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Start of something I think I might pursue?

So I just found out that for the next two or so years Ill have a ton of free time and maybe Ill pick back up where I left with some writing and some gaming and I thought Id post this here and see what you think of it. PLease feel free to tell me its horrible or just tell me anything. I gamed a lot but as a player so this is a stab in the dark towards creating something. I hope you all have a fantastic day .

The WindBourne.
Two figures, both clad in gray robes strode into the tavern one cold windy night. The town was Talor, a lonely plot of ground on the road to what was the Whispering Pass, the only road through the Howling Cliffs to the WindWastes.
The first traveler took a seat at an empty table but his companion searched the room, scanning from corner to corner as if searching for someone or something. The look in his eyes said he really didnt want to find his prey.
In a tired voice he asks " Merry men, I ask for news of a man, a town, a society even and more so then all of them a mystery. Or should I say what might have been a man...Ive come from the south to find a part of a world long lost to us who do not inhabit these barren deserts."
As he pulls back his cloak his features are undeniably Elven, a pale face sorrounded by black locks. Now friends, we havent seen an outsider her in an old mans memory. "Where I hail from the lush trees hide our own secrets, but that is neither here nor there. Ive come to search the shadows of the deserts and listen to the voices in the winds... What might you tell us of the township, the principality of WindBourne?"
Now when the elf made his statement a silence slid down over the room, friends glanced at each other and most just stared at the bold elf.
One man stood up and replied " Listen here elf, those are things we dont bring up here abouts. Those scum aint been heard from in years and thats the way we like it. The old mans estate is in ruin and his son aint comming back and he sure aint missed much by us here! Only a fool would comming looking after a fairy tale told to scare younguns!"
The rest of the room applauded and there was much slamming of glasses and cheers. Im pretty sure I heard someone yelling about getting on home before you cant make it home. But that may have just been my imagination. No sooner then the last toast was called and the last ale downed did a chill fall upon the room, leaving an even greater silence then the first time. It almost seemed that the very lights dimmed and the shadows grew.
Suddenly I stood up from my seat in the corner, shifting the dusty tan robes the covered my tired, battered body. A blue rose lying across and single tower adorned the almost velvet black tabard hidden under the robes. Silenty I pulled the hood down, exposing the tan, almost brown skin of my face and the black pools that some call my eyes and the unkempt reddish black hair framing my narrow and chiseled face. My fingers curled around the blackest of wood that made up my stuff and my eyes looked, almost for reassurance, at the black orb atop my staff, held by three ghastly white skeletal fingers. As the light in the room returned, myself and the staff grew darker.
With a sigh and a shake of my head I began " It appears you were all wrong, wrong so m-." Suddenly I was cut off by the first elf.
"I would say he is right in that you were all wrong for unless I am much mistaken this is the man we seek...."
He might as well have yelled it without raising his voice for the silence in the room was now almost a living thing. I was honestly stunned that he found his voice, many have a problem speaking and even thinking when my ire is raised.
Moving forward to the hearth I looked around and continued speaking " This was the welcome home I expected. A chill welcome at best. But home I am. And a fool I suppose I am as well. I seek to return to the home of my ancester, I will return to the WindBourne."
I threw a map towards the standing elf but his suprise served him poorly as he dropped the floating paper. His companion reached to pick it up and slid it into the front of his robes as I strode past him out into the storm that slammed the door behind me.
Walking away from the Desert Sun, I fell deep into thought. Was I right to come back here? What could I expect from people who hated my family and me for things we did do and things we didnt do? I knew that no one would have dared to approach the manor even if they knew how, so what was I looking for there? Closure? Some sense of finality? Or a twisted visage of what once was and what might have been, a catalyst to drive me deeper into the shadows?
After but a few hours of walking I saw a familiar rock wall, barren and unoticeable. My fingers traced familiar cracks and crevices and I muttered the same words that I had before. Sighing, I shook off the robes I wore and the black wings unfurled from my shoulders. With a single flap of those wings I lifted myself over the wall and perched atop it, looking down on two worlds. One that was home, one that never could be home. I kept an eye out for the elves that I knew would be following the map.
I slipped into the same old patterns of the desert that I had missed so much while away and a few hours before sunrise I awoke to the sound of voices below me.
"Were lost brother, we must turn around before we run out of water in the abyss."
"Turn back now? We must stay the path friend, this is the first lead our people have had for half a century!"
At this point I floated down behind the elves from the tavern.
In a voice that seemed to resonate I said "Stay the path my friend, stay the path. As a matter of fact, stay right here."
With a wave of my hand the rock walls very face split and opened to reveal a magnificent valley of sorts. The path fell down to a green strip of land following a river and the sides revealed cliffs soaring to thousands of feet lined with caves and switchback paths for those wishing to climb them without the help of wings. The rock is a dark black and a reddish brown, blending seamlessly into the desert skies. The walls are worn smooth by a millenium of sand and wind working with the graceful fingers of weather. Upon seeing the canyon a flood of memories hit me with a rush. Thats another story though...
"Listen friend, listen to the silence. This is the whispering pass, few come here and even fewer hear the noise in the silence" I said.
As if the canyon heard me speak an eery shriek split the serene silence of the early morning.
"One of my distant cousins has awoken I hear....of the few that hear even fewer understand the screams in the night, the shrieks before the sun rises. Those that do tend to run away and call it insanity. Those who heed the call and are too weak of mind do end up insane. I wonder friends, which will you be? Follow me and you might embrace the call of my ancestors. Welcome wanderers, welcome to my ancestral home. Welcome to WindBourne."

(Moved to Personal Creations - Grugg)

Posted on 2010-08-04 at 00:03:27.
Edited on 2010-08-04 at 00:22:41 by Grugg

Pit F(r)iend
Welcome Waggin'
Karma: 115/3
1245 Posts

All Right!

You, friend, are in the right place! Please stay a while, wont'cha?

Posted on 2010-08-04 at 00:08:48.

Karma: 4/1
17 Posts

I will be!

Oh man Im going to. I joined a while back and had to take a paid vacation to the sandbox for a few months Anywho Im off to college so Ill have plenty of time to get down on some serious gaming! I cant wait .
Ill be here for a while, make no mistake.

Posted on 2010-08-04 at 00:16:31.

Karma: 156/25
6254 Posts

First Thing First


Your paid vacation to the sadbox is something I thank you for doing!

We support you and thank you.

Now< Welcome and have great time back at the Inn.

Posted on 2010-08-04 at 00:44:49.

Ody Fan
Karma: 54/39
1117 Posts

Lovelie Ody!

I love it!

Posted on 2010-08-04 at 00:54:50.

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