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GM for this game: YeOlde
Players for this game: DarkAutumn, Raven, Kaelyn, Tiamat5774, Odyson, The_Haruspex, Tuned_Out
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Daldren stood by the fire, even as conversation and exchanges of mission briefings, and priorities exchanged hands. Elessarae it seemed would be leaving, called back to the homefront, while a new face, another stranger Tadirien Vanlithe by claim would be taking her place.

Losing members of their close knit group was always hard, and breaking the ice with new ones just as challenging. It took months, perhaps even years for a group to form a bond of trust so intimate, that one held unyielding faith in their abilities, and more importantly.. loyalty and dependability.
Tomorrow would be beginning of that new journey.

Tonight rest was in order, as Daldren always met the day, to welcome the sun when possible. With but a silent nod that passed as a goodnight to those who may have noticed, he withdrew for the night.

Sleep came easily, yet it was not peaceful, nor of any considerable length. Nightmares and terror seeped into his dreams, and he found himself waking numerous times throughout the night. It was still very early morning when he decided good sleep simply would not come to him that night. There was an aura of discomfort hanging about the place, and it set the seasoned scout on edge. Gathering his things, and heading out into the hall, Daldren was met with two more of his travelling companions. Their looks only served to further his suspicions that something wasn't right.

"Rouse the others, for I wager they are in as fitful a state as we were. I'll check downstairs, see if any staff are about.

Posted on 2011-07-09 at 19:19:18.

Resident Finn
RDI Staff
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Unlike Daldren sleep didn't come easily for Danamar. The syl couldn't get the look on Elessarae's beautiful face out of his mind no matter how much he tried. The rest of their group was probably oblivious of the subtle change in her expression. But to someone who'd practically been family to the bladesinger and known her for decades, it was all too clear. The news had not been good and the summons had called for hasty actions. The cleric could only hope - once again - that Elessarae would be safe.

When the sleep finally overtook the tired sylvari, it was nothing what he would have expected. His dream were filled with such terror and pain that it was like they were someone else's completely. When Danamar finally broke free of their clutch, he found himself sweating in the middle of darkness.

The syl's sharp ears caught noise in the hallway, but instead of rushing to his feet, he decided to sit quietly in his bed for a while longer. Only when he was able to recognize the sounds of movement as his companions, Danamar silently stood up and donned his gear. Apparently the others had difficulties sleeping too.

When ready, the warrior priest moved silently downstairs to find his fellow team members there. With a grim look on his face, Danamar nodded his greeting and joined them in waiting for the rest of MV6 to come down.

OOC: sorry about the quality of the post. I'm on a trip and only have my iPad avalable atm.

Posted on 2011-07-09 at 20:50:26.

Forever ♥
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A new player...

Nighttime - 18th Sempore (Thirkday), 452 E.R.
The Black Horse Tavern, Southwest of Visden, Pardinal

Sebastien was a man of tall build … standing at 6' 0'' high … broad and muscular …most women would consider him ruggedly handsome… at the moment he was sitting on the porch of a tavern in the hills Southwest of Visden… with him were several other patrons drinking … Sebastien was smoking a pipe and enjoying the good evening … a few days ago he had set a trap for some road bandits who had been raiding people along the local roads… he had used a local wagon and hidden himself under some robes… the bandits had struck believing it was a simple farmer…

They had been very surprised when he had leaped from the wagon… and throwing aside the robes to reveal a warrior in armor wielding a great sword… he had cut them down easily … all the time shouting his shouting his war cry “For Heironeous, For the gods!” … “Fear not brigands Hextor is awaiting your souls!” … “Guide my arm Heironeous these weak things cannot stand in our way. I am at your service.” … in moments the untrained bandits had fallen…

Now he was celebrating with some of the locals that had befriended him… when out of the east came a foul breeze that set his skin to tingling… the wind caused the warrior to leap to his feet … dropping the pipe he drew his sword… he looked around for someone to strike … some enemy he expected to leap from the brush and assault him… yet nothing came… except the foul wind… it passed but left behind a faint feeling of foreboding and hopelessness which seemed to penetrate to his very soul.

After he was sure nothing was going to attack him… he dropped to one knee and silently prayed to Heironeous … his patron deity to give him guidance and strength… after a few minutes he felt a warm glow pass through him… the ill feelings the wind had left behind were banished from his soul and he felt strength flow through him… but with it a purpose… he was to find the source of this ill wind and deal with it… whatever it was … it was unnatural and would bring nothing but pain and death to the land.

He rose to his feet and sheathing his sword he turned and gathered his things… in minutes he had packed everything up and was strapping them onto his mount… he paid his bill at the tavern… said farewell to his new friends… jumping smartly up into the saddle he turned his face to the east… though he didn’t know what it was that he might face… he knew what he must do when he found it… there was only one answer to such evil… destroy it … in the name of Heironeous.

Late Night, 23th Sempore (Teladay), 452 E.R.
The Lonesome Traveler, Pardinal

It was long after sunset near midnight when Sebastien road in to the enclosed yard of the Tavern… he was tired… his mount was tired… they had ridden long and hard to get here… he had skirted Visden in order not to be delayed… if he had entered the city he had feared that he would have been distracted… too much in a big city that might pull him from his quest.

When he entered the yard he rode over to the stables and dismounted and was raising his fist to pound on the door to wake the stable man to tend to his mount when… he sensed something wrong… something evil… he dropped the reins and whirled to face the direction that he felt the evil… it was inside the tavern… somewhere on the first floor… leaving his mount there he strode up to the door… drawing his sword he spared no time… he didn’t check the door to see if it was locked… all taverns locked their doors by this time of night… with a swift strong kick he shattered the simple wooden bar and sent the door slamming inward … drawing his sword he stepped into the door way casting his eyes about for the source of the evil.

Inside the tavern… Daldren and Danamar exited their rooms to find Mendez… Irael and the newcomer Tadirien standing in the hallway seemingly on alert… they conversed briefly… confirming that they all felt something was wrong… and seeing nothing here they decided to go downstairs to see what was afoot… coming cautiously down the stairs they soon found themselves in the dark common room… only a little light filtered in through the curtained windows… enough that they could make out the general layout but not enough to confirm that the room was vacant.

All of them had just arrived at the base of the stairs when suddenly the front door burst inward splintering the wooden bar that had locked it… a large figure stepped into the doorway… a large great sword in it’s hands… it paused in the doorway as it surveyed the room as if looking for something.

Sebastien stood inside the doorway and saw a standard tavern common room… there was no light except for the scant light filtering in through the doorway and the few windows… but he could make out 5 figures standing over by the stairway… he couldn’t see any details about them… but he immediately stretched out his senses and could tell that they were NOT the source of the evil … but they did seem to be on edge and his sudden entry might cause them to be very wary of him.

(Ok… there is the post for this week… I will post later for Mendez in his own time… please welcome a new player to the game… The_Haruspex… now for those that didn’t post this week… you’re still in your room… doing nothing for the moment… so please post this week… I will update next Sunday.)

Posted on 2011-07-10 at 19:31:13.
Edited on 2011-07-10 at 19:31:33 by YeOlde

Khash Munee
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No sooner had Irael finished instructing Mendez to prepare himself than three doors opened. Directly in front of them Daldren emerged from his room, fully armed and with a concerned expression upon his face. Seeing the pair in the hall, Daldren repeated the importance of awakening the others just to turn and notice Tadirein and Danamar exiting their own rooms.

After agreeing that something was amiss they set out to investigate the lower floor of the inn. Upon descending the stairs, the silence of the dark inn way broken by the main door bursting inward, a figure silhouetted within its frame.

Unable to determine if this figure was an immediate threat, Irael gripped his blade, ready to draw in an instant. Instead of risking direct confrontation with the unknown person Irael looked to where he was certain four tables stood within the common room. Focusing a small amount of his arcane ability he formed a sphere of light upon each table illuminating the room for a short time.

(ooc: Dancing Lights.)

Posted on 2011-07-12 at 01:05:13.

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Violence, pain, terror….. thoughts and visions poured into the void that should have been a restful trance. Tad shook himself out of trance and heard sounds coming from hall.

With the graceful swiftness that came naturally to his kind and his training, he rose from his resting position, dressed and armed himself. The light but deadly rapier hung from his side and the lethal dragger was placed on his belt for easy access.

Something was wrong, very wrong and his place was defending these new allies. Shaking the feeling of dread, Tad moved to the door and slipped into the hall.

Talking to Irael, Mendez stood half dressed in the hall. They looked up as Tad strode down the hall to join them. Quickly Daldren and Danamar emerged from there room and together they venture down to the common room.

They feel what seems to be the source of dread emanate from the room. Nothing could be seen.

Suddenly the front door burst inward splintering the wooden bar that had locked it… a large figure stepped into the doorway… a large great sword in it’s hands… it paused in the doorway as it surveyed the room as if looking for something.

It would not be good for them to be bunched together. Placing his hand on his sturdy rapier Tad sidestepped from the group to give himself room to fight.

These were now his comrades, he would prove his worth. Tension filled the room as he waited to take action.

Posted on 2011-07-16 at 01:58:55.
Edited on 2011-07-17 at 16:07:31 by Odyson

Resident Finn
RDI Staff
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As the current members of MV6 made their way down the stairs to the common room, it was clear to Danamar as it doubtlessly was to his companions as well, that they'd all shared the same dream. They all had been awoken by the same nightmares brought upon them by someone or something very near.

No words were exchanged as there was no need for conversation. Swords had been drawn and spells readied as the group slowly and carefully descended one step at a time. So when the front door burst in and a tall warrior followed it inside, none of them were really taken by surprise.

Damanil raised his left slightly to indicate his friends not to engage right away. And after a slight pause, the subtle movement carried the hand to touch the embossed sword on the disk that was Therassor's holy symbol hanging around the syl's neck. His nearly closed lips quickly muttered the words of a prayer to his god to locate the source of the evil.

It was clear that whomever the intruder was, he was not the reason for their sleep had been interrupted. The cleric let his emerald eyes wander around the common room to find out what had.

Posted on 2011-07-16 at 08:38:00.

Regular Visitor
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In the name of Heironeous...

Smashing down the door now felt like it was a bit rash, but after all their was some form of evil inside, why else would his god send him here, why did he not stay at the Inns on his way to this one?

Nevertheless he found himself stood in the door way facing what appeared to be some other humanoid figures, he could detect no evil, yet there was something amiss. He tried to make out how well armed the figures were or study their movement, looking for signs of nervousness or twitching. Then a wave of realisation hit him, this was a test from Heironeous himself not every test was overcome by strength and skill this was a matter of diplomacy and wits. Praying gently to Heironeous under his breath “Guide me now, Heironeous for I am in great need I am a fighter not a diplomat. Guide my mouth in converse as you do my arm in combat.” Seb looked up into the sky the night was dark and overcast and he wondered if Heironeous could see him through the clouds or him on the wind.

“Ho friends” Said Sebastien heartily whilst sheathing his sword. “The long arm of Heironeous stretches far but he sees no evil in you, instead let us talk. Fighting I find isn't the only way to resolve matters.” While Sebastien is talking he steps forward towards the newcomers slowly but confidently.

Posted on 2011-07-17 at 12:55:28.

Forever ♥
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The mage is startled by the door burstng inward... he was the last one coming down the stairs and was still on them ... it gave him a good view of the room... so when the figure stepped into the now open doorway... he began gesturing his hands in the air and speakingly lowly words of power.

The newcomers words made him pause his incantations... he held it just on the cusp of completion... waiting to see what would happen... if indeed the warrior was the source of the evil feelings.

Posted on 2011-07-17 at 15:37:08.

Dragon Fodder
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Daldren's footfalls were silent as he descended the wooden steps of his lodgings to the common room below. Behind him more followed, yet the sudden implosion of the front door penetrated the darkness as a figure entered, brandishing a large blade. It took less time for the doors lockbar to splinter and hit the floor for Daldren to duck into a roll and meld into the shadows of the room.

(tumble/ hide check)

Daldren observes the newcomer throughout his conversation.

Posted on 2011-07-18 at 06:32:22.

Forever ♥
Karma: 86/11
1538 Posts

oh evil... where art thou?

Late Night, 23th Sempore (Teladay), 452 E.R.
The Lonesome Traveler, Pardinal

The five members of the party had come slowly down the stairs seeking whatever was causing the ill feeling that had disturbed their slumbers… as they reached the base of the stairs the front door had burst inward.

Daldren’s quick reflexes sent him tumbling away from the door and into the shadows of a far corner before the splinters from the shattered door came to rest… the figure in the door only saw four figures by the stairwell… they seemed alert and the last in the line was moving his hands in intricate patterns in the air… another gestured briefly and lights sprang up in the air over one of the tables in the center of the room casting illumination within the dark room.

Sensing that they were not the source of the evil and that they were unsure of him and preparing to defend themselves… he stepped forth and spoke softly yet firmly to them.

“Ho friends” Said Sebastien heartily whilst sheathing his sword. “The long arm of Heironeous stretches far but he sees no evil in you, instead let us talk. Fighting I find isn't the only way to resolve matters.”
The spell caster paused in his casting and waited to see what the others were going to do… it appeared this newcomer was not here to cause them trouble… and he didn’t appear to be evil.

Danamar’s muttering of a prayer could be barely heard in the room… it caused the cleric to turn his eyes to a dark corner on the other side of the room… one which the dancing lights in the center didn’t seem to penetrate… he realized with a start that was the same corner that Daldren had tumbled into when the door had burst in.

Daldren saw all that transpired in the room from the dark corner … the magical light called forth in the center of the room threatened to reveal him… but apparently the others didn’t take notice of him… he came to the same conclusion as the others that this newcomer didn’t appear to be the source of the evil… if that was the case…

… he began to notice how cold it felt in these shadows… he turned his head slowly to look about and saw that the blackness here seemed to be unnaturally darker than usual… the light from the dancing orbs in the center of the room didn’t infiltrate the darkness behind him at all… it almost seemed like … there… the darkness moved… it undulated… it seemed to grow… towards him.

Sebastien hand had not yet left the pommel of his sword when he felt a flash of evil as he walked towards the people gathered at the stairwell… he turned his head and by the grace of Heironeous he was directed to the location of the evil he felt here… in the far corner he saw that the light in the room didn’t penetrate into the darkness there… whatever the evil was it was there… and it had to be dealt with now.

Posted on 2011-07-18 at 22:18:25.

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Pierce through the darkness....

Daldren observed the newcomer, listened to his words, and saw the body language which made him believe the stranger was not of immediate threat or hostility. Instead however ,there was a presence that seemed to encroach upon his hiding spot, playing on the edges of his senses in the darkness just out of reach. That is until he determined it was 'the' darkness, the very shadows he had sought shelter within that held an aura of evil; of despair about them.

Quickly moving a short distance away and drawing his shield, Daldren reappeared at the edge of the dancing lights. As he did so, in his free hand appeared a dagger swathed in darkness, pulled from the very shadow's itself. Taking a defensive stance he faced the corner where he once crouched and stated matter of factly... "The darkness is upon us..."

Posted on 2011-07-19 at 07:00:43.

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Sebastien Winterhaven - Vanquisher of Evil

The Room got colder, and so to did the pommel of Sebastiens sword, for this reason he hesitated to sheathe it, often this meant evil had stirred. He scanned the room, looking for something amiss, stopping momentarily on his slow walk to the well armed and hardy looking newcomers. Gathering his wits Sebastien carried on walking towards them when a flicker, a sound of metal like a sword being drawn and a shield unslung came from his left, he turned abruptly raising his sword to the unknown movement, quickly his instincts corrected him, this was not the evil. “ Explain yourself, Friend or foe?” Sebastien demanded from the new creature.

Without hesitating for an answer quickly he lowered his sword to a defensive stance. (Sense motive on Daldren) Sebastien readying himself for a fight peered into the darkness, he knew that something was in there but he was worried as to just what it was.
“So new friends, it looks as though fighting is going to resolve matters after all. To my side Evil is to be vanquished and Heironeous is to be honoured, come now Heironeous will guide us to the right path!” Sebastien had almost gone into a state of fanaticism now, muttering incoherent words in open prayer.

Posted on 2011-07-19 at 11:25:55.
Edited on 2011-07-19 at 11:27:07 by The_Haruspex

Khash Munee
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Into Position

Without really thinking about them, Irael brought the glowing spheres closer to the corner hoping to, perhaps, keep the darkness at bay a little longer. As he did so he drew his sword and readied his shield moving from the stairwell, forming the traditional buffer zone to protect ranged casters. He was not about to let any of his comrades fall, though Daldren had slipped off to somewhere...

As Daldren emerged from the darkness, Irael placed himself at his side but kept his wits about him. "The darkness is upon us...". The words came out flat, and Irael was unsure if it was his usual demeanor or the exposure to the presence in the corner that made them so. (sense motive upon Daldren). He only half heard the voice of the stranger at the door, there was something far more concerning than him to deal with.

"..." Irael remained silent. Tightening his shoulders he braced himself for what would come next.

Posted on 2011-07-19 at 14:03:19.
Edited on 2011-07-20 at 00:51:20 by Tuned_Out

Not Dragon Mistress
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Tariel had been with the other when the messenger had arrived with an urgent message for Ele, She thought his method of delivery was a little theatrical but he had done his job. Ele took the missive and Tariel knew that something was not right by the slight facial movements.. The news was not good. When Ele turned to stare into the distance unseeing Tariel's suspicions were confirmed. Ele Came out of her introspective state a few moments later.

Ele announced simply that had to leave and now. Tariel did not expect a reason nor need to know why. There was curiosity but such a thing tool a distance positions in the hierarchy especially to Ele's needs and to those who cared for her and one who loved her.

She went up with Ele and without words helped her to pack and make ready. Actually there was not much to do. Ele keeps her things packed up. for the most part, wherever she went. Like many adventurers they could grab up their belongings quickly and be gone without leaving important things behind. Tariel had her at least some time to say her goodbyes to Ele. She would miss Ele, and hoped she would return.

Not returning to the common room Tariel prepared for meditation. She clean up and dressed in fresh clothes. they sat cross-legged on the bed slipping easily into the meditative state that Elves used to rest. Dreams were often a part of meditation but not night terrors. Yet that was what she experienced, darkness, pain, lost, all in a strange mayhem in her mind.

Tariel disciplined her mind to shout that train of thought out but they did not all go, she ended her meditation to rid herself of the vision but as she woke the lingering sense of wrongness. It was no lingering dream state, something was not right and it was close by.

Tariel gather her backpack slung it one armed herself and went to the door. She heard sounds and opened the door just a crack to see into the hallway. Other mostly her comrades were up armed as she and moving through the hall she drew and arrow notched it and follow them senses alert of any sounds other that they were making.

MV6 moved down the hallway then downstairs with caution, Tariel suspected pretty well suspected that she was not the only one visited by night terrors. Once at the base of the stairs Tariel slid to the side putting her back to a wall and given herself a clear view of the common room. Their was some light filtering in so even with her low-light vision so she had a difficult time making out much. detail.

The Door crashed open. Tariel did not fire immediately though she did target the center of the doorway about heart high. A large figure Occupied the opening but he, it had to be a he with those shoulders and that height. Armed and Armor but not in an offensive position it was more defensive, or somewhere in between. Tariel had to adjust her aim point, she still held ready to fire in an instant, needed.

Tariel swung her arm point from the his heart a bit to the side.She could bring it back quick enough is needed but somehow she did not think this man cause the sense of wrongness.

The man is the Doorways head turn, Tariel looks that way as well, Right into a dark, corner, Now his body was definitely in an offensive posture. She tried to make out something in that darkness. The warrior Shifted hes hand to the pommel of his sword. Tariel aims her arrow at that corner pf darkness corner but can not make out anything yet.

Whatever was there Tariel stood ready.

Posted on 2011-07-22 at 06:46:50.
Edited on 2011-07-22 at 07:17:25 by Brianna

Forever ♥
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1538 Posts

Death among us...

Late Night, 23th Sempore (Teladay), 452 E.R.
The Lonesome Traveler, Pardinal

As everyone prepared and appeared to realize that the newcomer to the Inn was not the source of the evil… they turned their attention to a strange darkness in one corner that didn’t seem to be effected by the light in the room…

Daldren was the closest … he was ready for battle and stood ready… spells were cast upon him for protection… yet he couldn’t see anything except the strange darkness … as he contemplated what to do… they all heard a sound….

The door to the back of the Inn opened suddenly and a light shined forth… a lantern held by a figure in the doorway beamed into the room briefly causing most to avert their eyes to the sudden illumination…

“What is going on here?” Kendal asked in a stern voice that said he didn’t appreciate having to rise at this late hour … his eyes focused on the shattered front door… “What? Who did that?” He asked as he stepped into the room….

The darkness… which was in a corner just to the left of the door moved… in a lightning move it stretched and stuck out at the Inn keeper… Kendal screamed as he was enveloped in the darkness… and the lantern’s light was extinguished as if all the light was sucked out of it… there was no sign of Kendal … as the darkness moved to the next corner along the back wall… this one was near the base of the stairs…

This all happened in an instant… Kendal was there and now he wasn’t… it wasn’t clear if he was still enveloped in the darkness so the party hesitated to act thinking they might harm him…

“Is he still in there?” Mendez asked from the stairs…

While they contemplated this for a couple seconds… they saw the darkness move and then the thing undulated and a figure tumbled from the darkness… a body crashed to the floor before the corner… it was dressed in the clothes of the Inn keeper .. But the body was shrunken and emaciated… it was as if the life had been sucked from his body… he was indeed dead.

The darkness seemed to expand a little in it’s corner… as if the life it had consumed had strengthened it somehow…

(Ok there is the post for this week... thank you all for posting... or at least letting me know that you couldnt post and what your actions would be... that is all I ask .. thank you... next post next Sunday)

Posted on 2011-07-24 at 14:33:58.


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