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Related thread: Friend Computer wants you!
Related thread: Paranoia: Adventures in Clonesitting Q&A
GM for this game: t_catt11
Players for this game: Jozan1, Reralae, Tuned_Out, Kriea, Kamina, SirSadaar
This game has fizzled.
    Messages in Paranoia: Adventures in Clonesitting
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Cheshire Cad
Karma: 102/3
1178 Posts

Thinking things through.

One of the many benefits of emotional detachment was deadened body expressions. This gave Artie more time to purge treason from his thoughts. He'd seen many clones killed for allowing treasonous thoughts to cross there face.

He looked over the rest of the team. This was definitely a test. Artie had no doubt the mission was real. Friend Computer wouldn't be so inefficient as to waste time and resources. But it was a test all the same. This team was not completely suited to the roles given. It must be Artie's job to remove the inefficiency. Yes, that was it. Time to begin then.

He saw his loyalty officer taking off on her own. He shook his head. "Ammpe. Friend Computer has summoned us. Team MAO will proced to the briefing together." The rest of the group seemed to be on the way already. This was good. Just one thing left to take care of then.

Artie turned at looked at Dweebz, still looking like a robot who's GPS was malfunctioning. It would not do to have him tag along. "Blowz," he said, turning to his Communciations Officer, "communicate to that clone he is not to accompany us. Do so the most timely and efficient manner available to you." The test was underway.

Artie continued to Sector SWR. What happy mission awaited them in Section 168?

Posted on 2012-03-31 at 14:31:03.
Edited on 2012-03-31 at 14:32:22 by Chessicfayth

RDI Fixture +1
Karma: 65/14
1546 Posts

Communication away!

Blowz looked around as the rest of his team did their own thing. Ammpe seemed anxious enough to head down to the room by herself before everyone else, while the rest waited around until they were ready. He called out just loud enough for her to hear. In his deeper-than-usual R destroying voice, of course.

" Ammpe, my frrriend! I know scouting ahead would seem like a good idea, just don't go too farrr... ok? We must maintain some sort's of communication, lest something....happens to you on your way therrre."

Blowz smiled, already feeling like he could fit the role well. He looked over as their team leader spoke to him about Dweebz. He nodded in acknowledgment, adjusting his big red furry hat as he does so.

Walking over to Dweebz, he put both hands on the mans shoulders and looked him straight in the eye.

"My frriend! Please, you are not assigned to us. Make leave now and find yourrr orriginal members."

In a quieted tone, he leaned in and spoke something only those two could hear....

Turning back around, he gave the gathered group a big smile.

"Alrright co-friends!" Good thing he caught himself, he knew that would of been too much for now. "I am ready. Shall we go?"

Posted on 2012-03-31 at 16:50:10.

Fun is Mandatory
RDI Staff
Karma: 365/54
6858 Posts

moving out...

With lunch forgotten, you leave the cafeteria into a red corridor, feeling what seems like hundreds of eyes boring into your back. A last glance over your shoulder reveals the mournful face of Dweebs, who apparently has the sense to stop trying to force humself on your team.

Turning left, you see a large red blast door on the side of the corridor. It is labeled "SWR Sector". Next to it is a small panel with a speaker and a black button.

Pushing the button has no immediate effect, though after a delay, a computerized voice politely asks for your team number, which Artie is able to provide - down to the "dot R-two".

After you proceed through the blast door, it closes behind the team, and you find yourselves in a small room similar to an airlock, with a yellow laser cannon on the ceiling and another large blast door in front of you. This door has a small sign with two buttons on the right of it. The sign says "SWR SECTOR. To activate automatic defense system and to open access door, use controls below."

Below the sign are two buttons - a red one on the left, and a yellow button on the right.

Posted on 2012-04-03 at 14:43:50.

I'm doing SCIENCE!
RDI Staff
Karma: 163/50
1836 Posts


Slipp was very eager to get moving. He was also happy Dweebs didn't follow. While he was trigger happy and anxious to kill a traitor, he didn't want to be the first to show his hand.

Still the poor thing might be of some use later.

But the task was at hand now! Artie seemed to be doing a modest job leading so far. He managed to remember the team name. That was something. Still the guy moved very slow. Too slow. There was fixes for that...

"I know enough about weapons systems to know that I don't know about yellow lasers and yellow buttons.

I vote Red. The lasers are here to prevent treasonous Reds from escaping.

But I don't know that. That would be treason."

Posted on 2012-04-03 at 19:12:39.

Khash Munee
Karma: 47/0
707 Posts

Duty must be performed.

Blowz' words grated on Steam's happiness. What was with the R's? And was that a C? There wasn't a 'c' in 'alright' or 'friends'! Perhaps there was a mishap in the communication officer's brain, a chemical imbalance; or worse still a mutation! Further monitoring of the situation would surely lead to the truth; but perhaps there could be a way to expose Blowz for what he was.

The team moved out, and in an orderly manner. This was much better than the initial condition of the group.

Passing the first blast door they entered a small room with another blast door on the other side, and a cannon above. The situation was simple and protocol was clear for a team of Red clearance. The was only ONE button.

Slipp spoke up again before Artie could act; perhaps he would initiate a power struggle, for he seemed surprisingly to the point, though cautious enough as to not impeach menacingly upon the team leader's authority.

So much to note, but so little time; Steam smiled. He was happy to be busy. Now was his turn to act.

Walking directly up to the Red button Steam turned and gave a curtly nod to Artie, purposely ignoring Slipp's gaze.

"Team Leader. As Equipment Control Officer, allow me to open the blast door."

Steam waits for a nod from Artie before pressing the button, mostly to ensure Artie is aware of the situation. Considering the passive nature of the team leader, Steam theorized an early conflict could arise; if Artie continued to impede the actions of the team he would need to be replaced.

Posted on 2012-04-05 at 00:55:12.
Edited on 2012-04-05 at 02:44:49 by Tuned_Out

Cheshire Cad
Karma: 102/3
1178 Posts


Artie stood passively, listening and watching for treasonous reactions. A few seconds observation told him a lot.

Arties gives Steam a slight nod. Steam's initiative was good. But ambition could be dangerous. It could work against the team's efficiency. This is something that Artie could not allow.

Posted on 2012-04-05 at 03:00:47.

Fun is Mandatory
RDI Staff
Karma: 365/54
6858 Posts

the red button?

With Artie's approving nod, Steam confidently presses the red button on the console. As soon as he does, a slight humming sound can be perceived - but the door does not slide open. Instead, a computerized feminine voice speaks.
"At your service, citizen. Automatic defense system activated."
The hum immediately grows louder, and the laser cannon rotates towards the team and begins firing!

Artie is the unlucky clone chosen to be the first target - the yellow laser completely ignores his red reflec armor, and the blast knocks him to the ground. The team leader now lies, stunned, on the ground.

The cannon then rotates a bit as it pulls a bead on the next troubleshooter.


Posted on 2012-04-05 at 15:08:07.
Edited on 2012-04-05 at 15:08:23 by t_catt11

RDI Fixture +1
Karma: 65/14
1546 Posts


Blowz watches as the red button is pushed, and in turn havoc ensues. He tries to dive behind the control console to give himself cover between the laser and himself, thinking up of a way to turn the laser off.

Hah! the big man finds himself down, well let's see who gets picked off next. Now, I wonder if this will work...
Blowz thinks to himself, but also realizes that he should probably say something. To boost the teams morale through this troubling time and stay talking with each other of course.

"My frriends! As your communication officer I suggest finding cover and find a way to turn this laser off!"

He looked around to see if anyone was looking at him, hopefully everyone was distracted in the sudden blast of laser weaponry. Having thrown himself up against the control panel Blowz took off his red cap and threw it over the control panel, covering both buttons. He then proceeds to smash his fist down onto it hoping to hit what he thinks will stop the laser.

Posted on 2012-04-05 at 15:57:10.
Edited on 2012-04-05 at 16:04:43 by Jozan1

Fun is Mandatory
RDI Staff
Karma: 365/54
6858 Posts

fast and furious combat...

The laser cannon hums cheerfully as it draws a bead on Brighte. The small woman tries to move away, and instinctively throws her left arm up to guard her face...

...bad move. The yellow beam burns a hole through not only the reflec armor, but through skin, flesh, and bone.

Also through flesh, skin, and reflec amor on the exit side. Plus a little hair as the beam just misses Brighte's face.

The process is horribly painful, but this beam was fairly narrow, and quite hot; the wound is cauterized as it is inflicted, and appears to have missed everything vital. Pain and a neato hole are the only real consequences (at this time).

Meawhile, Blowz bellows about turning the canon off. His fuzzy red has is tossed onto the controls, whereupon the communications officer mashes both buttons (cleverly avoiding directly touching the treasonous yellow button).

Pressing the yellow button causes the security door to whoosh open. Sadly, neither button press appears to affect the defense system; the laser cannon continues to hum as it swivels for its next target.


Posted on 2012-04-05 at 17:10:47.
Edited on 2012-04-06 at 14:13:53 by t_catt11

I'm doing SCIENCE!
RDI Staff
Karma: 163/50
1836 Posts


Slipp bolted for the exit, pausing for only a second to make sure he wasn't headed into even worse trouble.

"I wonder if that laser targets traitors? What if it was activated by a traitor. We must sort this all out. Quick, to safety!

As cleanliness officer I can't afford to leave the paralysed body of Artie to be left on the floor. That would attract germs."

Slipp darted in and grabbed their stunned leader, looking for any help he can and dragging him to safety.

"Leaving behind a troubleshooter is treason."

Posted on 2012-04-05 at 20:31:55.

Khash Munee
Karma: 47/0
707 Posts

Hut, Hut!

The laser activated and dropped Artie to the floor.

Steam blinked, and accepted the exchange as the Computer's wisdom. Obviously, Friend Computer found Artie's slow, passiveness to be breaking protocol and had rightly decided to express how such a breach in proper behaviour would be dealt with.

Blowz bolted to the control panel where Steam stood and pounded upon it until the door open. Such disrespect for the Computer's equipment!

The laser pivoted and a second beam struck Bright, whom Steam had noticed to not speak or act since their briefing. In fact the clone seemed to have mindlessly followed the team here, only realizing her surroundings when Friend Computer decided to punish her. A grazing shot; she could still move.

Slipp ran to the exit but pivoted as he seemed to remember his duties. Once again speaking as if he was subtly usurping control, and throwing the word traitor around as quickly as he could. Something was not quite right there. Notes needed to be made, but now was not the time.

Steam moved to assist Slipp in reclaiming Artie from his pron position on the ground, trusting the Computer's judgement and keeping a close eye on the two clones.

Posted on 2012-04-06 at 13:30:17.

Fun is Mandatory
RDI Staff
Karma: 365/54
6858 Posts

Keeping it real (deadly)

The firing laser cannon causes most of the team to take at least some sort of action, be that of running, dodging, heroically assisting others, or simply trying to stop the shooting.

Others, however, react far more sluggishly, as if the laser cannon were apparently a decoration, or, at worst, a distraction.

It is a given in Alpha Complex society that efficiency is something to be sought in all areas of life; waste - whether in resources, time, or effort - is something to be avoided. To do otherwise is treason.

As a result, modern targeting systems are a veritible model of efficiency. Consider, if you will, this yellow laser defense turret.

Presented with multiple threats, the targeting logic first elects to distribute the shots so as to distribute the damage and weaken the resolve of the attacking group. However, when a wonderful target of opportunity presents itself - in this case, two clones that seem unconcerned with the severity of the situation - the algorhythm takes advantage of their positioning and lack of urgency to line up an extremely efficient shot.

The cannon swivels, hums, and fires again; this time, the shot will surely be analyzed (and lauded) by R&D. The beam penetrates the left side of Ammpe-R-AGE's head, exits the right side... whereupon it continues, largely unimpeded, to enter the chest cavity of Brighte-R-NNU (who is apparently either in shock at her flesh wound, or is unable to handle the situation).

The two clones immediately collpase to the floor, perform variable amounts of twitching, then lie still. One shot, two kills.

Meanwhile, Slipp and Blowz are able to assist Artie to his feet, and the four remaining clones escape through the doorway into what appears to be a relatively safe corridor marked "SWR Sector".

As you pause to catch your breath and assess the situation, Friend Computer's voice chimes from a crackly speaker somewhere in the ceiling.
"Attention, Troubleshooter team MAO-17859 Dot R-2. Records indicate that your team has sustained regrettable casualties. Mission success relies upon a full strength team; please stand by as replacement clones are activated and dispatched to your location.

Have an enjoyable day in Alpha Complex."
The speaker falls silent.

Posted on 2012-04-09 at 18:57:29.
Edited on 2012-04-09 at 18:59:36 by t_catt11

Karma: 46/64
335 Posts


GM's edit: um... did you read my last post? The one where both Brighte and Ammpe died?

Or, perhaps, my Q&A post? Huh. Let me quote it:
"If you died, please allow me to reintroduce your character before you post to the game thread (but feel free to post here)."
This post feels like you are trying to retcon the GM (hey guy, I didn't really die!). You died. No big deal, you get a new life... but don't try to revise history, lest you become it.

Posted on 2012-04-09 at 23:07:21.
Edited on 2012-04-10 at 02:59:50 by t_catt11

I'm doing SCIENCE!
RDI Staff
Karma: 163/50
1836 Posts

waiting game

Slipp was amazed at the efficiency of the Computer.

If only he had that steady of a hand...

He wondered if they were allowed to be here, with a yellow security system guarding it. But the Computer knew they were there... and hadn't yet kill them.

"I'm glad I'm too lowly to understand this place."

One day though...
"We should wait for Bright and Ammpe"

Posted on 2012-04-10 at 14:10:03.
Edited on 2012-04-10 at 14:10:32 by Admiral

Dreamer of Bladesong
Karma: 142/12
2506 Posts

Re-introduction kinda

"Apologies for inefficiency." Artie's deep, though quiet voice could be heard, despite barely moving his mouth, "Will improve."

That was all he felt he needed to say, and so he leaned back against the wall, taking a breath.

The laser had stunned him. Well, in a way it had stunned him. In another it had awoken him. It was a warning shot. A warning about inefficiency. Always trust the synth to know the proper course of action.

Maybe it was fear that rooted him to the spot as the laser fired. It didn't matter at this point. Artie knew he had a commitment to uphold, and by the circuits of the Computer, he would do his best to fulfill that commitment. He found his resolve.

"Standing by." He said, echoing the Computer's last order to verify his acknowledgment of it, and nodding towards Slipp.

That wasn't to say be idle during the wait, however. Artie cast his eyes around the corridor, seeing if there was anything noteworthy or interesting...

Posted on 2012-04-10 at 20:26:38.
Edited on 2012-04-10 at 20:27:09 by Reralae


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