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Chapter 16

Chapter Sixteen : Secrets come out.. almost
Scorpions POV

I heard the patter of tiny feet padding across the carpet towards the room I was in - so happened to be Bardar’s room - and I turned my gaze from the window where I sat on the ledge and turned and smiled,

“hello Dust, how are you?” I asked the child cheerfully. It would seem to anyone who looked at me that I had gotten over the betrayal of my brother. But I had not, and I knew that Bardar and dust both were worried about me. I smiled as she pattered towards me and climbed onto my lap, settling herself as was our custom of late,

“When’s brother Bardar coming back?” she asked me, her eyes gazing towards mine. I sighed not knowing how to answer and told her he’d be back soon and that she should be asleep (It was well into early morning). She shook her head, “I can’t sleep.. I already tried.” I chuckled at her response but said nothing to get the child to go back into her bed. In honest truth I couldn’t sleep either. Knowing Kaga and Crow were in the room across from me was worrisome.

An hour later I felt Dust slump against me - she finally gave into the sleep that called for her. I picked her up and took her to her room and tucked her in, kissing her forehead like my mother used to do to me when I went to bed, and made sure the blankets were snug against her. I then turned and walked back to Bardar’s room and resumed my position of sitting on the window ledge just staring into the starless sky. Thoughts consumed my mind. Thoughts strayed from their line and went into the forbidding bounds that were my dreams.

Soon I felt myself get picked up by someone and laid on a bed and felt someone climb in next to me. In my haze I subconsciously moved towards the body next to me and curled up in a ball. It would be a surprise in the morning to whom I would find.

Rays of sun shined in through the window arousing me from my dreamless sleep as I moaned softly and buried my head into the source of warmth, sleep clinging to me. I heard a soft chuckle and I opened my eyes looking towards the one who fully awoken me. I was shocked to find Bardar looking down at me. I quickly scrambled out of bed - or I would have had I not been tangled in the blankets - and ended up falling on my rear landing on the floor causing Bardar to laugh. I glared at him and curled up on the floor and tried to go back to sleep. It was much too early to be up and about. His voice was heard close to my ear,

“get up” I jumped surprised that he snuck up on me and smacked my head against his causing me to curse loudly. I glared at Bardar then blinked when a bundle of limbs found their way over to me and jumped on me. I smiled softly as I hugged the child in greeting.

“Can we go to the park today?” Dust asked me and I agreed by nodding and standing up. I noticed that I had fell asleep in my clothing from yesterday and grabbed a pair of Bardar’s pants and a shirt of his (for I was too lazy to go search through mine) and went into the bathroom and changed. Dust giggled seeing me in the over sized clothing that was her older brothers. I grabbed her hand and peeked outside seeing if Kaga’s door was opened. To my great sadness I had chosen the wrong time to open the door at the same time as Kaga. I felt his glare on me before I seen it,

“What. Do you think you are doing?” he asked me with anger in his voice. I took a fear filled step back causing me to hit something. I turned back and saw that Bardar had made his way over to me in a pair of sweat pants, his upper body shirtless. He wrapped his arms around me from behind and rested his head on my shoulder his voice dark and cold,
“She fell asleep waiting up for me to make sure I got in ok, and I didn’t have the heart to move her” he said as I felt the glare between the two brothers. I sigh not wanting to hear them fight and took Dust down stairs where I passed my own brother who had the look of regret in his eyes, I simply ignored all his gestures to be nice. I looked around and sigh then bellowed up the stairs,

“WHERE’S MY SHOES AT?!” I yelled. Hearing Bardar’s reply I quickly found mine and dust’s shoes and quickly got us ready for our ‘girl’ day together. I watched her run ahead of me looking back every once and awhile, or stopping so I could catch up to her. I smiled at her energetic ways, she reminded me of myself when I was that age.

I seen a group of guys up ahead and called Dust back to me, she quickly came. She held my hand tightly as we passed the group staying as close to me as possible. I ignored the smug remarks the guys held towards me simply going on my way towards the park in which Dust wanted to play at. I tensed slightly when they tried to grab at my arms pulling me towards them. Dust held a look of horror and shock written on her face,

“let her go! We were only walking. Please let her go” she pleaded with the guys. Which they ignored and started to kiss at my neck. I stayed tense until they finally left us alone. I looked at Dust and she asked if we could go home. I fully agreed and I got her onto my back as we headed back home, feelings of doubt and fear clear in my eyes.

When we got home Dust ran to her room where she slammed the door shut, where I simply sat on the couch blankly looking at nothing. My back was rigid with fear and anger. Crow came downstairs and sat beside me and stayed quiet. Until finally the silence was broke,

“Scorpion.. I” he started to say and I cut him off saying I didn’t want to hear his lame attempts of getting me to like him again. With that I stood up and walked outside and walked over to my favourite tree in the front yard and climbed onto my favourite branch. My branch as I started to call it was located half way up the tree and was wide enough so I wouldn’t fall off if I chose to lay down. Which is exactly what I did. I reached my branch and laid down along it and gazed at the sky through the leaves. I felt peace enter my body almost instantly. But I still couldn’t shake the feeling of fear from my body. Soon I feel into a restless sleep, waiting for when Bardar got back from wherever it was that he was at.

Posted on 2006-09-16 at 10:24:30.

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CHapter 17

Chapter Seventeen : Bardar’s Limits
Bardar’s POV

I seen her in the tree when I got back from work, it seemed like she didn’t notice me. She usually waves at me from the tree. I turn hearing footsteps behind me seeing Crow walk out and look up at Scorpion,

“She’s been up there sense they came back” was all he said to me. I climbed the tree slowly and sat in the branch above hers careful not to wake her up. I watched Crow walk off and became concerned for Scorpion. Her face was peaceful even in sleep, but I knew it was only a matter of time before she woke up and walked around the house like a zombie. I leaned back against the tree trunk then dropped down when a few of Kaga’s stupid annoying friends came up. They demanded that I go get my brother, that they needed to talk to him. I raised an eyebrow,

“whatever do you need him for? As far as I’m concerned you don’t belong here” I said it coldly and glared when Kaga came out of the house telling me to stop acting like a jerk. I scoff and walk inside and was shocked when Dusk ran down the stairs and jumped at me. I caught her with ease, but my worry grew when I saw that she was crying. I asked her what was wrong and she began to tell me the events that took place. My anger grew with each word she spoke. They dare touch her, I think not. I heard the door open and prayed that it wasn’t Kaga and his friends, I was about to say something when I seen Scorpion walk upstairs and shortly hearing the door close. I looked down at Dusk and seen her worried glance.

It was hours sense Scorpion went upstairs, I had Dusk settled in the living room with paper and pencils and got her to draw quietly. I went to the kitchen and almost growled seeing the mess that my brother left. I started cleaning the mess. I heard Dusk hum while she drew. My worry became more when Scorpion still didn’t come down. Was she even in the house anymore? My question was answered when I heard footsteps coming down the stairs. I heard Dusk talk to Scorpion and heard Scorpion’s soft voice reply to the small 7 year old child.

I turned around seeing Scorpion and Dusk drawing together. I shook my head and went back to cleaning. After a short time I finished and turned to walk into the living room. I stop when I see Dusk crying. I was about to go out and see what's wrong, but Scorpion turns to Dusk and holds her gently, rocking her. I stand and lean against the frame of the door and smile at them. "Seems you know how to comfort a kid well enough. I heard what happened. I'm sorry, even though I know I wasn't involved.”

I saw Scorpion nod slowly and stand up, mumbling something about needing to think. She walks upstairs and closes the door to my room. I look at Dusk and try to get her to go back to drawing. I walk upstairs and knock on the door.

"Can I come in?" I hear a soft shuffle and hear the door unlock. It opens a little and Scorpion motions for me to come in. I walk in and look around. "Are you ok?" Scorpion shakes her head.

"Not really. And I don't want to talk about it." That's all I was left with. When she didn't say anything else I took that as my cue. So I stood and let myself out of the room. As soon as I closed the door, I heard it lock. I walk downstairs, thinking. Dusk looks up at me and smiles as only a young child can. I chuckle despite my mood and sit down, picking up a few pencils and drawing with Dusk.

Posted on 2006-09-16 at 10:26:05.

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Chapter 18

Chapter Eighteen : Don’t Belong
Scorpion’s POV

As I sat on Bardar’s bed thoughts entered my mind, I knew I couldn’t stay up here forever, but somehow I thought I could. I figured that they’d forget about me. Oh how wrong I was, I glared at the door when Crow opened the door holding up a knife,

“these locks are so easy to pick” was all he said to me. I glanced at him and picked up the nearest thing (Which would be Bardar’s alarm clock) and threw it at him hitting his head as I screamed at the top of my lungs,

“GET OUT!” I kept screaming the line over again as I continued to pick stuff up from around Bardar’s room and threw them at my brother. Crow dodged them, I knew he would. He walked up to me and grabbed me up the upper arm dragging me out of the room, “Let go of me!” I said with hate in my voice as I started pounding on his arm trying to get him to released his grip. He led me down the stairs and towards the living room where Bardar and Dusk were drawing and pushed me onto the couch. As soon as he let me go I jumped over the couch and ran upstairs and slammed the bedroom door shut.
I walked towards the window, opened it and climbed out. I climbed the side of the building and pulled myself up onto the roof where I laid down and stared at the sky. I listened to the sounds around me, calming me. How dare he touch me. I was fuming with anger, anger of everything that happened. I listened to the children play a few houses down from where I was. I heard the bird chirp in a soft song. I heard the wind rustle the leaves of the trees. I felt myself getting calmer. But I was still angry. Tears sprung to my eyes as I finally let it all go. I finally cried. I cried for the loss of my home, I cried for the loss of my parents. I cried for the loss of my brother, and I cried for the loss of myself.

As I cried it began to rain, but I didn’t want to go inside. I heard Kaga come home, and I heard muffled talking from inside the house. I assume they’re looking for me. But I didn’t care. The tears kept coming, they wouldn’t stop. They mingled with the rain as the weather matched my sorrow. I sat up and buried my face into my hands and let out a heartbreaking sob as my shoulders shook. I tried to stop, but I just couldn’t. I cried for hours before I finally fell asleep, curled up shivering from the rain, tears streaming silently down my cheeks and onto the roof.


Sun shone through the window as I opened my eyes and slowly sat up. However, I was stopped when someone pulled me down and pulled me towards them. I turn my head and see Bardar resting peacefully beside, I couldn’t help but smile. My smile faltered however when I realized that I was in nothing but a over sized shirt. The last thing I remembered was crying on the roof. I try to get out of bed but am once again pulled back, this time Bardar turned onto his side and pulled me close to him so my back was pressed against his torso, his voice coming as a whisper,
“you fell asleep outside in the rain, and your clothes were soaked. Nothing happened.” was what he said. I bolted up when the door slammed opened and turned sharply causing me to fall off the bed with a loud thud. I peek over the bed and see Kaga standing in the door way,

“What do you think your doing?!” he yelled out. I ducked back behind the bed and tried to disappear from him. I heard footsteps walking closer towards the bed then they suddenly stopped as Bardar spoke,

“You idiotic excuse for a brother! GET OUT!” he roared as he threw his alarm clock at him. The same alarm clock I threw at Crow. I heard Kaga mutter something as Bardar reached over and picked up his clock and looked at it and sneered, “you sorry excuse for flesh, what the hell are you doing barging in here at 6am? Are you stupid?” I heard him say with hate in his voice. I thought it was time I tried to make them stop and I stood up only to see that Kaga made his way around to where I was and smacked me across the face causing my head to snap to the side. I stared at the wall in shock as tears sprung into my eyes. I didn’t look Kaga in the face as I spoke my next words,

“I hate you” was all I said as I pushed past Kaga and went towards the door picking up a pair of Bardar’s pants and a tank top of mine as I left the room. I could hear punches being thrown and Bardar’s yells as he beat his brother. I went into Dusk’s room to get dressed then as silently as I went in, I left the child so she could sleep and went downstairs.

The yells from upstairs had stopped and I seen Kaga limp downstairs his arm lying limp at his side at an odd angle. He had a black eye, a bloody lip and his nose was broken as he stormed out of the house. I stayed where I was and looked out of the living room window. I figured Bardar had fallen asleep again, because he never came down after his brother.

So there I sit, on the couch watching the sun rise higher in the sky, just waiting and thinking. I looked at a picture that Dusk had drew of her and her brothers. A tear escaped my eye and slid down my cheek, I knew now. I finally knew, I didn’t belong here.

Posted on 2006-09-16 at 10:27:13.

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Chapter 19

Chapter Nineteen : Why did you go?
Dusk’s POV

I woke up hearing yelling and fighting going on in Bardar’s room. I climbed out of bed and made my way to my door and opened it slowly. Peeking out I seen Bardar’s door closed - the coast was clear.. For now. I slipped out of my room and walked down the stairs not seeing anyone. I went to the kitchen and got myself a drink of water then seen a note on the fridge,

To whom may read this first:
I have gone away, do not try to follow me. I don’t belong here. I wont be coming back. Dusk I’m sorry but I can no longer be your playmate. Take care of yourselves.

- Scorpion

I read over the note twice before I ran upstairs and threw opened Bardar’s door then ran in and jumped on him,

“She’s gone! She left again!” I screamed causing him to bolt up knocking me over and off the bed. I scrambled to my feet and seen the hurt look in his eyes. I climbed onto his bed and hugged him. She meant more to them, than she did to me. I knew that now, but because of her leaving.. My day got worse. I walked out of the room and downstairs. I stepped outside and looked into the tree where Scorpion always sat while she waited for Bardar to come home. I climbed into the tree and perched on -her- branch. This was my most saddest gift I will ever receive. I am 8 years old now.

I stayed in the tree for hours, not hearing the calls to come down from Bardar. I just sat there. The sun is setting now, and Scorpion still hasn’t come back. Perhaps, she was serious when she wrote in that note that she was never coming back. I knew Bardar was sad. And I knew I wasn’t helping him by staying in this tree. I seen Kaga come home, his arm in a cast. I glared down at him,

“You made her leave. I hope you are happy” I said to him as I dropped from my perch. I walked into the house and went to my room. I heard Kaga follow me into the house and let the door slam. Bardar should be home soon, only then will I leave my domain. I settled onto my bed and took out a book and started writing. My thoughts became words on paper. This is how I dealt with her leaving. Soon I found myself falling asleep in mid sentence. I let the darkness claim me. Hoping - wishing- it was all a dream.

I felt someone shake me and I slowly opened my eyes. It’s been a month sense she left. She still has yet to return. I look up and see Bardar looking at me,

“Get ready for school” was all he said. I groaned and flopped back onto my bed, trying to get back to sleep. But Bardar wouldn’t let that happen. He flipped my mattress - I mean really flipped it! I crawled out from under my bed and glared at him,

“loser” I said to him as I pushed him out of my room and shut my door. I am older now. It’s been two years sense Scorpion started living with us. I was 7 then. I am now 9. But it’s been a year sense she left that day. And she has still to return. I got dressed and walked downstairs. I yelled at my brothers that I was leaving now, and slowly started the walk to school. I gazed up at the tree and smiled softly and waved to it. People walked by and stared at me. All I did was shrug,

“My sister used to sit up in that tree, until she left” was all I told them and they stopped staring. I kept walking until I reached school and slowly made my way inside. Not knowing that the one person I was waiting for - that Bardar was waiting for - would turn up, when we all needed someone the most.

I walk sitting on a swing when it happened. I got punched. I scrambled to my feet and glared at the person, but instead of the person who hit me, I was staring into the back of another. As the person spoke, their voice sounded familiar,

“Leave her alone. Let me guess, Sparkles younger brother?” was what the voice had said. Suddenly everything came all at once and I ran and gripped onto the person’s leg. They seemed shocked but I didn’t care. My questions came to mind. The ones I wanted to ask, but all I could do was ask one question, I was fearing the answer to,

“why did you go?”

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chapter 20

Chapter Twenty : I’m Home
Scorpion’s POV

I eyed Dusk as she clung to me. Now I remembered why I shouldn’t have came back here. My gaze unfocused as I started to remember what happened the year before.. When I left all this behind.

~It was a rainy cold night as I walked away from the home I had gotten used to. But as things turned out and I started to remember, I didn’t belong there. I now am searching for the place I belong. As I walked I came across a small town bordering my former village. In-fact when I turned around I could still see my village. The village I lived in for so long. But I told myself I couldn’t go back. So instead I went into the town and came across someone looking for a helping hand. In return they offered me a place to stay, I would provide my own means of eating.

During the year I stayed in the town helping different people with building, cooking, cleaning and other tasks they needed help for. Someone then came to me and said that I didn’t belong here, that they found out why I left my other village (I had told them some stuff of my past, but not all of it). They said I had to go back. So I turned and returned home, where I stayed wherever I could without showing myself to Bardar and the others. Bardar, the name struck my heart like a thousand scolding knives stabbing into my heart. I missed him. I wonder what he was doing.. ~

My attention was turned as I found myself outside of Bardar’s house. It hadn’t changed a bit. I look down to where Dusk is as she dragged me inside, it was unusually quiet,

“Bardar and Kaga wont be back for awhile. So it’s okay” was what she said to me. I nod my head and look around. I missed this place. I turn to dusk,

“Is it okay if I wonder around?” I asked softly. With her nod I went upstairs and opened a familiar door and stepped in. I looked around and chuckled to myself, Bardar hadn’t changed. I noticed some of my clothes I had left here still in the spot I had dumped them so long ago. I walked over to the bed and sat down and smiled sadly as I remembered each and every time I’d wake up in shock and fall off of it. I stood up again and walked out of the door only to run into a hard body. I look up and see Bardar standing in front of me with a shocked look on his face. I looked down I couldn’t stand to look in his eyes, not after what I did. But that wasn’t what shocked me, what shocked me was the feeling of arms wrapping themselves around me pulling me closer to him. I look up at Bardar and blink. Bardar’s arms didn’t let me go, in fact his grip got tighter as he rested his chin on top of my head,

“Never leave again” was all he said. I nod my head slowly leaning fully against him. I heard the door open then heard a familiar voice shout,

“hey! Losers, I’m home” I frowned and tensed but soon relaxed when Bardar whispered soothing words in my ear. I closed my eyes suddenly feeling tired as I began to slump towards the floor. I felt myself being lifted up and set on a bed, then my world was dark.

When I opened my eyes again it was dark. I slowly sat up and got out of bed and walked downstairs bumping into Kaga causing me to stumble back,

“what are YOU doing back here?” he asked me hatefully. I looked down not knowing how to answer. But I didn’t have to because Dusk took this moment to come in and push Kaga away,

“She’s back here because she wants to be. Idiot” was what she said. I smiled at the child in front of me and walked into the kitchen once again running into someone. A soft but deep chuckle sounded above me as I looked up and seen Bardar,

“Second time in one day you’ve ran into me” he said teasingly. I smiled slightly and finally spoke,

“I’m home”

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Chapter 21

Chapter Twenty One : Never leave
Bardar’s POV

My eyes widened as I heard Scorpion speak - the first time she spoke since she got back. Her words echoed in my head as I turned to look at her, shocked when I felt her arms encircle me. Yes, she was home. I wrapped my arms around her and pulled her close,

“why did you go?” I asked. Unaware that Dusk had asked her that before. She leaned her head against my shoulder. I heard her voice muffled,

“I needed to know if I truly belonged here” was what she told me. I was confused at first but then understood. I hugged her tightly, she was safe now. I felt her move away from me explaining to me that she was going to look around some more. I chuckled softly to myself as I called out to her,

“Scorpion..” I said and smiled as she poked her head around the corner, “Nothings changed, it’s your home too” I saw her smile as she disappeared behind the wall. Yes, she’s home. I walked upstairs and knocked on Dusk’s door,

“hey kiddo, do you need help with your homework?” I asked her. I seen her shake her head as she looked at her papers lying out on her bed. I smile softly and left her alone. I walked past Kaga’s room and scoffed, “stupid brother” I mumbled to myself as I walked into my room seeing scorpion asleep on my bed. I smile and decide to let her sleep. I walked out of my room and walked to the living room. I sat down on a chair and sighed with relief. I could still keep my promise to Crow. I still remembered our conversation the day that scorpion found out has caused her to be alone.

~I was just sitting down at the table when Crow came in,

“Hey can I talk to you?” Crow had asked me. I nodded my head then waiting until he sat down. I was about to ask him what was troubling him but he beat me to it, “I need a favour done, I need you to protect Scorpion. She is still a target for my employer.” was all he told me. I was confused,

“Target? Target for what reason Crow?” I asked him a slightly bitter tone to my voice. He didn’t hesitate to tell me,

“The night the raid hit, the target was my family. Scorpion is a target because she is still alive” he paused before continuing, “The person who employed me is using me due to a life debt that my family had with him. So please protect her. Because.. Because it was me who destroyed our family. I don’t want her to suffer any more than she has already” I took in what he said vaguely hearing the door close shut. I looked him in the eye and replied,

“By my life, I will protect her” I stated. ~

My thoughts were broken when Scorpion curled up on my lap. I held her close to me and whispered in her ear,

“never leave again”

Posted on 2006-09-16 at 10:32:55.

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Chapter 22

Chapter Twenty-Two : Forever pain, finally forgave..
Scorpion’s POV

I felt myself drifting away, just feeling content in his embrace. But I willed myself to get up and out of his embrace and looked around the house then smirks slightly and turn my head to him,

“I leave you for a year and you let the house get destroyed” I spoke it softly, a teasing tone to the words I spoke. I heard him grunt in reply as he stretches out on the couch. I shake my head and mumble to myself and I picked up dirty dishes from the floor and took them to the kitchen and placed them in the sink that was full of piling dishes. I frown inwardly and shake my head then fill the sink with soapy water and begin to attack the offending mess with vengeance. I heard someone come into the kitchen and a glass drop to the floor shattering making me jump at the sudden break in my silent thoughts. I stop what I’m doing and look at the one who scared me. I turn and gasp when I see..

“Kaga..” I mumble to myself as I try and get the floor to swallow me away from his hate filled glare. I forgot he was here. I tried to forget everything that happened the day I left.. Exactly one year ago. Memories of that dreadful day came rushing back causing me to drop a plate in my hand as I drop to my knees, cradling my head between my hands. I vaguely feel arms wrap around me, but because my mind was in a haze I knew not of who the arms belonged to, so I screamed and pulled away sharply. I backed away from the person who was trying desperately to come near me, I didn’t want -him- near me. My fears were over come when I heard Bardar walk through the door, his voice sounded far away in the haze of pain. I heard someone walk close to me and whisper in my ear that everything was going to be okay, no one could hurt me here.

I slowly relaxed into the warm embrace I felt myself almost drowning in. My eyes closed as blood dripped from my mouth and onto the person holding me. I heard someone grate out in hate,

“What did you do to her!?” they screamed causing me to whimper as I continued to hold my head. I felt myself being lifted up gently as if they were afraid to hurt me. I heard a familiar voice talk to me, trying to calm me down. I knew that voice, but where, I didn’t know. I spoke the first word that came to mind, the name fit the voice,

“crow” I mumbled weakly as I felt myself getting carried away from the house I could now call home. I heard someone’s feet run to catch up and heard soft talking, too tired to care what they were talking about, I tried to gain their attention as they started to yell about who was to carry me, one saying that I was his sister, the other saying they loved me. I knew now what I had to do,

“crow” I croaked out in pain, “I forgive you” I spoke it softly as darkness took me.


Voices sounded really close, really loud. Almost like screaming.. They broke through the darkness, now as a haze holds my mind. I try to open my eyes, but as I did, blinding light shone through and I had to quickly shut them. I slowly open my eyes again and groan softly as I try to sit up then wince in pain. Suddenly someone came and pushes me back,

“lay still you foolish girl” a harsh voice sounded. I looked up and saw, someone, I didn’t know. My voice hoarse from screaming sounding scratchy like it hasn’t been used for awhile,

“where..” I paused to take a breath, “.. Bardar.. Crow?” I asked weakly. I degraded myself for my signs of weakness. I heard the person scoff and mumble then turn towards me, his harsh eyes causing me to want to disappear,

“Only family can visit you. I’m sorry but they aren’t permitted to entering this room” he spoke coldly towards me. I felt tears run down my cheeks as I felt pure anger towards this man I didn’t know. My voice cracked as more tears slid down my cheeks,

“I.. I want to see them. Please.. Let them in” I pleaded with him. My answer was clear, he wouldn’t let them in. I could see them out the door, looking in to see if I was okay. My heart clenched in pain as I watched them argue with the man in my room who went to shoo them away. I put my hands over my face and cried. I knew I was acting weak but, I wanted to see them. Finally I broke down completely trying to get him to let them in. Finally a nurse who knew my family told them they were allowed in for a few minutes. I hugged my brother then got sandwiched between them both as they laid beside me. Now I felt safe. Safe from harm, even if it was for only a few minutes. I tried to stay awake, but Crow leaned down and told me it was okay if I fell asleep, I shook my head, afraid that if I closed my eyes they’d disappear. Bardar wrapped me protectively in his arms as did Crow. Soon I let darkness take me away again.

It was dark when I awoke next, as I feared, my protectors were gone. I looked around and seen another nurse checking over me. I smiled slightly and said a shy,

“hello” my voice still weak. The nurse smiled and we began to talk, by the end of her shift we became good friends. Her name is Nef, and she was very nice. She came back with some painkillers for my head and they slowly put me to sleep.


It was a week before I was able to be released from the hospital. I was happy. My brother came and got me, saying Bardar was at work and couldn’t get it off to come and pick me up. We walked towards the house and when I entered I seen Kaga there, but was slightly shocked to see a bundle of arms and legs wrap around me,

“Scorpion!” a voice called. I looked down and saw Dusk staring up at me. I smiled down at the child and pried her off me. Kaga grunted and stormed out. I sat down on the couch and my brother sat next to me,

“You okay? The doctor said that when you try to remember what you forced yourself to forget, you’ll always have a pain and will have to go back.” was what he said. It was true then,

I forgave my brother, but I still had this forever pain.

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Chaptter 23

Chapter Twenty Three : Worry of a brother
Crow’s POV

I watched in sadness as my sister walked around the house searching for every sign of him. So she wouldn’t remember what happened the year she left. The pain -he- caused her. Today, she’s walking towards me in a fear filled manner and clung to me tightly, mumbling under her breath, to soft for me to hear the words she spoke. It broke my heart to see her this way, but it seems after a time, she finally calmed down enough to back to wandering and cleaning the house.

“hey, Scorpio” I called softly using my special nickname. I could hear the pieces of my heart, currently lying on the floor getting smashed and crushed as she turned towards me, a hallow look in her eyes as she looked past me, as if straight through me. Her form shook as she opened her mouth to talk, but only a shrill scream of pain emitting from the fragile form of my sister. I heard heavy footsteps running down the stairs, It’s as I thought. Bardar was rushing towards her as was I. My feet moving slowly as the screams continued. I turn back and see the source of why my twin was screaming and writhing in pain on the floor before me. Kaga, Bardar’s younger brother, was standing in the door way watching as if it was an everyday occurrence. Finally the screams died down, soft soothing voices reached my ears. I glared in hate to the one standing before me,

“do you enjoy causing her pain?” I asked with hate, and anger laced in my voice. Kaga laughed hatefully and walked upstairs. My anger disappeared hearing another shrill scream. I quickly turned to see that Bardar had shifted her so she was in his arms,

“we have to take her back” he said the dreaded words we were both fearing. Scorpion coughed slightly blood trickling down the sides of her mouth, it was like a really bad dream. I wanted to wake up. However, I didn’t wake up as Bardar pushed my back and led me towards the door. I heard Scorpion scream again as we both took off at a run. Thunder roared above us, oh what perfect timing. Our feet carried us as fast as our legs could go, Scorpion’s breathing slowing down with every step. Bardar’s worry doubled as had mine.

“hold on Scorpio” I called to my twin. I could see the building we were seeking just up ahead, hoping against hope that we’ll make it. As we ran, the rain began to fall causing us to sometimes loose our footing. At one time, when it was I who carried scorpion I had slipped and dropped her, causing a scream to ring out into the air. Bardar scrambled to his feet quickly and scooped her up and ran into the building.

“I’m sorry Scorpio” I weakly called as sadness and guilt laced within my words as I slowly peeled myself from the ground and walked into the building. I slowly look around then hear Scorpion’s screams from within a room. I run down the hall and quickly find them, I turn to Bardar who’s standing there trying to hold back his anger, his worry is greater than mine. I looked in the room that the screams were coming from seeing the doctors strapping her down and holding her in place, all while Bardar was growling and muttering lowly,

“They don’t have to tie her down! All they have to do is let us stay with her!” was the words he spoke like acid raining onto the open flame of a fire. I nodded in agreement, frozen in fear of what they’d do with my sister, to what Bardar had said. The screams and look of fear on my sister’s face was too much. I turned to Bardar,

“I’ll be back later, after I know she’s calm” I told him and slowly made my way out of the hospital. I walked aimlessly in the rain trying to bring myself to go back, my sister needed me. But my legs refused what my mind was telling them to do. I thought instead that it was all a dream, that it wasn’t real. That my sister wasn’t restrained and getting tubes and needles poked into her skin to figure out if she’ll survive the night.

After hours of mindless walking I found myself upon the building I had left just hours before. I slowly walked in and looked around seeing Bardar pacing back and forth in front of my sister’s room. I walked up to him slowly and sighed sadly,

“how is she?” I asked, my voice weak and soft. Bardar sighed and looked up gravely at me, something was wrong,

“She’s stable, but she isn’t responding, they won’t let me in” he said with the tone of, ‘my heart is breaking, what do you want me to say’ I frowned as I had no way of helping my fellow comrade and only friend. Instead I looked up hearing the door open and the doctor walk out. I looked at him with an empty stare. He walked over to us and sighed softly,

“She’s slowly losing oxygen and we had to put her on a machine to help her breathe. It seems that her relapse of what had happened, came back worse as her mind tried to suppress the upcoming memories. I am gravely sorry and I will try my best to keep your sister alive” the doctor said to us. Bardar walked to the window and just stared at Scorpion. I looked at the doctor and sighed,

“Is there any way of letting just him go in and be with her?” I asked. The doctor sighed and replied softly,

“Only family can see her, and even then I could only allow a few minutes” he said. I knew he was only doing his job and Bardar wasn’t really family, but I had to try one more plan to allow him to be with her. I looked at Bardar and sighed,

“he is family.” I said as I slowly backed away from the room and dropped back onto a chair and watched as the doctor finally nodded and allowed only Bardar access to my sister. The doctor eyed me and sat next to me,

“He isn’t family, is he?” he asked gently. I looked up and finally took in the features of the middle-aged man. His black hair with splotches of grey mixed in, but he had a warm calmness to him. It almost felt as if I was talking to a distant relative. I shook my head slowly,

“No, I am her only remaining family member. But he has cared for her when I was away doing my job. He cares about her deeply.” I said as I turned my gaze to my hands. I felt him put his hand on my shoulder as he stood up in a comforting way,

“She’s been in here before,” his voice broke into my thoughts, “She’ll make it out again” was all he said. I knew he was trying to calm me down, but until she woke up and spoke.. nothing could quell this festering worry and sickening pain.

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Chapter 24

Chapter Twenty Four : A love one’s pain and suffering..
Bardar’s POV

I gaze down at Scorpion broken heartedly. It destroyed me inside to see another person I cared about lying in a hospital bed. Wires were surrounding her, IV drips were attached to her arm. An oxygen machine was hooked up to her, as well as a heart monitor. This all reminded me of the time I was in here for when she grew ill. I frowned and scolded myself silently in my mind, Scorpion was not her. I sat on a chair that was beside her bed and picked up her hand. The monitors went off, beeping consistently in a quickened manner. The doctors came in and one ushered me,

“No, I want to stay” I called feebly as no one heard my pleas to stay. I watched helplessly from the doorway as they tried to get her stable, then it happened. An eerie calm, the signal for -that-. The long monotone of the beeping monitor tore my heart to pieces. I was in a state of shock as I looked towards Scorpion, my heart breaking over and over again. A doctor came over to me and asked if I was the girls brother,

“no, no I’m not, Her brother is outside” I said numbly. Still in shock. They gently pushed me out of the way. I couldn’t move, my body froze up, but still my legs moved on their own towards the doctors that were unhooking the wires, my voice weak, “She’s not dead!” I wailed out hooking the wires back up. The doctors stared in shock,

“we have done all we could sir” they stated to me as if I was some deranged man. I continued to hook the wires up then lay my head on her chest trying to find her pulse. I let out a sob as I gripped Scorpion tightly,

“don’t leave me” I begged the lifeless body of the girl I had grown to love. The girl who melted my once ice heart. My body began to rise off of hers as hands gripped my arms prying me off of Scorpion. I just gripped her harder, a voice entered my hazy thinking as Crow stepped in the room,

“Bardar” was what he said to me, his voice sounding sad and distant. Refusing to remove my personal from Scorpion I continued to cling to her. A doctors voice entered my mind as well as feet scurrying out of the room, assuming Crow, Scorpion, the doctor and I were all the occupants of the room I risked looking up. The kind middle aged doctor had returned and was standing there,

“well..” he started as he brought out devices that he obviously needed, “lets bring her back” his voice was light and slightly calming as I raised myself up off of Scorpion and watched with a broken heart. Crow pulled me back and we both waited as the doctor began his work.

It was a few minutes later I was aroused from my light dose to a soft and rhythmic beep ,beep beep. of a heart monitor. I looked around seeing Crow asleep and the doctor putting away the equipment,

“what?” I asked dumbfounded. The doctor chuckled at me and motioned my gaze towards the bed where a slight rustle of blankets were heard. My gaze followed his hand and I happened upon a sight, I never though I’d see. The heart monitor was beeping steadily in time with Scorpion’s heartbeat, the blankets rising and falling with each intake of breath. Her eyes were closed as she seemed to sleep peacefully.

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Chapter 25

Chapter Twenty Five : Not you’re time..
Scorpion’s POV

The pain wrapped around me like a warm embrace, I wanted it to hold me forever. However, that pain soon turned to calming darkness, that I never wanted to leave. I let it take me, far away from the pain, and the person who caused my pain, not knowing, what was happening on the outside world. My eyes drifted closed, seeking the eternal darkness, the calming emptiness. Voices sounded around me, at first they were too soft to hear, then slowly, they became to sound louder. My eyes snapped opened and I thought I was dreaming, my parents were standing around me, frowning. My father reached out and stood me up and pointed towards the darkness,

“Go back” he said to me. I gazed at him in confusion,

“I like it here” I told him sadly. Why did he want me to leave? Mother frowned and pushed me towards the same darkness as Father showed me,

“Go back, you don’t belong here, not yet” she told me softly. I frowned again, I had no idea what they were talking about,

“I want to stay” my words slipped out of my mouth without my mind thinking first. My mother gazed at me with sad eyes, “why won’t you let me stay?” I pleaded with my parents. Then, I heard more voices, I looked around trying to figure out who was saying it,

“she’s not dead!” a frantic voice called out, followed by a more mellow calm voice,

“I’m sorry sir, we’ve done all we could” the frantic voice called out, slightly softer, my mind spinning,

“don’t leave me” I gazed at my parents again they once again pushed me towards the darkness,

“It’s not your time, go back” father said as he pushed me into the darkness. Then I heard it, the soft, beep , beep, beep of a machine. I heard a soft chuckle and words, as I tried to open my eyes, trying to free myself from the darkness. Finally, I let the darkness take me, feeling a hand close over mine and a body sitting on my bed, the last thing I heard before the darkness claimed me was,

“She’s okay now” then blackness took over my world.


My eyes slowly opened, a saw a head of brown hair beside me. A smile grazed my lips slowly as I raised my hands letting them rest upon the mass of hair and stroked it softly. I felt the body stir. Worry filled eyes gazed at me, then they quickly filled with relief. Strong hands wrapped around me in a gently embrace, one that should be saved for a loved one. My arms lightly wrapped around him, my smile turned into a frown feeling the teardrops hitting my shoulder,

“Bardar” I called softly, nuzzling my forehead against his shoulder lightly, “I’m okay” I told him softly as his hold on me slightly tightened. His voice sounded in my ears,

“Never, scare me like that again” he told me gruffly. A sad smile once again grazed my lips as I nodded slowly, showing him that I understood what he was saying. He let me go, much to my surprised disappointment, when he seen Crow walk in. Crow looked at me as I stared back at him,

“hello brother” I said softly, startling him out of his trace of whatever it was that he was in. He ran over to me and scooped me up in a hug. I winced in pain as he jarred my IV needle and I pushed back on him slightly, he looked at me and saw blood trickling down my hand from where the needle lay. I smiled at him and hugged him back,

“It’s okay, it doesn’t hurt that much” I said to him, trying to make him calm down. I could see his eyes burning with relief, happiness yet a silent anger as to what would be our conversation when I was better. A frown replaced my smile as I looked down in my lap, I knew he was angry, I knew I caused it. My eyes followed his movements as he walked to the door then silently left. I looked at Bardar and arched a brow,

“he’ll be okay, I think he’s just worried” was what Bardar told me. I nod slowly and close my eyes, his next question startling me, “You died, yet you came back.. How?” he asked. I open my eyes and sighed,

“It wasn’t my time, and you were calling me” I replied softly as I let sleep claim me.

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Chapter 26

Hello, i have finally, written chapter Twenty six. Please Enjoy-SilentOne

WARNING!: This chapter have mentions of murder, please read with caution! You have been warned.
Chapter Twenty Six : The boldness of a brother, betrayed
Crow’s POV

As I walked out of my sister’s room the night she died and was brought back, thoughts clouded my mind. I knew I couldn’t yell at her, for she didn’t know that she might not make it the next time the memories came back. But a part of me wanted to yell and scream like a child. I walked down the street and looked at the ruins of our house, now having the tape marking it as a “danger” for no one to enter. I frowned slightly remembering the night that I had come and did the worst thing possible.

It was a rainy night as I stepped into the town and finally looked upon the paper with my next target on it. My heart froze and became stone like. I walked to my house and entered it. My parents were sitting in front of the TV watching a show, laughter echoed all around me. I vaguely heard music playing upstairs in my twin’s room. Perhaps, I should have listened to her when she told me not to go. But of course I didn’t listen. I entered the room and eyed my parents,

“I am sorry” I said as the gunshot rang through my ears as I fired another shot this time aiming at my screaming mother. I turned my back and ran out of the house, hearing Scorpion’s death defying screams enter the night. I felt no remorse for my life loving sister. She would never understand. As I ran away from the place I once called home I was hauled back by my group of assassins.

“You’ve been hired again” they said to me and I followed without question. I passed my house, no, I cannot call it that anymore, I passed my twins house and ran along with my ‘team’ towards our next target . Shock fell upon me like death upon a empty soul. I gazed at -his- lover. I mumbled a quick and quiet sorry to the woman in front of me and once again the gunshot rang in my ears, driving into my mind, so I would never forget. I turned on my heel I knew I didn’t kill the wench, I just stunned her as her blood pooled beneath her. I ran for miles not stopping until I hit the darkened soil of ‘Home Base’ . I sank to my knees upon entering my room and I glared at my reflection in the mirror,

“What have I become?” I asked myself, a gruff voice answering my question,

“You became what I created in you. You are not welcome in that town anymore, and you’re sister will always hate you. You belong to me now.” he said in his normal cruel cold heartless voice. I look up and frown,

“why?” I asked him softly. He laughed coldly as he replied,

“Your parents were fools as are you. You walked in here thinking your sister will be safe. She will never be safe when we still roam. Your parents, Crow, owe us a life debt, that will never be repaid. But now it has, you have yet no where to go, but to wander the streets, for now you are free, But remember, When I call upon you, you oblige. Do you understand me?” he asked me in rage, I nodded my head, but all that got me was a swift boot in the mouth. I coughed up blood and again he asked if I understood him. I glared up at him,

“I’m finished here. I did what you wanted, now just leave me and my sister alone.” I snarled at him. He grabbed me by my hair and hauled me to my feet and threw me out onto the streets, screaming that if I ever showed up again he’d kill me, then Scorpion.

I walked towards the house, as the rain once again poured down. I soon saw me and scorpion running around as kids and our parents sitting upon the step watching us with laughter in their eyes. We were a family then, what are we now? I have always wondered what would have happened if I had stayed like Scorpion begged me to. Sometimes, I feel as though, it’s all her fault. But I know it isn’t. It’s mine. I didn’t have to go, I could have stayed. But then we all wouldn’t be where we are. Scorpion wouldn’t have a forever hidden pain, She wouldn’t even have life. For it would have been taken from her, all because of a life debt our parents owed the thugs I was hired with. I looked up at the sky and blinked as rain fell into my eyes,

“Where do we go from here? Where do we turn?” I asked the darkness, receiving no answer in return. I walked back towards the hospital to see how my twin is doing, but then I stop, I know she thinks I’ll talk, but do I really want to yell and scream as I thought I wanted to? I didn’t know anymore. Yet my feet continued to carry me towards the hospital and into the room where my sister lays. I look upon her face as she stares at me.

“please..” she started, tears in her eyes, “please… don’t yell at me” she pleaded weakly. My heart broke into pieces as I saw, a glimpse of my little sister, my kind caring sister. I walked up to her and she sat up slowly allowing me to embrace her gently, “please.. No yelling” she pleaded once again weakly. I sighed softly,

“no yelling” I agreed as I just held my sister, like I used to, before everything happened. Her next words, however, stung,

“I.. I forgive you… for killing Mother and Father..” she started with a shaky breath, “but… I still feel betrayed” she finished as sobs racked her body. And I could do nothing but just hold her, for I was the cause of part of her pain. Yes, little sister, I know now. I know I am not the one who has been fully effected by what I have done. It is you who feels the true effects of being betrayed. And I am sorry, my sister.

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CHapter 27

Chapter Twenty Seven : The Truth revealed…Bardar Knows!
Bardar’s POV

I glared loathingly at Crow as he held his sister to comfort her. But the look in her eyes told me everything I needed to know. She was far from being comforted. Her eyes seeming to look unfocused, in a haze of sorts. It all reminded me of her. I jump slightly when someone handed me a tan coloured folder. It had.. Her name on it. I gazed at Scorpion one more time before I left the hospital promising myself that I would return the next day or later on tonight when I knew her brother wouldn’t be around. For now, I had to check on Dusk. As I walked home she ran to me and asked me questions one right after another. I got mad.

“STOP IT!” I roared out. The look in my little sister’s eyes told me that I had hurt her deeply. I sighed and knelt down in front of her. “I’m sorry kiddo. I’m just really stressed out. I’ll answer your questions soon, just give me some time to sort out my thoughts” I told her softly. I saw her nod in understanding and I walked inside the house and up to my room. I sat on my bed and looked at the folder in my hand and sighed. This had to be anything but good. I slowly opened the folder and read the first line: Young Woman Killed by a team of Assassins What was going on. They said they knew nothing of what happened to her. My mind was in chaos. I couldn’t help but read farther into her file. As I read it however, the angrier I got. I turned the page and read the other title: Parents Killed By Their Own And there I saw it. A picture, a simple drawn picture of one of the “witnesses”. A drawing of -him-. I closed the file and threw it against the wall pictures and papers falling to the floor. I stood up and walked out of my room and over to Kaga’s and pounded on the door. He opened it and stared in shock,

“yes?” he asked me. I glared in hate, yes I detested my brother but I needed him to watch Dusk. I sighed as my glare disappeared and the anger in my eyes fled, sadness and sorrow replacing it.

“Watch Dusk I have some… Business to attend to.” I said softly as I turned on my heel and walked out of the house and back towards the hospital. I waited outside in the darkened covered corner of the building. I finally saw him exit the hospital as I grabbed his arm and hauled him over to me, my eyes holding a loathing hate,

“Bardar, what..” he started but I didn’t’ let him finish. I slammed him against the side of the hospital and glared at him,

“Assassins, those are the thugs you worked for, were they not?” I asked hatefully. He nodded slowly,

“yes, but what’s this all about?” he asked me, I glare at him and get close to his face,

“I got an interesting folder today. It had the name of my deceased wife on it. I read it, and guess what I found?” I asked him, my words like acid, He gazed at me in shock,

“ no idea Bardar. Why don’t you tell me” he replied just as hatefully. I narrowed my eyes and punched him, breaking his nose.

“It had your face drawn saying that you were the one who killed her, and your parents! Do you know the damage you caused with that stunt!” I yelled in deadly rage. Crow pushed me away from him and glared,

“You have no clue on why I did what I did. Yes I do know the damage I caused with the “stunt” as you called it” he told me, his voice now sad and somewhat distant. I glared at him,

“Because of what you did Crow, I lost the one person that I held dear, and my unborn child.” I said sorrow lurking in my words. Crow stared at me then glared,

“You hurt her Bardar, I will come after you” he told me. I laughed at him,

“Are you joking? I’m trained to kill at will. I’m a military soldier. Don’t make idle threats to me, when you know you will just loose your life. I will not hurt Scorpion.” I told him as I walked back to my place.

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Chapter 28

Sorry for the long wait, my dearest readers (IF no one gave up on the story through my long journey through writers block). Here is Chapter 28. It's a bit different as I strayed away from SCorpion, Bardar and Crow's Point of Views and returned to Kaga's Point of view. I found myself getting bored of my own story just sticking to three different points of view so i changed it up a bit and put back in Kaga. Bardar's little brother. So please Enjoy! -SilentOne

Chapter Twenty Eight : New Understandings
Kaga’s POV
I stood there as my elder brother left the house. I walked out of my room and saw a paper sticking out from underneath Bardar’s bedroom door. I picked it up and read some of what was written on there. I blinked in shock, He killed his own parents. Why didn’t he kill his sister too? I asked myself as I looked farther on the paper missing the other bolded line I had missed. What I read, it hurt. No wonder why Bardar was so angry and wanting to get away. I walked towards the living room seeing Dusk sitting at the couch with books and papers strewn around her.

“Hey kiddo, whatcha doing?” I asked her. Dusk looked up and smiled at me. She was my favourite family member. While I loved my brother, I held a closer bond with Dusk. She always seemed to know what was going on, when she shouldn’t know at all.

“Is Bardar coming back tonight? Is he going to get into trouble?” she asked me softly. I sighed and sat down beside her.

“ I have no idea” I told her. It was the truth, I had no idea what Bardar had planned for Crow. Or for Scorpion at that matter. I saw another paper sitting on the table and I picked it up and read it. It was from Scorpion’s hospital file. Crow’s name was signed on the bottom. I read over it, and stood up and ruffled my sisters hair and walking into the kitchen as I continued to read. As I read I vaguely heard Dusk’s call for a sandwich. I went to the counter and began to make something for both of us to eat, still reading the paper (As I had put it down out of the way of the food). Was she really that ill that he would sign such a paper. I heard the door close softly,

“Bardar?” I called out to him, hearing a grunt in response I chuckled, “Want anything to eat while I’m making something?” I asked him. I heard footsteps walking behind me and I turned my head and smiled at my brother. For this time only, I will be nice to him. Bardar looked at me and eyed the paper I was reading,

“whatcha reading bro?” He asked. I frowned slightly and motioned for him to sit as I put the sandwich I had made for myself in front of him. I called Dusk into the kitchen and she took her plate saying that she had homework to finish so she was eating in the living room. We agreed. Dusk shouldn’t here this so Bardar told her to go on up to her room and finish her schoolwork there. She complied and walked up the steps. I turned to Bardar and handed him the paper quietly,

“You were there with him. Did he mention anything?” I asked my brother. He shook his head. My stomach churned, Crow didn’t tell him anything. I went and made myself something to eat and watched Bardar cautiously,

“You read all of this?” He asked me, shocking me out of my thoughts. I nodded and sighed,

“Why would he sign such a paper?” I asked softly. Bardar sighs,

“because, If worst comes to worst. The next episode like this that Scorpion has, she dies.” Is what words flew from my brother’s mouth. I stared at him not believing what he said,

“That’s impossible, she’s stronger than that” I said. Bardar laughed,

“oh really? Then why did her heart stop earlier tonight.” He asked me as he turned and walked off.

“ Can.. Can I go see her?” I asked causing him to stop in his tracks. He turned around and stared at me.

“Why would you want to go see her, when you caused her to be in there in the first place” He asked me coldly. I glared at him,

“I didn’t mean to okay.” I yelled at him causing Dusk to run down and hug Bardar,

“please, don’t fight.” she pleaded with us. Bardar turned and walked out the door. I knew he was going back to see Scorpion. I knew he loved her. Dusk looked at me and ran up to her room slamming her door. I knew then. That I messed up big time.

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New chapter in the works


Some may have noticed that i have not been on that often as of late. Bad connection for my own computer, i am currently at a friends place and she is loaning me her computer for a few minutes to update stuff. I will be working on a new chapter. I had it started but i ended up reformatting my computer and lost what i had. so i have to start over again. Hopefully i will get it done over this week.


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Belated christmas gift

Chapter Twenty Nine: hoping
Scorpion's POV

I opened my eyes and looked at the mass of ruffled brown hair resting on my bed. A smile grazes my lips as I gaze down and him,

"Bardar.. Time to get up" i called to him softly, stroking his hair. He started to stir and slowly opened his eyes. I smiled at him and chuckled at the sight of his hair,

"Whatcha chuckling about?" his gruff voice asked. I shake my head and told him nothing. I looked up hearing the door open and seen Crow walk in.

"Hey scorp" he said softly. I felt Bardar tense when Crow spoke.

"Why are you here" Bardar spoke so coldly I sharnk down further into the hospital bed. I didn't understand why Bardar was so cold twoards Crow. Crow replied softly and threw a bunch of papers on my lap. i frowned up at crow. I knew what these papers are for.

"Why give me these brother?" I asked coldly. My hand having a firm grip on Bardar's arm. I feared the answer. did I want to know the answer? Crow looked sad and pointed towards the papers sadly. i looked at them and frowned.

"scorpion... Read them" Crow spoke harshly. I shook my head and looked at Bardar pleadingly. I pushed the papers away from me.

"i know what the papers are Crow and I know that you signed them" I paused to take a breath, my voice calm "I want to know why after i told you not to" i finished softly on the verge of tears. I felt Bardar pull me onto his lap and cradle me as my tears fell. Crow - i seen - looked at his feet in what I thought was sadness,

"You weren't waking up. it was for incase" His words stung deep, my mouth opened but no sound came out. Infact the only noise that left my mouth was a loud sob. Bardar hugged me close,

"I think you did enough Crow" i heard Bardar tell Crow coldly.

"She's my sister! i'm only watching out for her!" I knew both men were getting angry with eachother. A small whimper left my mouth, my voice lost in sobbing cries,

"Please, leave" I pleaded with my twin. he mumbled under his breath but obeyed my request and stormed out of my hospital room. Bardar gently placed me back on the bed and kissed my forhead.

"I'll leave aswell. you need to rest" he told me softly. i clinged to his arm

"Please.. don't leave me.. i'm... afraid to be by myself." I pleaded with him until he gave in and sat down on the chair. his hand stroked my hair soothingly

"How do you do it? How do you continue to be so strong when you know that your sick?" his voice held such sadness. i smiled softly, my eyes drifting closed

"I never give up. I can never turn away from... hope" I told him quietly. "I have hope" i continued until darkness became my only world.

NOTE: i will edit when i get on a better computer. the one i am on now is so stupid it took me an hour to get this up...

Posted on 2006-12-27 at 13:05:01.
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