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Parent thread: Whom Gods Annoy - Q/A
GM for this game: Grugg
Players for this game: Jozan1, Vilyamar, Kaelyn, Rystefn K'ryll, suicidolt, Brianna, Reralae
This game has fizzled.
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Rakdos is an ancient being. He has been undead for at least two centuries, possibly even more. I had thought him dead as no news of him had surfaced for some time. As one can expect, my compatriots and I make it our business to know all that occurs on this world of ours. In life, Rakdos was once an…”agent” of our temple, performing services for us of a rather delicate nature. However, he was granted access once before to the Sphere, and learned of Arcanaloth and the stories I have told you. He fell quickly from our order, dedicating himself to the cause of the exiled one, and disappeared for quite some time. It seems now that he has discovered that which I have long feared, and now seeks to restore his unholy patron to power. We cannot let this happen. YOU cannot let this happen. The fate of the world hangs in the balance, and it is no coincidence that you have come here on this day. You have been chosen to prevent Rakdos’s apocalyptic quest from bearing fruit.”

Kaene paused, and quivered slightly. He sat down slowly, a tired look on his face.

”Destiny has picked you. But the choice is yours, I await your answer friends.”

Katriana had to think about the consequences of accepting this Church’s charge, as doing so could have unforeseeable reprocussions from her own role as a devout follower of Ragnarok. Katriana stepped forward and ran her fingers through Kumadel’s hair, even though she did not respond. “”If it be the will of the God’s that I take up arms against this evil most foul then so be it, I pledge claw and steel, heart and faith to the cause. If it truly be fate that we, all of us have come here on this day, then I would dare state it is fate too that this stranger has made their way here as well, that new life is destined to be breathed into them so they too can aid you in this endeavor. Please Master Kaene, gift them with new life, it is all I can ask.

Posted on 2008-05-13 at 21:30:55.

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Lheriel was in amazement at the events that were unfolding infront of him. Truely this is the kind of thing that he had trained for in the past. To help the ones who need it the most, to break the grasp of fear and terror that it had on them, to cut the life force of these evil villians once and for all.
He continued to listen to the story and took it all in. He understood the risks involved, and understood the dangers of the task. Already one of their own has fallen from this beast, and they havent even accepted already. Truely this would be one of the hardest fought battles Lheriel and Jeskell have ever endeavoured. But only good can come out of this. The lives that they would save and glory that would be found. They had to accept.

" This story of yours is quite thrilling. The dangers of this mission were already shown to us, even before a word was spoken. Already one of our own was taken away from this beast, and we have yet to begin. If only to give revenge to the fallen ones, we must accept."

Lheriel turned to the group more to speak clearer.

" We are the last line of defence for all of the good in this world, and if we do not try an stop this monster, all of our lives will be wrought with untold terrors."

Jeskell spoke out too, slightly still in amazement in the story and the events from before.

" We would need to be strong, fight together, and come together as a group of heros destined for greatness. If we do go, we would need that if anything. Unity above all else."

Posted on 2008-05-15 at 00:31:34.

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""We few gathered here are supposed to stop an evil that will destroy the world as we know it?" Raiel rephrases what the High Priest had said. "That is a mighty tall order. I fight evil all the time in forest and field to try to keep the woods and forest free of vermin and evil. Many rangers do so every day it is a constant fight. Now you expect us to take care of some ancient undead that can enter your temple with impunity and is just a shadow of some greater evil behind him so that the Gods themselves are powerless?"

"I could wish that I did mistake your words, but I do not think I did or that you would lie to us about this to us. We few are a slender hope that the world now depends on, don't you "think?" perhaps you called the wrong Ranger out. I was one of my lowest my order that was allowed to take up this quest."

Raiel shakes her head in disbelief. then stands forward with bow in her left hand and sword in her right. Saluting the High Priest where he sat.

"I will not forswear myself as I am duty bound to carry out this quest, but I think you should have been more specific about the level of ability that is needed considering he gravity of the situation. I am here and will do my best."

"Now there are wounded and apparent a body the one of these good folk is hoping can be raised. I have arrows to collect." Raiel offers matter-of-factly directing the attention of the Priest back to what needs to be done here and now.

Posted on 2008-05-15 at 04:23:53.
Edited on 2008-06-02 at 22:48:29 by Brianna

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Cinema Bizarre

Krim Mountains, Far Northern Tar’Talon
”You’re very good at crowd control.”
It was a complement, but it had accurately described their encounter with the bandits which now lay in piles around Toby. His whip had preformed admirably, holding his enemies at bay and keeping the frail Killoren safe from harm. Toby replied light heartedly, giving the cleric a wink and Chancer a quick ribbing while he went through the belongings of the bandits. Four axes, two shortswords, some dirty clothes and 53gp, they certainly were travelling light, giving an indication that their hideout was not far away.

Chancer, his absence in the battle a source of both slights and aggravation seemed to hardly even notice, although a slight sneer did cross his face as Toby pointed out his conspicuous lack of help.

”Nature called,” he shrugged, ”…loudly.”
He headed absently over to where the bandits had emerged from over the bluff and looked out across the mountains. For a moment he stood still, and a sort of pensive look washed across his face. Then suddenly he grinned, and pointed to something in the distance, calling back enthusiastically.

”I think I’ve found our destination!”
Following his extended hand you can see a thin trail of smoke, black against the otherwise clear air.

The Temple of Magnagoth, Camatcha
“Nice bedtime story. But say we agree to tracking Rakdos, the vampire who did kill someone here, and say we find him, with his multitude of collected artifacts, and lets even suppose that we through his minions and guards and defenses so that we can maybe try and kill him. What the hells are we going to do then? And what does that thing even do?”
Raen’s disapproving questions were directly aimed at Kaene. It was clear that the woman would not put her heard somewhere without first checking to see if it was safe.

”I never said the work was easy Raen.” Kaene said solemnly, ”And I can guarantee that it is not. What I did say is that you seem destined to do it. The gods work in mysterious ways, and there is no denying that your timely appearance here to defend that which matters most is more than coincidence.”
Kaene paused a moment before rising to his feet, his hand once more resting on the Sphere of Truesight.
”This is the greatest gift ever given to man by Magnagoth. It is a potent scrying focus, the greatest in all the planes. There is no place you can go that it cannot find you. Therein does its value lie, and the very reason Rakdos sought to claim it. The sphere could be used to discern both the locations and defences of other artifacts and so it is to our great advantage that it remains in our possession. While Rakdos has at least 200 years of preparation more than us, we can use this to even the odds.”
“So, if I understood this whole story, Rakdos needs this thing here along with the other major divine artifacts to break this seal, correct? Then if he’s missing one of the pieces, won’t the whole deal just not work?” said Raen. “Why don’t we just destroy the shiny thing and be done with it? If it doesn’t exist, Rakdos would be missing the piece or source of Magnagoth’s will and wouldn’t be able to break the seal, right?”
This sudden assertion by Raen seemed to shake Kaene, and for a moment his brow contracted in anger, and all those in the room were suddenly aware of a slight cracking feeling in the air. Within seconds the feeling passed and Kaene’s face had returned to its kindly expression.

”If only it was so easy my dear.” Kaene said, regardless of the fact that Raen was probably never called “dear” in her life. ”Being the very embodiment of the god, it would be impossible for mortals such as us to destroy these artifacts.” To prove his point Kaene absently swatted the orb with more force than the group had thought possible, sending it sailing into a wall and shattered instantly. The group looked stunned for a moment before their gazes returned to Kaene and the Sphere which was sitting wholly in front of him.

”They are possessed of the regenerative powers of the gods themselves, and only their divine will could prevent their reformation. However, the same barriers which bar them from his plane prevent them from ever reaching the objects, hence the dilemma we now face.”
Raen deliberated on this new information, while the usually silent Katriana gave her consent.

”If it be the will of the God’s that I take up arms against this evil most foul then so be it, I pledge claw and steel, heart and faith to the cause. If it truly be fate that we, all of us have come here on this day, then I would dare state it is fate too that this stranger has made their way here as well, that new life is destined to be breathed into them so they too can aid you in this endeavor. Please Master Kaene, gift them with new life, it is all I can ask.”
Kaene stared into the feline eyes of Katriana for a moment before nodding serenely.

”Your points are quite right, warrior of Ragnarok, and while I am loathe to return the dead from their rest, this fey creature was taken before her time.”
Kaene paused a minute and drew a pair of diamonds from a pouch at his side, his hand began emitting a gentle white light. He set his hand on Kumadel’s brow and within seconds she coughed out a breath. The killoren’s eyes opened slowly, and she lay there a moment, clearly unsure of what had just happened.

”Rest easy Kumadel,” Kaene said gently, ”The passage back to life is not an easy one, you may find yourself unfamiliar with life for a short time.”
"This story of yours is quite thrilling. The dangers of this mission were already shown to us, even before a word was spoken. Already one of our own was taken away from this beast, and we have yet to begin. If only to give revenge to the fallen ones, we must accept. We are the last line of defence for all of the good in this world, and if we do not try and stop this monster, all of our lives will be wrought with untold terrors."

Lheriel’s words rang out in the now silent room. His partner Jeskell nodded affirmatively, adding the necessity of all their efforts in pursuit of this goal. Raiel however, seemed more inclined to agree with Raen, though her honor bound her instead to the quest.

"Would that I did mistake you words, but I do not think I did or that you would lie to us about this. We few are a slender hope that the world now depends on, don't you "think?" Perhaps you called the wrong Ranger out. I was one of the lowest my order that were allowed to take up this quest. I will not forswear myself as I am duty bound to carry out this quest but I think you should have been more specific about the level of ability that is needed considering he gravity of the situation."
Kaene nodded again. ”When I had called you here I had no idea of the magnitude of this undertaking. However, just now you staved off the wrath of Rakdos in defence of this relic, I think you will find yourselves much capable. Now…”,he turned to Raen, “..will you accompany your comrades?”
Raen nodded grudgingly. ”Someone has to make up for the half-elf’s incompetence…” she muttered under her breath.

Kaene’s face little up with a smile. ”Excellent my friends, excellent. I should think by now that Rakdos has possession of at least one artifact he will be seeking the others much quicker. Obviously he knows of their powers, though by what means he has that information I cannot fathom. I myself know only a handful of them, and it seems likely that he would assault the most obvious of them quickly so as to limit our advantage. I do humbly entreat you to head north, near the base of the Krim Mountains, to the metropolis of Portluck. The great temple of Carselt lies there, and I should suspect, with Rakdos so adverse to the healing power of that church, that he would want to strike there while he has the element of surprise. Go, the time invites you.”
((OOC: Ryst and Reralae, you are about 3hr walk away from where you perceive the smoke. Main group, you have your destination, and Philo you have life. Make your way there however you may.))

Posted on 2008-05-24 at 18:55:35.
Edited on 2008-08-16 at 16:38:45 by Grugg

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Too Much Walking!

Iskanna looks at the distant smoke trail and can't help but give a sigh. She is not the walking type. She isn't even really a fighting type. Why wasn't the church happy with her just doing clerical duties while reading all the books in the libraries for the tenth time? Who knows, she could've ended up having an epiphany that might have resulted in the making of a spell that... well, she doesn't know. It is just a path she was dragged off of, and that is easy to do in a physical sense. Her unnaturally light and slim frame gives her an overall frail appearance.

Grudgingly, Iskanna begins the long trek outlined by the smoke above, her thoughts meandering on her multiple favourite books.

Posted on 2008-05-24 at 19:55:50.

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One last thing

"One last thing, Ecclesiarch," said Raen as the group turned to go. "What happens with the orb now?"

Posted on 2008-05-25 at 00:33:48.

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"What happens with the orb now?"
The words provoked a silence from Kaene, who stared lovingly at the Sphere of Truesight before facing Raen once more.

”So far it has cost our church dearly merely for moving it here. To attempt a second transfer would be far too perilous. That’s not even to mention the advantage its potent powers of observation grant us. It shall stay with me, though where I shall stay I do not yet know, and I will requisition a guard of the most skilled in all my church. Rest assured friend, it will remain in my possession, and it shall remain safe. Now you must be off! The very fate of the world hangs on you! Go!”
((OOC: Now find a damn route out instead of asking more questions Can’t make it easy can you.))

Posted on 2008-05-25 at 00:47:54.
Edited on 2008-05-25 at 00:48:19 by Grugg

Rystefn K'ryll
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Hmmm... Nothing really to indicate who they were or where they had come from. A fair bit of loose coin, but no jewelry or other valuables, and no supplies. The men must have a camp somewhere about. Well, it could easily be miles from here, so there was little point in worry about that. Still, there was the one with the crossbow still. he might have been a leader or somesuch, so there was perhaps a good reason to at least find him and see if anything he had might indicate something.

Toby casually stood from his search and placed the coins in a pouch at his belt, walking to where the other man had fallen. Necessary? No, but taking a minute now could save them no end of problems later.

Sadly, nothing here either. Pocketing the half-dozen or so coins not lost in the seeming gallons of blood staining the ground, he turned to look towards the rising smoke. "Well, if that be the destination, no sense in wasting any more time here."

Posted on 2008-05-27 at 17:27:58.
Edited on 2008-05-31 at 01:11:42 by Rystefn K'ryll

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Lheriel headed for the door to see what he could do about finding a way to get to these Krim mountains. He looked back to the group to speak out his thoughts.

" I'm going to try an head out to get a map to these mountains. We should meet up at the gates of town in a few hours time so we could get supplies and provisions. I'll try an find us the shortest route out of here to Portluck."

They walked down the building and came to the entrance of the church. Jeskell looked over to Lheriel.

" I'm going to try an get some arrows for the coming expedition. I'll meet you at the gates."

" Alright, that sounds good. See about getting some rope also. Might need that."

Lheriel started to head to the nearest general store, asking around when needed to see about a map. Jeskell headed off in the other direction to get some arrows and rope, likewise asking people if he does get turned around in this new city.

Posted on 2008-05-28 at 14:42:50.

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Dream sequence!

The blackness was not inviting. All around her, like ink, imperceivable borders. It was as though there was no existence beyond this little sanctum of light. What was this light? Rather charming in fact, an everburning firepit, as though she were camping in the forests of the damned.

Oh, she remembered. Kumadel had known she was dead when her eyes opened once more. Though, she could hardly imagine that they were in fact her eyes. More likely the facets of her soul that could not detach themselves from the memory of what she once was. She was absorbed by the serenity of it all. Here, she could finally have questions answered. She was not alone. There was an old friend. The one that had set her on her course. The copper dragon.

He had introduced himself as Myktarivos. He was proud of her, though it was the love of a father, that could not be broken by any failure in the child.

"Why am I not at rest?" She had asked.

"It is not yet your time child. There is much to do. You have embarked on a journey to become something admirable. Though, you have wandered somewhat. You have consumed certain aspects of our kind, and yet, you forsake the truth of yours."

Curious response. What could he mean? She did everything she could to emulate her master, to become the perfect shaman of the dragon, whose heart was full of courage and strength.

"You are not so full of strength, that you may avoid death with courage." The dragon spoke as though no thoughts were safe from him, as though her inner sanctum was an open sea, upon which he might sail to any corner. Nothing was too deep."Even dragons die. Especially ones that are so young. Think of yourself as a wyrmling. Though you are fierce, it is quite alright to know that you have indeed limitations. Be strong, be brave. Do not forget however, that we dragons are a race of great cunning!"

"Surely I could not have forseen my end as such! It is unfair to judge me by elements outside of my control." Kumadel was somewhat defensive, her chest heaved with the inflection of insults being hurled towards her. It wasn't fair. Not her fault.

"You are highly to blame, clumsy, and left vulnerable. These people you battle were waiting to find the soft spots in your defense, and they found them, and extorted them. Regardless of the implosion that ended your reign of evolution, your death was a certainty the minute you flung yourself into the unknown, simply on the faith that if you acted as I, your victory would be sealed."

"Then..." Kumadel replied, stammering as she began to realize her insolence. "what shall I do?"

"Keep in your heart the goal you have set for yourself, and become a great shaman of the forest dragon. Keep in your head the cunning that will carry you to victory against the forces that seek to let the world burn. Keep in your soul the power your faith in me endows, and bring it to bear against all those who would stand in your way."


The darkness had faded and she blinded by the light of life. She closed her eyes, and blinked away the pain of birth. She was no infant, there would be no crying. Dragon's do not cry. Though they love...

Myktarivos had said it was not her time, but was that real? It couldn't have been a dream, for she was assuredly dead. There was no other plausible explanation for the event then, but it's factuality.

The killoren female stood from where she had been laid down. She watched her arms as she moved them around, clenching her fingers and then relaxing them once more. Then her eyes scanned the room, and the faces therein. She cared not for any of them, knew nothing of them. The priest had spoken to her, told her that life was a disorienting process to be instilled upon the deceased. This was far from the truth, everything was crystal clear now. Her goal was unchanged, however, she had been lectured on the reality of life. The reality of her frailty, and the promise of her destiny.

Her sky blue eyes stopped upon the feline one. The one who had crossed the void with her, to face off against the pirates. "You," she said softly, almost a whisper, "you have saved my life."

Posted on 2008-05-30 at 11:05:46.

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Raiel had been quiet since asking her question. what with the others asking what they wanted to know and the Eccesiarch answered them so she had about as much, or more, than she really wanted to know. Like or or not she was bound to this quest.

"Now we have heard the story, what is it exactly you want us to do. Do we recover the artifacts so he can't use them or do we kill him so that he can't use them to break the seals. To find him or the artifacts we need information. The world is to vast to search every nook or cranny."

SHe was committed to the search so now she had to figure out how to achieve the goals of the quest. Ever practical as she was it made her good at what she did.

Posted on 2008-06-01 at 16:26:06.

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She's alive ALIVE!

Katriana watched in awe and bewildered wonder as Kaene worked his mighty magics to breathe new life into Kumadel. Katriana found herself hovering over the procedure, her curiosity getting the better of her as she stared at the ritual which would grant life renewed to the stranger.

It was a slow process, but as Kumadel’s body lurched with the first breathe of a successful resurrection, Katriana found herself crying, unexpectedly her fur beneath her eyes matted with tears of joy.

Her sky blue eyes stopped upon the feline one. The one who had crossed the void with her, to face off against the pirates. "You," she said softly, almost a whisper, "you have saved my life."

Katriana’s lips curled into an instant smile, at the stranger’s recognition of her. Katriana bowed to Kumadel, still weak but alive and well. “It was the lord’s above who saw fit to save you my dear, I was but the messenger, to deliver you to their loving embrace.” Katriana slowly raised her head, before slipping Kumadel’s backpack from her shoulders and placing it before her, and also bequeathing her jewelry back to the rightful owner.

“I’m glad you’re back, but I forgot to get your spear. Guess I might have had my hands full. He offered a supplicated smile, before turning away to the rest of those gathered. Listening as Rael commented on the need for information. “Let us visit the local guild-houses and watering holes, for there we might find one who has traveled to Portluck. Perhaps we can arrange for a guide, or better still accompany a caravan or trade envoy already scheduled for that destination.”

Posted on 2008-06-02 at 21:47:29.

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"Go" the High Priest had said. She would go but the important point that had not been mentioned was where.

Raiel moves out of the room with the others. "I think we need to talked together and make a plan of how we are going to achieve this quest. The planning we do now can well give us the edge we need to succeed. Perhaps at an inn or tavern. Does anyone of you know where we can gather together?"

Posted on 2008-06-03 at 23:29:03.

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With the urgency of a dying whale, Raen rolled her eyes as soon as her back was turned to the priest and made her way out of the church. The others discussed what they needed to do, and there wasn't much that could have been declared a spell for utter doom of the world there, so Raen only nodded her approval.

"Meet at the North [ooc: or whichever gates we decided on] gates in 4 hours," Raen said as the others began to disperse, mostly reminding herself. "Alright, time to go kill 4 hours."

((Raen needs nothing, so she'll go... hang out for 4 hours)).

Posted on 2008-06-28 at 19:32:40.

RDI Staff
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Stevie Ray Vaughn

Krim Mountains, Far Northern Tar’Talon
"Well, if that be the destination, no sense in wasting any more time here." Toby said, looking out towards the thin plume of smoke rising in the distance. His words were greeted by a noticeable sigh from the frail Iskanna, obviously mountain travel was not her idea of a pleasant day. Chancer nodded his approval, his lack of participation in the battle against the bandits seeming to inspire him to be as helpful as he could.

The group set off in the direction of the smoke, with Chancer scouting ahead through the bluff to ensure they didn’t walk into any more bandits. While the smoke had been easily visible from the plateau where they had been attack, the actual source was deceptively far away, the route twisting needlessly around the various spires and cliffs that dotted the mountainside. By the time the group had reached another plateau near the smoke, the sun had long since left the sky.

From their vantage point the three of them could see what looked like the entrance to what could only be a bandit camp. Their outcropping was about fifteen feet above a larger plateau, covered in what appeared to be roughly made and hastily erected animal hide tents faintly illuminated by the low embers of a campfire in the middle. While the flames did little to illuminate the whole plateau it did its part in revealing a few bandits, scattered about it. The central fire was a little less than twenty feet away from the group, and visible around its glow were three bandits, apparently talking to each other and, from the sheer amount of empty bottles and mugs, thoroughly drunk. Forming a circle about five feet in radius around the fire were eight two man tents and it only took Chancer a second to whisper quietly, ”Sixteen”, meaning that assuming the seven bandits they had encountered earlier shared this camp, there were still six bandits unaccounted for.

The outer rim and spires surrounding the plateau were cloaked in darkness, but while the others focussed on the camp, Toby’s keen eyes scoured the darkness. His vigilance did not go unrewarded however, and he noticed two figures on opposite spires just off the edge of the camp. The one on the left seemed to be keeping a close watch over the camp and its surroundings, a cross bow slung over his back but the other it seemed was taking some new meaning of sentry and appeared to be dozing softly on the outcropping he would normally keep watch from.

Toby also noticed an oddity at the base of the cliff-face directly across from them, just over forty feet away. Whereas the rest of the mountain they had covered had been mostly barren, there seemed to be some sort of leafy covering a small portion of the rocky face, as if it was covering something, although Toby couldn’t see what.

There was no doubt that these were the bandits they had been sent to find, the reason they had been trekking through the mountains for the last few days. They had been tasked to clear them out for the safety of their community and now they would finally have their best chance.

Posted on 2008-08-13 at 16:40:30.
Edited on 2008-08-13 at 17:18:31 by Grugg


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