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Parent thread: Of Dragons and Men Questions and Answers
GM for this game: gboy
Players for this game: Dragon Mistress, Brianna, Nimu, Mithral┬ĚDragon
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Wee Grugglet
Karma: 57/27
1669 Posts

Okay, let's try this... RESUME, NOW!

With Trillion observing the amulet, and pouring her magics into it to discover what it is, she is able to deduce that the amulet allows the wearer to understand an ancient language, used in dragon and human relations, known as Dracommonic. It is a dead language, and hasn't been used in almost 600 years. It is very complex, and is difficult to learn, from what you know of it.

Mora, then going over to her parents, asks them about the burning of Badon, and the destruction.

"Mora, I don't know what to tell ye." Her father responds. "I can't remember what's happened before seeing you, and that crazy which show up, and after seeing this bright light in the sky. Nothing happened. It seems. I feel like something should be there... but it's just not. I see a vague image of a boy, but that's it. And I don't even know if my mind is playing tricks on me. Mora what happened?"

Meanwhile, Selunine continued her interrogation of Sonia.

"My mistress, Linus was there. But please, don't blame his actions on the Black Fang... the establishment is a very fine one, with no harm in our agenda... at least until he took it over. But yes, Linus was responsible for that."

(OoC: Okay guys, we're back... I hope. I'm sorry about the hold up in the game, and I hope we can get everyone back... Check over you character sheets, see if everything's still right... And I'll be here for a while, looking forward to gaming with you all again.)

Posted on 2009-11-22 at 22:48:52.

Dragon Mistress
Not Brianna
Karma: 68/55
1764 Posts


Mora "Badon is gone, the people were turned to undead and there is someone trying to reestablish Dragon Rule. Mother, Father, for your own sakes go south to Uncle Geran's."

Leaving her parents Maora goes back to Trillion and asks about the amulet. "Do you know what it is?"

When she learns of the nature of the amulet she takes it and puts it on. Knowledge was the lifesblood of Bards, and she was a bard as well as a fighter.

No matter what her parents decide Mora begins to gather her things, they have the fiendish child to stop. Soon she has saddlebags full of clothes and her horse saddled and her old horse carrying a pack saddle with 1/3 of the provisions that she could find, waterskins and other odds and ends for camping, tarps, rope, an old cooking pot, a tripod for hanging the pot, long handled utensiles and usable stuff.

She keeps her mind focused on the mundane to keep her imagination for running away with her.

Posted on 2009-11-22 at 23:09:27.

Wee Grugglet
Karma: 57/27
1669 Posts

Game Post.

Mora's parents look concerned, but resigned. Looking back at their small farmhouse, and the property that is the field, now scorched, frozen, trampled on, and with the thrall there, they both let out a simultaneous sigh. "Maybe you're right Mora. Maybe we should go to your Uncle Geran's. He always was a nice fellow, and I'm sure he'll still be willing to let us stay there, if only for a little while." Mora's father said.

"But Mora..." he continued, "you have to go there too. Not now, I see you have friends you have a loyalty to... But you..." A choked hiccough escapes his mouth, and his eyes begin to water. "You... you gotta survive Mora. You gotta survive... for us." Tears begin to roll down his cheeks, and Mora's mother breaks into full out tears, clinging to Mora in a tight embrace. After what seems like ages, she lets go, and the two, still sobbing, gather their things and head out, going south.

Returning to the group, Mora slips on the amulet. Nothing happens at first, the amulet is simply around her neck, though Mora can sense magic coming from it.

Gathering her things, Mora prepares for the travels ahead. She knows they will not be easy, but she knows that they are necessary.

Posted on 2009-12-13 at 18:47:36.

Dragon Mistress
Not Brianna
Karma: 68/55
1764 Posts


Soon she has saddled her horse and gathered what supplies she could without taking what her parents would need to make the journey south.

She took her horse a big strapping stallion that her father had gotten for her with a bit of dealing from a passing horse trader 5 years back. The trader was in town for the Summer's End Festival cursing because an old mare had slowed him down the whole trip and he missed the first day of selling. By the end of the Festival the Trader was ready to go. That was when her father went to see him about a horse for Mora, hoping to get a good deal. When he pointed to the old mare and asked the price her jaw had dropped. The mare was near cripple Mora though her father was taking pity on the old horse, when he offered to buy it from the trader for a few silver, he knew that trader did not want to have her slowing him down as he went south.

It was to be her horse and she could not believe he was buying her this broken down mare. She quietly cried all the way home leading the limping mare behind her. Her father was cluckling all the way home and kept telling Mora how luck she was and all she had to do was wait until spring. Then her father pointed out what she had missed.

She remembered his word's clearly. "That mare was someone's warhorse, and it is a rare mare that is trained as a warhorse." He went on pointing out injuries from swords, axes, and arrows. You just wait.

That fall and winter she tended the mare, which did fatten up, and massaged her leg. It was not until later that Mora figured out the mare was pregnant. When she asked her father "How did you know?" he just smiled. "From the look in her eyes." he replied. The mare foaled a most beautiful black colt and from the way he pranced and cavorted she named him Shadow Dancer.

two sets of bulging saddlebags were packed on the back of Dancer and She also had her big pony for Ninian to ride and the gedling also carries a pair of baskets tied to the back of Mora's old saddle filled with supplies.

"Ok, I am ready. Ninian, you can ride Dandy."

Posted on 2010-01-04 at 01:09:41.

Not Dragon Mistress
Karma: 105/32
2282 Posts


Trillion flew back to the farm after a fruitless search for the fleeing apprentice. She found Mora coming out f the farmhouse and loading saddlebags on her horse. Gently settling down. She asks the other two.

"We are going after them are we not?"

The girl child could not be allowed to continue one whatever evil course she had been set on. Trillion was unsure about this other new women that had joined them. While ahe had said she had fled from the others they had only her word., Though their prisoner had tried desperately to get her back to someone called Linus, The young woman was clearly terrified by that thought.

"What ever evil has perpetrated this tragedy" must be twrted, I commite myself to do this.

Posted on 2010-01-04 at 02:44:31.

RDI Fixture
Karma: 64/11
1280 Posts


Selunine faced Sonia with impassive violet eyes. It was as she thought, she had seen Linus in her vision. She had seen him destroy an entire city and drain power from the lives he extinguished. This was the man that sought to bring the dragon's back, a man that destroyed an entire city. That man, this Linus, he knew of the Misty Isle. Arianna had been wrong, the Aos Si would not be spared.

Turning from Sonia the faery faced her companions. Were they all that stood between the world and total conflagration? A small distance away they began to make ready for their journey. Holding a hand up she gestured to them to wait. Brushing a silver tendril from her face Selunine turned to face Sonia once again.

"You say that Linus changed the Black Fang," she began, "Are there any in your order that oppose him?"

Posted on 2010-01-04 at 02:58:55.

Wee Grugglet
Karma: 57/27
1669 Posts

Game Post

Trillion, Mora, Selunine, Ninian, and Sonia rode their horses away from the farm, with confusion on their minds, and in their hearts. The recent encounter had left them reeling, and they had little to go on, except for the fact the child was heading west, toward the shore. It was unsettling how she had simply leapt into the forest, disappearing into the shadow, but it was an art similar to one that Mora was familiar with.

However, the group had decided not to dwell on things which were not answerable, and instead Selunine pressed on with her interrogation of the recently acquired prisoner. She had valuable information so far, and she wasn't going anywhere anytime soon.

"There were people who opposed him... However, opposition is a drop of water against the roaring inferno which is Linus. He wouldn't stand for opposition, he instead silenced everyone who spoke against him. I don't know if everyone was taken, but everyone who may oppose him is quiet about it now. They fear him. He rules with an steel fist, and doesn't allow room for wiggling."

The days travel yielded way to an evening that was cool and crisp. The clear night showed brilliant stars that shone down on the night. The night time sounds were absent tonight.

Posted on 2010-01-05 at 02:24:26.

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