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Parent thread: Star Wars: Dark Masques
GM for this game: Skari-dono
Players for this game: Admiral, Reralae, Loki
This game is on hiatus.
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RDI Fixture
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2001 Posts

Pressing on...

As the last of the Mandalorians fell, Benjamin helped the Embassador to his feet.

"My ship is in a hangar on the other side of the ship," the Khil said. "I do not believe we have time to get there.” Looking at the Ithorian medic, Cardass continued, "I would very much appreciate your offer, good sir.”

"Then it's settled,” replied the Doctor. “Grab what you can and let's go."

Benjamin continued to stay close to Embassador Cardass as they waited for the others to “grab what they could” from their dead foes. The Jedi saw little need in taking the Mandalorians’ gear, but he did not judge the others.

When they were finally ready to move on, Benjamin kept the Khil between the Wookiee bodyguard and himself, following the Ithorian as he led the way to the hanger. The maze of corridors led them past a few Republican soldiers, men who knew they faced death without hope. Benjamin thought of calling on them to follow and protect the Embassor, but thought the better of it, hoping instead that they might slow the advance of their foe. They did not know the importance of their Embassador’s mission… have no idea how important their life-sacrifice would be… Benjamin did. And while it pained him to think of all those would who perish today, he believed that their deaths would not be in vain.

As they approached the hanger, the Jedi noted that the control panel for the blast doors was ruined. The Twi’lek woman had notice too, and set to work right away, barking out orders at the same time.

"Get out the bleeding way, let me to that panel,” she stated. “Embassador, stay by me, Jedi, defend us both or none of us'll survive this mess."

Benjamin smiled inwardly. She’s a resourceful one, for sure…
Before the Embassador could step out in front of the blast door, Benjamin stopped him. “I would not advise that, Embassador. The area is too open; you’d be too exposed. I would prefer it if you stayed here, behind the protection of this wall.”

[OOC: Benjamin is indicating that the Embassador keep his back against the wall, out of sight from the hallway branching outwards from the door.]

Looking over, Benjamin called over the squad leader. “Commander, I need two of your best men to stay here and protect the Embassador. It is mission critical that he must make it safely off this ship alive.”

Continuing on, the Jedi stated, “I need you to lead the rest of your men in concentrating their fire on clearing this hallway.” He indicated the hallway branching outwards away from the door. “I’ll look to protect the Twi’lek while she works the panel.”

Stepping behind the Twi’lek girl, Benjamin made a fluid turn on his feet to face the hallway and the oncoming blaster fire, igniting his lightsaber and as he did. Facing his foe, the Jedi gathered the Force around himself, allowing it to settle on those around him.

“For the Republic, men!”

[OOC: As it stands right now, Benjamin is standing “back to back” with the Twi’lek, facing the hallway that branches outwards from the blast door. He’s igniting his lightsaber and using his improved battlefield mediation to affect all allies and enemy within 12 “squares”. He himself with be looking to dodge and reflect back any shot that come towards him or the Twi’lek.]

Posted on 2009-03-18 at 02:29:49.

Dreamer of Bladesong
Karma: 142/12
2506 Posts

Well then...

Noting the potential value in all of the things that are easily grabbed off of the felled enemy units, Kate quickly undoes her cloak, her six arms now completely visible to the others, and she stacks whatever she can on it. Then, she folds it up, and slings it over her shoulder, held by her tertiary left hand.

"Time to move." Kate murmurs to herself, running down the corridor after the others.

At the blast door, Kate expectantly looks over toward Arruna'dira. She needn't have bothered; the Twi'lek already moved with a clear indication of what she was doing.

"Well, I can't just let you handle it alone now, can I?" Kate rhetorically asks, moving forward as well and sheathing one of her vibroblades as she does so (specifically in her primary left hand).

(Basically using Aid Another... so +2 to Arruna'dira's check I think)

Posted on 2009-03-18 at 18:22:04.

Icelanders! Roll Out
Karma: 102/11
1514 Posts

Open Sesame?

The blast come flying towards you as you try to get that blast door open. Benjamin stands ready but there are just too many blasts and he can't keep up with them all.
Arruna gets hit in her shoulder and the blast leaves a nasty wound.
Benjamin gets hit in his left arm, and his wound is no less nasty than Arruna's.
Kate also gets hit, but her/its shield takes most of the blast. Her/Its shield, however, does not have much energy left and few more shots like that might reduce the shield down to nothing.

Arruna works as hard as she can, trying to get that blast door open, but the blast that had hit the panel seems to have ruined most of what she has to work with. During the first two minutes, there is no progress.

More blasts come in, but Benjamin is much more focused this time. His double lightsaber spins and twirls, and not a single blast passes him.

After a four minutes work, Arruna comes to the conclusion that there is nothing she can do to open that blast door. She would need a miracle and she has nothing of the sort hidden in her sleeves. That panel is completely ruined.

After getting yourselves out of harm's way, the Republic squad leader turns your way. "We need to get into that hangar!" he says. "The door should open if we could get to the panel on the other side. There is another way in, if you take that corridor and turn right, but I can't risk moving this many people. You think you can help us out?"

((OOC: The blast door was a difficult one. You only had about 30% chance of succeeding each roll. Unfortunately, you rolled a bit poorly))

Posted on 2009-03-21 at 12:55:24.

I'm doing SCIENCE!
RDI Staff
Karma: 164/50
1836 Posts


Good job there, twilek. Big talk for such a poor performance.
But Awvoor bit his tongue, so to speak, for the sake of getting out of here alive and intact. He pulled Wrrlwarr aside and told him that they were the most important ones here - it would be nice to save the others, but if only the two of them made it out alive then it would still be a victory. The wookie had slung what salvage they could easily grab from the dead Mandalorians and droids over his shoulder, which would probably be sold later for some nice profit - or maybe donated to these newfound companions. Nonetheless they now had a dilemma. Everyone wanted to take command of the situation, and there were now three sets of "leaders" emerging from a melee with only a dozen allies.

"The door should open if we could get to the panel on the other side. There is another way in, if you take that corridor and turn right, but I can't risk moving this many people. You think you can help us out?" The actual commander belted out. Sounded like a good idea to Awvoor.

He grabbed the medkit salvaged from the Mandalorian and placed it on the ground. "Wrrlwarr and myself will go down the other side. We can get the ship - including the medbay - warmed up while someone slices the blast door from the other side. Whoever is staying can use this until we get on the ship."

Armed with a nice sized blaster and of course a rather large, bowcaster-armed wookie bodyguard, the Ithorian slowly made his way down the hall. Whoever else was coming along would catch up. Ithorians aren't known for their speed... He turned around and faced those staying, whoever they might be:

"My species possesses a built in defense mechanism that involves the usage of my vocal chords and the reverberating echo chambers in my neck. The resulting sound is quite profound and... loud. Should you hear it, treat it as a distress call that we are being overwhelmed."

Posted on 2009-03-21 at 16:22:41.

Dreamer of Bladesong
Karma: 142/12
2506 Posts


Reconfiguring energy relays to the shield circuit to restore resistance.
Kate hardly had to think about it; it was just about instinct for her. Still, there was one thing that was nagging at her mind...

"You insolent ruffians! I'm billing you for the metal polish I'll have to use for this!" Kate screeches at the Mandalorians, despite the fact that there was only a very small likelihood that they would listen.

The gold-like plate in question, reminiscent of some foreign and archaic armour style on her torso, was scorched by the heat from the laser burst, leaving a dark mark upon the otherwise shiny surface. Her shield generator had prevented most of the impact from going through, but the heat from the burst was still enough to cause that mark. Still, that it HAD gone through had caused her shield generator to fall in resiliency. She would need to get that back up...

Looking across at Awvoor, Kate calls, "I'm coming too!"

Heading off after him, Kate re-draws her second vibroblade, while background processes attempt to restore her shield.

(moving after Awvoor, drawing vibroblade in the process, and I'm doing the 1 swift action/round to restore the shield, in order to keep up with Awvoor)

Posted on 2009-03-22 at 17:28:57.

TRSG 2.0
Karma: 113/94
1606 Posts

Blast It!

After just under the first two minutes of work she'd managed to total remove the casing and isolate the 'What ever you do do not cut this' set of wires as she had decided that these would be the ones that would deadlock the door if they did get cut. Unfortunately she got hit on the shoulder, let out a stream of swears, looked down at her work, found she had cut the bunch of wires, let out a second stream of swears and spent the next two minutes trying fruitlessly to bypass the lockdown system, it didn't work.

Then the noble was off, oh no, he wasn't getting away without her on the ship. Besides, he knew the ship better, probaly, and might know a different way it.

"Oh no, if your getting out so am I!"
She called before darting off after him and Kate.

Posted on 2009-03-22 at 19:53:10.

Icelanders! Roll Out
Karma: 102/11
1514 Posts


The Khil turned his head and looked Benjamin in the eye. "Your help is needed more with them than here," the embassador said. "You should go with them. I am too tired to go with you, and I would only get in the way." The Khil slipped something into the Jedi's robes. "This datacard must get into the hands of master Rial Moti. If I can not get it to him, you must. Now go!"

The squad leader turns your way as you make your way through the hallway. "We'll hold them off for as long as we're able. Just hurry!"

Lightblasts cross a hallway as the Mandalorians and the Republic soldiers have a standoff. Only a short moment passes and the Republics are all fallen. A group of Mandalorians and droids then make their way through, lead by Darth Malis.

A lone Mandalorian makes his way from behind them and comes up to Darth Malis.
"Lord Malis," he says with a hint of fear in his voice, "we've got news from the starboard side, sir."
"What news?" Malis asks.
"We lost contact with T4-squad, sir. They're not answering on their commlink."
Malis grins slightly before answering. "It is the work of the Jedi," he says.
"But... sir... how can you be certain?" the Mandalorian foolishly asks.
"Do not question me!" Malis growls, "I sense his presence in the Force. Now let's move! I want that Jedi."

You make your way into yet another hallway, but this one has a blaster door cutting you off. There appears to be no panel that allows you to open it, as it is a security door that was activated when the Mandalorians boarded. Another way leads to your left, but that door is sealed and requires a pass to open.

Both Awvoor and Benjamin sense a disturbance in the Force. Two dark entities are on board this ship. They are both unknown to them, but both are strong.

((OOC EDIT: found out that Awvoor also has Force Sensitivity and Use the Force.))

Posted on 2009-03-25 at 11:06:41.
Edited on 2009-03-26 at 08:07:29 by Skari-dono

TRSG 2.0
Karma: 113/94
1606 Posts

Doors doors and more doors

She wanted to keep moving, there was little change to open that remote controlled door and without a computer it would be impossible to hack the door they had just come to, she did not have a computer. They'll need to get the right key card or get to the bridge, but then they might open all the doors, how would they get through the right one and hold the mandals at bay? A quick plan formed.

After a minute of being stuck at the second door she tentively spoke of her idea.
"Can you guys get me to the bridge, I'd be able to open the hanger door, or at least this door, open from there. To stop any mandals getting through you'd need to stop them." She gulps
"Meaning I'd have to open them from the bridge and you'd need to be at the door."
She looks at Kate and says hopefully
"Unless you can do anything.

Posted on 2009-03-27 at 22:03:22.
Edited on 2009-03-28 at 11:43:01 by Loki

Dreamer of Bladesong
Karma: 142/12
2506 Posts

An easier way

"We might not have to go all the way there," Kate notes, "If I can interface with the ship's computer, I might be able to open one of the doors that way. If everyone could help look for one, that'd be the good..."

Kate begins searching along one side of the hall, looking for an interface port...

"Oh, nevermind; I already found it." Kate calls, plugging into the outlet somewhat hidden by a decorative plant with her left hand's port.

Now to open the door... come on computer, be nice to me...
(Alrighty, trying to open the non-cardkey blast door, since that one seems to be the most direct route to their destination...

Ohyeah, and I'll try taking 10 first... if that doesn't work then I'll have to get rolls...)

Posted on 2009-03-28 at 00:13:22.
Edited on 2009-03-28 at 16:59:15 by Reralae

TRSG 2.0
Karma: 113/94
1606 Posts

Very pleased for droids

Arruna'dira was visibly please that Kate had found a second way, she knew that this was delicate work so she decided not to interrupt so instead started asking the Jedi about why that noble he had in toe had given him a data card. She looked very odd in a flight suite asking a jedi in his robes about his business.

"Why did that guy give you that data card? Whats on it? It better not be the reason we got attacked?"
She said the last question jokily as if she didn't belive it was, if a ship was going to be stormed it would be over some secret millartery intel or something... oh good lord no! Why her... why?

She had half a mind to shoot the guy and just hand the data card over to the mandals.

Posted on 2009-03-28 at 12:19:09.

I'm doing SCIENCE!
RDI Staff
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"Does it really matter what's on it? The Mandals want it and thus we're dead if we stay. Let's get out of here and then figure out what's going on." Awvoor noted as he watched the droid work.

"Is anyone seriously hurt?" He asks the party. Some of them had taken a pretty nasty blaster bolt.

Posted on 2009-03-28 at 16:24:10.

TRSG 2.0
Karma: 113/94
1606 Posts

Conversation post

"I s'pose not, here, take this one, it's blank. Maybe you could trick them if the capture you, they get me I'm swapping sides. And yes, I took a bad hit."
She wasn't joking, loyalty to the Jedi meant nothing, it was getting off this ship alive that kept her close to him. She had a better chance of survival with the Jedi then the mandals.

"Doesn't the guy who gave it to you have a ship? It's a long shot but if we can't get onto that YT then maybe I could fly us out on whatever he's got."

Posted on 2009-03-28 at 16:35:40.
Edited on 2009-03-28 at 16:36:51 by Loki

RDI Fixture
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Dark Jedi thoughts...

The Jedi watched as the others moved to follow the squad leader’s instructions. He was torn for a moment on what he should do.

The Khil turned his head and looked Benjamin in the eye. "Your help is needed more with them than here."
Benjamin shook his head slightly, “Embassador, I have orders to protect your life.”

The Embassador continued. "You should go with them. I am too tired to go with you, and I would only get in the way."
Benjamin began to protest again but the Khil stopped him, slipping something into his robes.

"This datacard must get into the hands of master Rial Moti. If I can not get it to him, you must. Now go!"
Benjamin nodded, “May the force be with you.”

Turning to the squad leader, Benjamin spoke quickly, “You must protect the embassador with your life.”

"We'll hold them off for as long as we're able,” came the reply. “Just hurry!"

Benjamin hurried to catch up with the others. While aware of his surroundings, he mind also sensed something else – two dark shadows in the Force. Sith! Benjamin thought, the word a curse in his mind. Powerful too…
When Benjamin joined the group, Kate was already working at the computer port, looking for a way through the doors. So focused was Benjamin on his present surroundings and the disturbance in the Force, that he was caught off guard by the Arruna’dira’s interrogation.

"Why did that guy give you that data card? Whats on it? It better not be the reason we got attacked?"
Luckily, the good Doctor piped in a reply while Benjamin composed himself.

"Does it really matter what's on it? The Mandals want it and thus we're dead if we stay. Let's get out of here and then figure out what's going on.”
Shifting his focus to something he was more knowledgeable about, the Doctor looked to tend Benjamin and Arruna’dira’s blast wounds while the Twi’lek replied:

"I s'pose not, here, take this one, it's blank. Maybe you could trick them if the capture you, they get me I'm swapping sides. And yes, I took a bad hit."
Completely straight faced, Benjamin replied to the Twi’lek, “That’s good to know.” He slid the blank datacard into his robes as well.

Turning to the good Doctor, he stated simply, “Don’t worry yourself with me just yet. Patch her up if you can. We need to be moving out of here quickly. I sense a disturbance in the Force and it’s not looking pretty.”

Arruna’dira piped up with a possible back-up plan:

"Doesn't the guy who gave it to you have a ship? It's a long shot but if we can't get onto that YT then maybe I could fly us out on whatever he's got."
Benjamin replied, “The embassador’s ship is on the other side of this Cruiser. We’d meet resistance every step of the way and their forces will only increase in size. There’s simply not enough time.”

Looking over to the Droid, Benjamin inquired, “Droid, how’s it coming there?”

Posted on 2009-03-29 at 02:32:01.

Icelanders! Roll Out
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1514 Posts


Getting the computer to disable the lock on the blast door next to you takes some time, but in less than 15 minutes the door opens up and reveals the hallway that is on the other side.

You finally reach the other hangar door and it appears to be unlocked. The door opens up and leads you into the side of a huge hangar. There are three fullsized starships in there, and Arruna spots her speeder from where you're standing. There are at least hundred feet accross and walkways circle the walls several feet above you. Awvoor can spot his ship, undoubtably glad that he arrived last in so that he would not have any problem getting first out.

The blast door that you need to open is some good distance away, but from where you're standing the panel appears to be intact and operational. But just as you notice the panel, the door on the other side of the hangar opens up.

A Togorian towers over two battle droids and two Mandalorians as the five of them walk into the hangar. The Togorian, dressed in black matching his grey fur, looks accross the hangar and notices you. His sharp teeth are revealed in a horrifying smile. "Jedi," he growls and a red glow extends from his lightsaber.

Posted on 2009-03-29 at 12:05:38.

TRSG 2.0
Karma: 113/94
1606 Posts


Just after the noble fixing her, himself and his pet up Kate manages to open the door, she really must get some decent work done on her at some point.

They made there way down the corridor her blaster back in her holster and pulling her speeders starter key out her pocket, she wasn't going to leave her biggest project to the mandals!

As she entered the hanger she was horrified when the door open on the other side, 2 mandals, 2 battle droids and a Togorian with a lightsaber. Then she spotted her speeder, now normally Twi`leks would only fight if necessary, in the corridor that was necessary, here it isn't, they could just flee on to the ship but enough was enough.

She made a dash to the speeder clicking the starter key to wake up the engine as she moved, she wouldn't be using her blaster, she'd be using her speeders! She just hoped the others would stay out of her line of fire in this highly uncharisteristics act of agression, virtaly the red blooded slaughter of 2 men, or so her hoped.

Posted on 2009-03-29 at 15:54:06.


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