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3 Posts

Vorads Walk

The wind was blowing with enough force to clutter His path with all the loose debris in sight. The rain was not doing any good in keeping any of it down. Vorad did what he always did in these situations, He kept on walking, trudging, marching He just kept going. An irrestiable force you might say.

Knowing that this sort of weather was coming He had packed all He had into His pack and so was naked to the elements as he journeyed to the next rumoured little hamlet that might be on this dirt now mud track. When ones heritage consists of Black Dragon and Drow you can do this.

There is no moral imperatives to be violated here, just keeping your gear dry, Besides morals are for weak fools.
Having a water tight hide and night vision gives one a slight advantage, that and being an extremely talented monk.

On He marched, unswerved untill the sight of the first body part was found right in His path. " Interesting." He thought as He lifted the severed limb. " this happened quite a while ago." He said to no one in particular. Dropping the limb He moved forward,all senses ratcheted up by the prospect of combat with an formidible opponent or opponents. Then He spotted the light ahead.

Posted on 2008-05-17 at 19:34:32.

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3 Posts

Walk into the light

The light, as it came into view was a shockingiy large bonfire that was being fed by what apeared to be the townfolk, and they seem to be really enjoing themselves. Vorad chose the most tactical path into this town so as to not draw too much attention. sliding from shadow to shadow He got a better view and did not like it one bit.

Insanity and madness is what He saw up close. The people were runing about the the area that served as the square attacking eachother. Attacking with bare hands or with whatever they could find. thus the square was littered with more bodies and loose parts, some of which were being thrown into the fire and then being retreived and then being eaten, messily too.

Not one coherent word was heard among all the screaming and yelling just animalistic sounds. The loud snarl that came from behind was just another as Vorad spun to face the attacker. A boy of early teens stood trying to comprehend the image that Vorad presented. Then he bolted right at Vorad like a wild ,mad beast intent on killing the strange being. Vorad side stepped the charge and grabbed the boy between the neck and shoulder dropping the kid like a rag doll.

" time to go kid." said Vorad as he tied up the boy using a harness to do the job. Vorad carried the boy to a ssafe distance from the madness, he waited till the boy woke up and walked him in tow hoping that the next town wont be too far. " someone should be told about this mess, hopefully up ahead." Although He kept an eye on the boy, the boy made no sudden moves and sanity seemed to be returning to his eyes.

That night with a good deal of distance from the town Vorad was awakened by a gentle shaking. Snapping fully to wakefullness He bolted upright scaring the kid back from his side. As He stared the boy crept forward again. " Where am I and who are you?"

Posted on 2008-05-23 at 22:36:42.

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3 Posts

Questions in the Dark

"So are you feeling more like you'r old self now?" asked Vorad as he got a better look at the crouching boy.
"My head hurts terribly but yeah I do feel less ... like I want to kill you." "Well thats a start. Do you remember anything about what happened back at ...?" " No name for the place, but I sort of have visions of what happened." "Tell Me."

"Well I guess it was few days ago when a stranger came into town, he stayed one night then was gone like he never was there. over the next couple of days everyone went mad." at this point the boys eyes started to fill with tears. " Mum and Dad went at each other... then dad came after Me." The boy looked down. " I don't remember after that."
Vorad leaned back and thought for a moment. " Whoever that stranger was He seems to be the start of something very interesting." Vorad looked at the boy again. " In the morning You bathe, that old blood all over you is starting to smell." the boy looked at himself and when He saw the large splashes on His skin and clothes the tears in His eyes ran down his facs leaving tracks in the blood and dirt.

Posted on 2008-06-29 at 21:08:10.

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