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Parent thread: Generations of the Requiem
GM for this game: Skari-dono
Players for this game: Drakar, Vorrioch, Nimu, Kjin50
This game has fizzled.
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    Messages in Generations of the Requiem - Roman Nights
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Chaotic Hungry
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Set to go

"I am Thascius Cornelius Germanicus, centurion of the Empire and leader of the Cornelius Squad. I will join the two of you in the drinking of wine, but only if you will accept my offer to do so in my current home."
Returned the centurion’s invitation with a broad grin, the veteran’s right arm snapped up almost of its own volition in a well-practiced military salute, the traditional soldiers’ greeting.

Surprisingly enough, the emotion wasn’t feigned: on appearances so far he felt a genuine respect for the man, who’d handled a potentially difficult job with dignity and aplomb. And had circumstances been different the prospect of an evening spent sharing exaggerated old war stories over a pitcher or two of wine would have seemed by no means an unappealing one.

It was perhaps unfortunate for them both then that the man Deodatus, a congenial alcoholic chaffing under the strain and tedium of civilian life, was dead if unburied. And the hungry revenant who stood in his boots wasn’t much minded to weigh the dishonour of betraying a former brother-in-arms against the altogether more pressing need of putting bread on its children’s table for another week. No, he’d have the book or its whereabouts and be out again by daybreak and the ties of mortal comradeship be damned.

“Gnaeus Sertorius,” the vampire lied gruffly, extending his hand as he named a former comrade in arms who’d died in a knife fight last spring. No sense in using his real name, it could spell trouble later. “Served in the Second Cohort of the Fifth, at Chrysopolis and on the Danube.” Gods knew, that much was true enough, and he had the scars to prove it.

Almost as an afterthought, he flipped a coin onto the table beside him, which landed face-up amidst the spray of spilled wine and a few stray shards of broken pottery, to pay for the cost of the damage. He used this place often enough that it wasn’t worth wearing thin on his welcome for a little loose change. Besides which, he should have coin enough once the night’s work was done and the book safe in the hands of Manius’ mysterious client.

Posted on 2009-01-01 at 23:56:27.

Icelanders! Roll Out
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The drinking of wine

Minutes passed as Deodatus and Amhoset walked with the centurion, who insisted they would call him Cornilius Germanicus, to his current home. On the way, Deodatus managed to sneak out of sight for a short moment, to dispose of the wine he had drunk earlier that evening, then got back to Amhoset and Cornilius. When asked by the centurion where he had been, Deodatus lied well enough for Cornelius to believe.

The centurion's current "home" was in a clearing in the outskirts of Rome. Several tents had gathered there, where the centurion and his soldiers were staying for the time being. Only few of his men, no more than 3 or 4, could be seen as Cornelius lead Deodatus and Amhoset to the largest tent that stood in the center. Outside the tent was lit with torches, while the interior of the tent was lit with smaller lamps. Although the flames frightened the creatures of the night, Deodatus and Amhoset pushed that fear aside to pay attention to the matters at hand.

In the center of the tent was a table with four chairs and Cornelius's servant stood by the entrance. In the corner were three chests of different sizes, and on top of them was a single box, slightly bigger than a man's head, and a jar made of clay. Four poles surrounded the table and kept the roof up. On each pole hung at least two swords and at most four. On their sheaths were written Roman names.

"Felix, fetch us some of our best wine," Cornelius said as he sent his servant out. "Please, have a seat." Within moments, Felix returned with some wine and cups. Cornelius turned his attention to Deodatus. "Perhaps you would also wish to enjoy the pleasures of a woman. Would you like my servant to fetch one of my concubines? Or perhaps you, my lady? I will not judge you for your preferences in pleasure."

Posted on 2009-01-06 at 12:30:10.

RDI Fixture
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wine and words

Amhoset followed Cornelius and the vampire who called himself Gnaeus to the centurion's tent on the outskirts of the Roman city. The encampment housed several smaller tents and the centurions large tent, she saw only a few soldiers. Passing the blazing torches into the tent she stilled her mind against the fearful anguish threatening to overtake her.

"Felix, fetch us some of our best wine," Cornelius addressed his servant, sending him out "Please, have a seat." Amhoset sat down, arranging her white skirts as Felix returned with wine and cups. Perhaps she would find some way to avoid drinking the beverage.

"Perhaps you would also wish to enjoy the pleasures of a woman. Would you like my servant to fetch one of my concubines? Or perhaps you, my lady? I will not judge you for your preferences in pleasure." Cornelius spoke again. Cocking her head to the side she looked at the roman centurion and smiled. It would be an easy opportunity to feed, but there were far more important matters at hand. She would find out what she could from this interaction, information of any sort was of great importance.

"Many thanks for your hospitality Cornelius Germanicus," she spoke cocking her to the other side "but let us first enjoy wine and conversation."

Posted on 2009-01-12 at 04:48:10.

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Wulfagar enters at least I couldnt remember if we changed name or not but for now

Wulfagar had just returned from a nice small journey to a village not far away on behalf of a client who needed someone to scare some peasents who were holding out on their taxes. It had not even been worth it after all he had only had to burn a barn and they were more than willing to stop holding out on taxes. He hadn’t even meant to burn the barn. Who puts a lamp within the way of the door? He had just opened the door and it went up really easy.

He was on his way to a tavern he knew near the south side of the city where the ale wasn’t half as bad as the others and it was just as cheap for him since the owner didn’t mind having people like him around who didn’t have to do anything but be there and it kept the trouble down and when it did happen didn’t seem to have a problem getting people to take it outside or taking them outside and making sure they paid for any damages they caused so he could return to his peaceful table.

He had eaten a goat on the way to town since the roads had been to crowed for him to single out a real prey and the 3 times he had tried some group would wonder up and ruin it. So he had settled for a goat didn’t taste as good but no one complained about you chasing a goat most of time to work up your taste for it.

He had just reached the tavern and entered he waved to the owner and sat at his usual table in the back. He was thinking about how his table was leaning differently and how to wash goat out of his mouth with his eyes closed when he heard the door slam open and the sound of yelling. He wasn’t really concerned about it as long as they quieted down he was fine with it. That wasn’t to be since the noise seemed to be getting louder and he heard the sound of chairs moving and people getting heated up for a fight. Their blood beginning to pump loader and their hearts beginning to beat that much faster it made him forget the goat and grow more hungry it always did. He opened his eyes getting ready to get involved when he saw they were hurrying out the door for some reason.

Posted on 2009-01-20 at 22:46:14.

Icelanders! Roll Out
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Finally, an update!

Cornilius' Tent After only a short wait, Felix returned with the wine as requested. After seeing Cornilius' agreeing face, the servant poured wine into cups and stood back.

"I must admit," Cornilius said to both Amhoset and Deodatus, "I find the two of you intresting. A woman who is willing to stand against three legionaires and a man willing to come to her aid. Two things that I believed to be rare in Rome." He drank from his cup. "I must also warn you that this kind of behaviour is a sure way to make enemies."

Cornilius finished his cup and looked at Amhoset. "Tell me, my lady, what business does such a beauty as yourself have in such a filthy place?"

the Tavern As Wulfagar opened his eyes he was met with the visage of another of his kin. His blood quickened as he felt the strength of the Kindred before him, but it settled. The man seemed handsome, but somehow aged. He had the body of a middleaged man yet Wulfagar could feel how he was so much older than that.

The Kindred walked up to Wulfagar and sat by his table. "I have been searching for you, child." The voice was as soft as silk but his words carried authority and experience. "I hear you are skilled. I wish to employ you."

((OOC: Drakar, if someone is going to change the name of your character it is going to be you who do it. If you don't care what he is called, then the way you create your character is all wrong I think.))

Posted on 2009-02-09 at 22:26:03.

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Names are just ways of identifying most of time

Wulfagar assessed the man or kin that he saw before he was handsome to the point of outright be ridiculous. His strength wasn’t something to be taken lightly. He was older then Wulfagar but then a great many were. He seemed to be a fool or he was stupid to go out alone in this day and age with not a weapon in sight after all there were many killers about and even they could be killed by humans. Weapons in sight was a way of life it kept trouble away. Even Wulfagar hadn’t come to this place without at least his gladius on. He had heard the other day of people disappearing and that was never a good thing in a city this size since that would mean it was a lot of people. He wasn’t worried about the man for caring that was foolish he was concerned for the fact the man wanted to hire him and money wasn’t something he was in the mood to see slip away.

“Sit let us discuss it I might be up for hire and I might not depends on a few things we can have a drink of this poor excuse for a drink and discuss it and see if I am interested.”

He kept his sight on the man but made sure no one was in the way if it came to conflict. Not that he wanted conflict he was just cautious. He kept his hand within reach of his weapon incase also but not close enough that the man need fear.

Posted on 2009-02-09 at 23:28:50.
Edited on 2009-02-09 at 23:29:52 by Drakar

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