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The Kazari

Beyond the impenetrable Titan's Walk Reefs lies the rumored land of Capasha. According to the stories told, many strange and wonderful things may be found there. At least one of the stories must be true, for the kazari, a race unlike any other, claim this land as their original home


Kazari stand similar in height to humans, with builds ranging from lithe and wiry to strong and muscular. Their faces are very feline in appearance, complete with whiskers and sharp teeth. Kazari are covered from head to toe with shaggy fur (similar in texture to that of a tiger) - usually orange, brown, or gray - and are almost always striped. Just as other feline species, kazari have tails, which factor greatly into their nonverbal communication; perceptive individuals can often glean much about a kazari's mental state by observing the tail.


As they already have fur to protect against, the elements, kazari wear relatively little clothing. The dak'tar, a loincloth-type garmet, is the traditional dress for males; feamles wear a variant of the same garmet. Kazari do take easily to most human-style dress, preferring to wear clothing that fits well, but is light and loose. They do not, however, wear shoes

Culture and Society

Kazari arrive in Antaron almost exclusively by various accidental means. Their homeland is surrounded by the treacherous (and virtually impenetrable) Titan's Walk Reefs, where many ships have met their end. It seems that mists often cover the Reefs, and occasionally roll rapidly into land, trapping ships out at sea. Most of those that do not make it home founder in the Reefs, but some miraculously slip through and make landfall on Antaron's shores.

The kazari are a warlike people, and most of their stories typically involve battle or conquest. Little is known about thier native society, as the few kazari who live in Antaron are, for the most part, loners.

It is believed that kazari society is one based upon rule of the strong - only those who can conquer others have the right to rule. It is known that kazari hold personal honor in high esteem, and much of their mindset seems to be built around this principle.

In Antaron, kazari are very much a people without a home. They are most often encountered as mercenaries, travellers, and adventurers. No permenant settlements of kazari are known to exist anywhere within the continent; it is believed that all kazari must come from the uncharted lands across the sea.

Gender roles seem to be rather non-specific to kazari, as both genders tend to be highly aggressive and warlike. Females are as highly-prized for mercenary work as are males; while males do tend to be slightly bigger and stronger, females seem to be a bit more disciplined and clear-headed.

Kazari are a curious people, and have been known to occopy almost any class effectively. Both the written and spoken versions of their language is vastly different from any spoken on Antaron, but they tend to pick up new ones fairly easily, and their approach to spellcasting is very like that of humans.

Trade and Commerce

Kazari play a minimal role in the trade of Antaron. There are no known trade routes to their homeland, and as they have no permenant settlements, they have no meaningful exports.

Values and Taboos

The kazari fascination for war and battle pervades every area of their values. Personal honor is of paramount importance, and dishonor is often viewed as a fate worse than death.

Kazari view ranged weapons, by and large, as cowardly. They tend to prefer honest steel for settling arguments; deciet and lying are for weaklings. Edged weapons are highly favored in combat, most armor is shunned.

Naturally, kazari religion is very much in tune with the rest of their belief system. Their woship leans toward deities of war, duty, and honor. Little is known about their religious structure, however, or how much a role is might play in day-to-day society.

Game Terms

Kazari are extremely rare in Antaron. Your DM may restrict this race to NPCs, or omit it altogether.

Kazari receive +1 to their dexterity scores, and a -2 to charisma. They possess superb vision at night, and can see up to 120 feet with ease. Digg Technorati Blinklist Furlreddit
Thanks to Olan Suddeth for this contribution!


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