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Topic: 3.5e DnD Adventure Starting Up
Subject: 3.5 is a little (very) dusty.

How much patience do you have with a player who's not played 3.5 for a number for years. I might as well be a new player. If you can bear with me then you can count me in.

Posted on 2013-02-09 at 18:57:23.
Edited on 2013-02-10 at 00:33:49 by KingRat

Topic: I'm back
Subject: I'm back

So, life has decidedly settled down enough for me to get back here and try to revive some form of gaming life, since i've not had a roleplaying game session for longer than I would like.

I'll be browsing the recruitment, but if someone could answer here it would be lovely. I'm up for D&D. I know 4th best but I'm looking to go back into 3.5 (Although, I would need some help getting back into the swing of it) or even down to 2nd. Pathfinder is fair game too, or if i can get the interest I might fashion my own game using Dark Heresy, for anyone looking for adventure in the grim future.

Posted on 2013-02-09 at 18:54:11.

Topic: Real life blues
Subject: Real life blues

Unfortunatly, I cannot stay on the site enough to justify being here anymore due to real life engagements. I'm sorry Tann and Philosopher, it's out of my control.

Maybe i'll be able to return, but thank you for the fun during my short stay.

Posted on 2012-12-11 at 22:23:52.

Topic: King's Blades Training Manual
Subject: Sorry again

Really sorry guys, RL is still taking up time. if i'm in the way, assume i full on attack the thing. I'll try and get a post up tomorrow.

Posted on 2012-12-10 at 21:54:23.

Topic: Trilogy War Q/A
Subject: Apologies.

I've been horribly busy this week with work and RL, so i've been unable to find the time to post. I should have something done by tonight or tomorrow however, please bare with me.

Edit: Still stuck in RL. Feel free to skip me.

Posted on 2012-12-09 at 10:45:33.
Edited on 2012-12-10 at 21:55:54 by KingRat

Topic: King's Blades Training Manual
Subject: Apologies.

I've been horribly busy this week with work and RL, so i've been unable to find the time to post. I should have something done by tonight or tomorrow however, please bare with me.

Posted on 2012-12-09 at 10:45:00.

Topic: Dead
Subject: Don't look back...

As Malagaar begun to proceed, the assassin spoke again to him. With a sigh, he turned his head. ''I didn't focus on the details Arimm, an for that i'm sorry. What I did find however is the temple seems mainly intact. Moreover, the gates are shut, so unless we can tempt them to open up, we'll have to find another way in. Unlike our last encounter, there is lots of room to move. In the center, the skeletal figure I mentioned stands on a pedestal and 4 pillars, arranged in a square, around him. These are perfect for ambushing, so be wary.''

With that, he turned back and continued up the stairs.

Posted on 2012-12-02 at 11:18:17.

Topic: King's Blades Training Manual
Subject: Information.

Arimm never asked Malagaar for information in character unless i've gone blind and can't find it.

Posted on 2012-12-01 at 18:35:11.

Topic: The Trilogy War
Subject: Traveling.

Bareel didn't really anticipate traveling such a distance with people he had just met, however he felt there was no better method to get around. Moreover, they did give him a pony to ride. He enjoyed company, and so he sat and laughed and joked with his new companions, ensuring the journey wasn't boring for any involved.

It was when they reached the camps that his face took that of a serious tone. Those who looked like they would cause trouble soon gave up when shown the force that could be exerted by each member of the group. He was disappointed when none followed through with their threats however, since it had been a long time since he had broken skulls or spilled blood.

When an opportunity arose, he questioned his companions. ''So, where is it we're 'eaded anyway?'' He asked, on one of the many stops. ''What is this place?''

When they reached town, he gravitated to the nearest tavern and began drinking, heavily.

Posted on 2012-11-28 at 21:21:11.

Topic: Dead
Subject: Pride...?

Malagaar smirked at the speech made by Canicus. Not out of smite or amusement, but that the fact that each of his team members seemed to want to take charge. They couldn't see it in his eyes, in a team as small and diverse as this one a leader isn't needed. When the need arises, then expertise takes control, not hot-headedness or 'pride'.

Canicus was right regarding Istanius. His shield would act as an effective weapon in his arms. And yet he winced at the suggestion he gave the witch regarding the staff. ''I understand your point Canicus, and please don't take this for me exerting my 'pride', however I am not a monk, and I am untrained in the use of the staff. Whilst blunt weapons would be far more effective, sometimes a less effective weapon is better in trained hands. You may see this as me being 'stubborn' or unable to break the mold yet hear the logic behind my words. A sword can slash as well as stab, and bones will break either way.''

He watched as he turned to Arimm, and grimaced. He knew the only reason one would take that man aside would be to discuss something unfavorable to other ears. He turned to the witch instead. ''I'll take the staff if you also feel it is better, however don't expect miracles.'' Then, to the cavalier. ''I'm sorry about the horse. I will take responsibility if anything happens.''

When Canicus delivered the final part of the speech, and finished what he was saying Malagaar interjected again. ''Canicus, I don't know what impression I have left you but I assure you I don't let something like 'pride' cloud my judgement or rules my actions. Once again, I made a mistake previously, and acted rashly. However that was not pride guiding me. I am here to do a job, to unite my family. I despise the undead in all it's forms because I have seen people worked as slaves and not given the sweet peace of death. For even that to be taken away is wrong. They are morals Canicus. I will take the staff if you feel my untrained strikes with it will surpass my trained strikes with the scizore on my arm. I won't let my morals guide me to death, you have my word. I work for the good of this team.''

With that, he sighed, and looked towards the witch, prepared to take off his scizore and hand it to her if she offered the staff. ''I would hate to leave you completely defenseless my lady.'' He said, upon the reception of the staff.

((Ignore the last paragraph if I end up not getting the staff but I assume I will. Upon that choice being made Malaagar will lead the advance on the stairs, double checking for anything else that could pose a threat.))

Posted on 2012-11-27 at 19:00:36.

Topic: King's Blades Training Manual
Subject: Preparation

I like the fact that we've come unprepared. It shows just how much of shock the turn of events were. It adds to the feeling and roleplay. Commendations to Philosopher!

Posted on 2012-11-26 at 14:55:27.

Topic: ^ < V game
Subject: Lie? ME?

^ The correct road is left
< No dear, you look great in that dress
V You can hardly see it.

Posted on 2012-11-24 at 23:53:41.

Topic: King's Blades Training Manual
Subject: Blunt.

I see nothing wrong with chopping motions. I mean, swords are able to cut bone as well as flesh. Just needs a bit more force. I understand stabbing would be useless though.

Posted on 2012-11-24 at 23:52:22.

Topic: Dead
Subject: I hate to say I told you so.

The wind was pleasing to his ears, for it carried a soothing song. The sound of the air rushing around for some reason eased his mind. He used it to detect movement, to smell trouble and to augment his search as dust blew over any blemish. He smiled, it was the calm he loved. Peacetime that served him best, for it meant he didn't need to spill blood.

Though, ending the torture of these puppet soldiers was something that he could do. He knew that it was right, and one of the only times it was right, to kill these things. For they didn't choose to live in death, it was unnatural. However, with all killing one must not allow oneself to become obsessed. That is a dangerous path.

He broke from his thoughts, and focused on the task at hand. He overturned every rock with his gaze, hunted every nook for any sign of foul play. He found nothing. Nothing. It annoyed him. Why would these, fools, not defend themselves from attack? Were they so arrogant as to think they didn't need it? He would teach them the error of arrogance.

Yet, when he almost gave up the search, he spotted what at first glance appeared to be an ornate statue, but that turned out into being an armored skeleton, frozen in place. It was alone, which didn't bode well. Either it was a champion of it's kind, or it was a trap. He slithered backwards, down the stairs and back to his team, his voice a hissed whisper.
''There appears to be nothing on the staircase trap wise, however I wouldn't rely on that. At the top of the stairs however is a skeletal figure, ornately dressed for battle. He is unmoving, yet considering what we've seen i wouldn't say that means dead. What worries me most is that he's on his own. This, if he doesn't turn out to be just a statue, would suggest it's either an ambush, or he is a champion fighter. Unless our foes lack brain. I suggest careful movement up the stairs as a group, and for each of us to be prepared for another encounter with these monsters.''

Posted on 2012-11-24 at 20:59:10.

Topic: Amazing cute things
Subject: Headphone warning.

Simply put: Ow, my poor ear holes.

Though, much giggling was had.

Posted on 2012-11-23 at 08:17:13.

Topic: ^ < V game
Subject: Why thank you

^ Has a good Eye
< Didn't need to try
v tried to learn to fly

Posted on 2012-11-22 at 17:32:07.

Topic: King's Blades Training Manual
Subject: Scouting.

Malagaar was simply making sure he himself was safe. It would be idiotic to say ''if you hear anything, it's fine i can handle myself''. By asking for the party to keep an ear out is by no means arrogant, he's actually saying he isn't able to handle himself alone. He is entrusting himself to the party.

His point is one person, especially one who is suited to stealth as a race and class, is much less likely to be spotted than two. He even says that Arimm would be a acceptable substitute, so he isn't even saying he's the only one capable.

He want's to ensure it's safe so the party isn't put in unnecessary danger, using his skills to aid everyone. I don't understand the aversion.

Posted on 2012-11-22 at 17:24:44.

Topic: King's Blades Training Manual
Subject: Rejection?

Considering responces of characters to my post, I'd like to note Malagaar didn't reject the idea of Tyrvia as the leader, mearly voiced the fact that sending a group of people to do a one man scouting job isn't the best idea. Moreover, Malagaar admited his mistake with being rash in the combat.

I'd kind of like to know where Tyrvia and Istanius are coming from in those replies as it makes little sense to me.

I'm not critising, i'm just confused.

Posted on 2012-11-22 at 16:00:01.

Topic: King's Blades Training Manual
Subject: Wordy.

Malagaar was having none of that. Just a speech before leaving. Sorry it's so long though, ended up getting into it, yet I think I unnecessarily repeated myself a couple times.

Posted on 2012-11-22 at 07:26:26.

Topic: Dead
Subject: Leadership.

''I'm sorry?'' The drow replied, stopping in his tracks at his kin's outburst.
''In what world has any of this been a competition? '' He spun, and walked back to the group. His eyes narrowed at her, his stance dominant.
''There are no 'petty squabbles' involved in anything i've said. I have skill with staying hidden and scouting. I've taken the necessary precautions. Moving as a unit is closer to suicide than being prepared. In combat certainly teamwork is important however if we all move to that staircase now we're more likely to be spotted by any ambush attempt or set off any trap as we struggle too look for each other as well as ourselves. Arimm will stay like the rest of you.'' This he said with his voice low, barely above a whisper, almost a hiss coming from his mouth.
''I will not allow you to risk what is a routine scout with your sudden addition of a spine and misguided principles of how a unit should operate. I'm unsure what you just saw but, for all the complications, we worked well in our last combat. If you didn't notice, even if the horse got in the way...'' He shot look at Istanius ''... we worked 'as a team'. Those of us skilled with fighting dispatched the threat and your healing arts fixed what was a mistake on my part. I'll be the first to admit I underestimated the enemy. Now, unless your idea of teamwork is different to mine, in which each member of the team uses his or her strengths to aid the others, then I suggest you stop advertising our location to would be threats by shouting about your ideology.'' He unlocked his gaze from his female kin and used his free hand to rub the back of his head. His voice, while still quiet, lost the hiss of his previous speech.
''I'm sorry Tyrvia, I don't like unit infighting. However I cannot agree with your tactical analysis of the situation. I respect you has both a friend and a team member. I respect your attempt to 'bring the team together'. However now isn't the time. We're not killing each other, and we work with one another when the time comes to it. Yes, me and Arimm have ideology issues, and sometimes debates can get heated. I will be the first to admit to my faults, however I am now playing to strengths, and whilst Arimm may have been a worthy substitute in my place, I was the one who stepped up and will do the job that will need to be done, and that is scout. I have no wish to fill a leadership role, but I will not stand idly by whilst those who do make rash decisions that would harm more than help.'' He placed his free hand on her shoulder, and looked at her, a smile on his lips and his voice far softer.
''You're a brave fighter, a champion of us Avanmephion Elves, and you're a trusted friend. If anyone where to decide to take an inter-unit leadership role you would be as good as any. Please don't take what i've said as offence. I only wish to get the job done, and with a little pain as possible. Keep these guys here in line, I will be back shortly with my report.''
And at that, he once again turned around, and slowly approached the direction he was heading to scout.

((OOC, cancels last actions temporarily to have one hell of a speech. Sorry, it ended up longer than I expected. Then resumes them at the end of his rant.))

Posted on 2012-11-22 at 07:24:37.

Topic: King's Blades Training Manual
Subject: Rivalry

Yeah, except it might come to heated arguments on stressful days and such.

Posted on 2012-11-21 at 17:15:49.

Topic: King's Blades Training Manual
Subject: Morality

Then I feel it would be fair to say there is a little trust issue to say the least between the two. If salvator agrees.

Posted on 2012-11-21 at 07:23:32.

Topic: King's Blades Training Manual
Subject: A problem.

I think Malagaar and Arimm will not get along very well at this rate. Apart from the obvious moral differences of course!

Wondering for roleplay reasons, would I have noticed his ease with killing by now?

Edit: As in, during my time working with him as a Blade.

Posted on 2012-11-20 at 22:17:18.
Edited on 2012-11-20 at 23:43:00 by KingRat

Topic: Dead
Subject: Onwards and Upwards

''There is a stairwell that seems to lead to the temple just ahead'' Malagaar announced to the others. He knelt, and wiped his swords of the coagulated gunk that had come from the puppet creatures and sheathed his short sword. Scizore at the ready he looked over each of his companions in turn. ''I suggest you tie that horse up nearby, lest we have to contend with it for space again.''. Turning he announced to the people behind him, ''I'll go ahead, quietly. Keep your distance, if I see anything that I need your help with, or if you hear fighting then come to me''.

At that, he begun to walk softly towards and up the stairs, eyes vigilant for traps, monsters or ambush spots.

((Move up, sneaking. Looking for any traps or whatnot))

Posted on 2012-11-20 at 17:47:16.

Topic: Dead
Subject: Sitting out.

The shouting of his companion drew him back to reality, and the pain he was in. He grimaced, realising he allowed himself to be sucked into the combat both mentally and physically, and scolded himself for his foolishness. Allowing oneself to get so involved was dangerous and could corrupt you so quickly. He allowed himself to be pulled backwards, and into the hands of his kin.

The warming feeling of the Drows magic calmed him, and fixed the wound in his neck. The only thing left was a scar and some bruising, with a trail of dried blood staining his neck and armour.
''Many thanks. I will be sure to return the favor when the time comes.'' Malagaar said, looking to the person who helped him.
''but for now i'm needed to back up the other's who are fighting.'' and with that he shrugged the witches arms from him and pushed forwards, aiming to get into the fray at the first opportunity.

((OOC: Move towards the fighting again. At the slightest opening, he will utilise it to get back into close combat with the zombie and drive his blades to send this beast back to the grave.))

Posted on 2012-11-16 at 19:33:07.

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