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The Gemhound Prest Class (3.5e)

The Gemhound

A Gemhound is a Khord who took on the eternal crusade of hunting for false gems, or those stolen or illegally sold. Gemhounds come in very different forms, and use very different methods. While most Gemhounds take much time to prepare themselves by disguising and infiltrating the dark systems of illegal trade, others prefer to bash doors on whatever lead they picked up.
Whether under steady employment of the Khordal Kingdom or freelancing their service to the highest bidder, a Gemhound works because he believes that gems are a creation of Kharox, and they should be bathing in perfect condition at all times. A merchant trading them in the shadow of his table does not appreciate the true beauty, and should be punished.
One could easily compare a Gemhound with the bounty hunters of above grounds, finding tracks and following leads to find a final price. Gemhounds gain special traits by adjusting magical gems on their body. The description of a special trait will include whether or not a gem is required. If a gem is pried loose or otherwise lost it loses its power. Gemhounds that use a lot of disguises mostly make sure the gems are embedded underneath their skin, or in places hidden likewise.
HD: d8

Class Skills: Appraise, bluff, concentration, craft: gemcutting, diplomacy, disguise, forgery, gather information, intimidate, knowledge (gems etc), listen, search, sense motive, spellcraft, spot, use magic device
Skill points/lvl: 4+int

Skills: Appraise 7 ranks, craft: gemcutting 5, sense motive 5
Alignment: any non-evil
Feats: diligent
Special: must be able to cast arcane or divine spells of at least 1st level.

Class Features
Track: At first level Gemhound gains the ability to track per the feat.
Wise Persuation(ex): A Gemhound can choose to add either his wisdom or intelligence bonus to the following charisma based skills: Bluff, Diplomacy, Disguise, Gather information, Intimidate and Use Magic Device.
This ability is given to the Gemhound by use of a magical gem worth 500 GP that is imbedded somewhere on the Gemhound’s head.
Shatter(sp): Once a day the Gemhound can cast the Shatter spell as a free action. If he ever uses this ability for evil cause he loses it permanently. A character with 4 levels in the Gemhound class can cast this 2 times a day.
Scent(su): At 2nd level the Gemhound can use smells to aid him in his tracking out his foes. For more information on Scent see the MM page 314. A special gem worth 500 GP is needed in order to obtain this ability.
Negotiator: The Gemhound gains the Negotiator feat as a bonus feat.
Scrying(sp): Once a day, a Gemhound can use the Scrying spell as a 7th level caster, even if he doesn’t match the proper requirements as a mage or divine caster. A gem worth 500 GP needs to be embedded in the Gemhound’s body. The gem needs to be placed somewhere visible to the Gemhound, for it will function as his scrying object.
Common Sense Motive(ex): Through experience and training the Gemhound has learned how to read people’s reaction and make plausible assumptions. The Gemhound adds a +5 bonus to his Sense Motive, listen, spot and search skills.
Resist Enchantment(su): At 4th level a Gemhound gains a +2 morale bonus on all saving throws against Enchantment spells or effects.
True Seeing(sp): At 5th level the Gemhound embeds a jewel in his head that will make him function as if under a permanent True Seeing spell. The gem’s worth must be at least 700 GP. Digg Technorati Blinklist Furlreddit
Thanks to Almerin for this contribution!


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