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Related thread: Continuing Where We Last Left Off Q&A
GM for this game: Alacrity
Players for this game: t_catt11, Admiral, Raven, Vanadia, Bromern Sal, Eol Fefalas
This game has fizzled.
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I'm doing SCIENCE!
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ugh, orders...

This is why I left the Empire... he thought to himself as Char gave his commands. Oh well, I can't expect a man raised by wolves to have any tact. The Imperials knew better. Probably better this way. Keep that meat shield of a gladiator in the way of harm.
Adrian nodded. If he were still a Red, he would have summoned something to do the physical labor for him. Perhaps this was the woodsman's way of complimenting him on his physical achievements? Oh well, Don't read too far into it, Adrian.

Sheathing his sword, the wizard makes a few stretching flexes and first tries to hoist the knight up in a fireman's carry. Failing that, he'll simply drag him, doing his best not to scratch up his armor.

Posted on 2007-04-07 at 22:01:39.
Edited on 2007-04-08 at 02:40:27 by Admiral

The Tired
RDI Staff
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It's that time again

Dm's Note: Jal elected to cast Invis on both him and Dapple. Jal is burning through mana rapidly.

”Today we will be practicing landing again.”

“Oh lords, not again? Why do we have to practice landing so much? I have tucked and rolled so often I feel like a crescent roll”

“If you can’t land properly you won’t survive. You think a green will walk down a stair into a trap? Never. They leap! They fall! And they land and recover so quickly that the enemy is asleep with a crossbow bolt in them before they can blink!”

Dapple shook the memory away, moving out into the hallway and, despite the invisibility cast by Jal, found the darkest of corners. She knew what was coming. Jal took up a position as well on the other side of the corridor.

“They will have crossbows. Small crossbows.” Dapple whispered, “Don’t get hit or the poison will take you.”

Whatever answer Jal had was lost as he looked in the direction of Dapple’s voice and saw the fading image of an old man in a uniform. It was imperial, but not army – like that of a teacher or a person guard. He looked at Jal with a smile. “She’ll take care of you boy. Enjoy the show.” He said and faded away as quickly as he’d appeared.

In the room, Kilgim and Valentine lifted the unconscious body of Arien and moved it to the hallway. Sunset took up a position on top of the fallen Knight's chest and her body changed to the same metallic colour. Images of a huge fire breathing dragon standing over the knight danced through Kilgim and Valentine’s head, as well as that annoying craving for spicy sausage. Char and Maximus took up guard positions on either side of the door. The time of stealth was ending, but what was coming.

Two greens landed at the bottom of the stairs before the Rogue and Mage. Both landed silently, tucked into balls and rolled to a crouch, drawing out miniature crossbows from spring loaded holsters on either side. They stopped, scanned the hall to see and then both closed their eyes for a moment – listening as well. According to the legend, Greens could hear a heart beat of a man. If such a legend was true, these ones missed that training session, as the continued to move as if alone in the hall.

One of them flipped his hand in the direction of the stairs, then both of them stood up and moved silently down the hallway with crossbows ready. They stopped at the operating room. One of them kicked the door with his foot and dove low while the other covered him high. They moved like cats – it was truly a wonder to see. Satisfied the room was empty, they continued down the hall.

But whatever was coming down the stairs did not move like a cat. Clomping loudly came more soldiers just as the two Greens approached the second doorway, ready to spring in on the waiting Ranger and Gladiator.

OOC: The people in the room have not heard the two Greens outside the door, but they do hear the others coming. Everyone in the party will know about the crossbows and the sleep poison on them – it is legendary.

It is combat time. I need actions from those in the hall and prep from those within.

Posted on 2007-04-11 at 01:37:57.
Edited on 2007-04-11 at 01:39:33 by Alacrity

Bromern Sal
A Shadow
RDI Staff
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They're here...

Beneath his gloves Char was sweating. They were about to face off against Imperials once again and that was never a fun experience. Not that the ranger enjoyed combat when someone's life was on the line. He did enjoy a smart sparring session where he could truly test his fencing skills, but this wasn't going to be that.

Looking over to where Maximus stood ready, Char gave him a nod and set his jaw. He'd just heard the sounds of booted feet and it was time to truly test his skills. He moved back a little ways from the door, staying along the wall so as to make it impossible for any shards of wood to hit him should the door be broken in. He rested on the balls of his feet, his legs slightly bent, his muscles loose and ready to spring into action at a thought. His strangely furced blades were held with the left one forward, the right back a bit, ready to slash. He was as ready as he could possibly be.

(OOC: Offensive action - Char will push to keep the enemy at the door making it difficult for them to press their position. He'll fight with the intention to end the fight as soon as possible and that means killing. Defensive action: Char will try to stay back to back, or close by Maximus for the benefit of covering each other's back. As far as he's concerned there is no retreating since that will put Arien in danger.)

Posted on 2007-04-14 at 07:21:25.

Den Mother
RDI Staff
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Something wicked this way comes

Wrapped in darkness without and icy silence within, Dapple waited in the shadows of the hallway, keeping her mind clear and her breathing even, she glanced over to Jal and almost cursed when she remembered he was invisible. As I am to him! How are we to signal to each other when we can't see each other? Wee Ja's belly, but that was stupid!
Dapple was shaking her head to herself when something warned her into stillness. A touch of warmth, a breath of air moving down the stairs, something alerted Dapple so that she didn't react when the two Greens landed nearly at her feet, tucking and rolling with an ease she envied. She let them pass, waiting, and wondered for a moment why she suddenly thought of Gart. The retired soldier had served as a guard to Amberlyn, and had taught Sapphirine how to ride and how to fight on their long journeys in and out of Nyrond.

Have a care, little monster ! hissed the dead voice in her soul, and Dapple turned her head carefully to watch the two Greens making their way towards the others' hiding place. She could hear the other soldiers clomping down behind her, but they were nothing. The Greens were deadly, though, and she had to neutralize them. Idiot child! They are two seasoned warriors and you are a misbegotten accident of birth. Run while you have the chance.
Dapple slipped the daggers from their sheaths and watched a moment longer, deciding which of the two greens looked more competent, or senior. Target acquired, she glided forward, a malevolent shadow among shadows.

OOC: Dapple will attempt a backstab on one of the two Greens. She'll grab him around the neck as she does so, twisting him so that he is between her and the other, trigger happy Green. The hope is that they'll fire on each other

Posted on 2007-04-14 at 21:12:24.
Edited on 2007-04-14 at 21:14:45 by Vanadia

Trilogy Master
RDI Staff
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Lets go, here we go!!

Maximas was silent as he and Char awaited the arrival of the Imperials with Kilgrim and Adrian behind them. He acknowledged Char’s nod of his head and grim look and though it was not said, each knew the other would cover the others back.

As it was in the arena so it was here, the fear of combat and death very real and Maximas could feel it starting to rise. But as so many times and fights before the big ex-Gladiator did take a deep silent breath and forced the fear back for the moment into the box. He had always believed as some fighters had told him that the fear let you know you were yet a man with feelings and as such yet alive.

The time to fear they had said was once the fight was over and the blood was washed away, then and only then was fear a good thing. With that to give him strength Maximas awaited Char to make the first move.....

Posted on 2007-04-14 at 21:53:15.

Eol Fefalas
Keeper of the Kazari
RDI Staff
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8482 Posts

Aw rats! Not very "mana" options... ;)

“They will have crossbows. Small crossbows.” Dapple whispered, “Don’t get hit or the poison will take you.”

Jal had turned his eyes in the direction of the lad’s voice, prepared to acknowledge the warning, but found that his reply was lost when he saw the fading image of an old man in a uniform. It was imperial, but not army – like that of a teacher or a personal guard. Even more oddly, the man seemed to be looking directly at the invisible spellbinder, as if the spell couldn’t cloak him from the old man’s sight.

“She’ll take care of you boy,” the man smiled, “Enjoy the show.”

What in the name of… Jal blinked as the old man faded from sight, wondering if, perchance, he had been a spirit or, maybe, another of the Imperials who inhabited this place, sent on an arcane reconnaissance mission… More than that, though, Jal wondered at the man’s words. She? She who?! he wanted to scream. More than once on this assignment he had heard references made to “she”… first the bug mage… then Wynter’s cryptic message at the camp… and now this phantasmal oldster… all with tales to be told of this enigmatic “she”. Is each “she” the same as the rest or does each voice speak of someone different? Gods but I hope you are safe, Wynter, my love…
Jal tensed a bit when the pair of Greens sailed from the stairwell and, after hitting the floor with scarcely a sound, rolled gracefully to their feet. His gaze ticked to where Dapple should have been as the two Imperials stopped and tried to sense them on the air… Damn! Perhaps invisibility wasn’t the best choice pf concealment, he chastised himself upon realizing that, with the way he had cast the spell, there was now no way for he and the rogue to signal one another without giving away their positions and, even worse, he could no longer be sure exactly where Dapple might be, so any of his spells that might have proven the most useful against the Greens had to be discounted. Fireballs and lightning bolts caused to much damage (and had many strange effects in the confines of passages like this) to safely consider with the boy invisible some where in the corridor and the rest of the party hidden behind the door at which the Imperials now stood. Magic missile, in this case, would likely do little but reveal his position…

Jal’s mind worked furiously through the list of spells he could manage and, even as he struggled to find something appropriate, he realized that he was creeping as quietly as he could toward the Imperial nearest him and that he had slid his dagger from its sheath…

Are you actually considering physically attacking a Green?! The voice he heard sounded like his own but the questions tone was pure Wynter.

Yes, he answered as he crept closer, It seems to be the only choice at the moment…
The only choice where these are concerned, perhaps, but what of those on the stair?
Jal halted his advance toward the Greens and cast a curious glance at the stairway… Aye… what about the stairway? No spells of an offensive nature can be employed here without risk of catching Dapple in the effects but, maybe something can be done to slow the arrival of those still on the steps.
He didn’t know exactly where Dapple might be but, from what he’d learned of the lad, Jal was certain that the smallish rogue was likely advancing on the unsuspecting Greens himself. Jal only hoped that whatever the boy was planning would provide enough time to bring a single spell to bear and still leave both he and the rogue alive.

((OOC: Okay, if possible, Jal will try to slip into the doorway of “the operating room” – just far enough in so he can still target the stairwell with a web spell (with luck this will slow the advance of the remaining troops for a minute) and hopefully be out of the line of sight of the greens when invis dissipates. If the web spell works out, I’m afraid Jal’s going to have to jump into combat and help Dapple with the greens…))

Posted on 2007-04-16 at 13:41:42.

Resident Finn
RDI Staff
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Let's get it on

Kilgim saw Adrian put away his sword and grab unconscious Arien's midsection. The warmage tried to pull the heavy body of the knight up in order to carry him away, but failed miserably. Despite the seriousness of the situation, the dwarven cleric found himself smiling at Valentine's effort and stepped in to give the man a hand.

"Here, lemme 'elp ye lad." As softly as he could, the bald dwarf put his hands under Arien's arms and lifted. When the former Red had picked up his end of the metal-clad body, the two of them carried Arien slowly into the hallway through which they had entered the ruins. As they set him down on the floor, Dapple's little pet dragon settled down on top of the breastplate and changed colour.

There was a battle ahead and Kilgim could feel it. And it wasn't going to be anything like the little misunderstanding they'd had with the monstrous worms and their masters. These were the Empire's finest they were facing and they probably had magic on their side as well. Winning would not be easy, hell, he wasn't at all certain they would even survive.

The muscles on the stout dwarven body rippled with tension as he prepared for the coming battle. The familiar shiver of fear ran through Kilgim's body. Forcing all feelings out of his mind, the warrior priest could hear the words of his grandfather in his mind as if old Garok was standing right next to him. Don't be ashamed t'feel fear, laddie. When yer strength fails 'n yer skill is not 'nough, fear will keep ye alive.
Nodding to the words, Kilgim drew both his axes and swung them around a couple of times to warm up and loosen any knots in his muscles. Hope ye're right, papa Garok. Hope ye're right. Moving a few feet towards the door and making sure Arien was well covered by his own frame, Kilgim flashed out a grin. Let them come. This is what we're 'ere fer.

OOC: Attack plan 1: If possible, Kilgim will flank Maximus and Char in order to keep the Greens outside. Plan 2: if plan 1 fails, Kilgim will stand by to help, but also ready to heal his friends. Defensive plan: First and foremost plan is to keep everyone alive, Arien being priority 1.

Posted on 2007-04-21 at 13:37:17.

The Tired
RDI Staff
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Finally off my A$$

To Dapple, an unprotected back was like an unlocked door, an opportunity begging for exploitation. If done right, he’d be dead before he hit the ground but she had seen them move and she was raised around their kind. The slightest of change in the wind, or smallest of sound could alert them – even smells. They were trained from a young age to fight blind so an invisibility spell was only so good.

Then Jal moved past her, towards the other end of the hall. He wasn’t trained for stealth or hiding – he was used to his magic doing the work for him. If Dapple felt the movement in the air of the small mage passing then …

The one Green Dapple had in prefect position turned and pointed his crossbow directly into Dapple’s face. She arched her back fluidly to avoid the bolt as he fired his crossbow in the direction of the mage. The bolt struck something in midair, sticking in the air and the Green took a step away from the door to fire again. The other dove low and wide away from the door and back toward east wall.

Jal saw the Green turn to react to him. Somehow he knew Jal was there. The bolt struck, but it got caught in a snag of his clothing without actually hitting flesh. Realizing his time might be limited, he starts to cast his spell as fast as he can muster the incantation without mixing up the words.

The one who fired at Jal discarded the spent mini-crossbow with a flick of the wrist and moves the other towards the same placement guided by the bolt hanging in the air.

Dapple strikes with daggers to his back, one hand to his throat and draws blood. The green did not scream or yell but thrust his hands straight up through Dapple’s arms to break her hold, then retaliates with a blow to the head from a straight up back kick. The rogue admired the form but winced in pain as his boot connected. She appears before the imperials, giving a target to the one who moved away. He fires a bolt at Dapple and a bolt at Jal simultaneously. Dapple, still reeling from the kick takes the small barb in the thigh with just enough force to break skin. She looks down at it with disgust but feels no effect.

There is a sound of movement coming down the stairs. Heavy footfalls striking the steps like a tree falling. Two men reach the bottom of the stairs. Jal sees them and stares in wonder. They look human, like men, but their skin is a greenish colour, like the new bark on a sapling. In fact, the smell of tree sap permeates the air as they approach. They wear no clothing except a tied loin cloth, although each carries a long sword in their hand. They have dark green scars across their arms and legs, like their limbs had been … reattached in some unknown way. Their countenance is blank and un-reactive as they survey the scene before them. But what amazes Jal the most is he has seen both men before. In the operating room, the two spirits trapped in the floor – these were those men.

That when it hits Jal – right in the back. Like a bad bug bite, a bolt strikes him and he starts to feel strange. Desperately he finishes his last words of the spell. The mana pours though him as he struggles to stay conscious and spray the web on and about the green man-things coming down the stairs. As invisibility fades and the spell is spent, Jal hits the floor, face first.

Jal finds himself in a bar. Arien is there in a booth, drinking ale with his sister and a demonic looking woman. His old master is serving bar, cleaning a beer mug with a dirty rag and looking disgusted at the crowd. The two dead soldiers he just saw in the stairwell are there as well, dressed like workers and fixing a wooden beam support in the ceiling. Dwan Granitecrusher comes up to Jal dressed like a waiter, “Table for one?”

“Jal! Jal! Over here!” comes a voice from across the bar. Wynter is there sitting at a table for two, waving gleefully at you.

“Oh!” Says Dwan, “You are with her? You have kept the Lady waiting for a long time sir. That simply won’t do.”

OOC: Jal is down taking the proverbial 17 strength snooze, but he did manage to web the hall. Dapple has minor wounds. Maximus and Char can hear the fight starting and also heard the sound of the other men coming down stairs (Thwang, Tumble, Aaggh(male), Thunk, Argh(Dapple), Thwang, Thwang, BOOM, BOOM, BOOM, BOOM, Fwoosh(web), Thud(Jal hits floor).The door swings out for you, into the hall.

Sorry about the delay. Kilgim and Adrian now have the time to join the main fray if you are so inclined.

Posted on 2007-04-29 at 23:05:30.

Den Mother
RDI Staff
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The moment we've been waiting for...

“Never work with amateurs,” Fast Toes advised, peering at his young new recruit from behind a glass of cognac,” they may impress you with appears to be a talent for the shadow arts, but without discipline and training, it’s usually more a matter of blind luck. Once that fails them…”
An old memory flickered briefly in Dapple’s mind as she realized Jal was moving too fast to be unnoticed. Invisibility was a handy spell, but without the training to move smoothly within the air movement in the area, you may as well shout out your location and direction. Maybe forego the spells in the future, and stick with what you know works, little monster
Dapple agreed silently as she threw herself into a backwards arch to avoid the bolt headed directly for her face. She knew that a Green didn’t aim unless they intended to let fly; the sleep toxin allowed them to detain first and question later. Determined to not let the green try again, she lashed out with dagger and a choking grip, but superior training and size bested her. To her dismay, keeping muscular bulk on a slender frame was a never ending task at the best of times, and at her full training weight, she’d been about two thirds this man’s mass, an advantage in the sort of slash and evade combat she favoured, but not for grappling. She stepped back as soon as her hold was broken, but not fast enough to avoid the kick to the head. She saw stars as foot connected painfully with jaw, the salt taste of blood filling her mouth as she bit her tongue. As she struggledto find her balance while her head reeled, a sting on the thigh told her she’d been struck. When the bolt failed to do anything more than pierce her skin, she tore it out and threw it aside, a fearsome grin lighting her grim face.

Like the Green, Dapple knew better to waste breath on yelling or making threats, and instead threw herself into a series of spinning kicks, aimed at the head, torso and knees of the Green in front of her. It may seem futile and foolhardy for the little rogue to attempt this, but even a lone wolf can bring down an elk with the right attack.

Posted on 2007-04-30 at 17:01:10.
Edited on 2007-05-01 at 11:17:03 by Vanadia

Bromern Sal
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Change of plans

The sounds of the scuffle beyond the door were too much for Char to sit idly back and ignore. Dapple had surely engaged, and that meant that the ruse didn’t work. Char had heard enough, and seen enough, of the Green’s handiwork to know that they could make short work of the young thief and an insane wizard in less time that it would take to open the door. Still, there was nothing for it now: they had to engage.

“We go,” the ranger said quietly and abruptly to the gladiator as he put shoulder to the door and charged forward. He moved so as to afford him at least one weapon as a defense and another for striking, stepping inside and quickly to the left in order to provide Maximus room to move. His icy gaze passed over the stairs and the trapped men inside—”Were dey green?”--and came to rest on the greens. They were his target. They were Death incarnate, and Char was going to put them down as quickly as he could.

“Da greens, Maximus-lad. Go fer da kill!”

It wasn’t often that anyone would hear the ranger suggest such absolute ends. He hoped that his companions would take full advantage of this moment.

(OOC: Char will aggressively attack the greens, especially the one on Dapple, until they are dead. If he has the opportunity, he'll call out the occasional order as it makes sense to him [such as if the green golem-creatures are breaking free of the web and going to converge on their back]. Defensively, he'll do what he can to work up a nice little bladed barrier with his swordplay, position himself the best he can so that Maximus and the others can pull Dapple and Jal to safety back the way they'd come, and then strategically retreat back to the position at the door where they can hold things better.)

Posted on 2007-05-02 at 03:45:51.

Trilogy Master
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To Battle

Maximus his fear for the moment banished deep inside waited as Char watched the hallway. Then at once the sound of movement and the beginnings of battle did he hear.

“We go” the ranger said quietly and abruptly to the gladiator as he put shoulder to the door and charged forward.
Without any hesitation Maximus was right behind him and upon entering the hall did take in the scene before him.

“Da greens, Maximus-lad. Go fer da kill!”

Heeding the Rangers call of targets the ex-Gladiator first let loose his throwing knife at the closet of the greens, knowing with his skill there was a good chance of a hit. His shield and sword now at the ready he continued to move forward into the fight....

Posted on 2007-05-04 at 04:32:34.

I'm doing SCIENCE!
RDI Staff
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1836 Posts

Adrian's glorious return



Arien you are indeed heavy, and I don’t believe it’s your armor.
With the aid of Kilgrim, Adrian finally managed to get the fallen knight to safety. Well, relative safety. With this magical aura and the flickering of his senses, there was naught but danger here.

“Killer, stay put and guard the shiny one. If something approaches, hide and do not be harmed. These monsters here are not gentle. Alert me and I shall return to his aid.”

With a nod to Kilgrim, he turned his attention back to the main event. Bloodshed of sorts was certainly destined to commence on the other side of the door. Spellbinder stood not a chance against the greens. Dapple at least had the ability to remain hidden from view.

A brilliant tactical advantage we have. Hmm, should I blast them back through the door with wind? Perhaps a simple grease spell…
“Da greens, Maximus-lad. Go fer da kill!”

Adrian’s jaw dropped. If ever there was a time to smack yourself in proverbial disbelief, this was it. what a blown chance…
But there was no time to linger. Improvise! He ran through a mental inventory of his capabilities. There had to be something in his damned robe! Hmm… nothing that would not kill his comrades as well.

Damn it Valentine! You are always equipped to deal with Reds, but what can we do about Greens? he cursed to himself. Come to think of it, he had very little experience fighting Greens, at least compared to Reds and Grays.

Hmm, perhaps he would not have to engage them. As the door ahead flung open Adrian caught a glimpse of what could be just the break he needed.

A web? Perhaps Spellbinder has some wits about him afterall.
Instantly his hands thrust into the pouch around his waist, fumbling around through animal parts, various dusts and gems. His fingers could identify everything instantly by touch. Aha! He grabbed the small, half-inch candle and thrust it into one of his many small bags along his belt near the potion holders.

He drops to his knees with a not-so-graceful thud and begins mapping out an imaginary circle with his left hand, while clutching the candle-in-bag with the other, chanting all the while. It was a familiar ritual to any spellcaster, although only the more experienced once were able to make it work.

Hmmm... actually, Adrian couldn’t recall the last time he performed this ritual. Has he ever before *needed* the help of beasts?

“I bring us the gift of alliance, those willing to shed blood in my name.”

(OOC: Monster Summoning 1. He’s going to aim for as close to the web as possible, so the boom-boom-boom-booms will have something to properly greet them.)

Posted on 2007-05-09 at 02:55:43.
Edited on 2007-05-09 at 02:56:52 by Admiral

The Tired
RDI Staff
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Everyone was Kung Fu fightin'

Char and Maximus burst into the scene ready for combat. Jal lies on the floor of the hall further down, and two Green hued mostly naked soldiers are straining against a web, and they seem to be succeeding in testing its limits. They see the two Imperial Special Forces; one in combat with Dapple, the other coming up from behind.

Maximus moves himself between Dapple and the soldier making the rear attack. He strikes out at the green with intentions of taking of his head, but the soldier easily dodges it and the follow up backhand. His foot moves with incredible speed to hit Maximus in the face not once but twice, causing blood to stream from the gladiator’s nose. He staggers back and the Imperial moves in for the kill, but Maximus is not so easily taken out. He manages a hard swipe across the arm, opening a deep gash across the bicep, causing the warrior to retreat slightly.

Dapple blocks a kick, turn and is blocked herself. They exchange a flurry of blows back and forth between them in similar martial arts style. “Old school. Heh!” the green murmurs and changes his attack method from foot to hand. Dapple blocks a fast jab to the stomach and follows up with a knee to the family jewels. (insert pithy comment about old school here from Dapple)The Green makes an audible sound of pain and rolls out of the way.

Char wastes no time and strikes against the one on Dapple. His blades strike true and deep, leaving a trail of blood from the imperial soldier as he twists and turn to get himself out of the position of struck between the two.

There is a shimmer of light and between the webbed zombie like dudes and the party, six beings appear. They appear to be short bipedal amphibians, similar to frogs (Bullywugs). They wear chain mail shirts, and have shields and swords. They look around bewildered for a second, then move as one towards the men in the web, leaping through the air with swords thrust forth.

Their swords strike true but they seem to do no damage. They bounce off their strange flesh and the charge if repelled as if they attacked a wall. One of the Bullywugs is grabbed by one of the men by the throw and thrown against the far wall. The froglike warrior hits with enough force to crumble the stone wall, leaving a streak of blood from where it stuck the wall, to the floor and remains very still.

Kilgrim moves in now to see the situation. He attacks with axes against the warrior fighting Maximus, strike once a hard blow with Blackaxe and giving the Green two targets with which to deal. His experienced eyes look to the wounded of his friends and companions, but judges them to not require his immediate help yet.

OOC: Green skinned dudes will be through the web next round. Maximus is lightly wounded. Dapple is still minor injuries. Jal is still asleep. Combat moves please from everyone, except Jal who can take his dream wherever he wants to. Both Imperial soldiers are wounded, Char/Dapple's is seriously wounded while Maximis/Kilgim is lightly.

Posted on 2007-05-13 at 21:23:00.
Edited on 2007-05-13 at 21:45:46 by Alacrity

I'm doing SCIENCE!
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Bullywugs...May they die admirably. Valentine thinks as they come into existance and begin their assigned task. Almost immediately one of them finds the embrace of eternity.

"Perhaps this will be a bit more difficult..." he says aloud to anyone nearby, keeping an eye on the rather chaotic battle between the Greens. His focus was on the webbed ones. They would be his targets. Well, with the spellbinder taking a nap, it appears we will be resting after this ordeal. Might as well enjoy some liberal use of mana. It will be a nice change of pace from his usual swordplay.

Ironic that he now uses his comrads as the physical meat shields... the very tactic for which he would condemn his former comrades in the Red corps. It was much easier to simply be a background mage though... He would never succumb to that lazy attitude. This was temporary, forced upon him by the closed quarters of their battlefield.

Left hand upon his sword, and off-hand in his precious component pouch, he took a second to look for an opening in the battle...

If he finds such an opening as to make it down the stairs and past the Greens:

AND if it appears he can act before they break the web, Adrian will take it and stand behind his summoned froggys with a small amount of butter coating his right hand fingers, performing the ritual to summon a Grease spot below them, in an attempt to remove their web-breaking leverage and prolong their containment.

If it appears he cannot act until after they break the web, Adrian will take it and stand behind his summoned froggys, using them as a barrier, with the tri-colored pinch of sand required to spray forth color at the sap-covered things. Hopefully he can dazzle one of them while his frogs protect him.

If such an opening doesn't present itself... AND there is ample room left in the area, Adrian will grab another candle and repeat, bringing more monsters to delay the zombie-like things from reaching his friends.

If all the above fail, he will simply conjure a suit of armor and draw his sword to meet the sap-zombies man-to-man.

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Kill 'em all!

Char felt his weapons connect and immediately set about stepping around the back of the man once more. Worry bou' eidder Da' Moon er da ranger, bu' no' da both o' us. His sword play was elaborate, but utilitarian. The strangely curved blades whistled through the air as the woodsman cut and slashed at his enemy, all the while trying to keep his eye on the area about them.

When the bullywugs appeared the ranger had a momentary panic as he thought that they must've been summoned by an enemy spellcaster, and for a brief moment in time--not even the passing of a second--the ranger was torn between breaking off his combat with the green and rushing to intercept these new threats. That was, until he spotted Valentine moving up behind them.

He knew he didn't need to inform his companions of the need to make quick work of the enemy, so he continued to focus on the severly injured individual he'd just slashed. Providing Dapple doesn't take him down first. In that case, Char will turn his attention on the other green in an effort to quickly decide his fate. So long as those green golems are restrained, the imperials are certianly the greater threat.

Posted on 2007-05-14 at 22:28:42.


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