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The rations were replenished and the group was ready to get on the road again. As the party rode on, each individual handled the ride in their own way. Seb was quick to make jokes, though if he is the knight he claims to be, his attitude after such a somber matter was, even in Mendez's opinion, in bad taste and unbecoming of a Knight. Mendez and Teo talked quietly, keeping each other company as they rode back in last position. The horse's movements were making his injured leg uncomfortable.

The time to stop and make camp couldn't have come soon enough. Normally, Mendez enjoyed a good horse ride, but this time everything ached, even in spots he wouldn't feel right rubbing the pain out in present company. Teo was the lucky one. His cushioned pouch rocked him to sleep almost five miles back. *"hehe, now who's 'Sleeping Beauty'?" Mendez asked quietly, really to no one in particular, but in the language shared between his familiar and him.

Mendez vied for the middle watch, and though he heatedly debated Irael for the watch, Irael insisted that Mendez rest all night. Well, Mendez saw what happened last time he did what he had in his head to do, and didn't listen to anybody else. So he resigned himself to defeat on the issue (more out of respect and appreciation for the concern shown),and he had his rations for the night and settled down to sleep, in hopes that all would go well with the watches.

Posted on 2011-09-05 at 08:28:55.
Edited on 2011-09-05 at 16:54:59 by Tiamat5774

Resident Finn
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Morning strikes back

Riding ahead on the road towards the mountains Danamar found himself content about the way the things had turned out concerning the inn. He was quick to remind himself that the loss of many lives was not a happy outcome, but he was glad to leave the inn in Tomas's hands. It was easier for himself and his companions and they were able to leave the place quickly behind. It was of course selfish thinking in a way, but the priest did not let it ruin the day. It was a harsh world they lived in and not a single soul survived life, although his own people were certain to claim otherwise.

Their party had lost two members and gained two pairs of helping hands in their stead. Or that was how things now appeared. There was no telling as of yet where the loyalties of Sebastien and Siraya lay. He would be keeping his eye on them both and Danamar knew he was not alone. It was of course clear that both of them had helped MV6 in defeating the dreadful shadow, but had that been for their own good or for everyone's, he couldn't say. But that didn't matter right now. The newcomers had joined them on the journey and that's it. Tomorrow was not here yet. There was plenty of time to worry about it when it was.

The ride went nicely without any incidents and when the evening dusk caught them, Daldren had already found the team a good camping site. The watch turns were quickly distributed with Danamar taking every suggestion under consideration. He was happy to give the mercenary the first shift. Daldren didn't appear to be worn by the trip at all, although the cleric was well aware of the human warrior's abilities to hide his feelings. Danamar shared Irael's worry about Mendez's shape. But he didn't consider himself in any special need. There'd be plenty of time to rest and recover his strength during the night even with a watch turn included.

Therefore Danamar decided to share Sebastien's turn. The look on Irael's face had not escaped the syl's sharp eyes as the Rydor's champion had announced his will to guard in the morning. It would take more than a few jokes and a single fight to gain their trust. The priest would spend his hours in the morning light the way he always did, in prayer.

Posted on 2011-09-05 at 10:18:37.

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Off we go....

Tad left Siraya to talk with Danamar. Following his new companions they left the Inn to prepare the final resting place for kindly Innkeepers. The solemn deed completed he prepared to continue the assignment Tarse Merchantson had sent him to perform.

The Syl was pleased that there was family to continue work started at the Inn. The need of the group was now filled and it was time to move on. Tad gathered his gear and fetched Dáithí from the stable.

He genuinely pleased with care Bil had given his mount. “Bil, you have proven you skill and care with the property of others. Dáithí was pressed hard to bring me here and your care has refreshed and strengthened her,“

Pulling a silver coin from his purse he flipped it to Bil. “Thank you, good sir, I hope to pass this way again as I am sure Dáithí would look forward to you kind care.” Walking Dáithí to the front of the Inn Tad joined the MV6 as they mounted and prepared to leave.

After a days ride the group closed their ride in a welcoming location found by their able scout. As the team prepared the camp the nightly watch assignments were discussed. Tad knew he could rest lightly and then stand his turn and then complete rest later, “I would be ready to stand second watch”, he volunteered.

Posted on 2011-09-06 at 03:38:50.

Queen Hugglepounce
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A bit of back posting, ....aaand up-to-date...whew!

“I’ve been looking for any group affiliated with Militia Vericulum. Do you think your leader and your group would consider allowing me to join you on your mission? I need to help in any way possible against the … the troubles that have been plaguing our civilizations.” The gold flecks flashed in her dark amber eyes with the anger she was having difficulty keeping under control.
The elf motioned toward their leader and she looked to him as he spoke, "It seems you have found what you were looking for. Not the easiest of feats to accomplish as we rarely reveal our routes or the purpose of our travel in public." He went on to say that despite her assistance with the dread, he would be unable to tell her of their plans. She nodded her understanding and agreement with his sentiment as he spoke.

“…but would definitely like to hear more of whatever evil or misfortune you have met previously."
Siraya inhaled deeply as she was filled with pain from pictures in her mind’s eye of the mutilated corpses of her fallen people. Siraya glanced at the offered arm as Danamar extended it to her. She reached to accept his greeting hesitating in her movement as he spoke in elven, "Elen sila lumenn omentilmo" She watched him curiously with a raised eyebrow. She had no clue what he had just said, but the language did not sound entirely foreign. The thought occurred to her that if they allowed her to accompany them, maybe she would be able to re-learn her native tongue. It had been so long since she’d spoken it, she couldn’t understand much of anything anymore.

He introduced himself as Danamar Amarillis, and confirmed that he was, indeed, the leader of the group. He also explained that she could not formally join the group as an officer of the Militia, but that she could assist them as a “helping hand” and that he could not guarantee what she would be paid for her help, but that it would be something.

“I certainly thank you for your willingness in allowing me to join your group, even if only in the ‘helping hand’ capacity. That is all I ask. I, of course, understand your concerns and reservations with regard to telling me anything about your plans and mission. I only wish to fight...” She looked down to the floor, and her hands subconsciously clenched into fists. “I must fight.”
Siraya assisted in any way she could with the burials and anything else. Once everything was set aright, she considered seeking a private audience with Danamar. She warred within herself trying to decide how much she should tell him about her motives and exactly why it was that she had sought them out. She was afraid that if she told him of her desire for vengeance, that he may deny her request to join his group. Then again, he had already agreed to let her accompany them.

Making up her mind to talk to him, Siraya searched him out and spoke quietly, “Not more than three days have passed since my entire convoy was slaughtered. I do not know who is responsible for the attack. All I know is they killed my entire family. I was knocked unconscious, and can only assume that is how I came to be the only one left alive. I was forced to burry everyone I have known since they found me at the age of ten wondering aimlessly through a forest which, to this day, I have no clue how I came to be there. They took me in and raised me as their own even though I was not even of their own race.”
Siraya swallowed dryly before continuing, “I had heard them talk about the troubles and about how the Militia Vericulum had been sent out in numerous groups to put a stop to said troubles. I can only assume that these murderers are part of the troubles, and as such, I figured a group such as yours would be my only way of fighting against them. I have nothing left. I don’t know how it could be possible to find the same group that killed my humans, but that desire is what drove me to seek out the Malitia Vericulum. The gods must favor my quest, because I have not had to search long, and it could not be mere coincidence that I came to be in the very same tavern as your group on a night when such a ‘trouble’ would attack. Our paths might not have crossed otherwise.”
At this point, her eyes were filled with tears, and the intensity with which she spoke was the only thing keeping those tears in check. “I don’t care how many so-called ‘troubles’ I have to face, or groups of miscreants I have to help tame, I intend to find that group. I do not know who they are affiliated with or what they call themselves, but I’ll know that bastard when I see him again. I got a good look at one of them before I was struck down. I’ll never forget his face.”
Siraya took a deep breath and exhaled slowly before continuing, “I decided to tell you my intentions for two reasons: 1. I don’t want there to be any surprises to you should we find the group whom I seek. And 2. I want you to be assured that my loyalty can be relied upon and that I mean you and your group no harm. It cannot be easy to trust a stranger when you are responsible for the job you have been entrusted with.”
After her talk with Danamar, Siraya decided she needed a reliable mode of transportation. Hers was an old horse which the bandits had not taken with them because the poor creature was old and feeble. They had simply left the horse there to starve to death. Knowing that she would need a strong steed, Siraya bargained with the new inn keeper for a horse that would serve her well on the journeys ahead.

And so it was that she set out with a group of fighters she really didn’t know. She remained quiet, as, it would seem, did the rest of the group. She could only assume that the events of the previous night and the deaths that resulted weighed heavy on the minds of her new companions.

When they stopped to make camp for the night, Siraya offered to keep watch on any shift they needed her for. Should they choose not to accept the offer, she would understand as she was new and they really didn’t know if she could even be trusted. In which case, she would simply sleep through the night. However, should they choose to utilize her, she will do so gladly wherever needed.

Posted on 2011-09-06 at 05:49:23.
Edited on 2011-09-06 at 06:05:45 by DarkAutumn

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a quiet night's rest...

Early Afternoon, 24th Sempore (Viladay), 452 E.R.
East of the City of Visden
The Lonesome Traveler, Pardinal

Daldren withdrew two small pouches, and slid them across the table towards Tomas.

"There were no papers of ownership that I could find, but your parents had accumulated a fair reputation, and the wealth that goes along with such amicable respect of service as well as character. I'm glad this will go towards keeping Anna and Kendal's dream alive through another generation. Spend it wisely, and God's willing this place will be back up running and filled with life and mirth anew upon our return trip."

Tomas hefted the larger sack of coins and dropped it back on the table with a meaty thunk… he looked at Daldren and then all of the gathered team… the emotion in his face could be seen in his eyes as they welled with tears…

“You… could have kept this and I would not have known…” he said his voice cracking with pent up feelings… he swallowed hard and wiped his eyes before continuing… “I will not forget this show of trust and good… you are all good people… and whenever you are passing through this area… know that you are always welcome here … you can stay anytime … room and board for free…”

Siraya had no problem making a deal with Tomas for a trade up on her mount… they figured they could use the older horse she had and in turn gave her a younger horse which was trouble when it came to pulling a wagon… she knew the younger horse was worth more but Tomas insisted on a straight trade and would accept no money from her…

The two newcomers decided to throw in with the MV squad… maybe it was for the promise of compensation later or maybe it was for more noble reasons… in either case they saddled up and prepared to leave with the team…

Bil accepted the coin from Tad with a smile… the boy took pride in his work and it showed in the care he gave all the mounts in his charge… the team found all of their horses were well rested and fed and seemed ready to travel…

When they left the Inn… Tomas and Bil stood outside the building and waved to them wishing them well and a safe journey… based on the last 12 hours it was unlikely it would be that safe.

Late Evening, 24th Sempore (Viladay), 452 E.R.
2 Days East of the City of Visden
Eastern Coast Road, Pardinal

The party had found a place off of the road but one that provided a good view of the surrounding area… they settled near a small grove of young oaks… only 4 small trees scattered about… allowed them to set a picket line for their mounts….

They set up camp… a small fire as it was a warm night … it was after all Sempore… time of the Bright Sun… and they and their mounts were tired and hot from the events of the previous night … none of them had gotten a very restful sleep… and they wondered if tonight they would rest easy after dealing with the deaths of the Inn keeper and his staff… the loss of two of their own teammates … though they had not died they felt the absence of them nonetheless …

They ate a simple meal … supplies given to them by Tomas and Bil when they left out… the new owner of The Lonesome Traveler had insisted that they took the supplies of food and water and he would accept no coins in return… even though he had lost his parents and a friend… he thanked the team for at least getting rid of the foul creature that had done it.

The meal of leg of lamb warmed over the fire… some day old bread and cheese… and a couple bottles of table wine made for a very good repast for being on the road… and now as the sun had set… the daylight was waning … the party had settled upon watches for the night…

Daldren had volunteered for the first watch… as the stars started to poke out the rest of the party… except for Seb and Irael … turned in to sleep… being as tired as they were it didn’t take long before the light sounds of snoring and gentle breathing to fill the camp… Seb soon turned in himself leaving Irael to study…

The vigilant warrior rogue was soon pacing the camp along the perimeter keeping a watchful eye … checking the mounts he found them to be resting peacefully… the stars were shining down brightly… a waxing moon soon crested the horizon … brightly lighting the sounding area making it easier to keep an eye open for any problems… he heard nothing beyond a few crickets …

About an hour into his watch … Irael put away his things and entered a meditative trance leaving Daldren the only one still awake…a little while longer he heard a faint noise and whirled towards the source … he found himself gazing upon a small brown hare sitting at the edge of the camp … chewing on a patch of clover as it eyed him back… it seemed unafraid of him until he moved … with a single leap it disappeared back into the taller grass and was gone…

Seeing nothing but a quiet peaceful night around them.. Daldren sat down upon a large stone about half way from the fading campfire and the edge of their little clearing… he yawned… then shook his head… he had to stay awake… it was his watch … at least for a little while… he yawned again and found himself blinking as his eyes tried to shut… it was so uncharacteristic of him to be like this… he took his job seriously and for him to be trying to fall asleep was not to his liking…

Daldren thought that maybe he should stand again and walk off his lethargy … but when he tried to rise he found his muscles didn’t want to respond… instead he slipped slowly off of the rock onto the soft short grass and he drifted over onto his side … as his head came to rest upon the ground his eyes closed seeming far too heavy for him to keep open… in seconds he was snoring softly ….

As he started to snore a lone shadowy figure seemed to meld from one of the trees near their horses… one of the mounts stirred sensing a presence nearby… the shadowy figure reached out a single limb and touched the horse… it quieted … and went back to resting…

The figure stepped out into the moonlight… and if any of them had been awake they might have recognized the figure… it was not one of the shadow dreads … instead it was that of a simple elderly woman of indeterminate age wearing a plain dress of simple weaves… she walked over to where Daldren now joined his companions in restful slumber…

“Fear not valiant one,” she said softly as if afraid she would wake them… “there is no need to watch… nothing will disturb your rest this night…”

She turned to look at the form of Irael in his trance… “You too…” she gestured slightly towards him and he gently fell over onto his side and began to snore…

A faint growl came from the shadows and she turned towards the noise with a frown…

“Hush now..” she hissed … “they will need their rest for what is to come.”

A large black mutt of a dog stepped from the shadows giving her a look of reproach as if he didn’t agree… it walked over towards her… it paused to sniff at Daldren where he lay and then walked over and curled up at the old woman’s feet…

She sat down by the fire… picked up a piece of wood that they had gathered and tossed it on the waning blaze… shortly it was brought back to some semblance of life… she looked about her at the sleeping figures…

“They really have no idea what they are about to face…” she spoke apparently to the dog who raised it’s head and looked at her questioningly… “I think they should learn at least something so they can be prepared…” The dog’s eyes narrowed as if it disapproved of her thoughts…

Ignoring the stern disapproving looks from her furry companion… the old woman sat cross legged on the ground and slowly closed her eyes… the dog grunted and lowered it’s head to the ground as it lay next to her…

The party slept on… unaware that anything was occurring… however as the woman sat silently by their fire … visions began to intrude upon the sleepers slumber… a foggy visage clouded their minds… slowly the fog began to clear and a strange scene was revealed to them…

“THEY COME!” a wailing voice said as the vision became clear… “they still live!”

They saw a pathetic figure laying on a straw filled mat upon a stone floor… it seemed to be a large cavern of some sort… the place was lit by lanterns scattered about the room casting the entire place in a flickering eerie glow… the figure that had wailed was disturbing to look upon… it was a man but not a whole man… the man had no arms or legs… long jagged scars existed where the limbs once grew… the man’s face was revealed and they saw a bald pate with empty sockets where his eyes should be… the figure squirmed and withered on the mat as if it was in some sort of agony as it wailed again…

“They grow nearer!”

Another figure stepped into view.. A robed figure of a man possessing all of his limbs… he stepped close to the mat looking down at the limbless figure… this man seemed normal in a long black robe covered most of his body… yet a strange cloth mask of blue covered his face… eye holes had been cut into the cloth allowing the man to see…

“Tell me brother…” the man said in a weak nasally voice… “are they all still alive?”

“Yes!” the limbless figure wailed again… squirming still as if in agony… “others have joined them…. They are stronger still …. They have banished the dread… and they draw nearer.”

“How is this possible?“ the robed and masked figure said shaking his head.. “the shadow dread should have been able to drain the life from all of them while they slept… how could they have detected it’s presence?”

The wailing, withering figure upon the mat said nothing… it collapsed back onto the mat and lay still….

The robed figure gestured and two other robed figures… these without masks with normal looking human faces stepped from the shadow and approached the mat…

“Take the Seer to his chambers..” he instructed them as they bent down and lifted the light bundle and carried it from sight… “he will need his rest.”

The masked figure turned and he became more clear to the vision… he stood silent for a moment before someone else spoke in the chamber….

“Master?” the voice asked… “what should we do? Should we set another trap along the road? Should we summon another dread?”

“No….” the masked man said shaking his head causing the blue cloth mask to sway… “they will be expecting such and somehow they defeated the dread… perhaps we have underestimated them.”

“What should we do Master?” the underling asked…

“We will prepare ourselves…” the Master instructed his student… “they will go to the village to investigate… we will ready a subject for the Demon Wind… we will deal with them from a distance… they can not protect themselves from that… they have never encountered it… they will be powerless to stop it and to save themselves…”

The vision began to fog over once more… the fog remained and another softer voice intruded upon their minds….

“You face a very dangerous foe…” a feminine voice that sounded familiar to Daldren as that of the elderly woman he met and talked to back at the Inn the night before… “you go to do battle with a evil cult … followers of D’hurgen… the God of Death… the upper members of this cult believes in mutilating themselves in an attempt to bring themselves ‘closer’ to their god… they also believe in sending as many of the non-believers of Audalis to meet their deity as is possible… they are not content to wait till the proper time which all living beings must face Death God…. this particular cult has stumbled upon a long lost dark rite that allows them to summon what is called the “Demon Wind’ … this ‘wind’ acts very much like the dread that you faced… it taps into the shadow realm… on people it starts by sapping the very will to resist… then the will to live… then it sucks the life-force from all living things …it is very dangerous and can destroy thousands if this cult is allowed to continue in their ways… they summon a ‘Demon Wind’ by sacrificing an innocent victim … the sacrifice’s life energy feeds the ‘wind’ … … the only way to stop the ‘wind’ once summoned is to slay the sacrifice before the it has had time to grow… some of the villagers of Prilm who were taken prior to the destruction of the village… remain in their custody and are destined to be future ‘sacrifices’ … if the cult is not stopped they plan to start a ‘Demon Wind’ in every major city in Pardinal… starting with Visden… you must find a way to stop them … every last member must be destroyed.”

“Rest now… gather your strength…” the foggy vision began to fade… and the voice fades as well…. “for a great battle lies ahead of you… do not fail… for the fate of thousands of innocent people rests in your hands”

The vision fades slowly into darkness….

Sunrise, 25th Sempore (Thirkday), 452 E.R.
2 Days East of the City of Visden
Eastern Coast Road, Pardinal

The party sleeps until the sun begins to brighten the horizon… simultaneously they begin to awaken… they all slept through the entire night… they rise remembering everything they saw in their ‘dreams’ … looking about the camp everything seems perfectly fine… there is no sign of the strange old woman of their dreams… the mounts are anxiously awaiting to get underway… the campfire has died down to a few fading embers… nothing seems to have been disturbed during the night… and they all feel extremely well rested and energetic this bright early morning…

(OOC: There is the post for the week... enjoy... and make sure you state intentions and perhaps discuss what you all saw and the plan... if you have questions you know how to get ahold of me. )

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Flashbacks of a nightmare.

Seb awoke, a mist covering his eyes. Despite sleeping well his eyes had to readjust, he wasn't use to sleeping sober. Seb sat up from his bedroll, pulling the blanket aside, he stood up and stretched his limbs as he was accustomed. Once he was satisfied he was limber he shook his blanket and rolled up the bedroll, the chill of the morning biting through his garments. Seb looked down, his armour was where he had left it, and he began to don it, doing the straps up tightly, he was ready to go.

Seb started to walk to his steed, when he remembered the dream he almost fell backwards as if a wave of remembrance hit him. The dream had been different to others he had seen during his life, there was a certain... clarity about it. It had almost seemed as though he recognised phrases and words associated within the dream, 'Demon Wind' he had heard that before, but that was just the ramblings of a drunkard in the inn he had hastily left from the night of the winds occurrence.

Seb almost retched as he remembered the limbless man, by Rydor that was sickening. The man had talked as though they were nervous about a group of unnamed adventurers trying to thwart their plans. A seed of thought began to grow in his mind, that it was a premonition a warning of some kind. Was it this group they were so afraid of? Quickly though Seb dismissed the thought. Don't be so absurd Rydor shame me, he thought to himself.

The dream haunted him for the rest of the morning flashbacks of the limbless man, the evil looking robed figure and talks of death and shadows. This time a flashback hit him much more true than all the others.

Yes!” the limbless figure wailed again… squirming still as if in agony… “others have joined them…. They are stronger still …. They have banished the dread… and they draw nearer.”

“How is this possible?“ the robed and masked figure said shaking his head.. “the shadow dread should have been able to drain the life from all of them while they slept… how could they have detected it’s presence?”

The dread, surely not this must be some trickery of the mind, but it seemed so real. Seb sank to his knees closing his eyes and clasping his hands together he prayed to Rydor.
“Rydor direct me, for I do not know the nature of this nightmare. Tell me, show me a sign, am I on a path to righteousness, is it me who must stop this evil. Bless me Rydor, I am your servant.” Seb spoke aloud, his proud voice booming in the forest.

Seb sat waiting for for Rydors blessing and thinking once again of the dream which haunted him. He remembered a lighter voice then, a feminine one with gentle wisdom, it was as though she was directing them showing them their purpose. Was that Rydor showing him the path to righteousness? Seb sat on a log pondering this, waiting for the others to awake.

Posted on 2011-09-08 at 12:50:11.

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Mendez woke feeling well rested. As he stood, the weakness in his left leg seemed all but gone. He retrieved for himself and Teo some breakfast, but as he went about his morning business, the annoying limp still remained. "If this Keeps up I'm gonna need a cane", Mendez thought to himself.

Mendez returned to his flop with food and drink in hand, and sat down somewhat roughly on the bed roll. Teo had not yet stirred from his slumber.

Mendez lifted the flap to Teo's leather carrying pouch to let the sunlight in saying to him, *"Teo, it is time to wake up! Last call for breakfast."* As the light of morning shined in Teo's face, he curled up into a fuzzy little ball, using his paws to block the sun from his eyes.

As he said so, Mendez broke off a pinch of bread that he toasted by the fire and waved it before the rodent's nose.

*"I'm awake,I'm awake! OK? The best part of waking up, is breakfast in your face, I suppose. I had the most strange dream. A dream that I was trying to work out and understand til you interrupted my sleep!"*, Teo said in half earnest and half mock dismay.

*"What, dreaming of that Red eyed, Albino rodent wench again?"*, Mendez said through low chuckles.

Teo eyed Mendez with a rueful glare that ended the chuckles from Mendez abruptly and said in a most perturbed series of squeaks, *"Nothing so mundanely routine or.......Pleasant. No, actually, to the contrary! This dream was very disturbing. I have a bad feeling that what we experienced at the inn yesterday was just the beginning. If my dream was anything more than a dream, I believe we were the true targets of the Shadow Dread. Someone wants us dead and out of the way. By the by, do the words 'Demon Wind' mean anything to you?"*
By the look on Mendez's face, a look of mixed amazement and shock, Teo knew that those words definitely held meaning.

After a moment of letting the significance of this settle in, Mendez finally responded to his little friend,*"Yes, it does hold meaning for me though I'm not sure why. I believe your dream and mine are not merely dreams, but some sort of revealing vision. A vision that I must speak with our team about forth with."
With that he stood and walked to the fire, and spoke out to all that would listen in true showman style, almost as if he were about to start a stand up comedy routine. That might even get Seb's attention.

"So, Anyone have any strange dreams last night they wanna talk about and bring out into the open? Discussion of which might just mean the difference between life and death in our endeavors in the near future."

Posted on 2011-09-13 at 18:13:55.
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Opening his eyes to see blades of grass bothered Irael fiercely. Where he had been upright, in meditation when he had drifted from the waking world; by no means should he have awoken on his side in the grass, unless someone or something had disturbed him. But he felt no pains at being struck, in fact he was puzzled by the feelings of rejuvenation he was feeling considering he had awoken in a slumped position without any sort of bedding. Repressing alarm at his current position, Irael sat himself upright to see his equipment still neatly stacked where he had placed them so many hours before. More importantly he saw each of his companions where they had gone to slumber; save for the knight who seemed to had arisen before them, and Daldren who stirred among the grass nearby. That Daldren had fallen asleep in such a manner was unlike him; something must have interfered with their encampment, but Irael could see no harm, just disorientation in its wake.

Immediately reaching for his gear, for he felt exposed and uncomfortable considering the situation, he reflected upon his 'slumber'. Where he had been focused within his mental exercises during his trance, he remembered a rude transition into a dreamlike state he had not been prepared for. The images he had seen, the voices he had heard, troubled him deeply. The dreams from their stay at the inn had awoken them just in time to escape the grasp of the Dread, but this dream seemed different. No evil presence could be sensed here; there was no feeling of unease aside from his own restless mind. Having finished donning his equipment he looked to the others. Each seemed puzzled at he very least.

Mendez seemed to be in much better shape, though he moved with a limp. As the others were still rising the Mage was already putting words to the unasked question.

"So, Anyone have any strange dreams last night they wanna talk about and bring out into the open? Discussion of which might just mean the difference between life and death in our endeavors in the near future."
Nodding slowly Irael tried to think clearly of the dream. "Yes friend, I can attest to having had an unusual dream where I should not have." Irael gestured then to the spot he had awoken from. "Something regarding a... Demon Wind..." There was the exchange for certain, between the strange figures that knew of the Dread, but he was certain there was something more had been there. A feminine voice of guidance? Could it be linked to their current condition? Or certainly to their mission? There were too many questions.

Irael looked about at the others as each sought to bring words to their own experience. He wondered if the dream and discomfort was something they all had shared, or just something himself and Mendez, as manipulators of the arcane had had to endure. But each member of their group seemed unsettled. He awaited the others' words while pondering the implications of the message he'd received.

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“Rest now… gather your strength…” the foggy vision began to fade… and the voice fades as well…. “for a great battle lies ahead of you… do not fail… for the fate of thousands of innocent people rests in your hands” As the words of his dream faded Tad aroused from his trance.

The rising sun jolted the Sly to the realization that he tranced longer than was his usual time and he had missed his watch. Looking at the faces of his new team he could see in their eyes that they too had the same dream. The words of the dream had spoken truth and Tad knew that their course had been set for them. He didn’t know what, when or where they would meet this challenge but he knew they could not turn away.

Seeking out his leader Tad addressed Danamar, “ We know what we know and we must do what we must do. As you lead I shall follow. My words to you the first night was commitment, now it is my pledge, Amin naa lle nai. Cuamin linduva yassen megrille.” (I am yours to command. My bow shall sing with your sword.)

Tad turned and walked back his to gear knowing that what lay ahead was more than he had even expected to face.

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O.O Group Dream?! Oh crap!

As the inner fog began to lift, Siraya stretched languidly, reaching her arms above her head and arching her back before sighing softly and relaxing again. “Hmm, surely I am not the first to awaken.” She thought as she did not hear any noises. She was by no means a slacker, but she was never first to rise. There were always many in her caravan who awoke before she did. As she slowly opened her eyes her body tensed painfully as she at bolt-upright and looked around in alarm, her hand gripping the hilt of her sword, which lay next to her.

For a moment Siraya had been disoriented, but as she remembered where she was and how and why she came to be there, the pain once again enveloped her very soul. Her people were dead. Dread! The dream of the night before suddenly returned in its entirety. She knew from experience that dreams didn’t always have any specific meaning, but this one did. Of that she was absolutely certain. She knew she had to share the dream with the group, even if she was just the new member, surely they would not dismiss her.

Just then she heard one man praying rather loudly for guidance, regarding a nightmare he’d had, from the god he worshiped. “Strange. It would seem that he also had a horrible dream. I wonder if the others dreamed also and what their dreams consisted of.”
Siraya stood and began donning her armor just as Mendez asked if anyone had had any strange dreams. His words grabbed her attention instantly. “Ok, that is no mere coincidence.” Before she could speak, however, Tad spoke of a dream he’d had regarding a Demon Wind.

“I too had a dream in regards to a Demon Wind.” And so, she proceeded to hurriedly recount the dream in its entirety. She rushed because she was eager to find out what the others had dreamed. But as she spoke she began to suspect that the entire group had had the same dream based on their various reactions to her words.

“How can we stop something like this? Will the innocent victims they will be using as the sacrifice going to be within the cities they mean to attack? The voice within the dream stated that killing the victim is the only way to stop a Demon Wind once it is summoned. How can we possibly kill the innocent in order to stop the Demon Wind? I mean, even should we manage to find the victim, it is still an innocent being! Do any of you know anything about this, or have powers or magic strong enough to contend with such a foe?”
With so many more questions crowding her mind, Siraya looks around at everyone until her eyes finally settle on Danamar. She silently waits for his response.

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morning comes..

Daldren awoke feeling rested, his muscles relaxed and his mind at ease were it not for the vision he had just bore witness to in the midst of his slumber. Looking about, and realizing the entire night had passed, without one on watch, he silently scolded himself for allowing his weakened road travelled state to be overcome by outside forces. But as he replayed in his mind the words of wisdom and warning Hannah had spoken unto him. This Demon Wind, posed a dire threat to all of Pardinal.

"Visden" was Daldren's first word spoken aloud, and even as the word left his lips others had stirred from their own sleep perplexed by the shared vision they experienced. People were posing questions regarding the new information, some were already finding the weight of their charge almost too much to bear with emotionally; as evident by the woman Siraya's outburst. It seemed everyone was turning to Danamar, awaiting his direction, but to Daldren the path had been clear even before his eyes had opened to the days first light. He turned to Danamar, though the warrior-priest seemed lost deep in thought.

(For game sake and moving on if Raven doesn't manage a post)

"We ride for Visden" He said matter-of-factly, before chewing on some dried fruit and hardtack he had taken from his pack. Mid chew he was already adjusting his belongings and preparing to close up camp. "We can do little from here, and even less for those in question. We need information, and supplies and we shant be finding them amongst the dust and campfire coals."

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With Deepest Regrets

I must inform you the players of this game that YeOlde died this morning at 4am. For the full details please read the newest blog entry "Death of an Innmate and a Friend"

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