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    Messages in most unusual/thrilling end to a campaign...
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my tabletop

I was DMing a tabletop. The group was evil and started at level 12, and three months later found themselves at level 20. The evil gods approached them and told them that they were tired of their current demi-gods, and gave each of them an assignment to track down and kill their respective demi-god to take their place.

It was so much fun. They literally had to teleport all over the world they had been travelling for months prior, relive past areas, meet former friends, and one by one kill the four demi-gods.

In the end they ascended to demigodhood.

Strangely enough, tonight I will be DMing again for the first time since that campaign ended (almost six months now) and I will be setting it in the same world, two thousand years in the future (they practically razed the entire world to the ground last time). This time... they are a level 15 good party.

The first encounter will be with a fanatical cleric of one of their old characters

Edit: That game is now over, and they did infact have a showdown with a fanatical cleric of one of their old characters

Posted on 2006-12-20 at 15:32:32.
Edited on 2007-10-03 at 14:23:36 by Admiral

Icelanders! Roll Out
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No end

I've never ever actually ended a campaign. I've been in the RPG biz for about 4 years, and no group I've been part of, either as player or DM, has ever ended a campaign. This is usually due to the fact that my groups are usually dismissed after a set period of time and my campaigns are too large to finish after said time. Sometimes it's just boredom. But there are fun moments.

One of those was the ending of my D&D's group's last adventure. They had arrived to a town only to find it empty. They check a billboard in a tavern which points adventurers at a suddenly appeared magical tower. The group ventures there and meet a blind old guy telling them that inside this tower is what they seek. After venturing to the top of the tower, defeating vampires and a golem in mortal combat, defeating a minotaur in simple chess, and a fun game at finding all four volumes of "Story of the Tower", not to mention Bob that simply is (what he is is unknown), the group arrives to the top where it gets what it sought. The barbaric got an intelligent ax of Shocking Burst, the fighter/samurai got a vorpal katana, the kender got ring of air elemental control, the favored soul got a prophetic ability (which I intend to have a lot of fun with) and the elven sorcerer got a permanent love potion (a really romantic person). These things are given by the blind guy from the bottom, and when they exit the room at the top they enter the town again, only this time it is full of life.

The tower is probably my proudest invention, since it was created from magic. It had rooms of any nature and some of those rooms were actually in another plane. I would like to write a full description of the tower, but my post is already long enough and way out of topic.

Posted on 2007-01-22 at 04:17:11.

Veteran Visitor
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well, a good ending...

i had a ninja with a ring of wish all three still in it.
we were facing an enemy that ww could not defeat. there was no way. so, i figured i would go out with a bang. i used my first and second wish to empower the third dramatically and wish for a lvl 100 casting of vengful gaze of the gods witch dose like 200-300 pts. of dmg at lvl 20 and does half the dmg back to me. so cast @ 100th lvl it did lik 50,000 pts and wound up to kill it on the dot then i made a peace sing as the atk turned on me.

Posted on 2007-03-04 at 06:43:12.

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This is also my least favorite character death and was my first ever campaign. I had an idea for this character and made the "crazy" elf the leader of this group. He acted as the guide while they explored a dream tower to an ancient god. While in the tower, the other elf (druid/rogue I believe) smarted off at the guy by calling him small. Bad move. The god became vengeful, and fearing death, my character ran. At the same time as he ran out the door Gilgamesh, his chosen god, appeared and drove a scythe through my character, no saving throw or anything. I have yet to figure out if that was because I ran from a god, or left skid marks from the run.

As my ranger/cleric was acting as guide and no one else could read the map he had, they had to end the game.

Posted on 2007-04-24 at 02:25:56.
Edited on 2007-04-25 at 02:15:51 by Soulsword

Rystefn K'ryll
Original Palassassin
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Ok Alghi with 2-handed sword is robbing himself in most fights. they do d10. Bare-knuckles, Alaghi do 2d6 - higher min damage, higher average damage, higher max damage. Only pull them out when you're fighting a big nasty and get the 3d6.

The baddy who can only be hurt by his own sword, the rest of the group shouldn't have been wasting their time shooting non-damaging missiles, they should have been tripping, disarming, sundering equipment and the like.

As to my own best ending - I think I covered that in "groovy sessions" with the saga of Cedric.

Posted on 2007-04-24 at 06:40:48.

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Well, my most thrilling ending had to be with Zook Turen, as before mentioned in Groovy Juicy Gamesessions!!!

However, there certainly was one very unusual game session, in which I made my one friend last a lifetime, and then another, and then another, simply because I failed to realize that sometimes a character is just supposed to die. In any case, The game was actually a war between the races of common, such as gnomes, dwarves, humans, halflings, and elves... against the races of the Orc Lord's Horde, which consisted of Orcs, goblins, hobgoblins, bugbears, trolls, kobolds, troglodytes, and hill giants. So yeah. Scary.

In any case, she had decided she was going to be a force for evil, and chose the roll of Bugbear. This bugbear went through hell and back. Fought against an advancing army of human allies, only to have his home burnt to the ground. Went on a quest through a dead swamp of tar, where he was forced into a competition, only to be killed by a red dragon there. This allowed me to make the bugbear into a ghost. This ghost helped in many battles, only to be reincarnated by one of his tribesman, into a Centaur!

Well, because the Centaur's were neutral and holed up in the forest... The Tribe sent him to be a spy, and mislead the Centaurs into believing the Alliance of Good races wanted the forest's for logging and living space, which wasn't actually that far from the truth. In any case, he managed to get the centaurs to assist in battle against the Good Alliance, and even used their forests to sneak the hordes forces past the Greatly Fortified walls of his enemy, only to later slaughter the Centaurs when their usefulness was gone. Oh YEAH! I forgot, somewhere in that midst, before he (the character was male) had become a ghost, I had him bitten by a weretiger, and he got infected. Also, I believe he was reincarnated as a Lizarfolk the first time, but died when his soul was taken by a spell that made him into a Kurst. I was always a very strange DM. One of these days I must tell you about my campaign entitled: The Island of Crazy Monkeys!

Posted on 2007-08-27 at 13:27:55.

Veln Windspeaker
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This is for the unusual side of it.

Quite a few people i knew at the time had been showing signs of interest in the DnD, so naturally, I (with my whopping 2 year experience) thought it would be a cool idea to GM. So i did...this being my first time away from my mentor of RP/brother i had no clue what to expect...not like he didn't try to explain or anything, i just happened to be paying attention to our ridiculous looking cat at the time. I (as you'd probably have guessed by now) was way underprepared..i thought it would be a breeze...set a few traps throw a few hired killers at them...i was too wrong so, i ended up bringing out the guy i was going to end the campaign with quite early (this was only planned to be a short stint... an intro to the 'new' people) they of course couldn't have lasted long against that guy (methought). HEY LOOK I WAS WRONG AGAIN...the group took the boss of a crime syndicate at level 6s and 7s. i panicked and gave him a cheesy 'if you strike me down now blah blah' line so i had him come back after about two more weeks of (now carefully built) sessions the loser ended up becoming a Vampire (...i believe my excuse related to an entirely made up flashback that i made the party's rogue have of his blade, being the one used to take him out, was pilfered from an ancient city's guard barracks armoury) ...the vampire ended up in a climactic showdown with the rogue (after all too easily disposing of the other 3) but that crafty little genius made a successful intimidate check (I KNOW I KNOW ON A VAMP?) and simply said 'I MADE YOU AND I CAN DESTROY YOU' which kinda scared the vamp into a fighting retreat...straight into the waiting arms of the priests at the local 'temple'o'light' type place. heh i never to this day have GMed again, and in all honesty i prefer have people to form tactical solutions to problems with...thats my thing, i am a battle genius (nowadays)

Posted on 2007-09-07 at 08:47:17.

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