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Topic: Silent Hill: Eternal Decay
Subject: finally from me!

Why was this happening? Sweet and brave? Had they met before?

Even though she got Cindi's point, she had to admit the wierd girl was being a little dramatic and taking things way too far. Over-reacting, actually. So far, Jonah hadn't tried to kill them, and yes, Hank had been sick but why the hell would she have shot her?

Delilah pushed a strand of long dark hair from her face and looked at Cindi.

"Cindi? I think you're taking things way out of proportion. You're focusing on specific words when there's a bigger picture to see here. I think the point Jonah keeps making is that while it ultimately doesnt matter the KIND of people we we, it's important that we remember where we came from. That way we can try to make conscious changes if we dont like something we see in ourselves if we ant to be better than we were. Right, Jonah?"

She was trying to get Cindi to see that she was kind of obsessing about random suff and making a bigger deal out of things than there needed to be. She liked Cindi a little, but enough was enough. Her contstant bickering nad picking things apart was begining to get on her nerves.

When Jonah showed his teeth, Delilah had had to step in. It wasn't right to talk to people that way, no matter who they were. But she hadn't expected Chris to offer them up to him so quickly.

"I think the real question here is why can't you get it yourself, if it's so important to you? Wouldn't you go back to the place you think it might be?"

She listened, uncomfortable and uneasy, and stared at Hank.

"I think we sould aplit up. We were going to check on Hank's family, and I'm going to do it if it means it's just the two of us. But before we go anywhere, we're opening those lockers. "

Posted on 2008-08-07 at 13:37:19.

Topic: Audalis: Tides of War Q/A
Subject: Sad

Very sad. I really liked Thanista.

What will I do with her now that the game is in limbo?

Posted on 2008-07-16 at 20:17:47.

Topic: Silent Hill: Eternal Decay
Subject: Oh Delilah

The smile on her face faltered and fell, leaving her with a dazed and concerned visage. Suicide Kings. All of them. Impossible. As they laid their hands upon the table she grabbed the deck and flipped them all, one after another, as Hank read in a throaty, emotional voice that sounded, in Delilahs head at least, like shat she imagined the writer to sound like. Though it was entirely possible she thought that only because Hank was reading it and she thought the woman slightly unstable, though not nearly as off kilter as Cindi.

It sounded like the diary of a mental patient, in all honesty, what with mention of Dr. H and shots and sessions. the letters most likely were letters of patients and workers as well, since the writer had seen W in The Quiet Room. Ther were certainly enough clues to locate the place, if it were real. After all, a greenhouse required seeds to start, and people to build, and that meant a paper trail.

Granted, she probably woudn't find work orders for the construction of a greenhouse in here, but the seeds...wasnt this supposed to have been a flower shop? Maybe, if the place was local, they came from here? And the groundskeeper. He had planted new things. Might not they have come from here as well?

Since it was safe now outside, maybe they could go, after they checked on Hank's place and Cindi's place, and look for the greenhouse. It would be near a facility, like.... like the madical center on the map? No, that would have been too coincidental...wouldn't it?

But they had more immediate concerns now. Jonah and Josh and the lockers. Maybe there was something in them that could help them. Maybe there was something that could explain things.

"Well," she said softly. "I suppose there's little point inplaying cards if we both wind up with the same hand. Anyone have any unexplained keys ont hem? Or did you find one, Josh? A keyring? Something that might open those lockers?"

She glanced at them all, these people she had found herself now stuck with, and wondered if any of them were the nutter who'd written the journal.

Posted on 2008-07-14 at 03:20:45.

Topic: A Shadow Over Drasnia
Subject: So much speech in one night!

Misfortune smiles upon all who seek rash action. Mallys was more careful, more methodical. THere was little impulse she could not control and so far, she was merely curious about Cay. Following back several paces farther than normal, she slipped into the Goblin quietly, and watched Cay lower and debase herself by causing the servant to dtop her tray.

it was unwise and lacked the maturity she had assumed the witchling possessed.

Well, it was not to be helped. She had been wrong about people before. No doubt there would be a time when she was wrong again. It was, after all, the nature of men, be tey humal, halfbreed, or other. Taking a small place beside cay, she deigned to speak again, but said only a single word. In that word there was no judgement, no harshness or beratement. She spoke to Cay as if she would have to anyone else, were Mallys of more vocal tendencies. No, it would not do to chastise her when no doubt the woman knew her action had been childish.

No, Mallys spoke but one word and sat back ina companionable silence, not needing simplistic and potentially mindnumbing conversation with people she would rather skin alive or light on fire. Rather, she was cool, calm, and collected, and needed only speak that single word.


She needn't say more, in that word there was enough to convery her thoughts and to express to Cay an observation instead of judgement. After all, what care did Mallys have how Cay reacted to any of them. She was not responsible for how Cay acted, only how she herself acted.

Sylla was already up the stairs, and after a careful visual sweep, Mallys saw only the two guards as cridible threats, lest anything fall apart. She was positive that she herself, with Cay, could handle any trouble that may arise.

But where was Sylla going?

((ooc: using Move Silently to approach Cay, and Spot when scanning the room for "credible threats"))

Posted on 2008-07-14 at 03:04:25.

Topic: Torchwood
Subject: Sad News

The beloved Beeb has unfortuntely decided up what will surely be a series-killing new design.

Season three will be screen in the spring as a 5-part miniseries airing during a single week. Additionally, it's being scaled back a bit in terms of humor, and is supposed to be geared toward a younger demogra[hic, the 18-24 set. Freema will reprise her role as MArtha Jones, however she will lead the team now, and Jack will only appear here and there.

Several theories as to why Jack's appearances will be so sporadic are the a) he may die in the 4-part series finale of Dr. Who, B) he's got too big for the show, and c) it may be that the return of TW may be set during the events leading up to DW's 4parter.

Hopefully there will such a huge response to the new season that it forces the BBC to return to the old format of 12 full length episodes, rather than the mess they're planning.

Posted on 2008-07-13 at 20:50:53.

Topic: A Shadow Over Drasnia Q&A
Subject: Reformatted and Ready To Go

Sorry we were gone so long. But we're back. We're working up posts now

Posted on 2008-07-13 at 19:57:33.

Topic: Silent Hill: Eternal Decay

Upon closer inspection of the lockers, Chris notices that there is a sixth marked locker, however the letters have been scratched off, the grooves going dep into the metal. Each locker is secured by a large metal padlock.

Delilah plays a single hand, disappointed that others have chosen to opt out. For those who have clearly clambored for information, there seems to be little willingness to work for it themselves. Since they do not know what is in the lockers, they can't be certain it would be anything helpful at the moment, so there's little use in focusing on them when there is a living, breathing person to question.

But as Delilah looks at her cards, she realizes they are all Suicide Kings. Johnah, thinking he has the winning hand and need not divulge any information, lays down his cards, he realizes the same thing and the arrogant smile falls from his face.

Hank looks down at her arm, poking it quizically. She finds it strange that the wond has closed itself and that new skin has formed over the former mess. The only signs that there was ever any trouble are the smears and streaks of dried blood that flake off easily.

Cindi remains detatched, separate from the group, and is engrossed in the notebook she has found. As Hank wanders the room, poking at objects, nudging things slightly out of place, She happens to position herself over Cindi's left shoulder and glances at the page the strange woman is on. Without realizing it, Hank starts reading out loud.

Sunday December 7, F chewed off his ouwn tongue after his session with Dr. H - wrote something in his own blood ont he walls in the rec room but they made us all leave before we could see. G was wrecked. They took her to The Quiet Room but haven't her since.

Monday December 8, Dr. H told us G was sent home. Said she took the shots and they made her better. But I saw W in TQR with a bucket and a mop and big black bag. I have a yard pass tomorrow.

Tuesday December 9 - I was in the garden today. Groundskeeper planted new things all green and leafy with big colorful flowers. It just makes me sad. My second pass in as many years. No sun in my room. I tried to sneak off to the greenhouse but Dr. H saw me. He said we need to have a session soon. I want to call G.

Wednesday - I want an ice cream cone. Chocolate with rainbow sprinkles. I would use it to pop Dr. H's left eye.

Hank stops reading and leans against the counter, disturbed by the journal. "Is it all like that?"

In short, yes. The notebook is filled with similar entries. Jonah stops playing and takes a few long deep pulls from the bottle before wiping his mouth with the back of his hand.

Posted on 2008-07-10 at 13:42:37.
Edited on 2008-07-10 at 15:47:30 by Throwing Spiders

Topic: From the Desk of Gigi

No connection at home for a day or two. Limited to work only. And Gigi's feeling better.

Posted on 2008-07-10 at 13:31:02.

Topic: Feeding The Undead Q/A
Subject: Gigi's Post

Hot damn, he was something else.

Movies flashed through her head. Dead people, reanimated, snaking on brains and running riot through the streets dropped only by a bullet to the brain. Jetta cleared her throat a few times and coughed twice into her closed fist.

"Yeah, sounds like a plan, Stan. You;re the man."
She had no idea why the hell she chose to rhyme. Because clearly there wasn;t enough shit hitting the fan.

"Hey. what about...the roof...could get a better view, see just what the hell we're dealing with?"


I know it's short but the rest of it is all shorthandish notes and sentance fragments that I don't feel the warm fuzzies about writing out proper.

Posted on 2008-07-09 at 01:40:36.
Edited on 2008-07-09 at 01:42:07 by Throwing Spiders

Topic: Silent Hill Q&A
Subject: Sorry

She password protected these files and has locked herself in a dark silent room.

Posted on 2008-07-09 at 01:18:13.

Topic: Lantan Q&A
Subject: Evani's post

She stepped aside at Septimus' behest and turned her head, staring off down the street, through the street, through it all. She saw beyond the avenue to her own path, and to the crossroads at which she stood.

To feel the loss of one she killed.

To ignore the action and continue as if nothing happened.

Compartmentalize. She could compress the memory of his weight falling away from her, the feel of his blood soaking her dress...

Her dress... She was covered with the complicity of her will. She would need a new one if she was to sneak into society, and she was uncertain how much money she would need in such an affluent neighborhood as she was in. She would need cover, as well.

Weren't her things back at the inn? She could easily change into her travelling clothes and walk unstained into the shops. but what to do about the body.

"Septimus," she whispered, "the body."

It would be noticed by someone. There were witnesses. She would hang if caught. She couldn't be caught.

Wouldn't be caught.

"Let us regroup at the inn. I'll need to change but to get back there i can't be seen like this."

Posted on 2008-07-08 at 23:58:56.

Topic: From the Desk of Gigi
Subject: Updates

Hi all!

Gigi won't be able to post tonight like she wanted due to her chronic migraines. She's got most of them written out so if it would be okay i would like to post what she has in the Q&A sections of her games. Then maybe the GM's or someones could copy them into the game threads?

I hope that would be okay.

Posted on 2008-07-07 at 22:29:44.

Topic: A Shadow Over Drasnia
Subject: Timeless beauty

She had always enjoyed watching Sylla work. Unless, of course, it lead to failure, and in this case, Sylla had failed to take control of the situation. The large Snake she had been baiting remained elusive, leaving Sylla in that horrid human shape. Mallys advanced in the dark until she reached Nyx and in silence raised her crossbow, sighting down the line at Sylla's quarry.

But this was not, she realized, the best course of action. This was folly. Snakes were everywhere, and to drop one would cause more trouble than they needed, and potentially endanger their mission. No, this was not the way. Mallys raised her head and scanned the night as something dawned within her.

The trouble was she would have to talk to him, and this did not sit easy with her. As she lowered the crossbow, she turned to Nyx.

"Send her to the Goblin," she whispered.

Posted on 2008-07-03 at 02:56:40.

Topic: A Shadow Over Drasnia
Subject: Darkness

Mallys moved in the darkness, feeling the night air make way for her. THe shadows seemed to part for her as she passed, and her flesh tingled in anticipation. Sylla was near.

It was not knowledge from any sort of telepathic link, only the simple complexity of blood ties and familiarity. Her sister was close by, but different. The scent was not the same, as if she had become something other. Mallys eased a bit when she realized it was only a spell, and would pass.

As she crept through the night, she came to a spot where she could see the Twilight elf and Sylla, looking despicably human. from her cover, she watched her sister head toward death, leaving Nyx in safety.

Let one hair upon her head fall out of place, mith'ganni, and i will mount yours upon a wall, she fumed.

Posted on 2008-06-29 at 18:59:35.

Topic: Silent Hill: Eternal Decay
Subject: betting on the truth

There was more in this room than people, Delilah realized, and after casing the room she came to stop in front of the row of lockers. Strange, sh thought, how they had their initials. Maybe a bit of their past was in there? Maybe something that would make this all make sense? No, that was probably too much to ask for.

She tried not to look shocked that there were people here. She tried to look brave, but she was getting exponentially more freaked out as time went on. Hank seemed fine now when moment ago the poor woman looked like death on toast. And this man, the scarred man in black offering them a drink, was... was what? Chief of something. police? Chief of the Fire Department? or maybe the Chief Financial or Executive officer of something?

With her head swimming, dhe grabbed a chair and turned it round, sitting in it wrongways, arms resting onthe back.

"Poker sounds fine," Delilah. "All things considered, but we're going to play for answers. If any of us win, you tell us just who you really are and what you're doing here. Now. Are you ready?"

It was the first thing she'd done since waking up in this place that made her feel in control, and a sick small part of her brain registered that she really, really, really liked being in control.

Posted on 2008-06-29 at 18:51:53.

Topic: Silent Hill: Eternal Decay
Subject: Short for Delilah

There was a foul chill in the air as they made their way through the dark streets. Goosebumps rose on her arms and the hairs on the back of her neck were standing on end. Her eyes darted from one shadow to the next, on the watch for anything unpleasant, but she couldn't see anything. When Cindi hit the rock, she turned.

"Cindi? Are you oka-" She paused, staring at the rock. The shape of it was universally known, a section of headstone. But this piece had only three letters on it, and she was willing to bt they belonged to the last name. Which meant it could belong to anyone. And it could belong to someone. Someone like Hank Preston, who wasn't looking very healthy. But she could still walk on her own, whereas Cindi looked like she had broken her foot. She walked back to the rock and crouched beside it.

She hoped he bag was strong enough. Unfortunately, it took up most of the leftover room, and Was a little heavy. She smiled sheepishly and stood, adjusting the strap and the weight of it on her shoulder.

"Weapon," she simply said.

She caught up to Cind and put the girls arm over her shoulder, to allow Cindi to use her as a crutch. The foot was probably broken.

"I'm sure Meera's okay," she offered as they walked. "In fact, cats are notoriously self sufficient. And maybe we might even find some answers at Hank's place."

Delilah cast a furtive glance at the woman in biker blacks. "She isn't looking too well, but she doesn't seem all that concerned about it. I'd stay a pace or two from her though, in case she spontaneously combusts."

"Hey, what do you think about this headstone? Kind of wierd that it's out here in the street instead of, you know, where it belongs."

Posted on 2008-06-26 at 15:32:47.

Topic: A Shadow Over Drasnia
Subject: Spies

There, in the darkness, Mallys waited. She crouched on the roof of a building overlooking the Sea Snake territory, shadowed by smokestakes and their billowing breath. She counted the bodies, the rising number causing a thick hard knot to form in her gut. She felt it sink; there were too many.

It was blatantly obvious something was happening. One didn't have what appeared to be the whole of the Snakes veteran assembly parading about the open air for nothing. Perhaps, she considered, their mark was moving against... but no, it was something bigger.

She missed Sylla. Her sister would have tempted or taunted one away and tormented the truth from his screaming lips. but no, she was off with that dark one, the one with the hungry eyes. Ih he touched even a single hair upon her head, Mallys vowed to take his hands from him. But she did believe he would leave her alone, in that regard. Nyx was a professional, and would leave playing for after the mission at hand.

She could see them, or at least she saw their advancement to the edge of safety. Another few steps and they would have been discovered. for herself, Mallys would have little time to reach them if things went south. She receded from the rooftop, climbing down the side of the building, and would join them by the safest possible route.

Sylla was good, but together, they were stellar.

Posted on 2008-06-26 at 04:15:22.

Topic: A Shadow Over Drasnia Q&A
Subject: to love the language

Gigi and I were talking this over tonight - should we post the glossary? It's actually the language of one of the races she created and used to play here, the Nytali.

Also i am writing up a post.

Posted on 2008-06-26 at 03:22:04.

Topic: A Shadow Over Drasnia Q&A
Subject: Language

Since it's been so long since Gigi and I actually spoke this language with each other, i had to go back and edit since I made some translation errors. And because if I didn't Gigi threatened to shave my head in my sleep.

She's evil i tells ya!

Posted on 2008-06-24 at 21:36:55.

Topic: yet another movie thread...
Subject: What?

You mean Ed Wood didn't make them like that on purpose?

All childhood fimmaking career dreams are hopelessly crushed.

Posted on 2008-06-23 at 21:54:16.

Topic: Silent Hill: Eternal Decay
Subject: Splitting up

Delilah trembled, her hand still clutching Chris's but she loosened her grip a little when she realized she might be close to cutting off his circulation.

Hank and Cindi had just suggested two different avenues, and she couldn't bear to part with anyone, not when they had all just found each other. But a pain filled her head, and she turned into Chris, pressing her face into his chest. She felt like someone was peeling her brain open, looking for something, and when the feeling passed, she looked up at Chris and stepped away.

"I'm sorry," she said, and let his hand go. "I just.. my head felt all funny for a second."

Looking at Cindi and Hank, she considered sharing her own memory, but decided against it. "Cindi, if you have someone at home, then maybe we should check, but we should all go. I don't think it's safe to split up, not in this darkness."

She wwaited for responses and glanced at Chris. She wanted to be with him, feeling he was the safest. After all, he must have been in law enforcement, and he did have that iPod to tell him when things were going to get hairy.

"But before we do anything, i just want to say that if we were to elect a leader of some type for this exedition, i would have to nominate Chris. He's got the iPod. And I'm going where he goes."

Posted on 2008-06-22 at 16:03:09.

Topic: A Shadow Over Drasnia
Subject: Following

THere was much she had seen in this night's performances, more she believed than any of them had learned. For one, she understood Cay more than any of the rest would have realized. She understood instense hatred that had existed in one as long as time went back, a hatred so intrisic to one's build that it was an identifying feature. Yet rather than internalize it, Mallys had chosen to externalize and make everyone suffer, a trait she believed Cay possessed as well.

Mallys also understood the desire to fit somewhere, to be something, but what she did not get was doing so at risk of losing oneself. Through everything, she and Sylla had always known who and what they were. Mallys was also finding it difficult to reconcile Cay's love for the pestilent humans, without whose charity and generosity none of this paradise would have been possible. Though it was impossible to pin all their problems in the world on humans, there was a whole host of things to which humans had to be taken to task for, eventually. And for Mallys, her tainted blood was the one thing that tied her to power far greater than herself. One day, she knew, the elves would rise up and then the blood would run.

"Sister dear? Will you join us for a bit of sport?"

It was a tempting offer. The three of them, together in the night, drowning themselves in all manner of debauchery and lecherous fun, was enough to make her consider the offer, but there was something of far greater impost to attend.

Something had to be done about Cay.

Whiel it was possible that Cay could surprise them all and be half-decent in this mission, it was not outside the realm of possiblity that she could also turn on them all and claim the fat prize for herself. She seemed the type. But Mallys was clearly not the only one who believed so, given Sylla's stunning turn as a mindless tart.

The sultry sister had been playing the witch, baiting her and then pretending to be slightly simple with her suggestion of setting fire to the building. Though Mallys knew that she had been referring to searching the premises for other valubles, the cleverly veiled suggestion had given Cay the impression that Sylla was more gust than guts.

Surely, thinking Mallys a dolt and Sylla an intellectual insignificance, Cay would believe she only had Nyx to contend with. And in the meantime, Mallys could keep tabs on all of them, particularly if Sylla could manage to keep the delightly perfect speciman of elven performance, the Assassin Prince, busy.

"Navekharasa non. Herattsu tesatsu, cera, dana esai desatatsu an rhojhideih." "Regretably, no. Please yourself, sister, while i keep watch from the darkness."

The hand of her sister took hers and then was gone. Replacing the hood, she watched Nyx and Sylla take themselves from the Inn to better pleasures, and left herself.

Posted on 2008-06-21 at 16:14:25.
Edited on 2008-06-24 at 21:33:53 by Throwing Spiders

Topic: A Shadow Over Drasnia Q&A
Subject: okay

i are posted.

Posted on 2008-06-19 at 04:47:04.

Topic: A Shadow Over Drasnia
Subject: Your typos are showing

There was something menacing about a crowded tavern. It wasn't the ambiance or the lighting. It wasn't the walls or the food, abysmal as Mallys thought it may be. No, it was nothing external. For Mallys, the most threatening aspect of inhabiting a tavern was the overwhelming desire she had to suppress each flame of life around her. Even, at times, Sylla's.

Such as now. Throwing herself so blatantly at Nyx. Baiting the clearly unstable halfbreed. MAllys would have been happier had this been set up, decided pon easily, and then done. She wanted this over with. She wanted out of this hell hole.

It was a familiar feeling. She had felt this way as long as she could remember. Never satisfied with where she was. Never happy. Well, never happy in a crowd. She preferred Sylla's company and hers alone. Though, the halbreed had a good idea, and she did rather respect Nyx's work in the field.

Maybe, MAllys thought, this wouldn't be so bad.

Posted on 2008-06-19 at 04:45:52.

Topic: A Shadow Over Drasnia Q&A
Subject: AWOL already?

Really? AWOL after three days? Yikes!

Will try to be better about posting. Have coaed myself freshly with this ugly pink lotion, and the itching is gone.

Posted on 2008-06-19 at 04:35:48.

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