridge to reach him. However unlike his dash forward, this time he was not as lucky, as he was hit by 2 spikes. His dexterity once again allowing him to keep his balance he made it back to the other side to find his brother pinned halfway down the single unmoving part of the crystal wall on the entrance side. How to reach him and free him the Halflings fighter’s next task.

Cor his spell of healing a success was glad when the elfin cat moved within his tunic showing him she was awake. Calling out orders he quickly turned his attention to Althena and where a spell may not have worked if struck, his lay on hands did as he pumped divine healing into her. Though struck twice with full on hits his hands he did not remove his concentration total. The Dwarf cleric, though in pain, was happy when he saw Althena’s eyes open knowing she was yet alive.

Cynil was hurt, bleeding and barely on her feet the impact of the 2 spikes, one embedded in her thigh, the other taking a chunk of skin and meat from her side, having pushed her back into the entrance door. Her concentration on casting any type of spell for the moment forgotten she it was who was the first to feel the door behind her begin to open. Moving out of the way she readied her self for a new enemy and was shocked as to the who sought entrance. However before she could react or shout a warning another spike did slam into the same side as before, this time burying itself deep. The Elvin Druid now slammed onto her knees fought to remain conscious and in this fight.

Evie having checked the door area as well as her ability would allow was not happy with the results, for all intent and purposes there was no door here to be found. Having heard Cor’s warning to be through on her search the next thing for her to try was to cast Dispel Magic but events and a hit from another spike stopped her dead in her attempt to cast as Kenji moved to act.

Kenji hovering above Evie saw the results of her finding nothing but stone behind the now open door would not be so fooled. Having heard Cor’s call to be sure it was not an illusion he focused his Ki for one great strike and attacked. The pain of his wrist shattering upon stone was great, so great that the samurai warrior fell back mindless of the spike that entered his back at almost the same moment causing him yet more damage. Clear to any that had been able to watch, this was no fake stone wall but very real one. There would be no leaving this trap this way.

Rayne was in trouble, though hanging from the bridge with two hands, it was in reality only one and a half as the pain from the spike in her shoulder made it hard for her to use that arms full strength. Trying to pull herself up her wounded hand lost its grip and she was about to fall when two hands grabbed her one and amid a spike hit to her and 2 to Conall, her rescuer, the paladin pulled her to relative safety atop the bridge once more. His shield once again above not only himself but that of Rayne he moved then both back to rejoin the rest at the entrance door. A door that was just now beginning to open.

Cor not only heard the door opening but was shot with the surprise of pain as Niamedris as if knowing who was coming through the opening dug his claws into the Dwarfs chest and leaped away. The cat’s timing perfect he landed upon Haila Torrin’s shoulder as she quickly entered the room, her face a mask of sorrow, pain, and fear. Heading directly towards Cor she quickly spoke to him, yet loud enough to be heard by most.

“Its me, its Haila, I mean you no harm please Let me help you through this task, and then I will accept whatever is dealt to me for the wrongs I have done to you, my friends"
Her voice echoed through the room as she maneuvered herself closer to the Dwarven Cleric. As she reached him so did 2 spikes 1 easily penetrating her body, the second a grazing hit.

The pain and impact forcing her to her knees she looked upon Cor and time for her did stop. What he would do next, would he welcome her back or would he attack she had no way of knowing in that moment in time.

(OOC: OK Post is up next post, next Sunday as I work Sat. Check the character thread for current hit points and get them posts in people!!)

Posted on 2009-04-12 at 01:56:53.
Edited on 2009-04-12 at 01:59:10 by TannTalas

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Being hit by flying spikes can really ruin your day. The tunnelrat found that out quickly as he was hit by two in quick succession as he ran toward Ulthok to help him with the rope. It proved to be a fool's errand, though, as Ulthok lost hold of the rope before he could even get there. Helpless, Divot watched as Ulthok was pinned to the wall. A bit woozy from the pain, he quickly devised a plan.

"Oi, Ulthok! Whacha doin' jus' hangin' out there? Need a hand?"

He attempted to grab the rope that Ulthok had started to attach to the bridge, and if he could, he'd swing the free end over to Ulthok, to give him something to grab with his free arm. That, of course, assuming he could free himself from the wall.

"Get that little stickpin out of yer arm and swing back over here! You ain't doin' a lick of good pinned to the wall like that!"

He also attempted to dodge more of the spikes and would try to keep Ulthok safe from any more damage. A dead halfling is a useless halfling, as he often said. If all went well, he'd pull his brother up and they'd head toward the fake wall that was the exit to this deathtrap.

Posted on 2009-04-12 at 03:37:31.

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The impact of the spikes was painful but Cor knew Althena needed his aid. "twas a good thing I dina try a spell." he thought as the first spike hit. Moments later Althena seemed better.

It was not long after that that liquid fire criss-crossed his back. "Owww, darn cat! Where are ya off to in such a hurry?" Looking up Cor saw Halia walk into the tunnel. Before he could react she spoke; wanting forgiveness and expressing her remorse. Trusting that the cat knew the "real" Halia, Cor listened. "Lass, now is not the time for long-winded regrets. Did you pass this way before and know how to get out?" Cor hoped she passed thru before and that she remembered.

"Anyone see where those spikes are going once they melt!? Perhaps a drain hole or something that recycles them!" he called out to the others. He looked himself at the floor below them for just such a hole.

Posted on 2009-04-12 at 15:57:50.
Edited on 2009-04-13 at 21:45:41 by Keeper of Dragons

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Having gotten nowhere with finding any sort of secret door, and seeing everyone around her being sliced to ribbons by the endless stream of crystal shards, Evie cries out, her voice surprisingly loud and clear, "Get out, get out, there's no door here!"

She'll turn and dodging as best she can, head for the entrance door. She'll stop and assist Ulthok and Divot if they still need help by the time she reaches them, and anyone else that may need assistance between herself and the door.

Posted on 2009-04-13 at 19:34:31.

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Even as she begins to head back towards the entrance, an idea strikes Evie regarding the nature of crystal. In addition to her previous actions she will also attempt to get hold of one of the crystal shards, whether off the floor, or one stuck in her body or equipment, just as long as she can get hold of one by the time she reaches the entrance.

Posted on 2009-04-14 at 16:38:21.

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Cynil looked at the young mage and saw something that heartened her. There was a contriteness to her demeanor, that and her words gave her hope that whatever had afflicted her to the point that she had fireballed them, was no longer in control of her. Cynil put her faith in the young mage and hoped she was right.

"Help the others."

The druidess blinked back tears and bit down on her lips to keep from crying out as she pulled out the spikes.
As soon as she was clear of the spikes she changed into a bat. That way she would be partially healed without using healing spells, or potions and as a bat she had the ability of being highly maneuverable.

Posted on 2009-04-17 at 19:27:58.
Edited on 2009-04-17 at 19:34:57 by Dragon Mistress

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Only a State of Mind

Pain, it is only a state of mind. The lesson had been told him over and over; many days having been spent being hit time and again with a bokan just to prove to him that it was so. Kenji had learned to ignore pain and work through it, and greater pain he had felt before. His wrist throbbed from hitting the brick wall, but it was pushed far away to become just a minor nuiscance.

"It is real enough," the words came from his mouth. "We need to figure something out.

The sound of steel being drawn could be heard as his daisho, both katana and wakizashi, came free and into his hands. Kenji held both of them in reverse grips and crouched into a defensive posture. He would try to defend himself from these crystal spikes, giving himself completely over to his senses.

(OOC: Ok, long week, busy days. Kenji will just try and keep himself from getting hit with spikes. Dunno if there is a bonus for going total defensive like 3e or not but that is what I'm doing.)

Posted on 2009-04-17 at 21:41:04.

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Rayne's retreat.

Rayne has one objective to get out of her before she is hit again. (full defensive) She stays as low as possible without crawling on her belly and four legs it out f here out of the door they came in. It seemed do far off. When she got to Haila, she didn't not pause but offered to help her out, "Haila, Do you need help to get out?" and then assessed her as requested or not.

Everyone one else seemed to be headed out of the death trap. Probably meant to lure them in and batter them down with no exit but the entrance.

Rayne would worry about that later ans she

Posted on 2009-04-18 at 00:16:29.

Angel Reincarnated
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Trying to find an escape.

Haila searched the edges of her memory trying to figure out a means of escape from this room. Was it a timed thing? Was there a secret switch somewhere. Any writing covering the room at all? What were their options?

It wasn't until she was asked if she needed help did she realize that being lost in thought she was still in danger. Immedietly she returned to the safe side of the test and she racked her brain some more. "There has to be a simple way out of here, if only we consider it. How about we don't cross the bridge, there is another exit. I dont' remember crossing this bridge while possessed by the sword. There is another way out of the room.

Posted on 2009-04-19 at 12:58:27.

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The Lightbulb Comes On

Suddenly, Divot had a thought. Maybe the ruby from the last room was a way to get out. Crystals...a made sense in a twisted sort of way, which was the way Divot tended to think anyway. Too much time underground, he supposed.

"Oi, who's got th' ruby from th' last room?! It may just get us out of this hole! I think it might just be a key of some kind!"

Posted on 2009-04-22 at 00:11:51.

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