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Beers of Antaron


Name: Auberon Traditional Ale
Location: Peyton, Drannon
Description: When Peyton was first settled, there came with the settlers a cook and brewer by the name of Auberon. His name still lives on in Peyton, and they still brew his beer his way. Dark red-brown with a creamy head, this moderately full-bodied beer boasts sweet, bready malt aromas that are reminiscent of baking bread and vine fruits. Chewy, rick and full-flavored, it finishes in a clean manner with subtle hop notes. A truly outstanding brew fit for a king's table, yet priced for the merchant's pocket. Sold throughout Drannon, Auberon is also exported (bootlegged) into Sendria, Ertain, the northern city-states and Goodlund.
Name: Bear Claw Golden Ale
Location: Mycen Castle, Coria
Description: "The beer of the East," Mycen Castle produces a cheap, relatively decent brew which can commonly be found in inns, taverns and homes throughout northern Coria and Ertain. Bright yellow-gold and medium-bodied, Bear Claw hints of toasted malts, grains, and sweet herbs. These attractive, sweet, toasty aromas reveal a sweetish, grainy palate with a simple, clean finish.
Name: Bold Mountain Amber Ale
Location: Bayris
Description: Bold Mountain is brewed with locally grown blackberries giving it is distinct refreshing and fruity favours and dark amber color. Great with red meats and sausage. Bold Mountain is popular amongst the northern city-states, and can be found in some of the larger cities amongst the nations.
Name: Bullseye
Location: Strykhaven Castle, Pardinal
Description: Strykhaven unfortunately missed the mark with this beer. Cloudy amber-brown in color, Bullseye has confused extreme aromas of sweet vine fruits, roasted hazelnuts, sea-salt, and bitter hops. Thank the gods that this brew has a limited annual production and can hardly be found outside of central Pardinal.
Name: Copper Dragon Old Style Springfest Ale
Location: Castle Cray, Drannon
Description: A deep bronze color with brilliant clarity, Copper Dragon smells of dried herbs, roasted grains, and sweet apple blossoms. It pours out with a thick, lacy head. Very aromatic and delicate on the palate, it finishes with a snappy hop bitterness. Castle Cray makes only a small production of this beer each year, mostly given out to reward subjects after the spring planting is complete. It can usually be found in eastern Drannon, especially in Ruedal, Einal and Oryn Keep.
Name: Davnor Amber Ale
Location: Davnor, Sendria
Description: This is one of two beers from the brewers in Davnor. Davnor Amber is a copper colored, full-bodied beer with an intensely rich and silky mouthfeel. Spice and alcohol warmth are revealed in the finish, which ends with a brief, bitter kick. Very well-balanced, Davnor Amber is a relatively inexpensive beer, sold throughout Sendria and the northern city-states and, occasionally, bootlegged into Coria through northern Ertain.
Name: Davnor Stout
Location: Davnor, Sendria
Description: The second in the Davnor brewer's portfolio, Davnor Stout is a opaque-black, medium-bodied beer. Dark malt aromas are combined with a restrained smokey impression. This well balanced beer shows malt complexity and a long, grainy finish with only a slight after-bite. A popular stout amongst the Davnor people during Winter Solstice, Davnor Stout in sold throughout Sendria, the Chindari Plains, and the northern city-states.
Name: Forrester Brown Ale
Location: Taverton, Ertain
Description: A unique, amber brew produced by a fairly well-known (at least in Ertain) woodsman, Everett. A wholesome, weighty drink, Forrester boasts a roasted grain nose with a smoked ham note. A smooth entry leads to a darkly-roasted rye grain palate with balanced hops and a suggestion of cheddar. (?!?) Popular amongst the people of northern Ertain especially during the winter, Forrester is hard to find elsewhere.
Name: Grasshopper Wheat Ale
Location: Chindari Plains
Description: One of two Chindariin plainsmen drinks, Grasshopper is a rich golden-yellow, medium-bodied beer. It has a nice firm structure with a lingering sweet finish due to the wild honey used. A very light, smooth beer, Grasshopper is the best after those hot afternoons in the mid-day sun.
Name: Imperial Pride Brown Ale
Location: Ethryn, Ertain
Description: Reddish-brown in color with a burnt toast and molasses nose, Ethryn's Pride has a crisp entry which leads to a round, medium-bodied palate. Dry, roasted chestnut, tobacco, and sweet flavors linger in the aftertaste with the rich flavors being underplayed to make this a very balanced and easy-to-drink beer. Imperial Pride is the drink of Ertain, easily found in any of it's decent taverns and inns.
Name: Imperial Pride Stout
Location: Ethryn, Ertain
Description: This black, medium-bodied stout contains roasted malt aromas with a subtle oaty character. Mildly bitter and astringent, Imperial Pride has a fine, easy drinking balance, with restrained, burnt malt flavors lingering on the finish. Slides down easily by the pint.
Name: Jadedheart Amber Ale
Location: Vrist, Sendria
Description: Despite not finding a real home in Sendria, this orange-amber brew is well-loved by the Chindari plainsmen, which suits the people in Vrist just fine. Toasty malt aromas finish with bitter herb accents on the palate, giving Jadedheart it's name.
Name: Mountain Lion Stout
Location: Hawksview, Pardinal
Description: Black and thick, Mountain Lion is a delicious, nourishing beer. With a limited annual production, it mainly supplies Kheldor Keep where it is considered part of the soldiers' daily diet. Oily, molasses aromas are followed by chewy, burnt, grainy flavors that expand on the finish. Dense and assertive, this beer is meant for sipping.
Name: Muskrat Golden Lager
Location: Jaycern
Description: Made from locally grown hops, Muskrat is the beer of the common people in the northern city-states of the Taskarren Coast. Not even close to the best brew in Audalis, it's color is somewhat cloudy, it's taste has a slight bite, and it's aftertaste can be sharp. However, as the people say, "beer is beer, right?", and to it's advantage, it costs very little out of the commoner's pocket and it has a long shelf life.
Name: Stone Mill Bitter Ale
Location: Morad, Ertain
Description: Produced by a small brewery in the equally small village of Morad, Stone Mill is a fine, bitter ale. Orange-amber in hue with a white, creamy head when poured, it contains toasty, malt aromas with fragrant bitter herb notes. It's medium-bodied palate with generous toasty, malt flavors finishes with showy hop bitterness. Stone Mill, due to it's limited production, can very rarely be found outside of Morad, Tennimere, Felarin and Daviena Castle.
Name: Strong Ox Dark Lager
Location: Coria, Coria
Description: Strong Ox is Coria's homebrew. Deep, brilliant amber in appearance and moderately, full-bodied, it has rich malt aromas and showy, spicy hops. Sweet, bready flavors combine with subtle hop bitterness on the palate, with a thick mouthfeel. This sweetish style beer stands up well to the richer foods favored in this country.
Name: Strong Ox Stout
Location: Coria, Coria
Description: Coria's second offerring, Strong Ox Stout is dark, black in appearance and full-bodied. Roasted grain aromas with a chalky accent follow through well on the palate with only mild bitterness. Very smooth and mellow makes this stout a very striking, drinkable brew. A very popular winter beer throughout Coria, it can easily be found in it's homeland, as well as Ertain and Pardinal
Name: Thunder Rapids Old Red Ale
Location: Drefast, Drannon
Description: Thunder Rapids Brewery is the longest known brewery to be in human existence, dating back to 264 B.E.R. It continues to supply the country with ale, although people from the older generations will tell you that "it just ain't the same as it used to be." This is mostly due to the waning economy in Drannon which has caused Thunder Rapids to cut corners here and there. Still, Ol' Red, as it is endearingly called, is a good ale. Deep red-brown in color, this medium-bodied brew gives off smoky, roasted aromas with malty accents. Very quaffable and, best of all, very affordable.
Name: Torrent Golden Ale
Location: Shri Nerume, Pardinal
Description: A refreshing, brilliant yellow-gold brew, Torrent is popular throughout Pardinal, especially in the port cities. It is also exported into the southern parts Ertain and Coria as well as to Bayris. A sweet, vine-fruit nose, Torrent enters with a combination of sweet fruit, roasted grain, sea salt notes on the palate. It finishes simple and clean.
Name: Valric's Stout
Location: Jaycern
Description: A well-known and well-loved dark brew which can be found in all along the Taskarren Coast, as well as Sendria and some of the port cities of Pardinal. It even has followings in Drannon and Ertain. This flavourful brew is made from highly roasted malt and is stored in oaken barrels. A very sweet, filling beer, Valric's Stout is often drunk on it's own.
Name: Wild Stag Pale Ale
Location: Stone's Hollow, Coria
Description: Wild Stag is a little known brewery in the small town of Stone's Hollow. It is hardly known due to its limited production and out-of-the-way location. However, it is the gem of Corian beer. Reddish-amber in color, medium-bodied and moderately bitter, Wild Stag has a rich, creamy mouth feel. Lovely, smoky, roasted malt aromas that have a fruity note come through on the palate and finish with a complex expression of malt flavors and fruity hop bitterness. Very stylish and highly drinkable, it's a wonder that this beer continues to only be found on the tables of Stone Hollow and nobility.
Name: Wyvern Bronzed Ale
Location: Wyvern Keep, Sendria
Description: Orange-golden in color, Wyvern Bronzed is the favoured drink of western Sendria and parts of Drannon (when trade is allowed). Brewed in the old tradition (still common in Drannon), Wyvern is slightly cloudy with milled grain aromas, finishing with a balance between roasted, dry malts and bittering hops. Digg Technorati Blinklist Furlreddit
Thanks to Aryn for this contribution!


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