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Parent thread: Star Wars Redemption Take 2
Related thread: Star Wars Redemption Take 2
Related thread: Redemption: Q+A and Intro post
GM for this game: Geraint
Players for this game: Skari-dono, Loki, Ananya, Velinith
This game is on hiatus.
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Late usual :(

She didn’t follow the others into the Barracks right away, her deep green eyes drifting lazily instead toward Teldan as he shuffled off. The others were together…strength in numbers. They were fine. She knew her new commanding officer hadn’t EXACTLY told her what to do…. she shrugged her shoulders and smirked a bit unpleasantly. That left her more or less to her own devices. She followed the tech, knowing it was usually his type that got everyone in trouble. Besides, if the rest of the team couldn’t handle a few rats…her face betrayed what she thought of such weakness.

She watched the tech work out of the corner of her eye, appearing instead to be idly inspecting the outside of the buildings. The foliage really did make good cover…they should leave it growing where it was she thought to herself. What she wouldn’t give for a flamethrower for the inside, she grinned again. The cold smiled faded quickly from her delicate, faintly oriental features, as she suddenly wondered something. Why would a droid warn them of a few small rodents? Her mind worked quickly as it was trained to do, possibilities and contingencies rolling over with incredible speed, fed by her vast store of knowledge. She looked up at the tech as she heard their CO’s voice hum hesitantly through her comm.

"Thanks Teldan, much better. What had happened to the lights doesn't seem anything you couldn't sort though. You might want to come in but keep your blaster out, the rats look like they'll be huge." She tried to keep her face flat as she felt disgust mixed with sorrow coil through her. The woman was obviously a warrior…from a strong and noble if not human race. She should be confident, a credit to all she obviously was. Yet she mewled like a kitten. Jade sighed, reminding herself here was not her place to judge. She had orders. Don’t get involved. She pushed the thoughts away and headed for the Barracks.

She walked in just as Dara hauled on the metal bunk and she smiled very faintly to see it. Good girl. Now if she can just keep it up, Jade thought to herself as she stood easily in the room’s entrance; legs very slightly spread in a subconscious martial stance, her arms folded across her chest. She liked the woman well enough…she simply couldn’t bear weakness. Her eyes scanned the room once more, needing only one glance to memorize everything exactly as it was. Her nose twitched slightly, and she spoke softly.“Wamp rats. They’ve probably made nests in all the old furniture.” She turned her head gracefully toward Dara. “I still say we should burn the place ma’am. Flamethrowers…I’m sure techboy here and I can come up with something.” Her voice is very pretty, almost musical; she speaks softly, as though expecting unconsciously to be listened to.

Posted on 2009-06-10 at 16:54:26.
Edited on 2009-06-10 at 16:57:50 by Ananya

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the generator

upon seeing the generator Teldan starts off by checking the most obvious problem. is this peice of scrap turned on? after playing with the ON/OFF switch and seeing that had no change he sighs and makes a small sound of discust as he opens up the generator to see what the problem is.
Seeing the severed cable and reattching it. Flipping the power switch once more, smiling sleightly as the generator comes to life once more and hope it stays that way.

Hearing the cammanders voice over comms
"Thanks, much better. What had happened to the lights, doesn't seem anything you couldn't sort though. You might want to come in but keep your blaster out, the rats look like they'll be huge."

After doing a few last checks to make sure the thing won't break again. Teldan returns to the rest of the group in the barracks.

Posted on 2009-06-16 at 15:11:56.

TRSG 2.0
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1606 Posts

Right way up

Upon writing the chest she dumps her non-essentials on it, everything but her pistol, belt, bandolier and comlink, and turns to the pyromaniac. She wouldn't be blowing the place up the the grenades but it was simpler just to leave them on the bandolier, she hated the uniforms and fatigues. On her home planet they worked hard and played hard, as soon as work was done then into casual gear and a game or three of grav-ball, she had the perfect build for it, maybe shorter but she was athletic with beyond human reflexes and the sleek muscles of an athlete. She was competitive to, maybe that's why she was picked to the patrol leader because it couldn't be because of her farther.

"Please don't call me ma’am, I'm not a fan of ranks and hierarchies. But I agree with you, torch the whole place. I don't think we should though, you know what these are so maybe you could help us find a nest. I can't see any harm in tackling the same way my people tackled the Kiltik."
Adol's soft tones gently answer those of the only other female, she wished they had a separate room away from the men.

"Anyone think that it's a bad idea to hit the nest?"

Posted on 2009-06-26 at 17:16:06.

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