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The Gilskalos Connection

Bre Uthan 675 bER: Gilskalos flee their dying world, Gilskalos, known to sky watchers of Antaron as Sgiathatch. "The Father" put his people to sleep and inserted them all into crafts, brilliantly disguised as great rocks of the heavens to further protect them from Gudslaktare and his Ondska minions, Raukogurtha, Tela'Luume, and Raukoruukinaya. The craggy arks were populated and sent off, five city sized crafts in all, toward a new home as The Father stayed behind and bore the onslaught of one rogue comet and three asteroids. The impact split the planet Sgiathatch into two lesser bodies, holding each other and the assaulting asteroids Raukogurtha, Tela'Luume, and Raukoruukinaya in a gravity enforced imprisonment so they may never harm another world again. Gudslaktare, however, was struck by one of the world's larger six moons and was hurled into the sun, never to be seen again.

Olemra 640 bER: Year of Star Burst
The astrological phenomenon was predicted and being watched carefully. Two hours after the darkening of the day, all of Antaron could see with the naked eye, the moment known in history as Star Burst, witnessing the powerful heavenly event. Three hours before the Lighting, the Gilskalosian crafts were coming in too hot. Three of the five were damaged critically en route during their 35 year trip to their new home. Three of the damaged ships, burned up upon entry through the atmosphere before impacting with great force, one at the northern ice cap of Audalis, one in the Taskarren ocean off the western coast of Antaron, and one landed near Megilindar Nost. The other two landed in the lsles of Tiborn. One of the two plowed into a snow capped mountain killing half of the Gilskalos on board, while the other soft landed in the water and skimmed its way to the shore of one of the larger Islands. The sky watchers, commoners, and nobles alike saw the “Star Fall” as celestial spirits sent of the gods coming to affect changes in their world, while others saw the event as gifts from the gods. One such individual, a bladesinger, worked hard for years with the help of those whose expertise was invaluable in creating what most would consider the most powerful, if not enigmatic, sword out of a strange metal ore from one of fallen stars appropriately named by the sky watchers,Elen’nuar, known better by all others as Starfire. Believing that these events were the will of the gods, and that a way to understand that will was being set up, the skywatchers named and observed the twelve celestial bodies involved with the event, and began predicting events by how they believed the alignments of those bodies affected the five spirits, called Uru’loki, and how they would affect Audalis.

Development of the Uru’lokian Astrological Pantheon

As was stated before, the sky watchers of Antaron named the 12 celestial bodies involved in the events of Starburst:

(sun) is the codex of the gods, the focal point, showing the will of the gods through the position of the following celestial bodies in relation to Solanis.

The split aspects of Sgiathatch- Uruloki’perya (the dark aspect) and Sgia’perya (the aspect of light) Uruloki’perya comands the following darkly aligned orbiting bodies (meaning these celestial bodies revolve around Uruloki’perya as satelites):

Maikarithil (moon)
- A highly reflective moon of deep purple hue.

Raukogurtha (Death)- the first of the three asteroids to strike Sgiathatch

Raukoruukinaya (chaos)- Second asteriod to strike the planet at the equator

Mori’Alu (Water)
- one of the six moons of Sgiathatch, colored black as sackcloth.

Tela’Luume (The End)
-third and last asteroid to strike, the planet splitter.

Sgia’perya commands the following orbiting bodies aligned with the Light:

Vala en’Coimas (life)
-Bright white moon
Maiasanye (order)
- Marblized black and white moon
Lokindor (Land)
-brown and green swirled moon
Yesta (The Beginning)
-The only moon that has an atmosphere and supports plant life.

The Sylvari sky watchers of Antaron named the fallen stars as well, which the alignment of each are balanced with both a light and dark aspect. Their effects depend on the alignment of their ruling bodies with Solanis. They are named as follows ( listed with their ruling bodies):

Elen’nuar (Solanis/Maikarithil)
-Was found near Megilindar Nost and forged into a legendary sword by Artoril Landilindar. Therefore, it logically follows that the sword is affected by the alignment of the ruling bodies.

Huiva’Ektele (Mori’alu/Lokindor)
- The one to fall into the Taskarren Ocean to the west, belived to be responsible for changes in land or water. The sky watchers of the Slaa’kar race revere and pay very close attention to the effects created by Huiva’Ektele and the alignment of Mori’alu, believing them to be the personal messengers of the gods they worship.

Telayesta (Tela’luume/Yesta)
- The one that crashed into one of the northern Islands of Tiborn. Believed by sky watchers to mark the beginning and the end of events predicted by reading the alignments of the other Lokian bodies. Unbeknownst to the mainlanders, half of the lives aboard were lost in the crash.

Seorsa (Raukogurtha/Vala en’Coimas)
- the star that landed in the northern portion of the Taskarren Ocean near the south coast of the Isles of Tiborn. Unbeknownst to mainlanders, all lives aboard the rocky craft survived. Believed by sky watchers to be the controller of the number of days any being is allowed to exist. It’s human name is Fate.

Tarailoki (Raukoruukinaya/Maiasanye)- The star that impacted the northern ice cap of the world. Believed to control the minds of criminals and lawmakers. Changes in levels of lawfulness and lawlessness are subject to this now frozen metallic mass.

How the Uru'lokian Astrological Pantheon works

As stated before, Solanis is the codex or key to reading the above listed celestial Masses. The two larger masses Uruloki’perya and Sgia’perya orbit each other much like thrown bolas. The moons under the control of the Aspect of light orbit Sgia’perya while the two dark moons and the rogue asteroids orbit and are under control of the Dark Aspect Uruloki’perya.

When one or more bodies line up with Solanis, from the view point of the sky watcher, the fallen stars those celestial bodies control are activated, creating various effects or changes in the world. For example: Uruloki’perya, Raukoruukinaya, Mori’alu, and Lokindor line up perfectly with Solanis. This would create an underwater earthquake and consequently a tidalwave.

A more complex example: Raukogurtha, Lokindor, and yesta lining up could mean the beginning of war. When Raukogurtha, Lokindor, and Tela’Luume start to line up, expect the war to come to an end.

Expect a miracle beneficial to all the world when all bodies line up in this order from Audalis to Solanis: Yesta, Lokindor, Maiasanye, Vala en’Coimas, Sgia’perya, Uruloki’perya, Maikarithil, Raukogurtha, Raukoruukinaya, Mori’alu, Tela’Luume. On the inverse however, expect a world changing, life taking, cataclysm if these celestial massed align in the reverse order. Digg Technorati Blinklist Furlreddit
Thanks to Tiamat5774 for this contribution!


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