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The Legend of Starfire

A wistful look crosses the old sylvari's face as you ask your question, but he says nothing. The journey to find this sage has been a long one, and you sincerely hope that it has not been for naught. Finally, he speaks.

"You wish to know of Elen'nuar, the blade you humans refer to as Starfire, do you? Very well." He gestures to a wooden chair in front of him. "Sit, and I will tell you the tale." As he speaks, his eyes seem to lose focus�

Centuries ago, when the only humans in Antaron were the seafaring ear'ranea, a star fell from the heavens and landed near Megilindar Nost. While the star yet glowed white with incredible heat, a Bladesinger by the name of Artoril Landilindar was struck by inspiration. Some claim it was a vision, some felt it was simple cunning, and a few were convinced that the heat of the star had addled his mind, but regardless of the source, he became fixated with his idea.

The star, you see, was made of a strange metal never before seen in Audalis. It was incredibly tough - even the sharpest Mithril blades could not scratch it - so Artoril decided that a blade forged from the star would be matchless. The only trouble was, the very qualitites of the metal that he found so desireable made it very much impossible to work.

Artoril would not take no for an answer, however, and so devoted the next several years of his life to the idea of forging a blade from the star. With the help of Tanondil Lith'elwa, a sorcerer of some note and personal friend of Artoril's, along with the great dwarven weaponsmith Rakhan Dargoth, a plan was devised.

The entire meteor was carted off by wagon to a forge somewhere in the Khordal mountains, where Tanondil lent his magic to Rakhan's hammer in an effort to forge the blade. The process was incredibly tedious - it took three months to separate the metal for the blade from the star, and another three months to properly forge it. Sylvari and khordaldrum alike were convinced that the three of them had become infected with some sort of madness, and the people began to click their tounges and shake their heads at the mention of their names and their fool's errand. Heedless of what the rest of the world thought, the three continued their work.

When the forging was done, Tanondil laid powerful enchantments upon the blade, and found that the magics seemed to mesh exceedingly well with the starsteel. The finished blade was, quite simply, without peer. Artoril reported that it felt "as light as a green switch" in his hand, and the immensely strong, multi-tempered starsteel could rend even hardened metal armor. The name came from one of the magical properties imbued in the blade by Tanondil - when the correct word was spoken by the weilder, Elen'nuar would be engulfed in blue flames - star fire.

Artoril, of course, went on to become a great sylvari hero, a champion of many wars. It came to the point where he was often not even required to join a battle - when the enemy saw the blazing blue flame, they would often rout without a drop of elven blood being spilled.  After his death, the sword changed hands several times, and conflicting reports about it began to circulate. Some warriors agreed that it was, indeed, as light as a switch, while others complained that it was, in fact, as heavy as a millstone, and unweildable. Other reports indicated that Elen'nuar seemed to favor some battles, but not others… as if a sword could reason!

Eventually, it was sent to Aratar Barad for safekeeping, reserved for only the mightiest of warriors. Centuries later, the blade was given to Alon Ramac, the mighty human knight, as a reward for his service to all. Ah, had we only known… At some point during the great human-goblin war, Sir Alon lost the blade. Of course, we believed that to be a real tragedy… in retrospect, perhaps the gods were looking out for us. As you know, Sir Alon became Lord Ramac, the death knight of Dranith Keep… I shudder to think of his unholy power coupled with that of Elen'nuar… Yes, the blade is still lost, and has been for better than two centuries. Many have searched for it, thinking to claim the power of Elen'nuar for themselves, but thus far, none have been sucessful…

The bright eyes of the old sylvari focus on your face again. "What makes you think you will be?" Digg Technorati Blinklist Furlreddit
Thanks to Olan Suddeth for this contribution!


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