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Parent thread: Trilogy War Q/A
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GM for this game: TannTalas
Players for this game: SilentOne, Keeper of Dragons, cdnflirt, Nomad D2, Nimu, Odyson, Schnozzle, dragon-soul92
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The Trilogy War


Click here for really big version of the Trilogy Map
The History of Trilogy

The History of Trilogy

I tell you now the story of the beginning of this world. It has passed to me after countless generations. There are many false tales, but this true history is known only to a select few. You are about to be counted in that number. Guard well your knowledge for it is power.

In the beginning there was Odin; from his thoughts sprang forth the greater Asgardi. They numbered six lords: Baldar, Forseti, Fray, Hemdell, Loki and Thor (known henceforth as Odin's son). Also from Odin's thought sprang three ladies: Frigga, Freya and Hel. In time the Greater Asgardi begat the Lesser Asgardi. These numbered nine lords: Aegir, Bragi, Magni, Surtur, Thrym, Ulle and Vidar. Also counted as Lesser Asgardi are two ladies: Idun and Sif.

As time passed, the gods grew bored and restless. It was not long after that they began to war amongst themselves. Odin was distraught over the bickering of his children and commanded them to go forth and create a world into which each of them could place something of their own. The gods believed that this was truly a noble idea and began work immediately. The result of their work is the world known today as Trilogy.

Each god placed into this new world a piece of himself or herself. Freya created the Elves. Thor crafted the Dwarves. Tyr brought forth Humans. Not all of the gods created new races, some bestowed blessings upon the works of their fellow gods. Baldor granted the Elves a charismatic manner and deep appreciation of beauty. The Dwarves received a profound sense of justice from Forseti. Humans received the gift of great strength from Magni. Other gods bestowed their gift not on a single race but upon all who dwelled on Trilogy. Fraya gave them the concept of Love. Braggi imbued them with the gift of song. Some gifts such as the lightning and thunder filled storms required cooperation between the gods. It was from this gift of Thor and Aegir that all creatures on Trilogy emerged. Three gods created seasons: Idun created the warm summer; Uller brought forth the frigid winter; and Vidar linked them with buffers called spring and fall. Hemdell granted the gods of Asgard access to this new world by creating the Bi-Frost bridge. Once the good gods had finished, the evil gods stepped forward to place their mark upon the newly formed world. They were forbidden to do so by the good gods. It was Loki, known as the trickster, who convinced the evil gods to sneak across the Bi-Frost bridge so they could leave their mark upon Trilogy. Surtur created the Fire Giants and Thrym the Frost Giants. It was Hel who brought into being the concept and realm of death into which even the Elves and Dwarves eventually pass. Loki brought forth new creatures to mock those of the good gods. Thus were created the Drow as a foil for the Elves, Goblins to torment the Dwarves and Orcs to challenge the Humans. He also brought forth the most powerful creatures to dwell upon Trilogy: Dragons.

With their mark stamped upon the new world, the evil gods returned to Asgard. Thor and the other good gods met them and were enraged by what had transpired. A terrible war between the forces of good and evil began and lasted for 100 years. Such was the magnitude of this epic struggle that its essence began to seep into Trilogy. The newly created races there began to war following the alliances of their creators. During this time the children of the evil gods grew strong.

Odin awoke from his slumber and found his children once again bickering and causing chaos. So complete was his rage that he cast all of the lesser gods into stasis and released them one at a time to hear their stories. As he listened to each, he became more frustrated. He was especially troubled by the news that Trilogy had become involved in his children's fighting. Odin decreed that all the races on Trilogy would henceforth have free will and no longer be puppets of the gods. He caused a new land to rise from the sea and called it Cirith Ungole Upon it he placed the children of the evil gods to separate them from the children of the good gods. Trilogy once again knew peace.

Loki was most upset by this turn of events and once again crept across the Bi-Frost Bridge into the mortal world. There he unleashed his greatest creation; magic. This new force would in time change the face of Trilogy in ways even the gods could not have imagined. Odin discovered what Loki had done and banished him to the outer regions of Asgard for 100 years. Hemdell was charged to stand guard over the bridge he had created and allow none save Odin himself to cross.

During the 100 years of Loki's banishment, the races of Trilogy slowly became more self-aware. The Elves and Dwarves fought with each other although none could remember when the fighting began or why; just that it had always been thus and so it should remain. Humans, who cared only for themselves, were the only race of good to prosper. Although shorter-lived, they multiplied quickly and soon outnumbered the Elves, Dwarves and most other races as well. On Cirith Ungol, many new creatures appeared, all serving darkness and evil. Hob-Goblins, Half-Orcs, Trolls and a new Species of Giants took their first steps. This era is known as the Age of Darkness.

Darkness, however complete, cannot stand against light. It came to pass that a new light shone upon Trilogy in the form of a new Elvin leader. His name was Eothian Ellessior and he was called the Peace-Maker. He brought an end to the warfare between the Elves and Dwarves and formed an alliance with the Humans. The children of the good gods finally stood together as brethren. His reign spanned 200 years but was brought to an end when he was slain during a battle by three Frost Giants. A new race, the Valor, came to power. A circle of twelve great wizards ruled the land with kindness and benevolence. The most influential of these wizards were Karza, Kaladrial and Allanan.

Karza became bored with life and began to delve deep into the farthest reaches of magic. As he tested the limits of magic, he grew more ambitious and spent much time exploring the dark arts. During his journeys in the magical realm he met a shade of Loki who bestowed upon him the longevity of the gods. However there was a string attached to this gift from Loki. Karza agreed to create new evil races on Trilogy and act as Loki's harbinger of destruction. He broke away from the other Valor and moved to Cirith Ungole. There be built a massive fortress, Morderia. Upon completion of his fortress he sent out a call for all the children of evil to join him in a crusade against good. They came in droves to serve the dark master.

The other Valor remained in their tower and paid little attention to the events in Morderia. Only Allanan raised concerns and warned that war could come again to Trilogy. Firm in the belief that even Karza would not dare attack the Valor council, the others continued promoting their own agenda's. They were soon scattered across the land. It was such when the vanguard of the Army of Karza swept across the Strait of Aladron and laid waste to all that was in their path. So began the First War of Darkness. For 23 years war raged across the land until the followers of Karza were defeated in an epic 55 day battle on the Desolation Plains. Karza foresaw this defeat and set in motion a string of events that were designed to grant him a future, ultimate victory. From the primal force of chaos he crafted 12 amulets. These were hidden in the deepest reaches of his fortress, places known to him alone. Karza was captured after the battle and led away in magical chains. No one noticed the thin smile that crept across his face as he was lead away. For 20 years he was held imprisoned. In order to avoid detection of his ruse or un-natural longevity, he cast spells upon himself that gave the illusion of aging. Eventually the other Valor took pity upon him and released him from his bondage. They were cautious and upon his finger they placed a ring that rendered him unable to cast magic. He was bestowed with a new name, Annatar meaning "Giver of Gifts". For the next 16 years, Annatar traveled the world undoing much of his evil magic. However, during this time he secretly began to gather forces in Cirith Ungole.

On the 20th anniversary of his release, Annatar retrieved the amulets he had fashioned from their hiding places in Morderia. He presented them to the other Valor as a token of his gratitude and goodwill. All save Allanan were taken in by the beauty of the amulets and the public good-deeds that Annatar had performed and placed the amulets around their necks. In that instant the true nature of the amulets was revealed as the Valor succumbed to each amulet in a different way, yet all were turned evil in their thoughts and desires. With a wicked laugh, Annatar placed the last amulet around his own neck. This uber-amulet though not controlling the now evil Valar completely, still bent the will of the other wearers to his own. The ten Valor who were corrupted became known as the "Ten Who Were Taken" or simply Shadow-Wraiths. As he controlled them and they called him leader, Karza became known as the Shadow King.
During this time Allanan traveled to the Dwarven Forge, Khazad-Dum and there destroyed his amulet in its fiery pit.

Karza saw no threat in the actions of Allanan and allowed him to flee. Kaladrial was appointed as Captain of the Shadow-Wraith and took the new name, 'Sadist'. The Shadow King and his minions returned to Cirith Ungol and occupied the tower of Minas Morgal. Over the next four decades, the followers of Karza gathered strength and delved ever deeper into the powers of dark magic. During this time they discovered the secret to binding chaos to steel. Karza used this knowledge to craft the Steel Maiden, a soul-sword of immense power. Pure chaos coursed through its mighty blade. This was a sentient and inherently evil weapon with the ability to twist the minds of Humans to its own desires. With the completion of the Steel Maiden, the Army of Karza again stood ready to venture forth into the good lands of Trilogy.

The Elves (led by Jil Galad) allied with the Dwarves (under the command of Thorin Ironshield) and the Humans (who followed the banner of Crispian Turan)stood together. This mighty army collided with the Army of Karza and the Second War of Darkness began. For five years, the forces of evil slowly and methodically crushed the forces of good arrayed against them. First to fall was Thorin during a holding action near present day Erebor. His body was never found and his exact fate is unknown to this day. So far had the forces of good been pushed back that the waves of the Great Sea wet their boots. In the Dwarven fortress of Drimmen Dreeve they attempted to make a final stand. It was there that Jil Galad fell in hand-to-hand combat with Sadist. The Shadow-Wraith Captain did not escape unharmed; he lost a hand in the battle and was forced to flee to Cirith Ungol. For days, the battle ebbed and flowed with neither side able to gain a clear advantage. That was until Crispian Turan, whose body was pierced by no less than 20 arrows, succeeded in slaying the mightiest dragon pledged to Karza. The dragon's body landed amidst the Army of Darkness and it death throes killed thousands. That same day there appeared on the horizon a band of 200 wizards on the backs of many good aligned dragons led by Allanan. The battle continued for fifteen more days until Karza and Allanan finally met face to face. The two locked in combat. Followers on both sides stopped to watch the epic struggle. In the end, Allanan cleaved a hand from Karza and dispelled his corporeal form. With the loss of Karza and the dragon, the Army of Darkness wavered and the forces of good began a rout. The wizards cast a magical slumber upon the Shadow-Wraiths and banished Sadist to limbo. Karza's Army quickly disappeared as its soldiers scattered throughout the land. Allanan took the Steel Maiden and secreted it away before disappearing himself.

Once again peace spread its calm hand across Trilogy. The Elves migrated to the glade filled woods of the North and there founded E'Loth Lorian. In honor of the death of their hero, Thorin Ironshield, the Dwarves settled near the place he fell. They named the area Erebor. Humans spread across the land and founded many new settlements. Principal among them were Calahorn, Roheryn, Shanntara and Culhaven.

For over 1200 years trilogy has prospered in the bosom of peace. New races appeared; Wolfenn, Gnomes, Halflings and many others. The land was still and calm. Make no mistake; evil still lurks in some corners of the land. Many an unwary traveler has failed to return from a journey to Cirith Ungol and occasional raids still plague the border towns. There are those who spread rumor that Karza has returned his fortress in Cirith Ungol, that Shadow-Wraiths have awoke and search for the Steel Maiden and that the forces of evil grow strong and restless once again. As in the past, most hold these to be just rumors used to scare children at night. Only one king in all the land finds a shred of truth in these rumors and is taking steps to safeguard his lands. Only time will tell if he is crazy or if evil is indeed rearing is head once more. What fate lies before Trilogy only the gods know.

Thus ends the tale as I have learned it. Believe me if you will or dismiss me as but another spreader of rumors; that is your choice. Know this however, there comes a day when you will be called upon to make a choice and these words will ring again in your mind. I bid you farewell, health and good fortune. Our paths shall never cross again but you will remember this day until you draw your dying breath.

- Aralkias, High Priest of Odin

Original story by Al Beyer (AKA TannTalas)
Edited by Michael Pagotto (AKA Mottle/Keeper of Dragons)

Posted on 2006-09-11 at 07:05:55.
Edited on 2016-07-23 at 18:50:10 by TannTalas

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TO RESCUE FATE Trilogy War Part 1

Trilogy Master
TO RESCUE FATE Trilogy War Part 1
Posted on 8/30/2004 at 10:31:27 PM (CST)

The party's status at the begining of this campaign is that of a fast highly mobile reaction force.You work for the King of Shanntara he sends you out to any hot spots in his and his allies country's.As you work directly for the King you are housed on the grounds of the palace in your own 5 room barracks two to a room.You have your own stables for your mounts cared for by a number of grooms.You get your meals served to you 3 times daily in one of the palace's main kitchens and have access to its nicer wash room.
You have worked together as a unit for 8 months now ,been in a number of fights and have worked well together for the most part.
It has been a slow week of training and keeping in shape as no trouble spots or a call for your services has arisen.As such you are pretty much on your own time.It is the begining of your 9th month together,its the weekend and you just got your monthly pay of 800gps

The day born out of darkness of the night was bright and cool the palace grounds were quiet. Yet outside the walls could be heard the bustle of a city on the verge of another busy day.
Vendors opening thier stalls ,eatery's beginning the cooking of bread,early bird taverns opening thier doors for both food and drink.
This was the city of Celebrimbor known throughout Trilogy as `The Silver City` the capital of the country of Shanntara.
A place of hope and goodness to many but as with all city's a place of hopelessness and sorrow to others.
But the day seems bright and worry's seem far away and with money in your pockets a time to play....

(OOC:The Game has offically began)

Posted on 2006-09-11 at 07:10:44.
Edited on 2007-01-11 at 04:53:02 by TannTalas

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A good day
Posted on 8/31/2004 at 1:09:31 AM (CST)
Cor rose early as was the custom of his brethern. After spending time in prayer he made his way down to breakfast. The barkeeper knew him well and a plate of eggs and sausage arrived only moments after the tankard of ale. As he ate he opened his logbook and re-read his notes on the paladin's performance yesterday. So far he seemed to be upholding most of the required tennants. However he had not faced any serious tests. Until he did, there would be no way to declare him fit for advancement in the order. For many years Cor had mentored and evaluated paladins and found most of them wanting. This one however showed some promise.

After breakfast, cor met once again with his charge and tested his knowledge of the old tennants of the order. Repetition was an excellent teaching tool. Satisfied that progress was being made he released the paladin for the day. Soon there would be action, at least he hoped so. It had been some time since he last had a chance to wade into glorious combat and feel the satifying 'crunch' of bone beneath his hammer. Too much idleness dulls the warrior edge.

As he had finished his major tasks for the day he once again headed into the town to seek out the poor and sickly. To those who were lost, he ministered; to those who had nothing, he pressed silver into their palms and to those who were aflicted with various ailments, he cast upon them healing. Such was the way of the brethern. Always they would be protectors of the weak and bringers of hope.

A New Day Payday!
Posted on 9/1/2004 at 3:05:19 AM (CST)
Ulthok rises at his usual time just before the sun itself breaks over the horizon. As he always does when time permits or when he awakens at home like this he will take a few minutes before leaving the bed he will stimulate his mind through meditation, and by running through some riddles or puzzles. Then he will go to his books and getting out his spell book will sit down and relax, preparing the spells he wants for the day. By now the sun will be up and he will be hungry
going down to the breakfast room he will first get his glass of red wine. Then preferring to eat fruits and grains in the morning, will ask the server to bring whatever fresh fruit there may be and a hot bowl of rice.

While sipping the red wine and eating a nice ripe piece of fruit he opens his journal to go over the plans he has set down for himself this day. After breakfast he will go out into one of the back courtyards where he does his daily workout. There he has an obstacle course set up that he runs when he is here at least once every day. It tests him in many of his skills from climbing, running, jumping, as well as his dexterity by making him use both his bow and knives, as well as his rope.
He was very pleased with the help he received from the court when he had requested the area for his use in keeping himself in top form.

After working out he will go to the main library of the palace where I am looking for a couple of older books, one on summoning for I am always working in my spare time on the mechanics of my spell casting, and trying to learn from wizards who have come before me. I am also looking for a book on alchemy I am also working on learning to prepare potions, and finally I would like to find any thing on locks for I am working on building mechanical locks. After the library depending on what books I come across I will retire to a small lower level room where I have a small lab and workshop set up. I will spend a couple of hours in study here.

Then the last thing in my journal for the day is a shopping list of items I need to go out and purchase. Some items for my spell pouch for my many spells. Possibly some glassware for working on potions and such. (Page from Ulthok’s journal for shopping.)

So after breakfast, running the obstacle course a couple of times, and spending some time reading and studying somewhere around the very first part of noon I will leave the palace with my journal and go to town to do some shopping.

OOC:I will be wearing my black outfit for that is the magical one, and I am carrying sheaf arrows in my quiver

just another day
Posted on 9/1/2004 at 7:11:59 AM (CST)
Conall rose early as always, he slipped out of the bed and then to his chest at the foot of what could loosely be called a bed. He gave up prayer and thanks for the day he is about to receive. After some time in prayer Conall dawned his court clothing and went to find breakfast. Conall as always used breakfast to reflect on yesterday’s events and prepare for the day’s events. Conall looked up from his plate and saw Cor going through some book. Conall waited till the dwarf stood and Conall made eye contact, “minas well get this over with so I can get on with my day.” was Conall's thoughts.

Not knowing how the meeting went Conall went to his room and dons his armor and sets out to find some form of work out. After a good hardy lunch Conall moved out into the town. Conall passed out some coin (unlike most of his Paladin counterparts who gave directly to the church) and though small in frame his presents seem to put those who knew little of him at ease and those who knew less of him on their guard. As Conall moved through the streets a fruit vender stopped Conall, “My lord,” the vender started with a stretched out hand with a ripe red apple in it, “please take this as a token of thanks. Ever since you have chosen this path to walk every day the street thugs have stopped taking my fruit and my money. And if all goes as thus in just a few more weeks I can buy my wife a bolt of wool to make new dresses for her and my daughter.”

Conall stopped and with a smile on his beard covered face and dark shoulder length hair blowing in the light breeze of the day, “You are welcome indeed. I will take your thanks but not your apple unless you allow me to pay for it. If I take this apple I am no better than a street thug that uses a different form of robbery to get your fruit.” Conall reaches into his coin pouch and palms a gold coin into the man’s hand. “I will take your thanks, a good hand shake, and this apple. I will in return give you my hand, my blessings a small sum for you wife to buy a new dress for herself, as for your daughter get her to a nunnery.” Conall then smiles and turns to walk away but before he does so he gives one last word to the vender, “I am not your lord. I am Conall Glendower of the house Glendower, Son of Parvis the Wanderer, Grandson of Naoise the Northmoon. I swear on the spirits of my sires of old to always count you and your family as one of friendship.”

Conall then turns and walks over to a beggar boy. Conall takes one knee and hands the red apple to the boy. Seeing the boy is recovering from a cold Conall lays his hand upon the boys for head and cast a “cure light” spell on the boy. Seeing a sparkle back in the boy’s eyes Conall stands and once more reaching into his coin pouch he palms a coin and shakes the mothers hand and holds it for a second, “Take this a buy bread and drink for you and the boy. Then go to the fields of green on the outskirts of this city allow the boy to run and play as children should forget about this place if it is only for a while.”

Conall then continues his walk to the temple. Canall steps inside and gives his 5% tithing for the payday. And then give prayer and asks the gods to look over the boy and his mother and then spend much time in prayer on things that are not mentioned here.

When Conall steps back out into the streets the light is fading and the venders are packing up to go home. “Conall my boy, it is time to get yourself to the drink,” turning in the direction of his favorite tavern Conall heads that way sing a little song to himself.
Ho Ho
to the bottle I go.
To easy my thoughts
and drown my woes.

At the tavern Conall finds no problem getting a bar wench to fetch is ale. Conall finds a nice table in the back and away from the majority of the crowd. Conall never mingals with other Paladins, he finds most of them have forgotten their place, becoming pompous and arrogant. After a meal and some drink and song Conall retires to his room for the night, slipping in trying not to disturb his roommate. As Conall closes his eyes he thinks, “A roommate, this king is cheap.”

Drusilia Liadon
Starting the day...
Posted on 9/2/2004 at 1:54:01 AM (CST)
Dru slowly breaks her meditation state a couple hours before the sun rises, just as always. She slowly slips from her bed and walks over to the window. She looks out onto the new day. She sighs quietly as she anticipates another dull day at the palace. The fog is still somewhat thick as she looks out over the land. She does her morning prayers, just like every other drab morning. She finished her prayers as the sun can just be seen peaking from the horizon, and sending its rays to all corners of the waking city. She places her weapons where the belong and checks over her list of needed items for the day. She then places her cloak of Elvenkind close around her. She pulls up her hood and quickly makes her ay out of the palace. She walks to the stalls, where her beloved horse Jewel would be waiting for her. As she entered the stables jewels head was poking out from her stall looking in the direction of the doors, just as every day. Dru removed her hood and became more visible, Jewel whinnied in delight. Dru makes her way over to jewel and pats her on the head, as she removes a carrot from her cloak.. She gives Jewel her morning snack as she rubs her forehead lightly. Jewel has a Jewel shape white mark upon her brow, hence her name. Dru watches Jewel finisher her carrot then says her goodbye and promise to come back later. She takes her leave of the stalls and heads for the city witch is now becoming very busy...

She replaces her hood back where it belongs, covering her Elven features. She seems to blend in with everything around her. Seeming to be almost invisible, but not quit. She was heading to one of the many taverns to get something to eat and drink, when she saw Tidus. A beggar was at his feet asking for some spare change, Tidus just shot him an unholy glance before walking away. Dru removed her hood and walked up to the beggar, who seemed to still be quaking in fear and hunger. She placed her hand upon his head and held out her hand fist closed. The beggar squirmed and backed away until his back was against the building behind him. “Pl..Please.. Spare my... L..Life. I am nothing but a humble beggar looking.. For some spare change.....” She smiles at him gently and her face softens. She opens her fist to revel 10 gold pieces and hands it to the beggar. He thanks her many times as she walks away and enters a tavern. At least she got her one good deed for the day over with....

Dru takes a seat towards the back of the tavern. She orders a bottle of red wine, and a couple pieces of warm bread. She eats her bread and sip her wine right from the bottle. After she finishes she pays for her meal and takes to the streets. She looks threw the market and finds nothing of true interest to her.

She stops by one of the buildings where a street preforming is doing his routine trying to earn some coin. She stands not to far from him, as she decides she to would like to preform for the people. She removes her hood and lets her light blonde hair fall around her gently. Her neutral grey cloak makes her appear to be just another local so that would be helpful. If any knew her true nature, they would never give her gold, no matter how good she was. She raised her voice high above the bustling of the busy town around her. Her voice was soft and gently, Like a light breeze on a warm summers day. Her lyrics are soft and sad...

I can’t look behind
because I am living in
the past
Tears without emotion
are filling up
the unbridled hours
doomed to wander in
repressed emotions
this imaginary refuse
restrains me from the awakening

when fate leave me behind
and drags me off to
an unknown destination
will my tears shape a sea
when the storm is most violent
and the horizon
seems to be so far away
I will find strength to go on
and conquer the misery
that wants to bring me down

She repeats the lyric several times. As she becomes emotionally involved in her sweet melody, water can be seen beginning to collect in her light green eyes. Her eyes sparkle with the emotion in her voice. Her whole body seems relaxed and all around her seems to slip away, People slowly gather around her she pays no attention to see if anyone was leaving any coins at her feet, for right now she cared about nothing but the song she sings....

Posted on 9/2/2004 at 1:55:06 AM (CST)
Cor smiled as he entered the days observations in his journal. Conall seemed to grasp the idea of servitude well and practiced it in his daily life. Unlike others in the party, he took no pleasure in intimidating others and truely cared for the less fortunate. Of course his tithe to the church was a bit on the wanting side but his generosity on the streets amdist the poor mitigated that for the most part. With his entiries completed, Cor once again returned to the tavern proper to renew his battel with the keg of dwarven ale the barkeep had somehow managed to find. If it took all night, he fully intended to "kill" it this evening.

Some work and some fun
Posted on 9/2/2004 at 2:07:03 PM (CST)
Once in town Ulthok concentrates on getting the items he is looking for. He would like to get his business out of the way first, hell it’s not only the weekend but also payday. He visits a number of shops and purchases what he can find that is on his list. Once that is done and his new items are packed away in his backpack or pouches as he sees fit it is time to find some drink. As he strolls through the crowd he sees the usual number of street urchins, and beggars and as usual he can’t keep the unpleasant memories of his days on the streets from flooding his memory. This day however before he can get all wound up in bad memories, he sees a crowd gathering on one corner and the unmistakable voice of one of his partners, Drucilla the Bard, filling the air. He recognizes not only the voice but the song it is one of her sadder tunes. He makes his way to the front of the crowd and as he watches her sing he sees the small wet tears that form in the corner of her eyes. Ulthok doesn’t know why this song always seems to make the young Bard cry only that it does. He tries to get the crowd into the song by making small comments like, how lovely her singing is, how it relaxes one to here her sing, how she is giving of herself to the crowd, and how appropriate it would be for the crowd to give a little back in the form of coin. He makes the first donation in hopes others will follow his lead and he throws 5 gold coin on the ground at her feet. He watches as others follow his lead(up to DM of course). When she finishes her song Ulthok will approach.

"Well well my young Bard seems you have entertained the good folk of Celebrimbor once again. I for one have enjoyed your song, but all work and no play, since it is the weekend and there is gold to spend please join me in an attempt to rid this town of its supply of fine ales. I thought we might start our assault at the fine establishment just around the corner for I believe I saw another of our group entering there. Mr Trollhammer our Dwarven comrade I think is in there starting the attack on the cities ale supply."

If she agrees to join him great if not okey, but he will goto and enter the tavern. If Cor is there he will approach his table and ask if they (or he ) may join him at his table. If the Dwarf asks them (or him ) to sit they will. Ulthok will order pints for all three (or two) and start to drink.

Posted on 9/2/2004 at 9:09:54 PM (CST)
Hawk woke up found his roommate gone so he got up without worry about waking his roommate. Sees he left drink, bread and sausage on his desk but now there is a pile of money next to it. He picks up the bread and eats it while donning his weapons and armor. Once he is dressed he makes the bed and eats the sausage he knows the palace staff doesnt like it but he is used to travel in the world and doesnt like to make it look like he was there. Picks up the sausage begins to eat it while going to the window to look at the palace grounds. He sees the position of the sun and knows he slept late. He picks up the money puts it in his money pouch and puts it back around his neck. Downs the ale and goes out to the city to begin the day.
He picks up his order at the blacksmiths of 20 arrowheads he only has to pay half price because he gave the blacksmith something to do other then the orders he gets for things like horseshoes, tacks, nails, and wheelbands. he has tried to pay more but it always ends up going right to his next order so he has accepted the price as is of 20 gps a head.
He heads over to the leatherworker he knows is going to charge him 40 gps. for the quiver he asked to be made after his last trip into the woods nearest the city for 2 weeks from the skins and bones of the creatures he killed and ate. The teeth and claws are in his belt pouch. Once he has the quiver and he was right that was exactly what he was charged he heads to the tavern that has become his haunt he even has a favorite table. No matter how hard he trys he cant buy himself a drink he always gets drinks bought for him buy others since he ended the last fight that was had there there hasnt been another in a whole 6 weeks. As normal he will stay there till he heads to bed in the palace and calls a end to the drink buying he figures. When he arrives it is just like normal everyone is happy he is there and the drinks he didnt drink or take with him last night are still sitting on the table with his normal breakfast. They really need to find work for this team soon before he gets soft.

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"To Rescue Fate II"

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"To Rescue Fate II"
Posted on 9/3/2004 at 5:00:08 AM (CST)

The day had once again been very boring and uneventfull.
The members of the party leaving thier rooms had gone about normal activities like shopping exercising or anything at all to fill the day.It had been this way now for the last few weeks and it seemed to all as if evil had taken a holiday.
It was the begining of Spring after a somewhat long Winter which in of its self had seemed full of evil doings.Now with this strange lull nothing had happened to warrent the need of the group by the King.Who he himself could clearly see that the party was starting to become restless just sitting around.

It was at the 3:00am hour that he was awakened by his advisor telling him news of the Monastery to the north.The King felt dread upon hearing the news for that which he thought hidden and protected could now possibly be in grave danger.
Telling the advisor to at once summon the group he dressed and made ready to assign them a new task.

The night for the party was quickly ended as they were awakened by a steward of the court and told to assamble in full gear in the Kings court at once.
The steward then left them to return to tell the King of their arrival.
In under an hour all were ready and assembled and awaiting the King in his courtroom the time slowly ticking away....

(OOC:if you want to post as to how you go about getting to the courtroom feel free to do so but only untill the King posts, once the King has posted it will be assumed that you all are in the courtroom. It will be a camo appearance from one of the Moderators from the Inn if he can not then I will do so tomorrow once you see a post from a Mod then go ahead and responed to it my next post will most likely be Monday as I will be out of town in Dallas starting Sat.)

(OOC:Everyone who bought Items ,gave away money and such give me a total bill and I will remove said gold from your character)

(OOC:Lady Dru you ended up with 200 more gold piecies for your song let me know how much you spent and I'll add it all up)

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The evening
Posted on 9/3/2004 at 1:12:49 PM (CST)
Cor was making a full frontal assualt upon the keg of dwarven ale and carnage abounded. Empty pitchers littered the table and a small puddle of spilled ale formed beneath his feet. In this puddle lay the unmoving bodies of fallen patrons who accompanied him on the attack but long ago fell to the ale's power. As he looked around he saw two of his companions enter and called out to them. "Come have a seat and lend me aid. My forces have been depleated and I am in need of reinforcments. I feel the keg shall soon be vanquished." For many hours he consumed ale in quantities that left most either unconscious if they matched his pace or amazed that he still stood if they but watched.

It was alter that night that the King's servants (it was unusuall that twins would come and deliver the news in stereo) bid the party to make haste as the King commanded their presence. Cor quickly rose and then sat right back down for a moment to break the evil spell that set the room spinning. A moment later all was fine and he made his way to the throne room. He wondered silently what would have the King's attention at this hour.

Hawk gets news.
Posted on 9/3/2004 at 2:26:27 PM (CST)
Hawk was just walking back to his room after finally making progress on those drinks in the tavern on his table. Maybe another few weeks and he might have them all gone he wishes now he hadnt stopped that fight that night in the tavern out of bordom from being in active now there were no longer any fights to break up because only those on thier best behavior entered the tavern and everyone seemed to buy him drinks even though he wasnt to big on drinking because it dulled the senses. He knows once they are all gone they will be replaced by others seemed like all he did now was sit and eat and drink. I mean he kept in training and his abilities sharp but he needed action. He had the last 2 drinks for the day in his hands but he knew he had a few more days of drinking like that yet to go before they would add more drinks to the ones on his table. Walking the halls back to his room was always a lonesome place after being in the city for the day. When he saw the messengers on their way to his room he decided there must finally be something up and he must have work to do. He caught up to them just as they entered his room and followed them in once he heard the news he rushed to the throne room there was finally going to be fun and he had a job to do after weeks of bordom in the city.

(OOC:I spent 80 gps total.)

Drusilia Liadon
Posted on 9/3/2004 at 4:38:55 PM (CST)
Drusilia accepted Ulthoks proposal, She acknowledges the fact that Ulthok helped her in acquiring her money, She gives him half of her makings. (100 gp) She followed him to the tavern around the corner. Where just as he had said, one of the other party was. She drank and talked the night away. Before she knew it was getting quit late. She finished her drinking and decided to head back to the palace. She slowly made her way threw the dead streets of the night. Her long blonde hair gently flowing in the wind along with her robes. Her hair sparkled from the dim lighting of the lanterns on the streets. She looked up into the depths of the night sky, She wondered if this dull pattern would ever end. The stars seemed to be brighter on this particular night, as if something was going to happen. She really thought nothing of it. She finally reached the palace grounds and made her way inside. She had just entered when a maid approached her. Big news was spreading threw out the palace, by those who where still awake at this hour. She was to report to the thrown room as of now. She nodded and rushed threw the long deserted hallways. Her long robes and blonde hair fluttering around her. Her fast steps could be heard echoing down the hallway. Her pace quickened as she neared her destination. She smiled warmly as she entered the room. Finally after all the drab days, that seemed like ages to her, something might be occurring. She stops and adjusts her cloak to its right position, and runs her hands threw her hair to make sure she looks presentable, to be in the kings presence...

(0oc: I have spent a total of 110gp...)

Into the Kings Court
Posted on 9/4/2004 at 4:52:19 AM (CST)
Ulthok takes a seat with the drawf and the bard at the table and proceeds to drink some of the good ale. He carries on some minor conversation with the two, and does at one point thank Dru for sharing the gold they made on the street earlier

"Well I thank thee young bard for sharing your earnings with me, you know we could make a good team. Who knows how much gold we could pull in with you singing and my skill at crowd control, we could give up risking our lives and make more in the cities."

He knows he is fooling himself he would never be happy if he was not out doing the work that they are doing, but when they are in town it could add to their coffers.
Ulthok knows when it is time for him to quite drinking for he is not a big fellow at only 3foot 4 inches and 38 pounds he can’t hold a whole lot of ale. So a couple hours after dark he excuses himself from the group drinking at the table and makes his way back to the palace. Moving silently and quickly through the streets of the now dark city he makes his way into the palace thru his usual route, and being to late for the usual dinner hour he steals down into one of the food areas and grabs some dried meat and some cheese along with a chunk of bread and heads down to his work room.
Once inside he lights one of the lamps and drops his pack and unloads the new equipment he had purchased in town, sets it up on his work bench, then grabbing the old tome on potion mixing he had been reading earlier settles into a chair and begins to read. He eats the food he had grab as he reads and as usual loses himself in his study. The stewards and others in the castle know if he can’t be found in his room they are to look for him down here and it is around 3am when he is rousted from his reading by one of the court stewards and told to assemble in full gear in the Kings court at once.

Ulthok knows this means they will be heading out for some destination almost at once so he makes haste back to his room and grabbing everything he had taken from his pack to make room for his shopping trip to town he repacks his backpack. Once he has everything he in order he makes his way back through the palace to arrive at the kings court. He is let inside and he awaits the arrival of the king and what their new mission will be.

(OOC I spent 75 gold in town)

The King Speaks
Posted on 9/4/2004 at 4:42:00 PM (CST)
It is the depths of the darkest night. Maridynn of the reining house of Drunghar, King of Shanntara, stirs in his dreams. He is not a man who sleeps well, and the streets and rooftops of his own city of Celebrimbor invade his slumbering mind often.

His eyes are open and he is at once looking at the back of Queen Maonn's darkly-haired head. She is at peace beyond the veil of sleep, oblivious to her king's unrest. She is barely illuminated by the far-way flicker of the low-burning candle.

At once the door opens of the longhouse - the door into the chamber of the Royals and Brathgor - the steward - dares peep his head in. "Your Majesty," the old man whispers, for he knows that chance will make the king awake. "It is the time of the nightingale."

The king stirs more to show the steward that he has been heard, but has yet to leave the warmth of the bed.

"Your Majesty..."

"When I am ready," the king snaps. The steward closes the door and hastens away. The king is still in full rigor of body and hale of mind and arm - he would think nothing more than to cleave the head of an insolent steward - no matter the loyalty or length of service.


The one leading this ragtag group. What is the name? Drusilia? Odd...a foreign name. The king prepares to meet them. The throne is nothing more than a big hard oak chair with the touches of antlers and elkhorns framing it. It's savage and formidable at the same time as it is authoritive. There are only three guards who stand near it during this hour, and they are sluggish. Too much drink during the feast; too much meat off the bone.

Maridynn, King of Shanntara, sits quietly and nursing an early-morning headache. He is covered in bearskins with his thin golden crown. No good King of the North would lavish himself in luxury to be respected.

The group in service enters the long hall at the far end and kneel halfway to the throne. Maridynn stares at each one of them in turn, though he sees more the pain in his temples rather than the shine of their weapons or their armor.

"There is a temple north of here. It is a small subject to me, though I find it close to my own heart. I would not speak so direct to you if it were not as you all have yet to prove your worth." Maridynn looks at them all in turn.

"You will be given the details of this matter, and I expect it to be cleaned up in the best possible speed, my warriors. You do it for the glory of Valhalla and the lust of blood upon your metal. If you come back ever alive - so be it. If you all should die - glory to your names and a seat beside Odin. Now get out of my sight."

He stares at each one, almost daring one to take offence, but the warriors do nothing. Maridynn is a warrior-king; he fights with two swords and is alwasy the foremost in the battle. He lusts for death in fighting and fears death in the quiet of the bed.

A most disappointing audience
Posted on 9/4/2004 at 8:23:44 PM (CST)
Cor stood and listened as the king spoke. For one who ruled, he had very little in the way of manners. Even dwarves find a way to control "impolite" body functions during official meetings. As a noble himself, he was offended by such. For the good of the group and because he knew it was beyond his control, Cor said nothing. He hoped that Conall did not use this king as an example of proper behavior.

So, they were to travel to some small temple and assist those who somehow held a special place in the king's heart. It did not sit well that the king cared little for their fate but it was not unexpected. At least there appeared to be a chance to once again engage in combat. Perhaps there would be a chance to further evaluate the paladin's skills.

Cor made only the slightest geture of subserviance to the king as he was dismissed. It was enough to placate but not so much as to show awe.

Drusilia Liadon
Rude king../ Prep..
Posted on 9/4/2004 at 10:24:30 PM (CST)
She had just entered and kneels halfway down the hall when the king enters. As he speaks her name in his rude tone she has half a mind to tell him to stuff it. But she holds all her rude comments and movements. Unlike the beastly king before them, Not only does he act and talk like a beast... He smells...worse than one. She can’t help but crack a slight smile as she makes fun of him quietly. As he speaks she tries not to tune out his offensive voice. She sneers at his lack of caring for there lives. He tells them to leave in the rudest way, she still says nothing but its visible she really wants to. All her muscles are tense and she is biting her lip so hard it is starting to drain of its color. She walks out from the cambers and into the large hallway. She stops on the other side of the hallway and turns to the group as they also filter out of the room.
She takes a few deep breaths and let all her muscles relax before she dare speak to the group...

Her eyes scan the group as she speaks… “We should get on this right away.” She looks displeased in this fact but continues... “If you have anything in your room, you feel you need go and get it now, and meet us at the stables. If not follow me and we will prepare our horses...” She sighs quietly as she walks down the hall and heads for the stables....

Hawk leaves the throne room
Posted on 9/5/2004 at 3:39:53 AM (CST)
As Hawk was following the others out of the throne room he thought about the fact that they finally had a mission a way to use thier special skills for which they were chosen but still that king could have been less rude and he could have waited till morning either this was to important to wait or the king had nothing better to do but either way he could have been politer he is a king after all and the leader of a city. You would think with him having no manners he would want to sleep instead of giving orders so Hawk decided it had to be to important to be left to go to long. As he followed the others to the stables he drank his last 2 drinks before the mission and all he could wonder about was how long the break was going ot be after this mission and what could be so important about a temple most are filled with preists and who would want anything to do with priests they are strange to Hawk and he has never been able to understand why they do the things they do or why sometimes. He has nothing against them but he just doesnt understand them and you must always be cautous about things you dont know much about or understand. He would have more to think on priests and about this temple on the way there right now he had to finish following the others to the stable and help get the horses ready.

Posted on 9/5/2004 at 1:03:22 PM (CST)
Cor listened as the druid gave instructions. They were to prepare quickly and meet in the stables. "I will be but a few minutes as I must retreive my gear and fill my ale-skins." With that he set out to his room and gathered his things, placing them in their proper place for traveling. A trip downstairs and a sharp rap on the innkeepers door produced a groggy owner. "I am sorry to wake you at this hour whence roosters still slumber. I must take leave of this place and wish to make a final purchase." Cor hands two empty ale-skins to the innkeeper. "Please fill these with that fine ale you serve." Ten gold coins pass from Cor's hand to that of the keeper. "Your grace, I cannot accept this much as the ale is but a few silver." Cor replied "Take it you shall for it is payment for your friendship and excellent anticipation of my needs during my stay. If any others who travel with me owe you anything, let me know and I will make it right." Cor retreived the two, now full, wineskins from the innkeeper and also the offered loaf of bread and small wheel of cheese. The dwarf placed his hand on the mans forehead; "Until we meet again may the one I serve watch over you."

Cor made his way to the stables and the others. It was time for adventure. Soon glorious combat would begin.

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Filling in The Details

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Filling in The Details
Posted on 9/5/2004 at 9:24:46 PM (CST)

As the party quickly moved out of the courtroom they were partily in shock for the King who they had known for the past 8 months seemed not to be himself.
The man they knew as caring and kind was not the same man seated before them only moments before.
What trouble or fear could change such a good man,what trial's lay ahead of them ,what dangers would they face?.

They all finally gathered at the castle's stables to prepare the horse's for the journey when once again the king's steward appeared before them.

"There is no need for your horse's as the King knowing that time is short has provided faster transport for you."
Turning and pointing behind him you the party see the landing of 9 Pegasi Troopers fully armed for battle.

"Each of you will be flown by Pegasus to the temple,which is in reality an old Monastery to the north, nearest the town is Raheirn.
The King by purpose was very vague on the details due to the nature of this mission and the suspicion that unfriendly ears are about.
You are all to gather what you need from your horse's and pack that into these backpacks I have provided for you if one you do not now have."

He points to a corner of the stables where rest a number of goodly sized backpacks.

"The realility of this mission is that you are to seek the Fate of one Althena Sunblayze ,a close friend of the King and a ward of his court.She is very inportant for many reasons of which I know not ,but the King looks upon her as he would a daughter." Turning to the Bard/Druid.
"The troopers are yours to command Lady Drusilia as you are leader of this party. Lead them all well for you all have seen what the possilblity of danger to this girl has done to our beloved king. Find her and bring her back safe do everything in your power to do so I beg this of you."

With a low bow to the party the steward is gone outside of the stables you see the 9 Pegasi troopers awaiting you to be ready and be gone on your mission to "Rescue Fate."

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Troopers to command
Posted on 9/5/2004 at 10:05:53 PM (CST)
With the steward gone, Cor turned to the druid. "I will follow you as leader to the utmost of my ability for you have been elected as by the group. However, I am commanded by none save my god." There was no malice in his words, it was a simple acceptance of her position on the journey and a reminder that her word was not quite law. Cor's eyes opened wide as he beheld the mounts the king provided. Suddenly he broke into a run and flung himself around the neck of one of the stallions. "Arias, is it really you? Not since I was a precept undergoing mounted riding traiing have I had the honor of sitting astride your noble kind. It must be fate that brings us together now." The Pegusi stomped its hoof in acknowledgement of the dwarf words. In moments, Cor was astride the great beast and ready for adventure. "If you have never ridden a Pegusi before I'll give you one word of advice; hang on!"

On to the temple
Posted on 9/5/2004 at 11:05:04 PM (CST)
Ulthok listens quietly well the king speaks of their next mission they are to go to the rescue of some small temple to the north of Celebrimbor, which he says he holds close to his heart, to Ulthok that means there is something there the king feels is important that who or whatever threatens this temple does not somehow uncover. He knows that they are not being sent to protect the priests Uthgar, he believes, does not hold the lives of his individual subjects to be that important. So there must be something there he wants to protect. However even as he ponders this Ulthok doesn’t really care why the king is sending them there just that he is, and he will get another chance to put his powers to use.
Ulthok knows that most of the others don’t really care much for the king that they work for, but he believes that is because they just don’t truly understand the man. They find him uncouth and rude, and get irritated because he shows no concern for their lives. To Ulthok these are some of the very things that make the man the great king that he is, most of the others are all wrapped up in their own lives, and their own problems to see the big picture the way the king must do. He is the ruler of a great land and the lives or deaths of a few, especially those who by their own hand seek out danger, can not, and should not cause him worry. The fact that he tells them that if they should perish then they will sit with Odin to Ulthok is a great complement the king being a warrior himself aspires to that very thing himself a glorious death in battle.
Ulthok believes if the others would take the time to get to know a little more about the kings background and culture they might see him in a different way. Oh well that is not of his concern. When the king is finished and dismisses them he watches as the king looks at each warrior as they rise to leave. Ulthok holds his place for just a moment longer than the rest then turns back to face the king and as is his custom to show respect bows deeply to the king then stands turning sharply on his heels and marches out of the hall to meet the others in the hall.

Once in the hall he waits for their leader Drusilia to give them their first orders which she does. They are to waste no time and head out on this now. Having made sure he was prepared when he arrived here he need not go back to his room for anything so he falls in line behind Drusilia on their way to the stables. Moving up to where their leader could see and hear him he speaks.

"Well Lady what do you make of this a small temple out of the way up in the north country, as usual I think there is more to this than saving the necks of a few priests. I think there must be something pretty important to the king that’s being protected up here and now it’s in jeopardy. I wouldn’t mind finding out what that might be, aren’t you at least a little curious?"

They continue on as he talks to the bard and reach the stables. Going to his war pony Rampo he rubs the animals neck to sooth him some. The pony always gets excited when the stable boys start getting him ready to ride. The two have been together for quite some time now and have formed a very tight bond, and Rampo knows that if they are heading out at this time of night they are heading out looking for trouble. He continues to rub down his pony while he waits for everyone to assemble and their leader to give the command to ride out.When the stewart reappears and tells them they won't need their horses other rides have been provided, Ulthok can't believe his eyes this will be great. The stewart then gives them the lowdown on what is really going on up at the temple, well one thing was right the king was interested in something other than the priests.This lady must be very important to him to send out his elite to rescue her.He gets his stuff from his ponies saddlebags and puts it all in the bags supplied for their new rides, and now he is ready to ride!!

Drusilia Liadon
Getting Ready...
Posted on 9/5/2004 at 11:50:14 PM (CST)
Drusilia reaches the stables with the group close behind. She looks to Ulthok.. “Of coarse I am curios, But all I can do is wait and see what is so important..” When she finishes speaking the steward appears before them. He mentions a faster way of transportation, and 9 pegasi land behind him. She looks at the Pegasi with great anticipation. Her annoyance of having to leave so early has turned into great excitement for the journey ahead. As the group looks at her, they can plainly see she is excited and quite happy to be leaving the palace. She has a ample grin which seems to be permanent on her face at this time. She stands before the group, standing tall her long blonde hair flowing gently around her face.. “Ok I guess planes have changed a bit.. Take all your things you need, from your horses and place them in those backpacks in the corner.” She points to the same backpacks the steward did... “Then lets get on your flying horses and get on with this journey, a women is in need of our help..”

She smiles and rushes over to Jewel. She quickly takes her things from the horses packs and places them into the larger backpack. She gives Jewel two carrots, and promises she will be back as soon as she can to see her. She pats Jewel on the head one last time, then heads toward one of the pegasi. She gets all her gear and supplies placed before she turns back to the steward. “Assure your king, I will do all with in my power to see that Althena is brought back to safety..” She bows slightly, before she mounts her ride. After she mounts she waits for the rest of the group to get ready, so they can take their leave of this dull palace and head out to adventure....

Hawks horse
Posted on 9/6/2004 at 3:15:45 AM (CST)
Hawk walks up to his horse and says "Hi Swift" in equine(the language of horses) the horse ignores him and turns his back. "What is your problem" he says in equine it is not often the horse ignores him. The horse reponds with "You have found better transportation it seems so why should I care what happens to you now that i am not needed you proved that by not coming to visit me often" Replies Swift. "Oh is that what you thinking Swift we have been friends how long and I have had to leave you before granted never for a pegasus but I will be back and my next mission I promise you can come." "Not good enough" responds Swift "Make me a better promise." "Alright how about this since I have to go you name it and I will agree to it. I want treats when you get aback as much as I can eat and I want to go with you on your next mission if you are able to take me and dont get to attached to those pegasus I will never let you have one to replace me till the day I die of old age." "Swift you will out live me most definitly if I have to keep having to listen to you complain at the slightest thing again it gives me a head ache and i promise you are the only horse shaped creature for me now I need my bags so dont kick me." Hawk reaches around the horse to get in his bags and starts to put the things he keeps there where the horse can gaurd them till they are needed and puts them in the backpack provided for him as he is leaving the stall he says "bye" and Swift kicks him in the butt. He looks back and can tell the horse is laughing at him but walks out anyway he will deal with his favorite friend later once outside he calls Greystreak from the rafters. Once Greysteak is landed on his arm he asks in avian (the langage of birds) "You think you can keep up with the pegasuses?". Greysteak responds with "I will try." "If you cant keep up come back here and keep Swift out of trouble" says Hawk. "You think you can get rid of me that easy" says Grey streak. "I can always try but i mean it if you can keep up I dont want you to try harder I dont want you to hurt yourself who would I have to keep me out of trouble if you werent around" says Hawk. Greystreak says "I will keep up me or Swift have to keep you out of trouble but if I cant I will find a nice mouse or small bird to eat and come back here to keep Swift out of trouble till you get back." Once that is settled he head over to Dru and says he is ready to go all he needs is to know which pegasus to get on.

OOC: I dont know if Trilogy saw that one coming with the langages I chose but I have been thinking out the whole talking to horses and birds thing since I decided on the ranger I find it funny

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The Monastery

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he Monastery
Posted on 9/7/2004 at 4:11:00 AM (CST)

As the party grabbed what items each thought he or she would need for the journey.The Pegasi and the 9 human riders upon them waited.
Once the party approached the flying horse's a large muscular human male roughly 7" in height clad all in chain mail with bow and twin swords across his back gastured to Drusilia.

"Lady Drusilia I am Captain Tammar Tarantino leader of this unit. It would be my honor to have you ride behind me as you are in command of us."

Once all were mounted the Captain gave the order and the horse's rose into the sky heading to the north.
During the flight the Bard/Druid learned from the Captain that his 50 man unit of Pegasi troopers had been running supplies to the Monastery once a week for the last 5 years.That a unit of 200 heavily armed Infantry was posted there along with the Monastery's 20 priests.Why this was he knew not and had never seen a women there.

The flight took a little less then 5 hours and as the party reached the site the morning sun had risen midway into the sky.
Flying over the grounds in a wide circle the members of the party could clearly see that the Monastery was inclosed by a thick stone wall and that the front gate was now shattered and destroyed.
Beyond the gate the fire blackened rubble of what was clearly once a barracks still smoldered.
To the buildings front a fire scorched area 210 feet by 180 feet could clearly be seen.
To the west 50 yards in front of the still intact wall a large rift almost 60 yards in length appears somehow to have been gorged into the earth.

3 Buildings appear to still be intact the first and largest is located in the northeast corner and buttress's the northern wall.
This building clearly the main building of the Monastery is 250x300x100 in diameter with a single door giving access on its front.

The second largest building is 160x100x60 in diameter and rests 40 yards below the main building. It also only has one door allowing access on its front.
Before it once stood 18 marble columns ,6 of which now lay destroyed.

The third and last building undamaged is located in the southwest corner and again buttress's the south corner of the Monastery's wall the building is 100x100x120 in diameter and two doors are visbilble giving entrance one on its main section the second on its long spur.

Many of the Monastery's tree's can be seen still standing and a semi-large corn field can be seen in the northwest corner reaching out 50yards by 50 yards from the wall southward and appears untouched or disturbed.
Clearly some form of battle was fought here and by the look of destruction only two or three days ago.

The Monastery is quiet and no sound seems to escape its walls.No sign's of life be it man or animal can be seen moving. The lingering smell of burnt flesh and blood tell a tale of death and the aura of evil deeds clearly yet lingers....

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Posting at last
Posted on 9/7/2004 at 8:22:40 AM (CST)
Conall goes through the motions keeping his ears and eyes open even when the king sits upon his throne and is nothing like the man his father sent here to serve.

In the stable Conall is saddling up his mount when the steward enters the stable and now seems to be apologizing for the king. An action that could get his head and his body a trip to two different graves. Conall listens to what the man has to say and then to Drusilia, “I can fallow this woman into battle.” Conall thinks to himself. Then he turns to his horse, “So Asparoth, what say you to staying behind and eating the finest hay and the greenest of grass from the kings own fields?... No, I do not think the king will stay in such a mood long. He will care for you while I am away. Now let us have words of prayer before we part company.” Conall places the back of his hand ever so gently on Asparoth’s nose and the heavy war horse as gentle as a kitten lowers his massive head and the two meet now touching foreheads. Conall eventually backs away from Asparoth, “Now hurt none while I am away.”

Conall turns to the steward, “Have council with the king when it is safe to do so. Tell him that all who go away here this eve will do as he commands or die doing so. Also steward, tell the stable boy that Asparoth with be as kind to him as he is to Asparoth. Also tell the king that if anything should happen to Asparoth while I am away on this task, that Conall of the House Glendower will be seeking answers.” Conall nods his head to the steward in respect.

Conall then approaches the Pegasi he is to be carried on, “It is said that you can understand the speech of men… I hope you are not dishonored, being tasked to carry one who is not worthy of the honor to ride one such as you.” Conall then looks up at the rider, “The name is Conall, I believe we have the honor of riding together.”

The time on the Pegasi went by fast; the trip was over all to soon. Having circled the monastery Conall wondered where they would be set down. He had never had the advantage of approaching a would be battlefield from the sky.

The Monastary
Posted on 9/7/2004 at 1:24:20 PM (CST)
Ulthok mounts his Pegasi with a little help from the human who will control the animal in flight. He is looking forward to what should be an exhilarating flight. During the 5 hour flight to the monastery he goes over in his mind what the Stewart had told them of their mission. They have been sent to rescue a woman by the name of Althena Sunblayze someone who is very close to the king for some reason. When they reached the monastery the sun had risen and the land below was easy to see. It became quite obvious when they reached their destination that a fierce battle had taken place there recently. The front gate had been shattered, and the barracks burned to the ground. There was also a large area of blacked and scorched land in what would of been the front of the now destroyed building. He notices one strange thing a huge rift torn in the ground to the west and in front of one section of the wall. That was a little baffling. There are three intact building standing although one has several of its massive columns knocked over. It looks like whoever or whatever caused this damage may already be gone, but he knows to never take anything for granted.

He focuses his mind as he studies the layout of the monastery and starts to put together ideas that may be useful in the upcoming confrontations. He waits patiently for the lead Pegasi rider and their leader the Lady Drusilia to either set down somewhere or give them orders of some other approach.

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Cor was a bit disappointed that he would have someone else controlling the pegasus while in flight. However, a moment later he realized that it had been about 20 years since his last solo flight and so the present arrangement was probably for the best. After a brief introduction to his companion and a short prayer he was ready to depart. The 5 hour journey went by much too quickly. Strangely for a dwarf, he dearly loved the feel of flying. He made a mental note that upon completion of this adventure he would have to spend more time mounted in the air.

As the group approached the monestary, it was obvious that a battle had been waged here recently. Apparently the "good side" won as the king's men were still in possetion of the buildings, such that they were. As they dismounted, Cor moved closer to the bard so he could here her directions. There were many questions he wished answered but out of defferance to her position he held his tounge until she had a chance to speak first. He knew that soon would come the time for action but now was still the time for planning.

Hawk and the Pegasus
Posted on 9/7/2004 at 7:18:53 PM (CST)
Once hawk knew where to go he went and get on the pegasus he would be riding. As he mounted up he talked to the guy he would be riding with about the flight so he knew what to look forward to. The one thing he knew about pegasus he had heard in a tavern one night from another elf and it was that pegasus flew faster and better without people so all he could wonder was how slow and well it was going to be flying with two people and if it could stay in the air. I guess he would figure it out when it started to fly if it could handle the weight the man who was going to control it assured him it would stay in the air. Hawk didnt worry about staying on it he had the medallion of steadiness for that he was worried about the animal or the other rider getting hurt if it crashed he could careless about his own neck. It always had been that way with Hawk caring aobut others and creature more then himself.

It was a bumpy ride on the pegasus and it didnt help that he kept looking behind to see if the Greystreak was keeping up a surprise to him was that it always seemed to be right behind or know where he was and find a short cut or something to keep up he wasnt sure how it did it but he was glad to have at least one of his long time friends with him. When they arrived and were circling the temp all he could think was the amount of force it would take to that damage and that it was recent only helped in that he was sure that if any of them had survived and left he would have no problem finding them and figuring out where they were headed it was what he trained for that and battle were what he did and loved if he had his choice he would rather die in the smallest battle then his his bed of sickness or even worse old age those where what scared him everything else he meet couldnt compare to him.

Missing companions
Posted on 9/9/2004 at 8:12:15 PM (CST)
As the group gathered on teh grounds of the monestary, Cor noticed that two of their number failed to appear. He was at a loss as to what happened to them. "Lady Dru, did you perhaps see what befell our companions on the journey? Perhaps they had second thoughts about our mission and took the opportunity to leave? Such is sometimes the way of things." Perhaps it was for the best.

Drusilia Liadon
Moving on
Posted on 9/9/2004 at 11:06:21 PM (CST)
She looks at the man who speaks to her. “ I thanks you Captain Tammar Tarantino, and I would be quite delighted...” She mounts the pegasi with him and they take off soon after. They ride for what seems to be eons. Not many words are exchanged between the Captain and herself during the flight.
She looks around as they land. She gets a somehow eerie vibe from this place. It seems to quite. And not enough life for a place such as this. She Looked at cor and spoke quietly. “I am not sure what happened to them..” She looked around and nods at his thinking it might be for the best. She pears around the monastery, she then turns to the group.. She looks at each of them in turn then speaks.. “We should start are search in the main building..” She points to the one she speaks of. She looks around as she slowly takes off in that direction. With her hand close to her hilt, and her eyes watching every inch of the ground around her....

Into the Temple
Posted on 9/10/2004 at 1:15:15 PM (CST)
Once on the ground Ulthok dismounts quickly. He immediately draws his precious sword Idrenal from its scabbard as always it feels right at home in his hand. He gathers with the others around Drusilia for their next move, and looks around when Cor mentions that two of the group did not arrive with them to him this does not matter. He looks at Dru.

"So two have turned matters not lets get on with this."

The air in the area was still thick with the smell of smoke and obviously the smell of burnt flesh.
As he waits for directions from their leader his eyes are never still they dart around the area watching and looking for anything that is moving or looks out of the ordinary. Dru says they should look in what appears to be the main building that is still standing, and that sounds as good as anything to him, lets just get moving and stop making targets of ourselves. He falls into his usual place in the order that they always move in.(Don’t know what that is as we have not decided yet have we.) They stay in formation until they reach the door of the monastery’s main building and he waits for someone to try the door.

Posted on 9/10/2004 at 3:50:33 PM (CST)
Cor was a bit surprised that so far the others were rather callous that the party had dropped in size. Obviously there was no real sense of unity yet. He listened as the bard gave her plan and saw her begin to move towards the building in question. Ulthok had already drawn his weapon and was following close behind. Cor stepped close to the paladin and whispered in his ear. "See how the druid gives her plan and waits not for discussion but moves ahead? Such can be good when haste is of the essence. However such must be tempered when there is time to plan and information and ideas are more important than speed. A good leader knows when each is required. The guards here would might be a wealth of information if we but stopped and spoke with them. However, since our leader has made a decision, I will follow it as it is not likely to cause anyone harm." His eyes moved to Ulthok. "See how he has already drawn his weapon? Why does he do so? Is he expecting trouble or is it a source of comfort to him. Brandishing weapons often results in misunderstanding. Weapons are are tools and tools should only be readied when needed. My hammer stays safely in its holder until needed. Once drawn, I intend to use it." Cor began to move slowly with the party towards the building taking time to look around.

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Af'til Falldil decides to cancel the invisibility spell that he has had up for several weeks. He wonders what his companions will think. After all, they seem to have forgotten about him. The sudden appearance of an unarmored Grey Elf standing six feet tall with shoulder length pale golden hair dressed in grey and black ought to be interesting. He adjusted his quiver and maces. Then he turned to the rest of his thistledown clothing. The grey cloak and sashling seemed to be fine, but he adjusted the decorative pin ob the sashling anyway. Ensuring that his extra bow string had not gotten lost, he strung his elen bow and looked at the party leader with an unspoken question in his eyes

As many of the Faerie, he spoke little and had usually little to say verbally. Most of his expression was written questions and responses to research in the library. He walked toward the group with noiseless grace. He was a quiet person even many thieves trying to move sliently made more noise than he did without any apparent effort. When he closed in on the group, he stood silently.

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A Long Delayed post

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A Long Delayed Post
Posted on 9/11/2004 at 5:36:40 AM (CST)
As the party made ready for flight the Lady Drusilia noticed the absence of 3 of the 9 members of the party.Those missing were the Fighter/Mage, Tidus, the female gladiator, Helena and the Ranger/Cleric ,Af'til.
As she approached the steward to inquire of them Af'til lowered his spell of Invisibility and made his presense was again known to his fellow teammates.Looking to him she spoke.

"Ah I see you have decided to join us good but stay a little more visible okay.Have you seen Tidus or Helena."?

At his reply of no she was again turns to the steward who with much regret informs her that both had refused to go and had been since banished from Shanntara forever by the King.In thier place he had sent a magical messege to another,A female human Fighter/Mage believed to be close by and she had replyed that she would meet the party at the Monastery.
Though the party would still be short 1 person ,8 was better then 7.When all was ready the flight began.

The party had finally landed on the Monastery grounds yet a member short due to the weakness of Tidus and Helena.
Drusilia calmly scanned the surrounding area and gave her orders for the party to check the main building first.As they began to move towards said building a slim figure hailed them from the shadows of a close by tree.Out stepped a women dressed in chain mail bearing a staff.

“I am Haila Flowers I have been sent here to help."
Looking the party over her gaze falls upon Drusilia ,bowing she again speaks.
You must be the Lady Drusilia leader of this party,I am yours to command."
With that she takes her place amongst the party ,which then once again heads to the main building of the Monastery.

The short walk to the door was filled with the silence of the party and of the Monastery itself it was if nothing lived here anymore.
The thick and bonded wooden door they saw as they came to stand before it was already somewhat ajar as if forgotten to be closed. Ulthok at once moved forward and after a few minutes of intense searching found no traps or hidden dangers.
Reporting this he moved back to allow another to open it.The Paladin Conall being the man who he was stepped forward and with a mighty push opened the door fully.

Looking beyond the door the party saw before them a beautiful indoor courtyard filled with potted flowers ,lovely green grass and a stone walkway running through its center,splitting to the north and south a few feet before the back wall.
Both paths ,north and south the party could see lead to smaller wooden doors allowing access to the Monastery's interior.A few trees were also planted here with rollaway roofs to allow access to the sun and rain.
The last features of note were 7 large stone statues thier facial features disfigured by some type of blunt weapon.They had clearly by thier stone clothing been likeness's of various gods which now could not be known.
Conall taking no chance's ,reached out with his faith seeking any hints of evil but feeling nothing.So once again leading the way he with the rest of the party behind him entered the courtyard.

Suddenly midway along the stone path the sound of heavy footfalls were heard by the party from each side of them and to the front as all 7 of the large stone statues began to move ,weapons ready to the attack....

(OOC:Okay round 1 has begun please post your actions by Monday nite.Any players who are unable to do so will be considered to be too surprised to act this round..Also Jinxsa as you are now with the party you may post as well.)


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Cor walked near the middle of the group as they made their way to the monestary. He was saddened for a moment that two of their group had been banished and so they would likely never see them again. He thought to himself, "Probably the only ones smart enough to recognize a suicide mission and they get banished for it." At least there was a new member of the party. He would have to get to know her better later. Perhaps she knew how to drink properly.

As the group made its way into the building, Cor noticed the statues of the old gods. Long ago had their names been forgotten. Such was good for only the true gods remained. He sent a silent prayer for mercy upon those who had followed the false gods. They never had a chnce to know the true gods. His prayer was just completed when to his amazement the statues began to move. "Trap!!!" he bellowed. The word echoed inside the otherwise silent, stone hall. In a well practiced move, his hand reached for his hammer and brought it into throwing position. As his arm moved forward, he recited the words that activated the dwarven magic bound deep into the hammer. "Togle igles onlaviv durash!" The weapon flew from his hand, aimed at the face of the closest crrature on the right of the party. Cor watched its flight and prepared for its return.

This is the moment a battle cleric lives for. Cor's heart pumped vigorously with the surge of adrenaline brought on by the battle. He could feel his blood coursing through his veins and felt his body tingle in anticipation. A smile on his faced exhibited the boyish glee he felt. It had been a long time since his last battle and Cor had a feeling this one would make up for it.

Posted on 9/12/2004 at 3:30:44 AM (CST)
Af'til Falldil decides that it is time to Draw Upon Holy Might, giving himself the strength of a Hill Giant. With his Mace of Disruption in his right hand and his horseman’s mace in the other, he will face this unexpected attack

Battle Starts
Posted on 9/12/2004 at 7:53:21 PM (CST)
Once they are at the large door that is the entrance to the main building Ulthok using his skills checks the door for any type of traps, or anything that would hinder their entering the building. After declaring it safe the Paladin Conall steps up and pushes the door open. Looking into a large interior courtyard filled with flowers, grass, and trees, with a stone walkway running down the center then splitting into two near the back wall these two lead to two wooded doors.

With Conall leading the group Ulthok was in his usual position near the middle of the group . The halfling moves with the group his mind and body both on high alert as always when in unfamiliar territory. He scans the courtyard keeping alert for any movement or shadow that might single danger. Even though he only stands 3ft. 4 inches tall he is well built and one can see his supple muscles move and flex under his form fitting body suit. His daily regiment keeps both his body and mind fine tuned to leap into action in a split second .

He looks the area over carefully and he focuses his gaze on the seven stone statues that line the walkway, their faces smashed so they are no longer recognizable. The presence of these seven statues concern him, he doesn’t understand why a monastery that was built to honor the true gods would keep things such as these that where meant to be monuments to the false gods of the past. Of course not being a man of religion there is a lot he knows he doesn’t understand, but just to be on the safe side he decides to take a closer look at these statues. However as he turns to speak to Drusilia about what he would like to do the sound of heavy footfalls reach his ears as all seven of the large stone statues began to move ,weapons ready to the attack.

Ulthok waits for noone in such situations as his instincts take over. Looking immediately for anyway to slip into the shadows he will employ the skills that have become second nature to the pint size mage/thief and moving silently while using any available cover and shadows to conceal his activity he will try to flank or move behind the nearest enemy. This is where he and his precious sword “Idreanl” do their best work. As he makes the moves necessary to position himself for his attack many things run through his mind, for Ulthok fights his enemies with more than just his sword and strength, for he is also a master of the magical arts and his daily workouts keep his mind as sharp as is the blade of his sword. As he gets positioned to strike his first blow the first thing he ponders is will his blade be effective against these stone creatures at all. The next thing that is going through his mind is the spells that he has memorized for the day and which ones might be effective against these stone creatures. Even as he is pondering his next move he is striking his first blow.

OOC: don’t know if there is to much here for the first round of action, but as DM I am sure you will let me know. Also I am sure from my writing you can tell what skills I am employing but I will list them here anyways. Move Silently, Hide in Shadows.

To Arms
Posted on 9/13/2004 at 7:04:09 AM (CST)
Conall hears the words from Cor. Already facing the front statues that step down he calls out, “A battle cry that falls upon def ears is a battle cry wasted.” With that Conall draws his sword and steps forward to attack the first cold statue.

a little background thrown in to get to know her
Posted on 9/13/2004 at 4:32:48 PM (CST)
Haila had ridden pretty hard to get to the monastery in time. Luckily Fleet Foot was a horse who had earned his name. Formerly a stallion in the king’s own messenger service his speed and light step were at odds with his size. Unfortunately Niamendres had hated it and sulked inside her clock. A fine patina of cat hair clung to every garment she carried with her. Even the ones in her saddle bags. Damned cat. Solid black, Niamendres was a very hearty breed from the wilds. He was a god foot and a half long and weighed anywhere from 5 to 50 pounds depending, it seemed, on how cross he was with you at any given moment. She found him after casting a find familiar spell - normally the creature approaches the wizard but in this case it had been the wizard to have had to approach the cat as he had been too young to come to her. His mother had abandoned the litter and he was the only one left alive. Familiar or not he had joined her from a position of strength and Haila been able to completely make up ground, more than once in the past 2 years she had threatened to sell him and get a nice attentive rat. A presented backside was the usual affronted rebuttal.

She and the cat fell in with the company (not scanning the surroundings but at her new “comrades”, apparently they were much more diligent soldiers than she but she had her own goals). Haila began to place faces with the names. Some were missing. Haila shrugged she’d have taken off to if she had been asked to ride an animal that couldn’t decide if it was a horse or a bloody chicken! Why the King insisted on using the demandable things…

Ah well, ours is not to reason why, well I will but I’ll be damned if I die.

Haila was the daughter of 2 very dedicated and powerful spell casters. She had been taught incantations like most babes were sung cradle songs. It’s was why people were always underestimating her. Corn silk blonde hair and eyes the colour of bruised violet petal, so dark you could barely distinguish iris from pupil only added to her innocent appeal. She was only 18 and she knew of no other spell caster as young as she at her level, at least not in this country. She always thought of something else when casting a spell a means of distraction, an observation, a joke, a memory. The spells needed to flow from her effortlessly with no second guessing. Haila had a very unfortunate habit (and she blamed her mother mightily for this) that she spoke all incantations with a slight sing-song voice-similar to one WOULD hear in a cradle song. Without distraction she would think how goofy that voice sounds and she would mispronounce words and the misfire was sometimes almost worse than that stupid little voice…almost. There was nothing to be done about it, 10 years and she still hadn’t been able to cure that stupid little voice.

Her sister had struggled with magic use and found finding her own path, and while magic was in Haila’s blood and bones even she rebelled. She insisted on her parents hiring a retired master of arms to teach her self defence and give her some weapon training. She wanted to go out in the world, not hide in a tower bent over research books trying to invent such useful spells as turning frogs pink. Talia, her twin sister, had taken to arms like a fish to water. It had been Haila who had to struggle to learn. It was the first time the roles between the 2 sisters had been reversed. It had been a harsh lesson in humility (one of a very few). Instead of tearing the sisters apart it had drawn them together. Each helping the other. They had become twins in spirit as opposed to the flesh. Talia had been summoned to work for the king while Haila had chosen a more ambling path. If Talia had seen her now-travelling with soldier in service of the king she would have broken a rib laughing… if she hadn’t kicked her head in.

There was a slight delay at the door but once safely through they entered an indoor courtyard. 7 statues lined the courtyard. Puzzlingly their face had been smashed by a blunt instrument. Warning bells set off in Haila’s mind. Well this is certainly not going to be boring she thought, as the first foot moved. Even faster than Haila’s thought was Niamendres’ response which was to become nothing more than a blur as the cat ran for cover. Teeth and claws were no match for stone.

Rapidly tucking away her staff she snatches piece of pork rind from her pouch she began a grease spell. Her mind thinking about the marks on the faces. "Apparently this isn’t the first time they have attacked people. Not to mention 7 of them and 7 of us… sorry Niamendres no old cat god for you to play with. A dispel magic could work but on the off chance it doesn’t lets get these things on their backs. I knew I should have learned to use a damned hammer. Somewhere Talia I bet you are laughing your fool head off. You always were a royal pain in the ass."

(OCC : If the other members of the party have not rushed in to join the fray she has cast the spell in the centre of the statues, if they have she casts it towards the rear of the group of moving statues)

Drusilia Liadon
To Battle!!
Posted on 9/13/2004 at 8:11:43 PM (CST)
She drew her sword as the entered threw the doors. The walked slowly, as she scanned every inch before her.. She held her sword high as she anticipated something to happen. The area seemed a bit eerie to her, all seemed to be quite. She felt a shiver run down her back slowly causing all her hairs to stand on end. Just at that moment she heard a large thud, like a large footsteps. She quickly looked around to see the seven statues had come to life, with swords drawn and ready to attack. She wasn’t the least bit surprise, she knew something like that was gonna happen. She expected worse than this. She quickly ran her spells threw her mind, trying to decided what kind of spell might work on stone. She figured a regular weapon wouldn’t work very well, but then again you never know in this crazy place.. She can’t really decided which spell to cast so she just decides to try with her sword. She lunges for the nearest one as she uses her sword as more of a bludgeoning weapon. She turns the sword so that it hits the statue with the side in stead of the tip.

Hawk moves
Posted on 9/14/2004 at 2:59:19 AM (CST)
Hawk wastes no time when he sees the statues move he has his bow that is always in his left hand loaded and ready to fire. He doesnt know what good it will be but he might as well try it. He tells Greystreak to watch from above and let him know if he sees anything else move to join the fight. He looks to the others to see who all will be in this fight he notices some missing and doesnt care about those if they get themselves killed it is thier fault. He is glad to see some others that havent been with the group for a few days are here the king must have sent them as soon as they made it to the throne room late as always but always on time for a fight how like them will they never change.


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Combat Round One

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Combat Round One
Posted on 9/14/2004 at 6:16:18 AM (CST)

The stone statue's moved slowly yet aggressively towards the party faceless yet seeing without eyes.
The party members reacting with the skill of battle hardened veterans needed no orders from Drusilia as to thier actions.

The first to act was the female fighter/mage Haila.As the northern statue's moved closer Haila in her sing song casting vioce was able to get her spell off.
At once below the feet of two of the statue's a glazed field of grease appeared.The statues lacking any real intelligence took no note of this and found themself's quickly on thier backs becoming more smeared with grass and grease as they struggled to rise.The third statue not at all hampered continued his advance.

Ulthok using his skills successfully found himself behind the third northern statue. Which continuing its advance was almost to the Dwarf Cleric Cor ,who striking southward was unaware at its closeness.
Swinging his sword into its back of stone he hits with a powerful strike the magic in his sword strong,only to see a few bits of stone chips fly.
The statue feeling the hit turns and wildly swings only to see its own attack fly wide.

Cor unaware of how close the staue had come had chosen his target with much care.Releasing his hammer he watched as it scored a heavy hit on one of the statue's from the south.
As the hammer returned the Dwarf could see that his hammer had left a large crater in its left shoulder and the left arm was gone!!.
Its weapon unfortunatly was held in its right which seemed to be very accurate despite the hit by the Cleric's hammer. As it struke a blow against the Ranger Hawk.His arrows already fired.

Hawk fearing nothing and with his bow ready released his two arrows in rapid fire.TWO HITS!!
the arrows sriking the 2nd of the southern statue's only to bounce away the statue unhurt but delayed in its attack.
Then Hawk felt pain as the sharp stone sword of the first southern statue cleaved into his left shoulder causing him to drop his bow.

The Lady Drusilia seeing Hawk take the hit and in need of help was quickly by his side.
Using the flat of her sword she hit the one armed statue as hard as she could knowing little damage would be done to it.
But to her pleased amazement it shattered into piecies at her feet.A threat no longer.!!

Af'tl the Elf stood his ground in the face of the third southern statue.
Choosing a spell he cast it upon himself ,he at once felt the strength of his god and with the power of his faith stood ready as the statue attacked.As he thought it would its attack missed wide left.

Conall alone faced the statue to the party's front both of its stone arms filled with a weapon to the left a sword ,to the right an axe.
This statue unlike the other 6 seemed to move much faster and before the Paladin knew it he was under attack.He could clearly feel the wind of the sword passing his face as it missed then he felt pain in his chest as its axe hit squarly.
But he stood his ground not allowing the hit to move him back.His sword a weapon of good in his hand ,he attacked!! his magically enhanced strength drove the sword deep into its side almost to its belly.
But Conall to his horror found as he tried to pull it out for another attack that his sword deeply embedded had become STUCK!!.

The statues very much still active continued to attack......

(To make indentifaction easier the statues are numbered as follows 1-7.
1-2:on ground covered in grease.
# 3:attacking Ulthok.
# 4: Destroyed.
# 5:Active but unable to attack this round will get an attack next round depending on your actions.
# 6:Attacking Af'til.
# 7:Attacking Conall.

I will post RD 2 on Thursday nite try to get your posts in by then.
So far I think you guys are doing great keep it up...) 

Posted on 2006-09-12 at 01:58:54.

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Round 1 "Here hold this..."
Posted on 9/14/2004 at 7:13:33 AM (CST)
“Stone of a false god! Crumble and be no more!” yelled Conall Glendower as the sword of the stone statue flew just inches from his face. Then it happen the air was pushed from Conall’s chest as the evil axe found its mark. Conall not moving his feet did allow his upper body to sway with the axe strike and in doing so was able to use the statues momentum agents it and bit deeply into the side of the statue.

Only the sword bit a little to deep and Conall took only a split second to realize this as he could not with draw the sword from the stone he had just imbedded it into. With one swift movement he let go of the sword “Hold that for me false god of the past.” and reaching over his right shoulder grabbed his Axe.

Conall will hold his shield ready to deflect the next attack from the sword and will strike at the stone of a false god with his axe. “You have no sole. You will have no mercy.”

Hawk next
Posted on 9/14/2004 at 5:11:36 PM (CST)
Hawk last time had misjudged the distance the statue could move at a time decided it was time to go melee. He got up off the ground checked his arm and tried to draw his short sword with it. He could draw it but not without pain he could use it still though so he drew his long sword and went to see what he could do to the statue whose attack he had stopped since thew one who had hit him was destroyed. He had no idea what good it would do but he was not in a mood to deal with ideal thoughts on if something would work he knew if it didnt work it would at least keep enemies busy.

Fight continues
Posted on 9/14/2004 at 10:32:45 PM (CST)
Af’til felt the power of Solonor Thelandria surge trough him and smiled as the statue missed. Imbued with holy might, he grasped his maces and attacked the nearest statue.

OK the grease worked now ....
Posted on 9/15/2004 at 6:08:30 AM (CST)
Haila chuckles to herself seeing the gods on the ground flailing about dispite herself and looks to see how her new found comrades are doing. Any trace of smirk dies as she sees blood on a statue and then the injured ranger. Suddenly this wasn’t very much fun anymore. Drucilla was already at his side and Haila was able to see a pile of rubble where Lady Dru’s first foe had crumbled. Impressed dispite herself she wondered how Lady Dru had accomplished that feat. All these thoughts ran through Haila’s head as she scanned the courtyard. Ignoring the 2 statues flailing in the grease she started casting “dispel magic” on the thickest concentration of statues. Granted the spell had a radius of only 30… but she should be able to snag one or two in them. “Well, with the Gods’ own luck this isn’t an enchanted object and just the average animate object spell.” she thought as she tried to distract herself from her own childish chanting.

One down
Posted on 9/15/2004 at 1:47:33 PM (CST)
Cor watched as his hammer found its mark and shattered an arm of one stone giant. The addition of Lady Dru's well placed sword slap (he noticed she used the flat of her blade) reduced it to a pile of rubble. His voice rang out above the din of battle, "That's holy folks one, fighters nil!!" He noticed that the paladin's weapon had stuck in the giant beast he was fighting. Perhaps it was an unlucky thing or maybe it was something more. He would have to wait and see what happened next round.

Although he saw that others were injured, Cor was fully engaged in battle. Healing was for later, now was the time for combat. Such is the way of a war cleric. Healers tended to the wounded during battle, war clerics detroyed the enemy. The stout dwarf adjusted his grip on his hammer and took aim on a new target. As the paladin was in his charge, and Cor was never one to resist showing up a paladin in battle, he chose the brute attacking Conell as his next target. This time Cor entered into melee combat with the giant. It put him at greater risk but allowed him to strike twice. "Hold on, I'm coming to save ye!" he cried out to Conell as he closed the gap to attack.

His blows were aimed at the left ankle of his enemy in an attempt to shatter its leg and bring it crashing to the ground.

Attack On
Posted on 9/16/2004 at 9:33:17 PM (CST)
Getting in behind the 3rd statue on his side Ulthok hits it from behind with a mighty blow, only just as he was afraid of , for nothing to really happen except for a few stone chips to fly off the statue. The statue feeling the attack is surprised and turning and swinging at the same time misses Ulthok swinging wide. Racking his brain trying to come up with something that might be effective against stone, he knows he carries no bludgeoning weapons, so he runs through the spells he has ready to be discharged flowing through his mind, again trying to think what would be damaging to stone. He doubts that the magical energy from a magic missel spell would be effective he knows if he shoots it against something like a stone door or such they have no effect so suspects the same on the statues. The party and statues are in fairly close proximity so he doesn’t want to unleash something like a lighting strike which he thinks would do some damage to the stone statues. As all these thoughts run through his mind in less time than it takes him to blink he settles on one spell he hopes might help. If he can get the stone cold enough a good blow may cause it to crack and crumble. So he prepares to bring the magical fabric of the universe to bear against his enemy. Doing what must be done to bring his spell through to fruition Ulthok working as quickly as is safely possible replaces his weapon and brings out the small glass cone needed to cast the cone of cold spell.

Ulthok starts the intricate dance that is spell casting, with the material component in his hand he starts the small somatic gestures that are needed while he recites the verbal portion. He concentrates on his spell casting while keeping his attention on his adversary so as to try not to get hit while he prepares his spell. He will cast the spell so that it follows the line of statues as best as he can.

OOC: It has been awhile since I have played any 2E. Games and I’m afraid I have forgotten how the time frame for spell casting works would you mind refreshing my memory on how long it will take me to cast this type of spell. Thanxs.

Drusilia Liadon
2nd round....
Posted on 9/17/2004 at 2:39:20 AM (CST)
Drusilia watches the stone crumble to the ground before her. She smiles in great delight. A almost evil looking grin spreads a crossed her face. She would admit she does become somewhat involved in battle. She could even say she almost enjoys the fight. The thrill of the opponent, and the feel of accomplishment to see them fall to the ground lifeless. She quickly looks around the courtyard. She finds one statue that has seemed not to do anything yet. She quickly makes her way to him. Somewhat running and lunging at him she again uses her sword as a bludgeoning weapon. She does not expect the same results but she hopes. She buts all her weight into hitting the statue in the back of the head. ((*This is assuming that his back was turned towards her*)) Dru’s mind races as she attacks. So many questions run threw her mind. But she pushes her thoughts from her mind and focuses on the battle before her...


Posted on 2006-09-12 at 02:03:11.
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Combat Round Two

Trilogy Master
Combat Round Two
Posted on 9/17/2004 at 5:05:03 AM (CST)

The Statue's continued to attack the loss of one of thier number having no effect on them at all.

The first to strike this round was statue #6 attacking Af'til swinging a mighty sword of stone from above him. Af'til watched as it once again flew close but did not hit the Ranger/Mage/Cleric. Once again it seemed he was blessed.

Af'til at once now armed with his mace moved to the attack striking quickly he landed a mighty blow upon it.Af'til was pleased to see a crater had appeared in its chest.
The blow staggered the statue back two steps then it once again moved forward to the attack.

Conall having drawn his axe once again struke out at the statue before him shield held firm in his grip..But the statue seeming to sense the arrival of the Dwarven war Cleric was turning away and the axe only a glancing blow,stone chips flew.

Cor moving into melee saw the large statue turn towards him and so acted fast ,hitting the statue's left ankle he watched as it was smashed to dust.The statue began to fall ,having no damage and the statue of stone his ring had no effect.
The statue having been in the middle of its attack was thus off balance yet a hit was made with its stone sword causing a slash across the dwarf's chest while its axe flew wide.

Hawk knowing arrows were useless ,his bow at his feet ,drew both his weapons ,one long ,one short and moved to the attack.

Drusilia sword blade flat and the pleasure of battle running through her veins and a glem of merriment in her eye's ,stepped forward to the attack.
The flat of her blade caused a loud clang as it hit the statue in its chest.The statue seemingly fazed not at all returned in kind hitting her square along her right side.Blood was drawn.

Once again Haila found herself awash in magic a 2nd spell upon her lips , her sing song voice reached its peak.The magic bursting from her ,the spell engulfed the northern statue's all,yet still they moved forward statue #2 now on its feet and headed streight for her.

Ulthok watched very unhappy as his backstab did little harm.
What could he do yes a spell but which one,thinking fast he began to cast hand gestures done the spell burst from his hands to do...Nothing!!...Not a bit of damage done ,the spell fizzled and died.
The statue hit true striking him across his hip to the right causing an almost lose of balance ,yet the thief in him remained true and on his feet he stood.

It seemed as if the party had done little damage ,as yet the statue's both on floor and on feet continued to attack......

(OOC:Statis after round two...
#1 Unhurt still on floor.
#2 Attacking Haila.
#3 Still in melee with Ulthok.
#5 Attacking Drusilia.
#6 Attacking Af'til.
#7 On floor w/o left foot yet still trying to attack both Conall and Cor.

Will post Rd 3 Monday nite / Tues morn. Keep at them...)

Posted on 2006-09-12 at 02:05:15.

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Another one down, sort of.
Posted on 9/17/2004 at 1:02:25 PM (CST)
Cor saw Connal's blow glance off the stone giant. "Quit tapping around for a soft spot and hit it!!" he yelled as he closed the gap. He was surprised that the brute seemed to sense his arrival from behind and turned to attack him. No matter, it just made it more fair. The dawf struck quickly and his blows shattered the ankle of his foe. 'Kinda like fighting giants' he thought to himself. The strategy was only partially effective as the statue managed to strike him across the chest on its way to the floor. Pain only serve to heighten his lust for battle. He noticed that no renewed energy flowed through him after his attack and realized that close combat brought him no advantage in this fight.

With the creature on the ground but still attacking, Cor once again changed tactics. He quickly increased the distance between himself and the enemy and prepared to hurl his mighty hammer. This time it was the sword weilding arm that was his target. Payback was in order for the hit he had taken from it. Of course he held his attack until after Connal had a chance. He had greater range and if the paladin destroyed the vile thing he would shift his attack. He took a moment to scan the room and deceided that the one laying in a puddle of grease would get his attention next.

round 3
Posted on 9/18/2004 at 2:26:40 AM (CST)
Af'til Falldil had been lucky. He trusted in his god to assist him in downing the stone giant.

Hawk not left out
Posted on 9/19/2004 at 1:26:25 PM (CST)
Hawk not wanting to be left out and seeing a stratagie to the way the others were fighting goes for the shoulder fo the one he is fighting.

ooc: yes i am aware this is my shortest post and i am srry for it.

3rd round action...
Posted on 9/19/2004 at 2:51:40 PM (CST)
Haila grimaced wryly of course it hadn't worked. That would have been way to easy. And great now it's after me. Better not let it touch me that grease will never come out. She quickly tried to scan the battlefield. 3 statues were tipped with blood a glance at the rubble told her statues don't bleed. Hawk, Cor and now Dru were all injured. They were still on thier feet and fighting. Haila felt free to concentrate on the statue but marked them in her mind. If they fell she'ed have to get to them.
The statue was bearing down on her thankful they weren't all that quick she racked her brains trying to think of a way out of this mess. Think, Hailey girl, think. What would work against stone? Fingers twitching with each breath she let her mind race over the possibilities. Inspiration arrived in the form of a fallen arrow. Reaching into her belt pouch and deftly grasping the right casting material haila made the appropirate gesures and winced at her childish incantations.
Her companions were to busy to hear her and the statues probably can't hear at all. This had better work.
There was a little rush as the acid arrow was cast. She backpeddles slightly gaining her sometime to draw her quaterstaff. Great stone statue and me with a overgrown stick. Knew I should have learned the damn hammer.

Making a soft spot.
Posted on 9/20/2004 at 6:05:42 AM (CST)
Conall saw the Dwarven Cleric get struck across the chest as Conall’s own axe did little to the statue. “This cleric’s eyes glow with the furry of battle” thought Conall as he watched the dwarf stand back and scan the field of battle, “What matter of cleric is this?”

Conall then quickly spun the hand axe in his hand so the sharp end of the axe was facing away of the statue. “If I can not find a soft spot I will make one!” yelled Conall as he brought the axe down on the stone of the forgotten god.

New Tactic's
Posted on 9/21/2004 at 12:08:28 AM (CST)
Ulthok feels the surge of power as his spell is cast and strikes out against the stone statues. As he watches with anticipation NOTHING happens and as he curses the statue under his breath the stone thing strikes him hard on the his hip and almost knocks him off balance, but he manages to stay on his feet.

This stone thing is starting to get under his skin, as his mind races through his options he quickly scans the rest of the group to see how they are fairing, and sees at least three of his comrades are also injured and only one of the statues seems to be totally out of commission. One of the other mages has cast an acid arrow on one of the statues and he wonders how that will work.

Ulthok decides he must put some distance between himself and the giant statue so he can get positioned at a better angle and unleash more devastating spells. Glancing over his shoulder to be sure the area behind him is clear of obstacles he will use the springing function of his boots and keeping his eyes on his adversary make a backward leap as far as he is able. Once he is settled he will begin to prepare to cast his next spell.

Drusilia Liadon
Posted on 9/21/2004 at 1:42:44 AM (CST)
Drusilia looks around her quickly, as she lunges at the statue. Her blood running hot, in the heat of battle. She hears a large clang as her sword gets deflected from the stone. She quickly feels a large pain in her right side. She winces as pain engulfs her right side, and blood slowly trickles from her wound. She stumbles backwards a bit to regain her balance. The smell of fresh drawn blood swirls around her softly. It makes her feel somewhat relaxed. But as far as she was concerned the battle had only started. Even though blood had been drawn, and she was considerably hurt. She still had her wits about her....

She looks at the statue and thinks. She knows these statues weren’t moving on there own, some sort of magic was at play here. She decided it was at least worth a try. She quickly thought of what spell she needed. She decided she would aim it all at the statue before her instead of risking, messing up some of the group members potions. She quickly speaks the words of the spell in hopes she is doing the right thing. Her head spins as she concentrates on her spell, instead of the intense pain that is rushing threw her right side. The smell of blood still stings in her nostrils as she speaks her words...

0oc: Drusilia had cast Dispel magic on the stone statue before her.....

Posted on 2006-09-12 at 02:10:22.
Edited on 2018-03-06 at 11:18:59 by Eol Fefalas

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