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Topic: Crimson Crusaders QnA
Subject: good idea. Karvilo (elven ranger)

I think that's a great idea. it brings story line to a front to continue on by.

Posted on 2010-11-27 at 23:37:45.

Topic: The Crimson Crusaders
Subject: Elven Ranger- Karvilo the Unseen

It was a very cold and wet evening when an ancient elven priest named Tarwanilyn, was out walking through the depths of the Heimstat forest and came across this figure of half a man laying beside the foliage covered path, frozen and what seemed to be lifeless. As the priest drew closer to the figure, he noticed that it was not a man but an elf. This elf was very young looking, about 17 years of age or so. The priest ever so carefully approached the elf, and with his staff he nudged the seemingly lifeless body and to his surprise the boy leaped to his feet in an attack stance to defend his life with a fear giving gaze in his eye. The priest noticing the boy’s keen posture and abilities, in his response to the staff nudge, took a step back introduced himself and asked the young elf his name. Karvilo , the young elf stated. And whence have you came and whence are you goin’ asked the priest? Noticing the priest was an elf, Karvilo stated, I’m alone and have no home. So the Betula temple priest explained to Karvilo about Betula’s temple and offered to the boy a life of great discipline, courage, and honor. Without hesitation, Karvilo agreed to the priest with an oath of gratitude and loyalty.

Little has been known about Karvilo except that he had been raised by a deceased Ranger named, Epikar the Great, in the Gorgon Woods on the Isle of Ionus. Karvilo had not talked about any events of his past to anyone after the day he was found by Tarwanilyn

As Karvilo grew in the temple and in his worship to Betula he far exceeded the expectations of the temple priest. His skills in hunting were unmatched because of his stealth ability to move and not be seen. His sword worship was complex yet very graceful to the eye and deadly accurate. Karvilo learn to sustain himself with little food for long periods of time. Learning potions and use of magical jewelries and weapons has helped Karvilo to defend the temple from various thieves and evildoers. Over a 150 year period Karvilo succeeded in his yearly worship, in a battle for his life, that Betula requires for every worshiper as well as giving all his earnings to betula until he reached his 2nd level as an elven ranger. August 28th in the year 24 awd Tarwanilyn, the temple priest had given up the ghost and Karvilo was appointed as betula’s temple priest.

In the month of March in the year 30 awd Karvilo received a proclamation from Her Majesty Empress Pryzmira of Ascalon from a well worn trail rider carrying the proclamation to all the designated areas of New Aenocia.

Seeing the desperate nature of the decree, Karvilo determined that this was a call upon his destiny in the realm of New Aenocia. Not considering his current events or reality of the curse, Karvilo the Unseen, set his face as flint to his new journey of life. Karvilo had a special weapon given to him by his god Betula many years ago, to be use only when he was embarking on a great quest. The weapon was a special sword called Betula’s singing and dancing sword. Neither Tarwanilyn or Karvilo knew the powers that the sword carried but knew that it carried a aura of tantalizing delight.

Knowing that this was Karvilos’ destiny, Areana a young 97 years old elven cleric Karvilo’s soon to be wife, was filled with mixed emotions not knowing if he would ever return to her. As he began to prepare for his unknown journey, Karvilo showed little emotions toward his, soon to be elven wife, not wanting to be distracted from his driven purpose.

So with great courage and absolutely no fear whatsoever, for evlen rangers have no sense of fear, Karvilo set out to board one of the three boats at the Hruesen River. Karvilo had appointed a favored acolyte to “hold down the fort” until his return.

As karvilo walked out of the temple with the singing and dancing sword on his left hip, his Ramboish long bow across his back, and three quiver full of his best arrows, a wicked looking knife in a pouch on his right hip and three throwing knives in his utility belt that hung a little loose from around his waist and a short bow that shoots up to three arrows in a single pull. Karvilo stepped out onto the path thru the forest that lead to Lake Mu, all 5’10” and 165 lbs, with his sandy blonde teal streaked hair, and his luring, color changing eye’s and skin strutted on towards his destiny. But his heart could not stop reflecting back to the 5’3” blonde haired silver eyed beauty that he was leaving behind, for he was heart sick and driven with purpose at the same time. But he was fully persuaded that he was able to fulfill his destiny at all cost.

About half way between Heimstat and Lake Mu, just before karvilo reached the edge of the forest, he noticed several figures around a wagon with a couple of horses pulling it in the open field about 100 ft. from the forest ridge line. With great caution Karvilo approached a fallen tree at the edge of the field entrance using it as cover, he looked on to a group of, one eyed bandit road gnomes ambushing a family of half-pint Halflings. As normal, karvilo waits with great thought and patience to deliver the family of Halflings from the ill mannered gnomes. Karvilo then takes his Ramboish longbow and skips an arrow into the adjacent tree line. As the attention of the “one eyed shorty’s” gazed toward the sound of the arrow at the adjacent tree line, they stopped their pillage and slowly walked to the tree line. Karvilo then leaped out of the tree line with his second arrow pulled and sighted in on the closest gnome, released his arrow into the back of the gnomes head, penetrating through the one eye of the bandit. With incredible reflex, Karvilo then takes out 2 of his throwing knives while on the run toward the remaining two gnome bandits and unleashes both the knives in one throw. While one of the gnomes had looked back in time to see Karvilo’s knives in mid-air, he ducked and disappeared. But the other was not so lucky as the throwing knife ripped through his back and into the heart of the gnome, leaving him lifeless in the field.

The family of Halflings had ran up to Karvilo with great delight in there salvation from the terrorizing road gnomes, and we’re hugging his legs and speaking many blessings to Karvilo and paid him 50 silver coins for his heroic actions. As the where-abouts of the third “one-eyed shorty” was unknowed, Karvilo was not to concerned with it’s location and continued on toward Asperdi.

As Karvilo reached the southern tip of Lake Mu, the dark of night set in, so Karvilo set up camp for the night. Now in the 9th eve of his journey toward Asperdi with about half the distance covered, Karvilo ushered himself close to the warmth of the fire and began to drift into memories past with emotions current. He thought upon the many battle’s he encountered as he protected the temple armory time after time and the many lives he took in that defense. With thoughts of unknown what’s, where’s, and why’s that lie ahead, he drifts into a sound sleep in the confines his well camouflaged camp site.

As the break of sun was cast onto the water of the lake, it’s reflections had caught Karvilo’s eyes and brought him out of his deep sleep. Karvilo then picked up camp and began to continue on to the registration post just south of Asperdi.

Karvilo had reached the river that fed Lake Mu and had to find a crossing point that was often used for a safe delivery. About a ¼ mile south Karvilo found a low point that was filled with rocks of various sizes that was used to cross. Once Karvilo reached the west bank of the river he entered back into the deep forest which he would drudge thru until he reached the registration post. He figured it would take him about eight more days to arrive leaving a few days to relax before his next journey up the river to Botkinburg.

On the third evening after crossing the river Karvilo had sensed that he was being watched and perhaps even followed. So Karvilo had decided that he would continue on thru the night to try to loose the thing that he sensed was following him. Using the night and his keen sense of direction Karvilo decided to take his follower back in a circle to bring it into plain sight.

As Karvilo circled back south first and then east he had done just as he planed, but to his awe struck surprise as his follower was revealed, he saw the out line of a 2ft. “Road” gnome. The same gnome that escaped the shimmering blade the was intended to take it’s life. But the gnome was not alone; he had brought several of his friends with the intent to kill Karvilo. As Karvilo attempted to disappear thru the trees of the woods he found him self surrounded by enemies of all sorts. He then drew out his short range bow with 3 arrows ready to be loosed. Hiding in the dark shadows of the night karvilo noticed not only was there more of the bandit road gnomes but several renegade kobolds. Releasing his triple shot Karvilo took down two would be attackers of the of the gnome race.

Now reveling his location, Karvilo the unseen, was now seen by several of the Kobolds who thrust several arrows in his direction. Hearing the first arrow wiz by his keen elf ear, Karvilo dashed to the next tree, but as he stepped out from behind the current tree, he took an arrow across his rights arm, tearing about a ½ in. of flesh and a second arrow had penetrated thru his left thigh, leaving his speed and agility at a disadvantage.

Taking aim again with his triple shot bow he fired several times into the darkness taking out more rebels. Fighting to escape this band of evil doers Karvilo looked around himself noticing that he was surrounded by more kobolds and that one road gnome that just won’t die. Taking several blows to the body by the clubs of the kobold karvilo drew out his wicked looking long bladed knife, cutting with precision he managed to take out another kobold. As 4 kobolds drew near to Karvilo, something happened that saved his life. A couple of near by goblins traveling down a beaten path thru the woods had set off the sword that Karvilo was given by Betula. The light was so bright in the eyes of the kobold that they had ran off in a blind fury giving Karvilo the opportunity he needed to escape.

Morning began to emerge into the woods and karvilo was loosing blood quickly. Not having strength to keep movin, Karvilo had lost consciousness and passed out.

When Karvilo had regained his consciousness he found himself in the back of a wagon bandaged up and traveling to the south away from his planned destination. But still being without strength he noticed that he was with a couple of male half-lings. As Karvilo mustard up enough strength to sit up in the wagon he sees the horses leading down a path to a home with smoke rising up out of the chimney. As the wagon comes to a halt the two half-ling men notice Karvilo is awake and asked what had happened to him?

Karvilo began to explain the happenings as they carried him into the house with the smoke coming out of the chimney. The half-ling family was very gracious toward Karvilo as they cared for all his needs.

After a few days of recovery, Karvilo began to journey back to Asperdi in hopes now to not miss the boats going to Botkinburg, for he knew that he didn’t have much time to waste getting to the registration booth.

As Karvilo had some how managed to get to the registration booth in the nick of time, the knight at the booth was getting ready to “close up shop” because the first two boats had already began their travel and the ruby river boat was bout to leave dock. Karvilo declared to Gideon, the knight at the booth, just hold on a minute, I’ve traveled for weeks to get to these boats. I’ve fought against all odds to get here, was wounded and beaten by a band of one eyed road gnomes and a group of kobolds , I was carted miles in the wrong direction, and now I’m here and that boat ain’t leav’n with out me.

Well you better sign yur name on the line said Gideon, cause when that boat in gone you’ll be a travel’n up the river path on your own.

So Karvilo signed his name and made a mad dash for the ruby as she was already 5ft off the dock. Karvilo then leaped out over the water to the boat where a long silver haired and bearded dwarf caught Karvilo by the Hand and pulled him into the boat.

Posted on 2010-11-15 at 06:35:59.

Topic: Call for Crusaders
Subject: I'm in (elf ranger)

if your elven ranger character is still avaliable I would like to join your quest.Gandalf the smooth

Posted on 2010-10-27 at 05:46:14.

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