Logbook for the ,

Time Character Location
11:30 Crewman Crewman Stowbreiski Engineering
  Stan releases reprogrammed nanites into the warp core, set to activate a destructive breach a few hours later that will be unstoppable due to his sabotage of ship safety systems.
Featured characters: none
15:15 Commander Commander MacTavish Bridge
  The Cerberus is destroyed when a warp core breach escalates. Some crew escape before the explosion, but the number is slim.
Featured characters: Ensign Ensign Montague, Lieutenant Commander Lieutenant Commander Cameron, Ensign Ensign Lyvette, Lieutenant (junior grade) Lieutenant (junior grade) Dixon
All log dates: 2374-08-31 | 2374-09-01 | 2374-09-02 | 2374-09-03 | 2374-09-05