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The story of Verigrimm

This is just a random backstory that I made for a character concept. This was just a spur of the moment thing, so forgive me if it is not done very well.

What I was seekign to accomplish was to create a reason that a character would turn to a Lawful-Evil alignment. I think that this character background would do good as the background for a Warlock or Wizard.

Let me know what you think.

Verigrimm was the third born son to a family of merchants. His youth was spent in the training of negotiations and mercantile skills. His father was a harsh man who did not tolerate any type of failure on the part of any of his employees. He dealt with any failure in a very harsh fashion, so that it did not happen again.

As a child, Verigrimm was schooled by various tutors in many languages and traditions. It was his father’s wish that he help his eldest brother to run the merchant company when he came of age. Ever the harsh disciplinarian, Varigrimm’s father dealt out untold pain for any indiscretions in his sons studies or personal life.

Verigrimm grew to be a young man and his father sent his east to study and apprentice with his uncle, who was also a merchant. It was here that Verigrimm met his love, Estrella.

Estrella was the step-daughter of his uncle. Her mother was the woman that had replaced Varigrimm’s aunt after her untimely (and some say purposeful) death. She was a beautiful lass a few years younger than Verigrimm. Estella also held fond feelings for Verigrimm. However their love was forbidden by the rules of the house.

Estrella was already spoken for in an arranged marriage that would grant her stepfather a large portion of the upcomming lumber trade for the construction of the newest outpost and village on the borderlands. Although Estrella knew of the negotiations for her arranged marriage, she never shared these with Verigrimm. She was in denial of the inevitable.

Verigrimm and Estrella still continued their romance, away from prying eyes. They made every effort and excuse to spend as much time with one another as possible. Soon they decided that they would run away together and make their own lives. They just had to wait for the right moment.

Unfortunately that moment never came. Verigrimm’s uncle suspecting that there was a plot sent Verigrimm away on an errand. While Verigrimm was away, his uncle pushed the arranged marriage forward. Estrella had no choice in the matter. The contracts had already been signed.

Estrella’s husband was a brute of a man with violent tendencies and vile ways. He was also a worshipper of the dark powers, though that was only hinted and suggested in whispers. He took Estrella as his wife purely to taint the innocence that he seen there. He had no love for the woman.

Verigrimm retruned to his uncle’s lands and to the heartbreaking news of Estrella’s marriage. He was absolutely distraught by the news. He felt betrayed by his uncle, by Estrella, by the world in general. He vowed that he would learn the reasons for the treachery of his beloved.

Verigrimm stalked around the perimeter of the noble’s home. He watched in anger and sadness as the brief images of his beloved and her new husband briefly flitted across the open window panes. He decided that he would simply confront them. He had nothing to lose but his life, and without her his life was meaningless.

Verigrimm silently prowled his was through the gardens of the manor house and into the house proper. He slipped through the halls of the house and into the bedchambers beyond. It was here that he found the two sleeping in the bed, the man with his arms wrapped around Estrella.

This was more than he could stand. He immediately took his dagger and plunged it into the heart of the man. He drove the dagger repeatedly into the mans flesh. The man had no chance to defend himself.

Caught up in the rage he turned the dagger also on his beloved. He stabbed with all the hate and fury that he could muster. He stabbed her dead body until he literally passed out from exhaustion.

It was then and only then that he woke to find Estrella, his once loved, tied about the wrists and ankles in submission. She lay lifeless in an eternal embrace with the man that she had detested.

Thoughts dark and horrific passed through his mind. He knew that what he did was arong. He did not know what had driven him to do it. He heard horrific whispers in his mind. The whispers kept telling him that she had remained faithful. That her bindings proved that she was here against her will. That he was a cold blooded murderer.

He left the building and his life behind. He wandered near and far trying to escape the whispers. He slowly started to descend into madness. He found that he did not know truth from reality any longer. Dark whispers pervaded every part of his life, in the waking hours and during his fitful slumber.

The whisper instructed him on certain things. They spoke to him and told him that if he were to listen to them he could find a way to have his beloved back. He ignored these whispers at first, but after several days (or was it months) he started to belive what he had heard in the whispers.

That is how Verigrimm came to be who and what he is today. Forever seeking redemption for his sins, and seeking to quiet the whispers that torment him…

Posted on 2009-11-16 at 08:47:28.
Edited on 2009-11-16 at 08:50:58 by Shadowbranch1

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