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I'm doing SCIENCE!
RDI Staff
Karma: 164/50
1836 Posts

Choose your own adventure: Paranoia

This will be style after those Choose Your Own books we all read as kids. Basically I tell a story set in the dark world of Paranoia, and at key points (every post) I put out a few options. You vote by sending me a PM and I tally and go from there with the next update, and so on.

This thread will be locked for comments to keep the story flowing. Please feel free to discuss in the survey thread. I linked it above as a related thread. Next post begins our story. Have fun and I hope this works out!

Posted on 2010-08-12 at 18:37:24.

I'm doing SCIENCE!
RDI Staff
Karma: 164/50
1836 Posts


Welcome to Alpha Complex. I am Ultraviolet Cint-U-RWSA-3, although you all will refer to me as Master. Failure to do so is treason. The penalty for treason is summary execution. I will kill you.

As you will see, Alpha Complex is a very happy place. Fun is mandatory. Failure to show proof of fun-having at any time upon request of a superior is treason. Although a smile is typically proof sufficient, final authority shall rest with the superior's impression.

You have each been brought into this world to serve at the pleasure of your superiors. You will perform mindless duties as instructed, and be happy for the opportunity. Your grade is infrared, the lowest of the low. You will be heavily medicated throughout your lives to ensure happiness, and you will learn your place. After all, 70% of Alpha Complex's population are infrareds.

At this time you look down and notice you are wearing all black. You look to the side to see the hundreds of others are also wearing black. Cint is wearing white. Suddenly everything goes blank...

As the smoke on Cint's gun dissipates, the lifeless body of that rebellious infrared falls to the floor. Two robots enter the room from a sliding door and remove the body, replacing it with another who looks identical.

Let that serve as a lesson. Failure to pay attention to a superior's voice is treason. Since you are all newly cloned, I will allow this once - you are never to make eye contact with a superior.

You and all the others avert your eyes. This guy is serious.

Alpha Complex allows each of you 6 clones - your six pack. One of you has already found that out. If you shall find death, your clone will replace you within 5 minutes. This clone shall be free and clean of anything impure that your past body may have picked up.

There are some other things you must know:

You are infrared, the lowest rank. If, and I mean IF you perform your duties above and beyond what is required, and pay obedience at all times, you might get promoted to Red. Ranks going up include Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, Violet and Ultraviolet.

Friend Computer is our leader, our master, and our best friend. You are to obey Friend Computer at all times. Everything you do and know are because of Friend Computer's guidance. Friend Computer is kind, gentle, and just. Friend Computer will protect you. Friend Computer runs Alpha Complex. Everyone here lives, works and dies for Friend Computer.

Life in Alpha Complex is pleasant as you will find. However there are some issues that Friend Computer is actively resolving. First off, Alpha Complex is constantly in danger of being overrun and taken over... by communists. If you find a communist, there is a standing order to terminate it. Should you find that you are a communist, you have a duty to execute yourself.

The communists have poisoned our cloning systems. It was perfect as designed by Friend Computer, but every so often a mutation creeps into our bodies. Mutation is technically illegal, although Friend Computer is generous in the fight against communism, and allows mutants to register themselves. If you come across someone with a letter M on their uniform they are a registered mutant and have already confessed their mutation to Friend Computer.

Details of mutations are beyond your security clearance. Though if you discover a mutation, report it immediately to Friend Computer.

You notice that you're not really sure what is normal and what is a mutation...

If you hear rumors that someone is a mutant, report that person immediately. Spreading rumors is treason.

Some people believe that Friend Computer is not giving them enough guidance or happiness. They think things should be run differently. They have formed things called secret societies. They exist for a variety of reasons and causes. Membership in a secret society is treason.

Bots are your tools. Misusing technology is treason.

As an infrared, you are property of Friend Computer. Misusing yourself is vandalism - treason.

Troubleshooters are the personal task force of Friend Computer. These fine people are fiercely loyal to Friend Computer and should be obeyed completely. Failure to obey a Troubleshooter is treason.

I believe that is all you should need to know to begin. Please go through door 4 and take a simple test, which will designate which service group you belong to.

Remember, Participation and Fun are mandatory. Have a pleasant day and welcome to Alpha Complex.

You walk through the door and find a list of even more rules. Life is very complicated in Alpha Complex.

Treason is punishable by summary execution.

Uncleanliness is considered vandalism of Friend Computer's property and treason.

Misuse of Infrared personnel is vandalism and treason.

Multiple summary executions of Infrared personnel in the same service department, while not technically treason, is frowned upon.

Multiple summary executions of Infrared personnel using more than the minimum amount of ammunition or weaponry required is inefficient and treason.

Being the subject of accusations of treason with considerable proof by a person of Red clearance or higher is treason.

Being the subject of accusations of treason without considerable proof by a person of Blue clearance or higher is treason.

Making accusations of treason without considerable proof by a person of Green clearance or lower is treason.

Making accusations of treason against a superior regardless of considerable proof is treason.

Spreading rumors is treason.


Going to the Outsides is treason.

Listening to unauthorized music is treason.

Knowing what music is unauthorized without Blue clearance is treason.

Mentioning the name of known communists in public or without intention of Troubleshooting said communist is treason.

Using unauthorized food, beverages or drugs is treason.

Knowing the list of names of known communists is treason.


Looking a superior in the eyes is treason.

Being late to an assignment is tardiness and treason.

Being a member of a so-called Secret Society is treason.

Talking about Secret Societies outside of a manner needed for Troubleshooting is treason.

Failing to return with results is treason.

Entering a hallway of higher color classification than you is treason.

CLASSIFIED into CLASSIFIED while CLASSIFIED with or without CLASSIFIED is treason.


And finally,


Thank you and have a pleasant day. Remember, fun in Alpha Complex is mandatory!

Great, you have been fitted with a filter that classifies everything you read above your grade, which is a lot. Strangely enough you seem to know how to use all the technology around here... maybe this Friend Computer knows what it's doing after all. Time to take your aptitude test and find out what you will be doing with your life. That mutant thing was scary too... if only you knew what you were looking for so you could report all those dirty mutants to Friend Computer.

Time to vote! Yes, you are a mutant. You just don't know it yet. You don't really know what a mutant is yet, actually... Do you want:
1. A powerful mutation
2. A medium mutation
3. A nearly useless mutation
4. A detrimental mutation

Do you want:
1. A "challenging" job
2. A "menial" job
3. Something in between

Voting will close... when I get a feel for how long voting will take...

Posted on 2010-08-12 at 18:49:54.

I'm doing SCIENCE!
RDI Staff
Karma: 164/50
1836 Posts

Ok then

Challenging Job - 50%
Medium Mutation - 62.5%

It's your turn.

You step through the door to the next room where you will supposedly find out what your life's goals and aspirations will be. A computer terminal sits in the otherwise dank and depressing room. Strange that you know how to work it. Apparently this cloning process does leave you with the basic information you need to survive.

Designation, what was your designation? Oh yes.

Tor-r-1333-1 Tor... that was your name. Torian actually. Yes, but designations only allowed three letters, your rank, infrared in this case, and numerical. So, Tor it was. You input the designation into the system. The screen goes black for a second.

That's odd, it didn't take. One more time. You input the designation.

Welcome, Torian. Stand by for scan.
A small fingerprint reader lights up. Apparently it wants your fingerprint. You place your finger on the pad and line your eye up with the black ball you can only assume is a retinal reader. You were right.

Designation confirmed. Designation is appropriate. Welcome, Infrared. This is Alpha Complex. Stand by for history and orientation.
Finally some answers.

Loading INFRARED version of Alpha Complex history. Stand by for INFRARED version of Alpha Complex history.

Alpha Complex was made by Friend Computer.
This concludes the INFRARED version of Alpha Complex history. Stand by for INFRARED orientation. Please place hand on the designation position for confirmation purposes.

This system is very redundant. The programmer must be very paranoid. A black box about 1 foot cubic opens up and a picture of a man smiling while placing his hand in the box appears on the screen. Truly idiot proof. It's scary to think enough people screw this up to warrant such a process. You shrug your shoulders and put your hand in the box.

INFRARED orientation initiated. Welcome to Alpha Complex.
The box snaps closed, trapping your hand inside. You can't see what is happening, but it sure feels like a needle is being placed into the back of your hand. Strange. Suddenly you feel much better. About everything. Was that the test Cint was talking about? You slowly begin to realize you've been manipulated. But also, you don't really care.

Welcome, INFRARED. You have just been injected with Apple Juice. Apple Juice is very nutritious and will be your primary energy source. You should begin to feel pleasant. This is normal. Apple Juice is very pleasant and will promote fun-having in Alpha Complex.
It's strange, you do actually feel pretty good. You want another dose. You press the "?" button on the terminal.

Pleasant day, INFRARED. Is there a query I may answer?

I'm sorry, INFRARED dosage is regulated. You will be eligible for another dose in eight (8 ) hours.
Fine. You can wait. Time to continue the orientation. You press "next."

You have been given a great honor, Torian. You have been designated as a Beautification officer. It shall be your responsibility to make sure Alpha Complex remains in the pleasantly beautiful state in which it currently is. Given you are a new addition to Alpha Complex, you shall have one (1) day to become familiar with your surroundings. You shall report for work tomorrow morning at seven (7) hours. Please take datapad from port B for further information.
You take the datapad. You are part of the environmental pleasantness team. It says here that there are four positions in the team, at least, four that aren't classified knowledge.

Cleanliness officers are restricted to Red or higher... they make sure personnel are hygienic and tidy. Refuse officers have the worst job... nasty stuff. They make sure all the waste is disposed of. Scrub officers actually might have it worse. They literally scrub Alpha Complex clean. Luckily it seems your job isn't too bad. You load the full description.

"Beautification officer: duty includes the application of beautiful decorations and maintenance of pleasant structural and functional elements. The Beautification officer evolved from the ancient practices of interior design, architecture, and landscaping."

You press the conclude orientation button, feeling rather excited about dodging the terrible fate of Refuse or Scrub officer. Alpha Complex is huge. You need to find a way to enjoy the day.

The sign on your way out is much more pleasant than the one coming in, with all the treason and such.

Have a Pleasant Day. Remember, Fun is Mandatory!
Vote Time! Please send me a PM with your choice of the following ways Torian can spend the next few hours:

-Torian hits the town to socialize/explore
-Torian wanders the halls looking at the decor
-Torian goes to his quarters to get settled

And yes, I know the mutation hasn't been brought up yet. You don't know it exists yet. Neener neener

Posted on 2010-08-23 at 22:51:11.
Edited on 2010-08-23 at 22:51:32 by Admiral

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