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Related thread: Q&A: The Day They Woke Up on the Wrong Side of Reality
GM for this game: Sibelius Eos Owm
Players for this game: Sibelius Eos Owm, Aardvark, Reralae, Okron, Shades331, Tispers
This game has fizzled.
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Sibelius Eos Owm
A Midsummer Knight
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1376 Posts

I think it's about time we wrapped this up.

Scant Moment Until Sunset
June 26 (6th Day)
Barn of Death

To Ray’s frustration, the pitch blackness of the loft completely concealed the hound’s form in its depths, preventing him from targeting it. He would either have to wait for it to come back into the light, or go up with a light himself.

He sheathed his sword as I stepped forward with a cantrip to illuminate Ben’s weapon. Both of them had reached the same decision. Ben sheathed his sword and climbed the ladder one handed, with Ray just behind him doing the same. Ben stepped onto the loft into darkness. The lights from the torches below reached the roof just above him, but the loft itself blocked out light directly above it. He wasted no time drawing his sword, casting his entire side of the barn in to bright light which dimmed into darkness toward the far end where the hound’s dark outline could be seen.

Almost as soon as the light was drawn, the hound leapt off the wooden board with a savage growl, trailing hay onto the ground below it as it flew across the air toward Ben. It ignored the minor pain of the arc of electricity from Galen that struck it mid-charge as it bounded through the air toward its target. (-1 elec)

Ray, still hanging on the ladder could practically feel the monstrous presence just behind him as it barrelled into Ben and clamped its jaws around his upper thigh. (-7 dmg Ben [22/29]) Ben held his ground, despite the pain, and was not felled by the attempt to knock him over. It hurt a good deal, but in his toughened hero’s body, he was able to push it out of his mind.

Jeremy was stuck at the bottom of the ladder, waiting for a chance to climb up and get into the fight as soon as space clear, meanwhile Ian couldn’t risk taking his torch up into the loft.

Below, I channelled my mental power into another dimly glowing translucent missile of force and hurled it at the hound. (-4 dmg, Red) The hound took the bolt hard in the ribs—it looked like it was beginning to wear down, which was good, because I was also beginning to wear down on my magical essence.

Ray 17/19 (1 PP) ---- Ben 22/29 ---- Jeremy 18/18 ---- Ian 20/20 ---- Owen 9/14 (3 SP) ---- Galen 17/17 (1:4)
Ray: +1 AC, CMD, Saves (Defensive Precognition) 4/10-r ~ No Shield AC, Flat-footed (Climbing) [total AC +3/+6 right now]

Yeth Hound – Red Status; -2 AC (Charge) 1-r

The light spell I had cast on Ben’s sword just a moment before hadn’t taken almost any effort, just an act of will, but this offensive (let’s face it, by now there was no point in questioning) magic missile require very real focus and exertion by comparison. I figured that a few more of these and I would be stuck to beams of cold air.

Meanwhile, Ben moved out of Ray’s way, side-stepping along the loft to get a better shot at the monster’s full flank and, with a cry, took it. He poured his strength into the slash and managed to bite through the beast’s tough hide, carving another wound among many into it. (-3 dmg)

While Ben held the monster’s attention, Ray leapt off the ladder onto the loft where Ben stood a moment before. He saw that the hound was pretty badly wounded, so he decided to throw caution to the wind for a second in an all out attempt to put it down now. He didn’t have enough experience with his psionic powers to know fully how deadly they could be when put to proper use, but he bet it would be a better shot that battering the monster’s hide.

Without taking care to defend himself, Ray channelled the force of his mind to crush the hound’s in a direct contest of will. The hound saw his distraction and leapt upon him with its jaws, but Ray saw it coming and dodged ably just as he released the pressure in his mind upon the beast.

The hound cringed as it fought to throw off the mental assault, but it was too weak to resist the power of Ray’s final lash of power. It thrashed in pain and its dully glowing eyes appeared to loose focus for a moment, but it wasn’t dead yet.

The badly beaten demonic hound reared up, looking like it was about ready to run, when another snap of electricity struck it in the flank. The damage from each individual bolt hadn’t been a lot, but they had contributed to the overall destruction. It flinched at this attack and slumped in the air slightly.

Seeming to recognize that its death was a foregone conclusion, the monster locked onto the first target to fall in its ailing vision. With the last of the power in its body, the yeth hound roared and savagely lunged for Ray. The savagery of the beast’s attack tore past his defences and closed with a crushing grip on his right knee. (9 dmg Ray [8/17])

With its jaws locked onto Ray’s knee, the hound’s consciousness finally gave out and its hateful expression slackened. Ray realized what was about to happen next, but couldn’t free his leg from the death grip as the hound’s body fell out of the air, dragging him with it.

With the lighting quick reflexes honed in the dodge ball court and enhanced by the passage into this world, Ian managed to escape most of hound’s fall, but Jeremy wasn’t so lucky and took the brunt of the four-hundred-pound weight. (-1 subdual, -3 dmg Ian [17(1)/20]) (-3 subdual, -6 dmg Jeremy [12(3)/18]) (-2 subdual Ray [8(2)/19])

In the moment before the rescue arrived at the barn door, I dismissed the light spell still illuminating the loft where Ben stood. The others had begun to worry that we had gotten into trouble when they heard sounds of a battle and the hound hadn’t been chased out yet.

“How should we dispose of the body?” Albert asked after we had rescued Jeremy from his situation.

“Ou–,” I cleared my throat for normal speech, “Outsiders like this demon”—I used the term loosely—“typically disappear one way or another after they die.”

“So it’s not yet slain? Do you think you could…?”

Ben obliged, flipping his shield over his shoulder to get both hands on his sword. He reversed the sword and placed his left hand on the pommel, and in a quick downward thrust, plunged his sword through the beast’s eye socket. When he drew the sword back out of the socket, black flames followed it.

“This may get very unpleasant,” I cautioned as the flames spread over the body before the onlookers.

After a few moments the flames died away, leaving only a giant blackened canine skeleton, which proceeded to crumble to dust. Not as bad as it could have been.

As we exited the barn the sun had just set in the west and the land was dark though the sky remained bright. We returned to the town an got ourselves patched up for the night.

(Once we're alone, Galen can allot his healings. Almost all of us are wounded (most of us from the battle, some from earlier encounters) and could use a little bit of assistance.)

Ray 8(2)/19 (0 PP) ---- Ben 22/29 ---- Jeremy 12(3)/18 ---- Ian 17(1)/20 ---- Owen 9/14 (2 SP) ---- Galen 17/17 (1:4)
Ray: +1 AC, CMD, Saves (Defensive Precognition) 5-10/10-r

Yeth Hound – Dead

Monster Slain - 1000 XP each
Quest Completed - 200 XP each
I want you to level up - 200 XP each (possibly this could be fit in from completing the original quest to guard the carriage)

Total: 1400 XP *level up* - one or more party members have reached 3000 XP and need to advance to the third level.

Posted on 2010-03-22 at 04:20:59.
Edited on 2010-03-23 at 20:33:00 by Sibelius Eos Owm

Sibelius Eos Owm
A Midsummer Knight
Karma: 59/5
1376 Posts

This is all before that last 200 XP jump to 3rd level.

Last Night, Today, and This Evening
Friday, June 27 (7th Day) [Though Tyr, Odin, Thor, Freya, and Saturn have never been gods in this world, I’ll stick to traditional day-naming conventions]
Surton->Corazon, Gaellus

Galen used his magic to heal as many of our wounds as he could that night, but like me he only had so much magical strength, and had to choose the worst injured. The tear in my leg, as well as Ben and Jeremy’s wounds disappeared under his ministrations, and though Ray’s knee still ached pretty fierce, the pain vanished by morning. Between Galen’s healing and my cleaning cantrip, the six of us rose for breakfast the next morning fresh as daisies (mildly impressing our hosts).

It was still early in the day by the time we set out for Corazon, ferried back to the capital in a cart with Ray and Ben riding the borrowed horses. I spent fifteen minutes in meditation to recharge my energy, not bothering to change up my memorized selection.

“We ought to save up for our own cart,” I told Ben while I watched Galen undergo his own spell-preparation ritual.

A couple hours into our journey we were met with excitement. The same (recognized by the ugly blood-matted wound it bore) wolf that Ray had chased off leapt out of the grass ahead of us, causing our draw horses to stop dead in their tracks. Alarmed, I looked back, prepared to have to fend off a rear attack, but something else happened instead.

Before the wolf had a chance to spring its attack, a second wolf tore out of the grasses and leapt on the first. They rolled, parted, and got to their feet, facing each other. The squared off for a second, then the newcomer—identified by its decidedly less feral appearance—bolted back off into the grass, followed quickly by the first.

Puzzled, my heart pounded away for another moment before my adrenaline levels returned closer to normal. Not knowing what else to do and preferring to leave before another challenge was issued, we continued on our way, wondering precisely what had happened.


We were dropped off at the Cat’s Cradle around the middle of the afternoon—apparently just about every traveller coming from the south knew or knew of the place on South Gate St., and our driver was able to bring us there directly.

On the table in the room that Ray, Galen, and I shared there was a note left for us, or more specifically, for Ben and Ray.

Ben & Raymond,

My requests for an audience have been delayed, and as such, I shall be remaining in the city for a time. Based on present conditions, it appears I shall not require your services until the Saturday after next (5th of July) at the earliest.

Lady Emerita Desmos of the Abeila Province of Gaellus
-----Thurs, June 26, 1008
“I suppose that means we’ve got another week to screw around,” I said, “You think we should get another job from Mr. Sakamoto?” Guard jobs seemed like a fairly decent way to make a living, and Sakamoto seemed to be a reliable employer. “Then maybe after another pay check we’ll be able to try to puzzle out what the hell we’re doing here.”

Making a note to pick up Galen’s weapons later and stop by the blacksmith, we made our way to the Sakamoto Estate. We showed the guard at the gate our contract and he summoned a servant boy—this time a real servant, dressed as such, and not young Suzume—to lead us in.

“Mr. Sakamoto is away, presently, so his wife will attend to your business," informed the guard before directing the servant.

Posted on 2010-03-23 at 23:23:06.
Edited on 2010-03-24 at 19:14:01 by Sibelius Eos Owm

RDI Fixture
Karma: 22/5
513 Posts

Will we get paid? Will we get employed?

I wonder if we (as a whole) will be able to get another job for Master Sakamoto... considering we neglected to finish the first job which was a simple "travel with said people" job. If I were an employer, I would not higher such people to do anything important, the trust has been broken. But perhaps he has a moral compass unlike most merchants. It was unlikely, but it is a possibility. After reading the note from Lady Emeritta, I decide there is nothing better to really do until then. Besides, Owen and I need to get our payment from the last job.

Posted on 2010-03-24 at 06:43:13.
Edited on 2010-05-21 at 00:48:48 by Shades331

Sibelius Eos Owm
A Midsummer Knight
Karma: 59/5
1376 Posts

Coming in to Meet the Missus

Pay Day – Continued
Friday, June 27, 1008
Corazon, Gaellus

We disarmed ourselves at the gate and followed the servant boy into the mansion itself, rather than the garden as with last time. Alongside him strode Kiara, fully armed and just as dangerous as when she walked in the door as she made occasional passes in attempt to trip the poor child.

The architecture of the mansion, as with much of the property of the smiling Daisuke Sakamoto, bore qualities strongly reminiscent of Japanese design from our world, and the halls were decorated even closer along this cultural theme.

A few turns brought us to a room lined with chairs, a couple small round windows, and a suit of rather authentic looking samurai armour on display by the closed door that led to the next room. There was a soft murmur of voices drifting from the closed door.

“This is the office waiting room. My mistress is busy right now and will see you shortly. Please wait here until she calls you in.” With that, the servant boy disappeared at a run through the door we came in.

We hardly settled into the room when we heard shouting coming from the office, “What!? What do you mean incomplete!?”

The reply came only as a murmur, then the raised voice again. “What’s the difference?” it asked. The calmer voice answered with several sentences.

“This is ridiculous! I—I demand to be paid in full!” There was a terse response, then the calmer voice raised enough to be heard. “I will be seeing the next group now!”

We did as we were bid and opened the door. Inside a man—apparently the shouter—stood with his back to us, leaning over the desk. Just behind him to his right was another man, just taller than him, who turned to see us enter, and on his left a shorter woman stood impassively away from the other two. The men each wore a scabbard for a sword, but the woman bore no visible arms. Because I'm an idiot and forget things easily, pretend that you saw the men with empty scabbards. They would have disarmed at the front gate. The woman is unchanged.
The leader glanced over his shoulder at us and apparently rethought his position.

“You have been fairly paid for the work you have done and now I have other deals to attend to. Please leave before I am forced to make you.” The voice came from a small, frowning Asian woman, probably about the same age as Mr. Sakamoto, sitting behind the desk, largely obscured by the man standing in front of her.

He looked to his companions, then back at Mrs. Sakamoto. Without another word, he turned and left, pushing past us, the man and woman following him more politely.

Mrs. Sakamoto had short silver hair, her face was round and she had sharp brown eyes. She regarded each of us with a small smile. The study itself was fairly spacious with a very large window overlooking some part of the gardens behind the desk.

“Greetings, I am Sakamoto Kahoko, Daisuke’s wife. You must be the new employees. You are here for your payment, yes?” She took the scroll and then drew six small bags of gold from somewhere behind the large desk and pushed them across the desk to us.

“Yes, well done. Were you interested in taking another contract? As you might have heard, we have a job that could use some attention.”

Posted on 2010-03-28 at 07:58:21.
Edited on 2010-04-11 at 06:37:45 by Sibelius Eos Owm

RDI Fixture
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Acceptance and Apollogy

I thank the woman for the payment that was endowed to us. I do not know what exactly was on the scroll: if it had enlightened her on what had transpired midway through the job... It is not that I wanted the group to have have less money, or to uplift myself and Owen because we stayed with the group; I just wanted her and Mr. Sakamoto to know the full story. I explain how we split up, seeing as how the town was in a more immediate threat than the small caravan of two people. I apologize for that and wait for her reaction.

(presuming she still wants to give us the job)

I state that as a group, we are keen of mind and body, the town which we saved is a witness to this. We defeated a "demonic" figure, its corpse nothing but ash and smoke as it returned to its home plane. I will gladly give my all for the next job given to me, as I did for the last. My compatriots have also shown that they have a great deal of insight and understanding; they too will do their best.

(Allows others to speak for themselves, and for Mrs. Sakamoto to give her final decision.)

(If the gold count is less then 1000 GP for the job, I will do a diplomacy check for a 50% increase from the original price if it involves/may involve fighting because we have proven ourselves reliable in combat. If it is 1000 gp, or if there is nothing extremely dangerous about the job, I will hold my tongue on the bartering bit... I can always do it later if we meet with some complications)

(Do I get some 'points' towards law/good due to my actions in the past job and my open presentation of what happened?)

Posted on 2010-03-28 at 19:18:25.
Edited on 2010-05-21 at 00:48:33 by Shades331

RDI Fixture
Karma: 22/5
513 Posts

Enter the Psicrystal of Knowledge

I lay down to sleep in my room. How good it is to flop onto a bad without fear of a monster or a bandit coming to get you as you slumber. I am exhausted, and within minutes I am out like a light and dreaming. I was surrounded by the white light, there was no more darkness to cradle me in despair. And the female voice again spoke to me in a kind and gentle tone.
“You are incomplete.” She stated. At first I felt offended by such a declaration, but my I was humbled by a goddess, and I took it in, surely she will explain herself. “While reaching for you, another struck my wrist. The summoning was only half completed. Both you and your friends are not as you should be because of that blunder. The failure is mine, I am sorry.” I am silent. I was only halfway summoned? That explains why I was in a graveyard separate from the rest of the group, and also why I had amnesia when I first opened my eyes to this world... what else happened to me in that transition...

“With every enemy you fell, you become stronger, but you will never achieve that which you were summoned for as you are. I had initiated a companion for you, but she had been postponed due to the hardships that I had encountered. She is a divine being, but she is also a reflection of you as well.” I interpreted that as how some do the Christ: 100% human and yet 100% divine. A paradoxical existence, but one that was allowed. The voice continued. “As you are not as you should be, she too is not what she is. The two of you will travel and grow together in the harmony of your mind of present, but later it will be a of your soul that she shall grow with.” I nod my head. “She is the Serene Sage of the Seas. When you awake, she will be at your side.” I nod silently again.

When the time is right, I will inform you on how to repair the damage that was done to your fate. For the time being, let the light in your heart guide your decisions. Farewell.” With that I had dreamless slumber, and I would awaken with the best rest I have ever had.

I awoke the next morning to hear the sound of thunder. I stretch in my bed. I feel amazing. I look up at the ceiling as I reflect on the dream. I smile as the final words still ring in my ears with a beautiful chime: “et the light in your heart guide your decisions”. I continue to repeat these words when suddenly another voice chimes into my head. It is in the common 'tongue', and is female. Her 'voice' as it were; had a a short echo in it, and was calming in tone.

My mistress is one worthy of repetitious meditation, but I think you are not entirely focused on the whole of her message.
I jump at the sound of another voice in my head as I am awake. I look about me, but there is nothing that my eye can perceive. Suddenly a small stone rose where it was lying: on my chest. Eight tiny, semi translucent blue legs had sprouted from its side, and it crawled to my shoulder and latched these newly formed legs to my cloths. I shot up ate the movement, and I did not know what flabbergasted me more: the fact that there was a “talking” crawling stone, or that I had been sleeping on my back and had not moved all night. I think the latter was more of a shock.
Impetuous aren't we? Your mind is clouded with many thoughts at once, at least when something unexpected arises. I suppose that considering my existence in the material realm is based on your mental prowess, my diminutive and weak body can be explained.

The voice gave a little chuckle. I did not know how to respond, so I decided that an open jaw and remaining quiet would be the best way to go about things... actually it was just some primitive reaction so I did not really choose it. I gawked at the 'creature' before me. It was a gem. A sapphire which was perfectly cut to be a smooth sphere. No flaws could be seen either on the surface or within the gem. Again the thing laughed.
I am sorry, I know it is not your fault for my present state..
She paused, presumably 'looking' at my present expression.
Close your mouth dear, it makes you look profoundly stupid.
I followed her instructions without thought.
thank you. Now, where was I? Ah yes, my present state. As it has already been explained by my mistress. I will simply explain my purpose. Presently, I will be acting more like a guide to you and the others. My fighting prowess is obviously lower then your own, so I recommend that I will act as the brains while you will be more of the brawn in our relationship. As for later, you may very well become my equal as we both proceed with Ritual of Baptismal Light....

The instructions are relayed to me for a while. I slowly become more comfortable around this creature as she speaks concisely on what is happening and what will happen. I suppose it is like a small child having the guiding and caring hand of a mother to guide him through the alien world. Soon I start to smile as she speaks. When she concludes her “tutorial on life” speech, I clear my throat as I am ready to speak.
Please, use your mind for communication, verbal impediments are sluggish and tiresome.
I then try speak to her in my mind.
My name is Raymond Corelife. It is a pleasure to meet you. The words 'come out' all whirly and uncontrolled. I admit to myself that I had never tried to communicate by such means before.
Understandable. Then perhaps I should tell you to simply think, do not think to speak. In such a manner as focusing on words in fact makes them unfocused and obscure. At least for the moment that is the case. Later you may be able to communicate more clearly, but for the moment just express thoughts as the obscure feelings you have..
I decide that this seems reasonable and proceed to nod.
The physical gesture is not required, but it is good that you are a mailable and agreeable person. I was worried that I may have to deal with another domineering person.
Domineering? Another? These questions pop into my head as questions, and apparently she picks up on them.

It is nothing. As for myself, I have gone by many names: Leviathan, Kelpie, even Kraken. However, to those who have proven themselves worthy to be my friends, I am known as Aquarius. You may refer to me by this name.
I smile. I think I know who the 'Domineering one is, but I decide not to press into it. Not now, for perhaps I am simply misguided in what I believe to be true.

After some time discussing the present situation with Aquarius, I decide to that it is time to head downstairs and meet with the others and introduce her to the rest of my companions. However: I am informed that she will be unable to speak clearly with them, as she is to weak to make telepathic contact with any other creature besides the vessel which anchors her to this realm. Understanding, The two of us head downstairs to meet with the rest of the group for breakfast.

Posted on 2010-03-28 at 20:28:44.
Edited on 2010-05-21 at 00:48:13 by Shades331

Dreamer of Bladesong
Karma: 142/12
2506 Posts

Does this mean I get to tell Ray to stop talking to himself?

Galen's eyes never left the loft, although his ears were focused on his surroundings; he wouldn't have been surprised if this perceived delay would warrant investigation from those outside. Thankfully, the latter came after the creature had been felled. Galen stood apart from the others, his arms crossed, torch tilted to the side and away from him. He vaguely paid attention as Owen mentioned that the creature would simply vanish, being a creature not of this world.

He frowned vaguely. An 'Outsider'... what defined an 'Outsider'? If it was simply a creature not of the world in which they were currently presiding, would they not apply to that definition as well? If that was the case... what would happen if, for instance he, died?

Galen shook his head, his long dark hair falling out from behind an ear, to obscure his right eye. He scratched his nose lightly with his left hand, lost in his own thoughts. He almost didn't register when people began leaving. He followed as well, of course.

When the group was finally alone, he took the time to assess everyone's wounds.

"If we're going to keep doing things like this, perhaps you all should consider getting some leg protection." He murmured, before shrugging. It was the first time he had spoken (or at least was noticed speaking) since the death of the hound.

He spent what healing energy he could, feeling it drain away his concentration and providing him fatigue in return. Yet, it was a strange fatigue. A fatigue of only the level of the psyche. Noting that Ray's leg still appeared to be hurting him, Galen also took the liberty of making a makeshift bandage for him, just to hold it a bit straighter. It obviously wasn't broken, but he felt that a bandage may serve to help keep the leg straighter, so it wouldn't wake him in the middle of the night by its inadvertent movement and aching. Whether it helped or not, it was probably discarded in the morning, when it appeared that the leg had finished healing.

7th Day
Galen took a deep breath as he cleared his mind, holding the deck of cards in front of him in one hand. He flipped the first three cards this time, setting them in a triangle in front of him, akin to the placement of persona cards in triangle fusion. 0, II, and IX now. He picked up the card IX, regarding it in his hand carefully, or rather, regarding what he felt the card held and represented.

IX. To be to the side of both the darkness and the light. Neither one nor the other, to watch and observe changes... then there was the aspect of being alone. To be alone is to let one regard oneself carefully. To be true to oneself and to allow for one to change.

"To be honest is not a mistake; it is a way for the heart to awake." He murmured softly to himself.


Galen mostly kept to himself, as he was prone to doing. Absently he wondered how the others were doing. After a fair bit, something caught his attention. Or rather, probably everyone's attention. A wolf bearing a wound. Galen frowned slightly. Was it really that stupid to 'challenge' a full group of people? He stood up, already feeling electricity beginning to spark at his fingertips. He was going to fire a warning jolt, at the footpaws of the wolf, but was interrupted by the appearance of a new wolf. The two squared off, and Galen shook his head, frowning. He vaguely recognized it as both exhibiting a desire to control territory. He couldn't help but wonder what the chances were that both wolves were male.

He didn't have time to wonder long, as movement derailed his train of thought. The second wolf apparently saw something in the first that it didn't like, and ran off. The wounded wolf, naturally, went to pursue after its would-be challenger. Galen frowned once more. It seemed that there was something not right about that first wolf. He wouldn't be surprised if it was successful in dealing with the second, whether running it off, or killing it. Unless it happened to run into the second's pack. But even then... he doubted it would run... it didn't seem that bright. Or perhaps it would run from a pack of wolves, but not from humans because it felt that humans were weaker than itself, even if wounded.

Nevertheless, he had a suspicion that this trail would become wolf territory. He wondered if he should mention anything to any of the others, but decided against it for now; he presumed that the others would come to suspect the same thing, or at least what it implied.


“I suppose that means we’ve got another week to screw around,” Owen said when we were safely back in our shared room, “You think we should get another job from Mr. Sakamoto?”
Galen shrugged, looking over, "It's something to pass the time." He replied, while tentatively holding a hand out for Kiara to sniff. He hadn't actually gotten around to introducing himself to her, so decided he would then. He wasn't too concerned about jobs or income, as really all that they needed at the moment was enough income to secure lodgings and meals.

Pay Day
Galen had waited patiently in the waiting room, one leg crossed over the other as he sat with his arms crossed. Although, if he were a cat, his ears would be twitching at what was being shouted in the other room. However, this would be more out of desire to plug into his mp3 player if he still had it (and batteries) and tune out the shouting, rather than trying to eavesdrop. All in all, it was not his concern what happened in the other room, and he intended to keep it that way.

When the doors finally opened, he stood up, his arms still crossed as his somewhat usual stance now. He looked inwards, looking over the two males without much consideration to them, though his eyes lingered longer on the woman with them.

No visible arms... means they're hidden, thus an indication of stealth, or her weapons are her hands and feet, or she uses weapons of the supernatural variety... most likely the first, since she's standing to the side as well. He thought to himself, before his gaze was drawn to the abrupt shouter pushing through the middle of the group. He was glad he was on the edge of the group then, standing just slightly to the side.

Galen couldn't help but add the thought, Also probably part of the brains of their group, given that one man doesn't look too bright... or at least isn't capable at controlling his emotions.
Turning back to Kahoko, Galen stood slightly to the side of the group, not speaking, but paying attention regardless. He did look up, frowning slightly, as Ray elaborates on the splitting of the group. If he was more vocal, he might've put forth that there were more than him and Owen who wanted to see the original mission through, but he held his tongue. This was because he was doubtful that his soft voice would be heard anyway, and also he inwardly noted that saying so would give way to the question of why they split up as they did, potentially allowing the suspicion of spellcasters to arise.

Galen relaxed, his face returning to a passive state. He found that he had little to add or say, and he had a vague suspicion that Kahoko may not have wanted to hear too much more, pending on her level of patience considering the shouting of the group prior. He found himself glancing to the bags of coins on the table, but didn't reach for one, waiting until the transaction was 'finalized'. He noted how little value he actually put into those bags, considering that the one thing he wanted was not something that could be bought; if the prejudice against magic was essentially a witch hunt, then he doubted there would be many items of magic available on the market, whether open or shady.

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Conversations with Aqurious #1

It has been eons since my last encounter with mortals. My little stone companion told me. I gave a smile. For all that she let on in being scholarly and other-worldly, she seemed to be rather interested in the world around us as we had traveled to Mrs. Sakamoto's place. I could feel an emotion being stimulated from Aquarious after I had made this note of her actions.
Just because I am taking in the surroundings does not mean that I am or have been distant from this world. On the contrary, I have always tried to keep a close eye on things in this realm of existence, but due to my own state; have found it hard to observe in such a close proximity of the subjects in question. What is more is that my normal physical incarnation limits me because mortals have a sense of fear and awe when they see me. This is the first time that I have been able to truly see how your folk live their lives... outside the confines of burnish battle and sacred prayer.
I only smile. Perhaps it was not my place to question my companion's actions and words, as she is an immortal being, who's existence far surpasses my own in experience and knowledge; but none the less I find some amusement in her antics; it makes me feel safe; for it shows me that she indeed has the ability to have varying emotions.
It is good to hear that my new “master” feels safe around a small, precious gem. Did you believe me to be... 'stone cold'?.
Aquarious chuckles a bit at her own pun. I on the other hand make a XD emotion in my own head. Though she does not know the exact details of the sign, the sentiment is still passed on to her.
Tut. I know that you have a spot in your mind for that low form of humour you folk call 'puns'. How is it that you find your own hilarious but you cannot give a smirk to mine?.
Its all in the presentation Miss Aquarious. A grand being from another dimension doing it makes staggers me back a bit more then another mortal being. My word Master Corelife! You spoke to me via direct thought!! I am instantly bombarded with an explosion of thoughts. I feel like my brain is going to fart out, but as soon as this concept reaches my power stone, the thoughts cease.
My apologies. I mistook your ability to communicate directly as a sign of growth, Perhaps I overestimated you still. I laugh out loud. Truly Aquarious is a being who is stooping to a level that will allow me to proficiently use her. I cannot imagine the humility that she has to en devour such a degrading situation.

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New Mission and Buying a Sweet Ride! Exciting Day Today!

Before Heading to Sakamoto Residence
Friday, June 27, 1008

“I suppose that means we’ve got another week to screw around,” Owen said when we were safely back in our shared room, “You think we should get another job from Mr. Sakamoto?”

Galen shrugged, looking over, "It's something to pass the time." He replied, while tentatively holding a hand out for Kiara to sniff. He hadn't actually gotten around to introducing himself to her, so decided he would then.

Kiara, for her part, reacted exactly as one might expect a cat to; a sniff followed by a swift rejection and subsequent disregard of his existence as she prowled the window ledge for prey. Apparently having found something worth her much valued attentions, she leapt out the window on to the roof of the stable and prowled off into the day.

I watched her disappear, and then asked, “Does anyone remember how much a wagon cost? I’m thinking we could use a mod of transportation sooner rather than later.”

Late Afternoon
Sakamoto Estate

Ray explained how we split up, seeing as how the town was in a more immediate threat than the small caravan of two people. He apologized for that and waited for Mrs. Sakamoto’s reaction.
The old woman smiled lightly. “Raymond-san, is it?” she asked, apparently identifying him by reputation. “Daisuke was right, you have an honourable soul.”

“Do not fear, child. Everything turned out for the best and besides, a guard that size for an empty wagon?” She restrained her amusement. “You’re job was to keep the shipment from being attacked. Judging by my report, the employer has no complaints over the events. He also, however, cited mention of a certain monstrous beast inhabiting the area as part of his notification that there would be no more transports through that area until the problem was fixed. I trust you were troubled none too much by these events?”

I let out a single quiet snort of laughter as Ray explained the contrary and recommended us for our abilities acting in concert, citing the fact that together we finished the monster without grave injury to any of the townspeople once we were together and working. Mrs. Sakamoto seemed pleased with his account.

“Indeed, your successes encourage me to believe that you would be suitable for this task.” She picked up a scroll from the desk and unrolled it.

“Recently there have been troubles in the western mountains, near Port Coelithe. A tribe of kobolds living in the area has taken to harrying the area surrounding their lands. It seems that they have grown strong and their leader had decided he was not satisfied with coexistence any longer.

"According to the reports, Versveshin Maekrix, the leader of the tribe, fancied himself to be a prophet and visionary of a new age. Lord Fidelas had put out a reward to deal with Versveshin and to restore peace to the area, to be handled through my husband’s business. This was about a week ago. The group that left just now claimed the bounty for Versveshin’s head, but the area is still unstable. The kobolds will be choosing a new leader soon, and for the sake of peace, it would be well that this warlike cult of Versveshin’s doesn’t take hold in the community.

“It would be your mission to see to it that both the cult and their aggressive attitude are tamed and that there are no more attacks on the towns. You will probably be facing some hostilities, so I would urge you to be cautious and to prepare yourselves. I already know that you are capable fighters so I have every confidence that you can handle the situation.

“This is all we know of so far. What could be responsible for this sudden aggression and what this cult hopes to gain in this are all still mysteries to us at this point, which puts at something of a disadvantage.”

Kahoko set the scroll down before us and swept off the mahogany desk with her arm. She selected another, larger scroll and unrolled it into a map of Gaellus. “There is a good sized town here,” she said, indicating a labelled dot in the inside arm of the western mountain chain, “called Vulcasa that is ideal for visiting the kobold colony, which lies here,” she dragged her finger to a mountain missing its top, “beneath the extinct volcano Ixenedar, from which the kobolds have borrowed the name for their settlement.

“Payment for this mission, subtracting the bounty for Versveshin, comes to five thousand seven hundred gold nobles (5700 = 950 ea.) not including treasures claimed in action.

“Now, does anyone have any questions?”

“You’re going to go see daddy?” The excited question came from behind us, where Suzume Sakamoto was eavesdropping on our conversation.

Mrs. Sakamoto shot a stern look at the young girl that pinned her to the spot. “Suzume. We have guests, be polite.” She didn’t sound angry.

Suzume responded to the scolding with a guilty smile and bowed her head in obeisance. “Yes, grandmother.”

“She is correct, however,” Mrs. Sakamoto returned to us, “my son, Ryuunosuke, is currently on business in Vulcasa. If you find yourselves in trouble, you may wish to contact him for assistance. Are there any questions from my employees now?”


“Very well, as punishment for her impertinence, my grand-daughter will show you out. Good day and may fortune smile on you.”

`•., (¨`•.•´¨) ¸.•´¨) ¸.•´¨) ¸.•´¨)

After receiving our mission briefing, we left the estate and counted our rewards for the previous mission, including our first look at platinum royals.

In short order we split up, Ian wanted to go buy a couple swords and I went with him. Galen remembered that he still had to sell those swords we found in the ruins and came with us. The three of us left our reward bags with the other three who, after some deliberation, went to look for someplace to buy a wagon and horses.

My party passed the inn on our way back and we left Galen to catch up with us at the smith’s shop. Ian and I ended up putting our money together to pay for both swords (thanks to leaving the wagon-hunters with most of it) and when Galen caught up he was able to finally have his weapons inspected for scrap metal.

With a couple whacks from his hammer, Caleb cracked open the rotten wooden sheathes (which had been consigned to the scrap heap at a glance) and revealed the well rusted blades. He looked them over and determined there to be some salvageable iron. He bought it off of Galen for three silver nobles (and Ian’s old sword, too, if he wants to sell for five gold).

Meanwhile, the other party were directed to a wainwright set up sensibly across the street from a stable. They left the wagon that they bought in the yard while they crossed the street to get some horses.

There they met with the stable master—a pleasant woman standing about nine feet tall in a tunic and pants. After a moment to explain what they needed, she selected a pair of large horses (“Sixteen and a half and seventeen hands tall,” she said, patting each equine on the neck, which was only about elbow-height on her, though almost as tall as Jeremy.), one spotted grey and the other black with white markings, and gave them a crash course in horse care and harnessing.


While there, they bought several bags of horse feed for when grazing was sparse and loaded them into the wagon, then drove back to the Cat’s Cradle. (435.6G [72.6G per person] spent, including 6x2 days worth of feed for times of exertion)

It was suppertime when everyone returned, with the wagon parked outside and the horses in the Cradle’s stables. (Since we can carry everything with us now, we don’t need to maintain our rooms at the Inn while we’re away for long periods of time.)

(Alright, let’s hope this ties you over until I can make the next post. I’ve given you a couple opportunities to say something and I’m sure if you wanted, you could make extra. Here’s hoping nothing was forgotten in that block of text)

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Business, Charity, Business

“She is correct, however,” Mrs. Sakamoto returned to us, “my son, Ryuunosuke, is currently on business in Vulcasa. If you find yourselves in trouble, you may wish to contact him for assistance. Are there any questions from my employees now?”

"So all we need do is restore peace to the area? Is that what I am understanding? We will only need to bear arms if our tounges can not do the work?"

I do not really know all that much about Kobolds an their society, but surely they would much rather preffer a relationship of mutual benifit as opposed to losing their own loved ones in combat. I give a look to Mrs Sakamoto. It is not a glare, but it does however, give the stern unspoken message that she had best answer correctly. Fighting daemonic forces that slaughter for pleassure is one thing, but in the case of a people who simply have different opinions, extermination should not be the standard reaction.

“Very well, as punishment for her impertinence, my grand-daughter will show you out. Good day and may fortune smile on you.”

I look at Suzume with the same warm smile that I had given her when last we met. Perhaps in her grand/parent's society, speaking out like that may be considered rude; heck it might even be considered rude to anyone doing a bussiness deal; but I found it heart warming that she would feel comfortable enough to talk infront of us. Upon reaching the exit, I decide that I like, and am willing to do something nice for her.

"We wont be leaving until tomorrow. So I was wondering, would you like to write to your father? I would make sure that he gets your letter. Then maybe, if he still needs to wokr up there, I could bring a letter from him back." Ofcourse I am not sure exactly how old she is, or if she can write at all. If she makes this known to me, I would be willing to help her make a note. Further more, I have enough wealth at the moment that I would also be willing to pay for the materials should she not have them/ her grandmother not willing to lone them.

I give a certain amount of my platinum and gold to Ben.
"Here is my share for the wagon, I am going with Galen, Ian, and Owen to the blacksmith. I am thinking I want a shield as well, after using that one against the Yeth Hound.

Following the trope to the black smith, I put in my order:
1 Heavy Steel Shield
1 Suite of the heaviest armor I can afford
If required, I will get these things in the morning, along with Suzume's letter.

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Chapter 4 – Of Ancient Prophecies and Kobold Revolutions

Office – Sakamoto Estate
Mid Afternoon
Friday, June 27, 1008
Corazon, Gaellus

“So all we need do is restore peace to the area? Is that what I am understanding? We will only need to bear arms if our tongues can not do the work?” Ray asked.
“Indeed, the best possible course of events is that the cult looses cohesion and collapses without their leader and the kobold population chooses a peaceable leader to replace Vesveshin with no cause to resort to conflict. More likely, I fear, is that this cult does not die so easily and makes an attempt to reclaim the seat of clan All-Watcher.

“Even still, in the case that the cult continues to offer resistance, I suspect that unchecked violence against its members will yet be unnecessary. It is likely that many of the members, as with most cults, are not all fanatical devotees and will surrender, given the chance, as soon as they come to terms with reality. Nevertheless, do not doubt the possibility that there are cultists who are willing to martyr themselves for their cause, particularly among the leadership.

“If by diplomacy alone this whole situation can be resolved, so much the better for all involved, but be prepared to meet violent opposition nevertheless.”

Gate House – Sakamoto Estate
Suzume dutifully led us to the front gate once again, where we collected our weapons. As he picked up his sword, Ray turned to our guide.

“We won’t be leaving until tomorrow, so I was wondering, would you like to write to your father? I would make sure that he gets your letter. Then maybe, if he still needs to work up there, I could bring a letter from him back.”
Suzume’s face lit up with delight, “Really? Thank-you! I’ll get started right away!” She bobbed her head in a quick goodbye and sprinted back into the house.

Back on the street, Ray handed his gold over to Ben. “Here’s my share for the wagon, I am going with Galen, Ian, and Owen to the blacksmith. I am thinking I want a shield as well, after using that one against the Yeth Hound.”

“We’re not going to the armourer’s actually, only to the weaponsmith,” I reply.

“Actually, I was thinking about buying some better armour myself,” Ben said, “You could come with me to get the wagon. Then we could both go afterwards.”

With that (presumably) Ray and Ben (and Jeremy?) went one way and Ian, Galen, and I went the other.

(It bears mentioning that I originally threw Suzume's age in as twelve, though reflection has forced me to ret-con it to seven or eight--closer to what I had originally imagined than what I originally thought.)

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I think it’s about time we got back on the road, how ‘bout you?

Are We There Yet?
Saturday, June 28, 1008
The Journey West

Dawn on the eighth day since our mysterious arrival brought no special insights or answers to our situation. For lack of columns of light from the heavens or other forms of plot exposition, we got dressed and ate breakfast like normal people. As normal as people got who woke up one day in a ruined temple in another world possessed of stange new abilities could be.

We packed our worldly possessions onto the wagon, including two new suits of scale-mail armour, a week’s worth of human feed, and a child’s letter to her father that had arrived later in the evening last night. Within short order we were on our way west, armed with instructions to stick to the main road until we came to a fork marked by a road sign to Vulcasa.

The first day we drove the horses overtime, but hadn’t come to our exit by the time we made camp within the shadow of the mountains. Within an hour of setting off the next morning we encountered the fork to Vulcasa, and an hour after that we entered the town itself inside the very edge of the mountains.

For our first order of business we set up at the local inn with a good view of a rather large mountain that the locals identified for us as the Ixenedar. Having settled in, there was still plenty of daylight left and much to do.

(Sorry if the post seems short. I couldn't think of what else I might add. Any details you think need to be covered, just let me know. Time is close to an hour before noon on Sunday, June 29th. There is information to be gathered, Japanese-looking fathers to be found, and a big ol’ dead volcano to be explored. Which shall we have first?)

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A Messenger from a Daughter

As much as I had a paid obligation to sort out the Kobold conflict, I had a moral obligation to an adorable Japanese child. It would only be proper that I bring the letter to her father right away. This way, I could not lose it, or negate the chances of it getting ruined. Seeing as how the town is rather small, I decide that it would be rather easy to find this man of exotic looks. I inform my friends of my plans, believing to be no more than an hour long, and I set out.

Aquarius, latched onto the inside of my left sleeve, crawls out in a rather slow and inconspicuous manner. Her spider –like legs tickle my skin as she crawls to my neck.

It is rather kind of you to go out of your way for a child. Your heart is very similar to that of my previous master.

I smirk as my gem once again refers to her ‘master’. I know who it is, at least in essence. And if the time is correct, he should have ascended to godhood, at least to that of a minor tier. Aquarius would be referring to his inner love for children: their innocence, their imagination, their pure love. In fact, it was this connection to the young one's of the world that gave him his ability to ascend to the form of a deity.

Personally, I am not a big fan of children: a horde of them is scary to think about. I rarely get along with them, as I have given up the ability to lower my language / understanding in order to relate to them. Ocassionally, however, I find one that is mature enough that I may enjoy my time with him/her. Suzume seems competent enough that I could stand her, plus she was adorable, as all little girls are.

Aquarious chuckles
As I said, your heart is just like his.

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A Promise Fulfilled, and Better off we are for having done so.

As soon as Ray had finished getting his gear unpacked, he went back to the front desk with Suzume’s letter in hand. He told the man who had checked us in earlier that he was looking for someone—another traveller who he had heard was in the area. Just in time before he could describe Suzume’s father as ‘Japanese’ or ‘Asian’ he recalled the term Katrina back at the Cat’s Cradle had used: Yanikato.

The man nodded, “I know the one you’re looking for, Ryuunosuke Sakamoto. Most folk coming in from the capital stay here at our inn, such as yourselves. He arrived here just a few days ago. Anyway, he’s not here right now, he usually heads out around six in the morning but if you wait up a minute, he usually comes back around noon for lunch.”

By this time, sooner or later, the rest of us had finished with our gear and joined Ray. He didn’t have long to wait, but he almost couldn’t believe that he had the right person. He reasoned that there couldn’t be very many Yanikato people living in Europe-analogue Gaellus, but nevertheless, if where the Sakamoto family hailed from a land that was supposed to be somewhat analogous to Japan, Ryuunosuke violated some kind of height-limit.

Mr. Sakamoto the Younger stood a few inches taller than Ray himself and was almost as tall as me. He was bald and clean-shaven, heavily built and obviously quite strong. He looked to be about in his early thirties and bore an expression of quiet confidence. He was dressed in breastplate armour and carried an odachi—a greatsword-like katana—with a gold hilt in a long black sheath over his shoulder.

Ryuunosuke strode purposely toward the inn’s rooms until Ray caught up with him and got his attention.

“Ryuunosuke Sakamoto?”

“That’s me. What do you need?” His tone was calm and level.

“I have something for you from your daughter,” Ray responded, offering Suzume’s letter.

He took the letter and looked at it for a moment, then looked back at Ray with an amused smile, glancing at us hovering behind him. “Thank-you, sir. I presume you’re working for my father, then?”

We told him that we were looking after kobold-relations in the area.

“Ah, I see. Perhaps then we might have the chance to collaborate information. Have you eaten yet? Let me just get out of my armour and we can discuss this further over lunch.”

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In which we do lunch with the boss’ son.

Sunday, June 29, 1008
Vulcasa, Gaellus

Ryuunosuke disappeared into his room for a minute, returning a moment later without his armour, though still bearing the odachi over his shoulder.

“So,” he said, easing into his seat, “You tell me you only just arrived, so I will presume you haven’t had a chance to learn anything about the situation, yet. I’ll start from the top.

“It seems that about nearly two weeks ago the kobolds of Ixenedar started ambushing travellers coming up through the mountain pass to the southwest and taking their belongings. The victims of these highwaymen reported mention of a ‘New Kobold Empire’ under rule of ‘his holiness Versveshin Lorsvexaer’. Since then the kobolds have set up a toll gate and traffic in that direction has all but completely halted.

“The townsfolk around here started sighting scouting parties in the mountains near town. They tell me things were getting tense until the kobold All-Watcher was assassinated last week. Nobody has seen anything since then, but everybody is waiting to see what happens. I went up to Ixenedar this morning to see what I could find out, but they’ve shut themselves inside their tunnels for the time—probably until the cult has ensured placement a new All-Watcher from their own ranks.

“If you’re going to be able to have an influence on affairs, my advice would be to make your presence as diplomats known as soon as possible. At the very least it might buy you some time as they try figure out how to deal with you, and their reaction may tell us something. Now my mission differs from yours in the details so I have my own work to do, but current relations with the kobolds are a hindrance my own efforts—if everything falls apart and they end up attacking this town, the King will have no choice but to send in the army. I would prefer to avoid such a situation, so if you find anything that you need my help with, come to me and I’ll see how I can lend a hand.”


After lunch, Ryu excused himself to attend to some business in town and left us to consider our first course of action. We had the option to head out to Ixenedar to go say hi and see what happened, or we could stick in town to see what we could learn. There was always the possibility of just heading down the south road to see if we could harass some toll collector, but there didn’t seem to be much point in looking for fights that we could avoid.

(If there’s a fourth option that I missed—like quitting adventuring and becoming a travelling troupe of performers—feel free to voice them in your post…. If anyone besides Ray and maybe Galen are going to.)

Posted on 2010-06-05 at 08:16:01.


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