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Parent thread: Under The Sea Q&A
GM for this game: suicidolt
Players for this game: Admiral, Grugg, Lamewolf, Hammer
This game is complete.
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Happy 100 Posts Wolf

Yes Ja'are was certainly in it now. All his fears of sea travel had not been unfounded it seemed, as he now found himself knee deep in water as the ship he had taken passage on slowly scuttled itself.

"Find a float, friend Ja'ara! It seems we will have plenty of time to talk more until, or if, help arrives ..."
Ja'ara turned to Jon. Just a moment ago he had feared his new friend was dead, but he had been mistaken, not that their situation was more better now. At the very least he'd have someone to talk to until he went under this way.

Quickly scavenging about he looked for anything buoyant, a barrel, some boards, a small boat, anything. He was fairly athletic and could probably keep himself above water for a fair while, but he was still human, and as a human he would get tired. He needed something to keep him and the other survivors afloat.

(OOC: Uh...look for floaty thing?)

Posted on 2008-06-24 at 01:28:48.

RDI Fixture
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Missed the pirate still aboard?

Jon woke up confused, but was able to find some direction and collect his belongings. Unfortunately, there was still a pirate next to him and Ja'ara. The man swung and hit. Jon fell to the ground again, bleeding.

Ja'ara decided that it was time to defend his ally. He attacked the pirate. Unfortunately, his blow was blocked by the pirate who had just felled his ally.

The pirates still aboard the ship were clearing the remaining crew. Fortunately, Ja'ara's miss made him seem no more dangerous than the other crew aboard, so the pirate swung, slaughtering another one of his crew members. The other pirate realized his ship was leaving him and leapt into the sea in a sad attempt to swim after it. Just out of spite, the pirates aboard the retreating ship tossed off a couple of flasks of a strange red liquid. When one of the flasks struck the mast of the My Fair Lady, it burst into flames.

Finder was still in the water and needed to find something that would allow him to float. It wasn't difficult in the mayhem to find wood, and his size made it much easier to find something that would keep him afloat. He found a small piece of railing that allowed him enough space to float which, fortunately, no one else would want because it would let anyone larger than him sink.

Jon had fallen again, there was still a pirate aboard the My Fair Lady who was bound to continue fighting for dominance when he realized his ride had left him. The enemy ship was far enough away now that any attempt to follow it would be futile, and worst of all, there were small waves of water flicking the toes of those still fighting aboard the My Fair Lady.

Posted on 2008-06-25 at 23:29:14.
Edited on 2008-06-25 at 23:32:18 by suicidolt

I'm doing SCIENCE!
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rub a dub dub

Wow Finder, you've had some pretty stupid ideas in your time, but this is close to the stupidest.
There wasn't any enough time to consider the large chance of failure, it was going to sink. The bad part was that halflings weren't amazing swimmers. Oh well, do or die - it beats swimming or floating around waiting to die.

"Ja'are! The Pot! Grab the pot!" Finder screeched as he swam/ran/fought his way as fast as he possibly could towards the kitchen. Though it once housed his amazingly delicious dinner, it would now become his defacto boat. Hopefully it was large enough.

Posted on 2008-07-22 at 23:13:38.

RDI Fixture
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Ended due to lack of player interest

The scrambling continued for 2 full minutes. Finder found himself swimming into the belly of the ship in a fruitless attempt to find a pot that wasn't floating. Ja'ara tugged along the nearly dead body of his Jon Small. Meanwhile, the pirate ship sailed away, conserving its ammunition instead of firing back at the flailing group.

The 'crew' found themselves in unknown territory. Many could not swim, and the few who had obtained themselves decent flotation were forced to constantly fight for it in a very morbid version of king-of-the-hill.

The heroes of this adventure found themselves without any flotation, and with an extra body to take care of. It was a matter of hours before most of the 'crew' was dead. Only a few living bodies remained. The first was Finder, who was trying to rationalize and uncover a happy note. The halfling was on a piece of wood too weak to carry a full-sized human. It had saved him the effort of fighting off all takers. Ja'ara had proven himself tough as nails and was sitting pretty in a large piece of the crow's nest, but he had been forced to abandon Jon's body, which had stopped breathing some time ago, in an effort to protect himself from the onslaught. Aside from them, there was one pirate left, who had pushed himself to the outskirts with a single piece of wood to keep himself unnoticed, and one of the other crew, who had carried a staff with him made of wood, which had allowed him to wait out most of the others, and now provided him with the ability to sort out the wood around him.

Unfortunately, long ago any sign of paddles had floated away, and no one had the skill in crafting ships. There was nothing to do but wait for rescue. They were lucky, provided heavy rains without severely rough waters in an unending rain-shower. After a week of floating on the water, they even saw ships on the horizon. The pirate in the group seemed to know offhand how it would go, even in the depths of starvation (the last crewman had started eating corpses, but was looked at weirdly).

"They will roll up the sails and wait us out. They don't have room for us and don't want to risk it."

He was right. The sails were rolled up, and even when a second ship came on the horizon, it luffed its sails and let them loose so as to stop its movement toward them. The hours were slow and agonizing. Eventually the cannibal went crazy, forcing the pirate to kill him. The blood was fresh and stained the water, creating a new danger.

It wasn't long before sharks began to feed on the dead. The beasts were far beyond the capabilities of those in the water. The sharks ran out of dead quickly enough that it was terrifying. They attacked the pirate first. Ja'ara and Finder had no attachment to the man, so they simply watched, not that they could stop it. He was dragged underwater screaming, bubbles flowing up after him, and he never surfaced again.

Finder looked over at Ja'ara, preparing a joke to tear away the confusion. He didn't even have time to scream. His tiny body just disappeared under the water as Ja'ara watched.

He could do nothing but sit there, surrounded by enough wood to protect him, watching the horrifying spectacle. He was not attacked, and his meditations had become impossible in the water which was nearly freezing from the constant rains. He waited in the crow's nest for a rescue that never came, his last breath left him dangling off-balance over the side of the wooden raft, it flipped, letting his lifeless body sink into the deep ocean, never to be seen again.

Posted on 2008-08-13 at 04:53:15.
Edited on 2008-08-13 at 04:56:19 by suicidolt

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