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After eating his lean steak (less cooked than rare, but no running juices). Freki Listen's to the warrior/cook's pronouncement.

The dire hound has been waiting for a great hunt to arise. His skills were a little out of practice. This would bee a great chance for him to go outside the village and earn the steaks he has been eating.

He follows the warriorcook past the bar to the training grounds outside. Waiting and watching while he goes through his routines.

When the warriorcook finishes his routine. Freki pads over to him and makes a sound to gain his attention.

Posted on 2011-02-06 at 03:19:20.

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As he made his way to the center of the room he stopped short. Only to catch out of the corner of his eye two men who seemed to be at unease with one another. one of the men had passed the Chindari girl at the mantle, he had given the other man a wicked smile before leaving out the door.
Other then a slight moment of tension he looked over toward the bar the bar keep seemed busy although he did make time for a woman that had just walked in.

She seemed familiar and after a moment he realized why. She had but not three days ago come to him for repairs on her weapons and armor, in trade she gave him gold and a large some of scrap metal, which came in handy considering a few caravans had arrived damaged and in need of repairs.
After reminiscing over that day. Thal realized she had left as quickly as she had came, but now the Chindari girl seemed she wanted a chat with him.

May be the Chindari had heard something of importance, considering she hadn't move much from her spot at the fire place that day. It had intrigued him to some degree to see what was amiss with this poor girl. More importantly to see what the good bar keep had come to learn from the strange lady. As he stared for a moment absently he realized he was being eyed at by the patron. Disturbed by this he started walking back towards the bar, and by chance noticed an empty bar stool.

He knew at this moment if he didn’t reach the bar stool he would never get a chance to hear what they might divulge. At that moment he had zipped to the bar stool just in time. Another patron that had walked in and had spotted the stool. He had been making his way to the stool at the bar, but had not been fast enough to reach it. With a satisfied smile he listened intently for what he hoped was some revealing news on what the lady had divulged to the bar keep, and maybe what the Chindari girl had wanted from the bar keep as well.

Posted on 2011-02-06 at 06:38:45.

Cheshire Cad
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Siarl tilts his head as he listens to Nadira.

"No, nothing unpleasant... just clearing things up."

His ears pick up as he hears someone else enter. One sniff is enough to tell that this patron is different. A cut above most of the other patrons. Siarl's curiosity is piqued, but he stays by Nadira. It wasn't their business. Not yet at least.

"Finally, someone who might know what's going on. Coming Siarl," he hears her ask.

"Of course, Nadira." He gets up and follows her, doing his best to insulate her from the crowd, which he could tell made her nervous. "Calm yourself. You have nothing to be worried over here," he told her.

Siarl sat at her feet as she began questioning the half-elf, listening attentively. Things would surely get dangerous soon, and the more he knew, the better he could protect Nadira.

Posted on 2011-02-07 at 01:32:49.

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Tultaur - We have some work to do...

Seeing no bounties, which he shouldn’t expect much for a small village like Falhill, he could only sigh in disappointment. Only the poster on the board, other than the ones promoting businesses, is one with the troubles everyone’s talking about. Suddenly there was a commotion within the Slippery Rock. Tultaur training his ears towards the noise, he recognized the barkeeper’s voice.
“I will be joining the mission to save Falhill…it will always be my home…I will go in the morn’ to the council to ask that they sign my name for those interested in joining the hunt.” The barkeep’s declaration was met with a roar of approval from the patrons. He was contemplating the situation, when two of the village guards walked towards him.

“Good Day Sir, what do you think of the situation? The Council seems to want answers yesterday, but hopefully things will work themselves out. Falhill is not ready for a war, let us hope it’s just bad luck keeping our food away,” said the first one, not noticing his partner shaking his head in disagreement.

“Not much to say, there’s a lot of things left unknown, but I don’t believe that’s coincidence. Nevertheless, I’ll take the job. As long as I get paid, I’ll care of any manner of being, beast, or demon that’s been causing this little problem.” with that, he left the guards to their rounds.

The night air felt heavy against his skin, despite being close to the ocean. Taltaur marched towards the stables, meeting up with his warhorse: Slayrage. The large black warhorse snorted a greeting towards his owner. Taltaur stroked the horse’s mane, and checked if he’s being well-fed and in good condition. Patting the horse one more time, he headed outside. He stared at the night sky, the stars serving as the light within the darkness; he placed two fingers in his mouth and blew a shrill whistle. A shriek answered from above, a large hawk circled the sky and repeated the cry once more, before landing on his master’s armored arm.

“It looks like we have some more work ahead of us Rorig” said Taltaur. The brown hawk chirped in response, before lifting itself back into the night air.
Taltaur watched as the large bird made its leave, before prepping his horse and thought of his plans, as he made his way toward the comfort of the Slippery Rock.

Posted on 2011-02-08 at 03:06:33.
Edited on 2011-02-08 at 12:58:59 by Imperial_Fire

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DM Post....

[I]“Ah, greetings again, uh, kind Elandili . I was wondering what has happened here? Why the call to arms? We only just arrived today.” Nadir's breath caught in her throat as she finished her statement. Her eyes flickered around the room as she pressed into the bar, attempting to create more space between her and the crowd around her.[/I]

Andras turned gracefully as he finished part one of his training stiff old muscles. It was a very long time ago that he had last held his twin scimitars and trained this hard. He heard her voice and could tell by her hesitation that she was not used to speaking to people, or being in large groups. Smiling to her, the barkeep lead her outside where it was less crowded before answering her inquiries.

“My Fair Lady, we are unsure of what has happened here, aside from knowing that our food supply has diminished greatly and suddenly. We hunt no more than we did in the days of our ancestors, and yet the fishermen and hunters come back with near empty baskets. Never in the history of our forefathers has anything happened like this, where we had to struggle not only against the monsters of the Chindari Plains, but also against the lands as a whole.”

As he took a moment to catch his breath, between speaking and training, he offered her a seat on the bench. It was then that he realized that the woman he spoke with was of Chindari heritage and she would be a great asset to the group, who decided to join on this mission.

“I have a debt to an old friend, and they have chosen this as my means of repaying the debt I owe to them. Please excuse me while I train my second set, I must prepare if I am to embark on this journey. I will be the first name on that list, and would not be surprised to be the last on the list. The Chindari Plains have always been a thorn in our side, and yet now it seems somebody else is trying to test the strength of the people of Falhill. You may feel free to stay out here if you would like, we could continue to discuss matters between my training.”

Without further words, the half-elf continued his training with twin scimitars. Andras moved with the grace of a seasoned warrior, his blades whistling through the wind as he followed through with the forms of his past. The muscles contracting and extending in memory of the old movements, and it was not long before the heat started to show on the barkeeps face. Perspiration began to appear on his forehead as he trained fiercely with his twin blades.

After finishing the second round of his routine, he noticed the regular Dire Wolf had also come out to speak with him. He knelt down and pet the wolf on the head scratching him behind the ear and spoke softly to him “what’s the matter friend?” he knew that the wolf was intelligent enough to communicate. It had been a long while since they actually spoke in conversation aside from the regular greeting exchanged. A smile found Andras’ lips as he considered the words of his colleague which indicated indirectly about a day such as this would occur.

It seemed to Andras that all of the occupants of the Tavern would be joining them shortly outside in the training grounds. Everyone seemed to think he knew more about the mission than them, but all he had done was say he would sign up, it didn’t matter to him what challenges he would face. He had no wife, he had no children, the only thing he had was his tavern, but he already spoke with his second in command and informed him that in his absence the Tavern was his to maintain.

Andras returned to his training for round three which was even more strenuous than the previous two training sessions. He did not seek water to replenish that which had already fallen from his brow, but instead worked even harder beneath the scorching sun.

Thal was the next member who had followed them into the training grounds. The half-elf nodded a greeting in his direction “Is there anything I could help you with Mi Lord?” In that moment he wondered if there was anyone else who would embark on this journey, or if they all wanted to see what else he knew and then wish him well on his journey. So many questions raced through his mind as he listened for replies from those he had addressed. Occasionally he would glance back towards each in person, but as he scanned the occupants of the training grounds he noticed that Siarl had also come to join the Chindari warrior, lying at her feet. A smile found his lips as he looked between both canines and shrugged slightly to himself.

After speaking briefly with Thal, the barkeep returned to start the fourth part of his training. Andras pulled a piece of cloth from his pocket and he tied it around his eyes then drawing his weapons again. All emotion disappeared from his face as he listened to the sounds around him, his breathing steady and he ran through his training slowly at first, and building up his momentum. Offensive attacks, defensive attacks, and feints it was like watching a dance. His movements were tuned to perfection in his dance; it was difficult to pull your eyes away once you saw the fluidity of his movements. The movements were flawless despite the ability to see, it seemed as if he relied on his balance, and on keeping his center of gravity beneath his quick moving feet.

When the Barkeep finished his routine, he sheathed his blades and untied the cloth covering his eyes. He wiped his damp forehead with the cloth, and then put it back in his pocket. After a short break, he would start over at square one, and continue training late into the night. The half-elf spoke to all those who had joined him outside “As I am sure you all know, I plan on submitting my name to embark on this mission. I would welcome as much help as I can on this mission, but there is one condition. If any of you decide to join me in saving Falhill, I ask that somebody else take command on this mission. I am not interested in taking the leadership role; I have only been trained to cover the backs of those who were in my group. I am going to enrol early in the morning; I am hoping to see some of you there.”

Posted on 2011-02-11 at 02:00:42.

Cheshire Cad
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Siarl paid close attention to the old man, noting every detail, every subtlety in his movements. This man was a master.

He listened attentively as the old half-elf describe the troubles of the village. As best as he could tell, the old man was accurate.. the village wasnt over-hunting. Siarl briefly wondered what the cause was, then decided that the quest he sensed coming would reveal it in due time, and worrying about such a thing was fruitless.

Siarl fought a snarl at the man's description of the Chindari plains, then composed himself. No outsider could ever truly understand the plains, no matter how they tried...

Siarl continued to watch the man. Andras's grace in combat was worthy of his heritage. The man would be an invaluable ally... and a deadly foe.

The man seemed to finish, pulling the cloth that had blinded him the last several minutes away. He turned and spoke, "As I am sure you all know, I plan on submitting my name to embark on this mission. I would welcome as much help as I can on this mission, but there is one condition. If any of you decide to join me in saving Falhill, I ask that somebody else take command on this mission. I am not interested in taking the leadership role; I have only been trained to cover the backs of those who were in my group. I am going to enrol early in the morning; I am hoping to see some of you there.”

Siarl stood at this, speaking to Nadira, Well Nadira? Are we going to join him? In truth, Siarl was against the idea. Surely, the Plains needed help of some kind, but this would be a dangerous hunt, and Siarl had doubts about his ability to keep Nadira safe from the Plains, and be able to watch these strangers all at once; but he would follow Nadira, as always.

Posted on 2011-02-11 at 13:53:30.
Edited on 2011-02-11 at 16:11:15 by Chessicfayth

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Disapointment spread across Thal's face as he began to lisen. he only cought the last half of the chindari girls question. ". . .to arms? We only just arrived today.”
A few seconds later when Andras took her by the shoulder and walked her out into the back, when it all be came clear she wanted to know too what the strange bar keep might know. Even clearer now that Andras didn't know any more then Thal did.

He waited a few seconds be for following them out side. As Thal made his way out of the slippery rock, he notice that the dire wolf had gotten up and followed Andras out.
Thal made note of the odd occurrence and continued out side. Were he made a realization. Andras had come out here to practice.

It was here were he and Andras had spared from time to time to keep "sharp".But now instead of wielding practice blades he held a beautiful set of scimitars that gleamed as he glided them throw the invisible worrier in front of him.
On closer inspection of the blades as he noticed had a plentiful amount of dust and a familiar look of untouched about the blades.

Still he had never seen the scimitars, then again he hadn't shown his to him either.
It had occurred to Thal that they had only ever used practice blades when sparing.
Now watching Andras move more freely, with out the heaviness of the practice blades, made him wonder how fast he would move.

As he walked over to the practice ring he cought the old bar keeps eye, and nodded in his direction.
As he nodded Andras called to him saying “Is there anything I could help you with Mi Lord?”
"You know I don't like being called that." he said flatly. As he awaited the next comment to come, a streak of black passed him and to the chindari girl.

Only to stop at her feet and lay back down.
It to his surprise had been a flash hound that sat near her, he locked as though *if he wasn't close life would end* kind of look. At least that’s what he could discern be for Adras started talking again.

Posted on 2011-02-13 at 02:35:43.
Edited on 2011-02-13 at 02:40:50 by Drabitt

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Nadira -- well Little Brother...

Nadira winced at hearing the same words that were on the poster spoke aloud by the half-elf, “The Chindari Plains have always been a thorn in our side”. A wave of indignation rippled down Siarl’s back at these words. She put a comforting hand behind his ears as Andras finished speaking and returned to his forms. The two friends watched the half elf a while longer as he gracefully spun his scimitars.

After he finished his routine, Adras spoke to the small crowd that had gathered around him. He again stated that he was committing to the mission at hand, and asked that someone else step up and lead the group. His voice had the tiniest bit of a plea behind it, but it could have easily been the shortness of breath from his exercises. As the crowd began to disperse, Siarl stood up.

Well Nadira? Are we going to join him? The ever present concern was dancing in the flash dog’s eyes at these words. Nadira sighed. She gave him a long, searching look before responding to him.

Well, Little Brother, if there is unbalance here, it won’t take long before it spreads to our homelands. Long has it been my wish to protect our people, but it is for the elders to decide. A mischievous smile spread across her face as she continued, And as always, you are free to stay behind with our people if you do not wish to tempt danger.
Nadira made her way back to the area outside Falhill where her shakri was camped. She doubted that there would be much of a hunt tonight, especially with the prospect of speaking to the elders. Instead she decided on spending time with those that she loved. For the sun and the moon could only tell when the next time that might be. The sounds of music drifted through the air shortly followed by the sight of wagons looming ahead.

The night passed eventfully for the Chindari. She was given leave to discover the reason behind Falhill’s recent fate, and help restore the balance to this area. As the sun’s morning rays peeked across the village’s rooftops, Nadira strode towards the conference hut to sign her fate.

Posted on 2011-02-13 at 04:38:02.
Edited on 2011-02-13 at 04:52:10 by Celeste

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It should be noted, Nadira and Siarl's communciation is inaudible telepathy. Siarl and Freki's is in a dialect of Blink Dog (comprised mostly of barks and yips), so unless you happen to speak that (extremely unlikely ha ha), you wont understand it without help.

Well, Little Brother, if there is unbalance here, it won’t take long before it spreads to our homelands. Long has it been my wish to protect our people, but it is for the elders to decide. Nadira smirked, a step back towards her usual self. And as always, you are free to stay behind with our people if you do not wish to tempt danger.
He would have smiled if he could. You know better than that, Beloved Sister. I will be with you on your journey.
Siarl accompanied Nadira back to the rest of her shakri. Once sure they could watch out for her, he focused hard, melting away from the camp, and appearing in the plains. From there he began moving further out, his nose searching the air for the scent he knew he'd eventually find. There was a pack here. He barked a request as loudly as he could. Please, come here. He repeated it every so often, confident someone would come. He was right.

Three Flash Hounds melted into existance in front of him. One, clearly the leader spoke first, hackles raised and a growl underlying every bark or yip. What do you want in our territory, stranger?
I come to make a two requests. Firstly, one of allowance. I and some companions, a mix of humans and half-elves, will be traveling through here. I dont know exactly when, but we may have the need to cross your territory many times. I would ask you allow this, and not attack our group. We may need to hunt some of your game, but we will take only as much as is needed. On this, you have my word. The second one is one of assistance. There is someone in the group who is very important to me. You know as well as I the danger of these Plains. If the time should come, I would ask that aid me in protecting her.
The three snarled at this, one tensing as if to spring. The largest stopped him with a short bark. You ask much. You wish for us to endanger ourselves for a stranger? And are already planning to take from our territory! Why should we allow any of this?
Siarl stopped an annoyed growl. It would do no good to explain that this group would go through regardless. He needed to offer something good. It was fortunate that he had something of worth to offer. Meat. There is a territory is a ways from here, and it is plentiful with Bison. I have permission to take what I need from it. If you agree, we shall go thereand hunt. Is this enough? He looked again at the three. They were healthy, but thinning. It was apparent that the hunting was not good here, whether for lack of game, or suprlus of enemies.

The leader spoke again. Take us to these bison. We promise nothing until you deliver.
Siarl nodded. He had expected as much. Without a word, he took off across the plains, trusting in their ability to keep up. It was a long journey, perhaps 2 hours. He would be tired tomorrow, but this was neccessary. He had to do everything within his power to ensure Nadira was protected. He was sure his brethren's help would be key in that.

Onward they ran, blinking out of the way of anything they came across. They were fast, to be sure. He would use the hunt to judge how well they would do in a fight.

They slowed down as they neared the herd. Siarl turnd to face his companions. We can take no more than two this night. I suggest we pair off. The leader nodded, tilting his head towards the smallest, who moved towards Siarl. We will go around the edge of the herd aways. When you are ready, give a signal. We should all then start barking and howling, to scare them. Try to use blink to its fullest effect; with it we can scare them into thinking there are more of us than there are. Siarl noticed their leader stiffening. He was fealing threatened. Is this an acceptable plan? The other relaxed some, thining it was regaining control. It will do, as long as it works. Now hurry to your position. I will signal you shortly. Siarl resented the other's command, but merely barked an agreement, and left.

Hunkered to the ground, he and his fellow slowly circled the herd. Siarl sniffed the air, his tail wagging a little. He always enjoyed the hunt. He got into position, crouched low to the ground, muscles taut and ready for action. He took in surroundings carefully. The grass here was half of his height, providing minimal cover at a run. The bison were stirring, but for the moment calm and not very alert. This would help. The ground was very flat here, without even the few bumps you may find in the Plains. This would give the Bison the advantage once they were running. He would have to move quickly to-

Siarl's train of thought was interrupted by a long howl trailing across the field. He gave a howl himself, his own louder and a bit deeper, as he broke into a run, blinking back and forth, towards the herd. He could hear the others with him, howling and barking and growling, stirring the herd into a frenzy. It was working. The herd was panicking, taking off in the opposite direction of what they were sure was a full pack of Flash Hounds. Near Siarl was one who couldnt quite keep up with the rest. Signaling his partner with a few yips, he closed in on it, moving in front to try and cut it off. He barely blinked out of the way in time as he attempted to run him over. He wheeled around and took off after it, trying again. This time he met success, as the bison cut hard to the right and loped off. It was pup's play after that. They chased it down, blinking around it back and forth, confusing it until it no longer moved, certain it was surrounded. Siarl lept towards the throat, his partner to the back of the neck. Two bites, and a few tears of flesh later, and they had felled it. Siarl licked the blood from his lips. It had been a good hunt. Not too challenging, but fun. He turned to see the rest of the party approaching. They had been unable to seperate one, and, as Siarl predicted, the smooth terrain had let the herd get away.

I have provided the meat. Will you allow us passage, and come to my aid?
The leader considered for a moment. Passage is granted. We will... come at your request. However, should one of us die helping you... there will be consequences. With that, they began feeding.

Siarl barked his thanks, melting away, reappearing a few hundred feet towards the village. He broke into a slow run, anxious. He had one more matter to attend to before morning. Teleporting when he could, he soon arrived at the Slipper Rock. He growled softly at the back door, guessing that the dire wolf would hear and come to investigate. He would request that the wolf tell him about this village. He needed to know as much about this group as possible. Since the tavern seemed to be its home, it made sense that the wolf would have this information. Siarl wondered breifly what it would take to obtain it.

Later on, his business at last concluded, Siarl made his way back to the shakri. He was unsurprised to find that Nadira had been given permission to journey. He found her resting, and laid beside her, catching what sleep he could. The next day, he was, as always, at her side, as the journey began

Posted on 2011-02-14 at 15:54:38.
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After informing the warrior-cook that Freki would hunt with him, the direwolf returns to the inn for the time being. After night falls, he goes wondering through the town.

He decides to go find Big Bark, the local blink wolf pack leader. The Direwolf discovers that Bark met with the newcomer, then they both headed off together.

Later that night, Freki scouts around the traveling people camp. There seemed to be more movement than a usual in a camp like this. There were numerous scouts, so the direwolf did not approach any closer for fear of alarming the camp.

Shortly after returning to the inn, Freki hears a low growl, identical to the growl of the stranger , at the door.

He follows the scent back to the traveling people camp. After determining that the stranger was the one who was at the door, Freki returns to the inn, confident that he would discover why the stranger was at his door.

The next morning, Freki marks his willingness to go on the great hunt with his symbol , Ғ , he also sees the stranger, and says, " We must speak later." Freki then goes in search of Big Bark to discover why he went with the stranger.

Posted on 2011-02-20 at 03:11:09.

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I have a job for you....

Having been allowed to take part in the journey, Tultaur was near the back of the crowd to watch the barkeep train, close enough to watch but not be seen. He found himself impressed with the half-elf’s ability to wield the twin scimitars with deadly grace, even the simplest of feat were a work of art. Within he can feel a bestial urge to battle the veteran barkeep. The feeling of blades flying through the air, and the battlefield drenched in the blood of his enemies leaving only the victor to walk away alive. He shook the monstrous thoughts from his head, he had to keep the bloodlust in check lest he plans on leveling the little village from the ground up.

His thoughts were interrupted, as a hunched figure approached him. He was dressed in a pitch black cloak, even his face was garbed with a black cloth. He spoke in a hushed aged voice,
"I have heard that you were in the village and have come to seek your assistance. Come with me so we may speak in private."
Tultaur walked with the clocked figure away from the crowd and training ground until they reached a secluded part of town. Tultaur kept a tight grip on Frostbane, in case the unknown figure poses a threat. "This better not be a waste of my time." "Oh no I assure you I shall make it worth your while."

"Now on to business, a magic artifact that was meant to be delivered to me by the swamp, unfortunately the carrier was dead when I arrived and the artifact was missing. The blood trails into the swamp, but I dare not venture into the swamp itself. The artifact is in a small red container branded with golden symbols, I need you to retrieve the item and return it to me at any cost."

The Figure held a small bag with a spidery hand to the hired weapon. Taltaur looked at the contents of the bag, pleased with the sum he stashed the bag into his pouch, "You’ll get the rest once the item is returned to me. I’ll be waiting over at that tree stump in three weeks from now. If I’m not there you are to place it on the tree trunk. You are NOT to open the case and NO ONE is to know of this," the figure said waving a withered finger in an attempt to threaten him.

"I also have something for you to assist you on your journey." he said pulling out from his cloak a gold wrist brace with a blood red gem on it.
“the brace will allow me to communicate with you and send a portion of my magic to help you.”
At this Tultaur just nodded, "Just make sure the money is ready when the item is delivered." with that he headed back towards the crowded part of Falhill.

If Tultaur had looked behind him, he would have seen the old wizard disappear, chuckling softly in the wind.

Posted on 2011-02-23 at 04:35:42.
Edited on 2011-03-26 at 20:09:52 by Imperial_Fire

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DM POST (sorry for lateness)

Andras polished his blade as everyone went in their own direction after his training. The Half-Elf managed to keep tabs on those who had shown interest, even if he only knew a couple of them personally from having served them in his Inn.

The Chindari Girl and her canine headed out of town, where he assumed she would seek council. A stranger had approached the man lurking in the shadows and they disappeared from view rather rapidly without drawing too much attention to themselves. Freki informed him that he would join the hunt and after nodding to the canine he sheathed his weapons and walked into the barns.

He knew the journey would be a long and treacherous. Andres, having spent his entire life bending and forming to survive in the town of Falhill, and battling the ages of this world against the Chindari Plains, and beyond. Andres knew he would be up against some tough enemies, some he had probably not ever stumbled across in his many years bordering the Plains. As a young half-elf he had been forced to live off nature for two full cycles of the moon before qualifying as a protector of their lands, back when the elves were still a part of Falhill society.

[I]The wind whipped his long hair in front of his face, as he held his sword at the ready, eyes glancing cautiously around him. His elven ears having picked up the sound of brush moving, out of the rhythm of nature. The beast did not know when to move without being detected, he was sure it would be a hostile animal, yet he was a confidant man and therefore harboured no fear. Young Andres moved silently, his centre of gravity always perfectly balanced, his steps timed perfectly. It was said the Half-Elf could walk on top of the snow, not because he was light, but because of his perfect balance.

Slowly moving towards the sound in the brush, he noticed what appeared to be a small hoof kicking and heard a very soft whiney of a foal. The sound was distressing to the young warrior, and he found himself acting without thought. Sheathing his weapon, the half-elf started to soothe the frantic creature, enabling him to help the colt free himself from the brush. Andres glanced around him from time to time to see if any of the hostile beasts were eying the helpless colt as a potential meal. He worked with graced as quickly as his hands would move to free the foal from its trap and get him free to help seek out the rest of his family in hopes of reuniting them.

As soon as the colt was free from the brush it backed away from it and headed off towards the distance where he remembered last seeing his mother. The route was quickly cut off by a large grey and black hyena which was laughing hysterically and always finding a way to block the path of the colt. Nipping and yipping at the young horse until the young horse fled back towards where the human had saved him. Andres withdrew his scimitar and lunged to an area between the foal and the hyena his demeanour cool and collected as he faced a large hyena by himself. The Half-Elf knew he should not interfere because he had a mission to complete for his tribe in order to be accepted into the position of respect that his forefathers had always held at his age. Concentrating on the attacker, he seemed to dance the swords like a majestic dance, swirling, rising, falling low, all without connecting with the beast. The hyena would live, if it was smart enough to see that the warrior would not be intimidated; that he would stand his ground. It did not take long, the hyena high tailed it back to the woodlands laughing all the way despite deciding the meal was not worth risking his life to obtain.

From that moment on, the colt had followed him faithfully of free will, and when Andres had completed his mission, and returned to his father. The young foal always a couple steps behind the warrior, until the man stopped and looked the horse in the eye gently stroking his foretop whispering into his ear to stay, that he would return momentarily. Andres did not expect the horse to obey, and he grabbed the large Wild Boar he had hunted for his group and laid it before them, respectfully. The Beast had already been blessed moments before the blade fell, and thanking it for keeping them fed.

After the celebration in naming him a warrior, he returned outside to find the young colt still standing where he had left him. Quickening his pace the man reached the horse and praised it nodding for it to follow him. Ever since that day several years ago, it was Andres who had forged the horse into a warhorse. Dispelling the fear from the colt, from his younger years and invoking confidence into the beast. [/I]

The Half-Elf approached his companion, a smile spreading across his face as he spoke to his horse Mandred. The horse roamed outside the stable most of the day, and only spent his nights in a stall sleeping a few hours here and there. Andres saddled and geared up the horse for the trek, packing essentials into the saddle bag. A pick for Mandred’s hooves should a stone get in them, a container full of grain for the stallion as a treat once a week until their journey ended, money for the trip in case they stumbled across a town to purchase wares and anything else he could find that would be of use on the trip.

The following morning the town was filled with whispers, theories and thoughts about if, or who would be embarking on the journey to save Falhill. The Council had set up in the middle of town, in the square, all businesses were closed for the morning half of the day so that everyone in the small community could hear by their own ears what was happening. When the open meeting had begun, the Head of Councils had all spoken and a table displayed the sign-up sheet was hungrily awaiting ink.

Andres was the first to step forward when the council had finished speaking, and did not allow even a moment of impatient waiting on behalf of any present that day. Confident that he would be able to overcome all of the trials that awaited him, he stepped up to the table, ignoring all the eyes he knew would be on him. Signing his name, he also signed for Freki to join, as the canine had indicated last night when everyone sought what he knew, which was in reality not much more than they knew.

Everyone in the square was wondering who it was who had signed, as they had never seen the man dressed the way he appeared today. The half-elf sported leather amour on his persona, and he wore not only the twin scimitars he practised with the night before, but also a long bow and gorgeous green quiver on his back. The man stood with confidence, his warhorse was waiting for him on the outskirts of town, where they would begin their journey. He nodded to the council members and turned towards the people who had gathered for information and without a word he looked at each person in turn. When his eyes fell upon Freki he nodded to the canine “I have signed your name as well my friend.”

Andres stood as any real warrior would stand, appearing at ease yet all senses working in overdrive. He waited for Freki to join him in the middle of the open area, and wondered if the others who had voiced their questions yesterday would have the courage to sign their names in front of the gathered group of people.

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Freki (my longest post ever)

That morning, after returning to the Inn the second time. Freki catches a few hours of rest. Before everybody awoke, Freki went to his storage cave a few miles outside of town.

It had been some time since the Direwolf had been to his cave. In his absence, a family of field rats had moved into his secure cave.

Freki knew that his treasures were safe, only he or a very determined human would be able to find his equipment.

After a small snack of field rat, the rest of the rats fled his cave.

After determining that nothing else had taken up residence, he went to a specific branch of this cave. Underneath a small flap of moss, he dug into the floor of the cave.

About six inches down, the direwolf came to a chest, with an unusual handle. Instead of a handle at each end of the chest, this one had what appears to be an indention where a creature with a long snout could bite and lift up.

After the chest was on the floor, Freki opened it. Inside was a custom made studded leather jerkin. The direwolf was able to wiggle into the jerkin, which covered him from head to tail, while still allowing him his full range of motion.

He then reburied the chest and replaced the moss flap. The direwolf spent the next hour uncovering various implements inside this cave system.

When he emerged from the cave, Freki was clad in his leather jerkin, he was wearing leather sleeves he slid his legs through. A series of small bags that attached to the sides of his leather jerkin.

In one of these bags is a leather sleeve with a steal edge that he can slide his tail into and use as a weapon.

Most of the other bags are empty, and are designed to be filled with food and water. The water skins have a specially designed nipple for him to drink from. But in the last bag, the largest bag, is two steel claws that can attach to his front pads. However, he needs assistance from somebody else to put them on.

The last thing he found was a helm that fit over the top of his head and attached to the jerkin, Freki also requires the assistance of someone with thumbs to attach it properly.

After leaving his cave, Freki arrives just before Andres signs for himself and Freki.

" I appreciate you signing for me my friend, but I am capable of signing myself."

Making his mark next to his name on the paper. Freki turns and howls "A-Whoooooo" he then goes to stand next to Andres before the crowd.

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It was late that night all that had stayed to watch and talk to Andras had left. He him self how ever stayed and stared into the moon ,watching for several minuets Thal relaxed and moved into his rhythmic poses and stretches.
After twenty reps he relaxed and moved into the slippery rock and then to his room.
As he entered his room he went to the chest he had under the floor boards.
After moving his bed and the panels to the floor, there the great chest set deep into the floor a little dusty and worn with age.
It had been almost two cycles of the earth since he last laid eyes on the old chest.
With a small sigh he moved down and towards the chest, revealing a small key.
As he opened the chest he knew he would only find the small back pack that contained all he needed for the next day.

Thal pulls the small back pack from the chest closing it as he sat the small back pack agents the wall.
Replacing the panels to the floor, and then the bed he picks up the back pack and begins pulling out the contents.
Some of witch he knew he would need to fill on the way or in the morning.
As he pulls out sacks and water skins he comes to his swords, still tied to his belt glistening dully behind there sheathes.
Knowing there wasn’t much time he began re sharpening and repairing his armaments.

When all was done Thal laid back on the bed next to his armor and weapons.
Now sharp and polished he knew they would not fail him.
Thal slept for no more then a few hours be for waking again in the early morning, he replaced the sacks and water skins into the never ending back pack.
Then turned and placed his leather armor and weapons on, that had once laid on the bed.
After dressing he left his room and made his way to the center of town.
Were Andras and the dire wolf where sure to be.
As he arrived to the center of town, he made not of Andras and the wolf off to the side.
To there left the council, were he would sign his name.
As he made his way out of the crowed, he moved toward Andras and the other men and woman that would soon join to quest with them.

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Nadira ~~ More mud then ink

Nadira did not feel the need to sign Siarl’s name on the paper. He was free to choose to stay or go, she would put no restriction on his life. In fact, the act of signing a contract was disturbing to her. She was not of this village, these were not her people. How dare they make demands on her life when she had freely chosen to hunt with these strangers and restore the balance?

The drums continued beating out a rhythmic tune as she sat in a circle with her shakri’s elders and warriors. A few of the other women danced around the central fire, kicking their heels up in time and holding hands with one another. The smell of fish lingered in the air, mixed with the sweet aroma of burning driftwood. The small group huddled together showed a mixture of emotions, from indifference to outright aggression.

“Remember, Nadira, these are strangers to our ways,” Ewunia said softly, a frown creasing her heavily lined face, “They are hostile towards nature. They will never fully understand the dance of life.”

“Hostile towards nature?” said Melcher, his voice rising, “They annihilate nature! By coming to our lands they will spread their plague, inflicting death on all things in their path!”

The sun had crept further into the sky and cast a warm glow on now thickening crowd around the conference hut. The Chindari cast her dark eyes again towards the signup sheet. She stuck her left thumb in her mouth, taking care to soak the pad with a generous amount of saliva. As she bent down to the earthen floor, whispers of confusion started drifting up from the multitude of people still standing in the sun. She mixed a small patch of mud and scooped up as much as she could with that one finger. Nadira turned back to the sheet and left a large smear under the last name written.

Nadira’s face was solemn as she addressed the council, “This is for Awananen, so that she may be restored and bring peace back to your people.”

As she walked back into the middle of the square where the warriors were gathering, she couldn’t help but notice the drastic change in appearance of those who were waiting. Her own attire had not changed from the day before, the only difference being that her pack was a little heavier this morning, for it was laden with additional supplies.

It is difficult for me to imagine not being prepared for danger at all times,” she thought to Siarl, “Especially since they apparently have a major crisis happening here.”
She looked around and again had that need to get out in the open air. She couldn’t understand how people could live jammed together like this. There was nowhere to move, no place to run, hardly any room to stand.
“Dwellers,” she added disdainfully.

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