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RDI T-shirts!

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RDI T-shirts!

Men's RDI Logo Tee
Price: $15.00

RDI Fixture
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Need some new minis?

Hey Everyone,

I'm currently backing what I think is going to be a pretty spectacular Kickstarter project that is putting out a sweet set of fantasy miniatures. Thought I'd post it here in case you want to get in on the action too.


Here's the link.


$65 USD (plus shipping) gets you 155 miniatures (42 different single minis +22 different minion minis in sets of 5). Seriously, check it out. Even their add on Alter Quest game looks good just for the miniatures and terrain pieces. 




Posted on 2020-04-29 at 18:03:57.

RDI Fixture
Karma: 122/12
2005 Posts

Keeping getting better

We're presently at 162 minis for $65 USD (+ shipping). Just saying... most folks are talking about picking up 2 boxes.

Need a sweet gift for your DM? Yeah... get this!



Posted on 2020-04-30 at 18:08:01.

RDI Fixture
Karma: 122/12
2005 Posts

Final Hours... 200 minis

Hey! May the 4th be with you!


This Kickstarter campaign is in its last 24 hours (ends tomorrow, May 5, 3 pm EST). We’ve blown past all the stretch goals and unlocked everything. If you’re looking for some quality PVC plastic, 28 mm scale minis for a good price, this campaign is hard to beat.


Below is the final list of all the minis included in this Kickstarter campaign (200 minis total). In addition, a digital pack of both the black & white and full coloured renderings of the concept art will be included. Hard to beat for around $65 USD plus shipping.


Humanoids (9 unique molds; Total minis = 45)

Bugbears (5)

Human Bandits (5)

Human Cultists (5)

Gnolls (5)

Goblins (5)

Kobolds (5)

Orcs (5)

Troglodytes (5)

Werewolves (5)


Animals (7 unique molds; Total minis = 31)

Dire Bear, Large Size (1)

Dire Wolves (5)

Giant Fire Beetles (5)

Giant Rats (5)

Giant Spiders (5)

Giant Worms (5)

Wild Boars (5)


Demons & Devils (2 unique molds; Total minis = 6)

Imps (5)

Demon Lord, Large Size (1)


Giants (3 unique molds; Total minis = 3)

Ogre, Large Size (1)

Troll, Large Size (1)

Giant, Huge Size (1)


Monsters (12 unique molds; Total minis = 32)

Constructs (5)

Dragon, Huge Size (1)

Elemental [Air], Large Size (1)

Elemental [Earth], Large Size (1)

Elemental [Fire], Large Size (1)

Elemental [Water], Large Size (1)

Gargoyles (5)

Gas Snakes (5)

Harpies (5)

Naga, Large Size (1)

Oozes (5)

Shambling Mound, Large Size (1)


Undead (9 unique molds; Total minis = 37)

Banshees (5)

Ghosts (5)

Ghouls (5)

Lich (1)

Mummies (5)

Skeletons (5)

Unholy Knights (5)

Vampire Lord (1)

Zombies (5)


PCs / NPCs (46 unique molds; 21 female; 25 male; Total minis = 46)

Female Demonkin Rogue

Female Dragonkin Warlock

Female Dwarf Bard

Female Dwarf Cleric

Female Dwarf Druid

Female Dwarf Ranger

Female Elf Barbarian

Female Elf Cleric

Female Elf Monk

Female Elf Ranger

Female Gnome Druid

Female Gnome Paladin

Female Halfling Fighter

Female Half-Elf Druid

Female Half-Elf Wizard

Female Half-Orc Rogue

Female Human Constable

Female Human Street Vendor

Female Human Fighter

Female Human Paladin

Female Human Rogue


Male Demonkin Sorcerer

Male Dragonborn Fighter

Male Dwarf Barbarian

Male Dwarf Fighter

Male Dwarf Monk

Male Dwarf Wizard

Male Elf Bard

Male Elf Paladin

Male Elf Rogue

Male Elf Wizard

Male Gnome Cleric

Male Gnome Rogue

Male Halfling Bard

Male Halfling Monk

Male Halfling Ranger

Male Half-Elf Barbarian

Male Half-Elf Fighter

Male Half-Orc Bard

Male Half-Orc Paladin

Male Half-Orc Ranger

Male Human Cleric

Male Human Druid

Male Human Innkeeper

Male Human Monk

Male Human Wizard

Posted on 2020-05-04 at 15:54:21.

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