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Topic: Top menu broken for you?
Subject: Operafox

Firefox really doesn't work for me on this site at all. I say that because I'm using Opera and everyone works perfectly xD

It really sucks some people are having this problem I hope it gets fixed soon ^^

Posted on 2014-09-14 at 09:10:24.

Topic: You want to play a WHAT?!? (strange character ideas)
Subject: Not really strange, but...

I don't play games often because they always seem to end in a single hour to 3 months upon beginning, but I do like to occasionally make character concepts for D&D and... well...

I once tried to be a female, gender-confused wolfkin whose vision had inverted colors, hated the smell of smoke, and who couldn't stop trying to have a chair on her at all times, even if she stole it from somewhere, so she can use it to sit anywhere she wants.

I played a D&D game as another wolfkin, only this one kinda died really early, because he didn't believe in magic or weapons and... promptly almost died to a goblin chef and tried to kill a slime with his bare hands after that.

I once wanted to play as a bunny rabbit who would randomly hop to a different world every two hundred years via dimensional portals he could sniff out... who was the size of a dire wolf and had a horn.

There also was the time I played an elf who had an obsession over crushing stones underneath a hammer, as such he always used a hammer. He was a Mage.

And the last game I played a mute homeless guy who was really agile and aerobic and liked to grapple with people just to steal their jewelry or any trinkets. He was terrible at hiding. He also wore a monk's robe, and what one can assume are gloves. He kinda never showed his face ever, it was really fun though.

And the last concept I ever made was the ghostly image of a succubus who was created as a familiar to a wizard who died from one of her bookcases falling on her. She bound her to a stone before her death, but yeah... The concept bit is that she's a succubus who can go through walls, can't touch living things and talks backwards unless talking in the sight-range of food.

I like the time traveler character idea above this post though, kinda funny actually xD

Posted on 2014-08-24 at 23:34:52.

Topic: A New Person is Me
Subject: Thanks guys!

It's pretty nice to get such a warm welcome. Honestly the first time I ever got 7ish replies to a welcome thread, nice to know that... well, I'm welcome and stuff xD

I'll be around for sure ^_^ Thanks again!

Posted on 2014-08-24 at 22:36:28.

Topic: A New Person is Me
Subject: A New Person is Me

Hellos, my name's StormyFacade (Obviously) and I'm new here.

Not sure what to put here so I'll put what I usually put here.
I enjoy drawing and writing and long ago i used to roleplay as my #1 hobby for over 2 years, though i've been doing it sooner on the side since i was 16.
But I love drawing... well anything mostly, my art being a great source of pride of mine in recent days.

I am also writing a story I've been mentally planning for over 8 years now, slowly but surely.

Another thing is... I'm a total flake. I sometimes often forget things honestly nowadays, it just skips my mind unless it's directly important, like irl stuff-kind of important.

I have personally RP'ed in forums before, however doing so DnD style will be a bit of a change, as such I'm honestly rather fairly nervous.

So yeah... nice to be here, kinda made my account a while ago and have slightly put off making this post, but atleast I made it, so... hello!

"Text wall" over

Posted on 2014-08-18 at 18:49:21.

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