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Parent thread: Is it just me or does the comings and goings section have a stupdendous number of threads?
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Occasional Visitor
Karma: 4/1
26 Posts


Hey, I'm new here, just joined today. havent been able to do a lot because I been busy...more or less...anyway just wanted to say hi!

Posted on 2010-06-29 at 20:27:53.

RDI Staff
Karma: 357/190
6191 Posts



Posted on 2010-06-29 at 20:34:17.

Occasional Visitor
Karma: 4/1
26 Posts

Hellooooooo back!

Like hey! So being as I'm new, and have been going through the entire website for a couple weeks, actually I been reading the comics lol, whats all goin on here???

Posted on 2010-06-29 at 20:36:15.

RDI Staff
Karma: 357/190
6191 Posts


I'm afraid about all I can is yell Hello today. But welcome the Inn.

Your name has a lot of letters in it. Have a nice time man.

Posted on 2010-06-29 at 20:41:58.

Karma: 156/25
6237 Posts


What's goes on here is bunches of folks haveing bunches of fun. If you like gaming by post there are lots of different ways to play. Go through the Forums and see all the different catagoies. There are 2.0 D&D, 3.5, 4.0 there are Star Trek, Space Adventures too. There word games and there places to just post writings. The Inn Mates are friendly and there seems to be something for most folk.

Again Welcome, BTW watch out for sneaky Elves and don't feed Grugg.

Posted on 2010-06-29 at 20:43:56.

Occasional Visitor
Karma: 4/1
26 Posts

Darn elves!

Never did trust those things! With their pointy ears and such. And what happens if I feed Grugg? And Yeah I know I have a lot of letters in my name, but it works! I never forget it, well usually.

Hopefully I'll get to the rest of the forums tonight! currently I have to go for training and stuff for work. But I get to be back in a few hours, so SCORE! I AM KING!

Posted on 2010-06-29 at 20:49:44.

I'm doing SCIENCE!
RDI Staff
Karma: 163/50
1836 Posts


Hiyo newbie! Watch out for Eol. He escaped the lockdown ward again and is probably out looking for faces to lick.

The pace can be kind of slow in the summer. We don't really have the chat crowd we used to, but we're workin on it. Take your time, don't feed the Grugg, and don't step in any Eol slobber... he can sense it.

P.S. Do you know Sib? I ask cause of the parent thread.

Posted on 2010-06-29 at 21:24:40.
Edited on 2010-06-29 at 21:28:15 by Admiral

Occasional Visitor
Karma: 4/1
26 Posts


Yeah, I noticed...Eol will equal into a facelick

But why can't I feed Grugg?????

and the parent thing was just me seeing what it was actually, figured it wouldnt hurt to figure out what that was to start kinda just ignore that

Posted on 2010-06-30 at 05:23:07.

Pit F(r)iend
Welcome Waggin'
Karma: 115/3
1245 Posts

Well Met, 'King' Volundurkel!

And a Frosty Spiced Mead for ya, courtesy of our resident barkeep, Ion!


(Ooooh, that goes down sooo good!)

Haven't ya been FaceLicked yet? Daggummit, we successfully rebooted Eol after an errant wish froze him up. Where could he be??

*hands towel* Keep this, its importance should be apparent shortly.

*Lightbulb!* I think Eol's just getting a running start, is all.

If you must feed Grugg, make it one of Eol's lasagnas.

Great to have you amongst the ever-growing population of Innmates! Go tell yer friends, 'kay?

Posted on 2010-06-30 at 11:57:48.

Eol Fefalas
Keeper of the Kazari
RDI Staff
Karma: 462/28
8482 Posts

Eol doesn't equal a facelick...

Eol is the facelick!

It's a zen thing, you see? My way of becoming one with myself... or yourself... or themselves... or something like that... Sounds much better in my head, I suppose...

Anyway, Grugg does love the lasagna - especially the kind with rocks and watermelon - so, if you do feed the dear boy, do your best to cater to his preferences, yeah? If you just give him random stuff he tends to get the winds something terrible. The last time that happened Admiral's eyebrows were singed, all the windows in the common room were blown out, and my hat flew all the way to Finland (I still owe Raven postage for sending that back).

Posted on 2010-06-30 at 14:03:01.

Occasional Visitor
Karma: 4/1
26 Posts

And there it is

Been waiting for that! And thanks for the tip! Dont feed the Grugg, that is pretty scary stuff

Posted on 2010-06-30 at 15:32:41.

Occasional Visitor
Karma: 4/1
26 Posts


I almost forgot completly about that! Once I get contact of a few people they will hopefully be joining here too!

Posted on 2010-06-30 at 15:40:51.

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