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Parent thread: Gauging Interest for a Party of Avengers
GM for this game: Hammer
Players for this game: Jozan1, Raven, Ziklag, Hammer, Odyson, Tuned_Out
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Resident Finn
RDI Staff
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Danamar's short sleep had been restless. The events on the previous day weren't exactly what was keeping him awake and yet they were. The ranger had never met kobalds before let alone faced them in combat. Yet he found a deep hatred inside him towards the loathsome little monsters. The snout-faced creatures probably weren't in anyway related to orcs or goblins for that matter, but yet there was something similar in them. Whatever it was, it was not the fear of the kobald horde that had kept on waking the elf up from his slumber again and again...

No… It was hatred and disappointment. Every fiber and muscle in Danamar's body ached to do battle with the beasts. He wanted to see his arrows pierce the little gleaming eyes and wished to feel his spear break through the weak little bones in the scaly and furry bodies. All he desired was to kill the horde to stop them from hurting the innocent, to put an end to their murderous raids. But the calm mind of the druid in him told Danamar to push the violent thoughts into the background. There was nothing he could do right now other than get himself killed. At least not directly. The nearby towns would need to be warned of the kobald threat or the horde would wipe them away.

Come morning, the jet black-haired elf was back to his quiet self. He listened to Fredrico's commands for the day emotionless. He had signed in for the job and he was going to do it. In his mind, there was no need for a reminder. But if Fredrico felt it was necessary, then so be it. As they set off for the last bit of the trip, the wagons and their guards entered the cover of the Frie Forest. It was a really welcome sight and feeling to see and smell and even feel the trees, bushes and the undergrowth again after a few days out in the open. But it took Danamar only a few dozen yards under the fairly open canopy to notice something was wrong in the woods as well.

The signs of battle and trails of blood immediately put him on guard and a with a quick glance he noted with satisfaction that his companions were doing the same. The marks along the road didn't slip unnoticed by any of them, which meant his companions were worth their pay… too. But it was not just the cut tree limbs and tracks and blood on the ground. Something else made the ranger nervous. There was no sign of wildlife in the forest. Of course animals would generally run away and hide when people and especially horse-pulled wagons approached. But there weren't even any birds to be seen or even heard. Forest of Frie was silent, unnaturally so.

Coming out of the woods, the city of Lasch came into view or at least spires of its guard towers did. The brothers seemed to welcome the sight and urged the horses pulling their wagons into a brisk trot. But for some reason the wagon of the halflings didn't do the same. Danamar noticed that Rextugenous was also eyeing the halflings for some kind of a reaction, but before either of them could say or do anything, something else caught their attention. A flock of birds took to the air on the right side of the road not too far away. It was a clear indication to a man who had spent all of his life studying the wildlife, that someone or something had scared the birds.

Toraad the dwarf had already noticed the same and was pointing towards a mound to the north. The elf ranger was already on the move and had an arrow cocked the moment his feet touched the ground beside the wagon. Danamar's sharp eyes immediately caught a hooded figure on the hilltop although he couldn't quite make out what sort of a creature it was. But he was taken completely by surprise by what emerged from behind a group of rocks very close to the path they were traveling on. He had been expecting to see more kobalds trying to stop their advance towards Lasch, but instead there were ten hideous creations of evil magics. Human sized skeletons wielding swords and shields were approaching them in an unorganized formation. To the druid the sight was macabre and scary, but the same time oddly amusing. Any laughter died in the elf's throat however as he saw the hooded figure command the undead to attack. The slim arrow he had readied seemed pretty useless against the bony ribcages of the undead creatures. Perhaps the sorcerer would be a better target…

OOC: Sorry guys. Took a long time, but here's my post finally. Action time!

Posted on 2012-01-13 at 12:57:57.

Khash Munee
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707 Posts

TORAAD, A matter of holiness....

The unusual quiet of the caravan's journey did nothing to reassure Torraad's nerves; it only further put him on edge. He preferred silence on his own terms, such as the zones he often created prior to meditation. As the night wore on there was only the subtle rumbling of the wagons to keep them aware as they strained their senses. It was an uneasy experience that Toraad longed to end.

In addition to this unease, the Dwarven cleric was bothered by his company's departure from combat with the kobolds; though he knew they would easily have been overwhelmed. It always bothered him to tread so closely to breaking Steel's tenants, but surely his mighty deity had not meant that horde to be a battle for him to prove himself; no singular warrior of Steel would have stood a chance.

Trying to wash away self-doubt with contemplative reassurances, the Dwarf tried to find comfort with the rest Fredrico had allowed. However, what did come was fleeting and fitful.

When morning came, and the tasks of breaking camp were done away with, Toraad listened intently to Fredrico's plan.

It was sound, by the standards that the Dwarven mercenary had come to formulate over his years upon the surface; they were being paid to guard the caravan - allowing the caravan to escape to engage a threat fell within that, by no means a breach in contract. From what Toraad could gauge of the integrity of the brothers, he was fairly certain any such encounters that could occur would be resolved as Fredrico had described.

But the unnatural quiet of the Forest of Frie nagged at the cleric's mind.

As the company travelled deeper within the trees the lack of sound became suddenly more pronounced. Not even within the depths of the Silver Mountains had Toraad experienced such an unsettling quiet. His concerns were increased further when the signs of combat became notable along the treeline.

But nothing came.

When at last the spires of Lasch came into view, Fredrico increased the pace of the horses. But it was shortly after this increase in pace that a most unsettling feeling fell over Toraad.
And the feeling was answered with the sudden flight of crows.
To the right of the road, upon a mound, stood a lone hooded figure, raising a staff in the direction of the caravan.

With determination to fulfill his duty, to both his employer and his deity, Toraad grabbed his gear and leaped forth from the lead wagon. His shout to Fredrico broke the unnatural silence of the forest, before turning into a roar as he stormed up the mound.

"Make haste, an' God's protect!"

As the cleric rushed forward a sudden unholy presence slowed his charge, and the lack of spells being cast to greet him forced Toraad to realize the staff was not aimed at the wagons. Indeed it was aimed before him, directing unholy abominations that began to creep out from behind an outcropping of rocks; skeletal warriors that looked forth with soulless eyes.

By now Toraad could hear the sounds of his companions moving to his aid, and the wagons further pick up speed, but he knew he needed to act. Gripping his holy symbol, the Dwarven cleric called upon the might of Steel to temporarily disperse the undead before him.

"By Steel's might, back ta da grave wid ye!"

Any of the undead who fled could be released of the unholy magic once the fiend who manipulated them was dealt with. What mattered most was that the caravan make it clear.

((Toraad is attempting to Turn Undead, in hopes of dispersing the undead, and possibly contesting the caster's control (distracting him) as the caravan continues on and his allies rush to his aid.))

Posted on 2012-01-14 at 04:03:47.
Edited on 2012-01-28 at 16:47:24 by Tuned_Out

Extreme Exclaimator!
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Rextugenous spent his time trying to relax in the back of the Treasure Wagon, as he reflected upon the curious events that had brought him and his comrades to their current situation.

His former Leather Coats companions, whom he had departed company from due to matters of the heart, had invaded his hideaway in Sherrill in the form of undead grotesqueries.

He had not confided in his current companions what the undead Leather Coats had warned him about, but he had taken it to heart and disposed of his former allies to lay their troubled souls to rest.

The appearance of Sligrat the Kobald Shaman after their escape from the Kobald hordes was testament enough that what the Leather Coats had told him was transpiring to the north was the unsettling truth.

Even the evidence of the Goblin Raiders and the reaction of both Fredrico and his brother Lars to burn the dead bodies brought a sense of dread to his senses.

There was an equally unsettling quiet emanating from the Forest of Frie, almost deafening in its silence. Something was indeed amiss.

Fredrico confirmed his suspicious when he gave the orders to protect the wagons at all costs ... driving the gravity of the situation home when their employer told them to meet him at the Dragon Claw Inn ... should they become separated while defending the wagons against any unknown danger before reaching the City of Lasch.

These and other thoughts too numerous to categorize flooded the mind of Rex the Reckless, whether awake or during fits of restless slumber, as the wagons slowly drew nearer to Lasch.

Within another hour the spires of the guard tower in the center of the city of Lasch could be seen on the distant horizon. Fredrico gently urged his horses to quicken their slow pace and Lars quickly followed suit.

Rextugenous noticed that Drog and Seg Kargar were maintaining the slower pace of their wagon. He waited long moments, debating about whether or not to bark a command of his own for the Halflings to keep pace with Fredrico and lars.

He waited longer than usual to say something to the Halflings, as he noted a flock of crows suddenly taking to the air, as if someone or something had disturbed their resting place off in the distance to the north of the wagon trail.

Almost on cue the Halflings quickened the pace of their horses, but Rex noted they were still being ever so slightly outdistanced by Fredrico and Lars.

In a few minutes there was an unintelligible yell from the lead wagon. Rex leaned forward around the right side of the treasure wagon, trying to figure out what was the matter?

All he saw was Toraad jumping off the lead wagon and pointing towards a hill not far from the trail. In a few moments Danamar followed suit as Sir Cal spurred Orion to join them.

As the treasure wagon drew nearer, Rextugenous noted that Fredrico and Lars were urging their horses forward at a much faster rate of speed than a few moments before. Drog and Seg Kargar quickened the pace of their horses, but still seemed to be falling further behind the lead wagons.

Rextugenous had no time to deal with the Halflings and how they chose to drive the treasure wagon. In a few moments the wagon was passing his 3 companions as Rex could finally see what all the commotion was about. He let out a blood curdling cry to his deity Brigit as he jumped from the wagon to join his companions.

There on the nearby hill was a mysterious hooded figure pointing a weather beaten staff in their direction, as all 3 of the wagons they were sworn to protect were heading for the city of Lasch, as fast as their travel weary horses could pull them!

In a few moments more, Rextugenous realized that the hooded figure was not necessarily pointing the staff at the Leather Coats Avengers ... but rather at a group of 10 human skeletons, armed with medium shields and longswords ... that were slowly advancing towards them from the seclusion of an outcropping of rock nearly a stones throw from where the 4 companions were standing!

Rex quickly assessed the situation and noted how Sir Cal and his faithful steed Orion made ready for a possible charge towards the undead skeletons and perhaps up the hill to confront the hooded figure.

Danamar notched an arrow and took aim towards the skeletons, then shifted his focus afar off towards the hooded figure on the hill.

But it was Toraad who took the first action, gripping his holy symbol and calling upon Steel the Dwarven God of War to aid him and his companions as he focused his attention to disrupt the Bone Patrol that continued to menacingly advance towards the adventurers ... under the obvious command of the hooded figure on the hill.

Rex may not be as proficient at turning the undead with his own Paladin abilities, as was the Cleric of Steel, but he stood ready to do the same against any of the Bone Warriors that might somehow slip past ... unaffected by the efforts of Toraad.

The words of Sir Cal rang forth to lighten the moment, but they rang true nonetheless:

"Well if anyone was wondering where the city patrol was I think we have found them."

Posted on 2012-01-18 at 22:28:31.

Extreme Exclaimator!
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Short But Sweet Update

The Hooded Enemy
Early Morning on Wednesday
March 14, 212awd (After Winter Dark)

The City Patrol members (that were now reduced to a skeletal servitude to the mysterious hooded figure) were no match for the combined might of Toraad and Rextugenous.

The Cleric of Steel managed to turn 8 of the undead, while Rex easily influenced the remaining 2 skeletons to follow their comrades.

Sir Cal and his faithful steed Orion threw all caution to the wind, as they immediately pursued the fleeing skeletons, seeking to put a final end to their undead existence.

Danamar swiftly moved forward to a better vantage point to loose his notched arrow ... not at any of the skeletal bone patrol ... but rather targeted the source of their unholy animation.

Meanwhile, the hooded figure strode forward with a ferocious snarl .. revealing a hideous greenish black Hobgoblin as he defiantly removed his hood ... exposing yellowish fanged teeth and blood red eyes set in a grotesque knotty skinned face ... his green matted hair blowing in the wind as he continued to defiantly stride forward down the hill towards the adventurers!

His aim was straight and true ... but the arrow that Danamar had intended for the heart of the previously hooded enemy ... sailed radically wide to the right of its mark ... as the Hobgoblin Shaman gestured all the more defiantly with a Protect From Arrows Spell.

"Death To The Last Of The Leather Coats!

"Death To His Companions!

"Shargnaz Shall Crush The Life From All Of You!

"Shargnaz Shall Serve Sungo Well This Day!

"First Death To The Magic Users!

"As Sungo Commands All His Worshipers In Battle To First Do!"

Turning his attention to Toraad and Rextugenous ... the Hobgoblin Shaman named Shargnaz began conjuring another spell ... all the while calling upon the Hobgoblin God of Magic ... snarling and snorting with a blood curdling rage!

Shargnaz the Shaman does not yet realize that Danamar and Sir Cal are also magic users! Those who serve Sungo the Hobgoblin God of Magic must always attack magic users first in battle!

Thus Toraad and Rextugenous (who Shargnaz obviously recognizes as the Last of the Leather Coats) are his first targets ... in spite of the fact that Sir Cal is much closer ... attacking what was once the human members of the City Patrol.

Danamar is further behind Sir Cal ... than he is further ahead of Toraad and Rex ... who for the moment are the object of Shargnaz' wrath ... that is until either Sir Cal or Danamar expose their magic abilities!

Shargnaz has the Initiative and is casting a spell directly towards .....

(Lurkers find out in the next UpDate!)

Players Please Post Your Reactions and Reflections to the Above UpDate ... Before I Post the Results of Shargnaz' Actions ... Also Please Include Your Actions for After Shargnaz Casts His Spell Towards ..... ?????

You may use the QnA for Discussion on how best to confront Shargnaz ... assuming that Sir Cal eliminates the threat of the skeletal City Patrol ... before turning his attention towards Shargnaz!

Posted on 2012-01-19 at 03:14:14.

Khash Munee
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TORAAD, Divine Defiance

Toraad gritted his teeth at the Hobgoblin's words, a deep scowl creasing his face.

The foul creature's plot hadn't been aimed to harm the caravan but to eliminate his companion! They'd all but walked directly into the trap....

...and now the words of a spell echoed from the vile shaman's lips.

Still drained from channeling the divine energy of his deity, the Dwarven cleric realized he would not be able to disrupt the caster. But perhaps he could aid his fellow...

Mustering his remaining strength, Toraad raised his buckler and tried to position himself between the Hobgoblin and noble Rextugenous, pure defiance emanating from his stance.

Posted on 2012-01-28 at 15:56:16.

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"Death To The Last Of The Leather Coats!

"Death To His Companions!

"Shargnaz Shall Crush The Life From All Of You!

"Shargnaz Shall Serve Sungo Well This Day!

"First Death To The Magic Users!

"As Sungo Commands All His Worshipers In Battle To First Do!"

“Well this must be a friend of yours Rex, Cal said with sly smile. I will leave you and Toraad to make your friend welcomed. In the mean time I will make proper introductions to his friends.” Then as quickly as it was spoken, the Knight of Sedalas turned his steed into the direction of the former city patrol.

Shield blazing, lance down, dirt flying, the duo race toward the unholy group.

Posted on 2012-01-30 at 23:45:07.

Resident Finn
RDI Staff
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Die monster! Die!

Looking down the shaft of his arrow, Danamar knew it would score a hit. The hobgoblin, oh how seeing it made his blood boil, was concentrating on a spell and would not able to dodge the swiftly flying messenger of death. As the elf released the arrow, he kept his bow arm extended and his keen eyes followed the invisible line from his finger tips to the enemy sorcerer. And as he had known the arrow flew beautifully towards its target and hit the evil monster in the middle of its chest… But it didn't!

The ranger had to blink his eyes once and then a second time to understand what had happened. As if protected by some unseen magical barrier, the arrow had been deflected and pushed aside without ever reaching the hobgoblin's skin. And then it dawned to him. His sister had often spoken of such spells to him with a gleam in her eyes. There were magics that could protect a spell caster from physical attacks, especially projectiles like his very own arrow. But they were not so easy to master. Not every initiate of the magic arts could handle such power with fair ease. It was clear that this hobgoblin was not some petty conjurer who would easily fall under their attack. Of course the small army of skeletons was also a strong indication of its skill and power.

A setback, but not a final one. Danamar quickly considered his options. The undead were closer to him and they would be needed to be dealt with first in order to keep the wagons safe. But he also knew his own weapons were next to useless against their bony structure. It would be very hard to hit the monsters well with the piercing tip of his spear or the slim blade of his sword. But still that's what he had been hired to do, protect the caravan. Fortunately the shaman made the decision easier with its yell:

"Death To The Last Of The Leather Coats!

"Death To His Companions!

The evil magician wasn't after the treasures hidden in the wagons. No. He was after Rextugenous. While wasting valuable time considering his options, the black haired elf noticed his companions were quicker in choosing their targets. Toraad the dwarf bravely placed himself between Rex and the hobgoblin. Whereas the knight, Cal, did no less than what could be expected of him and charged at the suddenly very weak looking undead. They'd stand no chance against the mighty warrior… Danamar hoped.

No time to lose anymore, the elf slung the bow over his shoulder and drew his brother's sword. His agile feet carried him swiftly across the ground towards the necromancer. The hatred and rage had been building up inside him so much that was only looking forward to hurting the monster. He didn't even care for his own life at the moment. The druid muttered a quick prayer to Oercus and charged.

Posted on 2012-01-31 at 07:41:27.

Extreme Exclaimator!
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"Death To The Last Of The Leather Coats!

"Death To His Companions!

"Shargnaz Shall Crush The Life From All Of You!

"Shargnaz Shall Serve Sungo Well This Day!

"First Death To The Magic Users!

"As Sungo Commands All His Worshipers In Battle To First Do!"

Rextugenous had only moments to prepare his heart and mind for whatever unexpected attack was about to be unleashed against him.

It was in line with what his former Leather Coats companions had alluded to upon the waters of the Bay of Imboden at the port city of Sherrill; when privately warning him prior to his disposing of their undead lives once and for all for the good of those they had been sworn to protect.

There would be a better time to inform his companions as to what may be in store for them if they chose to continue their journey with Rex the Reckless, who had obviously become 'A Marked Man' for his previous association with the Leather Coats.

What a few mere days before had amounted to a quest for Avenging the Leather Coats, had now become Personal for Rextugenous, as he stood his ground against the Hobgoblin Shaman named Shargnaz ... who was about to launch a spell from afar!

Posted on 2012-02-11 at 23:34:51.

Extreme Exclaimator!
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4114 Posts

Change of Plan

Early Morning on Wednesday
March 14, 212awd (After Winter Dark)

It was a valiant effort by Toraad to defend Rextugenous as he positioned himself to deflect whatever spell was targeted for the Leather Coat, but the Hobgoblin Shaman named Shargnaz was intent upon attacking both companions.

Four Magic Missiles were hurled by the evil shaman at the duo, but it was evident that most of his hated focus was channeled towards the Bard/Wizard/Paladin who seemed to have a price on his head.

Two of the missiles found their mark against the Cleric of Steel, but impacted the dwarf with the least amount of damage possible from the two missiles (-4 hp).

Toraad was somehow struck on his right arm and right leg, but he was more concerned about Rex than he was about attacking Shargnaz.

Rex was hit in the left shoulder and upper chest, causing him to stagger backward from the force of the impact of both missiles, which hurt him twice as much (-8 hp) as the missiles that found their mark against the Cleric of Steel who back pedaled to protect Rex from any further attacks from the evil shaman.

Meanwhile, the dynamic duo of Sir Cal and Orion were busy containing the former City Patrol; dispatching them one by one as they drove forward, turned aside, attacked and counter attacked ... causing the skeletons to fall one by one as they cowered in fear from the combined efforts of Toraad and Rextugenous to turn them away from the adventurers ... making them utterly helpless to defend themselves against the knight and his trusty steed.

Danamar had not hesitated to take the battle to its horrific source, throwing all caution to the wind and charging headlong towards the evil shaman with his sword raised, thirsting for the blood of his newfound enemy, intent upon releasing the hidden heartache of his slaughtered kinsmen upon this hobgoblin who boasted of bringing death to the last remaining Leather Coat and his companions.

Muttering a quick prayer to Oercus and charging with his brother's sword, the elf cared not for his own life as the rage within his soul now had a target in sight to release the Ranger/Druid from his pain and sorrow that no one but himself could release!

Shargnaz sneered at Danamar defiantly as the elf drew ever closer, but whether by magics or sheer misfortune of an ill timed swing, the blade of his brother was denied the thrill of striking the hideous hobgoblin, as the blade passed harmlessy within inches of the throat of its intended target.

For whatever reason, known only to the Hobgoblin Shaman himself, instead of pressing his advantage against either Danamar or the others, the evil shaman did the unexpected once more.

He spat disdainfully in the direction of his would be attacker, while simultaneously conjuring a Fly Spell that carried him aloft and away out of any further danger or retaliation from any of the four adventurers, but he made sure that Danamar heard a dire message before leaving the scene of battle:

"You Are All Marked For Death ... No Matter Where You Go!

"Should You Manage To Survive The Perils Awaiting You ... Between Lasch And Chinon ... Then You Will Find Me Waiting For You ... And Your Leather Coat Companion ... Some Where Near Ritterberg ... Should You Dare Try To Find Me!"

Then the hideous hobgoblin Shargnaz turned his back to the elf, heading north with an equally hideous cackle of perceived triumph, as Danamar watched until he was hidden from view by some far hills.

Castle Keeper Note: Players Feel Free to include your actions, reactions, thoughts etc in your next post from what has just transpired with Shargnaz the Shaman. I will advance the storyline from here!
It had begun to rain shortly after Shargnaz had vanished from view and just before the adventurers had eliminated the threat of the skeletons from roaming freely around the countryside.

After conferring among themselves, once Danamar related what Shargnaz had issued as an obvious challenge ... assuming that the adventurers would survive any future encounters with the unknown evils stalking the land ... they headed towards the City of Lasch to reunite with the Fortunato brothers.

"In case we do get separated ... meet us at the Dragon Claw Inn ... and you will be well compensated for the inconvenience of staying behind to help guarantee the safe arrival of these wagons in Lasch ... as you were hired to do!"
Their journey to the city was without further incident ... unless one counted the circumstances of the hard driving rain as such ... until the four companions were met at the city gate by armed guards who escorted them to the Dragon Claw Inn.

Food, drink and dry clothes were awaiting them as the grim faced duo of Fredrico and Lars Fortunato waited patiently for their hired guards to get somewhat comfortable … before discussing business.

Conspicuously absent were the halflings Drog and Seg Kargar.

"We have a situation gentlemen ... unfinished business as it were ... our wagons and the maidens made it to the city safely ... but Drog and Seg Kargar ... were ambushed by Goblin Raiders ... before they reached the safety of the gates ... and were forced to drive the treasure wagon into the Forest of Frie!"
Fredrico makes an amended offer to provide extra gold and another treasure item to any of the guards who are brave enough to go rescue Drog and Seg Kargar from the clutches of the Goblin Raiders ... plus return the treasure wagon to the City of Lasch ... with the treasure!

Lars grumbles that they owe them nothing because the treasure wagon that they were hired to protect did not make it to Lasch, but he agrees to the offer made by his brother.

They give the adventurers the option of formulating a plan and agree that the hired guards will be the ones to decide when is the best time to enter the Forest of Frie ... be it later that afternoon, later that night or early the next morning.

Posted on 2012-02-12 at 07:44:03.

Khash Munee
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TORAAD, Of Debts Owed

The concussive force of two arcane orbs had buffeted Toraad's right side, but he'd held his ground. However, he'd only absorbed half the assault.

In dismay he watched two additional orbs trace around his left side, and heard the hissing burn of them impacting his companion. There had been no chance for Toraad to move to intercept them, and he doubted he'd have been fast enough, not restricted in his armour as he was. Hastily he moved to further defend Rextugenous.

But there would be no further assault. Toraad watched as the elf charged towards the Hobgoblin, but Danamar's efforts were to no avail. As if to add insult to injury, and in a act that truly diminished the Dwarven Cleric's warrior spirit, the Hobgoblin began to fly, and left the battlefield.

Twice in one journey he had failed to follow Steel's teachings to the letter, and it darkened his mood. He had been able to justify escaping the kobolds in his mind; made peace with the fact that no champion of Steel would charge unprepared into a horde that size. But this instance was different. His enemy, proven by both act and word to be a villainous creature had escaped Steel's judgment; had escaped Toraad's grasp.

And it ate away at him.

In an effort to make up for his failed defense of his companion, Toraad quickly accessed Rex's injuries and called upon his deity's power to heal the wounds. This was despite any and all protest or reassurances made by the bard.

The journey to town had been uneventful, a time Toraad spent in reflection, recounting his conduct and weighing his mistakes.

After meeting with the Fortunato brothers and learning of the absence of the halflings, ambushed at the hands of goblin scum, Toraad added yet another mistake to his list.

It had been he who had leaped forth and led his companions to engage the Hobgoblin, and as such he held himself responsible for the events that occurred in their absence.

Solemnly, Toraad awaited the others to decide their course, for he would act with them. But despite their decisions he knew he could not accept any amendment to his pay; he had failed his duty and felt no entitlement.

Indeed the Dwarven Cleric took the moment to silently pray amid his thoughts of failure; Toraad prayed the halfings hadn't paid for his mistake with their lives.

Posted on 2012-02-20 at 02:37:36.
Edited on 2012-02-20 at 05:56:45 by Tuned_Out

Resident Finn
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Damn goblins!

Once again Danamar could almost feel his blade sinking into the smirking hobgoblin a heartbeat before it did. But once again, his strike missed. The ranger was baffled. How could he have missed when the evil sorcerer hadn't as much as flinched? Had he lost his footing somehow in his rage? If so, it was most strange, for had never happened before. The elf blinked twice and slowly brought his blade into a defensive position. Was it the same magic that had diverted his arrow from its target? Or was there some other kind of spell in place which made the ground slippery or unstable? Danamar knew next to nothing about wizardly magics and even less of any goblinoid variants, if such things even existed.

A wave of hopelessness hit the raven-haired ranger as he felt his anger turn into disappointment. In his disbelief, Danamar couldn't even lift his sword into another strike before the monster was able to finish the casting of yet another spell. Sure of his death under some sorcerous, and doubtlessly painful, spell, the druid was surprised yet again when the hobgoblin laughed with its coarse voice and lifted into the air. The elf had read of such mighty magic some decades ago, but never had he witnessed such great power in a humanoid before.

In his nearly uncontrolled charge, Danamar had not noticed what was going on with his companions. He was certain the knight and the dwarf could easily handle the weak looking skeletons. He had never combatted against the undead though and wasn't sure how dangerous such monsters were. The mere thought of a dead person rising again as a mindless automaton under the control of an evil being send shivers down his spine. The elf wasn't exactly afraid facing of the skeletons as an enemy. He was more disgusted by the idea of someone not being allowed to rest in peace even in death.

Danamar risked a quick glance back towards the wagons and saw Rex holding his shoulder in agony, but was glad to see Toraad at the avenger's side. Turning back to face the hobgoblin, the loathe filled the ranger's heart again and he thought of picking up the bow once more even if it was for nothing. Perhaps there was a tiny hole in the necromancer's armor somewhere that his arrow could pass through. And the anger only got worse as the flying monster croaked its threat:

"You Are All Marked For Death ... No Matter Where You Go!

"Should You Manage To Survive The Perils Awaiting You ... Between Lasch And Chinon ... Then You Will Find Me Waiting For You ... And Your Leather Coat Companion ... Some Where Near Ritterberg ... Should You Dare Try To Find Me!"

So are you, you cursed monster. So are you, Danamar thought and uncharacteristically spat on the ground. The hideous laughter filled the air again as the hobgoblin boldly turned its back towards the ranger and flew away into the distance. Slowly the hatred towards all things goblinoid melted away into the background and Danamar returned to the convoy. He observed with great interest as the dwarven cleric finished the healing of Rextugenous with a prayer not much unlike the ones he had learned from the druids all those years ago.

Some time later in the city Lasch Danamar and his companions were led into the Dragon Claw inn by a local guard. The look of wariness towards all strangers was written clearly on the guards' face and it was easy to understand why they were so alert. The city had lost so many of their number to the goblins and whatnots, that it would've been a wonder if their spirits would still be high. The elf nodded his thanks to the guard and entered the inn feeling suddenly weary and dirty and in need of the a drink and a bath.

A couple of hours later in the corner table of the common room the Fortunato brothers were waiting for Rex and his companions. As he took the last steps downstairs, Danamar immediately noticed the halflings were not present. Smiling knowingly to himself, the elf's immediate thought was that they'd gotten a room for themselves too. But the grin vanished as quickly as it had appeared as he read the worry from the faces of the brothers. Something bad had happened.

"We have a situation gentlemen ... unfinished business as it were ... our wagons and the maidens made it to the city safely ... but Drog and Seg Kargar ... were ambushed by Goblin Raiders ... before they reached the safety of the gates ... and were forced to drive the treasure wagon into the Forest of Frie!"''

Fredrico's eyes told Danamar everything even if his words didn't reveal the whole truth. His voice was slightly agitated, but it was clear to the elf the man was doing his best to control himself. And try as he may, Fredrico's hard merchant image was broken by his worry for Drog and Seg. Although the value of the third wagon was undeniably very high, the man did indeed care for the halfling couple too. The look in those eyes decided it for Danamar. Personally he couldn't have cared less for the treasures or even the payment. But he too had grown to like the happy couple and wanted to do everything in his power to get them back to safety. Had the brothers only worried for their goods, the druid would probably have turned down the money and left on his own to find Drog and Seg.

Taking a quick look at the faces of his companions, Danamar could see that Toraad had already made his decision. The dwarf was as solemn as ever, but he too seemed to be worried for the halflings. At that moment, the elf could not begin to fathom the dislike or even hatred some of his people harbored towards Toraad's kind. In his mind the cleric was good hearted man one could rely on in dire straits and he had no reason to believe the rest of the dwarves would be any different. Nodding first to Toraad and then to the brothers, Danamar spoke softly:

"Worry not, Lars nor you Fredrico. We will not leave friends in the hands of those bloodthirsty dogs. I hope I can speak for us all, when I say that we will make quick preparations and leave forthwith. Waiting for the darkness to fall might not be wise. For even though Toraad, sir Calmindon and I can see well in low light, the goblins can see at least equally well. Best time would probably tomorrow morning, but I fear that might be too late for Drog and Seg."

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To the forest!!

The horse and its rider made a sweeping arch to make their final run. The other seven before this one met their demise in a similar fashion. The rider urged his steed faster, lined up the business end of his lance for its fatal strike. Cal looked at the undead warrior. Just like the other seven there was no emotion, no fear, no hate, nor courage. Just a puppet; a large human puppet. The tip of the lance got past the shield striking the head of the undead; the rest of its body fell into hundreds of pieces and some were trampled by the warhorse’s hoofs crushing them to dust. Cal slowed Orion down; they spun quickly around to make sure that the blow did its job and it did. The skirmish area was litter with bone remains everywhere. Some intact but most weren’t. Every strike by the Knight and his steed were devastating. Without the control of their master they were easy foe to defeat.

He and his horse did a great job Cal thought to himself. He didn't need any help and it felt more like practice than a skirmish. Cal had only ridden against the undead once near Castle Levin and they were zombies. “These skeletons were a lot easier and less disgusting, I rather have them as a foe than the zombies” Cal said as he patting Orion on the neck and telling him “Good job my friend” the knight slowly scanned the area. Swords, shields and dismembered white bodies were scattered here and there some still holding their swords many missing heads, but everything was still, as it should be.

Orion whinnied and stomp his hoof in as if reminding his master that their job was not complete. “Right my friend we need to check on how the others are doing with the host of this party.” the knight said. During his fight Cal would glance to see what was happening. The last time he looked he saw Danamar had made it to the group and some magic bolts were released after that he was too busy with his own engagement.

As Cal turned himself and Orion in the direction of the mound he noticed that there were only three figures there and one of them was on the ground being taken care of by another in the group. “One on the ground and two still standing I knew they would make short work of the blow hard. But who was injured?” Out of the corner of his eye, Cal saw a strange black bird like thing heading off in the distance. Pushing the thought from his mind he trotted toward the small group with a smile on his face. As he got closer he was thinking of some neat witty reply for his companions for once again they have done it. They have saved the wagons, defeated evil and have lived up to their commitments to Fredrico, Lars and to the Halfling couple.

Cal’s exuberance slowly changed the closer he got to the group. As he approached he saw that it was Rex on the ground with Toraad caring for his wounds and Danamar with sword in hand with a look of disgust and unbelief. The most shocking was there was no body of the mouthy foe.

Cal quickly dismounted and went to Toraad to see if he could help with Rex. As looked at Toraad and Rex he asked “Where is the Shargnaz?” The look on Toraad face said more than any words could have, so the knight just held his tongue and helped.

The trip Lasch seemed to have taken longer than it should have. After Rex’s wounds were healed, the group made their way to meet Fredrico and company at the Dragons Claw Inn. Cal invited Rex to rest from the walk by riding Orion as he would lead his horse and if Rex did not take the offer, Cal really did not feel like riding while the other had to walk. To add insult to injury the sky brought forth rain, either to help wash away the sting of the strange defeat or just to mock us Cal thought to himself. During the walk the knight hoped that someone (when the time was ready) would tell him what had transpired with the hobgoblin. The bright hope was that the wagons were safe in Lasch and made the travel a little easier.

Upon arriving a guard met them at the city gate and lead them to the Dragons Claw were a change of clothes and some spiced ale and hot food would do everyone some good. After changing the team meets with Fredrico and Lars. All were in better spirits and eager to talk to their employer.

But once again as the group sat down with Fredrico victory was snatched away by defeat by his words. "We have a situation gentleman ... unfinished business as it were ... our wagons and the maidens made it to the city safely ... but Drog and Seg Kargar ... were ambushed by Goblin Raiders ... before they reached the safety of the gates ... and were forced to drive the treasure wagon into the Forest of Frie!"

There was silence, Cal started to back track in thought about all that had happened, when Fredrico offered more gold and a bonus to get the Halfling couple and treasure wagon back. Lars grumbled that they we hired to guard the wagons and should not receive any thing extra.

Cal gave Lars comment the most thought.” We did fail!” He said to himself, and I gave my word to do what I was hired to do and I must see this to the end even if alone, the code requires it of me.” Cal looked at his companion’s faces and reflected upon the last couple of days. He has seen them work together and show a greater dedication to each other and to the mission. Even though his time with them has been short he believes they would rescue the Halfling couple and the treasure wagon. Cal spoke. “You are right Lars I was hired to guard the wagons and the job is not completed. When we bring it and Drog & Seg back as for me, I will only take that which I agreed to in Sherrill.” Then Danamar spoke and broached the idea since it was now not a matter of who was going it was when.

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Into the Forest of Frie

To Rescue Drog and Seg
Early Morning on Thursday
March 15, 212awd (After Winter Dark)

As much as the four hired guards had wanted to rush to the rescue of Drognaz and Segdra Kargaraganil; their combined experience and expertise in such matters prevailed over their emotions. The four Leather Coat Avengers wisely chose to rest and refresh themselves in the comforts of the Dragon Claw Inn, before setting out before the break of dawn to rescue Drog and Seg Kargar.

Fortunately, the rain had ceased well before midnight, so only the predawn chill of the rain soaked terrain greeted the LC Avengers as they set out alone on foot before the break of day.

Sentries had been posted outside the walls of the City of Lasch, but there were no patrols to assist the adventurers. The news shared by Fredrico and Lars with the authorities regarding the attacks from the Goblins and Kobalds, not to mention the hooded figure commanding the Skeletons, had brought a sense of urgency to garrison the city with every available soldier and warrior in the area.

Setting out alone suited the foursome just as well from their own individual perspectives, surmising that the experienced few may have a better chance of locating and rescuing Drog and Seg, without alerting any foes that a rescue party was penetrating the Forest of Frie that morning.

Dannamar noted, as did his companions, that the wagon tracks leading into the forest showed no signs of a war party or bandits forcing the treasure wagon to divorce itself from following Fredrico and Lars into the City of Lasch.

But it was soon evident that an innumerable company of Goblins and other booted vermin had made the interior of the Forest of Frie their uncontested territory, judging from the band of tracks that criss crossed themselves in various directions, the further they penetrated inside the forest.

Cautiously the foursome pushed forward into the interior of the Forest of Frie, but fortunately there were no signs of immediate danger to challenge their search for Drog and Seg Kargar.

The first mile in the atmosphere of the forest was strangely silent, the canopy of trees closing in upon the adventurers with a stifling embrace that seemed to cut them off from any trace of civilization in the direction of the City of Lasch.

They searched further into the interior until they could hear off in the distance through the denseness of the trees the muffled sounds of a grisly celebration of sorts.

Huddling together to draw up a plan of strategies, the four Avengers nodded their silent agreement as to a plan of action, before cautiously proceeding any further into the interior of the Forest of Frie.

The muffled sounds drew ever clearer, as did the tell tale stench of butchered horse flesh that invaded their nostrils, but there were no signs of any Goblin sentries.

Pushing onward for another quarter mile, the Avengers paused to regroup and refine their plan of action, as it was determined that a large company of Goblins were within a half mile of where the Avengers were stalking their unsuspecting prey.

The foursome nodded their agreement once again, then pressed on as silently as they were able, until they came to the outskirts of a deceptively enormous clearing, where dozens of Goblin Raiders encircled the treasure wagon, boasting to one another and gorging themselves with horse flesh.

A few moments later the Avengers breathed a collective (but momentary) sigh of relief, as they spotted Drog and Seg Kargar at the furthest point of the clearing, holding each other close with calm smiles on their faces, as another 3 dozen Goblins surrounded them, threatening to eat them alive!

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Who is leading the goblins?

Forest of Frie. It didn't feel like an inviting place it should have for Danamar. There was something wrong about the forest. The druid couldn't tell if it was just the goblins and other beastly humanoids that seemed to live in great numbers within the woods or if it was something else. Back at home the orcs and worse had invaded the forests and scared away the animals, but even then the birds had always returned sooner or later. This place gave the elf the creeps, but instead of wanting to run away, he felt an urge to find out the reason for such a feeling.

When the search party finally located the camp of the goblins, the enemy's sheer numbers took Danamar by surprise. He could see, to his relief, that the halflings were still alive and apparently doing fairly well too at least physically. Yet a feeling of hopelessness started to overwhelm the elf. How on earth where they going to rescue the poor couple without getting themselves killed in the process as well. Considering their options, his sharp eyes focused on Drog and Seg… Where they actually smiling?

Kneeling down close to each other the foursome started to go through their options. One idea was to lure the goblins, or at least the most, away from their captives meanwhile one or two of the group would sneak in to set the halflings free. It sounded like a good plan to Danamar. Using a decoy would be their best chance to rescue Drog and Seg. But then Rex reminded them of something, something that felt very much unimportant to the elf. They were supposed to bring back the treasure wagon as well. Damned, he thought. Aren't their lives more important than gold? Disgusted about the idea, but knowing Rex would not leave the wagon behind, Danamar turned his eyes back at the camp of the goblins.

The ranger's gaze carried across the clearing taking in all the details. He quickly counted an estimate of the goblins coming close to 150 beasts. That was tens times more than their little group could take on in a direct combat. Even if they could cut down the numbers with bows and arrows first, there would still be some ten dozen of the ugly little things to kill. That was not going to happen.

There was a beautiful little spring nearby the treasure wagon on the somewhat rectangular shaped clearing. Or it would've been beautiful, but the elf was fairly sure the goblins had defiled its water beyond drinkable. Most of the goblins were gathered around the wagon and watching at someone or something who Danamar was not quite able to see. A leader perhaps? We need to know more before we do anything though the halflings may not have much time left.
Looking back his companions, the elf spoke softly: "I will go around quietly to take a closer look at the other side of the wagon. Let us meet here in a short while." He waited for any objections for a couple of seconds before nodding to the decision and started down back the way they had come to the camp.

Moving slowly and silently for a hundred yards or so, the ranger turned to the left to circle around the miniature valley. He moved now faster and with more confidence as he was alone in his environment without having to worry about the noise the dwarf and the knight were making. Having gone around far enough, Danamar began to head back towards the goblin camp. He crouched down for the first 50 or 60 yards, but as he got closer to the ridge, the elf automatically dropped down on his stomach and started crawling to make himself less visible.

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TORAAD, Grim Determination

Gazing at the horde of goblins that stood between him and the halflings Toraad's stomach churned.

He hated the green-skined bastards with a burning passion. The were a plague to his people, disrupting traderoutes, hindering mining and stonework projects, slaughtering decent folk to nest within the pre-made tunnels like vermin.

But this was not the home of the Dwarves. These goblins were presumably not like the tunnel dwellers of his past. A horde of such a size would simply be successive waves of green-skins within a tunnel, funnelling to their deaths at the hands of stout Dwarven warriors. Dwarves armed with sturdy dwarven equipment, an impenetrable resolve, and the divine will of Steel.

No, this was not the traditional encounter with goblins of his past, of the stories of his forefathers;He was not a cleric assigned to a squad of dwarven warrior.

This was an open forest. His companions were few, and his enemies many. There were captives at risk, a job to do.

By Steel, Toraad refused to fail again.

Danamar disrupted his thoughts:

"I will go around quietly to take a closer look at the other side of the wagon. Let us meet here in a short while."
Toraad nodded, though his gaze was still fixed upon the horde. As his companions began to seek answers by scouting Toraad remained behind; he was not stealthy, and knew his armour would jepordize the situation.

No, the Dwarven Cleric would wait until his companions returned with their plan, all the while preparing his own.

Dropping his pack next to a tree he retrieved his whetstone and began sharpening the points of the few javelins he had brought with him.

Staring at the horde as he worked Toraad built up his resolve.

They would save the halflings.

He would ensure the saftey of his companions, no matter how many goblins got in his way.

By Steel, he would not fail again.

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