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You Know What Bothers Me?

OK, so there's a lot that bothers me. People who know me well know me as picky in nearly all things, but that's beside the point. This particular little jaunt into the sticky, oozing mess called Bromern's Psyche is coming from the point of view of a GM. So, you can forget my rant about the horrors of potatoes, or the terrible injustices perpetuated upon the average man in the Corporate World, and rest assured that this particular soapbox proselyting focuses on least from here on out it does.

We, the GMs, usually invest a considerable amount of time in creating and delivering adventures to our player base. Even when we're using store-bought adventures, those of us who are truly into the craft tend to spice it up a bit, make it colorful for our breed of players, or customize it for our world. We sweat, swear, and sometimes even bleed into the work in the hopes that this will be one of those stories told year after year when your players get together with those like-minded souls to regal each other with their adventures.

Now, I realize that in most cases the game night is a chance for friends to get together and chat, to enjoy each others company, and to possible drop a couple of die on the table so that all can participate in that joyous clunk, clatter, clatter as the plastic Fate tumbles and dances across the table holding everyone hostage with anticipation. I realize that most conversations can lead up to tangents, or reminiscing about the "Good Old Days" when there were four books and figurines didn't come pre-painted.

But seriously, folks!

When you come to play, come to play.

I allow the use of laptops in my games because I create useful character sheets using Excel, and I create web pages with tools that will help with the overall rules and managing your character, but this isn't the only distraction players bring to my table (although it is a really big one as they surf the net, and otherwise find things that distract from game play), and I've got to admit more than a little annoyance.

So, do your GM a favor, players: stay focused on the game. Oh, it will return in dividends, I promise you. Who knows, you might even advance a level. Well, OK. So, not in my games, but that doesn't mean I won't appreciate it.

posted by Bromern Sal on 7/04/2020 at 08:42:04 PM Digg Technorati Blinklist Furlreddit


Amen, brother! Preach the good word!

posted by t_catt11 on 10/14/2009 at 09:30:40 AM

I completely agree and, to be honest, is why I turned to gaming on the inn more and more. Here we have separate threads for distractions and within the game the players truly give it their all! I was delighted when I came across this little haven where people cared as dearly about the game as I did and devoted both time and effort to character creation and playing. I'm not ragging against my table top, I love playing with them. Though its been a good year or two since we convened I would be down to gather round a dinner table (yes we play in the kitchen) at the drop of hat. I wouldn't give up the goofiness that we all find such joy in for anything. That said, I will also say that this site was so satisfying when I came across it. Basically what I'm trying to string together into a comment is a reiteration of Olan's confirmation. Full speed ahead cap'n Bromern!

posted by Dragonblood on 10/15/2009 at 02:24:37 PM

Hear hear!

That's what actually basically killed our table-top group in the end - lack of dedication for the playing. Sure enough, it's always good fun to meet up with mates, to share stories, drink coffee (or even a couple of pints). But when we're playing, we're playing... Or should.

So we've tried another approach minimizing the work of the DM by using ready-made hack'n slash dungeon crawl type of adventures. That sort of pushed the gaming into the background and gave room for all the other stuff. Did it work? Not really. Might as well play boardgames.

Boy how I miss the times when most if not all players were there to play first and chit chat second. The times when the guys really came up with good characters, spent some time crafting them into interesting personalities with proper backgrounds... Those times are not coming back and it makes me sad.

So for the umpteenth time I'll simply have to thank Olan for giving us the Inn! All praise t_catt11! (or if you don't do praise, cheer instead)

posted by Raven on 10/16/2009 at 02:25:09 AM

Lack of dedication has been grating my nerves lately, along with lack of hospitality in players and "GMs" at a place I go to.

posted by CirroWolf on 10/19/2009 at 07:25:15 PM

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