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Nomad D2
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The interogation continues

(Oriel will note Gunther’s behavior – noting when he stops concentrating as hard on discerning evil. If he relaxes and gives no indication of foul play, verbally or physically, Oriel will be inclined to be very honest with the mayor (Already the plan, but more so…) and more to the point in his questioning.)

Oriel’s next question will depend slightly on the answers that the mayor provides. He will probably ask the following questions:
1. From which homes have people disappeared? (Follow up to his answer and indicating Gunther’s map which is already out on the table.)
2. What has been done so far about this problem?
3. What clues have the authorities found so far?
4. Is there anywhere that seems like a likely place to get information or “find trouble?”
5. Why are the houses in such disrepair, yet the fields still seem so strong and vital?
6. I assume the mayor is a voice of authority in this town – are there other such persons? For example, the temple? How does one get to be an authority in this town?
7. How long has this problem been going on? When/where did it start?
8. You seem like a very capable individual, what are you most concerned about here?
9. What are these locations on the map – indicating points of interest on the map. (Temple, odd shaped thing North of building 22 that looks like a pile of rocks, island, anything else that has come up)
10. Are there any caves or other odd locations around that might be connected to disappearances
11. Which families have disappeared and returned? Where are they, and what have they said about their experience?
12. Considering the goings-on in these parts, how might the locals react to a group of strangers, especially a mixed group such as ours?
13. What would you suggest we try?
14. If someone did wish to settle down here and join in the abundance in this community, what would they want to do?
15. What’s the owl for?
16. Who is the other guy?

As noted, our answers will be very honest, although Oriel will attempt to avoid mentioning the merchant if possible. He will not lie, but if a basically truthful answer is possible that doesn’t include that information, he will simply neglect to mention him. However, if asked directly he will admit the merchants role and even name him – watching very carefully for a reaction to the merchants name.

If the mayor’s answers lead any particular direction Oriel will follow up on them. He will also willingly allow others in the group to step in and ask questions if they desire. He does keep an eye on the other guy in the room – what is he doing?

Posted on 2008-04-09 at 21:04:17.

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Friendly Guest

"Pardon me gentlemen, may I have a moment of your time?" the guest asked with a plate in his hand.

Valerus turned to see the inquisitor. It was a welcome change from what they had experienced thus far. They had approached everyone else in town, with the exception of the innkeeper, and now someone was approaching them. The druid looked over the the man non-chalantly. He wondered if this man was a townsperson or simply a visitor. He would have to find out. Perhaps entertaining the man would answer some of Valerus' questions.

The druid slides over on the bench and offers the man a place at the table beside him.

"But of course, my name is Valerus Cain, servant of Beory. Who might you be?"

Valerus offers the Severus a seat beside him, quite confident his companions will be on the look out for anything suspicious.

Posted on 2008-04-10 at 12:31:39.

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Stings in the Inn

Stepping into the Inn, Stings absorbed the rooms layout and it's patrons.

When the Innkeep brought out the wine, Stings took it and sipped it at first but when he found it to be quality he gulped down a big swig.

As the Innkeep answered the questions Valerus asked, Stings listened and took mental notes. The one tidbit that really interested Stings was the strange man who lived amongst the elms. He would have to let the others know it might be a good idea to check the old man out.

Taking another gulp of his wine, Stings noticed a patron who was seated at small table get up an approach the group he came over and said...

"Pardon me gentlemen, may I have a moment of your time?"

Posted on 2008-04-10 at 21:03:19.

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Sentinel The Small and Fandil The Wise

(one of these days Fandil's boss will have his issues resolved and post for himself rather than through sideline conversations, but .......)

The little guys are listening and observing intently as Oriel talks for the group with the Mayor et al. They watch Gunther closely for any signs that action might be required. Both are smiling and looking like inocuous and secondary members of a group. They can and will act quickly if necessary.

Sentinel does warily "look around" as the conversation occurs. He looks for other conversations through any open doors or windows;he can, after all, read lips pretty well. He also casually but visually only examines any drawers or containers to prepare for thievery or lockpicking were he to so choose. (Probably later on.) He is prepared for anything. But he remains quiet, unless specifically addressed, in which case he will answer truthfully and generically supporting anything anyone else in the group has said.

He notes Fandil being quiet, smiling, and very alert.

Posted on 2008-04-11 at 12:38:41.

Regular Visitor
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Group 1 - Gunther, Oriel, Sentinal, Fandil, Deathstalker, Katai

Everyone looked a bit nervous as the owl came out and onto the table. The older man standing also looked to be a veteran of many combats and not one at all to trifle with. An uneasy silence settled over the room for a bit with Sentinel and Fandil watching carefully the goings on about the room. They didn't notice anything untoward just yet, but kept their wits about them and were ready to move in an instant.

Gunther settled his shield to the side and touched his holy symbol as Oriel started to talk. As the question and answer session began and the attention of the mayor was on the speaker he began his detection of evil intent. As he scanned the room he saw the older warrior staring directly at him the entire time. No reaction was on his face, no hint of a smile or frown. His face remained stone. It was a bit unnerving but Gunther could detect nothing from the room. No evil intent that he could determine was forthcoming.

Oriel remained standing and faced the mayor. “Thank you for your hospitality Mayor Ormond.” With a slight nod towards Gunther Oriel continues saying, “Sometimes our friend Gunther does get a bit carried away, but I can assure you, he is good man to have on your side. As for your offer to exchange information, we accept.” “You asked a fair first question. As you noted we are a bit young and a bit well armed for a group of prospective farmers. As my showy friend hopefully indicated, we are here for honorable reasons. We have heard that something afflicts this town. That in some way, things are not right here – and indeed, this town has the look of neglect about it, even as the crops prosper in the fields. We came to see if there was anything that we might do to alleviate this problem, if a problem exists. As for land and a desire to settle down, that is only partially a story, as there are some of us that are curious about this village. I love the land and enjoy seeing it prosper such as your land seems to do. But, we are here to help out, if help we can. I hope that satisfactorily answers your question.”

“As I indicated, we are here because we have heard that some ill afflicts this village. When we arrived we were told that you were the mayor of this community. Certainly your home is the finest we have seen yet. We came to you hoping that as the leader here you could tell us a bit about the problem, so our first question must focus on our goal here – identifying if a problem exists, and if so, just what it might be. The main rumor that we have heard is that people have been disappearing. What can you tell us about these disappearances?"

The mayor stayed silent a moment rubbing his chin in thought. He had been glancing at the owl every now and then as Oriel had been speaking. "I believe everything you have said so far except for the part about being farmers and settling down. I know farmers when I see them and you aren't it. But fair is fair. I will answer you as best as I can." Turning he took a pitcher from the table and poured himself an ale. "Help yourself, it is very good." He took a long pull and began.
"Disappearances. Well, that is the strange thing. I don't know what is going on in this town. I have my suspicions but I am not sure I want to speak on those just yet. The people who have disappeared, have done just that. They are gone. We can't find any trace of them or where they have gone. The ones that come back, well.. that is for later. That is the truth about what I know about the disappearances. Nothing unfortunately."

As the questions went back and forth the hours wore on. The mayor was very animated and you can tell now that he cares deeply about this town and its occupants, but is very frustrated indeed.

#1 - From which homes have people disappeared and can you show us on the map? "There are quite a few actually." He points to the places on the map where people have disappeared (most of the non-numbered buildings). He points at #16 also. "This used to be the Foaming Mugg Inn. There was a large battle there and many people disappeared, but the following day everything was gone. Just signs of the battle remained, no bodies, no anything. It seems like that was when our problems started a long time ago."

#2 - What has been done so far about this problem? "Well there wasn't really anything to do. What can you do? We tried to determine where the people went or what happened, but there simply isn't anything to look for if you know what I am saying. It is very frustrating."

#3 - What clues have the authorities found so far? "Well we have a town constable and his men, but they really haven't found anything out. They report to me daily. A rough group of men, but sturdy and they have been here since the start of the town. They have found nothing as of yet."

#4 - Is there anywhere that seems like a likely place to get information or “find trouble?” The mayor looks uncomfortable for a moment before answering. "I have some suspicions. But they are just that. I don't have facts, so can't act on anything. Some of the people that have gone and all of a sudden come back. They just don't seem "right". They seem "off" somehow. I am convinced that the storekeeper, the smith, the carpenter, and the clerics are all a members of some sort of secret order." He looks a bit embarrassed for even saying it, but he continues. "I have no proof, but I think that the old hermit that lives in the Elms to the west of town is the ring leader. I think he has taken over the minds of people in the town."

#5 - Why are the houses in such disrepair, yet the fields still seem so strong and vital? Laughing he says, "Well this is tough country. We get attacks from creatures now and again. Orcs, Lizard Men from the swamps. Kobolds. Nothing the town can't handle. The fields would be strong and vital even if you left them for a year! This place is a goldmine for farming. As far as the houses. Some people take more care than others I suppose."

#6 - I assume the mayor is a voice of authority in this town – are there other such persons? For example, the temple? How does one get to be an authority in this town? "I was voted in when we first started this town. My father was a mayor for another town long ago and the founders here were from that town and voted the old mayor's son in. So the job just kind of fell my way." He scowls at the mention of the temple. "Something ain't right there. The temple folk just seem odd."

#7 - How long has this problem been going on? When/where did it start? "About a year now since the first "happenings". There is really no way to tell when it really started. Sometimes these wild towns just get people who up and leave. I guess before we really started noticing, some families had already left. No telling if they left on their own or if they "Disappeared".

#8 - You seem like a very capable individual, what are you most concerned about here? "I am concerned about keeping this town afloat and at peace. Thats all I want. The people are my concern."

#9 - What are these locations on the map – indicating points of interest on the map. (Temple, odd shaped thing North of building 22 that looks like a pile of rocks, island, anything else that has come up). He looks down at the map. "Yes that is the temple to the northeast. Ahh that is the town vineyard."

#10. Are there any caves or other odd locations around that might be connected to disappearances. "No, no caves that we know of anywhere around here. There is the fell forest to the north and the swamps to the south. But we have always dealt with those before all of this started."

#11. Which families have disappeared and returned? Where are they, and what have they said about their experience? "The ones I already mentioned are the only ones that I know for sure have gone and come back. The storekeeper #12, the carpenter #14, the smith #15 and of course the temple. Oh and that hermit whom I believe to be the ringleader! He is here #27. There may be other families that have come and gone, we really can't be sure. The ones that have gone and come back just get right back to working." He points at each location on the map.

#12. Considering the goings-on in these parts, how might the locals react to a group of strangers, especially a mixed group such as ours? Shaking his head he says, "The mix isn't a problem. There are halflings and others here as well, regular folk. But the townsfolk are scared. They won't take kindly to any strangers in town."

#13. What would you suggest we try? "I don't know son. I just don't know. If I knew, I would have already done it. We are pretty simple folk out here. We aren't any sort of investigators. Even the constable is just a warrior."

#14. If someone did wish to settle down here and join in the abundance in this community, what would they want to do? "Just take a tack of land I suppose. Orlane has grown that way. Folks just come, set up a house on a piece of land that isn't on someone else's property and there ya go."

#15. What’s the owl for? With a smile the mayor takes the owl and hands it to the man who is still intently watching everything. "I won't say. It is a family heirloom, lets put it that way."

#16. Who is the other guy? "This is my longtime friend Traver. He don't talk too much."
After the long banter the mayor says, "Well all. It has been a pleasure. You have my blessing to do whatever you can to rid this town of whatever the problem is. I am sorry I couldn't be more of help to you. Just throw my name around if you want to the locals that give you a problem. I have some business to attend to shortly. Also, a warning. If you aren't sure of something, don't get into any trouble. These people are all good folk here but they are worried and suspicious."

He also asked you quite a few questions in return for each of yours. You are now standing outside of the mayor's home. (If you have other questions you can ask and I will pre-face the next post with the answers). It is around 4PM or so. ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

Group 2 - Kyuss, Haiden, Stings, Valerus, Severous

Severous walks towards the new arrivals and speaks. Sure enough, one of them named Valerus answers with a name that he recognizes. This is the party that he was supposed to meet!

After the small talk was over with and everyone was introduced the day was wearing on. It was about 4PM and folks were starting to wander into the inn. One of the patrons caught the watchful eye of Stings as he casually looked the crowd over. It was a youth of about 14 or so. He looked a bit disheveled, but every few seconds he would seem to stare in the groups direction. And if he noticed someone looking towards him he would turn away quickly.

Other than that the inn starts to get more customers and the inn-keep becomes busy. The place is really homey and a great place to relax.

Not much else to say really. I need some direction in game of where you guys are going or doing next..

Posted on 2008-04-12 at 05:24:54.
Edited on 2008-04-12 at 05:26:37 by Tripwire

Nomad D2
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After the mayor's

Having finished their dialogue with the mayor, group #1 went otuside and briefly discussed what to do next. Over the hungry rumblings of the halflings stomach, the decision was reached to check out building #16 - the old Foaming Mug Inn. Oriel (and probably others?) pulls a light snack out of his pack as they walk towards their next target. The donkey and cart are brought along, since they were with us thus far already.

When we get to the inn - we will want to cautiously look around for clues as to what happened in the battle. Who or what fought who?

Posted on 2008-04-14 at 00:04:51.

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leaving the mayor's

Sentinel The Small thinks to himself as the group leaves the Mayor's fine place .......

"Gee, we sure learned a lot there. The Mayor seemed like a decent human, er, a, at least, he looked human. The guy sure is rich, though. But he did not seem completely forthcoming - matbe 80%, but ... Oh, for a nice hot meal! My stomach is rumbling. Don't these other guys have their six meals a day? Ah, well, it IS an adventure, and maybe soon we will all be wealthy and can eat twelve meals a day! Cooooool! That Oriel is a pretty good talker, and ole Gunther sure is a religious feller. Wouldn't want to cross his faith! Nice having the big guy, Deathstalker around. Makes one feel safe. And a magic user or TWO?! Yeah! This IS an adventure! Looks like we will explore the old inn. Need to get ready to rumble as they will surely need my lockpicking and trap examination skills soon. Yep. Time to show my worth. I wonder if I can steal that apple from Fandil's bag without him knowing it?"

"Hey, Fandil The Wise, did you hear the joke about ......."

Posted on 2008-04-14 at 08:43:25.

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A new party member

Severus explains to the druid that he had been waiting for the party of adventurers to come to town. Glad to have another member in their group, the party sits at breakfast and enjoys the comraderie. Valerus explains to Severus all they have experienced thus far. There was little to tell except of the damp two day journey to Orlane, and the brief meeting at the town entrance.

"We have gotten very little information from the townspeople," Valerus admits to Severus. "I do not believe they are withholding anything, but I'm convinced they know very little about the events unfolding here. Of course, we have not spoken to everyone. Perhaps we just need to find the right person for the lead we need at getting to the bottom of this mystery." Valerus then tells Severus the other group with them has gone to speak with the mayor. "Our group was supposed to travel to the temple," he says rather sheepishly. "As you can see, we have gotten a bit distracted."

The group continues to chat and eat, and Valerus waits until he can get the friendly innkeep's attention. When she approaches he requests 3 rooms for his large party and discreetly slips her 10 gp. "If there is need of more, I or my friends will make up for anything lacking," the druid says with a smile. "I simply love those ancient elms to the east, are there any rooms that overlook them?"

Valerus will request 3 of the the party guest rooms (8 sp per bed rooms). He will also request a room overlooking the grove of elms and rooms with windows.

Posted on 2008-04-14 at 12:56:38.

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The Boy..

While Valerus was talking with Severus the Inn became more active.

Stings watched as patrons came and left while lodging was being discussed. He noticed that a young boy was starring at the party and every time Stings spotted him doing so the boy quickly looked away!

This went on for a good 15 to 20 mins. Stings decided he would go and see why the party was of such an interest to the youth.

Stings stood up and the boy watched but Stings easily used the patrons and shadows to stealth his way over to where the boy was. Stings worked his way so the boy's back was between him and the party, he could see the boy straining to see where he had gone.

Stings walked up and put a hand on the boy's shoulder and said, "why are my friends such an interest to you?"

The boy froze and the blood seemed to drain from his face as he turned around and said...

Posted on 2008-04-14 at 16:43:12.

Extreme Exclaimator!
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Moments of Reflection

Gunther bowed graciously and thanked Mayor Ormond for his kindness and hospitality, vowing to do everything in his power to assist the people of Orlane by helping to locate and eliminate the obvious Evil that was plaguing the countryside.

Once outside the young Paladin secured his Medium Shield in his left arm and began following his companions as they made their way to The Flowing Mug Inn. Gunther chose to walk on the left side of the wagon at a distance of about roughly 15 feet away so he could silently commune with his God and contemplate the day’s events.

He was pleased at the outcome of his flamboyant conduct when Mayor Ormond had first greeted the young Paladin and his companions. It was a trick that his maternal grandfather had taught him to employ when wanting to quickly figure out what was behind the façade presented by people in authority in a strange town.

Especially with the laying down of his Medium Shield and then suddenly brandishing his Broad Sword and quickly presenting it with a reverent bow and deftly placing it on top of his Medium Shield. That action had revealed that Mayor Ormond was a warrior at heart and not just some weak and soft politician. Gunther respected that response and prayed to his God for the ability to help Mayor Ormond bring true peace to the people of Orlane.

This action had also provided the opportunity for Oriel Blackmoon to step forward in a leadership capacity which the other companions would find to be more comfortable in dealing with than the unexpected approach of the young Paladin; which suited Gunther just fine as it would enable the young Paladin the opportunity to withdraw from the leadership role for a season, whereby Gunther would be able to watch and pray and blend in with the party as they made their way to The Foaming Mug Inn.

Gunther utilized this time of reflection to study his companions and watch how they interacted with one another. He kept his Medium Shield raised at a comfortable defensive level and he held the hilt of his Broad Sword with his right hand [although the weapon was not drawn, Gunther liked to grip the handle while he thought and prayed to his God] while he watched the progress of their march, noting every building and landmark as they steadily made their way to their destination.

Gunther will immediately close ranks at any hint of confrontation or danger on the way to The Foaming Mug Inn. He will get as close to the wagon as possible to allow his 10 foot wall of protection ability to cover as many of the party as possible, while allowing enough room for himself and his companions to utilize the space they need to employ their own special talents in dealing with whatever danger or confrontation presents itself either on the way to The Foaming Mug Inn or while they are there searching for clues amid the ruins of the battle that Mayor Ormond had previously spoken to them about.

Posted on 2008-04-14 at 20:40:06.

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Haiden intently watches

Severus' motions to the innkeeper were noticed when Stings made a move away from the table and started to go toward a young boy she'd not noticed until that moment. Still unfamiliar with everyone and how they acted in situations she made a point to watch Stings and what was happening around him.

He walked up to a young boy who seemed unnerved about something, maybe Stings approach? Whatever reason, Haiden's hairs on the back of her neck started to tingle with anticipation of something happening with a guardian or carekeeper of the child. Scanning the room, she waited in her seat for something to happen, good or bad.

Haiden watches the table the boy is at, and scans around the area to see if anyone is watching Stings as he places his hand on the child's shoulder. If anyone makes a move with a weapon toward Stings she will get up and try to sneak around to the advancer and prepare to sneak attack if needed, but would rather stand down unless a weapon is brandished and swung toward Stings. Great restraint will be used until an attack is given toward Stings. If no attack comes she will continue to sit there and watch the situation.

Posted on 2008-04-16 at 05:02:45.

The Ancient One
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A Furtive Proposal

As the group approaches the road and turns eastward, towards the Foaming Mug Inn, Garrus hangs back and attempts to start up a conversation with the Halfling known as Sentinel, which may have seemed a bit strange, since he has rarely spoken with the group to this point. He is discreet with his tone so as not to be overheard by villagers or passing strangers. He relates the morning's events at the farmer's house, and specifically motions to the house at #9 with the suspicious and odd-acting people, as well as the general store at #12.

Garrus suggests to Sentinel that he wants to come back and investigate late that night, and that perhaps with Sentinel's rather small stature, he would be able to get inside and look for some leads and point them in the right direction.

Posted on 2008-04-16 at 05:12:54.

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Proposal Accepted

Sentinel The Small is feeling tall as Deathstalker quietly addresses him and proposes a stealthy night excursion. Hey, the Big Guy even lets Sentinel address him as Garrus! It is great to have a new, big friend!

But make no bones about it, Sentinel recognizes the seriousness and potential of the night excursion, and the value a small, quick thief can bring to the event. he puts on his "this-is-important" cap and says, "Count me in, Garrus. Let's do it tonight!"

Meanwhile, Sentinel goes back to being alert for signs of anything important as the group sashays down the village streets. Again, he carefully watches and uses his lipreading talents wherever possible. He is prepared to scramble down and under or up and over (including buildings) at the drop of a hat or sign of danger.

Posted on 2008-04-16 at 14:37:50.
Edited on 2008-04-16 at 14:39:18 by Consortium

Nomad D2
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They go marching along

As the group heads towards the Foaming Mug Inn, Oriel looks around and realizes that they naturally fell back into their old marching pattern. It all seemed planned to best protect the donkey...

Oriel - Cart - Gunther

Fandil and Sentinel are riding in the cart

(Unless they state otherwise, this was the pattern used to get too the inn, with the two additional members.)

Posted on 2008-04-16 at 18:30:54.

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Group 1 - Gunther, Oriel, Sentinal, Fandil, Deathstalker, Katai

After a rather short discussion outside the mayor's house it was decided, albeit against the grumbling stomachs of the smaller races, that the group would press forward and check out this abandoned inn the mayor mentioned. After order was decided the group moved on. It had actually stopped raining and was just overcast as the party moved through the muddy roads towards the inn.

The group quickly pass's the small cottage with heavy curtains #9 and turn to the east as the road winds onward, the cart splashing through thin puddles of mud.

Ahead was another cluster of buildings. A small ramshackle building in need of serious repair was on the north side of the road #11 before the bridge. It had a sign crudely depicting a needle piercing the seat of a pair of pants hanging from front. Shutters hang loosely from the roof, shingles are missing and the walls show signs of rot in several places. The door is opened but there is no sign of people about the outside.

To the south of the road directly across from the small building is a rundown farmhouse in desperate need of repair. #13 The front door, porch steps, and visible roof supports are missing. The barn is in even worse condition, but the many chickens in the yard suggest that the place is indeed inhabited.

The group passes the two damaged buildings without seeing anyone. Crossing the bridge brings the group to another cluster of buildings. To the north is an obvious smithy, though no sign hangs from the front. #15 The shop part of the building is unwalled, and two brawny lads operate a bellows while a giant of a man hammers thunderously upon a piece of metal that will soon become the blade of a shovel. Soot and smoke pour from the place. The two boys notice the party and watch as they pass. But the blacksmith never looks up and works in a mechanical manner, hammering with tremendous force as he completes his tasks.

To the south of the road a wooden board in the shape of a saw hangs before a well constructed building. #14 The front part of the structure is unwalled, and inside of this breezy area a carpenter is at work. Many tools (saws, hammers, nails, pry bars, etc.) are scattered about, and some boards are mounted on sawhorses. The carpenter never even looks towards the party and just continues his work with a blank look on his face.

The party tenses as the boys watch the group pass buy, but they quickly get back to work after a bellow from the large smithy. Unmolested the group arrives at its destination. #16 The doors and windows of this large building are boarded up. A sign lies face-down in the weeds before the porch, which may be reached by climbing three broken steps. The roof has several gaping holes, and the general appearance of the place suggests that it has been long abandoned. A quick look at the overturned sign shows what the party expected a Mug and underneath the words The Foaming Mug Inn in faded red paint. After a thorough look on the outside and peering through the broken windows the group makes its way through the old front door. Rotting wood and old timber had to be moved and pulled off the front door but the entrance now stands open. The main room itself is in a total disarray. Tables smashed and glass abounds throughout the room. The old bar and tables all lay on their sides and you can see the old stains of blood throughout the place still, it is seeped into the wood. A very large fight took place here it seems. The room is 80x60' with debris in all directions. Another door leads back outside directly across from the group and a cellar door hangs smashed and opened with a small rotting stairwell leading down into what appears to be the cellar, which is pitch black. The only thing that can be heard in the room is the drip, dripping of rainwater as it pools in from the broken roof overhead.

The group stands just inside the old Inn, nothing has been disturbed as of yet.
Group 2 - Kyuss, Haiden, Stings, Valerus, Severous

After an introduction and speaking with each other, Severous was introduced to the party and accepted immediately. Valerus flagged down a busy Belba and she hustles over with a smile. Smiling broadly she eagerly accepts the group and tells them that no one else is currently staying in the inn but sadly only one of the three rooms has a great views of the elms. Grabbing Valerus by the hand she whisks him through the door in the eastern wall which leads to a flight of stairs going up. She shows him the rooms they will be staying in and quickly hands him 3 keys. 11a, 11b, 11c Each of these rooms contains two beds, a desk, and a chair made of sturdy wood and very comfortable bedding. There is a lantern on each desk. 11a is the one that has a window that faces the west wall with a view of the elms beyond.

Inn Rooms
Below in the common room a boy had caught Stings eye. After watching him for a while he stood and moved over and placed a hand on his shoulder. He leaned down and whispered, "why are my friends such an interest to you?" Expecting the boy to be afraid Stings was taken aback a bit as the boy simply looked up blankly and said, "You look like adventurers, adventurers are really cool." The boy was about 14 or so but seemed VERY dull and talked in almost a monotone. He seemed to know nothing that the rogue could discern but he had an eerie quality about him as if everything he said was scripted. Something was obviously "off" about the boy, but without having the ability to question him in front of everyone who started to turn and look there was nothing that could be done at the moment. Stings decided that he was causing a bit too much attention for his liking and went back to his table. The group of locals went back to their ales and meals and the boy just continued to sit and stare. Every now and again he would turn to watch the group and every time someone turned to look at him he would look away.

As Haiden looked at the boy the halfling shuddered and began to take notice of other locals in the inn. More than a few had a blank look on their faces. The two rogues had their hackles up and were disturbed that they couldn't put a finger on what was wrong. They had frequented many, MANY inns and alehouses in their days and it wasn't the inn itself, and some people looked perfectly normal. But every now and again one would look up with a blank stare and just didn't look "right". There was no explaining it and it frustrated them to no end.

Inn rooms are secured and the group is back to being gathered at their table.

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