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Topic: May start this comic again
Subject: karma?

I'm pretty sure my Karma was all positive until I made this post. Did I do something wrong?

Posted on 2012-03-09 at 02:43:14.

Topic: May start this comic again
Subject: me too

yah, me too.

He actually had a really good concept behind the mystery of the wizards, what they really were, what the test was about, etc.

Even the battle between the two wizards in the end wasn't what it seemed.

I'd tell yah, but its not my place. Guess deep down, I still think there is a chance he'll start it up again.

Posted on 2012-03-07 at 04:08:01.

Topic: May start this comic again
Subject: Not gonna happen

Oh well. Laz tried drawing a couple things, but said he just couldn't get into it.

I was hoping that some popular support from old fans would motivate him, but I guess not.


Posted on 2012-03-06 at 09:47:01.

Topic: May start this comic again
Subject: May start this comic again

Lazarus (the writer and line artist) is considering starting up this comic again.

Do you guys have any interest in hosting it still? I don't know how much you guys cared for it in the first place.

I'm just the colorist.

Posted on 2012-03-04 at 05:05:51.

Topic: Dwagon
Subject: actually..

you may want to wait a bit. I think I want to make some small adjustments, where the red skin meats the tan above the arm.

That area has been bugging me, needs to have a little shadow where they meet.

Posted on 2011-04-30 at 23:36:22.

Topic: Dwagon
Subject: well of..


Posted on 2011-04-30 at 23:18:17.

Topic: Dwagon
Subject: Photoshop


Posted on 2011-04-30 at 10:45:44.

Topic: Dwagon
Subject: Dwagon

I made some fan art for the Erfworld comic, if anyone of ever heard of it. If you haven't.. its sort of like a DnD comic, but everything is cute looking.. but still deadly.

Here is what their dragons, *cough*, I mean dwagons look like.

Posted on 2011-04-27 at 07:22:50.
Edited on 2011-04-27 at 07:23:33 by morikahn

Topic: Old Wiz is probably done
Subject: Old Wiz is probably done

Laz has informed me he doesn't really want to draw Old Wizard anymore. I'm disappointed just as much as you guys are.

He has spoke to me about doing another comic maybe, but I haven't heard any real details on what he wants to do besides making it 'hyper violent'.

I have another friend that can also do comic art, and we may team up on a story that I'm writing. If that pans out, we'll post it here for you guys to read.

We didn't have a very large readership, but I appreciated all the positive comments we received.

Maybe Laz will change his mind in the future.

Posted on 2011-02-27 at 10:45:09.
Edited on 2011-02-27 at 10:45:47 by morikahn

Topic: Chapter 3, Page 7
Subject: Image quality issues

There appears to be some sort of image quality issue with the upload process of these pages.

The middle panel is very blurry to what we uploaded. Doesn't appear to be file size related as the file size was INCREASED to what we uploaded, yet its quality reduced. Very odd.

I'll talk to the admin, see if some sort of script is being ran on this files.

Posted on 2011-02-05 at 02:04:17.

Topic: Chapter 3, Page 7
Subject: Chapter 3, Page 7

Its up. Lotta 'warm' colors.

Couldn't stop playing Bee Gee songs in my head while coloring panel 3.

Posted on 2011-02-04 at 22:14:39.
Edited on 2011-02-18 at 00:07:55 by morikahn

Topic: Old Wiz fun
Subject: Old Wiz chapter 3, page 7 will be up soon

Page is sent to Laz. He needs to just letter and upload. My fault it took so long.

I got hooked to some flash game called Arcuz..

Posted on 2011-02-04 at 06:55:57.

Topic: Old Wiz fun
Subject: Old Wiz fun

For a limited time only, this collection of Gordrem the Necromancer's greatest disco hits from the 70's and early 80's can be yours for only $19.99, including S+H.

Included are such hits as...

I'm so Exorcised
Super Unfreak
I Won't Survive
Hell Must Be Missing a Devil
Can't Get Enough of Your Blood
Get Up.. I Feel Like Being a Death Machine
and many many more!

Order now while supplies last

Posted on 2011-02-04 at 06:52:05.
Edited on 2011-02-05 at 08:53:53 by morikahn

Topic: Chapter 3, Page 6
Subject: alternative

I sent Laz an alternative to the page that included little birds on the skeleton thing, to give the monsters some scale.

He didn't like the birds. Personal issues.

Doesn't mean you guys can't see it.

alternative image

Posted on 2011-01-29 at 00:07:24.
Edited on 2011-01-29 at 00:09:21 by morikahn

Topic: Chapter 3, Page 6
Subject: Chapter 3, Page 6

Its up. Sparkies!

Posted on 2011-01-27 at 14:32:03.

Topic: Chapter 3, Page 5
Subject: style change

on panels 2, 3, and 4 tried some other styles. The character art is still cell shaded, but the background and effects were more traditional painting styles.

You guys like the look?

Posted on 2011-01-25 at 02:46:18.

Topic: Chapter 3, Page 5
Subject: Up for real

Its up now.

Posted on 2011-01-24 at 08:18:06.

Topic: Chapter 3, Page 5
Subject: Chapter 3, Page 5

Is NOT up.

Its done. Laz has it. But hes thinking about putting it up Monday and not right now.

I have to say, its one of the best pages I've colored yet. Wish you guys didn't have to wait to see it.

Posted on 2011-01-22 at 06:15:27.

Topic: Chapter 3, Page 4
Subject: Chapter 3, Page 4

Well, its up. I'll probably get page 5 colored by Friday and placed online as well.

Posted on 2011-01-21 at 08:51:58.

Topic: Advice for single session level 1 adventure
Subject: Advice for single session level 1 adventure

Alright, its been a while since I played Dungeons & Dragons, but I've got the itch to play again with my friends. However, I'm not interested in some long campaign, or role-playing, or any of that crap.

I am going to lay out my plan, and would like feedback from readers if they see a problem or have an interesting suggestion.

* I want to run a single night session of old, red book, demihumans are a class, gold gives you XP, basic DnD for first level characters.

* I want it to be ran in a single night session and for things to move fast.

* Character creations needs to be fast.

* No role playing. Straight hack in slash, solve riddles, avoid traps, find loot; that sort of thing.

* It will be moderately competitive. The player that gets out of the dungeon with the most loot wins.

* I'm going to buy props for the treasure. I can buy a 1000 plastic gold coins, plastic or glass gems, fake pearl necklaces, etc.. for cheap.

* Gold coins found are evenly divided between all players, but other loot, such as gems and jewelry, are then bid on at the end of each dungeon level.

* Characters learn the value of their loot after bidding, and gain XP, and possibly a level at that time.

* If a character dies, the player can re-roll a new one and get him or her back in the dungeon immediately, though they lose the loot previous character had.

Thats the basic plan.

Could I get some feedback from you guys on where you find things slow down the most in a game, and a possible way to streamline them? I really don't want time wasted and trivial things that won't add to the game.

It is quite possible some people will be playing DnD for the first time, so advice on how to get them up and running would be nice.

Also, level 1 heroes can die very quickly, so tips on how to keep it challenging without wiping the party out first encounter would be appreciated too.

Posted on 2011-01-18 at 03:35:44.
Edited on 2011-01-18 at 03:46:06 by morikahn

Topic: Chapter 3, Page 3
Subject: Chapter 3, Page 3

Its up

Posted on 2011-01-16 at 12:05:25.

Topic: Old Wizard: Contest - Need votes
Subject: #25

Thanks, we are now the 25th comic on the site with book 2 (# 6 with book 1 of old wizard).

Thanks for helping us out.

Posted on 2011-01-15 at 22:58:39.
Edited on 2011-01-15 at 22:58:54 by morikahn

Topic: Old Wizard: Contest - Need votes
Subject: Contest date extended

Appears the date the contest ends has been extended to May 15th.

We'd appreciate votes still, but no hurry now.

Posted on 2011-01-14 at 22:41:22.

Topic: Old Wizard: Contest - Need votes
Subject: site is working again

Ok, their site is back up and seems to be at a decent speed now. Please vote for us. Only a couple days left in the contest.

Posted on 2011-01-13 at 20:18:20.

Topic: Old Wizard: Contest - Need votes
Subject: dont know

yah.. the site seems to be down. I don't know whats going on. We have participated in this site's contest before.

Posted on 2011-01-13 at 14:33:28.

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