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Eol Fefalas
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The Dragons of Saieliel

The Dragons of Saieliel and The Dragons Lair

In the heart of the Central Sylvari Kingdom of Londelirinin, south of the ruins of Valilnore, where the River of Floating Towers bends itself to snake around Filitraa Tolemn to the west, rise the scorched and scarred walls of Mar’en’urulokirim (Lair of Dragons). Behind these walls are born the fabled Dragons of Saieliel. These are not dragons in the literal sense, of course, and, on those rare occasions in which they are mentioned or encountered outside of the elven realms, they are most commonly (and accurately) referred to as Sylvari Battlemages. Neither are the Dragons truly born at Mar’en’urulokirim; at least, not in the physical sense. Those sylvari who are selected to train here hail from all over The Three Kingdoms but until they have entered the Lair and emerged successfully from the arduous physical and arcane trials to be undertaken within can they be called one of Saieliel’s Dragons.


Legend holds that, in the time of Arandil Eldros’ battle with Tyrannis, Mar’en’urulokirim was a fortress known as Nost en Tolto Barad (The Eight Tower Keep). The use of the fortress waned and, eventually, was all but abandoned in the millennia that passed between Tyrannis’ exile and the first Khordaldrum-Sylvari War. It was very near the beginning of that conflict that the keep saw it’s resurrection as Mar’en’urulokirim.  In 1797 BER, Saieliel Halarin, then the Archmage of Londelirinin, approached the Kings and Queens of Sylvaria and suggested that she could train certain, magically talented individuals to provide arcane support on the battlefield but, also, function in a more mundane, combat oriented fashion as necessary, thereby freeing up fighters who would otherwise be focused on defending fielded magic-users to more readily engage the enemy. Saieliel outlined a curriculum in which these proposed Battlemages would be trained/drilled only in the casting of those spells most useful for laying down destruction, confusing the enemy, and/or providing cover for allied units, forgoing study of any of the more utilitarian spells found in the repertoires of most standard mages as, in battle, such incantations are of little import. The ruling council of the Sylvari were impressed and intrigued by Saieliel’s proposal and provided her with Nost en Tolto Barad as the location in which to gather and train this new breed of combatants. In 1796 BER the long abandoned fortress was opened to its new occupants – Saieliel Halarin, her six lieutenants, and the first group of young, raw recruits whom she had personally selected from all over Sylvaria ­– and in 1791 BER the first graduates of her Battlemagic Academy (who were presented to the Three Kingdoms as The Dragons of Saieliel) were deployed against the Khords and, in the wake of the Dragons overwhelming initial successes, The Eight Tower Keep forever became known as Mar’en’urulokirim – The Dragons Lair.



Those Syls who exhibit the unique combination of martial and magical proficiencies originally sought by Saieliel Halarin are chosen to attend the arcane war academy known as Mar’en’urulokirim where they are immersed in a training regimen that is most definitely not for the weak of spirit. The rigors of mind and body experienced within the academy’s walls bear little resemblance to the apprenticeship undergone by regular wizards or the self-taught fumbling of sorcerers. In fact, the academy is more akin to a boot-camp in nature. Throughout their training, battlemages are forced to wear ponderous garments (meant to familiarize their bodies with the limitations of movement in armor) while drilling constantly with spells, most of which are too high in level to be cast by the student. This vigorous drilling instills the spells in a battlemage’s unconscious mind so that, as he grows in power later in life, those spells become available for his use without his needing a spellbook.


After their training, battlemages share a deep feeling of camaraderie with their fellow students and continue to feel a slight affection for any well-run military outfit.


The Dragons of Saieliel access their magic peculiarly, at least compared to the way most other arcane (and even divine) spellcasters do. A battlemage selects her spells from a limited pool of knowledge that rarely changes. Early in their difficult training, battlemages instill deep within themselves the knowledge of all the spells they will ever need. They know fewer spells than most wizards or sorcerers, but the spells they do know are enhanced. They neither specialize in particular schools of magic nor do they need to study spellbooks in order to memorize their spells. They do, however, need to prepare their spells each day by spending time to call up the knowledge from their unconscious minds.


In their training, battlemages also learn a few mundane warlike skills; developing proficiency with some weapons and armor and learning to use such items without incurring the risk of arcane spell failure.



While the toughness of spirit needed to survive a term at The Dragons Lair can manifest itself in any of Audalis’ races, all of Saieliel’s Dragons have been full blooded Sylvari (primarily because, as a matter of national pride, the Battlemasters of the Lair have never sought to recruit from beyond the bounds of the Three kingdoms) and it seems that is unlikely to change.


Other Classes:

The Dragons of Saieliel find they have little in common with sorcerers and wizards who learn their craft without the rigors or discipline of a battlemage’s apprenticeship. In fact, Syl Battlemages are likely to be more comfortable with the regimented classes – those that appreciate military training – such as paladins, monks, and fighters.



The Battlemage’s spell selection is predetermined. He is the ranged magical artillery that military troops rely on or the center of a smaller adventuring company’s offensive power. And adventuring company with a Dragon of Saieliel in its ranks should strongly consider including a second spellcaster to complement the Battlemage’s offensive focus with defensive and utilitarian abilities.

Posted on 2014-05-22 at 18:31:51.
Edited on 2018-03-06 at 14:13:29 by Eol Fefalas

Eol Fefalas
Keeper of the Kazari
RDI Staff
Karma: 462/28
8497 Posts


Okay, so I've had Chess volunteer to help me delve deeper into building this class and, as such, am reviving this thread for those purposes. This post serves as a placeholder for whatever... beyiond this, please feel free to discuss, brainstorm, or comment as need be!

Posted on 2018-03-06 at 15:35:44.

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