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The Magic of Audalis Part I

The Crystalline Spider
A small spider crafted in fine crystal, in the form of a black widow. When found, the spider will leap upon it’s discoverer and embed itself into their chest, causing excruciating pain and suffering. If the victim survives, the spider and victim will form a symbiotic bond. The bearer of the spider gains many abilities of the spider, including the ability to climb walls, phase shift, and spit venom. However, the spider feeds upon its victim daily. The maker of the spider had a passionate hatred of Drow and their goddess. The wearer of the spider will be pathologically driven to hunt dark elves and slay them mercilessly. 
Victim must save vs. spells or the spider attaches themselves to their chest. After that, a system shock roll is required to see if the victim survives the process. Even if they do make the system shock, the victim will pass out. Once attached, the wearer loses one constitution point and 8 hit points permanently. Once embedded, nothing short of death can remove the spider.
Wearer can Phase Shift (like a Phase Spider), up to 100 feet in any direction, three times a day.
Wearer can Spider Climb at will, at a movement rate of 12’.
Wearer develops venom glands and can spit poison at victims up to 20 feet. (Type. A: save vs. poison or take 15 points of damage)
Wearer develops a strong hatred of Drow and Lolth’s creatures. –10 reaction to them, will seek them out to kill.
Wearer develops a strong dislike for clothing, will wear bare minimum to not restrict movement.
Submitted by Kalimar
Bone Golem Hide
A spiked breastplate made of a white bone-like substance. When this breastplate is put on, the wearer will feel a slight tingling followed by a feeling of invulnerability. The breastplate then heats up and painfully fuses itself onto the wearer’s body, becoming a carapace that covers the body from the waist up, including neck and head. Sharp protuberances sprout from the wearer’s spin and forearms, providing rear shielding and slashing weapons that protect the back area. Thick spikes jut out from the wearer’s back to protect it further.
Half-Plate Armour +4, treat as light chain for encumbrance. Wearer can attack with two protuberances doing 2d8+5, but suffering the usual two handed penalty, if applicable.
Wearer can not be backstabbed. Attempts to do so will cause 1d6 damage to the attacker from the jutting spikes.
Wearer is immune to natural poisons, disease and the damaging effects of bad weather.
Armour can be removed by wearer at will, but he/she must go through same painfully process to don armour each time.
Submitted by Mithrandir 
Runic Key of Opening
A large mithril key covered by a serpentine pattern of delicate runes. Upon utterance of the command word, this key transforms into the shape and size of any lock of which it is brought within 2 inches. This key can will fit any mechanical lock, magical or not, but does not bear the ability to bypass traps on said lock.
Submitted by Mithrandir
The Cloak of Shadows 
Looking to all as a simple charcoal gray cloak that any traveler would wear, this cloak has many powers that aid it’s bearer in the shadow and darkness. If the wearer is completely still within darkness, they will become completely invisible to most onlookers. Under different degrees of darkness they have a varying chance of remaining undetected. To remain unseen, the wearer can only move very slowly and cautiously. If the wearer moves out of shadows they cloak will lose its benefit and the bearer of the cloak must find shadow and be still again in order to regain the cloak’s power.
Complete Darkness: Wearer becomes invisible to normal and infravision.
Heavy Shadows: 90% chance of going undetected.
Light Shadows: 70% chance of being undetected.
Wearer must move at half normal rate to remain hidden. Weapon can be drawn and spells cast but only if done slowly. The cloak does not muffle sounds in any way.
Submitted by T_catt11
Sable of True Creation
A paintbrush, small but made by a master craftsman. The handle of the brush is very strong yet flexible red substance with the hardness of stone and the vitality of living wood. The bristles are beautiful brown sable with red and black highlights. When used by a painter who knows the brush’s true nature, any living creature painted by the brush will come alive off the canvas. Creatures so painted are of a free will and do not feel compelled to obey the painter.
Submitted by Mithrandir
Paste of Mending
A ceramic jar sealed tightly with thr residue of a purple paste around the rim. This paste can repair any broken item, be it sword, stone, leather, cloth or spider webs. Even the most delicate of materials will be held fast with no trace of the glue or original damage. However, the glue will not restore the magic within an enchanted item.
Effects are permanent and can not be dispelled. Every jar has 2d4 applications. Eating paste can prove to be fatal, if a large amount is ingested.
Submitted by T_catt11 Digg Technorati Blinklist Furlreddit
Thanks to Roger (Alacrity) Briant for this contribution!


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