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The Magic of Lord of the Rings

These weapons are one man's interpretation. The Lord of the Rings magic has been drawn up by many a gamers.

Glamdring and Orcrist (Foe-Hammer and Goblin Cleaver)
The elven smiths of Gondolin made this pair of matching elven long swords for the wars against Morgoth. They are of mithril allloyed steel and can only be used by those of good alignment. Each sword has its name inscribed on the blades in elven runes.
Each sword is +4 to hit and damage and score a critical on a roll of 19 or 20.
Both swords glow when within 60’ of evil creatures. The glow is bright blue, coming from the blade and hurts the eyes of evil creatures who are engaged with the wielder (-1 to hit).
Against orcs, goblins and similar “Humanoid” the sword’s glow burns upon a successful hit for and additional +3 points of damage.
Made by the same smiths as Glamdring and Orcrist, this short sword name inscribed on the blade has faded and it was re-named Sting by Bilbo Baggins after he rescued Thorin OakenShield from the Spiders of Mirkwood. Bilbo later passed the weapon on to Frodo Baggins, the ring bearer of the War of the Ring.
Sting is +3 to hit and damage and scores a critical hit on a 19 or 20
The sword glitters with a pale blue light around the edges when within 60’ of evil creatures.
Against orcs, goblins and similar “Humanoid” the sword’s glow burns upon a successful hit for and additional +2 points of damage.
Angrist (Iron-Cleaver)
This knife was made by the dwarven smith Telchar of Nogrod and wielded by Curufin the son of Fëanor. Later, Beren, used it to cut free a Silmaril from the Iron Crown of Morgoth. This is a dagger is made of a very strong and rare alloy that is stronger than mithril. It appears as a dark coloured dagger with no scabbard.
Angrist is +5 to hit and +7 to damage and scores a critical hit on a rol of 18, 19 or 20
Against any non-magical metal armour, the dagger strikes as if the foe is not wearing armour.
Aiglos or Aeglos (Snow- Point)
Made when the elven smiths were at their peak of mastery, Aiglos was the spear of Gil-Galad the Elven King. The spear is made of mithril-alloyed steel and has its name inscribed on the shaft of the weapon in elven runes. The spear’s head is made of mithril and is pure silver in colour. 
Aiglos is a Spear +4, Frostbrand (+7 to hit and Damage against fire-using/dwelling creatures)
The handle of the spear can be commanded (in elven) to shorten or length so the weapon can be either a spear or a lance.
The wielder can attack twice as many times in combat, similar to a haste spell, while using the spear.
Ring of Barahir 
This ring is an heirloom of the house of Isildur and believed lost in the Battles of Beleriand. It appears as a simple copper ring with the symbol of the House of Finarfin upon it. It is highly valued by those who call themselves Rangers and will not work for any who are not of that class. Finrod Felagund, Lord of Nargothrond gave the ring to the Rangers, after they saved his bacon in one of the battles vs. Morgoth.
The ring gives the wearer Protection +3 and Free Action
It gives the wearer the ability to regenerate at the rate of 1hp/turn
While worn, the wearer gains +25% to hide in Shadows and +25% to move Silently.
Dragon-Helm of Dor-Lómin
Originally for Azaghâl of Belegost, it was later given to Maedhros, who in turn passed it on to his cousin Fingon. When Fingon made Hador the Lord of Dor-lómin, he granted the Dragon-helm to the new lord, and indeed legend tells that only Hador and his son Galdor had the strength to bear the mighty helm.
A steel helm embossed and embellished with gold, that bore as its crest the head of Glaurung the Dragon, this helm has a visor that covers the wearer’s face. To wear the helm you must have a minimum 17 strength and minimum constitution of 14; otherwise the helm is too heavy for the person to bear for a long period of time. The helm gives the wearer:
A bonus of +5 to the wearer’s armour class.
The wearer is immune to all magical fear attacks including dragon and demonic auras. This immunity is also passed on to all allies of the wearer in a 10’radius.
The helm gives 80% magical resistance to possession and mind based attacks.
Immunity to any critical strike landed on the head area.
Palantiri--Singular Palantir (The Seven Seeing Stones of Numenor)
These are seven black orbs that are approximately 6” in diameter and very closely resemble crystal balls. Upon close inspection, the holder will see a small flame that will expand and into a myriad of tiny lights. Then the viewer will see a picture within the orb of the place where another of the seeing stones sits. If the viewer’s intelligence and wisdom total to less than 28, he must save vs. spells with a penalty of -6 or become feebleminded (as per the spell) for 2 to 14 days. If the viewer has greater than 30 total in intelligence and wisdom, then he can direct the vision of the seeing stone to anywhere on the Plane of existence it currently resides. However, the vision will be a broad overview of the desired scene. For every two points above 30, the total intelligence and wisdom score of the viewer is, he can “zoom” to the scene. Thus a person with 18 intelligence and 18 wisdom could focus the scene upon one individual.
The Palantir also give the following powers to those who master their power. The stones do not reveal these powers to their masters, they must be discovered by the user, who must learn the commands.
1)       Telepathy
2)       Clairaudience
3)       True-Seeing (as the Gem of True Seeing)
4)       Infravision (90’)
5)       Spellcasters can cast spells through the seeing stones as if they were there.
The Palantiri are restricted to the present world and can not be used to see the past or future. Digg Technorati Blinklist Furlreddit
Thanks to Roger (Alacrity) Briant for this contribution!


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